Who is Hotforwords?

Who is Hotforwords

Most of you know me here as Hotforwords, a well-endowed girl educating her web-based audience about philology. I have been described in the press as being “a smart cookie, bright, funny, charismatic, almost intoxicating with her Russian accent and large blue sparkling eyes.”  Though I make no apologies for promoting my love of philology via sex appeal, I never considered myself sexy or attractive.  My mother gave me a complex about my legs and height (5’4”).  I guess I was a bit of an awkward ugly duckling (though my fiancée’s favorite picture of me was taken long ago and well before my skinny legs took shape, natural red hair was dyed blonde and typical poor Russian teeth were fixed).  Yes, thank you America for your technological advancements in health and beauty! Though I matured later physically, I always felt like I was a bit of an old soul and one who yearned for more than my hometown could likely offer me. As fate would have it, and not long after obtaining my degrees and teaching English for a while in the town (Arzamas is a small provincial Russian town in southwestern Russia on the Tesha River, 410 km away of Moscow)  where I had up to that point spent my entire twenty-three years on the planet, I stumbled on to a way to leave my home and go to America.  I was soon going to fulfill the dream I had harbored since first viewing the American soap opera Santa Barbara years before on Russian TV!  Perhaps it is fitting that after struggling to survive in America, I began to live a life not too dissimilar to the ones depicted in the Santa Barbara soap.  One day I was literally in middle America facing the prospect of marrying a complete stranger to remain in the U.S., and not too long after that ordeal (never married him), I became a celebrity on the web and began living life in the fast lane.
My digital celebrity was born on December 10 2006, when together with a tech-savvy partner, we developed the notion for Hotforwords.  Our timing was propitious as it coincided with the new era of Internet, a world wide web with millions of people wanting to connect with each other to find new friends, lovers, post pics of their pets and relatives, etc., etc.  In so doing, people began sharing their unique stories far and wide, with close relations and total strangers.  For myself and others, YouTube became a dynamic way to share stories or simply put whatever message one desired out to the world by posting videos. During the summer of 2006, YouTube was one of the fastest growing sites on the web, uploading more than 65,000 new videos and delivering 100 million video views per day in July. On October 9, 2006, it was announced that the company would be purchased by Google  for US $1.65 billion dollars.  And, as they say, the rest is history…..  Now we have Google spying at us 24/7, monitoring our emails, music we listen too, every word we type online is recorded and analyzed by computer robots that are waiting to target us with right advertisement so we CLICK and BUY.  Welcome to the world where secret is no longer a secret, at least to your phone device, who can turn into your best friend if you want, just talk to it.

Well, that’s all for now.  I look forward to sharing more with you all soon.

With light and love,


P.S.   As the legend has it, my hometown, Arzamas, was founded by Ivan IV (the Terrible) during his campaign towards Kazan’ in 1552. Arzamas came into being as a fortified town at the spot of the antique settlement of the nationality Mordva-Erzya. The town-fortress was in duty bound to be in the tsar’s service.The official date of the town’s foundation is considered 1578. The name “Arzamas” appeared as a mergence of the Mordvinian words “erzya” – the Mordvinian tribe’s name and “mazy” – red, beautiful.
I guess it solves the mystery of my natural red hair……

Here are some photos of me and my hometown.


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