Who is Casanova?


A Casanova is a womanizer. But just who was Casanova anyway to get such reputation?
In 1725 in Venice, Italy was born Giovanni Giacomo Casanova, the son of an actor. He was expelled from the seminary of Saint Cyprian for immoral behavior. And he went on to become a writer, a soldier for the Venetian Army,  a gambler, a diplomat, a gastronome, a spy. But what Casanova is known for today are his one and a half million words memoirs, that talked about his life, in particular his love affairs. He went to describe such details of his seductions of women, that he appeared to be very good at, and as a result his works were censored right from the start. But by today’s standards, they would of course be considered tame.
For your homework, do you know any Casanovas? Or are you a Casanova? Please write your answers in the comments below. I will see you soon my Casanovas!


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