What is jaywalking ?

hotforwords investigates

Did you know that jaywalking is illegal in Los Angeles? Well I was crossing the street the other day and got a ticket. And not a cheap one either. I tried to pay the cop directly but I guess you don’t do it in America.  Anyway when I was paying my jaywalking ticket and fuming about it, it got me thinking…Jaywalking….what is that word about? Was it a guy named Jay? Must investigate!
Jaywalk is a combination of two words: jay and walk. And it comes from 1917 US English. Now, J is not what some people think the fact that someone walks in a shape of the letter J. It is actually a pejorative term for a rural person. people back then treated rural people like they were really dumb. When a rural person cross the street, they said he was JAYWALKING or being so stupid as to not pay attention to cars.
So the jaywalking that is used in legal books all over the country is based on an insult to describe stupid, rural people. If I got a jaywalking ticket, that means I must be a stupid rural person.
For your homework, what is the most ridiculous thing you ever got a ticket for?
Bye, bye my student, be good and don’t jaywalk in Los Angeles!


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