The Word of the Day is ESSENCE

It has been awhile since we last talked. Probably over two years or so. Sorry I have been so quiet during this period and neglecting my students, followers and others (20,000 ) who shared in my etymological world.

It wasn’t my intent to take a sabbatical and please know that I never took my audience for granted.  I simply went through a major renovation of my outlook on life, and in so doing, underwent a re-construction of my social media being/brain. Yes, Ha-ha, I acknowledge that this may sound weird, but I am admittedly a bit unusual and needed some time to evolve, including figuring out what I wanted to do when I grow up…..

We all go through changes in life and I intend to share a lot of my experiences, including my heretofore HotForWords persona, as well as give you a glimpse of a side of me that I have not revealed – my essence.  I realized that I was losing touch with my ESSENCE. As a result, I often and increasingly felt disconnected, sometimes quite lost and lonely.  Well, I am happy to report that I have gotten a lot closer to my true essence. I realize that only by operating from one’s true essence can one find balance and self.  So, the Word of the Day is fittingly, yes, Essence.  Essence is the basic nature of a thing: the quality or qualities that make a thing what it is. It comes to us from Latin esse, meaning “to be”, “I am”. Originally it meant “substance of the Trinity”.  So synonyms to this word are soul, spirit, nature, core.

Understanding and celebrating our essence is both essential and invaluable. We all should find our own way to cherish our essence and thus ourselves.  In a sense, one’s essence, is as important as the oxygen we breath.  That is, without it, we slowly perish within.  Your essence is everything. When you lose your essence, you lose yourself, your mind, character, and compass. This happened to me.  I became robotic and inevitably quite lost in a world of hollow images, appalling excess and obsequious relationships. I literally lost my mind and was hospitalized. It was not easy to get back to my roots and find my essence. But slowly and with the help of others I came to understand the obvious: We must be accountable and in control of our self. I also came to understand that by losing sight of who I am, I conducted my life via autopilot and the course was not mine. People go through their entire life without knowing their essence and thus sleepwalk their way through life, which does not give one a deeper and fulfilling experience. And sometimes such people never wake up. Anyways, I wish to return and share a lot more of me (I know I shared a lot of me before), but I now wish to share more than what meets the eye.  Many of you will notice that I have changed the design of my website as well.  My website, like me, shall hopefully continue to evolve.  I may not post every day, but I plan to be much more active and also share many different facets of myself with you via my diverse interests and endeavors, including my art and focus on a healthier existence. I hope that each of  you will sign up to my newsletter and continue to support my vision and livelihood. I will return soon with Word lessons, diary entries, videos and other fun stuff ;-)  I am on my way to San Francisco, and will be posting some photos and details of my travels.

I am happy to be back.

Warmest greetings,




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