This is where I showcase the music used in my videos…   you can also listen to this music while surfing the website…. just click this music icon
:|titles=Dawnbreakz|artists=Anders Here is Anders Lindkvist who was kind enough to let me use his music in my videos.   I discovered him through MissCupcake, as she had him playing on her Myspace page.

You can buy this track at Amazon or iTunes.   And please do, it will make ME feel really good! :-)

:|titles=Smuga|artists=Endorphine Here are the first people I worked with, ENDORPHINE… and I REALLY love their SMUGA song.   You can listen to it here, but if you want to get the song, here is their website.
:|titles=Taczanka|artists=Endorphine I also used this song once in a while, called TACZANKA.

This is the awesome guitar sound jam by Ronald Jenkees.   He was kind enough to let me use his music in a bunch of my videos.   You can find him at his YouTube Channel RonaldJenkees and to purchase his music, go to his website store here.




An Urban Future


Here are 3 tracks by DJ Doc Rok.   You can find some of his other tracks over at his website or his YouTube channel.   An Urban Future was used in my Hot Synonyms video.
:|titles=Ukulele Here is the famous Ukulele Joe and the Uke Tones track (written by Mrs. HotForWords – My Mom – from my Ukulele video) – This is a HotForWords exclusive :-) .
You can download it here.

:|titles=The And here is the Weekend Song I wrote for my Best Weekend Ever Video.

You can download my song here.

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