Confidence…what is confidence?

Confidence…what is confidence? How do you define confidence in your own words and mind without looking up its definition in a dictionary?
I ‘d say it is one’s ability to say SHUT UP to your inner voice that communicates doubts and fears to us. It is being able to free-style anything, and thus make it one’s own.
I really want to paint with “confidence”. Give the immensely subjective nature of art, it is quite interesting to ponder about confidence in an artistic sense.
Words are so powerful, as we speak we put thoughts and emotions into letters making words a real being.  How can one express “confidence” without speaking or rather uttering words?
I guess one way is again through one’s actions.  Don’t one’s actions speak louder than words? Hence, it would be interesting and dare I say powerful to paint emotions like love, hate, sadness, joy, and loneliness, for examples, to see if one can actually feel my confidence through my art by solely viewing my canvas. Should you like to try, please let me know what emotions you should like me to express via my art…?




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