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Some pics from the past

First off.. here is a funny pic from 2005… I look like a ditz*! *ditz  n. [as a back-formation] a person who is ‘ditzy’, scatterbrained, or cute. Here are two […]

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Check me out in FHM Magazine!

Hey guys, check me out in the new issue of FHM Magazine!  It’s the October issue that was released today (Sept. 2nd.) So pop over to a magazine stand and […]

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E3 Dragon Oath Chang You Pics

Here are pics from my day at E3 at the Chang You / Dragon Oath area!  It was a BLAST meeting all of you who came, plus some unexpected visitors […]

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Pictures for the US Marine Corps

Colonel Ledbetter, who is serving in the Marina Corps, sent me some t-shirts so I took these pics to send to him :-) Don’t ask me what kind of sign […]

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Shout out to those who made backgrounds for me!

Last week I made a tweet looking to see if someone could make a background image of all my Video Thumbnails and whoa!!  I got some GREAT responses!  So I […]

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Fun Time at the Go Daddy Party

I attended Go Daddy’s annual Holiday Party in Phoenix this year and it was a BLAST!  Bob Parsons, the founder of Go Daddy, really knows how to throw a party. […]

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Cover of Mutineer Magazine

Look at who is on the cover of the upcoming issue of Mutineer Magazine!  :-)  I discussed some origins of drink words and did a little photo shoot with them […]

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Interview for Mako – Israeli Magazine

Check out this interview I did for Mako, an Israeli Magazine.  The writer who did the interview was not too happy with how it was edited down to practically nothing… […]

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Collage of my lesson thumbnails

Charles Cole made this for me!  He took some of my lesson thumbnails!  Thanks Charles!

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Random Fun Pics 1

Here are some random pics.. an odd assortment if I may say so myself :-)

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Working Pics

Here are some out-takes from a photo shoot, plus my hopping on a plane to shoot a commercial (that has not aired yet, btw.)

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Jennifer Moss Pics

Here are pics from Jennifer Moss.  You can find her at

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Floating on a raft at sea

Here I am about to be pulled by a jet ski! Oh.. and here is a little video that I shot prior to:

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Nice is Nice – Pics from Nice, France

I am currently in Nice, France on the awesome yacht.  Here are some random pics from the day.

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