Adidas collaborating with a queen of Performance art, Marina Abramovic


Some of you have likely seen and/or heard about Adidas collaborating with a queen of Performance art, Marina Abramovic, for a new Adidas commercial released to honor the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

See below:

Abramovic originally produced the short performance art black and white film that has been revised to feature the Adidas brand in 1978.  She produced the original work entitled “Work Relation” with her former partner and lover Ulay.

People in white lab coats and, of course, wearing Adidas shoes ( I just bought my first pair, and I just love how simple and comfortable they are ) are asked to transport rocks using buckets from one side of a platform to the other. Narrating the piece, Abramovich states: “This performance is investigating three different social groups performing the same task: transporting stones from one side of an empty room to the other side,” I loved how the performance illustrated the strength in unity or team work, thereby adroitly underscoring what teams on the World Cup pitch must do to advance.  The black and white film and its unemotional yet active participants, together with the brand recognition, illustrates how art may effectively be used as a marketing instrument.

The piece also underscores how we humans must have human contact and connectivity to survive, propagate and prosper.  We need one another, and simply cannot exist as one. We can create as an individual but the value of any creation, including an artistic one, is in its exchange with others.  The same may be said about knowledge. As a society, we may only solve our problems via a free and open exchange of ideas that promotes understanding and acceptance.  While the import and genius of individual efforts are aptly revered and lauded, common collaboration and unheralded team work ultimately produce the victory.

What do you guys think?


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