Happy Thanksgiving!

A little history of Thanksgiving and the term.
Hope you are all having a nice Thanksgiving!



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171 Responses to Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am thankful to all the person for grant great and amazing performance.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am thankfully to all the person for better Performance.

  3. Anonymous says:

     I am saying to express a thankgiving to all of Us.

  4. Neuroway says:

    Be extra careful about whatever you wish to protect from. In the end, that might reveal to be just the right stuff you needed to grow yourself up in the beginning.

  5. Neuroway says:

    If you ever come to see an upside down egg somehow at the end of somewhere, make sure it is actually downside up before trying to break it. You know? Eggs have lots of stamina inside
    them. Sometimes, it is best not to try to break them at all. Ugh.

  6. Anonymous says:

    everything has its end.
    And don’t get under pressure due to the demanding posts for new videos M!
    the life don’t happens on YouTube.
    (i think I’m now a better person without hearing voices, like back then)

  7. Anonymous says:

    More Happy Birthday wishes to Marina:

    Дорогой длинною

    Yes, we all had some fun times here, didn’t we?

    • Neuroway says:

      Not all of us, Evan. Some of us ended up hearing voices at the asylum I think. Fer shure, I tell ya it is true, those of us uninfluenceable bad students in the back row of the class who could actually learn something out of this had a hell of a lot of hilariously insane fun!

      • Anonymous says:

        Then there were those who broke their hearts over Marina, and joined the monasteries or spent their fortunes in the brothels trying to forget.

        • Neuroway says:

          Breaking your heart over someone is losing your self-control.

          “Self-control is the chief element in self-respect and self-respect is the chief element in courage.”
              - Θουκυδίδης (460BC-395BC)

          • Anonymous says:

            Thanks — I would never have guessed the correct pronunciation of “Thucydides” from its Latin spelling.

            Oh yeah — that’s an admirable thought as well.

  8. Happy birthday!  


    Occasional visitor.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Now i have my wonderful new Samsung Galaxy Note, i’ve discovered Disqus is decidedly Android unfriendly.  Can’t sign in to post a message ..  so have to go back to dinosaur windows to enlighten the ignorant masses .. ok .. here goes ..

    Q: What’s brown and sticky?

    A: A stick.

  10. I read in the SF Chronicle about how BART and municipal governments are having big problems with copper thefts to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars. I found a very interesting site about a company that makes equipment to catch them. I also have an idea on how to end it and have sent E-mails to BART and Vallejo, CA to enlist their help in getting it going.

    The trouble with a lot of big organizations is that they do everything they can to isolate the high mucky-mucks from the great unwashed masses by not posting direct E-mail addresses, etc. We shall see if I can get through. 

    • I was driving down a main street in NE Sacto County yesterday and noticed several electricians working in old street light manholes. With the above fresh in my mind, I stopped and asked about the work. Sure enough, they were replacing hundreds of feet of copper wire that had been pulled out of the ground by copper theives, killing the street lights. Right here in River City! I had a long discussion with the county DOT maintenance supervisor. He also had not heard about the Videofied equipment

      I would show you some pix, but I may get them published by the Bee in a follow-up article, so I’ve got to watch the copyright aspect for now.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Dec 10, Dec 10, hmmm…  Got it!
    С Днем Рождения!

  12. I came upon a motorcycle accident Monday and pounced on it with my trusty Nikon S8200. You can read about it at the MEATing Place forum at redmeat.com.

  13. Anonymous says:

    When the Pilgrims got here there were lobsters all over the beach, later in the next century rich people fed so much lobster to their servants that the servants grouped together and protested demanding that lobster not be a part of their rations. 

    So Marina are you really in NYC? That’s a very nice train ride from where I’m living.

    I was going to hop on a plane with your birthday gift but security said it was suspicious. HA!

  14. Perhaps M is back on track with this video. I wonder why she didn’t post it here?

  15. Anonymous says:

    “A long time ago being crazy meant something. Nowadays everybody’s crazy” – Charles Manson


  16. Neuroway says:

    There’s always more than one side to a story that has been told once… At least two… Can you perceive the truth?

  17. Daily Comment Weirdness Report:

    On a new HP desktop or a new laptop (W7 w/ IE9), I get the following today at HFW:

    1.  If I click the Login button or any Reply button, it goes to the top of the blog without taking any action.

    2. To sign in I had to do it at disqus.com and then refresh here. But then 1.) still happened.

    3. No posting would take place.

    I captured the View Source of this blog for each PC in case DISQUS can use it somehow to figure out things. I experienced this same problem a month or so ago. Problem did not occur with Chrome, else you would not be reading this.

  18. Anonymous says:

    new HFW vid

    not posted here, i notice!!

  19. Neuroway says:

    “Super Sic rest easy!!!”   - Ben Spies (1984-????)

  20. Foxx says:

    Marina’s New Video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omvt8eK8uz8&feature=channel_video_title

    I don’t know what’s wrong with her.

  21. Neuroway says:

    Well-trained perception will dwarf the five senses combined.

  22. Anonymous says:

    How shall we celebrate Marina’s birthday next saturday!??

  23. Daily Comment Weirdness Report:

    Today I tried attaching a 2.206Mb .jpg file using the +Image button and of course got an error msg about the 2.1Mb limit (2.0 in DISQUS’ instructions). So I reduced the file to 1.533Mb and tried attaching to the same comment. The Choose File to Upload window appeared, I clicked the smaller file and then the window closed as though the pix was accepted. However, no thumbnail appeared to indicate that. I tried uploading the small file a second time and got the same results. I posted the comment anyway hoping that the thumbnail would appear later, but it did not. In other words, receiving the error msg seems to have blocked any further attachment (even of a correctly-sized file). I finally put the pix on Photobucket and linked to it to get around it.
    Later I tested this same scenario with the exact same files in a test area of the site, in both logged in and not logged in conditions, but I could not duplicate the problem; every time the smaller file would load successfully after the larger had failed. So there is little reason to go whining to DISQUS tech support about it. Somehow the code got lost and wouldn’t load the smaller file. I have seen this problem once before, but I never did any rigorous testing. Now that I have, I’ve got zilch to show for it. Have any of you experienced this problem?

  24. Neuroway says:

    “¡Si la tierra tiemblaBombala, bombal, bombala, bombala!”   - Manu Chao (Machine Gun) – (1961 – ????)

  25. I was walking around the outside of a Rite-Aid store Wednesday where they had tied-up Christmas triees laying all over the sidewalk. I caught my foot on one and went flying. I banged my knee and spent yesterday and most of today on my back with a painful and swollen knee. It’s better today, so I hobbled to the library. Just what I need to start my Christmas shopping. Rats!

  26. Neuroway says:

    “To find yourself, think for yourself.”
      - Σωκράτης (469BC-399BC)

  27. Neuroway says:

    Vulgarity is at best hilarious, at worst disgusting, always insignificant, never sexy.

  28. I’m getting a javascript error, is anyone else?

    • For anyone to answer your question, you would have to provide detailed information. What keystrokes/mouseclicks do you use where doing what? In other words we would have to be able to duplicate your problem. Report back and we’ll see what we can do for you.

  29. When’s M coming back,
    And what is she doin’?
    Has she gone of the track,
    To rack and ruin?.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Hello everyone! !

  31. Anonymous says:

    Доброе утро! Что мы изучаем сегодня? :-)

  32. PageDoll says:

    And it never really began
    But in my heart
    it was so real
    And you even spoke to me 
    and said…

  33. I spent Thanksgiving day doing some street research before I call Monday to tell the county assessor’s office that their map is wrong. About 2:30 I headed to my nephew’s new house nearby.

    Eleven of us had a traditional Thanksgiving dinner at the new house, which has a 30-foot long great room. The big table with all the leaves in it plus three card tables still left room for the kids playing air guitars, drums and keyboard. The square footage in the kitchen is tripled from their old house; only about two people could work in the old kitchen, but five easily fit in this year.

    Unfortunately, my stomach was the same size as last year. I loaded up on turkey and dressing smothered in creamed onions, carrot salad, Waldorf salad, green-bean casserole, candied yams and dinner rolls. There was also a cranberry and orange relish that just lit up my mouth.  Martinelli’s apple cider wetted our whistles. Dessert was hot pumpkin pie with hand-whipped cream and mincemeat tarts. We played Farkel to round out the evening.

  34. Foxx says:

    I can’t watch your old videos anymore because it makes me sad.

  35. Anonymous says:

    as usual, everyone has it completely wrong about “thanksgiving”.

    The original expression was “Thane skiving”.  In feudal times it was the habit of a Scottish Lord (Thane) to assert his dominance over the serfs by shaving (skiving) all the livestock of the manor. This was “thane skiving”.

    Once free of serfdom, the celebration of “thane skiving” persisted but evolved into the eating of all the livestock in the district.

  36. Anonymous says:

    hey! .. it’s a new page.

  37. VenomRocK says:

    Ah, memories from the HFW site that used to be… Thanks Marina and good luck living in the BIG APPLE! B-)

  38. Britbrit says:

    Stop beating around the dick and make a new word lesson!

  39. Neuroway says:

    “Let’s move! Another one for the Dog pound!”   - Quote from the “The Fourth Reich”, a moving novel by Dr. John D. Parano, Ph.D. in Civil Liberties

  40. Happy Thanksgiving Play and win with Norskelodd at http://bit.ly/vmtIJ3

  41. Neuroway says:

    Wowowow US folks! Easy on the poor dumb clucking turkeys all right? Forsooth, there’s a colonic commandment long written down on Dighton Rock (a few miles down from Plymouth Rock). It basically says: “Thou shalt consume boiled invertebrate flesh perfumed with local herbs and vernacular incantations for Thanksgiving. And thou shalt not steal land from the natives. They are the owners here.”

    Can’t u c? R u blind or what?

  42. Michael Dono says:

    Now, that you’re in my neck of the woods (NYC)…let’s meet for some tea.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Yams, apple pie with vanilla ice cream, real mashed potatoes, a few pieces of the dark meat, and the struggle to keep it all to a minimum.  Happy Thanksgiving my flourishing friend and most alluring of lecturers.

  44. Happy Thanksgiving, Marina! Among other things, I am also thankful for you! Have a wonderful day.

  45. Anonymous says:

    happy t-giving! I’m thankful for my friends and family. Sorry I’ve been away for soooooo long. I’d had a lot going on my side as of late.

  46. seesixcm6 says:

    Dear Marina,  Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!  I’m thankful for another video from you.  My favorite food is the dressing we make with bread cubes, onions, celery, sausage and oysters.  It is better than the turkey, itself. I hope you enjoy a nice Thanksgiving meal too, and with lobster, if that’s what you like.  You are beautiful in that black dress with deep cleavage.  You speak Russian with such fluidity and naturalness, as if you were a native.  I still can’t speak Russian that well.  Maybe I’ll be better by next year!  Enjoy your Thanksgiving tomorow!

    • PageDoll says:

      This vid is from 2009. You can go to the word list on this site and look up Thanksgiving. From there you can watch it on the site. ;) If you click the link it goes to the same vid on YT, but for some reason it been re uploaded and the view count has started over. 
      I’ve read a lot of the comments and a large percentage think this is a new video. But why the re load?
       Maybe I’ve already answered my own question. 

      • Anonymous says:

        Why the re-load? Marina apparently does not want to abandon this site altogether, but she is either too busy with new projects or too emotionally exhausted about something to do new videos.  So we get recycled videos instead.

        • Anonymous says:

          the mystery of what M is up to is entertaining. But it’s sort of dragging a bit 

          I think she ought to do more to give the “Marina Oddysey” story a rhythm.  We need some soap type incidents.

  47. l-p-r says:

    Happy t h a n k s…have some cranberries, they make you smArt!

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