YouTube ‘geek’ one day, millionaire celeb the next!

“Sexy Russian geeks, musicians, British teenage boys in their bedrooms – anyone can now become a global internet sensation and a millionaire in the process.”
That’s how the article from starts out.

They then go on to say “Marina Orlova became the first ‘contributor’ to make $1m from her YouTube fame.” And then they show a picture of my jet “that I use regularly!”


You can read the whole article here.

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112 Responses to YouTube ‘geek’ one day, millionaire celeb the next!

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is the Good and Happiness in the time of Celebration of One day Millionare of You-tube.

  2. So she has now a private jet that she uses regularly? Are you crazy?

  3. pennsyltucky9 says:

    Way to expand your brand, my dear teacher! Nice how they shot James an honorable mention too, as it were.

    Yea, though I waltz in the shadow of giants…

  4. Anonymous says:

    ahaha that is so PHOTOSHOPPED she doesnt make anywhere close to one million its not even 100K! probbly more like 50-60 at most …


  5. Smokey Lightfoot says:

    Let’s have faith!!… whatever your faith… OK!

  6. tom38servo says:

    Privet, Marina?

    Will we be doing any more Russian lessons soon?

    Please, I hope so…..I love your videos, and in your class, I am
    actually PAYING ATTENTION :))) lol

  7. bobsully says:

    Wow! So you are a millionaire now. What are your plans for all that money?

  8. Anonymous says:

    I just posted an article featuring you on my website I discuss how there’s hope for other marketers hoping to generate traffic. As you state in your Bloomberg article…the key is content. And for you, you made a (lets face it) boring topic entertaining. I have featured you on my blogroll. Keep up the great work Marina…I’m glad I found you.

    • Camp Kohler - Sacramento CA says:

      Great site! I learned a lot just reading the home page.

      WARNING: Your head will begin to hurt if you learn too much about advertising.

  9. Camp Kohler - Sacramento CA says:

    Just hold onto Gorby real tight if they start it up. I can’t imagine he would enjoy the experience of a personal and up-close tour of the interior of a turbojet engine.

  10. CheVolay says:

    I’m thinking with the ubiquitous appearance of 222 you should buy a lottery ticket on February 22. {2/22} Then you can be a *multi*millionaire.

  11. Dr Teeth says:

    Congratulations Marina!!! You’ve certainly earned it. :-)

  12. aLx says:

    why won’t my avatar in the comments change? it’s different everywhere else. :/

  13. Damn, i love your picture on it, it’s so funny ahahah..
    Waw, i mean this article is so dope ma… And i didn’t realise ‘it’ for sure but i can’t say anything more ahah, love you.
    See ya honey!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Marina tweeted:

    A great figure or physique is nice, but it’s self-confidence that makes someone really sexy!

    Marina, you are sometimes shameless in your self-confidence. (And I think that’s sexy nice!).

  15. Evan Owen says:


    “A millionaire by 30″ has long been an American standard of high ambition, endeavor, and achievement.

    Congratulations, Marina, on reaching an admirable and enviable goal.

  16. Daniel Pool says:

    Hi Marina word request [Promise] Why is a promise a promise ? Beautiful words Marina

  17. thematrix75 says:

    Hey Marina, how are you doing? That was a article on stuff you don’ have? Whats wrong with these people printing such things, where did they get their info from LOL? Peace!

  18. Anonymous says:

    The article resembles old Russian jokes about the Radio Yeravan a little bit:

    “Is it true that in Moscow cars are being given to citizens?”
    “It’s true, but it is not in Moscow but in Leningrad, not cars but bikes, and not given but stolen”

  19. neuroway says:

    Gee, I love this editing stuff.

    It’s as smooth and clear as bright natural LA smog stuff to me. And it comes with the perfume of smog too. WOWOWOW!!!! A BIG 5 stars+++ to DISQUS!

  20. seesixcm6 says:

    Dear Marina, Even if you don’t have a $Millon or your own private jet, you drive a nice BMW! You probably vould buy seven Chevrolet Aveos (the car I own) for the price of one BMW! And your beauty is priceless, anyway!

  21. doncross2bear says:

    Congrats on the great exposure, Marina!

  22. HotForWords says:

    I thought this article was funny because I don’t have any of those things!

  23. wetsuit5 says:

    Amazing, you picked out the exact 2 sentences that caught my eye when I read it.

  24. I like the way trusty says “geek”
    It sounds something like gick or gaak?

    Everyone was using the word aloof on the other page and I just noticed trusty says a geek is… “somewhat of a fool”

    Here is a new saying…

    I don’t want to be a backwards fool… I don’t want to be a “loof”

    • neuroway says:

      Nah nah nah G-Boy. You, I repeat, YOU are not a backwards fool all right? Not even a loof sdrawkcab Who did inject these crazy ideas inside your brain, eh, G-B? Tell us. We will do the right thing about it. Perhaps recommend you go to some psychiatrist sessions. Do not misunderestimate us, OK?

      Who’s trusty? Is it a voice that speaks to you inside your head? If yes, tell us about it. Maybe we can help you, eh G-Boy.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Marina, you are sometimes shameless :) in your self-promotion. And we must admit it works…

  26. PageDoll says:

    I just quoted your last FB post on my FB. How do you feel about that?

    Patience is the key to success, not speed.
    Time is a cunning speculator’s best friend if he uses it right. – Marina Orlova

  27. dsfoto says:

    When does Gorby Start with his flying lessons?

  28. leoNard says:

    The agents…{{agents}

    “If you want to say it with flowers, a single rose says : ‘I’m cheap!’” -Delta Burke

    …good job!…God bless the fan

  29. Smokey Lightfoot says:

    Dear Marina… alias, “Busty Hot-Lips”, “Geek-ette” emeritus , “Ms. Word-meister” extraordinaire! and so on…

    Wonderful to read that you are doing so well… a great example for other entrepreneurial and talented people to follow… way to go! I like how you are able to produce such entertaining and educational content independent of all those high overhead studios in your area. It is similar those musicians who are able to produce and distribute music without having to give the rights away to big business. The creator… YOU… are the truly deserving beneficiary of your hard work and talent… and this is really a NEW ERA for great content creators like yourself.

    I will send you my G.P.S. coordinates later… just in case you happen to be flying nearby… so you can drop me a thank you note out of the jet… on your way by… to the beach or the bank… or to your Mom’s place for tea and biscuits! (smile!)

  30. PageDoll says:

    Nice write up!
    Boy, if you’re pulling a mill a year you must be spending it ALL on jet fuel! I figure one must pull about 8-10 mill a year to use a private jet on a semi regular basis. That, or be a trust funder with dump trucks full of cash at your disposal. I’ve done work for hundreds of both types and ya know, not one of ‘em drove a 3 series. The article was great, but yet again it proves we can’t believe hardly anything we read from any news outlet…or should we? Do you have a cool liquid mill just floating around in some off shore acct waiting for you to spend some of it? Not with your taste in clothes you don’t! ;-)

  31. sniperskaya says:

    Millionaire, eh? Capitalism + Nerd + implants + bleach = KACHING!!!
    (P.S. – Hope you have a good accountant. It’s the second million that’s the hardest.)

    • neuroway says:

      Money is the carrot that makes the weak run like rabbits. But it leaves the strong totally indifferent, just like a plastic head or a bunch of peanuts. Do you find it disturbing to see a millionnaire while the GDP per capita in the USA is a mere $45,934 (even less in € which is much stronger than the $ by the way). Do you think any head in the world is worth $1 million bucks, while the average world income is $7,000 / hear? It’s a little bit like seeing an overweight old mother besides her starving (or even dead) son, or even besides her newly aborted fetus, isn’t it? Hey, I don’t judge. I’m just making some artistically inspired comparisons here.

      • Anonymous says:

        For me the most incomprehensible thing in the economic system is the fact that commercial banks are allowed to create virtual (cashless) money out of nothing and to loan such “money” to people and institutions.

        Such “money” are also the reason why almost all countries are indebted to each other and why they can’t mutually remit their debts.

        • neuroway says:

          It is called quantitative easing, fglrx. It is called quantitative easing. Printing money or creating virtual cash sounds like ponzi scheme and mafia. Quantitative easing sounds like take a shit. Much better, don’t you think?

          • neuroway says:

            Yes indeed! Ah! I think taking a shit is way better than ponzi scheme and mafia! I like that comment from me! But I won’t like my own comment because I am replying to myself and that would be quite a narcissistic move to do.

      • Evan Owen says:

        Well, here’s my response as an accountant.
        Average US wage is around $20 per hour. At about three minutes each, viewers spend about a dollar’s worth of time on each view. Marina’s videos have had close to 400 million views. That comes out to about $400 million worth of entertainment. So she gets a million dollars, that’s about 0.25% of the value of what she has produced.

        Pretty generous of her, don’t you think? :razz:

        • neuroway says:

          And here’s mine. Entertainment is worth absolutely nothing except the price the entertained accepts to put on it. And most of the time, this price is zero. Lots of people wouldn’t pay 1 cent / month to watch youtube videos. Lots of people will never accept to pay for sex, for instance. They’ll never give a single cent to a prostitute. Not because they don’t have the money, but because they are too proud to pay for this. An entertainer makes money only because someone is willing to pay to be entertained. In the case of youtube, I think the money comes from big media conglomerates.

          Having said this. Don’t you think it’s a little bit indecent to be rich in a country which is printing money by the truckload, has a sky-rocketting debt, is at the source of the biggest financial crisis in the history of finance, and on top of that, is using tax-payer money (the money from the people who earn 20 bucks / hour) to bailout its banks and biggest businesses by the billions, if not the trillions? And furthermore, do you think it’s the right time to brag about being rich, when several states are on the verge of bankrupcy and hundred of thousand of people are desperate, loss their jobs and their home?

          • Evan Owen says:

            Au contraire, mon ami, in a country where people are getting rich by ripping off taxpayers, I think it sets an excellent counter-example to become rich by honest labor and accepting what people have paid you because they value what you produce. When such people have (like Marina) started with next to nothing and succeed it gives hope (and a role model) to the rest of us who are struggling.

            Further, those who become rich AND keep their character are in a better position to help the starving than the rest of us wages slaves. Witness Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. For a disadvantaged student in Harlem or a starving earthquake victim in Haiti, who offers more help — the “indecently” rich Gates or Joe Sixpack who spends his whole paycheck before he gets his next one?

            But I agree, we ought to shoot some of those who are looting the public treasury, “pour encourager les autres” as Voltaire (or was it Napoleon?) put it.

            • neuroway says:

              I don’t know Evan. I think you are a believer in Bill Gates. You have faith in Microsoft and its CEO as a model for the young.

              A beer for Joe Sixpack is perhaps more to him than a million for Billy Gates. If Joe Sixpack gives his last beer paid with his last dollars from his last paycheck to one of his neighbours in Harlem… in front of nobody, and don’t brag about it, do you think that morally it means more than if Bill Gates gives a million from his many billions to a bunch of starving children in front of the world medias, and tells everyone on the planet about it?

              Isn’t Microsoft the source of many an antitrust stories by the way? Hasn’t it swallowed, cuckoo-style, lots of small people, competitors and startups on its way to bigness? What’s the monthly environmental impact on earth of Bill Gates and his family, compared, for instance, to Joe Sixpack and his family? How many wages slaves must work for him in order to survive? How much tons of fuel does he consumes each month compared to Joe? How much electricity? From where? How many bags of garbage does he produce every month? How many plastic gadgets, gizmos and trifles made in China does he buy every week that make their way to the garbage truck? What’s the environmental impact of Microsoft and its products on this already hyper-environmentally taxed planed? How many running computers does he have in his house? Would the world be a better or a worse place without Microsoft? Without computers even? Without people like Bill Gates or Joe Sixpack?

              • Zach Bruce says:

                Do people have anything better to do than make pointless, rambling, ANNOYING, run-on comments? I don’t want to waste my time actually reading all of it because the only purpose it serves is for your pleasure. No one cares. Stop wasting your time and try enjoying life more or actually changing more or even sleeping for however long you spent rambling away. Life is about happiness, it means something different to every person. So if you are happy then you are successful. Life is unfair and there will always be disadvantaged people but it is no ones responsibility to help anyone one else. If you are so smart shouldn’t you know something about Utilitarianism? So shut up and stop going off onto irrelevant tangents. Don’t bother responding either because I will never read it and I do not care what you have to say. By the way, you should give away everything you own and live the bare minimum and donate all your earnings to those in need. Otherwise stop with your hypocrisy and stop judging people because it isn’t your place. If you wanna bitch do it with your friends, if you have any to listen to you, because the internet is entirely sick of people like you and your comments.

                • neuroway says:

                  Oh! A capitalist!

                  Hey, Mr $, just curious. Do you think the New Testament is pointless rambling?

                  Why do you answer my comment, if you DON’T actually read it, eh?

                  Of course, I’ll do what you say, I won’t bother responding and shut up. You bet!


            • neuroway says:

              Hmm… No opposition to my comment below? Not a single line of ranting and raving? Not even from you Evan? OK then! Let it be!!! ;-)

        • Anonymous says:

          Yes, but if someone worked e.g. 20 hours per day, he would be so tired that his work would become inefficient and worth much less. Every work done over the optimal time for the person is less efficient, so if all workers started work more that they normally can, the average wage in the macro scale also would decrease in value. So it’s not easy to determine what is the real value of the free time. That’s the same mechanism as in the law of diminishing marginal utility of consumed goods.

    • neuroway says:

      Money is the carrot that makes the weak run like rabbits. But it leaves the strong totally indifferent, just like a plastic head or a bunch of peanuts. Do you find it disturbing to see a millionnaire while the GDP per capita in the USA is a mere $45,934 (even less in € which is much stronger than the $ by the way). Do you think any head in the world is worth $1 million bucks, while the average world income is $7,000 / hear? It’s a little bit like seeing an overweight old mother besides her starving (or even dead) son, or even besides her newly aborted fetus, isn’t it? Hey, I don’t judge. I’m just making some artistically inspired comparisons here.

    • Evan Owen says:

      That’s a little rude… or maybe more than a little!
      What are you, a holdover from the Communist era that would have stifled the creativity of this wonderful young woman?

  32. Capman911 says:

    WOW I am so happy for you Marina. From the first video where you sat in from of a dry erase board until now you definitively are a self made Lady. And I mean a real classy Lady. ;-) <3

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