Check out Zuzandra’s video response to me! Hot :-)

Cute video “Zuzandra” :-) I guess you are a videocubicularist!

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24 Responses to Check out Zuzandra’s video response to me! Hot :-)

  1. Lennie says:

    Somehow I’m strating to be pretty good at recognizing accents of English, from her video I got that she was Dutch (from the Netherlands) and I was right !

    Maybe it was easier as I’m Dutch too. :-)

  2. Anonymous says:

    nice boobs

  3. very sweet. imitation, the is the sincerest form of flattery.

  4. Learn the Russian word for Thanksgiving! :mrgreen:
    :twisted: (just kidding) :twisted:

    Thanksgiving Day is unique to the USA,
    a day for eating turkey with family
    and watching football on the tube.

    Still, it’s a good day to catch up on
    any of the Russian Word Lessons
    you may have missed out on. :idea:

    Be sure to rate Marina 5 stars for
    the most excellent work she did in
    putting together her lessons.
    You won’t find anyone else out there
    doing this for you to learn Russian!

    Poka! :grin:

  5. cufan71 says:

    C :cool: :cool: L video :!:

  6. fglrx says:

    This Zuzandra’s skit is also funny as hell. I laughed the cr*p out of me!

  7. thematrix75 says:

    Great video, I thought the bloopers were funny, is that a tattoo on her breast? Zuzandras di a great job on the video :cool: A play on words Ah A Wise Guy Huh? or I mean Girl Nah Nah Nah! :lol: How are you doing Mr, Cha Cha, it looks like your having a good time, peace to you, and have a good one! It’s good to see you again Cha Cha! So what’s up with you lately, how you been dude? I hope to hear from you , and see you more in class, it’s always a pleasure to hear from you! Well bye for now, make sure to check out all my funny and odd links and jokes over in Pistachio, just put the finishing up the final details, and ready to send any minute, hopefully catch you there! Peace!

    • fglrx says:

      Do you like tattoos in girls? I think they can be hot if they are delicate and subtle.

      And for jokes:
      Some “funny” tattoos
      Other “funny” tattoos

      Eyeball tattoo (ouch!)

      • danielpool says:

        That was some interesting stuff thanks. I don’t like tattoos on women. But each their own :cool: HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU

      • thematrix75 says:

        Hello fglrx, how are you doing? What’s up? I have always been fasinated by art in it’s many forms! I been around alot of people with tattoos, my cousin has tattoos all over his body, so many he can’t remember even how many, he has a dragon scaled head with horns, with dragon wings going down his back, he has a giant dragon on his chest/ belly area, and many other cool tattoos Even though I would never get as many as him, I got five tattoos, I never really felt much pain or discomfort, There was alot of gross sick, ugly, totally messed up ones. There was a few good ones, and yes they were on women, they were some naughty tattoos but kind of sexy in a way. A person doesn’t really have to have a tattoo to impress me, or be my friend, it’s the art, that interests me!Thank you for your reply, I think tattoos on certain parts of the body would hurt, The head/ temple area, my cousin said it was very painful for him, they had to hand draw each scale before tattooing it, it had taken a very long time, had to stop before to long before the pain became to unbearable to take any longer, and that video of the eye being tattooed made me quiver, and think man that looks mighty painful, and one false move you could be blind and the process can’t be reversed. I think it’s a natural response for one’s eye’s to blink, twitch, flutter, when something is about to go into the eye knowingly, even if not knowing the eyes are one of the most sensitive area on the body! Every time I go to put eye drops in my eye I keep closing expecting the worst, That’s why I can’t never keep my eyes open, when the drop is ready to fall. I got dirt ,and wood Etc. in my eye, and I tell you it noticed it the exact moment it hit my eye, and was very painful! Well I will catch you later. Peace!

    • Hi, Neo! :mrgreen:
      My hard drive crashed last Friday,
      just as I was making a set of system
      recovery disks…
      SO… I’m back to working out all the
      system bugs from scratch… again :sad:
      I lost 138 GB’s of stuff…
      It’ll take awhile to get it all back ;-)

      Marina tweeted: “What are you guys doing for Thanksgiving?”
      I’ll give you one guess :grin:

  8. Well, well, well :mrgreen:
    Look who’s getting face time!
    You guys gotta check out the
    ‘Subscribe’ song video :lol:

  9. Zuzandra is in very good shape… now she needs to be in very good hands… I will volunteer! :lol:

    Let’s have dinner! :shock:

  10. danielpool says:

    Zuzandra that is a beautiful name. she is very pretty :grin:

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