Check me out in FHM Magazine!

Hey guys, check me out in the new issue of FHM Magazine!  It’s the October issue that was released today (Sept. 2nd.) So pop over to a magazine stand and pick up a copy!!  Above is a video I made with them as a preview so click it or  click this link for more info about the issue plus a quiz and give me a thumbs while there. :-)


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41 Responses to Check me out in FHM Magazine!

  1. Oh! Marina!  You magnificent radiant blossom of Russian feminity.  I’ve never had more fun learning English than from you.  If my English teachers had looked as beautiful as you, I would probably be more literate, but probably less.  How would I ever be able to concentrate with a delicate flower like you to teach me.  

  2. Anonymous says:

    Booya!** ***** !$$£ nd
    dna loule

  3. Anonymous says:

    very Nice Video.I think that FHM is very great Magazine for Picture.We can easily check out this Picture.

  4. Anonymous says:

    which one of best website to Searching the Photo?;u=41800;sa=summary

  5. Anonymous says:

     She is very sexy and Hot.I like it.very nice video.

  6. Anonymous says:

    i love fhm

  7. johnnysquarepants says:

    hot for…слова :D

  8. BigBhd95 says:

    Dearest Teacher ;-)

    Gl :shock: :shock: riosky :oops:

    Delisioso :cool: B.B. :cool:

  9. :O :shock: my god!! i think im goin to feint now!! see ya :P

  10. It got so hot I had to light a smoke! Only problem was… I already had one in my mouth… and another one going in the ash tray!!! :shock:

  11. deluxenn says:

    :shock: Hot like a Russian stove :smile:

  12. :shock:… WOW…. that’s all I can say about this. Looking good Marina ;-) Ha Ha

  13. Uh…Whoa. Look at you, Marina. Every red blooded man’s favorite lingerie. When you did that thumb in the garter thing 30 seconds in, I gasped. Two minutes in, I got light headed. Then I realized. I had forgotten to exhale. Silly me. Sexy you.

  14. hankhoogwater says:

    Dear Marina,

    I am very sorry my dear teacher – German is my mother language – there is no German word “crappen”. In fact usually German words do not start with “c”. The double “p” looks German. So if you change the “c” to a “k”, which does not change the pronounciation, you will get an old German word “krappen” or “krabben”.

  15. VenomRocK says:

    You looked amazing in this video!

    :smile: Roam if you want to, Marina. ;-)

  16. hankhoogwater says:

    Dear Marina,

    I really like my teachers new working suit.

  17. Aaron Koch says:

    You look great in the FHM photoshoot.

  18. I just wonder What do you eat? Pieces of Heaven? Because every time I see you in your videos you look much more sexy and beautiful than te previuos one.

    Muchas Gracias

  19. Marina DOES have a quiz in this video :!:
    Rude words.
    I knew crud, and bugger,
    but I didn’t know bollocks :mrgreen:

    The black garters were too perfect.
    A big tear in one, along the thigh…
    …a loose strung garter strap
    (would have been sassy!)

    I gave it a thumbs up ;-)

  20. cufan71 says:

    :grin: TOO HOTforwords :!: :!: :!: :mrgreen:
    :cool: AWESOME Marina :!:

  21. James says:

    got it! you look great

  22. rimbaud says:

    I like seeing your face close-up.

  23. tonyb says:

    YOu are the sexiest thing on earth! You can teach me all the english or russian you want! That is one real nice bedroom look there! And you are so slim and trim!

  24. leoNard says:

    That was one of your most awesome video… ever! Marina is so HOT!

  25. Capman911 says:

    I can’t wait for the magazine to come out. How about some signed copies? Very nicely done. Teach your awesome.

  26. OMG! Marina says ‘shit’ !! OMG!
    @ Greatest Potential – forum tests, please!
    Was there homework? I’ve only seen it twice.
    Hard to get past that garter and lingerie…
    Marina ain’t no Hollaback girl :mrgreen:

  27. thematrix75 says:

    Hello Marina how are you doing?That video about being in FHM Magazine,that is awesome!You look so sexy .and naughty!What a honor it must be to get picked for FHM!You have a good day!Peace :!: :cool: :smile:

  28. Jenny Kelley says:

    Looking great girl! Work it! Teach that camera a word or 2 ;-)

  29. annuddermale says:

    Oh, my…you know what I really hate, though? I have vids that fade to black when you pause them to carefully review parts.

    Not that I did that here. :mrgreen:

  30. Greatest Potential says:

    :x Never mind the bollocks :arrow:

    Here’s The SeX PisToLs :!:

  31. Greatest Potential says:

    :smile: Teacher at her naughtiest :!:

    Oh yea

    FHM is a pretty awesome mag

  32. PageDoll says:

    AWWW, here it is. I dig it!
    Will signed copies of FHM be available to students..sure hope so. Even if I have to buy the mag and send it to you with a return envelope. :mrgreen:

    • PageDoll says:

      The weirdest thing just happened. I started Ping on itunes and of course started following Marina right away. When I was checking out my profile I noticed Ping said I made one review comment. The review was made on May 7 2008 and it was for the hotforwords podcast. I didn’t even know what a podcast was in may 2008 and even more odd, the comment/review was the very first comment I ever made on one of Marinas videos…so weird. :|

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