I apologize for not getting this video up sooner! So let’s look at the original meaning of Apologize.. knowing it makes it easier to say it! :-)

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  1. Im not sorrry for what i did early summer last year, because i love you and it doesn’t change and because, or cause i was in an hospital (..) , even there’s chris and even , i did not too bad things but bad things. So i apologize. 

  2. :shock: i apologies to not be in front of you looking TRULY in your eyes, i really appologies!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *tear up

  3. Tom says:

    I apologize I didn’t hear anything you said because I was so focused on your nipples through that white wife-beater you were wearing. You are awesome!

  4. neuroway says:

    “I wish to drive your chariot, Father.”
    – Phaeton

  5. Marina enjoys a boat ride on the lake;
    the latest Russian Word Lesson. :grin:

    Homework Answer: I don’t get motion sick. I like fast horses, boats, etc.

    I gave it 5 stars :mrgreen:

  6. swampwiz says:

    Is it just me, or are Marina’s nipples & areolas barely visible in her tight white shirt? :razz:

  7. thematrix75 says:

    God did not create the universe, Says Hawking

    • neuroway says:

      Nice article…

      Quote – “He wrote in A Brief History … “If we discover a complete theory, it would be the ultimate triumph of human reason — for then we should know the mind of God.”"

      OH WOW!!!!… So we should prosternate before Gravity now? Gravity is the new god on the block? Gravity created us and the Universe?

      Hawking went straight to ride a parallel two-wheeler before having the chance to feel a serial one between his legs. Heck. That IS brainy innovation indeed. That’s probably why he has all these new ground-breaking ideas. I hope he will have the time to write a lot of interesting best-sellers books before he runs away.

      • Can a fully cooked turkey appear (out of nothing) in the oven on Thanksgiving?

        Can (above) happen if gravity is involved?

        Without “stuff” there wouldn’t be gravity.

        • neuroway says:

          Are you an unbeliever? Hawking says that a fully cooked Universe can appear out of nothing in our dimension on the day of the Big Bang. Galaxies were born. Planets were created. And you’re talking about fully cooked little turkeys inside their oven?
          Piece of cake!!! It is all EXTREMELY simple, and it is all due to GRAVITY, of course, and to Einstein’s and Hawking’s laws!!!! Here it goes. Follow the logic of our great scientists… Well.. The first primary mother turkey needs to evoluate for generations from a little virus, then fall in love with some papa turkey, then they need to have some drive for sex, so they can breed, and the generations of their descendants need to have some drive for sex too, while they breed and are stronger than their food but weaker than their predators.
          At the mean time, a generation of humans need to be created out of the organized chaos of gravity. They need to be male and female, and need to love each other just enough to make babies and babies for generations. They need to have a drive to protect their babies and not eat them or leave them to die.

          They need to possess instruments for sex, and a drive for it too, while at the same time possessing an appetite for turkeys, and a brain to invent ovens to cook them, while at the same time a stomach to digest them and a mouth and thongue to find them tasteful. Oh. And Turkeys need to be good for them too. You don’t want turkeys to be poisonous, do you? Oh. And I forgot a pair of eyes to see them so they can catch them and kill them too. And ears to hear them cack their way around. Don’t forget the hands and the tools needed for the kill. All this because of Gravity of course.

          Everything I said is based on our modern irrefutable scientific knowledge. So yes, fully cooked turkeys can appear out of nothing inside ovens on Thanksgiving days provided some primary conditions are fullfilled inside the chaos which is driven by Gravity of course. Oh, the Gravity can invent turkeys and cook’em too.. The Gravity can cook turkeys, I tell you it is true. You don’t wanna know what it can do to you…

          But why the oven, you will ask? Why not eating cold turkeys, you will ask? Haha!!! The oven is because of the Gravity of the Universe, I tell you it is true.. But that’s another story, which I will explain in another post.

          And don’t ask why humans and turkeys are here! After all, they are totally useless stuff in the universe!!!

          • neuroway says:

            Come to think of it, I think ovens are a mistake of the Evolution of Gravity. I say turkeys should be eaten cold (humans would then have better looking and stronger teeths, especially canines, and perhaps an even greater taste for blood.)

            Henceforth, ovens are a bug inside Gravity, says I. But, fortunately, don’t fear, a new version of the Universe of Gravity coming soon will correct all this.

          • So has Gravity always been here?
            Or did it pop here from absolutely nothing?
            I thought gravity made other stuff pop here?

            What made gravity pop here… pre-gravity popping agent? Where did that popping agent come from?

            • neuroway says:

              You go too far, mortal. You cross the line. You should kneel before Gravity, the Big Bang theory, our great scientists and Science. And burn some incense while you’re at it and wish for a peaceful, quick, sudden and painless death too. ;-)

    • p.s. without “stuff” there would be literally nothing.

      Saying gravity created the universe implies gravity has always been here or it just popped here one day out of nothing…
      this would mean either…

      1) “stuff” has always been here.
      2) “stuff” can just pop here out of nothing.

      One day your oven is empty… the next day you have a fully cooked turkey?
      I’m never going to go for that one.

      p.s. There is a number 3)

  8. Mike says:

    In squiggly brackets it comes {peloton}.

    Ever sat back to watch the scenery go by as a group of athletes sweat their way along a road all packed tight in groups and peddling away as if their life depended on it?

    Peloton refers to the pack of cyclers chasing the lead group. Always wondered where that word came from.

    :-) Cheers and love your lessons!

  9. deluxenn says:

    My Dear Teacher wtf, how long we have to wait
    another clever word which you investigate?
    Like a grass is waiting for the sun, we’re waiting for a new lesson.
    Please, Dear Teacher, be so kind to give us some {delicatessen}. :mrgreen:

  10. thematrix75 says:

    I would just like to say that this content might be offending to anybody that is easily offended!To those who aren’t I hope you enjoy theses songs!Please let me know what you think if your a heavey metal fan,thank you Through The Eyes Of The Dead-Failure In The Flesh Through The Eyes Of The Dead-Autumn Tint Of Gold Through The Eyes Of The Dead-Abyssal Creation Through The Eyes Of The Dead-Beneath Dying Skies Through The Eyes Of The Dead-Abyssal Creation Through The Eyes Of The Dead-Between The Gardens That Bathe In Blood Through The Eyes Of The Dead-Forever Ends Today Bring Me The Horizon Who Wants Flowers When There Dead Bring Me The Horizon-RE:They Have No Reflections Bring Me The Horizon-Rawwwrr Fall Of Serenity-Out Of The Clouds Fallen Of Serenity-Overflowing Emotions Bury Your Dead-House Of Brick Bury Your Dead-Mirror Mirror <a href='<a href=" Bury Your Dead-Magnolia Parkway Drive-Sleepwalker Parkway Drive-Romance Is Dead Parkway Drive-A Cold Day In Hell My Bitter End-Becoming Misfortune My Bitter End-Salvage The Structure My Bitter End-The Renovation Unearth-Black Hearts Now Reign Unearth-Endless Marduk-World Funeral Marduk-Steel Inferno Marduk-Of Hells Fire Marduk-Dracula Shai Hulud-A Profound Hatred Of Man Shai Hulud-This Wake I myself have stirred Anima-Sitting In The Wardrobe Anima-There Is Something Vicious Anima-A Wrong Person To Believe In Animosity-Grey Skies Animosity-Thieves Animosity-Terrorstorm Well I hope you like the music!Goodnightand peace :!: :cool: :smile:

  11. Just to mention it, the BBC has a piece on the language pronunciation of the New York accent – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-11132537. More about langauage and society and idenntification of a linguistic group.

  12. Love the clip (and the philologist in it)!

    I don’t know about everyone else, but I love seeing words in their own script glory:

    ‘από (preposition); “from”.

    λόγος,-ου,’ο (noun); “word”, “speech”, “thought”, “news”.

    Besides, those interested may want to check out Plato’s Apology of Socrates. It’s Plato’s version of Socrates’ own defense speech when he was charged (ca. 399 BC, I guess), of being and atheist and also of corrupting youngsters. Probably one of the most famous apologies ever.

    I wonder… Will anyone dare to charge Marina Orlova for corrupting us? :mrgreen:

    • Dear Gerardo Juárez,
      While I was already ‘corrupted’ before I met Marina through her web site, I must say that she and this web site have greatly facilitated my ‘corruption’. I find myself thinking more deeply and on a greater variety of topics since my college days several decades ago. ‘Corruption’ never was so delicious. One can only feel great gratitude for the oppurtunity of being ‘corrupted’ or or being more ‘corrupted’.
      AKA BertrandR1872

      • I totally agree woth you… Besides there’s no comparing Socrates (or Plato) to Marina… The good ol’ greeks weren’t infinitesimally as cute as her.

        I can’t wait to get more corruption from Marina. :mrgreen:

        • Dear Gerardo Juárez,
          Of course you know that one of the most famous corrupters in intellectual history was a philologist. I’m referring to Nietzsche. While he is traditionally labelled as a philosopher, his actual degree and background was in philology. That just goes to show that philology provides the ultimate background for corruption.
          AKA BertrandR1872

  13. Evan Owen says:

    Quotes from a marriage:

    “I do SO listen to you, and don’t you dare say differently!” :roll:

  14. Nikos says:

    Hi miss Orlova nice you had for apologise i am greek but i did not know the original meaning of the word i used it just to say sorry. Also i agree with you that the original meaning is better than the one it took in the 18th century i can’t guess how thogh it shifted. For my homework now the last time i had to apologise was when i accidentaly deleted my mothers files(ia not 18 yet) in the computer :oops:
    during a hard disk clean-up. also i would like to find out the origin of the word {tatoo} if it is not in one of your videos.

    • Evan Owen says:

      Καλισπερα, Νικος! :grin:

      My daughters sometimes mess up my computer, too! :roll:

      • Nikos says:

        Είσαι έλληνας ή κατάγεσαι από την ελλάδα.Are u greek or u come from greece;
        yea but the problem is that my mothers computer is also mine so basically we share it and so when i found that disk space was a bit low i decided to make a cleanup of my files and hers and accidentally i cleaned up some important files of her(thank God they were not for her job). Because she had done it in past and deleted some useless files of mine i thought it was ok to pay everybody the cleanup(sorry for apologising)

        • Evan Owen says:

          Well, we learn from our mistakes.

          I visited Greece for several days in 1991 and learned your alphabet and a few words. My last name, Owen, originally came from the Greek Ευγενε. The Britons borrowed the name from Greeks who sailed to Cornwall to trade for tin. :smile:

          • Nikos says:

            thanks i did not new that just by question what languages are u interested in learning;Is greek in them; for me i want to truly learn serbian and russian languages (this languages have something that appeal me)

            • Evan Owen says:

              Hello Nikos
              If I were rich and did not have to work, I would spend my time learning languages, including ancient and modern Greek.

              I wish you every success in your studies, including the Slavic languages. Just remember that when Bulgarians nod their heads and say “Ne!”, they mean “No,” the opposite of how it is in Greece. :lol:

              • Nikos says:

                yes i know but i have not started studying languages i just want to thanks for wishing me good luck anyway i believe the only time i will be able to have the time to study would be in early 20′s while i will be studying in university(greek universities are not like foreign and so they allow u free time as u do not need to attend all the lessons to pass the exact oposite of our 2nd grade education(highscool))after that time i will not have the time as i will have to work but anyway thanks

  15. Evan Owen says:

    Uh oh, time for new lesson, Evan’s bored and razzing the noobs with bad puns again… :roll:

  16. Do not watch Marina’s latest Russian Word Lesson.

    WARNING: Contains subtle / blatant scatological references.

    Homework Answer: Not since before puberty.

    I gave it 5 stars :mrgreen:

    • Funny video. Gave it 5 stars too.

      Homework answer: Yep, I ODed on anti-parasitic medication a couple of years ago. It was retarded. I misunderstood the dosage due to a confusion with the pills: the common presentation was in 10 mg pills, but in the pharmacy were available only 5 mg pills. My dad told me: “We need to take the medication once each eight hours. Your mom and I took three pills [30 mg in one day, but he didn't say this], but since these are half the dosis, double it and take them.” I got reaaaaaally confused and ended up gulping about 18 pills in 24 hours because I thought he meant they took THREE PILLS every eight hours (when he meant they took three pills for the whole day) so I had to take 6 pills every eight hours. Fortunately, nothing went horribly wrong, I just spent the whole day vomiting.

      Told you… It was retarded.

      Also, in German, “Durchfall” stands for “dhiarrea” and “Verstopfung” stands for “constipation”.

  17. Hi Marina,
    getthrobbing here. i love your videos!
    You make words so fun! Your videos get me throbbing every time
    and as such i would like to request hotforwords to investigate word {throbbing}

    Thanks! =)
    And get throbbing! =)


  18.   “Some people come into our lives & leave
      footprints on our hearts. Others come
      into our lives & make us wanna leave
      footprints on their face”

    So… footprints on the heart are good but footprints on the face are bad?
    Is there anywhere you can leave footprints and they will be medium? :|
    If you take a walk on the beach with a psychic… will the footprints be {medium?}

  19. Chris Winter says:

    I had to apologize about a week ago, online, for defending Sarah Palin. But I defended myself in the apologia too, so I used both senses of the word.

    May I make a word request? The word is “caucus.” I’d like to know where it comes from. ;-) TIA.

    • Evan Owen says:

      {Caucus} is an abbreviation for “Caucasus”, a mountainous region to the south of Russia known for its famous convention facilities in cities such as Tblisi and Yerevan. :mrgreen:

      The term is not to be confused with “caw cuss,” i.e. crow profanity. :razz:

  20. {how did hand gestures come to replace a variety of words?}

    • VenomRocK says:

      Greetings and welcome to HotForWords :cool:

      Hand gestures also play a role in music. :razz:

      From Wiki:
      Conducting is the act of directing a musical performance by way of visible gestures. Orchestras, choirs, concert bands and other musical ensembles often have conductors.
      The principal conductor of an orchestra or opera company is sometimes referred to as a music director or chief conductor, or by the German word, Kapellmeister. Conductors of choirs or choruses are sometimes referred to as choral director, chorus master, or choirmaster, particularly for choirs associated with an orchestra. Conductors of military bands and other bands may hold the title of bandmaster, or drum major. Respected senior conductors are sometimes referred to by the Italian word, maestro (“master”).
      Herbert von Karajan Dvorak Simphony n. 9 “Aus der Neuen Welt” Allegro con fuoco :cool:

      Mariah Carey’s Crazy Hand Movements :mrgreen:

      {Sign of the Horns} :cool:
      Some hold that when confronted with unfortunate events, or just when these are mentioned or suggested, a person wanting to avoid that fate could resort to the sign of the horns to ward off bad luck. It is a more vulgar equivalent of {knocking on wood}. ;-)

      :oops: If I’ve imposed on you I apologize. :mrgreen:

      Peace :smile:

      • leoNard says:

        Imposing is an addiction…let me check your insurance to ensure you of some assurance!!! W O W :P :arrow: good work….{BUTton}…push my butTon… The Guess Who-Hand Me Down World …..MAYAN weiting…………………………….

        • leoNard says:

          sp^{writing}weiting——–wRite the hand symbol for words and then chracterize by my leTter—-the ‘abc’s is not not Greek or backword reading==================[][][][][]=================XXXXOOOOOOOO, tic tac and pay my mother :lol: The Guess Who – Share The Land …PS, would you pay to hear my {band} do an opera-metal version? .. @thematrix75 but not explicitly

          • beevee14 says:

            Hello, leoNard!! Your boys really put the wood to Indy, even if it was pre-season. Still got a young D and Rodgers is cominginto his own…whats that? Bretts back? Uh-Oh. Well, nobody said it was gonna be easy. Hopefully they will meet the Bengals in Dallas on Feb 6th.

            BTW Here is my new favorite jammer. It is called “Tighten Up” by The Black Keys and since it doesn’t have a warning label, I will provide one! WARNING: this song is highly additive and could cause you to blow a speaker or three.


            Get a chance to watch the oval office speech?

            • leoNard says:

              {Black Keys}…they flat out-rOcK! The President should turn all public land into golf courses.. … ..then our Republic could play ball all day!

              All I know is that contracts are
              “NEW AGE” slavery;

              of our order governments :| :arrow: marching now with bottle water and driving big toys—

              while I turn up the drone!!!—In music, a drone is a harmonic or monophonic effect or accompaniment where a note or chord is continuously sounded throughout most or all of a piece. The word drone is also used to refer to any part of a musical instrument that is just used to produce such an effect…. To boy bees—http://www.ktsm.com/news/drone-to-patrol-california-to-texas ps-sorry about my spelling error of {character}…accept my apologies ;-)

              :???: authority is just another educated game like marKism and those 3brothers—tail gunner Joe and his dates—


            • VenomRocK says:

              :smile: I like them Black Keys. :cool: Jammin’

              ….it’s been confirmed from both the left and right, BHO and his admin are ‘Tone Deaf.’ :mrgreen:

          • VenomRocK says:

            ;-) HFW QUOTE:

            “Well done is better than well said.” ~Benjamin Franklin~ :grin:

            ….agree with some others here, Time for new lesson.

            Precursor for the next one. :?:

  21. “According to the NYT “Tweet” is not a verb so we must all stop tweeting right now! .. umm.. now what?”

    ummm… we can get a case of neuro GASM and hang-out at the Pool?

    [Click to See what it Would be Like]   (Time is Running Out) :mrgreen:

  22. thematrix75 says:

    This is about the mess made up in Space

  23. Jessica says:

    I would like to know the origin of the word {Thong} please, such a weird word.

  24. James says:

    Seriously?? One vid a week (or more)

  25. whatimeitis says:

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
    When you gone’a let me hit it baby :evil:


    You know how sweet da stuff tis :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


    Come on baby you know you got me on my knees :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Please let me hit it sugar, your so sweet, and hot too trot :lol: :lol: :lol: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0t4aY8lfOg&feature=related

    What you do to me baby is so hot, gotta have that loving your too hot to trot now baby :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32VWELcZUMM&feature=related

    Are you gone’a let me hit it sweet thing :lol: :lol: :lol: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sgA4-bLcoN8&feature=related

          • whatimeitis says:

            The best is last :lol: I’m ready ta bust dat ass girl :lol: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ELCSNl851HU&feature=related

            • whatimeitis says:

              The word is that on the third day God made the herb. Then on the fourth day he made the light.

              Now smart people that know that it takes light to make the herb grow but yet the herb was made first before even the light was made. So know this one thing and wonder about the greatness of the one thing. Then you should know that the herb and the light are dually written and have two meanings. The seed being of a dual nature. :roll: http://kingjbible.com/genesis/1.htm

              • whatimeitis says:

                The grain of a mustard seed has more engendered in it’s self has more power than all the light from all the stars in the Universe. This is magick that the angels taught the daughters of men and they found them fair or fem. Three queens are greater than a full house and a royal flush and are equal to and greater than four aces.

                • whatimeitis says:

                  August one is not a mushroom.

                • whatimeitis says:

                  The seed lives in the waters which is it’s home and domain. The waters were fixed before the seed but yet the seed rules all it’s domain and range. Fear him that is in the water for he is fire and fire is the fifth, six, but is of the seventh but is the eight. AtoZ is the domain and infinity is the range, it can never be set equal to zero.

              • leoNard says:


                Jesus And His Dog :arrow:
                Jesus had a dog? Read about :arrow: Jesus and Zion the dog! from above link>

                …Since U brought up {mustard}—Most of the sulfur mustard found in Germany after World War II was dumped into the Baltic Sea. Between 1966 and 2002, fishermen have found around 700 chemical weapons in the Bornholm region, most of which contained sulfur mustard. One of the more frequently dumped weapons was the “Sprühbüchse 37″ (SprüBü37, Spray Can 37, 1937 being the year of its fielding with the German Army). These weapons contain sulfur mustard mixed with a thickener, which renders it a tarlike viscosity. When the content of the SprüBü37 comes in contact with water, only the sulfur mustard in the outer layers of the lumps of viscous mustard hydrolyses, leaving amber-coloured residues that still contain most of the active sulfur mustard. On mechanically breaking these lumps, e.g., with a fishing net’s drag board or with the hands, the enclosed sulfur mustard is still as active as it had been at the time the weapon was dumped. These lumps, when washed ashore, can be mistaken for amber, which can lead to severe health problems. Shells containing sulfur mustard and other toxic ammunition from World War I (as well as conventional explosives) can still occasionally be found in France and Belgium; they used to be disposed of by explosion at sea, but current environmental regulations prohibit this and so the French government is building an automated factory to dispose of the backlog of shells.— http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sulfur_mustard }}sourced{{ Mustard gas was possibly developed as early as 1822 .. …In 1886, chemist Albert Niemann, known as a pioneer in cocaine chemistry, repeated the reaction, but, this time, blister-forming properties were recorded. :roll: ps—I love the HoLLies ;-)

  26. matalexwolf says:

    No face to face just this blank space
    Apologies here made are just tokens
    Words do fail me to say it correctly
    Can never apologise enough as feels too rough

    Behaved so rude, in a pissed off mood
    No excuses to such a fair Lady
    Just an angry twist, misgivings in verbal fist
    Deserves endless detentions

    Apologise now, for making those sounds
    Out of tune, key and direction
    Wasn’t what I was feeling, clouded by reason
    Just wanted to dance with you unspoken

    You’ll always hate me, thanks to my own mastery
    Apologies for ever hurting you so
    Keep my heart with you won’t start away from you
    An ice cold memory, one skull and cross bone

    I still believe as I did receive my dream girl in motion
    Apologies for chancing a girl too enchanting
    Stupid to think she needs my affection
    When LA dances one intention

    Apologies to my heart for being so bloody fond of you
    But my eyes give good reason, with you all too perfect
    I could never be blamed for not reaching your highest expectation
    How to compete in the world you live in

    To say a word, just doent do this
    Makes this harder than seeing you in person
    I wish I could laugh look back and say ha!
    But I burn in your love too greatly

    How to go when all I want is to be
    As it all was meant to happen
    Courage now found, too late to be proud
    Until you’re able to say to me

    So sorry to you more than I can ever be
    I was nearly made a man because of you
    I see things clearly just my eyes now misty
    Kneeling down as I do on each Sunday

    Memories keep, something so sweet
    Hooked, line sinker for you
    All of the dance has ridden my masks
    Here I’m transparent as new

    Nothing I can say here, to make us happier
    Other than say as before
    You are my world, my one true loved soul
    For that I make no apology

    I see you still, no need to be here
    My heart beats to your entirety
    Got one smashed mind, already done it’s time
    Now it feel as broken as when twenty

    I could talk you up, give you word love
    But I know you now dance for another
    Tell me you don’t and you want me to stay
    I’l walk high seas to be with you

    See my fool words, you got me so bad
    A puppet at your disposal
    Sirens still echo heart bruised blues all you
    I’ll take your anger away and suffer

    Apologise for not knowing better
    Let you down I reacted in terror
    Wish we could if only you would
    Ease this kiss make up again blissfully

    Apologise to you M, for doing in your head in
    Wouldn’t happen if balanced in our favour
    Unstoppable love twist still taste all this
    knowing, dreams are now believable

    Such alike with bi-polar strikes
    We’re way too close on this wave length
    My air your fire our burning desires
    My Sea wrapped round your Earthly

    Can never leave this as both we believe
    For you are all here apart of me
    If you see me too I put my trust into you
    I’ll need to chat with Mr Gorby!

    Your help and love has been priceless
    Just costing my soul sacrifice
    I miss you M, and never again
    Do I want to make another apology xx


  27. pairadots says:

    I was wondering if there is a link between the words {casual and casualty}.

  28. Oxford English Dictionary ‘will not be printed again’

    I don’t like it… if this is the trend and everything goes digital then the electromagnetic-pulse hits… there will be no information to be had.

    • thematrix75 says:

      Yes this is a very big and real life threat,that needs to be dealt with!For America to survive,and keep goig,we need protection ,a hell of alot better Defense against Electromagnetic Pulse Devastation,say from a nuclear weapon,Warhead.or a Scud In A Bucket ETC.We for sure need to get someone in Washington,and into government that will rectify this great problem before us.If such a nuclear weapon hit before any type of measures are taken by the United Stated the good ol’U.S.A.,may be in for one of the biggest devastation it has ever seen,and may spell the the end for the United States as we know it!You bring up one very important point of this problem that exists,but Washington,and the powers that be act like it is nothing to worry about!Thank you for such an important,and crucial statement gravityboy :!:The U.S.A. going totally digital would make us very vulnerable to just such a terrible threat :!: As to there would be no backups if a EMP attack should occur :!: Thank you for your message,and concern,it is much appreciated by me,and hopefully many others :!: Peace and may you enjoy your day gravityboy :!: :cool: :smile:

      • Dear ɦʘqɦʇɪʌɐɹb and thematrix75,
        I have given some thought to your concerns regarding an EMP attack. I share with both of you the understanding that there are people out there who wish us harm. I also agree completely that more should be done for our national security. But I am not so sure that we should put as much emphasis on defense against a missile attack versus some other kind of attack. As I understand it, a missile is just a device for delivering a warhead to a destination. Missiles are expensive. The war heads, even a nuclear warhead, can be small. One can fit them in a backpack. Sadly, there are plenty of people who would be willing to, or can be coerced to, delivering a backpack. It wouldn’t cost much money. The devastation would be more from the nuclear contamination and less from the EMP. Nonetheless, the devastation would still be severe, the cost would be low and retaliation almost impossible since it would be nearly untraceable. Why go the extra mile for a missile attack? The cost would be far higher and the chances of it being traced back would also be far higher. The possibility of retaliation would be higher. I suspect that the reason for promoting a missile defense is two fold. One, it gives the appearance that we are doing something even though the efforts may be misplaced. Second, missile defense is built by private industry who would not refuse the corporate income. There is little defense against a terriorist attack. Since little can be done about it, defense corporations cannot gain much money selling stuff to defend us from a terriorist attack. I have a suspicion that corporate greed lies behind the promotion of a missile defense system more than a realistic assessment of the threat from that particular source.
        I would certainly remain open to a reconsideration of these thoughts based on additional information.
        AKA BertrandR1872

  29. “The longer I live the more I see that I am never wrong about anything, and that all the pains that I have so humbly taken to verify my notions have only wasted my time.” – George Bernard Shaw 1856-1950

    So I guess he was wrong about verifying his notions :mrgreen:

  30. I hope the click to edit doesn’t get stuck…

    [Click to Edit] (3 minutes and 9 seconds)

  31. David says:

    Hi Busty Hot-lips!

    I “apologize” for not setting back to you gooner.
    I have been busy harvesting my tobacco plants… lookin’ forward to some serious smokin’… speaking of smokin’,
    where did the word tobacco come from? and how is it related to rolling papers? LOL
    Who put these two together… a matchmaker? :roll: :lol:

  32. Michael says:

    Word of the Day….appurtenances

    He made sure that all of the appurtenances came with the boat.

    Meaning: things necessary for something else, adjuncts, related to.

  33. I AM ON FIRE! Don’t touch me U might get BURNED!
    Marina’s latest Russian Word Lesson

    Homework Answer: 102-103

  34. Taradaciuc says:

    Hello M.

    Can you tell me what is “Mambo Jumbo” mean? I found something on wiki .. maybe you can digg more. :razz:


  35. Hi marina, i would like to know the meaning of the word {NINJA}, I´m a ninjutsu student and it i never knew were the word comes from.
    Kisses from Cordoba (argentina).


  36. If you ever ask to… “see a picture without all the blond hair going behind the ear…”

    remember to add the clause…
    • and not have the phone block the view.


  37. leoNard says:

    leavening agent—{ mandoline }…process food…{ kneading }— Some experts consider kneading to “stimulate” the cat and make it feel good, in the same manner as a human stretching. :grin: :smile: “How to Bake Bread from scratch at Owen’s Place — a guide for the Common Man”
    :arrow: @red-dragon ?

  38. I don’t understand today’s quote?

        “Hell is paved with good samaritans.” – William M. Holden

    Why are they (the good samaritans) there? Shouldn’t it be… The road to…?

    • leoNard says:

      “I’m perpetually lonely. I’m lonely when I’m in relationships. It’s my condition as an artist … I have this weird thing that if I sleep with someone they’re going to take my creativity from me.” — Singer Lady Gaga.

      “They were kind of dirty looking pebbles. I didn’t know. I’m used to seeing diamonds shiny and in a box. These are the kind of diamonds I am used to seeing.” — Supermodel Naomi Campbell on alleged blood diamonds it is claimed she received from African dictator Charles Taylor.

      …All HELL is -something made up for beggars- living life is hell!…I hope that helps or is that help for hope :lol: {draft}

    • neuroway says:

      Well I think the quote is rather well put either way. Hell is probably paved with good samaritans and philantropists of all sorts, so the road to the gates of Hell is obviously paved with some of them too (who sucked and sold their way there, getting incredibly rich in the process).

      And similarly, as a deductive argument, the road to Heaven is paved with criminals, thieves and murderers. I’d even go deeper inside the deductive logic and say that Heaven must be paved with some of them too. I’d guess they somehow quickly found how to buy their way along the road. And it must have cost them all the money they had, if not all their blood, as rumours have it that Heaven’s tickets are a little expensive… Criminals, thieves and murderers can sometimes be resourceful people, you know? :grin:

      “So, it never ends? After the chains comes the passport.”
      РJean Valjean (Victor Hugo РLes mis̩rables) Р1862

      • You start off…
        Hell is probably paved with good samaritans and philanthropists
        Good samaritans are good people.

      • Dear Neuroway,
        Some have said that they would rather rule in hell than serve in heaven. Does heaven allow for much autonomy? To what extent can a person create their own fate in heaven? This was one of the themes in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Her book was subtitled ‘The Modern Prometheus’. Prometheus was the ancient Greek Titan ( a pre-god), who gave man the gift of fire and had the gift of foresight. My favorite line in the book is, You are my creator, but I am your master. Obey (This should be a close paraphrase, but I haven’t looked it up.) Thus, spurned by man, the creature set out to set his own fate with no concern with human morality. He neither cared to be good nor evil. Would he go to heaven or hell?
        AKA BertrandR1872

        • neuroway says:

          And what do you say? A good servant, sooner or later, justly rebels against an evil master, and, sooner or later, a good master justly punishes an evil servant. Suppose you can create your own fate. Suppose you can make your own choice. Suppose hell is evil and heaven is good. Would you rather rule over evil servants or serve a good master? What is your moral answer to this one? Or perhaps you think you’re better off alone, don’t want to rule over anybody or be ruled by anyone and, just like Prometheus, without any morality, don’t want to go to any of these places while perfectly knowing that they both exist?

          • Dear neuroway,
            Thank goodness (perhaps literally) your questions are neither trivial nor frivolous. Your words are certainly worth careful consideration. As for my own personal way of living, I neither care to serve another nor be served by another. I believe that, whether humanity likes it or not, we must ultimately decide for ourselves how we are to live our lives. If our decision is to serve another, that is still our decision. No one can make that decision for us. But in deciding to serve another, all other decisions are made for us. We have, after that one decision, given up the remainder of our humanity. To my mind, my life is made up of my decisions – some small and inconsequential, and others momentous.
            Unlike the fictional character of Shelly’s Modern Prometheus, I do not spurn morality – I create my own largely based on what makes sense to me. And what makes sense to me has been heavily shaped by my environment and often closely resembles the morality of many others with whom I share a connection with. But even when I agree with many people in my culture, it is still inevitably my decision what I do and I must take the responsibility for my actions.
            Although, in some ways I have been somewhat independent since I was a kid, much of my articulate thinking has been deeply influenced by a particualar book – Walter Kaufmann’s ‘Without Guilt and Justice: From Decidophobia to Autonomy’. To sum up, ultimately I feel that serving or being served are a distraction away from the issues of life. What others want us to do is not at stake. What is at stake is what we do and we must make that decision based on what we can see for ourselves. To say that someone thinks we should live a certain way, or that a certain book says that we should live a certain way, or that the majority or the crowd say that we should live a certain way, does not take away our responsibility to view the issue and the circumstance for ourselves.
            AKA BertrandR1872

            • Michael says:

              Ok, here’s my apologetic on this manner. I am not going to assume that I know exactly what HE meant by that statement, but the statement itself allows me to explain, clearly I hope, the difference between what I call Biblical Christianity, ( there are groups that call themselves Christian that do not follow Biblical doctrines, especially as they pertain to way a person attains ” salvation”),
              and other religions, because there is a huge difference. One of the main differences is that Biblical Christianity teaches that man cannot through his own effort attain salvation, and in relation to the quote we are discussing, the reason why hell is paved with “good Samaritans”,

              Tts 3:5 Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to his mercy he saved us, by the washing of regeneration, and renewing of the Holy Ghost;

              If we go back to Genesis, we see a foreshadowing of this. After the
              “fall”, Adam and Eve covered themselves with leaves and hid from God when He came to walk with them in the garden. The Lord himself made them clothing out of animal skins, symbolizing that He only could cover them , and that there was going to have to be a sacrifice to atone for the transgression. Later, the whole system of sacrificing in the temple was a picture of what the Messiah was going to do.

              Jhn 1:29 The next day John (the Baptist) seeth Jesus coming unto him, and saith, Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world.

              Gal 3:24 Wherefore the law was our schoolmaster [to bring us] unto Christ, that we might be justified by faith.

              All of the temple sacrifices , the holy days, were all prohetic, pointing to the the Messiah and what He would do, and what was to come.

              A little sideline about Adam and Eve. There have been studies done in the last few years trying to trace the origin of the human genome, trying to find the ancestry of the entire human race. Interestingly enough ALL of the DNA code of the entire human population has been traced back to
              2 individuals , which are being called “scientific” Adam and Eve, which happened to live in a region of Africa, which is, by the way, where most Biblical Scholars place the Garden of Eden.

              There are hints and pictures of God’s plan throughout the Old Testament, sometimes found in the most unlikely places. In Genesis 5, there is a record of the genealogy from Adam to Noah, which goes as follows:
              Adam, Seth, Enosh, Cainan, Mahalael, Jared ( not the Subway Jared), Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech, Noah. Now there is something interesting about names in the Old testament, something similar to what native Americans did, they gave names that had very specific meanings, and if we research the meanings of the names in that geneaolgy we will find something interesting, a hidden gem, another signpost pointing to God’s plan…let’s look:

              Adam = man
              Seth = appointed
              Enosh = mortal
              Cainan = sorrow
              Mahalalel = The blessed God
              Jared = shall come down ( no reference to losing weight…just sayin’)
              Enoch = teaching
              Methuselah = His death shall bring
              Lamech = the despairing
              Noah = comfort or rest

              We can make a sentence adding a couple of words to smooth it out…

              Man (has) appointed mortal sorrow; (but) the Blessed God shall come down
              teaching, (and) His death shall bring the despairing comfort.

              Wow, what a ” coincidence “, that names of men, which were given to them over the span of hundreds of years, could possibly spell out God’s plan that is consistent in other places. Just how many “coincidences” do we need before we come to the point where we realize these are not coincidences, that the probability is just too enormous?

              It’s quite simple actually, man receives forgiveness of his sin by repenting and placing his faith in the sacrifice of the Lamb of God, the Messiah. We become justified in God’s eyes by faith…not by doing good deeds ( good Samaritan). Now, I do good deeds from a totally different place…not a place of trying to attain God’s favor, because by my repentance and faith He has given it to me as a gift apart from any works I do, but now , I do it from a place of gratitude and thankfulness, which if we examine the motives is totally different. When I do something to attain favor that deed is selfish, I am in fact doing it for myself. When I do it out of gratefulness, it becomes selfless. So God giving me the gift of salvation actually frees me to love selflessly without condition.

              Rom 3:22-28 Even the righteousness of God [which is] by faith of Jesus Christ unto all and upon all them that believe: for there is no difference: For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God; Being justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus: Whom God hath set forth [to be] a propitiation through faith in his blood, to declare his righteousness for the remission of sins that are past, through the forbearance of God; To declare, [I say], at this time his righteousness: that he might be just, and the justifier of him which believeth in Jesus. Where [is] boasting then? It is excluded. By what law? of works? Nay: but by the law of faith. Therefore we conclude that a man is justified by faith without the deeds of the law.

              The best picture of this is actually seen at the cross. Jesus is between to thieves, one mocks Him, the other admits his guilt, and in humility and contrition asks for Jesus to remember him when He comes into His kingdom, to which Jesus answers and says ” …today thou shalt be with Me in Paradise” !

              Luk 23:39 And one of the malefactors which were hanged railed on him, saying, If thou be Christ, save thyself and us.
              [Treasury of Scripture Knowledge] [Concordance and Hebrew/Greek Lexicon] [List Audio, Study Tools, Commentaries]
              [Images and/or Maps] [Versions/Translations] [Dictionary Aids]
              [Select for Copy; Double click to (de-)select all] Luk 23:40 But the other answering rebuked him, saying, Dost not thou fear God, seeing thou art in the same condemnation? And we indeed justly; for we receive the due reward of our deeds: but this man hath done nothing amiss. And he said unto Jesus, Lord, remember me when thou comest into thy kingdom. And Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee, Today shalt thou be with me in paradise.

              Indeed, Hell paved with good Samaritans, and Heaven paved with sinners, saved by God’s grace!

    • deluxenn says:

      It was not the quote; it was the voice from heaven or.. from another galaxy :lol:

        • deluxenn says:

          Not all good deeds will have good consequences.
          What do you exactly want, wishing all the best for someone?
          May be you want it for yourself, originally?
          But what is good for you can be not good for someone.
          The true motivation for the good deeds can be not good, deep inside in mind.
          ouch.. too deep, it’s Nietzsche’s philosophy.

          “Хотели как лучше, а получилось как всегда” (rus)
          “We wanted the best, but it turned out as always”
          (c) Viktor Chernomyrdin :lol:

      • neuroway says:

        It is not a voice. It is the dim echo of a long gone forgotten voice. It is a dream. A fragile whisper. And we want to go back and listen to it again, but having woken up we can’t get back into the dream.

        However, some say there are ways of getting back in touch with that voice and making what it says come true. Some say the reason we think we have heard this voice is because we have. And because it wasn’t a dream at all.

    • I am not familiar with W. Holden’s reasoning and it seems mankind is not satisfied with the negativity we endure on Earth, and would like some to suffer eternally.

      Here are a couple links that may be enlightening. I prefer to understand the likelihood of a hellish demise as a warning about the defects of the lives we lead rather than a promise.

      A very good site lists Dante’s 9 levels of Hell with a warning, Abandon all hope who enter here.

      Here is a link to Buddhist’s 18 levels of Hell.

  39. thematrix75 says:

    Here are some songs from one of my favorite bands called W.A.S.P.In my opinion is one of the most under rated old school metal bands.So hang on tight…if you dare,there are explicit lyrics,and questionable lyrics and pictures!So if you are one to be easily offended or don’t care for this kind of music,by all means don’t watch it! W.A.S.P.-Scared To Death W.A.S.P.-I Can’t W.A.S.P.-Unholy Terror W.A.S.P.-Charisma W.A.S.P.-The Titanic Overture W.A.S.P.-The Invisible Boy Q.A.S.P.-Arena Of Pleasure W.A.S.P.-Chainsaw Charlie W.A.S.P.-Doctor Rockter W.A.S.P.-I Am One <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNYyOUvx9Jg W.A.S.P.-Hold Onto My heart W.A.S.P.-The Great Misconception Of Me W.A.S.P.-The Story Of Jonathan PT.1(Prologue To The Crimson Idol W.A.S.P.-The Story Of Johnathan PT.2 W.A.S.P.-The Eulogy W.A.S.P.-When The Levee Breaks W.A.S.P-Destinies To Come W.A.S.P.-Heaven’s Blessed W.A.S.P.Live To Die Another Day I put up alot of hard to find tracks of Iron Maiden,and some very well known Iron Maiden-The Evil That Men Do Iron Maiden-The Clairvoyant Iron Maiden-Holy Smoke Iron Maiden-Wildest Dreams Iron Maiden-Different World Iron Maiden Rainbow’s Gold Iron Maiden-King Of Twilight Iron Maiden-Massacre Iron Maiden-All In Your Mind &lt<a href=&quot”>Iron Maiden-I Can’t See My Feelings Iron Maiden-Cross Eyed Marry Iron Maiden-Total Eclipse Iron Maiden-Strange World Iron Maiden-I Live My Way Iron Maiden Live The Clansman part1 Iron Maiden Live The Clansman Part2 Iron Maiden-Dance Of Death Iron Maiden -The Gambler And The Angel Iron Maiden-Virus Iron Maiden-Revelations Up The Irons!!!Goodnight everyone!With out our freedom we wouldn’t have metal bands to listen to!Peace to you all :!: :cool: :smile:

  40. Is anyone else getting guitar ads or is it just me?
    If not google must have some new tracking system and they follow you around with ads for the type of other sites you visit… kind of amazing if that is so.
    Guitar IS written on the page a couple of times but so are hundreds of other things.

    p.s. hfw

  41. (contains no secret coded message)

    Boris: Vut it is meaning to be {tripping balls}?
    Natasha: Nyet! …ees duck not balls, Da? :shock:
    Boris: Duck iss haffink balls, ant trippink?!

  42.   “Every time I leave bank they say Thank U literally 300 times! WTF”

    …just be glad they don’t say Thank U figuratively 300 times! :mrgreen:

    p.s. Marina is hot… {literally, figuratively, namely} :cool:

  43. Evan Owen says:

    Three things…

    Three things that cannot be called back:
    • the word, having left the lip;
    • the arrow, having left the bow;
    • mis-spent youth, having left the old man.

    (from Trioedd Ynys Prydein, “Triads of the Island of {Britain}”)

  44. I didn’t know there were Russian Skinheads?

    It’s Depilation in the worst way :evil: :twisted:

  45. violet flashlight says:

    Hi Marina! :smile: I have a word request and the word is {Tomboy}. I was talking to my sister one day about when we were kids and how she used to be a rough and tumble tomboy. That got me thinking. Wikipedia says that a tomboy is young woman (that isn’t a lesbian) who exhibits some characteristics and/or behavior considered typical for boy. So, Why the name “Tom” when tom is a boy’s name? And when did the term come about?

  46. hott4urblog says:

    Hott Damn! Sorry, I Must Apologize… You are just soooo dang Sexy! I like your White; Man-Beater! Concerning a previous quote… Life iz Like Licking Honey Off A Thorn! So, What does “Sorry” mean Anyway? I know it iz a game….

  47. sniperskaya says:

    Marina, hearing you apologize is funny, because you know that a woman is never wrong, so she never has to apologize…

  48. sniperskaya says:

    Marina I have a word request: The word “Camera”. I was talking with a friend today and he told me one of his friends was upset because she sent a message on FaceBook that she thought was “in camera” but ended up being discovered by the very people she was trying to keep the information from (gossip). Can you please enlighten us as to the original meaning of the word “camera” and how and why it has changed over the years? (And if you want to borrow any of my F.E.D.’s, Kievs, Zorkiy’s or Salyuts, I’m willing to lend you a few…)

  49. Jo says:

    I am sorry.


  50. lars2 says:

    Yes, an Apologia is an explanatory philosophical defense of a position that was attacked by a critic, and it is not an apology for taking that position.

    If I ever take a position with you and it turns out to be a mistake, I will certainly apologize ! (should I be so lucky in the first place !)

    During my 3 day return trip from Canada, yesterday the lady at the Motel 6 desk had the most enchanting russian accent to her english, I was falling in love with her in a matter of minutes ! Which wasn’t hindered by her being as pretty as you are, and exceptionally efficient and smart at running the desk ! Guess I was missing you and your videos too, it’s been 11 weeks !

    Espionage is very droll, btw !! smile (the emoticons are in absentia !)
    Too tired to catch some funny character names at the moment from the aether.

    Glad to see you are in ‘natural’ hair color still !!!
    And for skin, that summer tan does fade all too fast, n’est-de-pas ?
    Up north my favorite ‘Cinderella girl’ who sweeps up at the market afterhours, her summer tan was amazing ! So beautiful under her tank top. (glad to see the evil step sisters aren’t in complete control over her life)

    Keeping up the good work,
    Best, Lars

  51. Evan Owen says:

    Hi Marina,

    Maybe the BEST lesson you’ve ever offered me is how much work and dedication it takes to be an internet success.

    Whew! I just spent 3 hours filling 42 orders for my book. Who knew that Ireland doesn’t have postal codes, but the shipper demands one? :-p

  52. pat says:

    Just because one spews out an apology doesn’t mean the person on the receiving end is going to accept it. Out of guilt they may accept it and show the compassion we as humans are so well known for. :| Or upfront, an apology might be accepted but deep inside resentment festers and you curse the person and the day you lent out your car. :x

  53. Paris Hilton did what?!? :roll:
    …and was caught – HOW??!!

    (get ready for another ‘reality’ show!)

    • leoNard says:

      {CONtrol-subSTANCE}…Perfect example of mass media “the intelligentsia” —- were a social stratum consisting of people professionally engaged in intellectual work and in the development and spread of culture. :lol: ——-Hilton pleaded no contest in 2007 to alcohol-related reckless driving and was sentenced to 45 days in jail.

      After spending about 23 days in jail, Hilton told CNN host Larry King that the experience caused her to re-evaluate the role partying played in her life. She said she wanted “to help raise money for kids and for breast cancer and multiple sclerosis.”

      While most famous for her tabloid exploits and reality TV series “The Simple Life,” Hilton has appeared in the films “Bottoms Up,” “The Hottie & the Nottie” and “House of Wax.”
      Only in the Used State of Acting :-) Did she dance the “Cha-Cha”?…the betting is like the letting of blood… :lol: the sweating of the well off is gamBling :???:

    • Evan Owen says:

      Paris Hilton’s celebrity rival London Tipton :lol:

    • deluxenn says:

      I heard this news in my car radio this morning
      I’m worrying about Paris :lol:

  54. James says:


    Go to this link on your phone http://www.tweetdeck.com/go/android

  55. PaparazziKid says:

    Holy Shit Leonard! 343 friends? :shock: :shock: :shock:

  56. PaparazziKid says:

    Who here likes Kid Cudi?

    Who here is bumming because of the soon end of summer?

  57. Sexiful Marina in a nurse uniform :cool:
    in her latest Russian Word Lesson

    Homework Answer: Russia imported Halloween so it’s mostly just scary dress up fun

  58. tonyb says:

    Goofy as it may aound, I belonged to a Baptist church in Michigan for a couple of months in 1986. and that pastor said it was a sin to own even a Camaro!!! Let along a Ferrari! I think he called it “worldliness”. But I had dreams that I mught have a black camaro one day!!!

    • whatimeitis says:

      Truly, the meek will inherit the earth :arrow: Was raised by Southern Baptist myself. Got tired of the bare ass belt whippings to no end and ran away one day after a real hard bare butt whipping for something I did not do. My father was cruel and would tell me this: Boy, when you get home from school today, I going to teach you a lesson you won’t forget, I’m tired of telling and telling you to do something, so from now on, I’m going to let the strap do the talking to you. Do you understand me boy :?:
      When you get home from school you go to you room and think about it and when I get home from work, I’m going to talk to you butt with the strap and when I get done with you your going to remember for the rest of your life the thrashing and next time I tell you to do something you’ll do it. Your not only going to do it but your going to jump to it and get it done. If you have to ask how high you’ll jump, I going to tear you ass up again, understand?

      Now this was a sentence and the justice was and never failed to get delivered. The whole day was spent in dread of and about the sentence. How everytime he would make me wait and wait sometimes and just when you’d think he had forgotten about my waiting ass. The time would come and there is nothing like this experience because he would order me to drop my pants and shorts in front of everyone and thrash me hard and fast 35 to 50 or more time until my ass was hamburger and rare. Once, after the whipping he found out that I lied to him during the whipping and the next morning he made me get out of bed and he whipped me again for lying. Getting strapped again in less than 12 hours is like smashing a blistered and swollen plum and is cruel and without mercy. I never lied again to him and would just take the whipping and be thankful that it was going to be about a week before the next one. :evil:

  59. neuroway says:

    One of the many good things about this world is that dirty intellects are not as smelly as dirty bodies. :shock:

  60. errin says:

    Interesting. I just spotted this apology related news item right after I viewed this lesson…


    That reminds me… right after the last lesson on ‘quarantine’, I randomly saw this local newspaper to the Pasadena area called ‘Mountain View News’ that had an article about a certain part of the San Gabriel Valley being quarantined due to fruit flies! I happenned upon the newspaper abandoned in a subway car. Almost makes me want to request the word [Serendipity].

  61. errin says:

    Well that was a thought provoking lesson. I think I am going to have to politely disagree with you on which definition of apology is the best. I think the 2nd definition is better, to actually express being sorry over one’s actions and mean it. I feel you should either be unapologetic or apologetic, not disingenuinely apologetic. Not even for make up sex! lol

    The apology is very important, I feel. To apologize is to hold one’s self accountable and responsible for one’s actions. To apologize is to be realistic about one’s self and the fact that we all make mistakes, we all have flaws. Ignore your own mistakes at your own peril. Also, if you don’t apologize to somebody who you ought to apologize to, it’s not going to be good. Forgiveness is a very important part of being human. If you don’t give a person an opportunity to forgive you when you should, it is ultimately going to come back and bite you in the butt. Which leads to another aspect that makes the apology important… It is communication. The power of communication, the power of using words, is what this site is all about. To apologize over something that may not be comfortable for you to acknowledge at least puts it out there for contemplation and ultimately resolution. Is there any situation wherein resolution is bad? No. If a person lacks the ability to apologize, then they are all conflict and no resolution. And you don’t want to be that way. Apologize when you should apologize. Communicate what you should communicate. Resolve things that should be resolved. You’ll find your life better for it, especially when it comes to interaction with others.

    A genuine apology takes strength. Is there somebody you should have apologized to, but haven’t? Is there somebody you feel should have apologized to you, but hasn’t? And just how would you really feel about a person who apologized to you, but didn’t mean it? If there’s an apology you feel you deserve, use this lesson as a reason to go get that apology. If there’s an apology you felt you should give but didn’t, use this lesson as a reason to go communicate and resolve what you should have before.

    As for the last time I apologized, it was probably on this website for not quite getting my recordings and videos done yet. I didn’t expect things to take this long, but it’s not like I’m all that sorry… art takes time. Art on a low budget takes even longer! :grin:

    Speaking of, I shot the last 2 of my 5 videos last nite. Allow me to give a brief description of all the videos shot…

    For the song ‘Down’, we shot late last night at the Sunset/Vermont subway stop in Hollywood. I chose that location because it has a well lit and very long escalator/staircase. We made good use of the escalators and stairs to convey downward movement, as befitting of the song.

    For the song ‘No More Singing’, we shot in the daytime a few weeks back at Hollywood Forever, a cemetary in the heart of Hollywood were various celebs are buried. There we were able to capture something very cool on film… Near the grand burial spot of Douglas Fairbanks, was a very shallow yet lengthy rectangular pool. And in that pool was this huge beautiful white swan calmly floating around. We started shooting as soon as we saw it in case it took off, but it did quite the opposite. It swims around in the background while I perform the song. It patiently swims towards me as I walk around the pool strumming guitar. I even shot some footage of me singing to it a little. The swan did it’s own blocking without any direction! So cool. We did a few other things in the cemetery that ended up cool, like one shot where the Hollywood sign can be seen in the background.

    For the song ‘End’, we shot at two different locations in Griffith Park. Most of the shoot was done in this little ampitheatre that most people don’t know about in the park (I knew about it because I used to live in the area a couple years back), but the rest of it was done under the Griffith Park Observatory with a huge panoramic view of Los Angeles behind me. The vid starts small but then ‘goes big’ near the end.

    For the song ‘The Crown’, we shot at two location. Near my director (at like Normadnie and 3rd) was an apartment building that called ‘Le Roi’ (that’s French for ‘the king’). On it’s front it has the words ‘LE ROI’ and next to those words is a crown (both the words and crown being a rusty metal of some sort). We shot me playing and singing the song in front of and below the LE ROI and crown, with some shots of the crown directly ‘hovering’ over my head. After getting shots at that location, we moved to a little known freeway underpass near Beverly and Vermont. Basically, we went down some stairs to a spot where we were level with the 101 freeway. We shot around sunset, so there is all this traffic behind me (sadly, the sunset that day was super lame, but will still probably be incorporated). What we had some real fun with at that location is what looks like an offramp from the freeway, but is actually a little used bus stop. By standing at the start of the ‘offramp’, it looks like I am playing right in the middle of traffic, though I was absolutely safe from any car using the offramp and running me over. The last shot we took was of me playing facing towards traffic, followed by me hitchhiking when I was done playing.

    For the song ‘It Never Ends’, we shot late last night at the L.A. County Museum of Art over in the Miracle Mile part of the Wilshire district. We shot there because of the art piece in front of the museum which is about 100 or so art deco type lampposts arrayed in a grid of horizontal and vertical rows. The visual is really interesting. I play in the middle of the lampposts and am shot from different directions walking through them. We also shot me singing and playing while walking in a circle around the lampposts (camera following me the whole way). It’s a very interesting visual, and captured the theme of the infinite within the song. This location was my director’s idea; Every other location was mine.

    The entire video experience was so inspiring. A truly great artistic experience for me. Going into it, my director friend and I knew we didn’t want any storylines or other video cliches. We wanted to go to a location and spontaneously capture what we could. I’m either always singing and playing in the vids, or at least strumming guitar, though we did do a ‘subliminal’ shot or two at each location of me flashing the peace sign and holding my blue piece sign necklace up. Each video accomplishes what we were going for… an aesthetic, escapist little world of it’s own for each song. These are songs written to be heard again and again, so I wanted to make videos that could be interesting to watch again and again. Mission accomplished, and I look forward to editing it all next month and putting the 5 vids on youtube.

    Okay, I do NOT apologize for the length of this reply. :lol: Thanks again for a wonderful word lesson, Marina! I’ll keep you posted on how things come along. I really appreciate your friendship and fandom. Peace and love, Errin : )

    p.s. Although the plan is to edit the vids in new york once my director is all relocated there next month, he did recommend taht I could also look for a video editor in Los Angeles who might be cool with editting the vids for trade or for free (I’ve pretty much spent all my budget at this point). If anybody knows of a vid editor in L.A. who has Final Cut HD (or something similar; We shot in HD), please let me know. In the meantime, I can peruse Craigslist for such. I’ll probably just end up doing the editting in New York City, but I might as well check in Los Angeles in the meantime to see if I could find somebody interested. Thanks.

  62. James says:


    Any chance of some bigger gravatars?

  63. James says:

    I am not going to bed until I have at least one script ready to film tomorrow! I have gone so off track!

  64. Michael says:

    The best remedy for a sore throat is 6oz…4oz warm water…2oz hydrogen peroxide…1 teaspoon of salt…mix thoroughly, and gargle for 5 min continuously…the continuous gargling is key. Do a couple of times and your sore throat will be gone.

  65. :cry: Marina sings, …again :shock:
    in the latest Russian Word Lesson.

    Homework Answer: Copious amounts of vodka and chaj. :mrgreen:

  66.     It’s All About Me! Huge! Right on Sunset Blvd baby! Go @drinkneuro !

    hmmm… it says “drink smart” on the billboard.

    You are known for you brains and you are also very beautiful.
    So what do they do…? they use a slow moving turtle?

    They need some… neuro WAKE UP :mrgreen:

  67. Doug says:

    I don’t feel so sure that Marina has a good apology for her proposed use of apologize. Saying “I apologize” isn’t really much of an apology, if it really can qualify as one at all. So allow me to apologize.

    If one says one “I apologize” in its modern, vernacular meaning, then it seems clear that either one isn’t speaking sincerely, or one feels guilt. If one doesn’t speak sincerely when saying “I apologize”, then one deceives. White lies may have their place, but deception many ethicists would consider a vice. If one feels guilt, then one inherently wants to undo what has happened. But, simply put, no one can undo what has happened, and consequently one can maintain that guilt leads us away from reality. Unless you seriously believe inhabiting reality a bad idea, then there exists something wrong with guilt also. So, either way, saying “I apologize” in its vernacular meaning doesn’t make a whole of sense. Or so goes this apology.

  68. neuroway says:

    hmm.. Why would someone need to apologize if someone is right? :roll:

    “Beauty is a short-lived tyranny.”
    – Socrates (470-399BC)

    • AllynTygrrr says:

      Oh snap. So true. So very, very, very true. And I guess the truth makes all the difference.

    • leoNard says:

      “Many go out for wool, and come home shorn themselves.”

      Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra (1547-1616). Don Quixote.
      any thoughts?…^^^…Socrates on Self-Confidence :lol:

      • Dear leoNard,
        “Any thoughts?” Of course! First, a minor scholarly point. As the narrator said, much of what we know of Socrates comes from Plato. What the narrator did not add is that many of Plato’s writings that mention Socrates are not what Socrates said. It would make better sense if, instead of attributing these thoughs to Socrates, we attribute them to Plato. But it is less important who said it as opposed to what was said. Second point. The narrator labeled these issues as philosophy. There was a time when the field of knowledge was not divided. In the beginning, all knowledge was one. The important questions were about getting crops to grow, livestock to thrive, avoiding disease, war and death, and having children so that one’s community could thrive. Part of how one did this was to pray to the gods. Pythagoras, who preceded Socrates, formed a community and found guidance from the neighboring Egyptians and others around the middle east. He tried to gather knowledge wherever he could find it. When Plato came later and tried to form his own community, he used the Pythagorians as a model. Philosophy was originally rival of religion. The field of knowledge was first divided when Plato distinguished what he was doing from what others were doing. Third point. Nietzsche once said that what one needs is not the courage of ones’s convictions, but rather the courage to attack one’s convictions. That is as good a sound bite summary of what Socrates taught as anything. Fourth point. That is also the basis of the scientific method. Science developed out of philosophy. In statistical research, there is the null hypothesis. That is, that there is no interaction between the variables under consideration. Generally, scientists like to find interaction. They have to go over a high hurdle to prove their point. Also, scientits have to submit their reusults to the scientific community for criticism. If the results cannot be duplicated by other scientists, then something is wrong. Fifth point. On the one hand, opinions are like sphincter muscles – everybody has them. On the other hand, some people put a lot more thought into their opinions. Some people go out of their way to find what other thoughtful people have had to say on the issue and to carefully think it through. Last point. I doubt that any of this brings happiness. However, personally, I still value these things very highly whether it makes me happy or not.
        AKA BertrandR1872

        • leoNard says:

          You sure produce great comments…I think you have watched this.. What does Quintessential really mean?

          …Marina lesson!…

          A ring-shaped muscle that encircles an opening or passage in the body. The opening and closing of the anus is controlled by contraction and relaxation of a {sphincter}, as is the opening that leads to the stomach from the esophagus.

          …I think the bottom line is that this current age has lost more than what the professional class dictates and the old way of life was a science in itself! The Greeks and the Persians and the Spanish verses English…A mother is a blessing and so is a father…and happy makes a wonderful family :smile:

          Some points are sharper than a repeating science…

          The function of the appendix, known more formally as the vermiform appendix, is a topic of debate in the medical community. Some clinicians and scientists believe that it is a vestigial organ, a remainder from a time when humans ate a diet high in cellulose and needed assistance with digestion.———–peace out: me, myself and I

      • neuroway says:

        “Many go out for wool, and come home shorn themselves.”

        That is quite true, Leonard. But many go out as sheeps, and come home as wolves.

        Any thoughts? Not really. bertrandr1872 said it all. But, on another note, heck and damnity, I think that my body, that narcissistic wretched sorry piece of flesh and bones, is in love with me. S’cuse me while I give the wretched despitable thing the wordly things it really deserves, and not the blessed things it wants! Adrenaline and pumping iron! :cool:

        Arrivederci. Keep your brains up!

  69. Greetings, Marina!

    Allow me to request the following the word:


    Thank you very much in advance!


  70.     Can U guess what word my video is about? http://twitpic.com/2hvd8o

    Is the video about how it doesn’t matter what you say, do or hold up in a picture…
    your boobs will command absolute attention? :mrgreen:

  71. seankim says:

    lots of movies surrounded around this word: [exorcism]


  72. Frank says:

    Let me explain the what “no” means in the gaming world. It does not mean New Orleans like some people think but it means “do not make fun of someone who does something stupid”. In the Geek gaming world when someone, especially yourself, does something stupid like throw a granade and have it bounce off the wall and land at your feet and you kill yourself (which is embarassing) you quickly say NO because you know the geeks will rag and laugh at you and will be prettry mean about it and most of us can do without it when we feel bad. So we just say NO and it means “yes it was stupid please don’t laugh at me, or someone else” I already know” and sometimes they will leave you alone.

  73. seesixcm6 says:

    Dear Marina,
    You asked for words from fashion that could be used in your videos. Here are some:
    [Decolletage] refers to the low-cut neckline of a dress. You’ve done many videos in low-cut dresses. :razz:
    [Monokini] is a swimsuit cut so that one piece of cloth covers youe bosom and your bottom. You’ve never worn one in your videos. :shock:
    [Au naturel] means in the nude. You’ve never done a video while holding one arm across your chest and with your legs crossed. (Yes, I’d watch that video!) :mrgreen:

  74. Can we see a picture without all the blond hair going behind the ear?


  75. BigBhd95 says:

    My Dearest Marina ;-) I simply loved the latest videoand must
    Apologize for getting angry every time you were covered up by
    your words untill once again I could l :shock: :shock: k, gaze
    :roll: stare, ogle :oops: nice seein you in braless way :mrgreen:
    :cool: B.B. :twisted: my tounge got in the way of my eye teeth &
    I couldn’t see what I was saying? HUH??

  76. It is really my fault that this happened. I was replying to Michael…


    And I started the comment off with the “chop-the-other-person-off” No…
    I actually do that a lot because it is a real attention getter.
    Then p-kid saw that and since he can’t think of anything clever on his own… he started copying me.
    It’s alright to use “No” you just have to add some content. :mrgreen:

    So I apologize :cool:

  77. Aaron Koch says:

    First reply on hotforwords and I feel pretty good about it. I like the pretty lady who talks about philology. Hello my pretty teacher.

  78. Evan Owen says:

    ***An Apology***

    So I was hanging out at the beach with my lady friend telling puns to amuse myself (probably not her) :lol: and noted, “Hey, since schwarz is German for ‘black,’ then ‘Schwarznegger’ is a redundancy!” :mrgreen:

    Then I noticed this brown fellow of African descent nearby get up, pick up his towel, and move away. :oops:

    Mr. Afro Dude, wherever you are, I apologize. :sad: But I do try to offend everyone equally. :wink:

  79. James says:

    Ok, why is pkid saying no to everything?

  80. Marina shows she can handle a gun
    in the latest Russian Word Lesson. :mrgreen:

  81. deluxenn says:

    Hello my Dear Teacher,
    I agree with you.
    I don’t like apologizing and I don’t like when anybody does it, it is not because I am a bad person. Just, it is easier to apologize than not doing something wrong.
    It always seems that an apologizing man even don’t understand what he did. I don’t need the apologies but it would be no bad if the apologizing man tried to fix what he has done.
    Anyway, the apologies are better than nothing. :roll:
    I can’t remember when I apologized, may be I am the bad person,
    of course, I don’t think so :mrgreen:
    I’m never gonna say, I’m sorry :cool:

    • whatimeitis says:

      Well said :lol: I’m a bad person and bout as evil as they come. Jesus turned the other cheek, but I’d soon fillet ones ass with a razor and then piss down their throat. :lol: I get meaner every day and spend most of my time thinking about how God would want mankind treated if I were him. :lol: So, doing unto others I refrain myself too only thoughts. It’s the thought that matters anyway, since if you did act out your rage on someone then you’ll be in jail and just killing one would not be God like. God would want a good thorough sweeping of all the SOB on the face of the earth. Good and bad and I wondered just how God would do it. Then one day the Devil popped up in front of me when I was driving at three in the morning and he was sitting on a cotton picker, in the middle of the road. Yes, a fucking cotton picker; and he says to me. Boy, get on your knees and pray to God, and stated laughing. I started laguh’in with him and said I never prayed for anything and don’t need nothing from you or God. Then I told him to come down here and I’d kick his smart ass all the way back to hell. He shut up then and I told him that if he was so smart he would’nt be here talking with me. So, I asked him why he was talking to me and he accused me of stealing.

      All the cotton in the world would be yours if you just keep jerking off and fucking all the slutty women, he said. I shut up and didn’t respond. Then he laughed and turned his cotton picker around about me and left. So, I wondered ever since about that night.

      • whatimeitis says:

        Then he started calling me a negro and mocking me about my private life and just fucking with me ever where I went. He would make people do things to me to try to get me to respond violently to them. So, I got to thinking about what he said on that cotton picker. Over time every business or job I had fell apart and it did not matter what I did, it would get destroyed. Wife, family, job, business, investments every thing I touched would get destroyed and fall apart at the seams. If I bought corn futures the price would fall. If I bought oil, the price would fall. If I got married to a good woman, she went crazy over night and turned into a drunk and whore. If I took a girl friend she would turn into a piece of shit as quick as the wind would blow.

        • whatimeitis says:

          So, I just gave up and stopped seeing women and stopped jerking off and just lived a hum drum existence for about ten years. For Ten years I never touched a women, never dated and then one day, wham, up popped this dam Devil again. He was really mad at me and just stared at me with these big slanted eyes and got right in my face real close and just stared and didn’t say nothing. :lol:

          • whatimeitis says:

            So, he pissed me off really bad then. So I decided that I’m going to fuck him up like no body’s business. So I started reading every thing about how to do this if it was a way I would find it and how. :roll:

            • whatimeitis says:

              So, one day, out popped this kernal, yes a seed, the seed of life it self. :lol: :roll: So, I stirred it in piss for a year and I fed it to a slug. One of those slimy slugs.For a whole year, I soaked this slug in it. Then I fed the slug to a bunch of mice. The mouses shit and I took the shit and a third of it I burned, a third of it I cooked and ate it with my bread and a third of it I ground into a 1000 pieces. Then I fed the mice to some cats, the 1000 pieces got tossed out and of the cats shit, I took a third of it and burned it and ate a third of it in my bread and ground up a third of it into 1000 pieces and tossed it in some dog food. Yep, fed it to some stray dogs that shit along the way somewhere in the city streets.

              • whatimeitis says:

                :lol: So now when the Devil comes, I send him to look for the slug that got ate by the mouse that got ate by the cat that shit in the dogs food. :lol: It doesn’t matter how or which way or even when but if I stop pissing were all going to die. :lol:

                • whatimeitis says:

                  So, welcome to the future, a world of Slugs, Mice Cats and Dogs. Who knows what ate the Dogs shit, but it really doesn’t matter now. It’s done and it can’t be undone. Your already thinking , water, but you’ll fail, because it’s Earth, Water, Air and then Fire. and I’ve been pissing off a hot tin roof Since 1979, 31 fucking years of hot coals to shovel. So, it’s Air and Water and Earth. Your children, will some day have hair like a dog and breed with the cycles of the moon rather than have casually random sex. :lol: Yes, shit eating dogs, they’ll be. Dogs do love eating cat shit and Cats eat rats and rats never eat Slugs :lol: which is Earth and the bones of the beast, the Devil and larry curly and moe, the twins. :lol: Fuck you :roll: I’m not a bit sorry and soon the Earth, Water and Air will be one matrix for the wedding of the dead with the living. Get a grip on yourself :lol: :lol: :lol:

        • James says:

          Stealin’, when you
          Should’ve been buyin’

          hmmm.. sounds like me :)

        • whatimeitis says:

          So, stealing, :lol: is not stealing if a fly sticks his greedy foot in fly paper and gets stuck :evil: . And…..a bee following the greedy fly gets his ass wedged in a hexagonal hole :evil: , ..and Saturn’s north pole can’t even budge his ass because the door got slammed by a bird :evil: that couldn’t get in but tried. What a fucking mess nature makes when one is backed up to error, then all the others pile up like cars on a turnpike frozen over with ice. Slippery and cold, and hot and wet. Then, This Devil popped up again and started whining about some cat in a box that was dead but that was not dead and confused everyone and caused them to error further. Then some fool went and poked a hole in the wrong coconut :lol: with a mess-shitty and let the bastards head out and he flew away, loose and ready to do the deed. I’ve often wondered just how it was possible to have a little beast chained and in prison and suddenly he gets out and runs away. No need for the breaking in a thousand pieces theory, it’s no need now for that to happen, the bastards already loose and at large. Thanks you fucking idiots. :lol:

          • whatimeitis says:

            What the fuck are you talking about :?: Stealing, who would want the evil little bastard anyway, he’ll kill a 100 for he’d spare only one. Besides, who’d want to be caged for a 1000 years holding on to his evil ass anyway. Look out you doubled bridled adepts who think you can handle him. :lol: You’ll be begging for help when the gods start hitting you every hour, hungry for food and you have nothing to feed them with except ass. :lol: You’ll be like an Aztec without a sacrifice.

            • whatimeitis says:

              So, now your peeping peepers are hanging off the rear bumper of a pick up running in the red with the goat riding shot gun and all the stars of heaven threaded into a reverse do loop. Nine and backwards, and kiss my ass to the fucking wall, if the bitch didn’t do this with her wand, I did it with the loom. The bitch, taught me to weave and spin and dolfe the warf and cleave the weave. Hellen of Troy, could not have done it better. She new who her daddy was and still taught the Trojans about the ribbed ribs and the left and right from the old bones of old. Got them to kill each other just like I knew she would.Know this one thing, that This bitch and that bitch are not the same bitch but have the same mother. There’s not a bird that can sit his ass down no where without flapping around looking for a place to land because of her.

              • whatimeitis says:

                Know this one thing, that knowing is now by choice but by grace you are still shitting. Because in the passing of the fire the cannon was held back by God himself, for if it were true to my looming you be hiding in a cave already.

            • VenomRocK says:

              k :???:

              :lol: 46x X 87y!? wtf is this shit! :lol:

              STAR BLAZERS :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

              :razz: From Wiki: Backmasking (also known as backward masking) is a recording technique in which a sound or message is recorded backward onto a track that is meant to be played forward. Backmasking is a deliberate process, whereas a message found through phonetic reversal may be unintentional. :roll:

              :shock: “Yes We Can!” :lol: :roll: :roll:

              :grin: ….“Or play the game
              of existence to the end
              Of the beginning”
              :lol: :cool:

    • Evan Owen says:

      Hi deluxenn,

      Do you like Юлия Савичева ? :smile: (See the link above under ChaCha’s post about M’s Russian lesson.)

  82. HW: I told my wife “sorry” when my toenails snagged her in bed. She can’t [ attest ] to that because she was asleep and doesn’t remember.
    Love seeing you in the wife-beater, BTW!

  83. jmcargal says:

    The old meaning of apology is still used occasionally. G. H. Hardy’s classic “A Mathematician’s Apology” is a classic example.

  84. leoNard says:

    {Sexagesimal}…my major word request and asked to me by so many people—


    :lol: 1)thumb-nail :mrgreen: 2)green-thumb :smile: 3)thumbs-up :grin: 4)”An honest miller has a golden thumb” :cool: 5)thumb~sucker :arrow: 6)The rule of thumb?– “What he doth, he doth by rule of thumb, and not by art.” Sir William Hope

    7) I apoplogize for being all thumbs :???:

    :shock: bluhm, brum, brumm, bum, chum, clum, come, crum, crumb, crumm, cum, drum, drumm, dum, dumb, dumm, frum, glum, grum, gum, gumm, hum, humm, klumb, krum, krumm, krumme, kumm, lum, lumb, lumm, maam, mum, mumm, mumme,


    pflum, plum, plumb, rum, schrum, schum, schumm, scum, shrum, shum, slum, some, strum, stum, stumm, sum, swum, um, umm, yum :lol:

  85. joe94553 says:

    Always enjoy your “words” — how about a top 5 or top 10 of the new words added since 2000 ??


  86. johnnysquarepants says:

    HAHA cool vid.. :grin:

  87. Frank says:

    Me again last girl I let borrow my car wrecked it and got arrested and I had to pick it up at the impound :shock:

      • Frank says:

        Do you know what going through the ringer is. If you do u know I’m telling the truth. What is funny is since it was in an arrest I have it parked at my moms house since the police keep following it around lol. I’m a geek I play Counter Strike Source and used to be Bingo Ball in the Irish Renegades in planet side. I made the phrase Bingo on ammo famous* since I kept running out of ammo and had to reload to many times.

        Anyways u don’t know, but I do :)

  88. Frank says:

    Its easy touch my car you die :)

  89. pat says:

    Some people seem to use an apology very casually for a lot situations. Sorry I scratched your car, sorry I spilled fondue all over your carpet, I apologize for missing your party, I’m sorry I can’t hear you, etc. I think the old way is better because with a reason, a person wouldn’t take an apology so lightly. The whole “love is never having to say your sorry” makes a good poster but real love is always having to say your sorry.

  90. thematrix75 says:

    Ferrari 458 Italia curse: Ten Crashes In Past Month

  91. Capman911 says:

    I also apologize for taking off to fast in your Ferrari. Maybe if we sprinkle a little water on it it will get bigger. :shock:

  92. thematrix75 says:

    Hello how are all you doing?Finally glad you made a new video Marina!It is a cool video,I liked it alot!You look very sexy in that white top!I’m such a crazy driver!LOL.Yeah I would have to agree with that Marina!It’s been fun,see you all later!Peace :!: :cool: :smile:

  93. An old style apology New Jersey style: I apologize for cutting you off and making you crash into a tree but I had every right to drive 20MPH under the speed limit in the fast lane, go 20MPH over the limt in the slow lane, tailgate you and cut you off!

  94. tonyb says:

    Me and MercyAnn36 have not even had a first night of sex, let alone any make up sex. but she seems to have said she has a $2million pork chop tied around her neck to get someone to marry her. she is annying me or having me annoyed on my street. she seems to have many negro spokesmen on my street across the street from me.

  95. smokey36bear says:

    I can’t remember the last time I had to apologize. Wait, I ink now. I apologize for missing so many lessons. I had a lot going on aand couldn’t make it to class till now.

  96. whatimeitis says:

    Never say your sorry :evil: It a sign of weakness :evil: It’s like your making an excuse for doing it right the first time and fucking your ass up good and then whining about it.

    Here’s to all the whining fucktards :lol: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aWmkuH1k7uA&feature=channel

    They can bite my ass :lol: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UO4Usj3hHNc

    Double time :lol: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=va8osUngz6w&feature=related

    …and now some smoothing suthing musick to krumpple your dumpledorff :evil: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1qhgAHnXSxo

    If your whining now go eat shit and live :cool: http://tetragrammatron.com/unicornturds.html

  97. AllynTygrrr says:

    Wait, sorry, let me try this again…

    Why Dear, what happened to the Ferrari?

  98. AllynTygrrr says:


    Strange. The kind of guys I know that go out with their buddies drinking while leaving their girlfriend at home asleep and don’t even call (or leave a message b/c they didn’t want to wake you up? Really?? Wake-up.), are the kind of guys that are cheating on their girlfriends that night.

    Read: douche with a lower case d.

    Meh. Glad I’m not part of such nonsensical relationships.

    But, about the Ferrari… There’s a couple things the token Ferrari has come to represent in my life. Me. My soul. The American materialist dream. Hell, last week I think I even used the example of this one ( http://www.wreckedexotics.com/articles/054-fire.shtml ) on fire to represent America in reference to Obama’s analogy about the economy being a car in the proverbial ditch with a little scratch on its fender.

    POOR 4RE

  99. Samuel says:

    oh dear! marina!
    you need professional help in old greek and latin!

  100. samuel3d says:

    Hi Marina,
    I Was on your youyube channel watching you drive to Malibu and I was wondering who sang that song? I really like that song it made me cry :sad:

    Thanks Samuel.

  101. Marina flashes at t=00m15s in
    the Latest Russian Word video! :cool:

    Homework Answer: I live in Florida, where it’s mostly Leto weather :mrgreen:

  102. If Marina comes in your car,
    says she stripped second (gear),
    and apologizes, say this:
    [best cool dude]
    (checks insurance first)
    “It’s alright, I never liked going slow, anyway” :mrgreen:

  103. Samuel says:

    i was at the summer breeze last week. and the girls were so nice to me. :mrgreen:

  104. I really like your lessons .. could determine the origin of the word ninja? thanks!

      • I know I’m not a ninja, I would like to know the meaning of the word!

        • Dear Leonardo Santillian Heinzmann,
          Welcome to HotForWords. Actually, since I am rather new here myself, perhaps we should welcome each other. I hope you have an enjoyable day today.
          I found this reference at Answers.com: n., pl., ninja, or -jas.
          A member of a class of 14th-century Japanese mercenary agents who were trained in the martial arts and hired for covert operations such as assassination and sabotage.

          [Japanese : nin, to endure + ja, person (from Middle Chinese tšiaq).]
          I hope that is of some help. If you have any further questions or would like additional clarification, please do not hesitate to put it out. Also, please do not hesitate to try to offer your own ideas on what others may ask.
          AKA BertrandR1872

  105. PageDoll says:

    I just saw the “I am Crazy!!!!” vid on the hot4words YT channel.

    OH GOD LORD!! You’re killin’ me with the new hair. Very hot. :cool:

  106. VenomRocK says:

    Better late than never Marina. ;-)
    Glad you’re back with another cool lesson. :smile:

    I had to apologize last week for being late to an appointment. Luckily it was all good though.

  107. wetsuit5 says:

    I apologize for not having a whitty response.
    But happy to have a new lesson none the less.

  108. Jenny Kelley says:

    Great video chicka! Tragic that the Ferrari was crashed, but an apology will make it allll better ;)

  109. seesixcm6 says:

    Dear Marina,
    I’m glad that an apology from you will get us to make-up sex. so please apologize to me as soon as possible! The only Ferrari I have is a odel of the car used in a TV series called “Magnum, PI.” If you wreck it, the make-up sex would be jst as sweet. The most recent thing for which I should apologize is a comment I made yesterday in your “Quarantine” video, in which I was afraid you would make us wait forty days and forty nights until your next video! Well, this video appeared twelve days later. (I’m sorry, now let’s have sex!) :mrgreen:
    You look so beautiful in that white T-shirt, and your short haircut looks very attractive. I guess it’s good to have a short haircut when the weather is so hot! Thank you for this video! I loved seeing you in it! :razz:

  110. 7h30 am : this video is just great! (i love you so much hihi) i’m just glad i NEVER (lol) had to do some homework……
    PEACE BROZ!!! ahahah

  111. PageDoll says:

    Alright, cool lesson. :grin:
    This would have been a good one for, “And now, back to the show”. :o
    I think the last time I apologized was when I met you last Marina. I probably didn’t even need to, but I did…just to make sure. :lol:

  112. Homework Answer:
    I had to apologize for a missed appointment.
    Shit happens
    It’s just part of the job :smile:

    I’ve never used the words ‘apologize’ and ‘penis’ in the same sentence before…
    … or the same paragraph!
    …until now :oops:

    ThermostatAgreeable (a sock puppet??! :grin: )

    Natasha: Marina, Dollink, do hue need bucket for to cyarry song?
    Boris: Vhut did comrade teacher do with rubles?
    Natasha: Vhut rubles is dat, Boa-reese?
    Boris: Money for singying lessons to learn!
    Natasha: Iss better to buy bucket, Da?

  113. leoNard says:

    My instinct( observed in the behavior of animals)– is to accept the blame… Brenda Lee – I’m Sorry :cool: :arrow: {{SORRY}Who’s Sorry Now-Connie Francis ………………..1-a-more Krista Nicole – Sorry by Buckcherry Acoustic Cover :razz: :arrow: ..I apologize for being

    AlIvE/aLiVe or alive/ALIVE :P


  114. Don’t worry about the Ferrari. They wanted a new one anyways. You just did them a favor. Besides, that color didn’t match their clothes.

  115. Greatest Potential says:

    Don’t give me that bull*hit! There has to be more than just a consensual understanding between two or more parties in order for it to be a true apology before any such justification can be obtained.

  116. Bob Lipke says:

    The last time I apologized was last week end when I put my hand on the inside of my girlfriends knee. She walked out of the club. I now have a much better idea of what I my “apology was, after all I am just a man :P And btw she was an Olympic sprinter and we did make up :twisted:

  117. Greatest Potential says:

    Your story telling and bizarre rationalizations, your concoted ideas of what is supposedly “right” and what is supposedly “wrong” have no bearing on who I am, what I do, what I represent, etc.

    I apologize

  118. Dear Marina,
    Thank you for the video. It is much appreciated as are all of your videos. As for the early and the late meaning for the word ‘apology’, that is relevant for understanding one of the most famous works in western culture. I’m referring to Plato’s ‘The Apology of Socrates’. Of course, in this work, it is the early meaning that is relevant. None the less, the people Socrates was ‘apologizing’ to were expecting far more contrition. That was why they sentenced him to death. Thank goodness we have gone away from that since those days.
    AKA BertrandR1872

  119. Greatest Potential says:

    You first.

  120. leoNard says:

    Pretty cool!!!! :lol:

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