Life in a Day – Vacation & Vanity, Related?

Here is my Life in a Day submission for the Ridley Scott / Kevin MacDonald Project in YouTube. I also got a lesson in there talking about Vacations and Vanity!

Please thumb-up, comment and fave over at YouTube to help the video :-)  Oh, and record your own Life in a Day video and submit it as well!


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  1. i think youre very sexy Marina

  2. tonyb says:

    I do not think I am stuck up; I am just a bit shy around people. But the intenet helps me overcome this hurdle.

  3. Your site is really awesome. I’m just a 15 year old guy and I like your body(mainly) and your site. You are really fantastic but you seem to be an old girl.

    I always see your videos on youtube and I always like them ’cause of you. XDXDXDXD!
    I’d like to see you for real but I can’t, ’cause I’m just an itlaian user of this site.

    I think you’re really sexy and you’ll get more rich, also if you’re already enough rich!
    In fact you can pass your vacation in a good boat.

    See you later on this site or youtube!

  4. hi marina, hi people, i was wandering if the french agressivity was only in the air or just in others head. I feel a little confuse to watch this vid because it looks like it’s really on the air in europa i don’t know why. Maybe it is a way to not let people have success i don’t know, it looks that we must have succeed in life to be good : this feeling… of being among others is just crazy. But those who haven’t succeeded about now in life can watch at your vidéos to learn how to do it, after had studied a lot of course.
    Cheers ma!!

  5. Ian Deakin says:

    Great video Marina, I’ve been to Ibiza a couple of times myself but never to Es Vedra, I’ve heard all about it and its electromagnetism, here are a couple of pages about it from an Ibiza web forum, looks as though it had some part to play in a plane crash there a few years ago!

    To answer your question, my last vacation was to Barcelona, but I’m going to the USA for two weeks in November, visiting Washington, San Francisco and New York, cant wait!

    Interesting to see that you’re going to be appearing in the UK edition of FHM next month, you really have made it big!

  6. bsomebody says:

    I am actually currently on vacation. Mrs. Somebody just had back surgery, so I am Nurse Bob for a while. As I am doing that, I figured this would also be a good time to redo the kitchen floor. At least I am not in school or working at Wally’s at night…

  7. dsfoto says:

    Last Vacation Moscow/ Riazan 2004 ya ochen skuchaiu if I stay in Kansas much longer they are going to crucify me

  8. vee bee says:

    Your feet are really cute! Love the soles. :smile:

  9. tonyb says:

    you look a little younger in this video.

  10. tonyb says:

    Before I discovered I had a disability from grad school, my mom innocently bought me a cheap t-shirt which said SUMMERTIME ALL THE TIME on it!! Post cards of roller coasters, etc. How ironic??

  11. Boris: How do you take your kofye?

    I like cream and sugar, and Marina’s got both :mrgreen:
    … in her latest lesson on Russian Words

    Homework: Do they drink a lot of coffee in Russia?

  12. Rick says:

    Hey Marina, I love eating buffalo wings. But a friend recently informed me that they are not actually “buffalo wings.” I just have to know, if they aren’t buffalo “wings”, what part of the buffalo do they come from, and why are they called “buffalo wings?”

  13. James says:

    NEW VIDEO: Make up tutorial for straight guys

    This is just for laughs, I wanted to make a video with no nasty comments, and any would be nasty comments will just look stupid.

  14. bobmando says:

    Marina, What is the origin of the {crock} …. It seems to have a negitive connotation as in {That’s a crock of…} Pickles? Here is a picture of a really large size 12 crock!/photo.php?pid=13966121&id=694545159
    Thanks and Enjoy your vacation!.

  15. PaparazziKid says:

    Теперь осталось выяснить, какая такая зенитка обстреляла Ганса Руделя, и какие такие “спитфайры” сбили Ю-87 Werk.No 1136?
    Итак, о зенитке. Вряд ли речь идет о 76-мм или 85 мм орудии, ибо даже броня танка Т-34 пробивается зенитками указанных калибров, а тут самолет, защищенный в некоторых местах 4-10 мм броней. Попади такой снаряд в “Штуку” Руделя вряд ли он написал бы свои мемуары. Скорее всего, речь идет о 37-мм снаряде, но тут же возникает вопрос, какого черта волочь 37-мм зенитку на передовые позиции к самой линии фронта при наступлении? Поддерживать атакующую пехоту? Калибр мелковат, да и силуэт у зенитки такой, что ее будет заметно издалека, а с учетом того, что для транспортировки зенитки нужен как минимум грузовик становится вообще странно, как такую удобную крупногабаритную цель, расположенную на передовой, оставили без внимания, обороняющиеся немецкие войска?
    Так что же, наврал выходит Ганс Рудель? Померещился снаряд? Не померещился! 37-мм – это калибр авиационной пушки истребителя P-39D-2 “Аэрокобра”, и именно снаряд “Аэрокобры” схлопотал в тот день Рудель, да и не “Спитфайры” атаковали Руделя, а все те же “Аэрокобры” (из 16-го ГИАП), которых Рудель до этого никогда не видел.
    И автор этой атаки тоже известен:
    А.И. Покрышкин “Познать себя в бою”"Сталинские соколы” против асов люфтваффе. 1941-1945 г.г. , Ðœ. ЗАО Центрполиграф, 2007, 446 с. (на линии фронта), ISBN 978-5-9524-3120-1 (Рукопись впервые публикуется без цензурных изъятий и правки!) стр. 288-289:

    Глава. XIII. Сквозь огненные трассы.

    ” …5 мая 1943 года наши войска полностью овладели станицей Крымской и начали наступление на высоты западнее нее. Погода с утра сдерживала действия авиации. К середине дня облачность начала подниматься. Первой вылетела на патрулирование шестерка в составе моего звена и пары Фадеева….
    …Западнее Крымской, точно над моей парой, из облаков появился “Хейнкель-111″. Он вышел так близко над нами, что и атаковать было нельзя. Делая горку, я бы выскочил впереди противника. Надо было отстать. Но летчики “хейнкеля”, видать с перепугу, сыпанули бомбы. Они проскочили за хвостом моего самолета. А вражеский бомбардировщик сразу же нырнул обратно в облака.
    Ð’ первые мгновения решил пробить облака и выше их подловить “хейнкеля”. Но в эти секунды увидел в разрыве нижних облаков группу Ю-87. Они перестраивались для бомбометания.
    – Я – Покрышкин, выше нас бомберы, приготовиться к атаке! — дал команду и развернулся на них. Они уже начали вытягиваться в колонну для пикирования. Я сам зашел вдоль колонны и начал последовательно, по одному обстреливать Ю-87.
    Проскакивая вплотную над ними, я обратил внимание на то, что на них, вместо передних пулеметов, стояли пушки. После нескольких атак левее и правее меня оказались две пары Ме-109, которые попытались взять меня в клещи. Рывком вверх и в сторону выскочил из-под удара и закрутился над ними на виражах. Но низкая высота и нависшая над нами облачность не дали возможности перевести бой на вертикали. Выручил Степанов. Он вовремя пришел на помощь и “мессершмитты” нырнули в облака. Пара Речкалова атаковала удирающих Ю-87.”
    Вот такая вот история. Попади снаряд с “Аэрокобры” Александра Ивановича Покрышкина чуточку в сторону, то вполне вероятно, что не увидели бы мы никогда мемуаров Руделя, да и Юрий Мухин не смог бы написать свою книгу “Асы и пропаганда”. Единственный вопрос, который осталось выяснить – от чего было расстройство живота у того безымянного пилота сбитой “Штуки” – от зеленых фруктов, или от того, что он услышал в радиоэфире: “Achtung! Achtung! Pokryschkin ist in der Luft!”???. Да и безымянный ли он? Уж не сам ли Ганс Ульрих Рудель возвращался с руками, полными недозрелых фруктов? И на какой ляд есть в начале мая недозрелые фрукты?

  16. skort24 says:


  17. Marina says Ya khochu yest
    (I want to eat your giant pickle!) :mrgreen:
    in the latest lesson in Russian.

    Homework: If you had to choose a food to eat for the next two weeks, what would it be?

    Reminds me of a song :grin:
    J’aurais Toujours Faim De Toi

  18. whatimeitis says:

    :shock: Was drifting in thought and suddenly PK’s avatar was haunting me. Subconsciously,I fumbled through my kluttered mind and remembered where I saw it’s symbolic likeness before.

    Look at frame #22 and then compare it with PK’s avatar.

  19. PaparazziKid says:

    Whats my favorite word of all time? jumPLUFF. Its so fun to say!!!!!

  20. jp says:

    hi marina, i have been so busy lately i haven’t had a chance to spend any time here, but i wanted to tell you that i am so very, very, very happy and proud for you to be having so much fun with life. if we can’t have fun, then what else is there? i hope that this video get’s into the film, super cool. es vedra is a place i plan to see one day also. and it is really excellent to hear that you are home visiting your family. without them, we wouldn’t have been so wonderfully blessed with you! i hope that neuro blows up big time and you can travel the world forever doing videos and convincing people to drink a much better drink. i checked out all Diana’s facebook pages, etc. and put in some suggestions. i think it has huge potential and is a really fantastic company/product to promote. most drinks are horrible! i will try not to be a stranger, but i have to focus and get a lot of things done soon. i got up and running, i bet the translations aren’t too good since the are just google translations, but it is a start. 44 other languages too and i’ll be adding your russian videos to our academy soon too. much love and all the best to you and your family!!! i am wishing you all the best for the rest! i’m so sad about karl’s passing, but i know his memory will be memorialized here at forever. he was a really special person. regards marina!

  21. Brian says:

    As long as you have fun getting spanked then go for it!! Just beware of the {extroverts} !! :lol: :lol:

  22. pairadots says:

    All I want to know is, who’s yacht is that and how do I get to go? Oh BTW, I’m going on vacation next week to LA. Going to the beach, a little wine tasting and a day at Disneyland with friends and family. Should be fun as always.

  23. fglrx says:

    Einer für alle, alle für Einen!
    Wenn einer fort ist,
    wer wird denn gleich weinen?
    Einmal trifft ‘s jeden,
    ärger dich nicht!
    So geht ‘s im Leben:
    Du oder ich!
    Einmal muss jeder geh’n,
    und wenn dein Herz zerbricht
    Davon wird die Welt nicht untergeh’n!
    Mensch, ärger’ dich nicht!

  24. Ya khochu pit
    (I’m thirsty and must have vodka!)
    Marina’s latest lesson in Russian :mrgreen:

    Homework Question: Does Russia have any deserts?

  25. hello all I have read a lot of your comments and I am very thankful for these as they are helping me and my family get through this hard time. we are still working on arrangements and will post them on this site somewhere when all the details emerge. thank you all very much for being my dads friend. I would be very much interested in meeting each and everybody that touched my dads life. thanks…

  26. CheVolay says:

    I’m kind of ‘numb’ hearing this news about Karl. I’m searching the site for details. If anybody can give me specifics please DM me here or on Twitter. :sad:

    This is sad news indeed. Karl was my ‘go to’ guy for any computer problems I had. Karl was a gentleman and kind person.

    I’ll be in shock the rest of the week. :sad:


    • CheVolay says:

      I just skimmed this page and seem to be all caught up on the details.

      I’m trying to find a link now to the obituaries.

      My heart goes out to Klaus’ family and friends. I will miss his presence here.

      • BigBhd95 says:

        I also CheVolay :!: I share your pain and feelings about

        our Dear friendly Ta and brother Karl PK :cry:

        the HFW site & most of our family are in mourning :sad:


  27. tonyb says:

    Boy, OH Boy, Marina. that bikini of yours shows your body off well-espeiically your nice breasts. I do not think I am a snob. Women snub me because I do not have much money. but I try whereever possible to accentuate the positive in my life. My life seems sorta lopsided. But I am not a snob and I do not feel I am vain. I have a hard time meeting women in public for instance. I just do not seem to size up to women here in toledo, ohio.

  28. BigBhd95 says:

    :shock: I seem to always get “error on page ” :oops:

    at the bottom wonder why :?:

    M you look terribly tasty :roll: in the thumnail above :mrgreen:

    :cool: B.B. :cool:

  29. haha let me get the dressed up! its 50 C here! I sleep in the basement! No AC!!!!!

    Get a couple bags of ice, dump them in a big pan then have a fan blow on the ice in your direction.

    Fan => ice => Marina
    50 C => 0 C => 25 C

  30. fglrx says:

    Sleeping under the stars and full moon… Russian sky never looked sooo beautiful

    Ещё прийдет время, когда Россиа тоже будет в НАТО. И в Европейским Сойузе.

  31. Sleeping under the stars and full moon… Russian sky never looked sooo beautiful

    I don’t need a picture of that one… I was out riding my bike before and also saw it for myself (wasn’t a russian sky though).
    If you live in a big city you’ll miss out on the seeing the true brightness of the moon and stars at night because of light pollution

    You live in L.A. so you are fairly close to Palomar Observatory…

    You should go and visit. Just tell them you are HotForAstronomy… Maybe you can look through the big telescope? I’ve never even had the chance of looking through one that big yet. It’s gotta be a mind blower.


  32. whatimeitis says:

    What was Karl’s age :?: Does anyone know :?:

  33. leoNard says:

    I think {entropy}… …{clay} or {dust}

    the modulation of wake/sleep patterns and seasonal functions

    the sport of work without pay is play

    god is an advertisement… Quark Strangeness and Charm – HAWKWIND :-)

    RIP @pedanticKarl

  34. Evan Owen says:

    pedanticKarl honorary word request: {Sprachgefühl}

    Though English was his second language, Karl had remarkable {Sprachgefühl} (“speech feeling”) for how to use it. He and I had a discussion recently about this word and whether there was any English equivalent. :smile:

    • nettehexe says:

      Dear Evan, I am trying to go through all the comments – Sprachgefuehl like many English loan words from the German language cannot be translated just like the word “Schadenfreude” (joy at the suffering of others). I keep a tap on words that are used in English written Newspapers, etc. and many of them are of physchological in nature: Zeitgeist. One of the newer -now already older words!- is for example even Fahrvergnuegen. Klaus and I had through the years very much fun with those words.

      My heart is full of “Wehmut” -

  35. wasnme says:

    So sad… my 1st post without a laugh =/. RIP pedanticKarl

  36. James says:

    I think it would be nice to request {pedantic} anything to do with pendants?

    Can I get an “I second that”

  37. James says:

    Today has been the first day in months and months I have spent nearly all day online, and almost all of the comments that are here are about Karl.

    Karl used to amaze me, if the whole world was angry at youtubes new layout, he would always find something good, even though, I still think the new layout (mainly the most popular list) is shit.

    When I got mad at pkid and rosiecheeks trolling he stepped in, and obviously I didn’t want to tangle him in it so I stopped.

    I have put a “in memory” thing (its 12:30am here and I really can’t focus on word describing things right now <- see even that doesn't make sense) on my latest video but I will be happy to contribute to anything else.

  38. Capman911 says:

    Hey guys, it’s been awhile, but I just received the news about Karl. It seems not to long ago that we lost Jody. It’s very saddening to all of to loose a good friend. I will miss Karl very much as we stayed in touch by email. He didn’t even let on to me that he had any problems. Marina if you need any help with a tribute to Karl let Jack and myself and the rest of your humble friends and members know and we will do what we can.


    God grant me the serenity
    to accept the things I cannot change;
    courage to change the things I can;
    and wisdom to know the difference.

  39. Evan Owen says:


    My most memorable vacation was a canoe trip to Sun Lakes State Park, Washington State.

    My lady friend and I paddled to the far end of the lake in the picture. Remote: no one else there…and hot! (Over 100F/38C)! :grin:

    Washington State is often depicted as cool, green, and rainy; yet over half the state is semi-desert, the rain shadow east of the Cascade Mountains. :cool:

    • Evan Owen says:

      …most memorable RECENT vacation.

      Most memorable of my life was the 1991 train trip from the Festival Interceltique in Lorient, France, to the Narodni Subor (National Folk Festival) in Koprivshtitsa, Bulgaria. Launch of the Welsh Home Rule movement, Yugoslavia in civil war, open revolt in Bulgaria…some of the best work of my life! :mrgreen:

  40. Evan Owen says:

    pedanticKarl, continued

    What impressed me about pedanticKarl was how he was able to take even the most lowbrow and negative comments posted here and put a positive spin on them; and many a time, the person who started negative came around, and returned with a positive contribution to the site. He was a first-class mentor. :smile:

    Then too, there was his technical wizardry, his scholarship, his endless enthusiasm…

  41. Evan Owen says:

    A song for Karl:

    Farewell to Fiunary

    The air is clear the day is fine, and swiftly swiftly flows the time
    The boat is floating on the tide that wafts me off from Fiunary

    We must up and haste away, we must up and haste away
    We must up and haste away, farewell, farewell tae Fiunary

    A thousand, thousand tender ties awake this day my plaintive sighs
    My heart within me almost dies, at thocht of leaving Fiunary


    But I must leave those happy vales,
    see how they fill, the spreading sails
    Adieu, adieu, my native dales,
    farewell, farewell tae Fiunary


  42. Evan Owen says:

    ***Word request: {Neandertal}***

    At the risk of being in poor taste, I’d like to request this work in honor of pedanticKarl. Just a couple of weeks ago, he joked about being a “Neandertal.” Perhaps because of his surname, which he gave here as “Newman,” perhaps because he was born near the Neandertal Valley in Germany. :smile:

  43. hotrocky says:

    RIP, PK, you were a good one!

    Marina, my whole life is a continual vacation. I play rock and blues piano with some of the best bands in the world. People buy me Jagermeister and beautiful women hug me and kiss me on the lips. Who would ever want to take a vacation from this kind of life?

    -Rocky Frisco

  44. seesixcm6 says:

    Dear Marina,
    This morning, I saw the news that Pedantikarl passed away. I’m sorry for your loss and my condolences go to his family, too. :sad:
    PK was a decent person who took the time to answer some of my postings, and he actually was nice about things, too. This is unlike others who “take shots” or “flame” at you, but I follow your advice and ignore such posts.
    I think PK is in a better place, now. I think he was happy to be your teachers assistant, and that he was happy for you that you were enjoying a vacation in the sunny Medditerranean, complete with swimming, mudwrestling (no, it isn’t sexy to me, either) and good times in the sun. I hope your other TA will take up where PK left off, and you will continue to provide great videos for your appreciative audience. You have multitudes of fans and subscribers!

    • iluv2cutfarts says:

      What is going on! Where is this news coming from!?! I was just talking with Karl, not that long ago, about Marina’s bunny and how it still doesn’t have a name.

      Please someone tell me this is not true.

  45. James says:

    I don’t mean to rush you or be rude Marina, but will you be putting up a page for Karl like you did with Jody?

  46. Evan Owen says:

    Just noticed this on pedanticKarl’s YouTube channel:
    “Don’t take life too seriously – we’re not getting out alive”
    Do you suppose he was aware of his condition? :???:

    • Evan Owen says:

      (Are we aware of ours?) :shock:

      “One can live for God, or love, or glory; but live every moment knowing death will one day take you, for then you seek the best use of each moment.”

      Odd…I posted that just a week ago. :neutral:

    • Rijk says:

      hey Evan, as far as i know he always had it on his site.
      somehow it feels right that we comment about his passing away in the “life in a day” topic.
      beautifull song Evan, thanks.

    • James says:

      No. But I felt terrible, I was the first commenter on his channel, and my first comment was R.I.P

  47. kaibanator says:

    It’s been a while since my last post and my last vacation. From memory, I went on a road trip from Brisbane to Melbourne and back.

    Had a lovely time there, got to explore the markets in Melbourne and the aquarium, also went to the MCG to watch some cricket as well as getting some memorabilia of the place. Of course, its not complete without doing a shopping spree as well.

    Had to make a detour or two on the way back because of floods. Anyways, would love to get a passport someday and also save enough money to go somewhere like USA or the UK.

    You enjoy your vacation now Marina. I’m already envious. :smile:

  48. It must be nice to have all that money to go on vacations and all that. Marina I hope your having a good time cuz I know I would be :mrgreen: ;-)

  49. bobsully says:

    Strangely enough, I was planning my 2011 vacation when I decided to take a break and watch this video. I am planning a trip to Oregon next year, to visit family, friends and spend some time in wine country.

    Last vacation was the Northwest and Canada. Nothing this year. Just lots of lengthened weekends with a day here and there.

  50. Evan Owen says:

    Then there were the two red blood cells who loved in vein. :mrgreen:

  51. PaparazziKid says:

    Rosiecheeks is Not 14. Unless she is doing it illegal, read This Comment

    • Evan Owen says:

      Well, there was the theory that she is actually an FBI agent working a sting operation… :roll:

      • PaparazziKid says:

        That comment kinda gives it away. You have to be beyond pervert to look at a 14-year old naked. People get sent to jail for that stuff.

        God she is like my brother. A man-slut.

      • She says she’s 14. She says she does dope. She says she gets naked for money. she says this… she says that… :roll:

        I say she is totally damaged and won’t live a happy life because the choices she has made are self destructive :evil:

        [best Bible thumper]
        “She’s got the Devil inside her”

        • rosiecheeks says:

          and i find it creepy that Pkid is somehow ALWAYS mentioning my name. I’ll come back to this site after several weeks, and sure enough i scroll down and here that kid is again, mentioning my name.

          It’s flattering yes, but at the same time, you never see me mentioning your name, Pkid. And when i do, it’s usually a response to ur comments… and this is the first time in a while i have responded to ur vegetable comments.

          I don’t even check back to see what you have responded back to me most of the time.

          • You clicked on the reply box to MY comment?
            This is the second time you have been civil in your tone of speech in comments directed at/to me! I’m impressed.
            I’m sorry you find it creepy when you are mentioned, but it’s a result of how you put yourself out there.
            Vegetables are good for you… they keep ya regular
            Call any Vegetable :mrgreen:
            (this kid was 11 when he made this. he’s your age, now)

  52. whatimeitis says:

    Karl was the best poster ever, he was always spinning on the point :lol: It was those grease monkeys at Denney’s that killed him. :lol: It’s funny how smart people sometimes have the worst eating habits and they know it bad for them but yet they do it anyway.

    I was going to comment on his last post the other day and I got busy and didn’t and pick out some videos but did not post them. I forgot the thought train at the time. :cry:

    • nettehexe says:

      I agree- when I read it the other day about breakfast– yes, he did have a terrible eating habit but always advised me how to eat right, etc.

      But he also had other health problems with breathing, etc. I did not read your your tube entrances .. I could not now.

      I am so sad.

  53. sniperskaya says:

    Marina (Марина), I have a word request to take your mind off the loss of Karl / Klaus: the word I would like you to research is “sham”.

  54. grammrsnob says:

    My last vacation was in June when I bicycled with 1900 others from San Francisco to Los Angeles for AIDSLifecycle; we raised over ten million dollars. Why don’t you join us next year, Marina?

  55. Micah says:

    My last vacation? wow…I just realized that I’ve never been overseas before. Is that sad? I dunno.

    I’ve got a word request that’s been nagging me for a while now. If the word {gay} means “happy” or “full of energy” then why and how did it become synonymous to “homosexual?”

    PS. Am I reading the comments correctly? PedanticKarl is no more? Wtf dude, he sent me a friend request just two days ago…now I feel like I lost a chance to make a new friend. From what I’ve read from the others, he sounds like a pretty cool guy. Now I feel down that I lost my chance to get to know him :|

  56. PaparazziKid says:

    Well I guess it’s just you leonard.

  57. Leonardo says:

    You didn’t answer any of the questions-for the Day in the Life project :(
    Still, I think you’re the greatest thing to happen to language since that Greek teacher who got in trouble a few thousand years ago.

    Speaking of the OLD days, I believe the word {Trivia} comes from the Romans; as we all know, all raods did lead to Rome and as the armies would march to and from HQ, people would meet them at the intersections (Tri-Vias-Three roads) to ask of the latest news. Obviously some where the meaning went from important-current news to not so important-”by-the-way-did-you-iknow-information.”
    Does this jive with what you know?

  58. Hello, Miss Marina.
    Being vain does not mean you are stuck-up or think you are better than everyone else. I’m not sure where you are coming up with that definition. It appears that you are confusing being a snob with being vain.

    Being vain means that you are stuck on yourself. You are self centered, and have an excessive amount of pride in some aspect of yourself. It is not uncommon or unusual to find vain people breaking bread with the salt of the earth. The Mac Davis song, “It’s Hard To Be Humble” is a very good example of vanity.

    People who are snobbish, stuck-up, or think they are better than everyone else try to avoid associating with people they regard as inferior to them. While many snobs are also vain, being vain does not mean that someone is a snob.

    I can think of a very vain girl who flaunts her augmented breasts. She may not think she is any better than everyone else because she has augmented breasts, but she is excessively proud of them and tries to flaunt them at every opportunity. When she poses for a picture, she juts her chest out as far as she can. She tries to wear clothes that draw attention to her augmented breasts. Can you think of a vain girl like this?

    The Bible commands that we do not take the name of _______ thy God in vain. If the word vain has only been around since 1300, what is the correct translation of that commandment? (The Masoretic scribes removed the vowels from God’s name so that people could not take his name in vain if they did not know his name. The unvoweled name is known as the {tetragrammaton} YHWH, believed by some to be Y’hovah.)

    • leoNard says:

      A weather vane is an instrument for showing the direction of the wind. They are typically used as an architectural ornament to the highest point of a building.

      Although partly functional, weather vanes are generally decorative, often featuring the traditional cockerel design with letters indicating the points of the compass. Other common motifs include ships, arrows and horses. Not all weather vanes have pointers.

      The word ‘vane’ comes from the Anglo-Saxon word ‘fane’ meaning ‘flag’.
      some information is sourced from wikipedia---My blood is in veins…

      An assistant is a person (or by extension a device) that helps another person accomplish his goals. Assistants may be provided by one’s employer to assist with work-related tasks. The wealthy or those with freelance businesses may hire personal assistants. There are also task-specific assistants available, such as those that help organize the home.

      .. and with my nose in the air :razz: In cases where the assistant is closely identified with the person they serve, the assistant may be known as a right-hand man or yes-man.…How are you Ohio Countryboy?

      The term “weathervane” is also a slang word for a politician who has frequent changes of opinion.

      “It is time I stepped aside for a less experienced and less able man.” – Professor Scott Elledge on his retirement from Cornell

    • If you take out the word ‘augmented’ from what you said, I find there is a lot more truth in what you said. :mrgreen:
      You didn’t mention the alternative which is guys who beef up and flex to show off their pectoral muscles…
      Spectacles are made of such things. WWF, NFL and NBA are a few organizations thriving on this (do you think there may be some vanity going on?)
      I’m responding to you ’cause it sounds like you are trying to single out Marina, label her as vain and chastising her alone for it (in your second paragraph).
      THEN you resort to Bible verses to validate and justify your words?!?
      I don’t know if it’s just me, but that comes off as pretty lame sounding.
      The Bible says something about “Judge not lest ye shall be judged”; but, I’m no expert when it comes to ancient religious beliefs.
      I guess I could have misread what you are implying, though. If that is the case – my apologies :mrgreen:

      • Hello, Me Lika Do the Cha Cha.
        Girls often flaunt their augmented breasts more than they flaunted their pre-augmented breasts. While I would hope that girls accept the body their genetics gave them, I do not hold it against a girl if she gets her breasts augmented if she feels inadequate or self conscious. I know ladies who have implants, and it has helped them feel less insecure about their body. I know people who are less self conscious after getting dental work done. In Miss Marina’s situation, I think breast augmentation may have been the best financial investment she has ever made.

        It is when people try to draw attention to, or flaunt their dental work or breast implants that it becomes vanity.

        I believe I used the word augmented properly. It’s not difficult to recognize augmented breasts if they have increased more than one cup size.

        I do not watch the WWF, NFL, or NBA, but I understand what you mean. Sadly, people are taught that we should look up to vain people, and aspire to be like them. That’s not the kind of role models I want for my life.

        The second paragraph was not directed at Miss Marina. It was an explanation of what vain means, and how it differs from being stuck-up or snobbish.

        I was not using Bible verses to justify or validate my words. I mentioned the usage of the English word vain being used prior to 1300. Was the meaning of the English word vain the proper meaning of the word the Masoretic or Septuagint texts used?

        Yes, the Bible does say something about “Judge not lest ye shall be judged”, but it says much more, and changes the meaning. Many people like to quote in part and out of context the “Judge not lest ye shall be judged” rather than to quote the proper meaning. Judge not lest ye shall be judged BY THE SAME STANDARD that you have judged. Rather than discouraging people from judging as is commonly taught, the Bible actually encourages people to judge righteously, and it encourages them to live a righteous life that will pass the same standard of judgement.

        • James says:

          Her boobs are real……..

          • Hello, James.
            I don’t doubt the breasts are real. It’s the implants that aren’t natural. ;-)

            • Michael says:

              LOL…what I find to be a bit rediculous is why anyone’s breasts are the subject of conversation or scrutiny…in other words…who cares if they are fake or real? To be even talking about a person’s body parts is so juvenile.

              • Hello, Michael.
                Given that Miss Marina has chosen to use such a juvenile thing as breasts to attract her target audience, what does that tell us about her target audience, or her opinion of them?

                • Michael says:

                  I don’t believe I have to give you a lesson in human anatomy. Breasts, especially like the ones that Marina has , are not juvenile. Only an adult woman could possess those. As for her ” target audience “, Peek a boo…I SEE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

              • Hello, Michael.
                I highly doubt I fit into Miss Marina’s target audience. I believe the target audience is too distracted by Miss Marina’s breasts to pay close attention to the educational aspects of her videos and to be able to offer critical analysis.

                I guess I don’t have the obsession with augmented breasts that many guys do. Perhaps that explains why I am able to find spelling errors in the videos when no one else seems to have noticed them…

                • Michael says:

                  This is my last remark to you. Firstly, this is her life, her site, her idea, which happens to be working quite remarkably for her, and she has the right to approach this as she wishes. You wish you had an idea that was as creative and successful. Secondly, the people that pay attention to her have the right to pay attention to her for whatever reason they wish also, it’s their life, their time.

                  People like you remind me of vultures. They circle around waiting for something to die so they can devour it…they feed on death and disease. I pity you. Is your life so pitiful that the only pleasure you get is by being critical of others? You want to talk about being juvenile? That’s what Junior High School kids do…they have to belittle others to make themselves feel superior. Clearly, the most significant thing you’ve ever done with your life is demonstrate just how poor of a job your parents did on raising you. I will not waste anymore of my time speaking with you.

                • Angry Man says:

                  Ohio Numbnuts –
                  WTF makes you think anybody wants, needs, or gives a shit about your worthless “critical analysis.” Look around. You’re probably the most despised person on this site. You are not enlightening a soul. And one of the guys that you are pissing off is my SEAL Team leader from the Navy. He’s been pretty mellow so far, but I’ve seen him on the job. You won’t see him coming unless he wants you to.

          • When you weigh in the sway factor, and the pendulous nature of Marina’s breasts; it is unlikey that they are implants.
            But then, YOU ought to be able to tell us since you have met Marina and been up close and personal :mrgreen:

        • I did some research, and see that you have seriously misinterpreted the scripture, to whit:

          Luke. 6.3738, 4142
          1 Judge not, that ye be not judged.
          2 For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.


          Mark. 4.24
          3 And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?
          4 Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye?
          5 Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.
          6 Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.

          I give you the whole verse so nothing I say will be taken out of context.
          You may choose to argue this any way you like.
          “…the Bible actually encourages people to judge righteously…”
          I disagree with your claim and see support for this in Mark 4-24-4, 5 & 6.

          I do vaguely remember another specific passage wherein “judgment is left reserved for God and not for men to make”, but it’s been so long since I read any of this that I can’t find the damn thing!

          My point here is simple: there are many sites you can visit and engage in religious discussion and get your righteous rocks off.
          Here it is more likely you’re going to get your pearls trampled by the swine.
          Here endeth the lesson :mrgreen:

          • Michael says:

            Boris…I have to agree with OhioCountryboy…I reference I Cor 5….read that whole chapter…it’s about judgement.

            • Like I said above:
              “YOU may choose to argue this any way YOU like”
              Your argument is not with anything I said,
              but with what Mark and Luke said :mrgreen:
              You are now telling me to disregard Mark and Luke??!
              Bullshit! You’re not paying attention to words I used.

              “My point here is simple: there are many sites you can visit and engage in religious discussion and get your righteous rocks off.
              Here it is more likely you’re going to get your pearls trampled by the swine.”

              Maybe y’all can find another site for this discussion :grin:

              • Michael says:

                Well, since this is a site that educates, and since YOU made references to verses in the Bible BEFORE I ever did, though you referenced them incorrectly, I feel that I am not out of order by correcting your understanding on the subject of judgement. Your error lies , as is the case in most instances, with you taking verses out of their contextual setting. If you want to get the FULL understanding on the issue of ” judgement” , and be able to accurately expound on the subject, then you would be required to study ALL the scriptures which relate to that subject. Did you look at the scriptures I referenced for you, 1Cor 5? I don’t think you did. When we take things out of their contextual setting it’s like removing and describing someone’s nose apart from the rest of their face. Yes, you may describe the nose itself accurately, but you can’t possibly see how it fits in with the whole. If you are going to set up yourself as the ” teacher ” , I reference your remark, ” here endeth the lesson”, then I suggest you be more thorough in your study of a subject. :razz:

          • Hey boris… what do you think…?

            Ohioboy => alias => Michael

    • VenomRocK says:

      {Bible Thumper} From Urban Dictionary: A religious Zealot who pressures people to subscribe to their own religious beliefs, even after the target has said they are not interested OR one who has extramarital relations with their Bible…and for those of you who don’t understand that…Fucks their Bible! :lol:

      ….I see you’re still carrying the same stick :mrgreen:

    • Ohio Countryboy –

      I would like to offer you a bit of advice for your consideration. You probably didn’t read far enough down this thread to have noticed that our much admired and respected TA, Pedantic Karl, passed away earlier this week. Probably more than anyone else on this site, Ms. Orlova is hurting right now. Many of us are. Ms. Orlova does not need your inane, quibbling commentary on her appearance, demeanor, or work at this troubling time. Nor do many of us. So please show a little respect, or go away and come back later when we can better deal with you.

      • Hello, doncross2bear.
        It had came to my attention that PedanticKarl had passed away. Unfortunately, I did not have a favorable opinion of him on a personal level. Out of respect for Miss Marina and others who held him in good regards, I had refrained from commenting on his death at this time.

        PedanticKarl’s death affects Miss Marina on a personal level – I do not believe it gives her a free pass from criticism on a professional level.

        Life goes on. If you don’t like my comments about Miss Marina’s professional work, then tough. No one is forcing you to read them. Don’t get upset with others when you have chosen to put yourself in the situation to become offended.

        • Ohio Countryboy –
          OK, so much for the polite approach. DO NOT patronize us by even PRETENDING to have respect for Ms. Orlova, or anyone else on this site. I have read your oddball mental meanderings for some time now, and I know of your ridiculous mindset that you are a “paying customer,” and that Ms. Orlova works for you, which supposedly gives you the right to criticize everything she or anyone else here does, and to act smugly superior to them. The ONLY thing that gives you the right to say anything here is the First Amendment, a double edged sword in your case.
          Since Ms. Orlova is hurting, you might consider being gentlemanly enough to get off her back for a while. She is not, nor will she ever be, yours to kick around for your pleasure.
          People grieve in different ways. One of mine is to have little tolerance for those for whom I do not hold a favorable opinion. You, in this case.

          • Hello, doncross2bear.
            You are incorrect in reference to the First Amendment, although I am one of the select few people the Supreme Court ruled that is one of “We, The People” who have rights. Everyone else is here in America by privilege. (but that’s a different topic of conversation)

            You seem to forget that this website, and Miss Marina’s videos, are her professional work, and as such, they are always open to criticism. Miss Marina’s YouTube videos have been watched hundreds of millions of times. I suspect the vast majority of those viewers have no idea who PedanticKarl was, and a year from now her videos will still be up, and the vast majority of YouTube viewers watching her videos will still have no idea (nor care) who PedanticKarl was.

            This website’s purpose is to help Miss Marina earn money. This website is not here for you to find friends, or for petty entertainment.

            It appears that Miss Marina’s method of grieving for PedanticKarl is to use a memorial page to him to earn her money. You did notice her monetization scheme, didn’t you?

            • Ohioboy, you inbred piece of shit,
              I was wondering when you were going to roll off of your sister long enough to use your allotted time on the web.

              I am not the only person here who has had about all that they care to hear from you. Although I do not know all of the details, I believe that Ms. Orlova makes her living primarily through YouTube’s Partners Program. In that sense, her customer would be the advertisers who purchase space on her channel with the expectation of a return on their investment through the purchase of their product by consumers (their customers). So go to YouTube and click away, numbnuts, and hang with the rest of the pervs over there. You might get a date with one of the guys.

              This site is property of HotForWords, LLC, and she no doubt sells advertising here, but I doubt that this is her primary income source. And do you see it mentioned anywhere that the purpose of this forum is for you and the five or six other moronic trolls who come here to make snide remarks about Ms. Orlova’s work? Do the piss-poor numbers of your lame-ass YouTube channel make you some sort of expert on what constitutes a successful video?

              Actually, this site IS primarily an entertainment site. And you might notice that many of us here were friends before Ms. Orlova revamped this site to include a “friend” option, which I’m sure you’ve noticed, as some people “friended” you, no doubt before they found out what a subhuman lowlife you are, judging by the replies some of your “friends” have made to your idiotic remarks.

              You, unfortunately, have a right to be here. But you are not welcome here. You are just another obsessed troll. That had better be all that you try to be. Like anyone else here, you can be found. Can you grow eyes in the back of your head?

            • Dalek says:

              Hello Mr. Ohio Countryboy,

              You might want to consider reading this book as I have noticed you are not doing to well in this area. I hope your bees are doing well…

              • Angry Man says:

                That’s very decent of you, Mr. Dalek, but your offer presupposes that Ohio Countryhick can read. I’m thinking that he dictates his posts to his sistermom, who types them for him. Guess she could read the book to him, though.

            • Ohioboy –
              Before you even start with me again, know that I will no longer communicate with you on this site. Life is too short to go around with the white hot hatred that I feel for you, plus I have told Ms. Orlova that I would no longer lower myself to your level by acknowledging your existence. You are ill, and you need help. I don’t care if you get it or not.

              Since I know that you’ll have to have the last word, let’s develop a little buddy code here. When you piss me off, and you see this: :mrgreen: — :mrgreen: , You will know that I am telling you to gargle a handful of honey bees. Adios, clown. I wish you the worst.

        • James says:

          I agree. We are all very upset here, and yes, Marina is allowed a break from critcisism. Who cares if her breasts are real or not? After meeting Marina I can honestly say I don’t give a shit. Marina has looked out for me since day 1 of my internet escapades, and I will defend her always, at any time, but moreover NOW, so stop talking about her breasts, and if you can’t be respectful to us at this time, then kindly fuck off.

        • Evan Owen says:

          Odd you didn’t have a favorable opinion of Karl; just about everyone else did. Likely it’s because he had a habit of finding something to like about nearly everyone; though he did confide to me privately he’d be willing to make an exception in your case. :twisted:

        • Michael says:

          Countryboy…seriously, why on earth would you want to critique a person when they are grieving the lost of someone…it demonstrates a serious lack of discretion on your part…perhaps we need a word study on {sympathy}…welcome to the human race dude.

          • Hello, Michael.
            I was critiquing Miss Marina’s professional work, not her private life.

            A year from now, or 10 years from now, her video will still be online for people to see. A year from now, or 10 years from now, my critique will still apply.

            A year from now, or 10 years from now, things in Miss Marina’s private life will likely be much different.

            A while back, I asked Miss Marina if she would prefer I PM any critique I had, rather than openly being critical on the forum and possibly embarrassing her and getting folks riled up. Miss Marina declined my offer. It would appear that Miss Marina prefers that I offer public critique in the hopes that others may learn something from me. Lately, I have seen others begin to address Miss Marina as ‘Miss Marina’ instead of just ‘Marina’, so it would appear that some folks are learning from me how to be polite and respectful, if nothing else.

            • Michael says:

              Being polite and respectful means that when someone has lost a friend and has admittedly said they are grieving, I wait and hold my other comments about what I think they may be doing incorrectly in another area of their life until an appropriate time…it’s called “discretion”. Perhaps Marina can teach you the meaning of the word since it’s quite obvious you have no clue as to it’s meaning and implimentation.

              • Hello, Michael.
                Miss Marina is grieving so much she is trying to cash in on PedanticKarl’s passing. You did see the revenue earning advertisements on the memorial page, right?

                Miss Marina closely guards her private life. Everything Miss Marina shares and does publicly online, is her professional marketing approach to increase revenues.

                A while back I offered to discretely PM any critique I had to Miss Marina. She declined my offer. It appears that Miss Marina feels I have offered my public critique at the appropriate time.

                • Michael says:

                  Ahh, so because there are advertisements on the memorial page, that means she isn’t grieving about the loss of Klaus? Since you seem to love the Bible have you read 1Cor 13 lately?

                  1Cr 13:5-7 does not behave rudely does not seek its own is not provoked, THINKS NO EVIL;

                  You know what that means, ” thinks no evil “? It means you think the best of a person and not the worst. What right do you think you have to set yourself up as her judge, where you feel comfortable ASSUMING that her concern was in using that tribute to make a profit? As if you have a secret insight into her motives and intentions…what hubris!! You can’t even see the darkness in your own heart, which your judgement of her blatantly reveals. You haven’t spoken to her directly, you haven’t met her, you have no personal communication with her at all and yet you feel you have the ability to tell us what her motives are? If you aren’t a clown Countryboy, I would strongly suggest you become one, as you have quite the distinct gift of making a fool of yourself publicly.

                • Michael says:

                  Ahhh so that’s the reason for your being pissed…you wanted direct access, under the guise of being her personal adviser, her invaluable consultant and editor and she chose not to give it…LOL…I know , I know, you were only trying to be considerate…Dude, she doesn’t need your help! She’s doing quite well all by herself! I don’t blame her for keeping her personal life closely guarded, especially from the likes of you.

            • Angry Man says:

              Ohio Hairypalms –

              What I can’t figure out is why you think Ms. O’s work is here for you to “critique” in the first place, why you think that your “critique” is worth a shit to anyone, why you think Ms. O would be even remotely interested in your “critique,” who else is calling her “Miss Marina” because of the splendid example that you think you set, how you offered to PM her, because you aren’t in a position to and aren’t likely to be in your miserable lifetime, and how you’ve managed to survive long enough to get that ugly with the mental issues that you have. Hopefully your parentsiblings saw fit to geld you, so you can’t procreate.

    • Michael says:

      yes , being vain is closely related to being narcissistic.

    • rosiecheeks says:

      Bonjour OHIO COUNTRY BOY,

      nobody even likes Me Lika Do the Cha Cha anyway, so there’s no point in arguing with that dude.

      Idk if Marina’s kinda too far spaced-out boobs are real, but i DO know one thing, if she

      is just pretending to care for PK’s situation (which i dont think she is- he was a rly

      sweet guy and i even felt bad), and if she is using his death to her advantage, just

      remember that ppl always get what they deserve…eventually (i think). Besides, there

      are more important things to do than argue with ppl on websites, like talking about

      eyelash serums such as latisse and careprost.

      • “nobody even likes Me Lika Do the Cha Cha anyway, so there’s no point in arguing with that dude.”

        Coming from ‘somebody’ as damaged as you appear to be, this is a compliment – thank you.

        Do you realize this is the most civil thing you have said about me? …or to me for that matter. Usually you want to call me an old man or some other nonsensical shit.

        To all the ‘nobody’s out there who like what I do – thanks!
        ‘Somebody’ should grow up and learn that
        ‘nobody’ does it better! :mrgreen:

  59. PaparazziKid says:

    Maybe we should all write something about PedanticKarl, and make it into a post that Marina would accept

  60. Stages of Grief

    - Shock and Denial

    - Pain and Guilt

    - Anger and Bargaining

    - Reflection and Loneliness

    - Acceptance

    This is a psychological model used to describe emotions and responses to the loss of a loved one. I find that they can occur with no particular order as this list suggests.

    for example, right now, I’m angry that Klaus was taken from us – I keep expecting him to pop in and say that the reports of his demise were greatly exaggerated, with his usual humor and brand of wit.

    Everyone must deal with the sadness of this situation in their own personal way.

    I’d like (us all) to find ways to honor his accomplishments, and in this way keep his memory alive. Grief cannot dwell in your heart when you remember with love.

    De mortuis nil nisi bonum Pronunciation: \dā-ˈmȯr-tu̇-ˌēs-ˌnēl-ˌni-sē-ˈbȯ-ˌnu̇m
    This literally means “Say only kind things of the deceased”

    Grief can cause us to think and say things we don’t believe will hurt others feelings.

    Please think of others before you click the ‘Add Comment’ button.
    Some of us don’t shed tears easily while some do …

    PLEASE don’t unintentionally hurt each other through the grieving process.
    Honor Karl’s life and respect his friends – thanks for listening

  61. Oh my Dear Lord I am speechless. I must compose my thoughts and emotions and come back later.

  62. PaparazziKid says:

    I think it would be best if all of PK’s accounts be left untouched.

  63. animalntaz says:

    That is weird….. death comes unexpected.

    • Michael says:

      Psa 103:15,16 As for man, his days are as grass: as a flower of the field, so he flourishes.For the wind passes over it, and it is gone; and the place thereof shall know it no more.

  64. PaparazziKid says:

    I think we should all update our status to say “R.I.P PedanticKarl”

  65. koalabear says:

    I just read about Karl.

  66. animalntaz says:

    I can’t even remember when I last took a vacation. I lived in Hawaii about 15 years ago, and things went downhill since. Hawaii became boring for me, there’s nothing for me there. If I went on vacation right now, I wouldn’t know where to go, what I’d do, who or how to meet, how much it would cost, and if it would be worth it.
    I spend too much time indoors, I don’t really care much about the social atmosphere. I do need to get out more, but the question is where?

  67. sniperskaya says:

    Marina, Klaus would not have wanted your vacation to be ruined. Enjoy yourself and celebrate the life he would have wanted you to live.
    (Then again, maybe the shock of seeing you in that bikini gave him a heart attack? There are worse ways to die.)

  68. I was just able to get to a computer to check on a conversation PK and I were having and I see this. Crushing.

    PK helped me with a number of things behind the scenes. And he always, always was my friend. I’m broken-hearted.

    I’ll miss you, Amigo. All of us will.

  69. trunkmonkey says:

    Marina, I was wondering why in English maize is referred to as corn, and not maize as it is by most of the world. What is the origin of the word (Corn)? And my last vacation was a visit to Romania this past April.
    My sympathy goes to Klaus’s family and all who knew him.

  70. leoNard says:

    :sad: My last vacation was to the east pole!…………via the west pole……..

    RIP…KARL… :sad:

    …And I was to tease Marina with her “COOKIE” game and answer-—… she was “tweaking”.. the go go’s can wait…SOUL sad about the Best TA ever of the hot for word thingy :shock: Things have many CHANGES to a kind cyber FRIEND

  71. pat says:

    Wow, that is sad about PendanticKarl. It sometimes seems like cyber people go on forever. We forget we are merely human. PendanticKarl helped me with problems working my way around this site. His comments were always interesting and I saw that he was always helping others out. He was always right there settling a blog argument. Some people come and go without any notice, but even in cyberspace PendanticKarl’s passing will be acknowledged and honored.

  72. swampwiz says:

    Wow. This is teh first time I’ve been able to get a view of Marina’s feet, and I must say that it is very exciting for me. :razz:

  73. pioneering says:

    Who is the cameraman in you video? Lucky guy!

    Also, my condolences to my HotForWords friend PedanticCarl (Klaus).
    He will be sadly missed.

  74. HotForWords says:

    I just called Klaus’s house and yes, he has passed away! A bad heart! I am devastated! He did so much to help me all the time, I just spoke with him via email just 2 days ago, he ran some tests for me! I am literally crying right now! I will have to put together some kind of tribute for him. I am so sad.

    • James says:

      Do you know what happened? :sad: This is terrible. I can’t believe it. I really don’t know what to say.

    • veritanuda says:

      Da.. I feel I missed out on knowing a really good friend. :(

      Not sure what is left to say when the mists of hope have passed away.
      Except what lives is born to die and ours is not to reason why.
      In others memories we only rest, eternity assured to keep the best,
      Kept long after dust is dirt and deaths last pain can no longer hurt

      So sad :(

      Bye bye :(

    • nettehexe says:

      Thank you very much, Marina.. he was my best friend, teacher and alike in spiritual matters. And I have laughed so many times with him like I with no
      one else.

      Thank you- and I think it will be great to put together a video or so.

    • My tribute to Klaus begins right here and now :!:
      Karl was a guy who was really in the game here.
      His creativity and imagination was constantly demonstrated by his works.
      Here is a fine example -> Marina’s Birthday
      In the short time I had getting to know about him, he showed me his friendly nature and kind spirit.
      Salut, Klaus – you will be well remembered. – Doug Shaw

      • James says:

        He never made a video about himself, it was all about everyone else, but mostly Marina, all his tweets, he favourited every single one of her videos. I don’t really know loads of people here, and almost everyone I do has been here longer than I have. Karl was brilliant. Terrible.

    • Chemikal says:

      He was a good friend!
      He helped me planned my trip to America and I just returned hoping to share with him my experiences. This is some blow. I’m not taking this well at all right now.
      Please make a post for our dear friend, PK. He will be remembered.
      God rest his kind and generous soul!

    • PageDoll says:

      I feel sick.
      I don’t even know whaT TO WRITE.
      We will ALL miss you Karl. :cry:

    • Yes beautiful girl… this is a real tear jerker.
      You had become his whole life, and a lot of others now feel the same.
      He was never away from this site for more than 6 or 7 hours.
      One of the the last things we were talking about is the Silent Lucidity song,
      read the lyrics here
      They are completely fitting with the situation.
      I think he knew something was wrong from the last things he was writing on this page.
      I knew something was wrong, the sudden pang of apprehension, I felt it.

    • PaparazziKid says:

      O my god! PedanticKarl died? :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: !!!!????

    • sniperskaya says:

      Too bad. Life goes on. At least for a while…

      • Yes… No one gets out alive.
        Unless in the future you can transfer your consciousness into a computer or replacement body or something?

        We might be the last generation of sad saps that just misses this and all the other unbelievable stuff yet to come.

        • sniperskaya says:

          Вы смотрите слишком много телевидения.

          • Я наблюдаю основном показывает, научная фантастика, но если вы заметили, большинство вещей, которые были невероятные 20 или 30 лет назад, правда сейчас.
            Ваш мозг работает точно так же, как компьютер, и я знаю, что именно поэтому они должны быть изобретены компьютеры. Это не слишком далеко, но я думаю, мы просто пропустите его.
            Я перевел с Google … это было твое прекрасно, кто бы мог подумать, что 30 лет назад?

            @marina Марина не извещение по электронной почте на этой странице, либо

            • sniperskaya says:

              Марина / Марина не упустить время, пока на Ибице смотреть телевизор, как буржуа капиталиста. Только дурак будет смотреть телевидение в Ibiza с женщиной, как Марина / Marina. :lol:

              • Was this for me…

                Marina / Marina not to miss time, while in Ibiza to watch TV, as a bourgeois capitalist. Only a fool would watch TV in Ibiza with a woman, as Marina / Marina

                I don’t get it…. in not in Ibiza?

                • sniperskaya says:

                  Марина в Ibiza на отдых. Вот почему она сказала, что собирается Эс-Ведра.
                  Хотите посмотреть телевизор, пока вы в отпуске, если у вас есть такая женщина, как Марина с вами? Телевидение эскапистские фантазия для буржуазных капиталистов и развлечения для детей и неизлечимо больна.
                  Людей, которых вы говорите о том, чьи идеи породили некоторые вещи, которые мы имеем сегодня такие люди, как Айзек Азимов и Роберт Хайнлайн Ансон. Вода кровати, мобильные телефоны, солнечные батареи, все плодом воображения Хайнлайна.

                  Marina is in Ibiza on vacation. That is why she said she is going to Es Vedra.
                  Would you watch television while you are on vacation if you have a woman like Marina with you? Television is escapist fantasy for bourgeois capitalists and entertainment for children and the terminally ill.
                  The people you are talking about whose ideas gave birth to some of the things we have today are people like Isak Asimov and Robert Anson Heinlein. Water beds, cell phones, solar panels, are all the product of Heinlein’s imagination.

              • I don’t spend all day watching tv. I said I watch a couple of science fiction shows, they are star trek and stargate. They are only on about once per week.
                I work on my website, write computer programs, invent things, play guitar, write songs, come up with new theories and ideas and stay up to date with everything happening in the physics and astronomy world, plus a lot more.

                Isn’t watching videos on the internet the same as a tv show? You even do that. It’s all right in limited proportions.

                Plus the science things I watch include a lot of ideas and actual stories written by the guys you’ve mentioned. They (science guys) are the only creative and inventive ones.

                Just about anything else you watch on tv or in movies (like I always tell my idiot friends) is someone else that is actually doing something with their life. You get nothing out of it.

                p.s. I think you are fluent in two languages. You must have known one then learned the other. Because of this you learned and use mainly unambiguous words and this resulted in your google translations coming through as almost note for note.

                Did you notice that?

                I have to say “I think” because I don’t know russian and you might just be google translating english into russian.
                This is not the case though correct? You know both like marina?

                Я не трачу целый день смотреть телевизор. Я сказал, что смотреть пару концертов научной фантастики, они звездный путь и звездные врата. Они только примерно раз в неделю.
                Я работаю на моем сайте, писать компьютерные программы, выдумывать, играть на гитаре, пишу песни, придумывать новые теории и идеи, и оставаться в курсе всего, что происходит в области физики и астрономии мира, а также многое другое.

                Не смотрят видео в Интернете так же, как ТВ-шоу? Вы даже этого. Все права в ограниченных размеров.

                Плюс науки вещи я смотрю включать множество идей и фактической истории, написанные ребятами вы упоминали. Они (парни науки) являются только творческие и изобретательные.

                Просто ни о чем больше вы смотрите по телевизору или в кино (как я всегда говорю своим друзьям идиот) кто-то еще, что на самом деле что-то делать с их жизнью. Вы ничего не получаете от него.

                постскриптум Я думаю, что вы владеете 2 Языки. Вы должны знать один, то узнали другие. Из-за этого вы и научились использовать в основном однозначные слова, и это привело в Google переводы сквозь как почти нота за нотой. Заметили ли вы, что?
                Я должен сказать, “я думаю”, потому что я не знаю русский, и Ñ‚Ñ‹ можешь быть просто Google перевода английского на русский.
                Это не так, хотя правильно? Вы знаете, как, как Марина?

                • sniperskaya says:

                  Видимо, вы думаете, что я проявлять интерес к вашей личной жизни.
                  Не знаю.
                  Вы думаете, что кто-то говорит на более чем один язык, которым они, вероятно, не американского происхождения.
                  Ð’Ñ‹ имеете право на Ваше мнение…

                  Apparently you think I take an interest in your personal life.
                  I do not.
                  You think because someone speaks more than one language they probably are not of American origin.
                  You are entitled to you opinion…

              • You asked a question “would I” about the watching tv and I simply explained I don’t watch, I do other things. I was answering the question.
                So… you asked, I answered then you say not interested. You just didn’t like the answer because video is the same as tv.

                Where did I say your are not of American origin? You just make things up.

                “You know both like marina?” …means exactly that, nothing about nationality there.

                Isn’t watching videos on the internet the same as a tv show? You even do that.

                I don’t care about your answer, ok? sorry, later.

                p.s. I was only adding to the comment you made “Life goes on at least for a while”, I liked it.


                • sniperskaya says:

                  What I said was “Would you watch television while you are on vacation if you have a woman like Marina with you?”
                  You then proceeded to answer with a long rambling answer about what you do with your time (like I or anyone else here cares). What languages I may or may not know is not important, so why even bring it up? Watching a 2-3 minute video isn’t as bad as wasting a hour or two of your life watching television. I don’t watch TV on my phone.
                  It’s not that I didn’t care for your answer. It was a rhetorical question. I simply don’t care.

                • @sniperskaya
                  No… the first thing you said was…
                  “You are watching too much television.” (that’s actually my personal life that you are not interested in)
                  …and I explained I don’t.

                  Then you changed it to watching TV with Marina in Ibiza? Why?
                  Then you said the non-american thing, but were wrong so you changed it.

                  I brought up the language thing because you always write in two languages and I noticed they translate well.
                  For anyone else that would be a nice thing to hear.
                  You don’t accept any outside information and you only watch marinas 2-3 minute videos and nothing else? Yeah, I believe that.
                  No one cares if you don’t watch TV on your phone.

                  If you don’t care… cool… stop answering.
                  I don’t want to hear anymore.

                  p.s. I was only adding to the comment you made “Life goes on at least for a while”, I liked it. I made a mistake.


    • VenomRocK says:

      @nettehexe I want to thank you too for letting us know.

      Marina, I know you’re really hurtin’ right now as I. I never met Klaus or as I know him, Karl aka pedanticKarl, in person. I’ve had more candid conversations with him over the last couple of months via PMs on here or DMs on twitter and maybe I saw a more relaxed side to him. He helped me out a lot with your site. He was ALWAYS willing to help and was very generous. I’m thinking that this was the kind of person he was. I know he meant a lot to you. Besides being an excellent wordsmith, he was a strong positive force here on HotForWords and he will truly be missed. :sad:

      I can only think of this song off the top of my head.

      My condolences go out to his family and friends. RIP Karl

      For now this is David aka VenomRocK signing off

    • leoNard says:

      :sad: Please accept my condolences :cry:

    • @lordzog also

      Wow… this is a last (word) request…

      And you also have to find out what that…
      “one unique book worth $75 or possibly more.”
      …actually is.

      Maybe Raymond knows?


    • Rijk says:

      damn, i just found out, gave me chills and goosebumps all over.
      i miss pk, he did so much both on the site and behind the scene a lot of pm’s too
      remembering our talks about the redesign of the site and how he always managed to take the positive points of it
      the way he manged to keep the peace on the site

      i’m crying right now too, shit.

      good by my very good friend, i’ll never forget you

      • deluxenn says:

        I feel very sad and I want to join to all kind words which were said and will be saying about pK. I will miss him.
        The reality breaks into our virtuality and takes away the best person.
        It is stupid but I’ll hope that his comments will appear here someday.

    • Evan Owen says:

      “A bad heart!” See, that’s what I thought was fishy about this post: Karl had one of the best hearts I’ve ever known! :shock:

  75. James says:

    Need to watch this tomorrow when I can focus. Marina, stop going on holiday, you have only just got back from England, calm down :lol:

  76. sniperskaya says:

    Marina, BTW, it is pronounced “ES VEDRA”, like the letter “S”, not “ASS VEDRA”! Lol!

  77. sniperskaya says:

    Marina, Марина, я вижу, вы действительно работают до седьмого пота во время отпуска. Я хотел бы рассказать вам, где я в последний раз взял отпуск, но хороший снайпер никогда не отдает его месте! Таким образом, вы находитесь в Эс-Ведра, примерно в 2 км от западного побережья Ibiza, в районе Cala d’Hort, а? (Пожалуйста, просмотрите мой новый аватар.) Жизнь так трудно! Несчастный маленький!
    Кстати, хороший Работа на ноутбуке.

  78. My last vacations were last October. One was a trip to an Aunt & Uncle’s house in New York State (Deleware County)to shoot video of the Fall Foliage there. There is a man made lake down the road for them which has nice reflection shots…………..when the wind is not blowing! The other vacation was in mid-October. It was a stay at home vacation. OK, I didn’t stay at home for 5 days straight! On good weather days I went out around my neck of the woods (Northern New Jersey, Central Park NYC and Southern Rockland Couny New York)to tape more Fall colors. On days that it rained I stayed home and edited the footage. I’ll be doing the same thing this October as well.

  79. nettehexe says:

    Dear Marina and to the hot for words friends: I am sorry to inform you that “PedanticKarl”, whose real name was Klaus, passed away two days ago. I felt, as he was such a fan of yours and so enjoyed being part of the “hot for words” community, he would have wanted this to be known. Klaus was a good friend of mine, and I am very sad…

  80. I was expecting to see one complete day from start to finish…
    Wake up
    brush teeth
    get dressed
    tweak server
    ignore gravityboy
    drive around in skimpy bikini
    lunch somewhere interesting
    investigate word requests
    set up green screen
    make video
    yada yada yada
    get ready for bed
    submit life in a day

    p.s. you look fantastic :mrgreen:

  81. Cyberquill says:

    Nice outfit, but now I must run this clip one more time without looking at the screen so I can focus on what the lady is actually saying.

  82. seesixcm6 says:

    Dear Marina,
    How wonderful that you used two cameras to present a video wearing a nice bikini! Of course, you made me watch! :razz:
    The last time I scheduled a vacation was January, 2010, during my trip to Riverside. There was heavy, non-stop rain the entire two weeks, so I didn’t get to see much of the Inland Empire! I also wanted to try the Blu-Jam Cafe in Los Angeles, but decided to do this, later. :sad:
    Last night, I saw the movie Salt, (Angelina Jolie, Ivan Schreiber, Columbia Pictures, 2010.) It’s an action-adventure movie with lots drama, excitement, chases, fight scenes, plot twists, and it’s well photographed, has great outdoor location action scenes, and Angelina Jolie gets hurt more than I’d like. (I literally winced at some events.) She speaks great Russian and did most of her stunts. She even used some of the Russian words you taught us. :razz:
    I hope you have a safe trip back home to us in California! :mrgreen:

  83. wetsuit5 says:

    Your all alone on the back of Dah Biggg Boooat,talking to a computer and looking extremely hot and sexy.
    What does this mean?
    You didn’t use enought soap after your mud bath?

  84. Lennie says:

    Moving your site to an other server while on vacation is potentially a bad idea of you actually want to enjoy your vacation. ;-)

  85. “Who is that girl in the Foster Grants?” :mrgreen:
    Before anyone beats me saying this, you look very nice in next to nothing – mmm mmm ‘g’ double ‘o’-'d’ good

  86. Timing IS everything :mrgreen:

    Homework: I don’t vacation; I hiatus between projects. My projects take me places (nonExotic)

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