After seeing the trailer for Inception I thought I’d look at the word Inception.

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  1. NicodEAN says:

    I think im always in your dreams ma, the photo on the screen looks like a street in my town where a friend lives and where i go sometimes… Seems like anything you dream of, im living it… That’s weird uh?? ahahah
    Cheek kiss.

  2. look marina, i guess im not that strong to reach your eyes everytime, in fact to be honnest i must know you to reach your eyes… im sad its still not the case for sure!

    For the commencement of something between us, ah, did i ever right that it could actually be a real good adventure to throw me, well in me i guess, id like to investigate something like a begening of anything* with ya!! lol
    and now i can cry ahahah ihih

    • Ok i’ve watched the movie a second time tonight and, i understand or follow the story this time (that’s not what i did the first time…) and your write : it is really awesomly amazing. Im proud by the way of our french actress marion because she’s just perfect in that rôle… and she’s french ahahah.
      What i think of your explaination of the word is that your explaination is brilliant and that the movie itself is brilliant so that your vid’ suit very well the movie it talk about!! :cool:
      To say something of léo as being a man, is that he’s just too cool, he knows reality better than her but it’s his fault so… he’s alone! It’s just brilliant from nollan, or i just like it, i don’t know.
      To say something about what i wrote in the precedent message, i will say that i can now reach your awesomly beautifull intelligent and awesomly charming in my position, eyes!
      So i blow you a sweet dry kiss and say : Have some sweet great dreams bébé!

  3. Nikos says:

    hi miss orlova. i could never control my dreams even if i understood i was dreaming

  4. hi ma!
    i was questionning myself about lucia dreaming and no : i had never get the chance of controlling my dreams (even when i wake up :?: :o ). So that im thinking if theres people who can im asking themselves to put a way to if they know one :lol: lol.
    Actually this film is a hit, i’ve seen it into theaters and i was caught into it all the way, i’ve cried, i’ve smiled (really!!) so that i can say leo is a really grand artist who have a great heart, he can transport the watcher with him and it’s just great.
    See ya, bye!

  5. like this most when Marina falls over. astro dreaming and day dreaming inter lock with the psychic 3rd eye dream state of out of body dreaming astro tripping, as to say

  6. Bennyrick says:

    Hello Miss Orlova.
    I love your shows because they are simple, funny and ofcourse sexy :)
    Just a little note from me. I think this was my fav recent clip in terms of “fashion”.. You are looking gorgeous in the yellow top. :)
    Now that you need to know that, but its nice to be appreciated. :)

  7. certain person always in my lucid dreama !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :roll:

  8. sashku says:

    What do the abbreviations {BC} and {AD} stand for?
    Is BC “before Christ”? How did they make their way to modern English?

  9. Marina has dinner with Andre the Giant :mrgreen:

    Homework: Q – Have you ever pretended to be sick to get out of something?
    A – Not since I was six and tried to get out of my second day of first grade.

    My first day of school, I got in trouble.
    I brought a nail, a piece of wire and a battery
    to class. I put together an electromagnet and was playing with it
    (which was distracting everybody around me ’cause it was more interesting than what the teacher was doing).
    Her only mistake was saying to me:
    “Why don’t you get up in front of the
    class and explain how that works”.
    So, there I was, chalk in hand drawing lines of
    force around a picture of a magnet w/ North and
    South poles, etc – explaining electromagnetism
    to a bunch of six year old kids!
    In the middle of the question/answer portion,
    -she lost it and sent me out into the hall!
    When my Mom showed up, I heard part of the rant from my teacher…
    “He’s talking WAY over their heads!”
    “He’ll end up becoming the President, or the smartest person in his cellblock”
    I am happy to say I did not stoop to being either of those :mrgreen:

    • thematrix75 says:

      That;s interesting I loved Andre the Giant :!: I didn’t know he did any acting :!: Too bad he has died years ago,I think it was something about his heart,and his body growing at to fast of a rate.Peace :!: P.S. You where way over everyboby that was in the classe’s heads, you must have been very smart in school.As for me I was the school’s idiot :lol:

      • I didn’t (don’t) see myself as all that different from other people. I’m just tapped in to the “here and now”.

        Back in preschool. I tried to get ALL the girls into the coat room for music time – heh heh!
        I wanted to bang on the drums, but all they gave me was a couple of sticks to play (Old McDonald’s Farm and suchlike).
        It could have been a lot different if they played Magic Bus :mrgreen:

    • Blockquote…

      “He’ll end up becoming the President, or the smartest person in his cellblock”

      hmmm… I’ve noticed you are very smart and if you think about it… all of these comments are divided up into “cellblocks”. :mrgreen:

  10. Blaine says:

    i would like to request the word {anglewitch}

  11. Naked lunch with Marina!

    Homework: Q: Have you ever dreamed about showing up someplace naked :?:
    A: All the time, babe :!: Usually it’s more fun than embarrassing

    [best Cheech Marin]
    “Hey bay-bee! C’mere – I want to show you something.”
    “HEY!! Where you goin’? Come back! :mrgreen: “

  12. pedanticKarl @pedantickarl ?
    active 1 day, 8 hours ago
    Karl hasn’t been here in more than a day… somethings wrong?

    • VenomRocK says:

      It seems kind of odd. Karl’s been pretty consistent in coming on here for awhile now. Haven’t seen anything from him in 2 days. I think I saw a tweet of his where maybe he was traveling to go to a meeting. I’m not quite sure though.

      • thematrix75 says:

        Yeah I haven’t seen Karl on for the last couple of days either,which is strange because he is on alot of the time :!: I hope he is alright,and is back soon :!: Hello my friend VenomRock how have you been ?Good to see you back on :!:SO anything new,hopefully you have some more cool post’s,you always seem to amaze me with them :!: Peace,and enjoy your day :!: :cool: :x

        • VenomRocK says:

          Black Widow Sex :grin:

          :twisted: Come to the Sabbat
          No wonder children had trouble sleeping back in the 40′s! :lol:

          ….Beautiful Synchronization. :cool:

          • thematrix75 says:

            Very interesting The Black Widow spiders venom can even kill humans :!: The male spider is so much smaller he doesn’t have much of a chance :!: Come to the Sabbat ,this is from Walt Disney?It is called Fantasia.I never knew they put devil worship into a Walt Disney cartoon :!: Where do you keep coming up with all these gems :!: Simply amazing VenomRock Thank you Peace :!: :cool: :smile:

  13. {Schiffahrtswitwenrentenfondssachverwaltungsabteilungsleiterbürotürknopf} Top that.

  14. @marina this page…
    …is frozen in a spot from about ten hours ago on all of my browsers except Opera.
    I can’t figure it out (at all) because I even opened and used safari (which I never use) and went right to the page and it showed from 10 hours ago.

    I cleared all cookies, cache and restarted all browsers but got the same result… only Opera shows the latest page with recent comments and recently active members.

  15. The line height ruins it a little but it looks fantastic in the source code :mrgreen:

    ║║╔╗╬ ╔╔╗╔ ║║║╔╗╔╔╣╔
    ╠╣║║║ ╠║║║ ║║║║║║║║║
    ║║╚╝║ ║╚╝║ ╚╩╝╚╝║╚╝╝

  16. dellforce says:

    :cool: Hi, Marina (or should I say Anita) :) Did you know that at the end of your vid you exhibited a spiritual phenomenon known as {Astral Catalepsy}? That’s when you’re stuck in an unfavorable situation (which usually, in the dream, you perceive as being dangerous) and you feel that you can’t wake up from it. Psychic, Sylvia Brown (on the Montel Williams Show) has said that it’s because you, the spirit, can’t figure out how to get back into the body :shock: She says the solution is to try going back in via the feet up to the head. She said there’s no real danger… it’s only perceived as such in the dream state. It is common for everyone to experience that a few times in their sleeping lives. I know I have. In the dream state the harder you try to wake up out of the danger situation, the harder it is to wake up :x . As with most things in life, it’s much easier if you can just relax and let the solution (or the ability to get out of that situation) come naturally. mmmmMMMMMWWAAAAH :cool: !

  17. Guys pls help! Fishing for barracuda now at night. The prize is 1000$! Any suggestions? The fish is there but not hungry!!!

    Show them this picture… :mrgreen:

  18. Login working again. :cool:
    p.s. Why did you need to know random stuff about number 40?

  19. pedanticKarl says:

    Three Questions:
    1. What do you fear most in your life today?
    2. What do you love?
    3. What makes you laugh?

    Interesting experiment on July 24.
    Life In A Day
    A film to chronicle the world on that one day.
    An experiment in social filmmaking.

  20. pedanticKarl says:

    I just saw an Ad over there on the right for
    Pretty neat. I’ve never used it before. I can call 511 on my cell.
    Way neat. Gotta check it out. Monday I’ve got an early morning meeting near LA, so I’ll definitely check it out.

    Now I had to click the “X” to close the Ajax Edit window after I clicked Save.

  21. pedanticKarl says:

    Word request: {divination}
    Related words: divine, divining (soothsay, predict, foretell, prophecy)

    The word divination has a range of meanings with some granular definitions which most people don’t understand. In practice, from my observations, the word seems to be a lightning rod for highly charged emotions whose polarity runs to the extremes. It would be interesting to see Marina do the etymology of this word or related words.

  22. pedanticKarl says:

    It should be time for zaftrak in Ibiza.
    I loved today’s Russian lesson with Marina.
    Breakfast in Russian.

    Homework: What’s my favorite breakfast food?
    The place down the street has an awesome three egg breakfast over easy,
    hashbrowns, eight extra crisp bacon strips, orange juice, coffee and
    I’m all set to go. Sometimes I mix it up and have pancakes or french
    toast or omelettes.

  23. CheVolay says:

    I can remember having some lucid dreams. It was like having a dream inside of a dream.
    So maybe I only dreamed I had control of my dream. :???: It gets confusing. :???: :shock: :|

  24. Evan Owen says:

    Hi Marina,
    Re your mud-bath twit-pic:
    Next time you’re in Washington State, check out Soap Lake. Many people (including quite a few Russian immigrants) believe the waters and the mud have healing properties. :grin:

  25. PaparazziKid says:

    O gosh, I logged in, and everything was messed up!

  26. Queensryche – Silent Lucidity is a great song…
    But those guys ripped-off another one of my tunes, I think I wrote about it somewhere on hfw… about the beautiful girl in college I gave the tape of my songs to?
    Anyway those guys are filthy skum for doing that. :twisted: :evil:

    p.s. Are getting into someone else mind, remote viewing and E.S.P. actually feasible? Yes… completely. Without giving a lengthy explanation… it works the same way as for instance a wireless computer hookup. You just need the same type of brain configuration or a higher state of awareness that most will never know. This is why identical twins have the special connection.

    All matter in the universe is surrounded by electro-magnetic fields. Your brain synapse give of the same type of waves like radio signals, they are just different frequency.

    A big chunk of “the secret movie” came right from my Flux Particle Theory. “Nothing is solid.”

    Precognition works almost the same way but you would actually know about something before it happens. I know the “why” behind this also but someone else would just steal the idea and publish it in their name as usual… filthy skum :twisted: :evil:

    • pedanticKarl says:

      Love that Queensryche song.
      I know that you meant to say, “The Secret” movie.
      Was the movie a secret or the secret in the movie? :-)
      Are you familiar with any or all of the RVrs? (Swan, McMoneagle, Dames, etc.)

      With respect to what you said (related to precognition), there is a word in the English language that is commonly bandied about in several contexts. The word has maybe only four definitions and in one certain context, it is the most misunderstood word that one can talk about, talk around, and it is a word that most people never fully understand what it truly means. Do you know what word I am thinking of? One of those words is the word predict which many people really don’t fully understand. What is the other word I’m thinking of? I have found the true definition of that word in only one unique book worth $75 or possibly more.

    • Ramsey P. B. says:

      Gravityboy, I find this stuff so interesting. Since we’re not independent of the universe but rather integrated within it as ‘part’ of it, and since we’re conscious of ourselves and conscious of the universe then could we legitimitely ask “is the universe conscious of itself?”
      What is consciousness, self-awareness? What makes up thought and dreams? Is it as tangible as trying to grasp a radio wave or other electromagnetic wave? Is the brain a transceiver/receiver of these waves of it’s own making?
      Like J.B.S. Haldane once said – “The universe isn’t stranger than we imagine. It’s stranger than we can imagine.”
      Gravityboy, have you ever heard of the film What the BLEEP do we know?? It asks some good questions even if it is this quasi-physics sort of documentary trying to explain the nature of thought at the quantum level.

      • pedanticKarl says:

        Yes, very interesting subject and you read my mind as I was also thinking about the film “What the BLEEP do we know?” which is a film title that comes up often in many types of discussions.

      • Wow… I have to dig deeper into that one.

        After reading this…!?
        I remember a couple of people from that Ramtha School emailing me a while back with a lot of questions (to a now defunct hotmail account).

        I still have all the emails from the secret movie girl.
        A big thanks goes out to her for not giving me any credit whatsoever. :twisted: :evil:

        @pedantickarl I know it is the s-movie, no more free publicity for her from me.

        I think people don’t realize my theory is my original work, they think it is “my take”, like a book-report or something?

  27. VenomRocK says:

    Here’s another interesting article on the introduction to Lucid Dreaming including the more or less minor side effects associated with having lucid dreams.

    :| The heroin dose can make one have weird dreams, and sometimes lucid dreams. :???: :roll:

    :cool: I Am The Night :arrow: Colour Me Black ;-)

    • When I eat a banana before I go to sleep my dreams go wild and uncontrollable :mrgreen:

    • thematrix75 says:

      Hello VenomRock,you had a very good article on Lucid dreaming :!: Heroin dose is it legal in Afghanistan ? I loved The Twilight Zone Rod Serling,just cann’t say enough about the man :!: In Coulour Me Black Goober from Mayberry was the deputy lol :!: Mayberry in hell? :mrgreen: I loved the story about the more hate the blacker it got,and stayed that way!Seems like the blackness will never come to a end :!: Is Rod Serling damning all the haters?Thank you for all the cool stuff V. R.Peace :!: :cool: :smile:

  28. pedanticKarl says:

    Over on the right side, I just saw the
    trailer for the movie “The American”
    starring, errr, uhm, the real George Clooney :grin:
    It looks like an interesting movie
    opening Sept 1. Wow, that’s a whole
    month and then some away.

  29. I have to go away for awhile to work something out. When I return it won’t be as Originalistrick.

    “The Beast is dead; long live The Beast!” – Ted Nugent

    Ya’ll take good care of Marina, you hear?


  30. I would like to request the word {Immortal}. Thank you very much for your quality videos. I have learned a lot about the origins of words and phrases that I have never known or would even think to learn.

  31. suprstock says:

    Has anyone noticed , since Marina has become a Go Daddy girl she has gotten more beeutifull ?

  32. Boris: Privyet, Comrade Marine! Deed you take peektures off decadent peoples dancing?
    Natasha: Lyast report sayink Ponyehdelneek night vood be for the clubbing ett Ibiza Privelege, Da?
    Fearless Leader: Vee arr eagerly wantink for to see the peektures!

    So, are you holding out on us?? :mrgreen:

  33. Michael says:

    Ok, I just came back from seeing Inception. It was ok. I wouldn’t rush to the movies to see it, but it would be worth renting when it came out on DVD.I’m pretty tough on movies so you can’t always go by my opinion. The ” idea “, pun intended, is intriguing, the action is a bit far fetched, but I can tolerate that to a point. Out of 4 stars I would give it 2 1/2 possibly 3. A movie i rented recently which I liked better was the 2009 Oscar winning movie for best foreign film was …Departures…It’s Japanese with subtitles , but the screenplay was excellent. I personally love foreign films because of their screen plays. They don’t depend as much on special effects to carry the movie. For them it’s the plot and character development. ;-)

  34. deluxenn says:

    :idea: I prefer the lucid mind instead of the lucid dream :idea:

  35. There is no way this is sexy on any level!

    Rae Dawn Chong made it look good in "Quest for Fire" :mrgreen:

  36. Ramsey P. B. says:

    I wanted to resist the urge to post this. There was a reason I closed my Myspace account and don’t have a Facebook one. It’s just to demonstrate my lucidity and control in dreams.
    Last night was an active one. I recalled five individual dreams. This is the second most lucid one out of the five. (Within each dream there are what I call scenes. In one scene I recall my dream control kicking in.)
    This dream began with me on a commercial jet-liner as a passenger. It must’ve been a small jet like a CR9 because there was only one aisle and only two rows of seats on either side of the aisle. I’m on the center left inner row – not many passengers. We’re on final and just about to touch down. It’s a gray day. I’m looking out one of the right side windows. I can see the outside edge of the runway zooming passed. I feel the main gear touch down, nose gear down, and feel and hear the thrust reversers. For some reason I’m standing through all of this. We’ve slowed down to taxiing speed. In the next scene I’m walking from one gate to another. I must be catching a connecting flight. Not very crowded. The building I’m in appears to be a large hangar, but isn’t. We hear over the PA system a female voice instructing everyone to head outside because there’s a plane on final and has lost it’s ability to steer. It’s heading to the building I’m in. This is where my control comes in. I resist the urge to run and tell myself to stay where I am and to look and listen – better to sidestep and miss falling or hurling debris than to run haphazardly I thought. There’s a whining sound of jet engines spooling – fast then slow then fast. It’s getting higher in pitch. The nose of the plane tears off the far edge of the building. It’s left wing violently slices through and passes overhead me as I stand and watch the surrealism of it all. Simultaneously I notice there’s red on the plane’s body and wonder what livery it is as I tell myself not to take my eyes off of it and to stand my ground as debris hurls toward my general direction. Debris falls around me but never hits me. I quickly think and ask myself- How much of it was chance that nothing hit me? How much was it my decision to not run wildly that prevented myself from getting hit? The dream ends.

    • thematrix75 says:

      Hello Ramsey P.B.your dream sounds very interesting :!: Amazing how you could recall it in such vivid detail :!:The fact that you where able to control your actions,to not run wildly that prevented myself from being hit :!: Other actions as well you controled ,sounds like a lucid dream if I ever heard of one :!: Thank you for sharing your dream here :!: See you later and may peace be with you :!: :cool: :smile:

  37. pedanticKarl says:

    My favorite part of the day is watching the latest Russian lesson with Marina.

    Today, Marina teaches the days of the week.

    ponyehdelneek – Monday
    vtorneek – Tuesday
    srehda – Wednesday
    chetverg – Thursday
    pyatneetsa – Friday
    Soobbota – Saturday
    Voscressehneeyeh – Sunday

    Do you know if lemons grow in Russia?
    Normally, it is said that lemons can grow anywhere except in Russia, Canada and the most extreme southern part of South America.

    But, who knows, with global temperatures rising and new technologies, maybe it is possible to grow lemons on a small scale in Russia. One of our garden nurseries grows flowers up in Alaska where that was not feasible at one time.

  38. pedanticKarl says:

    Here is a great interview with Marina and Russia Today
    regarding the release of the latest action thriller film “Salt”
    starring Angelina Jolie and speculating about Anna Chapman.
    Marina is being interviewed while she is in Ibiza, Spain
    and Marina looks absolutely stunning, gorgeous, smashing and,
    did I mention stunning and gorgeous. I love these live events.

    Anna Chapman sells movie tickets too

    Marina, you and your hair looked absolutely adorable and radiant.
    Tell us about the technology of the video interview.
    Did you use your iMac with DSL Internet, via Skype or some other hookup?
    I love that kind of stuff.

  39. bobsully says:

    OH yes, I’ve perfected lucid dreaming. Although its been quite a while back.

  40. 101criminal10 says:

    looks like a good movie thanks for the recommendation :)

  41. hotrocky says:

    I practiced lucid dreaming for a while and got good at it. I eventually realized that it was a waste of time, so I gave it up.

  42. Ramsey P. B. says:

    E. A. Poe used a mouthful to describe drowning.
    Nope, don’t plan on seeing the film.

  43. Bob says:

    How about hotforwords should use inception to teach Sarah Palin to speak English? :???:

  44. Hey Gorby!

    I’ve got some word requests and a couple of other questions for Marina….I mean beyond the usual sit/stay routine that human people seem to be so hung up on.

    Here goes. First off; the word {indefatigable}. I love the way this word rolls off your tongue….sort of like howling at the moon! But really now, the prefix ‘in’ seems to imply the oppoiste of, so why isn’t the opposite of {fatigable} simply {infatigable}. The secondary prefix ‘de’ would seem to imply an undoing action, such as in defragmenting your disk drive. So does ‘inde’fatigable actually mean the ‘opposite of undoing’ fatigable? What’s that all about??

    Also, what is it with the word {ravel}? The first definition is “disentangle or unravel”. The second definition is to “tangle or entangle”. Am I not getting something here!? If you look at the definition for {unravel} it says to “disentangle”. So do {ravel} and {unravel} actually mean the same thing? Unless of course you mean the opposite in which case they are in fact opposite? How does that work? And I thought the movie ‘Inception’ was confusing!!

    Finally, and on a similar note. When you {debone} a chicken it is then said to be {boned}. In fact, as far as I can tell the act of {boning} and {deboning} are identical!

    This is why whenever the Duceman tells me to sit I just walk away. Half of these words mean the opposite of what they say anyway. You know a dog has to have some freedom of interpretation, you know what I mean!

    That’s it for now. But you got to level with me, dog to dog: What is it with Marina anyway, blonde? brunette? You’re the one that must know for sure!!

    All right Bro…..keep up the good work and tell Marina to give you some more face time on screen….and no more of those embarassing lingerie shots! Have some dignity man!!

    Spartacus Arturo Man-Dog the Magnificent (just call me Sparky like the rest of my buds!)

    PS: Speaking of {sincere} I heard that it came from the greek roots for {sine} and {cera}, which would literally mean “without wax”. I think people are just plain crazy, it’s easier to talk to a freakin’ coyote!!

  45. Heydave says:

    I have to see Inception again. It was almost overwhelming in the theater the first time, too many possible distractions.

    I haven’t been sleeping well lately, so my dreams become fairly indistinguishable form my reality.

    Wow, deep.

  46. Micah says:

    Wow, I finally subscribed! At first I thought you were just some hot model reading from a script somebody else wrote. Then I find out that all of this is just you. YOU ROCK! Living proof that smart and sexy mix. :D

    I was scared at the beginning of the video. I thought you were going to spoil the movie for me and all those who haven’t watched it yet. Good thing you’re not like that :))

    Question: I’ve always wondered where the word {America} came from. I know that some colonized countries get there names from royalty (like how the Philippines is named after King Philip of Spain) but I cannot for the life of me understand who America was named after…if there is a dude whom it got named after. -_-

  47. sniperskaya says:

    Marina / Марина , how about the word “conception”? A woman Cons a man and aw, you know how that goes…

    P.S. – I found you a cute Russian football jersey – Ebay Item number: 330413713905. Would get it for you, but don’t know where to send it… BTW, (Request) why are team shirts called “Jerseys”?

  48. VenomRocK says:

    :razz: Mind fuck movies. They make love to your mind. :cool:

    Here are some reminiscent of ‘Inception.’ :cool: Head tripping.

    Videodrome (1983)
    Natalie Wood’s last film (1983)
    Brazil (1985)
    Dark City (1998)
    The Prestige (2006)

    ….and of course Blade Runner, The Matrix and Fight Club. Dreamscape was already mentioned.

    Way off topic: Mr. Frost :twisted: :mrgreen:

  49. forensicfun says:

    Hi Marina, I love your word lessons. Can you please do the word {bobsled} Why is it called a {bobsled}?
    Thank you,
    Debi in Everett, WA

  50. I would like to know the origin of the word {Stalker}.
    I am perplexed how this word has become so generously used as a term to describe an undesirable person.

  51. Greatest Potential says:

    Lucid dreaming has to do with being more aware of the dream state. Vivid dreams where the dreamer’s ability to recall details that take place within the act of dreaming are richer in clarity and in memory.

  52. Greatest Potential says:

    :smile: stuff that dreams are made of :!:

  53. 2utoday says:

    :mrgreen: I have had some wild and crazy dreams, but I have never been able to control them. I just relax and enjoy the show, like I’m doing now as I watch your video. Amazing, isn’t it?

  54. animalntaz says:

    Sometimes I’m able to recognize that I’m dreaming, that I try to stay in that dream as long as I can and get as much vivid imagination I can from it (or sometimes I try to wake from it). It usually looks depressing and sometimes it surprises me that all that randomly conjures up inside my head.
    Last night I’ve dreamt I got lost in my parent’s large house. It’s weird to dream of family members having big houses or about mansions in particular. I kind of hate dreaming, I don’t have as much imagination as I use to.
    Sometimes I have the ability to fly at will in my dreams, but I can only go about 2-3 stories high and then fly from rooftop to rooftop. At least it’s better than dreaming of flapping my arms in flight, when I was a kid. I can also read full words and sentences in my dreams, whenever I dream of picking up a book. The letters doesn’t appear all scrambled and rearranged as some people have claimed. That always has confused me when I can make out words inside my head.

    • animalntaz says:

      Oh yeah, I’ve also slept walk before (don’t know if I still do). Last time I’ve been known to sleepwalk was back in the army. You know how they say never wake up a sleepwalker? Well that is when I 1st woke myself up, when I konked myself on the side of the head with an empty Gatorade bottle I picked up. I ended up screaming and it woke up my roommate. My roommate was repeatedly yelling out my name through my screams, that I thought I might had been snoring and he was the one who tossed the empty bottle over the cabinets that divided us. So I tossed the bottle on his side of the room and asked if he had anything to do with it, and he swore to God he didn’t.
      We turned the lights on to see the mess had I made, and there was Gatorade splashed almost everywhere. (On my bed, around the bathroom area, his mirror and nightstand.) He paused and laughed a little, and kept asking every now and then, “What the fuck did you do?”
      It’s a good thing the Gatorade bottle was only partially empty, it was his to begin with. I saw he tossed it in the empty trash bin days earlier, and since then piles of paper where thrown on top of it. I had to neatly stack the paper on the floor to get to it. And the Gatorade bottle looked like it had been chewed out of the bottom center. I don’t know how I was able to reach around that part with my teeth and do that. We both spent the middle of the night cleaning the mess I made. He may have forgotten about it by now.

  55. pat says:

    Like others have said, when I was young I could psych myself into controlled dreaming. My friendlier dreams always had a secondary figure from a television show. I had one that had the secretary from the Dick VanDyke show(Rose Marie). It also involved a menacing goblin on the roof. Now dreams come and go with hardly any notice. Lucid dreams always seem to get interrupted by phones, dogs, screeching tires, etc. And it’s always at the good part like when you’re about to give M.O. a big SMOOCH. I talk and throw punches in my sleep but it never seems to be related to a dream. My brother spoke Latin in his sleep. Dreaming or Awake

  56. hitoshi says:

    i saw inception yesterday. and i found myself sleeping in the middle.

  57. arafin says:

    Some folks can have lucid dreams naturally but it is a skill which anyone can learn. Here is the link to an excellent website on the subject called “Dream Views”.

    Sweet Dreams,


  58. Evan Owen says:

    Word requests: {hotel} {hostel} {hospital}

    Marina, how do you like the {hotels} in Spain? How do they compare with the ones in Cannes? :grin:

  59. James says:

    Notice those tan lines Marina, did you get them on holiday in England? :lol: You couldn’t if you tried!

  60. Evan Owen says:

    Word request: {squeamish}

    Not that the etymology is fascinating, but it would make a cute lesson.

    Yesterday I started picking ants out of the honey jar, and my 12-year-old daughter said, “Ew, Daddy, just throw it all out!” I replied, “Don’t be {squeamish}, what’s a few ants when honey is just bee spit?” :razz:

  61. Happy vacation, Marina. :grin: Have fun at all the fiestas. :cool:

  62. MCLIJazz says:

    I have never been able to control my dreams.

  63. Samuel says:

    when i’m asleep and someone ask me. i give logical answers which i’m no more aware of when i’m awake. like my father says to me you’ve won the prediction-game, or a fellow student you’ve gave the right answer to the matematical question. i was very surprised because i can not remember this at all. :cry: and my last girlfriend (no strong relationship) blamed me cause i had send her out of the room, as she wants to meet me, when i was asleep.

  64. BigBhd95 says:

    My Dearest Teacher ;-)

    I am not able to control my dreams :shock:

    however I would love to control your dream of our wild ride on my hog :lol:

    ironically my better half & I are going to see inception in Imax this very afternoon :!

    Hope you are having a ball ( or two ) on your trip your tan says yes you are :oops:

    :cool: B.B. :cool: xoxo

  65. pedanticKarl says:

    Monday night at club Privilege in Ibiza.
    Be there or be square.
    Tiësto & HotForWords, dayum I’m going.

    A video from two years ago Tiësto opening at Privilege.
    Tiësto opening night at Privilege – Ibiza 7.7.2008

    Tiësto Residency at Privilege in Ibiza 2009

  66. thematrix75 says:

    Excellent video Marina!The ending was funny when you fell over!No I never been able to control my dreams.I like the idea of popping into your dreams anyday!That was a great choice the word Inception!Nice topless outfit,you also have a nice tan!See you all later,have a nice day!Peace :!: :cool: :smile:

  67. thoughtonfire says:

    Dear HotForWords,

    I will be avoiding watching this movie. The reason is because I have something called Depersonalization Disorder. Another term for it is Derealization Disorder. Some sufferers of DP/DR feel like they are literally living in a dream. So watching this movie would be a big mind fuck for me. It looks like it will be a badass movie though! Enjoy :mrgreen:

    And I used to be into Lucid Dreaming. You can learn a lot about it here: They also have a forum that is really active.

    The funny thing is, I didn’t ever have lucid dreams while trying to have them. But as soon as I stopped trying, I got a couple of them. Most of my dreams these days are precognitive. I dream of the next day mostly. About 65% of the time I know that I am dreaming, but it doesn’t become lucid dreams where I can control the dream, but I still know it’s a dream.

    Your Student,

  68. So, this is what Marina is up to :mrgreen:
    PRIVELEGE, Ibiza

  69. Ramsey P. B. says:

    I dream a lot. I could write so much on the topic here. I could break my dreams down into categories and sub-categories, and so on – recurring dreams, dreams of meeting deceased loved ones, jamais vu dreams, dreams where emotion trumps dream imagery.
    The oddest part of dream control is not only do I control myself in the dream, in some rare cases, I control the actions of others in the dream. I think it and it happens… in the dream.
    Nearly every dream I have is a lucid one. My dream recall and dream control is so strong that I actually begin to act out the dream. (Paralysis of sleep is supposed to stop this.) I’ve thrown punches in my dreams while actually throwing a punch. The same goes for kicking. I’ve had to replace the glass in windows and patch up holes in sheet-rock walls. I’ve even fallen out of bed wrestling with the pillow. I’ve yelled out words that I yell in my dream. Maybe the dream was controlling me.
    My dreams are so emotionally charged. I’ll experience jamais vu – the feeling I’ve never been to a place that I’ve been too frequently. More accurately – it’s a new, better, emotion tied to a place I’ve been to before, but doesn’t seem so at all.
    Then I’ll recall forgotten dreams that I remembered from something triggered through my senses. A rush of emotion enters me the way a song or smell recalls a long forgotten emotion. ‘Redintegration’ is what that’s called. I think this is where déjà vu originates from.
    The other side is sleep paralysis which I’ve also experienced. I’ll be dreaming and awake but can’t move. I want to open my eyes but can’t. I want to scream but can’t. I want to bend myself at the waist and rise up but can’t. It feels like there’s someone on my chest holding me down. I feel like I’m tied up with little room for movement. I fight and fight and finally I break out of it.
    My dreams are lucid and vivid and I can recall trivial details.
    This is getting long. So I’ll end here. I loved what Joseph Campbell said about dreams and myth, – “Dreams are private myths while myths are public dreams.” I also remember Carl Jung calling dreams ‘the guardians of sleep’.

    Some dreams are too beautiful for words. Silent Lucidity

    • Michael says:

      As an adult I don’t remember most of my dreams, but the ones I do are always weird, the strangest circumstances, and seldom are the people in my dreams people I know…they are ususally total strangers.

      • Ramsey P. B. says:

        I know exactly what you mean. I think these dreams are called ‘dreams of the absurd’ or ‘absurd dreams’. I’ve had quite a few of these myself where I’ll meet complete strangers. In the dream, some know who I am, others are as much strangers to me as I am to them.

    • thematrix75 says:

      Hello Ramsey P.B. How are you doing?You can dream lucid dreams,that is cool.I myself never have been able to.Great quotes by Joseph Campbell,and Carl Jung I loved them both.I also loved the Queensryche video Silent Lucidity!Thank you Ramsey P.B. Peace :!: :cool: :smile:

      • Ramsey P. B. says:

        Hey matrix75, yeah, I can. On the very rare occasion I’ll confuse something in ‘dream-life’ for waking life. An example – I remember there was a phone call I was supposed to make. I thought I had made it. In actuality I hadn’t. I remembered I had, but only in the dream. It’s not exactly a false memory. I heard someone once say that the subconscious mind can’t tell the difference between what is real and what’s imagined.

        Glad you liked the video. I love that song.
        Peace (~_^) V

    • VenomRocK says:

      :lol: Did you know that back in the day for the album ‘Empire’ by Queensryche, people thought that ‘Silent Lucidity’ was the best Pink Floyd song that Pink Floyd never wrote or performed. :cool:

      • Ramsey P. B. says:

        :grin: I never heard it put that way before. I do remember a lot of people comparing this song to some of Pink Floyd’s material. It had to be the long “I” in Comfortably Numb and in this song (Silent Lucidity), and the voices in the bridge of Silent Lucidity with the voices Floyd used in so many of their albums. Gilmour in particular uses a lot of long notes in vocals. There’s No Way Out of Here.

        • VenomRocK says:

          Yeah, some people said it was a burn on Pink Floyd. I never saw it that way. Pink Floyd’s great and Queensryche is excellent at what they do. ;-)

          Here’s another Gilmour song that stands out to me.

          Murder Extended Version :cool:

  70. I have not had a bream sense I was 10 years old :sad:. Maybe because I have a bunch of dream catchers in my room what do you think? Oh by the way thanks for sharing the word of the day with us Marina. Like every one says you learn something every day Ha Ha.

  71. iluv2cutfarts says:

    To my most dearest hotforwords Hottie Girl!

    Marina! Very well done my dear Teacher! I would have to say that I have been lucky in life, because I am able to pop out of my dreams pretty quick, if I have a nightmare or something that seems like I might be in danger, while dreaming.

    Until next time, I remain faithfully yours…




  72. I don’t have the ability to control my dreams. I also find the idea of DeCrappio entering my dreams revolting!

  73. Michael says:

    When I was 10yrs old I had a dream. I went to a river. On the other side waiting for me on horseback were these girls dressed in green jump suits. I had to ride a raft to cross the river, mount up on the horse they had for me and off we’d go. In this land there were girls 14-16, all attractive, which were separated into tribes according to the color of their jump suits. So there were those in green, red, blue, yellow, black… etc. There would be adventures that we’d take part in. There was never any sex or romance in these dreams, but the interesting thing was that I could go there at will. I would lay down to go to sleep and make my mind only think of going to this place…I would hold the thoughts until I drifted off to sleep, and each time I would be standing at the river…looking at the girls waiting for me on the other side, crossing the river on the raft, and off we’d go on another adventure. I was escorted back to the river at the end. I didn’t do this every night, but on and off for about 2 years. I have never done this since being an adult. Maybe I should go back and see if they’re still waiting for me to return. It would be interesting to see if in the dream the girls became women or whether they remained as they were as in Peter Pan’s Never Never land.

    A phrase I would like you to investigate is { off the cuff }. Thanks!

    P.S. I actually think you look much more pulchritudinous with that hair color.

    • Ramsey P. B. says:

      Wow – this is really interesting.

      • Michael says:

        The shame is I can’t remember any of the specific adventures. I do remember that they mainly had to do with tribal conflicts. Typically, the girls with the black jumpsuits were always into mischief…how stereotypical huh? Like the guys who wore the black hats in the western movies. One thing I do rememberwas that one of the ” greenies ” sat up on this high wall , and she would never come down. Whatever she needed was passed up to her. I remember that I always would stop to talk to her when I passed by her, but I don’t remember any of the conversations. Thinking back it was just amazing that I could go there whenever I wanted. I am going to try and see if I can do it again tonight.

        • Ramsey P. B. says:

          I can’t resist when it comes to interpreting others’ dreams. It’s hard to do because I need to know the individual. Example – fire in a dream can mean warmth to one person, while it can mean destruction to another. (“Fire and water make great servants but lousy masters” – I forget who said that.) Yet fire is archetypal because it exists throughout generations and across cultures. It has a collective symbolism.

          Anyway, I’m not an expert. My formal training is in biology -specifically, marine mammalogy. I did have a cellular bio instructor who believed dreams were nothing more than electro-chemical neural activity clearing out the junk of the day’s memories.

          Your dream is like transitioning from childhood into adolescense – the crossing of the river. Especially since you’re traveling to a land of tribal girls. :mrgreen: Makes me think of cliques in high school. Yeah, I’d be interested in knowing if you could. And if you did, what it was you found. It would so cool if you could recall a specific adventure or conversation.

          • Michael says:

            Well, these times in my life were very difficult for me emotionally. There was a lot of personal things that I was dealing with and I think this place was a safe place for me to escape. I would agree with you that there are aspects of a right of passage here. There are several aspects to the dream that have always intrigued me. The thing about the colors. Maybe it was an easy way to categorize these tribes. I do remember that they each had their own characteristics. The ” greenies” were peace loving, and they were always the ones that met me on the other side. The ” blackies ” were always the troublemakers. The ” yellows ” were a fun loving group. I can’t remember much of the others. I’ve always wondered about the significance of the jumpsuits. I mean you don’t usually see folks living their lives in jumpsuits…lol. They were totally covered…long sleeves, buttoned up to the top. They were gorgeous too. There wasn’t a plain one in the group. Now , I’m a libra, so I love beauty, which may explain that. Another oddity is that there wasn’t any romantic episodes, and there wasn’t one that I was closer to. Interesting…I work with kids that have learning disabilities, so I work closely with psychologists. I wanted to talk to the school psychologist about the dreams to see if she could shed some insight…but when she heard that it was a land of only women she didn’t want to discuss it anymore…LOL…I didn’t even get to tell her there was no sex involved. I think she was worried it was going to get inappropriate…

            • Michael says:

              Love the reference to Reservoir Dogs :grin:

            • Ramsey P. B. says:

              Hey Michael,
              I’m just reiterating what you wrote. Yeah, I think these are color-coded personality traits and characteristics.
              Maybe that they were female had more to do with the generalized nurturing aspect attributed to women. (I remember a quote that went, “Men want a mother in the kitchen, a sister in the playroom, and a whore in the bedroom.”)
              You wrote they were totally covered. A jumpsuit covers everything but the hands, feet and head. If one were to attribute a color to a specificity a jumpsuit would make the perfect garment. They were completely colored.
              I think the most important part was that it was a place of comfort, fun and safety. It was a place of good emotion… and a place you remember fondly.

  74. Thought-provoking lesson (there’s a joke buried in there..)

    (…and in there…)

    (…and in there…)

    (…etc. ad infinitum…)

  75. Dear Teacher,

    Cool vid; I had forgotten about that definition of inception, since it’s used so infrequently. You continue to educate while entertaining. Luvit.

    I’ve experienced lucid dreaming several times and it’s a really captivating experience, but I haven’t figured out how I got to that state, so I can’t yet experience it at will.

    If I could inject myself into your dreams, however, I definitely would catch you if you fell. Wouldn’t want to put that cute and valuable cranium of yours at risk.

    Love to Teacher,

  76. eddydraks says:

    I’ve had lucid dreams. More when I was a kid do but it still happence every now and then, when I can remember my dreams anyway. I’ve also have had dreams when I realize I’m dreaming and then forget that I’m dreaming.

  77. annuddermale says:

    I am seldom lucid, so therefore I cannot say I’ve dreamed lucidly. :cool:

  78. wetsuit5 says:

    Love the ending Marina.
    Circa “Get Smart”.
    But I don’t think anyone could resist you as 99.

  79. fglrx says:

    The video was very informative indeed, thank you Marina!

    I had lucid dreams a few times, but it was happening only when I was withdrawing from antidepressant drugs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors). The lucid dreams were happening during falling asleep and awakening, but I was experiencing also very vivid daydreams, close to halucinations :| The phenomenon is callled REM rebound and caused by a drastic increase of the REM in the general amount of sleep after the long-lasting suppression related to the high rate of serotonin in the midbrain.

    Most of my night dreams are full of blood, violence, decaying corpses, graves and other horrible things. I don’t want to experience any lucid dreams in such an environment.

    • Evan Owen says:

      Hi fglrx,

      You can SLEEP while taking SSRIs? :razz:
      In my experience, an antidepressant that causes sexual dysfunction is a contradiction in terms. :lol: ( :cry: )

      Some people get good results from taking tryptophan or 5-HTP, natural precursors to serotonin.

      The idea behind lucid dreaming is to be aware that the blood and corpses are only a dream. That awareness makes the dream less stressful. :smile:

      • fglrx says:

        In my experience, an antidepressant that causes sexual dysfunction is a contradiction in terms

        Yes, but for someone who has no sexual life it can be a very positive extra value.

        The idea behind lucid dreaming is to be aware that the blood and corpses are only a dream. That awareness makes the dream less stressful

        I think not always. Once when I had such a dream I was aware that’s “only” a dream and I was able to change one horror scenery to another one but I can neither wake up nor transform the dream into something nice… and that was stressful. :|

  80. Evan Owen says:

    Homework: Lucid Dreaming

    Carlos Castaneda vividly described the process of learning lucid dreaming and dream manipulation in The Art of Dreaming. :cool:

    Years ago, I practiced a technique for producing lucid dreams, and ended up in dream states more vivid than reality. :shock: Which might not be saying much, as I tend to be day-dreamy while awake. :lol:

  81. Evan Owen says:

    Great time to review a related lesson:

    Incubi and Succubi :shock:

  82. deluxenn says:

    Привет студенты! Добрый день, любимая училка :grin:
    What I missed? I must check it all, some later..
    if an inception is a beginning of the beginning. I mean we have the beginning and the end but what was before the beginning.
    Usually, we think what will be after the end. If we take the inception as a start of the beginning, what it will be? Is it a dream but what gives it to us? Is it God’s will or something else? :twisted:
    Yes, I could control my dreams when I was sleeping, it was in my childhood and I loved it. Now, Dear Teacher heartlessly controls my dreams.
    My Dear Teacher, if you don’t like my nice naked photos that I emailed to you, could you give it to your sister? :evil:

    • Evan Owen says:

      Привет, deluxenn, welcome back! :grin:

    • fglrx says:

      My Dear Teacher, if you don’t like my nice naked photos that I emailed to you, could you give it to your sister?

      Maybe she should give it to her gay friends, because the most of women are interested in other man’s assets than the physical traits (luckingly!), and men remain men even if are gay :)

      A woman that depends too much on aesthetics in relationships sooner or later realizes that she is a lesbian :)

  83. Homework: Lucid dreaming – yes I have done that before. :mrgreen:
    It happens to me when I’m already dreaming and light, noise or the animals romping on the bed brings me to a semi-awake state. Here’s a site that sells Lucid Dreaming Glasses.
    I could take things in my dream and will them to turn how I wanted them to instead of the usual Freudian weirdness.

    The movie Inception looks like a rehashed idea taken from the movie Dreamscape (1984).
    They didn’t have all the CGI back in ’84 that there is now…

  84. swampwiz says:

    This is interesting coming from Marina, and so contemporaneous with the Russian espionage scandal. Back in the 80′s, there were Soviet spies trying to get American high technology defense secrets, so the CIA came up with a ploy to have spies (like the one DiCaprio plays) give up bogus information. This information, however, was very detailed and real, except for a few areas which would cause the Soviet engineers to fail to reconstruct, but that could not be figured out. So instead of just not having the information, this play actually caused the Soviets to waste effort trying to put together what was intentionally sabotaged information! :lol:

    Oh Marina, how about in the spirit of the current better relations between our peoples, that we try to do a CONception to celebrate? :razz:

  85. wasnme says:

    hmmmm.. weird… dreamed wif u other day… maybe u incepted me! 2 get views!? :shock:
    :lol: now im curious, gonna hav 2 see the damn movie

  86. samuel3d says:

    The last time I had a dream was 18 years ago when I went back 65 million years ago to save the Dinosaurs. I know it sounds silly but it felt real. I went back to try and save them. please don’t laugh. it was just a dream. I would tell you the rest but it’s a loooong story. :|

    Samuel. :cool:

  87. leoNard says:

    Good word!…the start to the end :lol: INCEPTION rocks! I’ll let you dream of me, if you let me dream of you :lol: I think :???: Bob Dylan – Talkin`World War III Blues (live)….Some time ago a crazy dream came to me,
    I dreamt I was walkin’ into World War Three,
    I went to the doctor the very next day
    To see what kinda words he could say.
    He said it was a bad dream.
    I wouldn’t worry ’bout it none, though,
    They were my own dreams and they’re only in my head.

    I said, “Hold it, Doc, a World War passed through my brain.”
    He said, “Nurse, get your pad, this boy’s insane,”
    He grabbed my arm, I said “Ouch!”
    As I landed on the psychiatric couch,
    He said, “Tell me about it.”
    :lol: there’s more–

  88. Hello, Miss Marina.
    The 20 second long annotation at the introduction says, “Thumb up of you…” It should be “if”. ;-)

    Daydreaming is a common form of lucid dreaming.

    • Evan Owen says:

      Yeah, my wife noticed all my faults too. Wrecked the marriage. :evil:

      • Hello, Evan.
        I point out to people when their shoes are untied. It is their choice if they feel I am pointing out their flaws, or if choose to fix the problem. I have done my moral duty by informing them. While I would hope they would fix it to avoid a bigger future problem, it is none of my concern if they trip and fall flat on their face.

        I have NEVER known of a marriage to be wrecked by one partner pointing out things the other needed to improve upon. I have known of marriages to be wrecked by one partner refusing to fix problems even when they were made aware of them.

        Pointing out typographical errors in a professional work to a spouse pointing out personal faults is like comparing apples to oranges anyways. Miss Marina has chosen the profession of making her videos. Typographical errors will damage them by making them appear amateurish. (If someone doesn’t care enough to correct typos, how could they care enough to make a quality video?)

        I pointed out the typo in the hopes it would be corrected so as to help Miss Marina avoid an embarrassing situation. It is her choice if she chooses to heed my constructive criticism, or if she chooses to take it as a personal insult.

      • pedanticKarl says:

        Appropriately enough, today’s quote
        at the far lower right says:

        “Happiness is good health and a bad memory.”
        - Ingrid Bergman 1917-1982

        One of the secrets of a great marriage is selective memory;
        - have a bad memory at remembering and noticing faults which prevents nitpicking.
        - have an excellent memory at remembering the important dates.

  89. pedanticKarl says:

    Funny ending, that was sooo funny.
    Excellent lesson Marina! Loved the lesson!!!

    I tweeted one of the movie’s tag line yesterday morning.

    “A single idea within one’s mind can be
    the most dangerous weapon or the most valuable asset.”

    Regarding lucid dreaming and control? Yes :-)
    One dream actually manifested into meeting
    one of your acquaintances, but not you.

    • pedanticKarl says:

      By the way Marina, I love the
      brightly colored top with lace
      and your hair looks divine.

    • Evan Owen says:

      Hi Karl,

      Off-topic (or back to an earlier one), but I got to thinking about our friend Joachim Neumann (aka Neander) & remembered some interesting history.

      After Rome collapsed, the Visigoths invaded western Europe and settled in Spain. Result: there’s a whole raft of Spanish names of Germanic origin:

      Alberto Albert
      Alfredo Alfred
      Armando Hermann
      Carlos Karl
      Eduardo Edward
      Enrique Heinrich
      Federico Frederick
      Fernando Ferdinand
      Guillermo Wilhelm
      Joaquin Joachim
      Osvaldo Oswald
      Ricardo Richard


      • pedanticKarl says:

        Very interesting history and the etymologies of the names of the tribes, given names and surnames would be very interesting. I wonder if the origin of Oswald might refer to “east forest”. Refer to the etymology section of the wiki article. One of the tribes the Tervingi is thought to mean “forest people” and the name Visigothi is thought to be coined by Cassiodorus who combined “Visi” and “Gothi” and intended to mean “west Goths”.

        This wiki has a large article on the Visigoths and footnoted with lots of sources.

        • Evan Owen says:

          That’s some serious history. I’ll read it more thoroughly later. Right now the sun has finally come out and there are rivers to explore. Canoe what I mean? :mrgreen:

          Afterthought: this ties in with M’s trip to Ibiza, doesn’t it? I guess my comment wasn’t so off-topic after all! Is Marina “Basque”-ing in the sun? La luz, it tan ya! :mrgreen:

          Oh, BTW, re the Moorish invasion, the “guadi” in Spanish place names (esp. rivers) comes from the Arabic wadi, meaning “stream” or “arroyo” or something like that. (Too hot & lazy to look it up.) :roll:

      • nettehexe says:

        Hi Evan- they are not all of German origins these names-

        Joachim is maybe from the Hebrew origin.

        By the way: here is my e-mail address:

  90. billyinc1 says:

    Thanks Marina for info regarding the movie. I most certainly do wish I could control my dreams but to this point in my life I have not been able to do so. Maybe I will get Lucky in the future and be able to control my dreams; if so I have a ton of things to dream about You being one for sure. ;-)

  91. VenomRocK says:


    No, I can’t say I’ve ever been able to control my dreams.

These are facebook comments below.


Not your typical philologist! Putting the LOL in PhiLOLogy :-)