Here is the origin of “bully”. It didn’t start out being such a bully!  Oh, and please thumb up, comment and favorite over at YouTube to help the video. :-)


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  1. NicodEAN says:

    I saw that this vid’ is so much made for me ma ma am ma ma mama ma mam amama aam mma ma! i still sink into your eyes, it’s….. a little VETY bright so, it’s a bit difficult right now.
    But, yeah i see that m starting to right bullshits …

  2. Divine Miss M:
    Here’s a test for teacher. Where do the following phrases come from? {going balls out}, {going balls to the wall}, and {freezing the balls off of a brass monkey}.
    And, because I like you, here’s two hints: (1) they all deal with transportation, though different kinds, and (2) they have nothing to do with testicles.
    /s/ Your most obedient student.

  3. john says:

    and please say women that have nice boobs and dont like that other looking at :) all womens like it

  4. john says:

    so why u saying thats nasty coments marina ? ;-)

  5. john says:

    When i looking this video , Marina is making me sick, how she can said its nasty comment – there one sole reason why people looking hotforwords, yes boobs, so how she can say its nasty comment, SHE WANT THE COMENT BE NASTY, BECAUSE SHE LIKE WHEN PEOPLE LOOK AT HER BOOBS , how i can guess it? i can guess it because she always in clothes when all peoples almost can see her boobs :), other reason she want the coment be nasty – she photosnaping on calendar and other items , items that ALL people can read, look, and more. Because all kisses on yotube, how, subscribe hotforwords channel, kiss, and more, i dont want to write more because i can hurt marina with my comments and i cant explain all that what i think t because i’am not so good in english, but yea, iam agree with comment there one sole reason why people looking hotforwords, because she is beautiful, and have nice boobs. :) marina u are very beautiful

  6. Samuel says:

    you are not stupid-sexy like a lot of girls are but you are prudent-sexy. i really like it. and i don’t say this because you know a lot of words. stupid persons can also learn a lot of words. you know?
    (there are also girl who are mean-sexy they are criminals!)

  7. AppFlak says:

    I’m not that hot but I am sexy

  8. AppFlak says:

    just planted an avo tree :-)

  9. leoNard says:

    “The Dark Ages are the time between when you put away the Lego for the last time as a kid and [when] you decide as an adult that it is okay to play with a kids’ toy.”
    Hillel Cooperman~~~~~~~~A second opinion on learning disorders ~~~~~~~~~education beyond work, soul is now! :cool:

  10. veritanuda says:

    No dear Amher Rose … you as SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO a BOT. Talk about shameless spamming. Don’t worry though. Pretty soon your account will be pulled and you won’t even be a memory.

    Bye bye..

  11. Thorsten says:

    Writing something nice about you (or the vid)… that’s not so hard. Even if some may sa< I'm dropping slime everyway: You are georguous, inteligent AND funny. I think that's a very rare combination, most people are happy when they get one of threeand excited if they got two in a row.

    Speaking of rows: Maybe you explained it already and I'm to blind (or to lazy) to find it (it's 2:30 in the morning, so…) where comes {rush-hour} from? As far as I know nobody rushes then…

  12. jp says:

    back once again for one last post today for everyone until i may return to comment with my new fellow comment friends, i have so much work to do this week.

    but anyway, i just rediscovered this track on Youtube and realized that it explains everything about me better than anything that i could ever express myself. i must have listened to it a zillion times back in the day as it is a total classic. what’s also funny is that i make mixes under a similar artist name and never fully understood the influence until this very moment.

    please check it out if you have a second, the message is essential.



    • leoNard says:

      Gardeners unite…under one sky~ :smile: …Can – Mother Sky

      “Do you think that herbs or charms Can force the will? Some trials have been made In this foolish practice, but the ingredients Were lenitive poisons, such as are of force To make the patient mad; and straight the witch Swears by equivocation they are in love. The witch-craft lies in her rank blood. This night I will force confession from her. You told me You had got, within these two days, a false key Into her bed-chamber.”

      John Webster (1580?-1634). The Duchess of Malfi.

      …the sound brain is health… :lol:

  13. BigBhd95 says:

    Hi Dearest teacher :smile:

    hope you had a good return trip

    from across the pond ( even though you were side by side

    with jamesington the 111 ) :lol:

    why is there a three hour lag in responses :?:

    r u posting a new vid :shock: :roll: :mrgreen: B.B.

  14. matalexwolf says:

    “Sometimes a scream is better than a thesis.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson 1803-1882

    Screeeeeeeeeaaaaaaming a biggy HFWs!!!!! In light of the fact, you arrived in London Town with out wanting to just say hello, I found my self in a silent slumber knowing that you were just up the road from me! And out of respects, for you, that you didnt invite, or too busy or a possible court order against me, caused GO GO big sulk mode! Unreal and such a heart breaker. Thought you could have done a meet up in town hour for your uk fans M, especially for the ones who love you! hhhmmmppppffff. Fine!

    So, got thinking about the phrase/ word(s), upset. If you’re up, that relates to good and high. Upbeat, things are looking up….. Never hear downset, which is more fitting, to a sad moment, not upset! So, I am upset that you are/ were here in town (happy) but upset we did not meet up (nearly three years worth very sad!!) so upset!!

    dunno what to think or BELIEVE now!!!!! ….its you and PK again, playing my heart and mind all for fun…thought so last time! Well, fine and fine fine fine again, just fine. I will kindly ask you for my heart back M, PK my mind you may return in a peaceful state please, thank you so much!

    Hotforwords….hhhmmppff…Hot for nothing…..(many mutterings and mumbles…..little grunts and groans…..)

    muted smile here!

    o and another thing….be well.

    • leoNard says:

      {terrible}…Jah should have given her part of the {EMPIRE} :smile: Bird DogKeep the Spirit and be happy :sad:

      • matalexwolf says:

        OOPS again? O, yeah….fell for it again you mean ;)

        • leoNard says:

          “Women of fashion and character–I do not mean absolutely unblemished–are a necessary ingredient in the composition of good company; the attention which they require, and which is always paid them by well-bred men, keeps up politeness, and gives a habit of good-breeding; whereas men, when they live together without the lenitive of women in company, are apt to grow careless, negligent, and rough among one another.”

          Philip Dormer Stanhope, 4th Earl Chesterfield (1694-1773). British statesman, man of letters. [Written to his godson, who eventually became his heir and successor.] Letter (December 4, 1765).

          • matalexwolf says:

            Naturally! Would be an honour to suddenly go from a careless boy to a perfect Gentleman. Become more of a man than could ever be with out. To rid selfishness in a single heart beat. A selfishness replaced by unconditional devotion for his hearts desire. A Gentleman is set free forever when two souls become one. The dream of living is then over, as living the dream shines on…….

            Row row row your boat, gently down the stream…….

      • matalexwolf says:

        LOL – Empire!!! wasn’t me!!! living in the past wont last!! Love the brothers, dad played them loads…..brill cream looking so smart too, singing from the heart, as it should always be :) …till I kissed her….hhmmm…..my kisses have been saved!!!! Spirit much happy, having learnt so much about that, just too late for some! Happy, of course, I love me so much it hurts I can go date myself!! And you be well Mr LeoNard, has been a pleasure reading your posts :)

  15. newty74 says:

    Hotforwords I’d like to know the origin of the phrase {The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago}.

  16. leoNard says:

    ~~Lyrics: David Bowie ~~ ;-)

    Fame, (fame) makes a man take things over
    Fame, (fame) lets him loose, hard to swallow
    Fame, (fame) puts you there where things are hollow
    Fame (fame)

    Fame, it’s not your brain, it’s just the flame
    That burns your change to keep you insane (sane)
    Fame (fame)

    Fame, (fame) what you like is in the limo
    Fame, (fame) what you get is no tomorrow
    Fame, (fame) what you need you have to borrow
    Fame (fame)

    Fame, nien! it’s mine! is just his line
    To bind your time, it drives you to, crime
    Fame (fame)

    Could it be the best, could it be?
    Really be, really, babe?
    Could it be, my babe, could it, babe?
    Could it, babe? , could it, babe?

    Is it any wonder I reject you first?
    Fame, fame, fame, fame
    Is it any wonder you are too cool to fool
    Fame (fame)

    Fame,bully for you, chilly for me
    Got to get a rain check on pain (pain)

    Fame, fame, fame, fame, fame, fame, fame, fame, fame, fame ,fame, fame, fame, fame, fame, fame, fame, fame, fame, fame, fame, fame, fame
    What’s your name?

    Feeling so gay, feeling gay

  17. russell says:

    Hi Hot for words
    the word i am wondering about is {Accapella, Accapella, A Cappella} where does it come from and mainly which is the correct spelling
    thanks for taking the time to read this :)

  18. Hello, HFWs
    I would like to suggest the word {pulchritudinous} as in, Hotforwords is pulchritudinous.


  19. errin says:

    On a side note, what’s with the dark grey font on a dark grey background? I can’t even read my own post. The only thing we should be straining our eyes at here is Marina’s beauty. lol

  20. errin says:

    Victim of a bully? Hardly. I’m more like a sweetheart for girls into bullies. Consentual bullying, that is. lol

    And I always write something nice about our dear teacher without any provocation whatsoever. I’m sweet that way. :lol:

    It’s fun being nice when the situation calls for it. It’s also fun being not-so-nice when the situation calls for it. Far from a bully, I’m a firm believer in being cruel to be kind if one has to. I also know a little about the rarely used reverse of that, being kind to be cruel. It really is quite fascinating how much human beings (especially we modern Americans) are dictated to by their comfort levels. It would be a perfect world perhaps if all we did was respond to reward, but the reality of the matter is that a vast majority of our kind only really responds to punishment. In most cases, the carrot simply is not as effective as the stick. Hence, the bully…

    Anyway, bully for you for another cool lesson, Marina. I haven’t gotten to catch up much lately but I wanted to check in since I had a little free time on my hands. My recordings are coming along nice. Did some fixes and changes along the way, but now all the instrumentation is tracked except for lead vocals. After the vox get done, the songs get mixed and done. I’m hoping to shoot the vids for my youtube channel in the meantime and add the final audio to them once my recordings are complete. Then we’ll be up and running to put our synergistic plans in motion. Thanks for your patience and loyalty, my dear. If you get a chance, do you mind emailing me at my yahoo email address you usually use to get in touch with me? I have more than one email address for you for some reason, and I’m not sure which is which or which is current. The closer I get to completion of my recordings (which should be a matter of weeks at this point), the more I’ll probably need to get in touch with you about some of the specifics of crosspromoting my music with your awesomeness (like emailing you mp3s of the songs, etc). Do drop me a line if you get the chance. As always, I hope things are going great for you. All my best!

    Peace and love, Errin : )

  21. Богдан says:

    My Dear Marina,
    The nicest thing I can say to you is that your parents have so much to be proud of.

    I would like to know the origin of the word OIL.
    Most oil came from olives for thousands of years in Mediterranean cultures.
    Could OIL have come from the word OLIVE?


  22. Hello Marina,
    I would like to suggest the word {peripatetic} like {someone who wanders or travels around}


  23. nenad says:

    I would like to request the word {doctor}. Isn’t it a bit confusing that there are doctors such as physicians, but there are “other” doctors such as Doctors of Philosophy (PhD)? Or the other way around – there are Doctors of Philosophy and the “other” doctors such as physicians..? :))) I mean, who are the “real” doctors, and what that word {doctor} means anyway? I bet it must be some Latin origin or alike?


    • fglrx says:

      It’s also interesting tradition that doctors of all theoretical sciences bear the title of {PhD} (Doctor of Philosophy).

      • nenad says:

        Yes, and doctors of business administration holds a title DBA…
        What does that word {doctor} mean anyway?

        • leoNard says:

          Insurance to the house of the “God”-lawYer————{clinics} …doctor means SICKNESS :lol: …How is nenad?… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doctor EtymologyFrom Middle English doctor, doctour “an expert, authority on a subject” from Anglo-Norman doctour from Latin doctor (“‘teacher’”) from doceō (“‘I teach’”). Displaced native Middle English lerare “doctor, teacher” (from Middle English leren “to teach, instruct” from Old English lÇ£ran, lÄ“ran “to teach, instruct, guide”, compare Old English lārÄ“ow “teacher, master”).

  24. Evan Owen says:

    {orogeny} :shock:
    {orogeny fold-thrust} :oops:

  25. PaparazziKid says:

    Every-time someone clicks on one of Marina’s ads on her site, she gets about 99 cents.

    So if I clicked it a million times, would she get a million dollars?

  26. pedanticKarl says:

    Marina, vsyego khoroshyevo (всего хорошего) while you are in England!

    As you mentioned in the lesson, wishing someone all the
    best before a performance here is bad luck, so one would
    say break a leg as is shown in this lesson.

  27. jp says:

    anybody else see this? i just got it on facebook.


    Russian Scientists Warn: Toxic Rain Could Destroy North America/ Due to BP Chemical??

    maybe Marina is smart enough to never come back to North America ahahahaha, i’d like to think that this video is heavy on the propaganda side, but i just can’t believe the shiz that is going down in the gulf. toxic soup. just lovely…

    thoughts oh faithful commenters? i was saying to samuel3d that maybe he could ask ms. powerful here to do something or other in regards to this mess. i don’t even know which aid organization is doing the best work myself, but certainly something could be done. ideas?


    • matalexwolf says:

      look at history! many beaches and coast lines still today have aftermath of previous oil spills. think of oil companies as dinosaur sized bodies with dinosaur sized brains (which were walnut sized!) controlling the world, such is power and greed, and all for materials we really could live with out. This current oil spill is shocking enough however the effect is massive and will be for generations to come! The propaganda thing ive seen before, promises and what and how will happen to make good again but, once the dust settles and media attention goes to the next, thing, coast lines and beaches shall be left from being properly cleared up.

      It depends how far you take this view really. See Africa, they have women mining for some mineral that enables our mobile phones to vibrate, which is nice. Only, these women are beaten, raped and killed by the few power hungry greedy savages everyday who control them, for their own gratification and ours (vibrating phones!) – It still goes on mind, the women so desperate to earn money to eat risking their lives for phones that can, vibrate, for us westies to enjoy:) Same goes for Diamonds too, many killed just so we can be all romantic and mushy over a rock thats suppose to have a value! What price do you put on someones head…..I suppose if they have no money they are deemed as unintelligent of sorts ;) Otherwise, priceless!!

      - The fog pollution from North America also rains down hard across Africa, or not,, and has caused thirty years or more of weather upsets to farmers, so famine became reality. Now China wants a bit and adds to the soup. So, I guess we are all somehow guilty of causing the oil spill and many other nasties we see, or dont as the case goes. Do we all really need 365 everything at our shops? I mean, if Strawberries were out of season, do we really need to import them? Why cant we just enjoy another local produce thats in season? Do we all need cars to drive a few miles to get our milk, with a sat nav telling us where to go?

      Im guilty sat with my laptop typing this, as that same vibrate mineral goes into these too, for some other cant live with out must have at all cost, reason! So spare a thought for the women of Africa, who are being screwed against their will, by bastards, then left to die as we type freely our emails to one another!! Talk about being in the gutter watching the stars!!

      If there is money to be made from it, they will make it at any cost, such is the big walnut brain leaders that we follow way of satisfying our boredom or promoting us as amazing for having the latest, thingy! Enjoy….o, and remember to visit the coast lines and so on in ten years time, see if BP did, make good or not? Dinosaurs rely on us being forgetful, so they can get away with it again and again and again…..

      • jp says:

        i don’t believe in diamonds at all for precisely the reasons that you have pointed out here. i look at diamonds and see unnecessary blood and suffering. but i didn’t know about the vibrating agent, that sucks for sure. thank you for letting us all know about that.

        it is very difficult to escape as we are all entrenched in consumerism fueled by a capitalist beast. i don’t believe in communism either, but an explanation that did appeal to me recently is one from a hero of mine named Michael Beckwith. he describes what he calls “noble profit” as a necessary next step in the evolution of capitalism. carbon footprinting is a good first step i guess.

        here is a short video where he explains it:


        Michael and his wife run an organization called Agape International out of Culver City, CA and I hope to study under them for a few years before taking his message and the message of others with me to Europe. Of all of the people i’ve seen talk about “awakening”, I find his demeanor and personality to be the most universal for different cultures and age groups. i just love he and his wife’s vibe and their message really blows me away to tell you the truth. Agape is the Greek word for “unconditional love”.

        here is another clip and quote that really knocked my socks off:


        “A great mystic once said, when we rediscover love, it will be like rediscovering fire for the second time.”

        the planet as a whole needs to rediscover love, not just two people. otherwise i guess we are doomed hahahaha.

        • matalexwolf says:

          The awakening happend to me….still is! I have learnt that I am never alone with an open heart and welcome Ennui with wide open arms so as to listen and change :) I hope more people become aware of the Universal energy; from experience, it works!! Just got to believe :)….but, no to anyone who takes advantage or abuses my trust, heart and soul. They aren’t good enough for me, who would want to live a lie after all, or be with a lier?? There is so much life after Orgasm and lust only, many cant see that far! Probably why there are so many divorces!! I think, when people learn to be, all will be good. When you serve someone from your heart and expect nothing, they see only good in you. Trip up, make a mistake and you become nothing and all those things liked before are now treated with contempt. Thats immaturity for you I guess!

          Have been trying out REIKI on animals of late as fascinated with the flow of energy and belief of the practice. The woofers love it, one I see twice a week as just had his nads chopped after one got stuck in his belly! Owner thinks he seems very relaxed now and no whimpers anymore, walking better too. Try it on friends too, but all so stressed with minds over loaded with daily crap they cant sit still for more than five moments pull a beer instead! Point being, its love I feel or open wide to when with the animals, and feel most washed out after an hour or so. The heat is intense sometimes. The fact most of the animals just lay there after a session for ages is a good indication they are relaxed and happy :) Love it!

          Westies are so backwards in coming forward with Love and compassion, there any many who do but most who do not. All compete and not co-operate. Someone said, The spiritualization of sensuality is called love: it is a great triumph over Christianity.

          Anyhoo, keep the faith, glad you are doing what you do. In changing just one to see the positive, your work is already done :)

  28. Chris Kesler says:

    Hi Marina. Yeah, been a target for bullies a few times, but found out that if I became useful and to a hot girl she would “protect” me by publicly embarrassing the bully. Stupid high school.

    You are an amazing person with a lot of lovely sass! I love it.

  29. Patrick says:

    What about the word “mate”? It has two meanings that has rather strange interactions, like your friends, and a lover. Yet they’re referred to as the same.

  30. Mark says:

    Marina, do you desire an {uxorious} man?

  31. Captain Jack says:

    When the cat is out of town the mice will play. So what kind of trouble should we get into? haahhaha :lol: :lol:

  32. Captain Jack says:

    Looking at Marina’s new hair style, I couldn’t not think of Justin’s haircut. Do they look like the went to the same stylist? Marina tires of long hair? I have a few friends that did the short hair cuts when they turned 30. I think my sister did when she turned 30. Come to think of it, most women I think, wear long hair until the reach their 50′s then cut it short. Many models cut their hair short to wear extensions or wigs. There was a time that bald was very sexy. Remember that Star Trek movie?

    Justin and Marina, do they look similar?

    • thematrix75 says:

      Yes their hair style look alot alike!I agree Marina should grow her hair long!

      • deluxenn says:

        Justin is more looks like a girl than Marina looks like Justin
        btw, Who is this Justin? :mrgreen:

      • VenomRocK says:

        I said I would like to see Marina grow her hair long too, that’s why she had it cut short. :mrgreen:

        • Captain Jack says:

          So your saying she wants to do the opposite of what we wish her to do? :roll:

          • VenomRocK says:

            No CJ, not we but what I wish her to do and my comment was supposed to be just a joke. Judging by some of the links you found though, there is a possibility that Marina could be having some problems. She’s human like the rest of us. I think that just because she has a really succesful business maybe she still feels like she’s missing something: spiritually, someone to love and be loved, or maybe she’s been burned a few times from relationships. I don’t know. She also could be feeling adventurous and just trying out a new look, hell she could probably shave her head bald and she would still look beautiful. I don’t know where I actually want to go with this but when I saw your *rollseyes* it made me think.

            • Captain Jack says:

              I should have put a smiley face :mrgreen: so show that I knew you were joking. Yeah she could shave her head and she would still be loved and I could kiss that beautiful head of hers. Heck, even if she was a head in a jar (like in futurerama) she would still be loved. (though that would be a bit creepy :grin: )

              Hummmmm You have made an observation that many would agree. Yes there is something missing. She has made it quite obvious. Thought I question her methods. I’ve seen similar methods fail time and time again. But like you said, she might be burnt on relationships and doesn’t give a rats ass. Maybe she just wants all the gold and the shallow glory that comes with it. She hangs around many celebrities that are telling her how to live her life. This scares me for she could end up like Briney Spears and shave her head.

              • VenomRocK says:

                :smile: Cool.
                Yeah she has had opportunities to hang out with celebrities but unlike Britney Spears and others like her, I think Marina is more WELL AWARE of the things that go on in that
                world. ;-)

                • Captain Jack says:

                  I have to disagree with you. I don’t think she is that aware. She’s very smart but a bit blind. I know how easy it is to get sucked in. I’ve been there and seen it. One reason I moved out of LA. I knew if I stayed to long, I would end up in some bad places. I wish people could see what I have seen and still seeing. What was true back in 1988 is still true in 2010. Only the names have changed.

              • fglrx says:

                Or maybe VenomRocK’s predictions about Marina’s awareness are true and she shaved her hair to give some of her insane stalkers a chance to let her alone, just by countering their pervy imagination and showing that she is no “hot chick” or something, but a mature and serious businesswoman.

                • Captain Jack says:

                  This is all speculation and Marina will never fess up to why she made the change. If she keeps her keyboard quite, we’ll just talk about her hair for weeks without her lifting a finger.

                  Another reason for the change might be for she could have burnt her hair out from excessive styling. I notice her hair seems to have more body and shine to it. That’s if the camera is showing the truth. Damn iPhone cameras suck!.

                • jp says:

                  not sure why i can’t reply to the captain below.

                  seeing as how i am a psychic james bond spy i will set you all straight on this.

                  marina cut her hair so that she can add more variety to her look both personally, but more importantly for her videos via the use of fantastic wigs.

                  and also, it is indeed part of her covert plan to own Twitter like iJustine and Justin Beiber. the captain was dead on with his photo. NLP, subliminal programming, whatever you call it, she’s onto it and out for glory. but hmmmm something about that name. wait Justin.TV? Wha? strange isn’t it. i just happened to be blessed with the same and seeing as how my last is as common as pie i went for the more memorable play on words route for my pen name and social media brand. but this is supposed to be about marina’s hair. i am such an egotist… egads.

                  let me ask you this. if you were a woman, wouldn’t you want short, easily managable hair and just pop on a wig when you want to look more awesome? the variety! the creativity! the ease! there are so many awesome wigs out there, i’ve seen them in shops in Hollywood, SF and NYC, i’ve probably seen the best actually as a friend of mine had a liking for them. Some of them are SO COOL and yo, black chicks do this all the time…

                  Anyway, there you have it. I look forward to seeing the beehive, the princess leia, and everything else in between as time goes on. brilliant move if you ask me. i think it’s HOT. just like cosplay is HOT. the Captain should know how great a uniform is hahahaha. please we all know Marina would make a super sexy police officer, especially if she added the fake mustache (for mustache rides of course) egads, again…

                  this will most certainly be most commented thread in HFWs history. i bet the only one who can figure that out is Karl. hahahaha.


          • @impaler112 also

            99.99% of people do the opposite of how you advise them.

            If you advise someone to do [a,b and c], an idiot will do [x,y, and z] …as far away as possible or opposite.

            It is a way for the idiots to feel like they have made (or come up with) their own decision. It makes them feel as if they have done actual thinking and makes them feel smart.
            It is a ridiculous attempt by them to get others to think they are smart.

            Marina is not an idiot so of course she does not do this.

            If you give her actual good advice, she will either use it, use part of it or think of something even better to do with it (and she will tell you).

            Marina also freely admits if she has made a mistake or doesn’t know something… she has nothing to prove anymore, that has already been done. She is not thinking of herself as much as she is thinking about what she is doing and accomplishing and how to make it better (this also includes herself).

            An idiot (on the other hand)… when they make a mistake they will attempt a cover-up or start a spider web of lies and deception and that just totally sucks for everyone.

            • Captain Jack says:

              Many times I try to word it in a way, so that they think they came up with the idea in the first place. Or sometimes I use someone as an example. John did it this way, and I think it’s the better way to do so and so. It keeps me out of the picture. Funny thing though, when I put on my Captains outfit, there is no discussion of my methods. They just do it. Even if I ask for opinions or other ideas, they just say, “Your the Captain, lets do it your way. We trust you fully!” Its interesting to see how people make judgment based on someones appearance more than words. :|

            • VenomRocK says:

              Ah yes, reverse psycology. That sure does occur a lot. You make some excellent points there gravityboy. :cool:

            • Captain Jack says:

              Sorry that my comment is way off topic. :oops: If you looked at my comments from last year, I have made many off topic comments but was always able to bring them back to the lessons at hand. I don’t think Marina really cares as long as we keep commenting. She loves that.

              • I never said anything about off topic comments…
                that was veritanuda…

                Yeah.. must be all these pointless comments that are posted.

                You just can never juggle with an aardvark!!!

                I think he wanted to give me some well deserved pay back but this thread is so long and deep sometimes you can’t reply directly to the person you want… you have to reply near them. :mrgreen:

                If what he said was a riddle I think I have figured it out using superior thought processes and lateral thinking…

                “juggle with an aardvark”

                juggle => clown => circus => tent => camping => picnic => ants => anteater => resembles an aardvark

                Only kidding :mrgreen:

                p.s. anything that has the word marina in it is not off topic. You might even talk about boats and say they are moored in a marina and that is ok.

                • jp says:

                  :lol: moored in a marina :lol: that is pure brilliance comrade ahahahaha. Touché!!!!

                • fglrx says:

                  juggle => clown


                  A word request: {dawg}. Why friend = dog in Ebonics?

                • fglrx says:

                  juggle => juggalo => dawg => dog => Eutheria => aardvark

                • Captain Jack says:

                  yeah I know you didn’t say that. Still I try to not to rant on. But what else can we talk about for a week until the next lesson comes out? We use to have 3 lessons a week but now Marina needed to take a break and spend more time in making the lessons more enjoyable than just trying to generate numbers.

                  Yeah, the treads are limited to 4 or 5 deep. Oh well.. :cool:

                  Moored in a Marina! Hhahhahaha! I would love to drop my anchor in the Marina. OMG here we go. This thread is going really deep into the lower bowels of the ship fast.

      • Captain Jack says:

        Well I decided to do a quick Google search and found these links that I found interesting.




        There is this one woman I know very well and she decided to cut her hair really short and dyed it blonde. I asked her why and she really didn’t know why, other than she wanted some change in her life. I also know that she was having some issues with her sex life / relationships. She is very attractive and could get any man she wanted. But she was dating the wrong guys. She had been ignoring and/or driving away Mr. Right and just setting for Mr. RightNow. It’s a really sad story for Mr. Right is knocking at her door (her life) yet she does not answer. A few of us know that they would be a perfect couple if she would just crack the door open a bit. Oh and also she needs to grow her beautiful brunette hair again. Though she looks great as a blonde.

        • matalexwolf says:

          So right CJ! Very sad, for both! I guess bullying comes in all shapes and sizes! I thought everyone changes, each new day so she could have Mr Right who will welcome her to change always, if that what she wants! Sounds like her loss to me!! Dont think there is such a thing as Mr and Mrs Right, really, more Mr Almost and Mrs Not far from!! Superman is a myth!! Thinking its a case of either settling for someone who is just, happy, or aiming high for that dream so as to find someone who makes you know how to think, never take for granted and always be romantic, living a dream as if this was the last day on Earth! Soul partner or what ever love permits. I hope she finds Mr almost, as he will worship her always, if she was true and gave him a real chance to prove it.

          Maybe she always sees life as the grass is always greener and leads Mr almost up the garden path for safe keeping, as a back up plan, on his mental and emotional expense! Or, maybe Mr almost needs to let go, believe in and love himself again, not to be choosey but to know he can do much better. I notice women do ‘change’ much after a split especially, start a new, out with old reminders but then, I see and know women who change just for the fun of it, glam or casual, they seem happy and have Mr almost at their side, content in her being happy and free to change. Image is everything to a woman so new masks are frequently made. I only see what comes from with in a person, objects of desire is not top of list after all, once Orgasm and lust are out of the picture, I personally need mental stimulation which I find more of a turn on; blessed to all who find someone they can always talk to and love through rain and shine! And to know someone who loves you for who you are and not for what they think you are, is mandatory! I refuse to marry just anyone as, will be a lie ending in divorce! Rather alone than live a lie with someone. So many rush in to relationships or wedlock, for image or security or out of desperation, only to one day realise they have made a big mistake! But it is tragic when two are right for each other but they dont commit. Two souls apart is painful enough for the reader, let alone for the two souls concerned. I guess thats the beauty of dreams, they can take you anywhere, promise of hope! Believe in the make believe! Tell your friend she is beautiful, she may then want to change again ;)

          • Captain Jack says:

            I’m willing to bet she will hook up with Mr. Wrong thinking she is with Mr. Right. She also has people giving her bad information. I think she believes that if a person has a lot of wealth then they know all the right answers. Wealth is not a gauge for true intelligence.

            • matalexwolf says:

              Same ole song CJ, ‘others opinions’ getting in the way of two who should communicate alone and not be mis-guided by overly protective one sided friends! If money is the motive, then forget love!! A very good friend of mine has married twice before, social climbing, for money and mega amounts too. On the surface looks ok, with gadgets and toys but under her make up, two black eyes from his drunkard beatings!! She is so unhappy but plays the part of ‘princess’ on his arm like an actress, to show him off and make him look good in front of, others, all for clothes and other stuff that means f-all. She is one of the most beautiful women on this planet too, when shes being her self that is!! After listening to her story I felt one of the richest people alive, and that was last year when with out an abode myself! But its her two children I feel sorry for, as so young with parents who live a lie, leading them. Just so wrong when she wanted to end her life recently because of being so unhappy, dressed to the nines, war painted face and 360 parked outside!! Hes an arse and she is stupid for putting up with him. I hate fights, my parents were good at those, had enough for many life times of that negative!

              Your friend must be insecure or so desperate to change or become something shes not, running from her self i guess. Or just lonely, wanting to be loved!! Must be the same for bad, as never knowing when you have a good thing going until its too late.

              Hope she finds true happiness CJ as that is rare and priceless, mr right or wrong :)

              • Captain Jack says:

                The reason we are in a recession is the love of money (aka Greed) People think that money will bring them happiness. This is nearly completely false. Yes, one needs some money to make life a bit more pleasurable. For example I have a plan to by my sailing yacht, but after I have that, there will be no more need for money other than normal living expenses.

                I ask people how much money is enough. It seems like every year that number keeps going up. They by a nice car then they have to by an even nicer car. A car is freaking transportable. Period! If you spend more than $50k on a car, I think your nuts. Houses are another thing. I see people blow millions on a house then redecorate it every year. We are not talking $20k or $50k in remodeling but half to a full million. Then the worst offenders are the one who blow millions on these so called social parties. Why does someone think that you have to spend $400,000 on 4 ice sculptures in order to have a successful party? The damn sculpture is going to be gone at the end of the day. The sucky thing about this is that they used my money!

                Ultimate money ultimately corrupts. I know for I lost $1.4 million from a well known, supposedly good investment firm. They are so big that they have their own page on the Huffington post. They (Lehman Bros) left my nest egg penniless and they are laughing at my stupidity. Like thousands of others I have to start again from scratch while the thieves cash out and sail away in my dream boat.

                It’s not the money that bothers me for I don’t care. It’s the dream home (on the water type) I was going to get. A modest, old school, 1980′s sailboat. Now that my American dream will take another decade replace if I’m lucky. The economy isn’t like it used to be.

                Sorry about unloading my soap box here, but Im fucking pissed off! I just had to get it off my chest.

                Yeah, my friend has issues. She came from rags and now she has riches. She’s hanging out with the rich folks that think they know how to live life. She nor her rich friends have any clue what happiness is without the millions.

                • I can’t believe how big this thread is…

                  Instead of “curling up with a good book.”
                  You could actually curl up with this good thread. :mrgreen:

                • veritanuda says:

                  Yeah.. must be all these pointless comments that are posted.

                  You just can never juggle with an aardvark!!!

                • jp says:

                  Hi Captain! I think it is great that you feel so comfortable expressing yourself here on Marina’s page. That says that she has done something very special in terms of community building. I read your reply yesterday, but am just getting around to writing this and wouldn’t you know what this facebook friend of mine posted on my wall this morning, it speaks directly to what you are saying here:


                  I don’t think you need to apologize for ranting. I would be absolutely ape shiz if I lost that amount with such a well regarded investment firm. Personally, I don’t trust anything like that, I think they are all a bunch of currency manipulating crooks and the world would be much better off if most “investment professionals” did something constructive with their energy instead of gambling and stealing. That is my short rant.

                  Now. I also believe that everything happens for a reason and that nothing is pointless (ahem). I am also of the opinion that world as a whole has a lot of waking up to do when it comes to spending money. Instead of spending money on luxuries that you consume, people could be spending money to fund businesses that produce. With the microbanking revolution now under way, all the rules of “investing” and “banking” are changing. Remember that when the Knights Templar so called “invented banking” all that they really invented was a way to keep track of money. The Internet has changed all the rules. http://www.kiva.org/ is a great example where you can earn a return by helping people who might be living in squaller without you. I say F*ck Lehman Brothers and the lot of them.

                  Furthermore, I believe that you can still have that boat you want, you just might have to share it more. But who doesn’t want to share something so fabulous with good people? I know that I would ride the Captain Jack Party Boat if I had the chance. What I am saying is that purchasing a luxury asset for your exclusive use is in my eyes I waste, but purchasing it for a profitable business plan is not. And that way you also wouldn’t be using all your money to buy it. That is just a cute example, but hopefully you get the point. You have a lot of talent, exposure (ahem Twitter) and ability to work with and I firmly believe that you can still have whatever it is that you would like for yourself if you go about it in the right fashion.

                  But yes, if you have the attitude that you will always need more to be happy, you are indeed doomed to a life of misery.

                  Now regarding money being evil, you absolutely must clear that from your psyche. Money is energy and needs to be welcomed not shunned.

                  Here is a great book that I just started reading which explains that the rich life is not just about money at all, but that money is absolutely necessary for any man or woman to be able to provide for others which is the foundation of building wealth. Notice that I didn’t say to purchase luxury items for personal use.

                  ‘The Wisdom of Wallace D. Wattles – Including: The Science of Getting Rich’ by Wallace D. Wattles http://amzn.to/cFDTHA

                  And here is a link to Micheal Beckwith of Culver City who I mentioned in a previous reply explaining the concepts behind this mindset, from the online school that I am building with my family.


                  And one last resource on the topic, here is a book that I recommend to everyone by a guy I know from NYC named Mike Litman. ‘Conversations with Millionaires.’ by Mike Litman, Jason Oman http://amzn.to/aVKipY

                  You can get it for a penny and it is a very good read, but the one thing from it that really changed my perspective (and i forget who said it) is this idea that what the wealthy know is that you buy your luxuries with the profit from your investments. The majority of people blow all the money they make buying as many luxuries as they can afford as soon as they can afford them thus blowing their opportunity to build any lasting wealth or to provide any opportunity for others to benefit. Consumerism has hypnotized most of us into doing this and if you live in or around LA, your are probably hit by this the hardest of any place on Earth.

                  But believe me (disclaimer), I am no expert on any of this. I just feel like I’ve found some good resources and teachers. I consider myself an absolute beginner to the world of financial literacy and wealth building, but what I have found over and over is that most people recommend investing in real estate and small businesses if you want to preserve your money. The stock market and these investment houses are a wash and will leave you in state of constant panic. Your story and what I’ve seen from my own father who has recently become a trading gambler speaks very strongly to this. And besides, you really have no idea what any of that money is being used for, all you know is profit and loss. Some of the most profitable companies (ahem BP) might be putting our entire existence as a planet and species at risk with your “investment” money. F*ck BP.

                  So there, how’s that for a counter rant, maybe we can make this the longest comment thread in HFWs history. You would know better than I if Marina minds, I don’t even know her personally at all having just discovered this website a month or so ago.

                • matalexwolf says:

                  Why say sorry for? Money is all relative. If you have enough of it, enoy but, does get weird when hanging out with a stoke broker friend spanking 30k on a bottle of bubbly, to show off to all the girls!!! He has the same issues as anyone else, just takes longer to dig through the bullshit of hype and Ego to find his level to be normal and relate! Then, he realises money cant buy you love, feels bad about wasting so much for image and shallow flutterings of eye lids, from English roses on heat, spanks a load more to get over it in a short term effect way. Loser, and I tell him that too :) Must have a work life balance! He came on a stag do recently and had the best week end ever and wasnt anything like hes done before, you know, normal!! He met a girl who didnt see his usual bollocks of money talk, loves her to bits. Job done! Feel good that I set them up too….observing the crowd and saw cupid making shapes on these two. You’ll get your boat CJ, make it so and make it happen and I’ll get my dream thing sorted too; big change finally turning for the better, doing what I want at last, a free man again and soon, all being well. I see the vision, have a goal, making it work and got my first rewards recently, which is satisfaction, not just the money! :)

    • jp says:

      this photo is so funny. i still can’t believe Beiber’s popularity on Twitter, especially in other countries. i already thought that Marina is a genius, but perhaps you have pointed out an even higher level to her strategic plan to take over of the entire global Internet. i bet she would be very good at the board game Risk, which I love, especially when it goes on for days and nights and days.

      Great haircut Marina, more in control than boyish I’d say, and it is always best to be equally in touch with your masculine and feminine sides imo. You look hot no matter what you do.

    • jp says:

      oops, i have trouble with this comment system sometimes, meant for this to be up top.

      • Captain Jack says:

        Response to your “Hi Captain! I think it is great that you feel so comfortable expressing yourself here on Marina’s page” comment. Thread limits suck but we have no choice. :sad:

        There is a core group of students (including TAs) that have formed strong friendships here at HotForWords. This website has gone way beyond just lessons. It’s so much more that what meets the eye.

        I like your video of “Gary Coxe share his viewpoint on ‘When is Enough, Enough. That speaks volumes. Unfortunately many have not one freaking clue what that is. Oh and Gary is right on the money when he says you get this piece of mind that is nearly euphoric. No not nearly, IT IS!!!! OMG! it’s just amazing. The stress just goes away and you feel like you won the rat race.

        I am going ape $#!Tz over this! I’m looking for a very tall building to go sky diving off of. LOL just Joe King! :mrgreen: I have know of this loss for over 2 years but I was hoping the lawsuit would recover some of it. But the whole purpose of an LLC is to protect your personal assets from the company. We can not go after their personal assets once they paid themselves. All that is left is some million dollar paintings and other crappy works of art they blew _my_ money on. This bond was to be a very safe bet. Many very wealthy people that you have seen in the news/tv/etc have invested billions into this firm believed this to be a safe company to invest in. I swear, I have the worst luck on the planet. If not at least I’m in the running.

        I do have a hard time putting blame on these investment crooks. You see they get a few bucks and so they start to buy a few things. Then they get a bit more money and buy even bigger things. Before you know it, your spending millions and in your mind you are able to justify over spending. New millionaire (new money) learn this lesson after the failure. Families that have old money (meaning you were educated about money from your parents at an earlier age), you know not to make this mistake. Think of it as eating food. If food has been plentiful, your not apt to gorge yourself. Whereas, if you been starving, the first chance you get food, you eat as much as you can until you’re satisfied. Spending money is very addictive.

        I have thought about chartering a boat to pay for itself, but the one I had planned to buy was not really set up for that. I wanted a boat to live on. There is one vessel that cost nearly 3 times as much, and it’s ready for charter service. Meaning She has current US Coast Guard Certification, Passenger Inspected, Limited Coastwise, Restricted MARAD Waiver Registry is all completed. Now with this new economy, I would have a hard time filling the boat. Once the boat was paid for, I would take it out of charter service and just live on it as I sail around this big blue thing rock.

        I always share my floating homes. Even to the point of begging people to ride with me. Funny thing, is many refuse for the where given bad information about boating or had a bad experience. Why them? Well they are the ones who tell their friends that they where misinformed and they have discovered that it’s all good.

        Your right, that one doesn’t need more to be happy. For me, I just want my boat, a soul mate that want’s to explore and share the world with me. I wish to leave the rat race to the ones who have not a clue.

        I do plan to have a few stocks that pay dividend to fund my cruising kitty. I don’t need much. In fact, many of my friends only consume about $1,000 to $4,000 a month. There is a secret about living on a boat. It’s a cheap way to live like a king. For example I used to have a million dollar view of the water and only paid $400 a month for it. I even know how to get even better view for almost free! Don’t go telling everyone our secret. For some tax man will find a way to tax the heck out of it.

        “Consumerism has hypnotized most of us into doing this and if you live in or around LA, your are probably hit by this the hardest of any place on Earth.” Boy oh boy you hit the nail squarely on the head. Keyword, “Consumerism”!!!!! :mrgreen: We have created a society that thinks it needs consumers in order to survive. Every single commercial or product placement is highly engineered to the task of getting you to buy what you don’t want or need. Most ads are targeted towards women for they buy on emotions. Generally speaking, women are the worst when it comes to making spending decisions. Men typical buy tools to build the things they want in life but can’t afford. Women typical buy the read to use things or decorative objects that are all show and no go. Second reason why ads are geared to selling to women is they are the ones holding the check books! How insane is that? Note: Im not against women being in charge of finances, but I think it needs to be a group effort. Both sexes have a lot to contribute. There must be a balance.

        About BP. If someone think that ANY president has control of the country then they are very naive. We are powerless against the oil industry, unless we band together and change it. Most of the time we are just to busy to do a damn thing about it.. That’s the problem. We are just too busy to make our own gold and cash out.

        Loved your rant! Thanks for responding in kind! What normally happens if we wish to continue the thread we move it to the forums. The sad thing is once it goes to the forums it dies there. For Marina won’t fix it the major issue it has. Notifications of new posts.


        • fglrx says:

          I do have a hard time putting blame on these investment crooks.

          One of my pet hates is the word “investment” itself. It may mean one from variety of acts that are completely opposite, like:
          - increasing assets of a company by construction of new buildings, buying new equipment etc.,
          - spending money on various purposes by governments or municipalities, what rarely suppose any revenue and rather loss is possible,
          - buying stocks, bonds, currencies or financial derivatives, often for speculations,
          - etc.

          Some of these usages of the term “investment” look like pure magical or wishful thinking – in the situations when the “investment” in fact decreases the capital of a person, institution or company, but they still keep calling it “investments”.

          If derivatives are “investments”, playing poker or roulette should be called so too.

          You wrote “Men typical buy tools to build the things” – and that seems to be a good metaphor what the true investment is.

          • jp says:

            here’s a one from Brian Tracy.

            invest in yourself. no matter what you do, make sure you are always working to increase your individual earning ability.

            and that certainly doesn’t mean climb the corporate ladder. it means get smart. read books. basically the cornerstone of self improvement.

            and here’s another one, it takes two things to make money and you can do it with one, the other or both: time & money.

            again, the most sound “investment”, i have been taught, is a piece of property. if it has multiple units you can create cash flow. cash flow is created or lost via management. mixed use (commercial & residential) is best. a show that has taught me a ton, one of my favorites in fact is “Income Property” on HGTV. check it out. real estate is again as old as time itself and the saying that “they aren’t making any more of it is a true as ever”. And we are basically at the bottom of the market says Harry Dent and a number of others. It will be a slow increase in appreciation. Look at appreciation as a bonus, not an income. Look for cash flow through rental income. Check out 1031 exchanges for preserve your wealth tax free. Again (disclaimer) i don’t know shizz about this and I don’t own anything. i’ve been studying how to create cashflow through the sale of digital products to create cashflow in a similar way, but the first place i will sink my money is into a good investment property. a real dream of mine is to own some kind of multivilla resort in Ibiza and live there part of the time while renting it out the rest, but I’m guessing that a plan like that is sure as hell more solid than giving my money to some asswipe in a suit (and to clarify, i love suits when someone decides to wear them, not has to) frittles away your money in some imaginary derivative created to do nothing but trick the market. and yet people will never stop. more millionaires have been created through real estate investing than any other means. that says something to me. provide housing for people, vacationers or businesses where it is needed. seems pretty simple and logical. derivatives are anything but. pure fluff to me… just more of my “2 cents” here…

          • Captain Jack says:

            You know we stop worrying about our addiction to oil and look at our addiction to MONEY! :shock:

            Yeah I think playing poker (gambling) and investments should mean the same thing! LOL!!!

            The sad truth is that crime pays!

        • jp says:

          hey she’s done a fine job i’d say. nothing is perfect and we can certainly work around the confines of the system she has put in place here. converting it would be a nightmare ;>

          just read this now, really glad to have connected with you captain since our brief message when i first joined. it is really cool man.

          yes being a pirate and man of the sea is as old as time itself it seems. maybe one day i can take lessons with you, that would be a real trip indeed.

          regarding your comment about not being able to charter in “this economy”, i believe that there is always away, you just might have to think differently. if you really want something, i truly believe that you can make it happen. don’t expect it to be easy, but never call it impossible. i bet you will find what you are looking for one day. most certainly. always remember to look at what you DO have and not what you DON’T even when you loose it to some crooks. you still have a huge advantage to say someone born in the South Pacific or Africa or any other number of struggling economies. I know living around “Holly Wood” (oooh word suggestion? not sure if she does proper nouns like that) makes it difficult. LA is supposed to be a desert! never forget that! the entire place is an illusion and rightfully so, we do love our movies! its called a spell. ;>

          beware of those stocks again. dividends, shimividends, do you really want to worry again? that’s just me talking, i don’t believe in stock market investing for the most part. it has turned my father into a worry wart of sorts and like i before said, you really have no idea what means were taken to provide your “dividend”.

          very funny about the synchronicity of gary’s video for my reply to you, if you noticed the video had like under 10 views when i posted it. that is how life is though. i love it when that happens.

          REGARDS MATEEEE!!!!!!!

          • Captain Jack says:

            Sure I can make the charters happen. But it won’t happen often enough to keep the charter afloat. My price will limit the number of people who are able to pay the price. When I worked on the mini cruise ship the “Island Spirit” we brought in over one million per year. Our pay out for expenses was one million. The owner had to take his cut in our tips in order to make ends meet. It would have been smarter to just put the money in a stock and not stress about it. Government regulation has made charting very expensive. That’s why you don’t see very many small cruise ships that take 100 or less passengers. Only the mega cruise ships can generate the cash flow to make a profit.

            Your right about LA being an illusion. The people here are totally blind to it. I’m willing to bet that Marina can’t see the little guy behind the green curtain. If she can then she is the little guy (gal) pulling the levers.

        • fglrx says:

          This website has gone way beyond just lessons

          I must add that the discussions on this “forums” are for me the most interesting part of the site. So many intelligent and versatile people have gathered in one place – such a phenomenon is rather rare in the Internet today. It reminds me of the times when the Usenet was the place of intellectual discussions before it was hijacked by trolls.

          Discussing with people here is very addictive.

          • jp says:

            pretty sure that the 333rd comment was mine. mission accomplished for the day. hahaha. this place has been an inspiration to me, but i surely must tear myself away. notice that i can only even participate on an handful of posts. this is such a rich environment that you could spend all day everyday commenting away… Fo Sho.


          • Captain Jack says:

            I agree we get some very interesting discussions in the forums. I just wish we could have an email notification when a forum is updated like it is here on the main site. It’s ridiculous to pour though pages to see what’s been updated and what has not.

            This blog has had many trolls try to hijack it. But with the work of the students and the TAs heading off the threat, we have been able to make this a safe place to comment. There has been countless hours of work behind the scenes of this blog to keep it running smooth. The goal is to make our work invisible to you so you don’t get bothered with their disruptions. I remember in the past working on a troll for 48+ hours with only getting maybe 4 hours of sleep and it was all donated time. Im hat is off for all those who spent countless hours/days keeping the blog safe from trolls.

  33. Captain Jack says:

    Damn twitpic down again. Grrrrr.

  34. fishymack says:

    I see NO PICTURE over the bed. What are you guys talking about?

    Meanwhile, something nice for Marina…you have nice boobs.

  35. fglrx says:

    Marina is so narcissistic that she put a nude picture of herself over her bed:
    She is obviously in love with herself :!:

  36. VenomRocK says:


    The cartoons are over
    Get ready for the Double Feature :o
    It’s nothing more than political theater. :roll:

    “The reason they call it the American Dream is because you have to be asleep to believe it.” ~ George Carlin ~ :cool:

    Don’t let it harden your heart and screw up your mental and emotional state
    Stay engaged and don’t go insane with anger and resentment, become a spectator :grin:
    ….And I don’t give a fuck :mrgreen:

    :lol: Sitting under a full moon
    Drinking with my dad tonight
    Everythings gonna be alright

  37. michael says:

    Why do we drive on a {parkways} yet park in the {driveways}

  38. pedanticKarl says:

    For those of you who want to watch Marina’s
    Russian lessons, look over to the far right where
    it says, Learn Russian. That will take you to the
    HotForWords page on the RT site. The videos
    there are in HD.

    If you can’t watch the HD versions, go to the
    RTAmerica site on YouTube where the videos
    are either in low quality or Std HQ quality.
    At the RT site, search for hotforwords using
    the search box next to the video, not the search
    box at the top.

    • fglrx says:

      For those of you who want to watch Marina’s
      Russian lessons, look over to the far right where
      it says, Learn Russian. That will take you to the
      HotForWords page on the RT site

      I have discovered something strange. When we are on the site you mentioned, we can see (at the bottom right corner) the link “Learn Russian with RT” that redirects us to another site:

      It’s a text-based Russian course with 25 lessons, but I have no idea for whom they have done it, as it introduces too difficult stuff at once and gives no hints how to pronounce the most of Cyrillic-written words.

      On the bottom of this site there is a box with the caption “Russian Women Guide”

      The whole article seems to be highly satirical, but if someone is not good at reading behind the lines, he may only strengthen the stereotype of Russian women in his mind.

    • leoNard says:

      Do the Russians have a song to sing to their{alphabet} The Alphabet Songhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russian_alphabet :smile:

      (Pertaining to the Russian lessons…How does the comment thingy work?.. not very well for me! Jah see the latest? Marina mother is pretty, too!)

      Also, did jah see this –famsshwout (First Annual Meowszt Szizziling Szexieszt Hottest Women On yoU Tube)” awards in which i count down the thirteen ms shwout (s) for the year of 2010.
      :smile: thanks Karl!

      • fglrx says:

        Yes, they have such songs or nursery rhymes, one of them begins with the intro:
        Алфавит уже мы знаем,
        Уже пишем и читаем,
        И все буквы по порядку
        Без ошибки называем.

  39. Evan Owen says:

    ***word request: {suffer}

    Not necessarily “to endure pain”…

    “Suffer the children to come unto me, and forbid them not…”
    Women’s suffrage

    When & why did {suffer} change in meaning from “allow” to “endure pain” :?: :???:

  40. robert davis says:

    Yes, intelligence is sexy. You are very relaxed. Do you have intelligence before each video?

  41. Sierra says:

    I’m requesting to know the origin of the word {Sing!} As you can see I love to “Sing!”


  42. fglrx says:

    Hot For Words: All The Best! (Всего хорошего)

  43. leoNard says:

    Yes, I was a bully.. :???: because, of the older children! I also became the principal pet! :twisted: @Marina Is the person in charge of a school the principal or the principle?…from-Top 10 Commonly Confused Words Elton John – Teacher I Need You …how was Reginald Kenneth Dwight? :?: was Dave along?

  44. I would like to know where {amen} comes from.

  45. I am requesting the word {bummer}.

  46. Cooper says:

    hey marina, i really enjoy your show and actually wanted to ask you a favor. i just discovered that you do russian video episodes and wanted to ask if you could do a russian teaching episode on terms of endearment or flirty sentences. The reason i ask is because my girlfriend is russian, and i wanted to impress her with a new found skill haha. hopefully u get a chance to read this comment, and if not, thank you anyway and again i really enjoy your show. -Coopadoop

  47. pedanticKarl says:

    Marina, spasibo bolshoye for the excellent lesson on spasibo.

    Vielen Dank
    Muchas gracias
    Merci beaucoup

  48. samuel3d says:

    Hi Marina, I just want to say thank you so much for Teaching me Russian Language I’m really having a lot fun learning your Language I’ve been wanting to learn to speak Russian for a long time I’ve been fascinated by it. keep teaching Russian and I will learn.

    Thank you Samuel :smile:

  49. CheVolay says:

    In the hold photo of the blackboard, does the chaulk spell out someting in Morse Code? Well it should. Like, “Che call me” Ha Ha!! :idea:

    Now I know what Teddy Roservelt meant when saying, “Bully” “Bully for you” “Well done old boy”

    My good word of the day is: “Tacoberry” ;-) KWIMJB? :shock:

  50. leoNard says:

    Marina is HOT- :smile: {{pain-kiLLers}} :razz: {Analgesics} (also known as “painkillers”) are used to relieve pain (achieve analgesia). The word analgesic derives from Greek “αν-” (an-, “without”) and “άλγος” (álgos, “pain”). Analgesic drugs act in various ways on the peripheral and central nervous systems; they include paracetamol (para-acetylaminophenol, also known in the US as acetaminophen), the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as the salicylates, and opioid drugs such as hydrocodone and oxycodone. The opiates and opioid analgesics that may be used recreationally include codeine, heroin, Vicodin and Percocet/OxyContin.


    {war} :lol: the bully took the love to drug!—also of this site—”If women didn’t exist, all the money in the world would have no meaning.” – Aristotle Onassis 1906-1975

  51. Samuel says:

    marina i love you, platonically! (and sexually)

  52. jmcargal says:

    Is there anyone who has never been bullied? After all, if nothing else, we all started out as small children. My first recollection of being bullied was when walking home from kindergarten.

  53. pedanticKarl says:

    Privet Марина Орлова! меня зовут Карл Karlovich.
    How much Russian do I have to be?
    On those tests, that determine how much
    of a Russian one is, I scored 86%
    I missed it by thaaaaat much. :grin:
    Love that lesson on asking for someone’s name.

  54. @marina

    I like the way “bully” and most other words have “travelled” through different meanings throughout the years.

    I wonder if it is something like an automatic {onomatopoeia} happening?

    Onomatopoeia words like “boom boom boom” actually sound like they are written, but I think as a lot of other words change in their meanings they might actually be finding the best spot in meaning relative to their pronounced sound.

    You know what I mean? Some words actually sound tuff, smooth, soft, etc. :cool:

  55. Marina, could you find out where the word “novel” comes from?

  56. mrhuckfin says:

    I kind of always thought it used to have a better meaning back in the day as I’ve always heard the phrase “Bully for you” or “Bully for him” used in sort of a congratulatory way. Such as if you hear the news that some one had something good happen to them and you would say “Bully for them.” Was I thinking of that with the right interpretation?

  57. PaparazziKid says:

    Marina, why do you have 3 accounts on you’re site?




  58. Steve Shaha says:

    Hey, I have a couple of word requests. My Mom calls me a “music bigot”, while I understand what she means by that I’m curious as to the origin of the word {bigot}. The other word whose origin I am curious about is {stuff}, the noun form moreso than the verb form. It would be great to know about either one of those, but it will be great seeing whatever your next video is :grin: . I hope you weren’t up too late watching that crazy Wembledon match, who do you think will win the World Cup?

  59. deluxenn says:

    May I be your tender bully?
    If you wish, I’ll do my best
    As my heart adores you fully
    I’ll be your attentive pest. :mrgreen:


    You want to hear something nice
    it’s easy as a breath.
    You are an angel of the skies
    who keeps my soul’s clef.

  60. pig-in-a-poke says:

    Marina, there is a 60s likeness of you at the beginning of Woolly Bully.

  61. VenomRocK says:

    Homework: Yeah sure, I got bullied back in grade school during my 4th grade year. It had to do with race. I went through a lot of bullshit, too much to write about all the details here. I had to make a choice, face being ganged up on and getting my ass beat all the time or fight back. And I fought back. One thing I did learn is, revenge can be so gratifying. I was a Navy brat and me and my family moved around a lot. I never encountered that situation up to and after that point. This happened to be in the State of Maine in ’75 I think and at this particular school I had to attend everybody there was pretty much white. There was a black girl there and I remembered she got picked on too. Even the town we were living in there wasn’t much ethnic diversity there but where my Dad was stationed at in Portsmouth, NH it was a whole different world there. Why my Mom and Dad chose to get a house there in Kittery, Maine at the time baffles me but I just think they weren’t aware at the time. My Mom even faced prejudiced bullshit too. I don’t know what it’s like there now.

    Extra Credit: Beautiful, smart, business savvy and a comedic sense of timing….it’s plain and simple Marina, you’re a WINNER! ;-)
    I actually learn from you and from others here who you’ve attracted to this
    site. :cool:
    :oops: Ima stilla learnin’

    ANNIE’s (CoVeRs) Shining Light :smile:
    :arrow: Keep Young and Beautiful :mrgreen:

    :| Marilyn Manson/Lady Ga Ga hybrid :lol: ….so is this guy the next pop superstar? :mrgreen:

  62. pedanticKarl says:

    There must be some major Internet outages someplace
    as Yahoo and YT isn’t coming up or only partially.
    Looks like there is a router out in Vegas and Georgia,
    but there must be something else going on.
    Google is accessible.

  63. pedanticKarl says:

    Bokal vina, pozhalujsta.
    Bol’shoe spasibo. :grin:

  64. pedanticKarl says:

    Extra-Extra Credit
    Marina is one of the most dedicated and hardest working people that I know. She has great poise, dignity and charm and I love her approach to life. That’s why this is such a great site.

    Hey James, is this better? :grin:

  65. thoughtonfire says:

    Dear Marina,

    No I have not ever been the target of a bully. If there was ever a problem I just fought back, end of story. That’s the key, you see? If they bully you and you fight that off, they won’t come back again, because bullies are weak.

    Your Student,

    • thoughtonfire says:

      Extra Credit: I think you would be really fun to play tennis with! We just were out to go to the store and we drove by a park with lots of tennis players playing in under the lights. I’m sure you would win, too. You seem athletic! :cool:

  66. Evan Owen says:

    Speaking of bullies, maybe this is somewhat related:

    Word requests:

    My 4-year-old Tanwen: “I get scared when it’s dark.”
    Me: “Why?”
    Tanwen: “Because the Boogo comes.”
    Me: “The Boogo? What does he do?”
    Tanwen: “He scared me.”
    Me: “Then what do you do?”
    Tanwen: “I chew him up and spit him out. That’s my word!” :shock:

  67. Evan Owen says:

    ***Homework: Say Something Nice to Marina***

    Hmmm…if I were thirty years younger, I’d marry you and look after the kids while you made your videos. Is that nice enough? :razz:

  68. animalntaz says:

    I did had a feeling you were going to do this word really soon. But I’m not sure if I’ll ever get to editing my Bully video with the kind of software trouble I’ve been having. I would register with AVS4YOU, with the great deal they are having for just this month. And their Video Converter is the only one I’ve come across that does an excellent job at converting VOB to its original frame size.
    But unless I get their Video Editor fixed with the chroma key fault I’m having, it would seem like a waste. And it takes 2 days to hear from customer reps since I’m using a trial version, and I’ve been getting tired of going back and forth with her for a week now.
    Thinking about it now, it seems like a silly outdated idea to make what would’ve been fun to do over a year ago, but some may still find it entertaining. And I don’t even know what the copyright rules for YouTube when it comes to adding music. I was planning on using early 90s music, not sure if how old it is matters or if YouTube has loosened up a bit. Or if I would have to try and get away with making a slight mash-up (which I’d rather not do). But people seem to gotten away with adding original music to mashed-up/parody videos anyway, so it seems a little confusing.

    • animalntaz says:

      Wow, it didn’t look that long when I was typing it. :!:

    • pedanticKarl says:

      Hi animalntaz,
      I presume that you have a Windows PC. For the things you say you want to do, there is one product that you want to learn and use. Sony Vegas Movie Studio. There are 4 price points. I recommend the 2nd price point at $99.

      Just download it for free. I think it is a 15 day trial or longer. Everyone I have recommended it to, loves it. You won’t master it in a week. There is a learning curve, but that learning curve has nothing to do with the product. It has to do with imaging knowledge such as layering, image subtraction, addition, etc. Learning the controls is easy, but the creative part comes from knowing how images and audio mixing works. If you know image editing, you’ve won half of the battle.

      Copyright has nothing to do with YouTube. YouTube is only the agent or enforcer of the clients that want to protect their property. Copyright is very simple. If you didn’t create it or you don’t own it and it isn’t in the public domain, then you will either need to get permission from the owner of the creative work or buy a license for that creative work. Fair Use is possible, but tricky. The YouTube site has articles about copyrights. Search under the Help section.

      One common rule for a copyright is that it can last for as long as the life of the author plus 70 years. So, that is a long time. Just search the FAQs that are on the web. Here is one from the US Copyright Office.

      People have not necessarily gotten away with adding copyrighted music, as such. Google uses automation to detect what the copyright holders like Warner, Sony, FIFA want them to look for. Some copyright holders don’t care if people use their music. The copyright holder makes the call, not YouTube. In other cases, the copyright holder is saying, wow, that guy is using my works, but he has lots of views, lets not block the audio, lets place an Advertisement next to the video. The copyright holder then gets paid.
      I think Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven is the most difficult if not impossible to license. My video’s audio was blocked, but another video is up with an Ad.

      Other things that you perceive as people getting away with stuff is the idea of “Fair Use”. Go search it on the net. Study Al Yankovic’s FAQ on his site. All of his parodies were done with permission. Some copyright material can be allowed as Fair Use, but that is tricky. There is lots of license free music available. You pay a one time fee and you can use the music royalty free.

  69. Truly, I’ve wondered how Marina felt with the really crap comments some people have posted in regard to her, mostly on Youtube – not blaming Youtube, just some of the posters. Not like I know her personally, but watching her videos of her beginnings, she is (in my opinion) a caring and sensitive person, so no doubt it must have been tough for her to keep going, despite these less-than-encouraging comments. Of course, certainly not all of them are bad, as there are quite a few nice ones, most of them here. It’s not exactly bullying, but negative all the same.
    Glad you didn’t give in, Marina. Teacher gets an A+ for Determination. Oh, and an apple. ;-)

    • James says:

      I used to get so pissed off I would just give up… Then I think it was CaptainJack said to me “James if you remove your videos because you are not happy with the views, then who will see them?” I always have that in the back of my head.. Marina is used to it now.. Just like I am used to people calling me gay, it just goes over your head… Although occasionally there is a really horrible bastard I just have to cut down.

    • VenomRocK says:

      Have you seen her beef with O’Reilly?

      She certainly hasn’t given in. :wink:

  70. leoNard says:

    The daddy cow makes for bullys eating crow! Hotforwords feeds the mind! I like the quotes, provided by “the host, w/the most”-MARINA- :smile: “You can pretend to be serious – you can’t pretend to be witty.” – Sacha Guitry 1885-1957~~~Sacha Guitry
    Jacqueline Delubac

    ~~~~~Sacha Guitry (21 February 1885 – 24 July 1957) was a French film actor, director, screenwriter and playwright. He wrote the libretto to the 1925 pastiche Mozart which contains a story about the fictional adventures of Mozart on a visit to Paris.

    He was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia, in 1885, the son of the actor Lucien Guitry.
    :lol: nice

  71. I think I was the bully that bullied the bullies.
    Hmm? Something nice to say… To be honest, Marina, your looks are what first got my attention, but it was your interest in etymology which kept me watching and listening.

  72. This is long and off-topic, but I have a question for you, Marina, or anyone else for that matter. I grew up speaking Portuguese and English. There were words our families used that weren’t words. I’ll explain. An example – I, and many others, grew up thinking the Portuguses word for “store” was “shtooa”. But store is actually “loja”. This “shtooa” was the Portuguese immigrants actually trying to pronounce the word “store”. That word shtooa got mixed in with Portuguese conversation (especially in New England), but it’s not Portuguese and it’s not English. It’s like that with so many words I grew up with, too. My question – is there a word for these kind of words? These words in transition? It must happen with other languages. Not terribly important. I was just curious.

  73. handziol_86 says:

    nice hear :!:

  74. Have I ever been bullied? Yes and, sad to say, I have been on the other side of the fence as well.

  75. MCLIJazz says:

    Yes, I have been the victim of bullies, in person and online. From school to chat rooms to comment threads to message boards, I’ve been bullied. Then, there are the morons that heckle me as they drive by me when I’m walking somewhere. Whenever I pass a young guy or group of young guys, I fear they will bully me. It’s always a relief when they keep walking and don’t bully.
    I would never say anything nasty about you, Marina. :smile:

  76. shovet1111 says:

    I have always kinda had a thing for Russian girls. I thought it was the blonde hair blue eyed thing, but lately I have been seeing more blue eyed girls dye there hair jet black and I am lovin it. You look so hot with black hair. I think it makes your eyes stick out more. Even farther than your chest :grin:

  77. pat says:

    I had an older brother who teased and tortured me. Otherwise, when an attempt of bullying was about to begin I was always able to talk around it. I always thought it must be weird getting some of the posts. I try not to be mean but someone reading the post might take it another way. I wonder if it could be established, a world wide “nice blog” day. I tried to find the most sugary sweet syrupy version of this song. You’ll hate the song but love the dogs. Letters make words

  78. Chemikal says:

    “Stop the camera!”
    Oh man, that’s hilarious! I hope there’s no kernel of truth in that reaction, because that would make me feel bad for Marina. Best ignore them and retreat to the sanctity of the HFW website, for a much better commenting experience.

    HW: I didn’t get bullied much when I was a kid because I had a habit of pointing out obvious flaws of the one that confronted me. The bullies ended up getting bullied right back, so that was no fun for them.

    Extra credit: Something nice… It’s funny because anything I could say here, would just be a repetition of some previous statement. :mrgreen: So, just to avoid redundancy, I’ll say something new: You’re worth IT! IT, being whatever you want it to be. How’s that for nice? Good, eh? :-)
    Your videos make me smile, laugh and provide a healthy distraction from my daily activities. If some Youtubers will be forgotten after they stop posting content, you’re not one of them.
    { playing the song Unforgettable by Nat King Cole }

  79. James says:

    I am bullied by people on call of duty when they kill me, occasionally I may find it too much to take and blow my self off up

  80. Elijah says:

    Marina, you are truly the love of my life. I know I might seem crazy, but I just wanted to let you know that you are amazing in everyway; smart, funny, beautiful, and as down to earth as they come. I just know that you will be my future ex-wife. I just know it! :grin:

  81. cufan71 says:

    Homework I was bullied in grade school. :cry:

    Extra Credit :cool: YOU ARE AWESOME MARINA :!: :!: :!:

  82. sniperskaya says:

    Марина, что-нибудь приятное для вас:

    Русский археологи нашли мумию в Египте. Археологи не смогли определить происхождение мумии. Тогда Советский советник КГБ предложили свою помощь. Мама была доставлена в штаб-квартире КГБ. Через два часа появился советник КГБ и сказал: “Мама была Amenkhotep 23-й”.
    “Как вы узнали так быстро? Спрашивает археолог.
    Он признался, “КГБ советник говорит.

    Есть хорошая шутка, не так ли?

    (Кроме того, вы посмотрите, как более секси брюнетка.) :grin:

    • deluxenn says:

      Мама была Amenkhotep 23-й
      не Мама (Mother), а мумия (mummy)
      Мумия была Аминхотеп 23-й :grin:

      • sniperskaya says:

        Возможно, Мумия была мамой, не папой.;) Наконец не важным, мумия или папа, муравьи (в английских ‘тетях’) получат все в конечном счете, истинная, самая дорогая Марина? :razz:

  83. mwsyndrome says:

    I love your videos, educational, interesting and sexy!

    This got me thinking what was the origin of the word {bra}. I am sure a lot of people would want to know, and also see you in a bra :oops:

  84. sniperskaya says:

    Бог менее матушки-России!

    Bully for Russia! BULLY!


    • sniperskaya says:

      Dear Marina, you should watch this video!

      Марина Орлова, богиня моря, это ВМФ России видео для вас. Должны любить и уважать Главное Разведывательное Управление спецназ. :D


  85. HotForNumbers says:

    Excellent lesson!

    BTW, Do you understand the meaning in the lyrics of the song “Wooly Bully”?.


  86. James says:

    OK if I say it, will she arise?

    *ssshh* “……. is ….. rosimmmhhhhmmmcheeks still here?? ” :???: :|

  87. James says:

    I don’t know what bullies are because I went to a private school where the girls were taught flower arrangements, and the boys were taught polo. :mrgreen:

  88. Dave Utrata says:

    Bully for you, Marina!

    I think you’re beautiful, smart and funny. The trifecta, as it were!

    I encountered some bullying in my life; the moral about standing up to them and making them go away worked for me more often than not…

    • jp says:

      Touché Dave! And Welcome. i just recently joined this wonderful community of Marina’s as well. I am sure you will find many friends here. some really great people here.

      btw, i really dig that top hat of yours, very stylish and i bet you didn’t pay retail ;> REGARDS!

      - justin

  89. Samuel says:

    i get bullyed at school for 7 years which cause me serveral psychosomatic illnesses.
    it ended up at the psychiatric ward. and the damn psychiatrists diagnosted schizophrenia and forced me to swallow overdose of zyprexa which makes me suffer much more. i really had to fight that the psychiatrists left me alone to manage a life without this drugs. i’m not a schizo, i will never go psychotic again.

  90. iluv2cutfarts says:

    To my most dearest hotforwords Hottie Girl!

    Marina – No – I have never had anyone bully me. Yeah right, I use to get my ass kicked on a daily basis. It’s not very nice, but it makes you tougher in the end.

    As for my extra credit – I think just the fact that I love you so much is enough, but you let me know if you would like more lovin’!

    Until next time, I remain faithfully yours…




    • leoNard says:

      I think Marina is smart and pretty cute! :smile: ***But in time-the bully breaks the RULE

      “Punk is: the personal expression of uniqueness that comes from the experiences of growing up in touch with our human ability to reason and ask questions; a movement that serves to refute social attitudes that have been perpetuated through willful ignorance of human nature; a process of questioning and commitment to understanding that results in self-progress, and through repetition, flowers into social evolution; a belief that this world is what we make of it, truth comes from our understanding of the way things are, not from the blind adherence to prescriptions about the way things should be; the constant struggle against fear of social repercussions.”
      - Greg Graffin (Bad Religion)

      Bad Religion – Do What You Want (Acoustic)

  91. pedanticKarl says:

    I can’t wait till Do svidaniya.
    Getting a head start on the thumbs. :grin:

  92. pedanticKarl says:

    Have I ever been a victim of a bully? Not that I recall. If I was, then it was for a very short time as all of the bullies became my very close friends. :smile:

    Extra Credit:
    Albert Einstein once said that the most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious which is the source of all true art and science. Albert must have known about Marina as she is mysterious and represents the source of all that there is, which is wisdom, grace, charm, joy, laughter, intelligence and most importantly, someone with a great spirit of compassion and infinite love.

    Like a rose which comes with thorns, many of us including Marina encounter the bully, a person that does not operate by logic but a person that is motivated by prejudice, pride and vanity. Marina may not always be in control of her external circumstances, but she has learned to respond to those changing circumstances. Marina has laid a firm foundation with the bricks that others have thrown at her and like a waterfall, she has channeled her own path.

    People may forget what Marina said, people will forget what Marnia did, but people will never forget how Marina made you feel. Sometimes it’s that certain Marina smile and that certain Marina look of her eyes and you know that everything is all right. Sometimes, all a person needs is the permission to know that it is OK that someone cares with a heart to understand.

    Marina, the best teacher in the Universe has touched more than a dozen lives, where she provides the conditions in which her students can learn. Perhaps it is not a world of good or bad, or weak and strong, or bully and non-bully, but perhaps it is a world of learners and non-learners.

    Marina opens the door for us to walk through. Perhaps, it is not so much that which she gives, but how much love that she puts into the giving. And, perhaps as Leo Tolstoy reflected, the sole meaning of life may just be to serve humanity which Marina does in her own unique and special way. As it has been said once before; “You’ve gotta love her!” Wherever I go I go with all my heart, as that is how I will always remember Marina. :smile:


  93. Dear Teacher,
    Homework: I was bullied for a short while by the Official School Bully when I was in grade school, but he underestimated me. Being “underestimatable” [sic] can be a valuable tactical advantage.

    Extra credit: As you no doubt know, I have been fawning over you since I’ve been here, probably to the point that you’re tired of hearing it (but I hope not). Let’s review:
    I am crazy for you first and foremost for your intelligence. I came here sick as hell of YouTube and its haters and self absorbed users. You are remarkably different, it seems to me. Next most alluring to me is your charm. It is undeniable. I daydream of sitting across a coffee shop table, conversing and taking in all of your charm, and listening to that soft, silky accent of yours. While you are obviously a strong, self – assured woman with a rockin’ business sense (that’s hot in my world), you sometimes project a waif like vibe that makes me willing to take a bullet to protect you.
    Your eyes intrigue me. Besides their obvious beauty, I see a kind, gentle person in them. I’ve been fooled by experts, but I think I’m right here. Also intrigued by your sense of humor. Never seen a woman do the dreaded “double nose thumb” until I watched the doppelganger lesson. Still one of my favs. Good comedic timing and facial expressions impress me as well.
    In all seriousness, the things about you that really blow me away are those that are less tangible than your amazing physical appearance, and I won’t belabor the obvious. Suffice to say that, in the eye of this beholder, you are inarguably the most beautiful woman that have ever seen, or will ever see. Please know and remember that my words are true and my intentions are honorable, gentlemanly and altogether harmless.

    Love To Teacher,


  94. Greatest Potential says:

    homework: sure, i’ve been bullied before, who hasn’t :!:

  95. Greatest Potential says:

    of course i will say some sweet things to teacher. i even wrote a poem for you in the hfw forum section cept that was a while back. i think you deserve a sweet poem to lighten your spirits and give you cheer. will see what i can come up with.

  96. Greatest Potential says:

    :smile: let me get this right. you want me to kiss your ass in exchange for some brownie points. hmmm, that’s extortion. now who is the bully :!:

  97. goat says:

    can you look into {dude}. i heard it was a hair on a horses ass, lol. but people use it like “bro” or “bud”. i know a “dude ranch” has horses, so idk, if you can look into that, i’d appreciate it

  98. Hmmm. Shouldn’t boobs be TWO reasons for watching your videos?

    I actually spend as much time watching your hands as watching your other charms. You have beautiful, expressive hands. And I love it when you play with your hair!

    But you are much more than the sum of your parts. I am so impressed (smitten?) with your personality, your wit, your talent. I just discovered your music section, much of it featuring YOUR music. Amazing! Delightful! (BTW, is there an MP3 available of your theme music?)

    I’d like to see out-takes again, too, but I also love the voicemail. And I really appreciate the return to longer videos. I find it hard to categorize what you do: best teacher? best videographer? best philologist? best Best?

    Love you!

  99. heyzeus says:

    i just wish when i was in school we had more teachers like you, you make learning fun and of course visually enjoyable

  100. AllynTygrrr says:

    <— That's nice right? You're welcome.

    Bullies, Bullies, Bullies and the BBB…


    That's why they need a Better Business Bureau for people as individuals, especially in matters of the heart and honesty, and a rating and identification system or something…

    I'm working on it. Paparazzi-grade fame is one solution to bullies…but what a hassle.

    hoomans can be such f7cked up animals sometimes

    Some beautiful, some childish.

    Some considerate, some less-so.

    But when you look at the behavior of some of the "fans" alone…and think about how stupid people can be at the core…at the point that handful starts showing their true caliber and nature to be far below your own in principle and purpose…when life is too short to begin with…and they've gone and turned it into a negative hate-filled thing rhetoric-wise…one must first ask…


    Then secondly…

    Who f7cking cares?

    F7ck 'em. But I do hate bullies and those who try to abuse the innocent or take advantage of the naive.

    Consider the source. Consider yourself as the source at different ages and at different scenarios. Consider your parents, family, and influences and where they all come from. Compare. Then laugh.

    When one steps back and applies social stigma to life itself…

    Wait. Did you just try to bully us into being nice?

    If it makes you feel any better or more valuable, politically speaking narrative-wise – do you have any idea how much just talking this much on your website has cost me???


    Me neither.

    (the two-and-a-half minute tomsofmaine.com commercial before it is excellent too…if applied with the right light, on the right subjects, in the right context)

    But how was I to know you were a lesbian and planted so dangerously close to the ultra-fast lane just because you had the cool geni.us domain name and created a successful interwebs business from scratch on your aesthetic assets and a word-meaning-behind-sexual-imagery-based niche alone?

    As far as my life story autobiography thing goes, your presence, this very forum, on the internet is a platform – a uniquely built and targeted platform – and since you're a lesbian you can't possibly fall in love with me right? See. Therefore, since I'm officially single and God-and-the-entire-involved-world know I don't exactly have the right 'set' for the caliber of girls I need/expect/will-wait-for as girlfriends at the moment, then there should officially not be any harm to the political platform simply for typing.

    But there are bullies who will totally try to…


    Oh well. Now that I got that disclaimer out of the way…

    Although your fast and furious lifestyle might have the execs at Disney and an entire island of beautiful and exotic unknowns ironically completely-less-than-thrilled with me from time to time, what can I say? You're an interesting one that actually provides useful content and juxtaposition – so how can that not be an asset in the long-term brand design scheme of things?

    Anyway, back to the topic at hand – I had no idea 'bully' had such an interesting background or set of origins and uses. More evidence words only have as much meaning as the specific scenarios people use them to describe. Meh. What are we gonna do?

    Create my own 'style' with associated meaning.

    Sure. Y n0t? Carry on.

  101. heyzeus says:

    like thumper said if you cant something nice dont say anything at all :lol:

  102. leoNard says:

    Crazy—this computer is a “bully”– :twisted:

    thank you and you are a sweetheArt

    Very good job, Marina! I think you are super cool; and the bullers of bullies, can go on strike! :grin: sam the sham& the pharaohs- wooly bully …{dare} me to be good and the bullies became cowgirls :???:

  103. pandion says:

    Bully for you Marina,

    I have not been victim of a bully since middle school.

    As always thank you for the lesson.

    It does seem that too many people use the anonymity of the internet to say things they would never say in public. I am all for free speech, but you cannot yell, “Fire!” in a movie house; however I did once yell, “Movie!” in a firehouse.

  104. Hello, Miss Marina.
    Your YouTube slogan is, “Where detention is fun.” Is it any wonder that you receive so many nasty comments? Could they possibly be intentional in the authors’ hopes of being placed into your detention? They may be anticipating that you will use fuzzy handcuffs when you haul them off to your jail though. ;-)

    I also found it rather amusing that the nice comment you suggested people leave for you is a type of insult known as an asteism. At the 2:10 mark, you made a backhanded compliment, “You’re the greatest Marina!!” At first glance, it seems like a compliment. However, since you are the only Marina that I know, it is no surprise that you are the greatest Marina. It also makes you the worst Marina too. You have limited yourself to being compared only to other people named Marina. To be a compliment to you, it needs to have a comma. To be complimentary, it should read, “You’re the greatest, Marina!!”

    I don’t know if the comma omission was intentional or not, but it’s interesting to see how a simple comma can turn a compliment into an insult. Hmm. Perhaps you are subconsciously wanting to be bullied with mean comments. :razz:

    At the 2:30 mark, You have quotation marks before the word bully, but no ending quotation marks are displayed.

    Bully pulpit is another term which originally used the adjective bully in a good sense, although it has now taken on the negative connotations of the verb bully.

    I wonder if bully has taken on a false etymology, with the adjective bully and the verb bull having separate origins and becoming linked together due to similarity, rather than both the adjective and the verb sharing a common origin.

    Being a bull still does not always have a mean or violent connotation. It can still refer to being dominant, such as a bull dyke. The dominant girl in a lesbian relationship is not called a bull due to being violent, but instead are called a bull to refer to their dominant role. Being bullheaded also refers to someone that is very stubborn.

    For the extra credit, as you requested, “something nice to me.”

    I did appreciate that you went back to the original video style, with a deeper look into the word etymology than you have had in recent videos. Thank you.

  105. wetsuit5 says:

    Like Teddy Resovelt said: “Bully, Bully”

    I’ll be your sweetheart!!


    • Guess you mean “Roosevelt.” I wonder if he was the first to call the Presidency “a bully pulpit.” HW: Yes, I was bullied mercilessly in school. They always knew how to {get my goat.} That was because I did not know how to be “cool.” I always lost my temper and railed at them, which they must have enjoyed, the sadists. :x

  106. seesixcm6 says:

    Dear Marina,
    There is another definition: “Bully beef and chips” (salted beef and bisquits) were rations served to army troops in the Nineteenth century. In WWII, we soldiers got canned Spam, instead! (This was even worse than salted beef.) We shipped millions of cans of Spam to Russia during WWII. I wonder if they liked it? I’m glad I wasn’t a soldier in those old days. :mrgreen:
    You’re so lovely, you must work very hard to keep yourself beautiful. You probably eat very little, next to nothing at all. Just a litle seafood, suschi, lots of vegetables, maybe an occasional egg. When you wear a bikini, the photos show you’re so thin, we can see your ribs. Plus, you exercise alot by taking long walks, working out in the gym, taking yoga classes, going to the beach, and you play with your dog, Gorby.
    You also show you’re nice by the way you treat Gorby. You buy him nice dog toys, got him a cage he enjoys to sleep in, You keep him clean, buy haircuts for him, and you play with Gorby! :smile:
    You wear clean, beautiful clothing in every video. Yes, you wear low-cut dresses, but they’re not so low that you have to wear double-sided tape to hold them up!
    I think you’re fun. When you laugh, you probably laugh very loud, Your smile is nice. Your face an hair always look so good. It’s a pleasure to see you. :mrgreen:

  107. matalexwolf says:

    Hi Marina, how are you and how was your day? Gorby all good too :)

    Bully!! hhmmm…the internet certainly throws up some wonderful comments, from cyber-hidden spokes persons! Bless ‘em!!!! Its a kick for the demented types, easy to do, being nice is too big for these folk who lead sad lives and blame everyone and thing as they go along, moping about. Try to ignore if you can! :) I saw a racist comment from a guy calling you a white trash whore….so wanted to ping him a message but, why bother, really…ignore them. Stay focussed on positives only!!!

    Something nice….hhhmmm, nice ain’t so nice, you said! And now bully is really a lover; words and languages are sick! Loves it :) You know M, my mouth and brain have acted in their own ways at times, so forgive this, if this sounds rude or anything….along those lines, so here goes. Since Date lesson, I took your advice and searched looking for a soul partner. I admit, I have joined many, some filth, some weird, some odd, some cool, professional, like minded, all sorts and so on. I freely admit, it has become almost a part of my day, chatting-ish to many women all over the world, everyone playing this ‘game’ sussing each other out, and so on. Now, since I started, hunting, through these love match date thingys, I realised that, yep and o boy, there are some seeeeriously hot, fit, sexy, so striking, smile reacting, eh how you doing…women, everywhere however, M, none of them by a long long way, get close to you. Having known you for what instantly felt a life time, i am worrying so much now! I worry as I am realising (as if i didnt know already) that I am most unlikely to meet, find or know another woman like you ever. So, I can deal with it….I’m know woose, really, but is sad to think, that someone, out of the blue can change everything to another but, never meet them for real, then are suppose to continue through life either settling for number 2 (second best) or, grow bald and fat and hang out with juniors waffling on about I dunno….or sad old man sat in corner of pub sipping beer looking at floor whilst his dog sits besides him (bring out your dead!)

    So Marina, M…Marina…you have have this amazing effect on so many, given hope, created much joy with oodles of knowledge and passion, all for the better. Each day in the HFWs community, everyone is so grateful to see you, hear you and bully you, I mean love you, or both!
    Your charm is infectious, an M-Fix each day keeps me happy as with many many others, which intern I give to others so they pick up on happy too. Swoooooning is never my best thing and still stuck smitten in your web, makes me kinda happy. i say kind of as love hurts then hurt turns into more love, and so on. Have tried to not like you….which I have epically failed every time. Your imperfections, as I see them, are what makes you so perfect. You would be the greatest woman to any man who knows best. You deserve to be treated like a queen or VIP 24/7, even when you arnt feeling so great, due to….you know….women’s issue thingys…just so dont understand brains of women….so I can only but love you. You got me always, rain or shine because….you are perfect for me but thats not in any way saying I am perfect for you, opposites remember (but with a shed load in common…so remember that too, please…won’ you?) – I think, what I’m trying to say is that, you have made me and I know there are plenty others, very happy people and me personally, would be the greatest to journey with you at your side. Just to know that you have won hearts and minds of millions is wonderful enough for you to wake each day knowing this. The more who love you there will be more who will not and, bully you.
    Yep, you are my dream girl, you always have been. Sounds silly but dreamt when very young of a girl, her face and yours kinda look the same…was it your sister?? And, you filled magic into my Soul as I instantly fell in love with you. Scare me too, which I like much! Prefer the not so scary side of things, to be honest but either way you delivery with excellence. As what lies at ground level is your beautiful love, burning so bright, no haters can take that from you, and they learn that love beats hate, from you. So you do that to those who arent so good!
    You have caused insomnia and food eating disorders to rise by the way! You have entered the minds and hearts of many, some one, apparently, went and even more so now, crazy for you. I heard hes fine now, only thinks about you 23 hours a day now! The other hour he chats to sub standard women on the net in date sites, or something like that!

    So you shine the brightest, look the greatest, sound so charming, love everything, making all things that touches or comes close to you, beautiful and happy, not just average and dull anymore. Your crazy out look is fantastic, your love is honest, your art unique, your words from the heart. With all that topped off by the most, desirable body known to mankind and even after your studio make up mask lays the prettiest face I have ever set eye on. So no wonder, M, some people will make bully comments. It is hard to be beautiful in an ugly world after all but stick with what you know to be true, they will learn, one day, to be nice or kind.

    Anyhoo, would love to write more!! however, its 1-30am, im typing outside mates home (they have work early morning) and coppers interested to know why I look and behaving so dodgy, sat on car bonnet. It’s love, I tell them. Asked if I had been drinking too but sad that just brings me down! So best wish you well, much love and light to you always. If I could hug you right now, I so would but I guess I would never be able to let you go, hence being kinda stuck over the Ocean. Lucky for you ;)…am so not a stalker, my defence shall be love….in the fairy tails, love always wins too! Be happy, love you with all my everything, night XO :)

  108. Homework: When I was a little kid; I was a little kid and the bullies were around. All that stopped when I was 12-13 and ended up taller and bigger than all of ‘em.

    So, Ferris Bueller’s last name has the
    same roots as bully? Far out…. :mrgreen:

    The thing to remember about Twitter is that
    there are a LOT of twits using it. I guess
    it’s the same bunch that needs the warning
    printed on dry cleaning plastic bags;
    “Do NOT place bag over your head
    or your IQ will fall sharply”
    See what happens? :shock:
    Oh yeah… say something nice… hmmmmm…
    OH, I know!
    I wasn’t kidding about using a spoon :twisted:

  109. whatimeitis says:


  110. meby2k says:

    I think you’re fabulous. Yeah, you’re hotter than July asphalt. You look unbelievable. But the reason I like you the most, the reason I subscribed, the reason I wait anxiously for each new video from you, is your big shiny brain. I respect a woman with high intelligence a lot more than I respect hooters. Yeah, you have gone to great efforts to enhance and beautify everything you could and I appreciate that. But sincerely, your intelligence is much more impressive. BUT — you HAVE to get rid of that answering machine thing at the end and bring back the bloopers. Get rid of the weird voices and stupid comments. And STOP bleeping yourself out! Damn that’s annoying. ;-)

  111. animalntaz says:

    I haven’t gotten around to editing my Bully video, it’s been delayed for like a month or 2. So far I’ve had other video ideas, been testing out free/trial software, various codecs/formats, and trying to understand bit rates.
    Lately I’ve just finished making my Sad Keanu. It took me hours to figure out how to use GIMP 2.6. Maybe not as good as Photoshop, but it’s good enough for me:


  112. fglrx says:

    That was probably the most famous case of political bullying in this year.

    I wonder what the majority of British people think about Nigel Farage. Is he a political bully or a great statesman who tries to defend the British independence from the EU bureaucracy?

  113. Peopleunit says:

    You’re very nice, Marina, but I bet your sister can kick your butt. :-)

  114. Zeeshan says:

    when i first started school in new york, i was very shy and scared to make friends. it took me a while but i overcame my fear and started talking to kids in making friends. in the school playground there was this one kid that was really mean to me. i don’t know why but he was very rude to me and my friends . one afternoon at recess i was sitting alone on the bench drawing and coloring when my Bully (stephen) came up to me and ripped up my art. i snapped and tackled him and went hard on him. the teacher had to pull me off of the guy and since that day he never bother me again. WIN :D

    also for my bonus points

    Marina your a wonderful person, i find you very Funny and your ascent is so Hawt :D

  115. Lennie says:

    I speak Dutch and some German, but don’t recognise those words (bhule and boel in that sense). I guess they are from waaaay back. They aren’t used (in that way) in the modern versions of these languages. Not that I know anyway.

    Interresting how it went from lover, to describing someone who is, kinda like a bodyguard or a bouncer at some point.

    Homework: I always laughed when fellow students tried to bully me at school and this made them upset when they noticed I wasn’t scared and they left me alone after that.

    For extra credit: You are the most fun I had in school, ever. :-) We need more teachers like you.

    • Samuel says:

      i’m native german and i thought that i heard the word “buhlen” in the film “fear and loathing in las vegas” (german translation). it’s also used in literature about ancinet greek sagas. it’s mentioned in the online dictionary http://www.dict.cc/?s=buhlen .
      i ever thought that it comes from the old greek word “boylomai”= i court somebody (wedding), i want. it sounds bool….! but i can not quarantee this. and this word made it barely to the german language.

  116. senior says:

    I find you intelligent, well spoken and charming. I hope this does not make me a “bully”

  117. fglrx says:

    Eminem — Bully

    And it’s destroying him slowly
    ‘Cause he does not even know me
    Even though he sees me everywhere he goes
    So he just tortures himself
    He has no fortune and wealth
    So he extorts someone else to get his dough
    And now he’s acting like a bully
    So he tries to push and pull me
    But he knows that he can’t pull me so he’s mad
    He has no choice but to scream
    And raise his voice up at me
    ‘Cause it annoys him to see that I ain’t scared

  118. thematrix75 says:

    Dear Marina,I think your very smart,witty,and love your sense of humor!You are my most favorite teacher ever :!: :cool: :smile:

  119. jp says:

    omg. there’s no words. my name is justin and i approve of this message. i would like to make a public apology and also a commitment to be more sweetheartly as we all should do. no matter how many nice or mean things we have said in the past, you can always be nicer says the Dalai Lama himself: “Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” ~ Dalai Lama

    here is my first attempt at this new public commitment: “just wearing one barrette to pull your hair to one side like that really shows how beautiful your face and eyes are.” when in doubt, just copy that guys, i think it is safe, but note that it says nothing of Marina’s charm, intellect or ability, simply her physical appearance. i am positive that the rest of you can do better with all those brains, hours in the day and moments of captivated devotion to your favorite teacher.

    i am wishing all the Best to Marina and her Million would-be culprit sweethearts that will not go to jail if they prove that they can be less mean.

    and btw, The Library Of Congress IS archiving all Tweets. I would petition for Youtube comments next if there was a movement for that. Youtube is far more of a historical record than Twitter IMHO anyway.

  120. samuel3d says:

    Yes I’ve been bullied in School. and Marina I think you are one of the coolest person in the world. thank you so much for being my wonderful Teacher. and thank you for teaching me Russian language it is really a lot fun I learned a lot. your awesome.

    Thank you Samuel :cool: :smile: ;-)

  121. Capman911 says:

    Your nice, sweet, pretty and a lot of fun to listen to and learn.
    Question for you Marina? Did this Tom Corbett really subpoena Twitter for the names of the comment makers?
    Home Work: Yes I was bullied when I was in school. Probably no more than anyone else. By the way Jack keeps bullying me on here. :sad:

  122. veritanuda says:

    You can beat me up any time Marina :mrgreen:

  123. tonyb says:

    Marina I only seem to notice your pretty face and sweet soft voice. But I am not hung up on breast size on women!!

  124. PageDoll says:

    All the pretty girls like a bully.

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