E3 Dragon Oath Chang You Pics

Here are pics from my day at E3 at the Chang You / Dragon Oath area!  It was a BLAST meeting all of you who came, plus some unexpected visitors stopped by to say hi, from Dave Days, to Sxephil, to V Producer Jace Hall, even David Arquette stopped by to say hi!

The pics are by David Markowitz who will have  more pics up on the Chang You website shortly, the last 4 pics are from my iPhone.

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24 Responses to E3 Dragon Oath Chang You Pics

  1. Anonymous says:

    These type of Picture are very Good and Mind Blowing.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is very Lots of collection of awesome picture.I love it picture.

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  4. Evan Owen says:

    Oooo, Dragon Oath! You should have brought me as your mascot, Marina! :mrgreen:

  5. Capman911 says:

    Great pictures Marina. Looks like you and Gorby had a great time. I am jealous how you are holding Phil’s right boob. :mrgreen: :lol:

  6. tayljim says:

    Hey, today is the first day of summer. I wonder what the origins of the terms
    for the seasons {spring, summer, autumn/fall, winter}. I guess I could look
    them up, but I prefer that our lovely and talented teacher answer.

  7. thematrix75 says:

    Hello everyone,how are you doing Marina?Those pics from E3 where very amazing.In one pic I seen Gorby get a big kiss,how much I wish that was me instead!You had alot of wonderful people show up to see you,and it was good seeing you and Gorby back together again!Great Dragon Oath costume you are wearing!See you all later,enjoy your day Marina!Peace :!:

  8. leoNard says:

    Good job DAVID :!: …

    Dragons Of St. Leonards Forest

    One of the main Dragon haunts in Sussex is at St. Leonards forest near Horsham, a scrap of the ancient wealden forest so named after one of the Dragon legends that is set there. It is said that St. Leonard, a 6th century French hermit, once lived in St. Leonards forest. During a long battle with a Dragon living there, which he eventually won, St. Leonard was injured :cry: . It is said that God made White Lilies spring forth from the ground where the Saints blood fell. Also asking what reward the Saint wanted for freeing the local people from the Dragon, he asked that snakes would be banished from the forest and nightingales, which had disturbed the Saints prayers, would be silent.

    from this source— http://www.sussexarch.org.uk/saaf/dragon.html –The subject of Dragons in folklore is well known throughout the world, with similar legends being heard from Britain and Europe to China and America on the opposite side of the globe. Likewise, its history can be traced from Mesopotamia several Millenia ago to their re-emergence today in Fantasy, Role-Playing Games and the revival of certain customs. :lol:

  9. VenomRocK says:

    :smile: Sweet!….classic and quite exotic beauty. :cool:

  10. fglrx says:

    According to some users of this forum, Marina looks not Slavic, but Germanic and probably belongs to the Faelish anthropological type. I googled for the picture of Faelish-looking people and I think it’s very possible, especially the shape of the nose is the same as hers.

    It’s possible that her ancestors lived somewhere in the German or Dutch territories.

  11. That’s a nice harem girl outfit (heh heh!) :mrgreen:

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