My YouTube Story

It’s YouTube’s 5 year birthday this week, so I decided to make a little “My YouTube Story” video for you about the first year.

I hope it gives you a little insight into some events that happened in the beginning.

Please thumb-up, comment and favorite over at YouTube :-)


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351 Responses to My YouTube Story

  1. NicodEAN says:

    you re right that’s what i was thinking in the beggining. Look you know im gonna cry at least lol, cuz i will!

  2. NicodEAN says:

    Scuse me, when did you say we will marry eachother?????????????????????????????????!!!
    *********************************ahahahah but in south africa!!*

  3. Martin says:

    I found your website ‘Hot For Words’ by accident. I googled something (which I can’t remember now!) and your site was one of the answers…. and hey!!! I have been addicted to your site ever since!!!

  4. pandion says:

    First off, thank you for all you do. I am glad that after a slow start you kept at it. I really do enjoy your lessons; even if I get behind from time to time. :grin:

    I was introduced to your site by a Romanian girl I was chatting with. So you do have a global appeal. Sorry, I do not remember which lesson I first saw, but my very first impression was, not only is she pretty, but very smart and the lesson was informative. I bounced around watching the lessons that looked fun, but soon decided that I would go through and watch them all in order.

  5. bsomebody says:

    The first HFW vid I saw was ‘whiskey.’ I thought some really cool people had made some interesting comments, so i decided to join in a little bit. I really like Lady Marina’s humor and her ability to teach and keep things interesting. I got a little disheartened by so much of the media coverage that over-emphasized M’s sexuality at the expense of all her other attributes. When M started experimenting with YT’s new changes, I began to feel like M had bought into some of the hype and placed too much emphasis on just her sexuality. She almost lost me there, but I decided to stick around because I was rooting for Marina. Eventually, she seemed to find a good mix of marketability and putting out a product that I enjoy. Glad I stuck around for the ride.

  6. I first discovered you a couple month’s back I thought wow this is one very pretty lady teaching about word’s i love it and now i find what you teach more interesting!;)

  7. markg620 says:

    My dear teacher Marina,

    When I first viewed you it was nirvana. Here is a smart, educated, and very sexy woman. I thought how easy to get students who never understood the importance of vocabulary to study everyday. Although you tend to discuss words that have very sexual content, you are providing great motivation for many.

    Personally, I like the blonde hair, however you are still most beautiful. :smile:

  8. jiddo says:

    My Dear Marina, I first laid eyes on you in November 2008 and I must say I couldn’t believe my eyes. Such a beautiful, sexy young lady actually “teaching” the meanings of words and phrases! I have enjoyed watching you “evolve” over time! You captivate me with your “innocent” sex appeal and I am an attentive student… even at my age. I enjoyed your fist video and I congratulate you on your present day works. You are doing exactly what you were intended to do….. that is, sharing your yourself with so many. Thank you and I wish you the best always! ;-)

  9. brian smith says:

    about my last post, sorry.

    I really believe the word, “humility” means understanding one’s own persona, at the same time realizing that nobody is better than the other person. But it has nothing to do with ‘low self-esteem’. Humility is a part of a healthy outlook on life.

    your thoughts?

  10. brian smith says:

    you know how hot you are. Don’t get all ‘stuck up’ on us.
    just remember the word “humility”


  11. T. Mitchell says:

    This is the first video of yours I have ever seen, so I can say what I thought of you then because I didn’t think of you at all! However if a gorgeous Russian girl says do homework, you do it!

    Had I known that there was an etymologist on youtube, I would have checked it out long ago! Now if only you would start teaching us Russian!

  12. iluv2cutfarts says:

    Marina – since you have been doing so much hiking lately, can you investigate the origin to the phrase {take a hike}?


  13. bigteedo says:

    Hey Marina, can you tell me the origin of the word “madvert”???

  14. innspecter says:

    I have to add that I love watching your videos evolve. Over time they get noticeably more complex and professional-looking.

  15. innspecter says:

    I have no idea what the first video of yours was that I watched. I stumbled upon your youtube vids sometime early in 2009…the blonde hair caught my eye, and I watched my first Hot For Words video. I thought you were an interesting ploy and that you were the pretty face of someone else’s research, or just a complete farce. But then I did a little research and discovered that you are genuine and do everything yourself! Now I’m a loyal viewer, and I, as well as everyone else on here, can count on you to brighten my day and start my brain off on the right track every morning. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  16. VenomRocK says:

    I think the first video I watched of yours was the one for Oleaginous. I’m not 100% sure though, but it was after I first seen you make an appearance on O’reilly’s show. You had a ‘BEEF’ on rude people commenting on the internet. The funny thing is, I’ve moved away from his show after seeing a number of clips ( too many not to take notice) on his negative view of libertarians & Ron Paul.

    I’ve noticed over some recent lessons that you’ve hit a nerve with some people on here with unbleeping certain words. Wasn’t there a discussion amongst people on here a few months back over you using profanity and the consensus was that people really didn’t have a problem with that? I mean it doesn’t bother me and it’s not like you swear up a storm. WTF!? but you stood up and said your piece down below and that was nice to see. :smile:
    ….and that I wasn’t on the end of that one.

    I made a post about a singer passing away recently and I guess The Most Hated Family in America is going to protest his funeral. :evil:,41454/
    They go after a lot of people. I noticed in the video their kids go on the internet patrolling for stuff they would consider to be filth, which would be pretty much anything according to them. I get this feeling their maybe an element on here that reminds me of this.oO

    …anyways I still think you’re cool Marina. :smile:
    I sincerely hope you have inner peace and happiness offline because that’s what it’s really about ;-)

  17. brian smith says:

    Marina, Can you please do a video about the connection between sex, and pain.

    love, Brian

  18. jojorex7 says:

    Hello Marina, I wanted to ask you. What does the word {crood} mean as in Crood Awakening?

  19. Homework:

    Part I: When did I first discover Marina’s channel?
    I first discovered HotForWords using Veoh. :shock:
    They had a few lessons posted (floccinaucinihilipilification,
    Abracadabra,etc) and she was … impressive. :cool:
    When I chose my screen name (Me-Like-a-Do-The-Cha-Cha)
    I did it just to hear Marina say those words… :mrgreen:
    (Go back through the lessons and see the result)
    The first videos I watched at HFW started with Dirty vikings.
    I started reading the blog and was entertained by
    comments posted by Captain Jack, who was the lone TA
    at that time. There was a vibe going on then that
    made the site a success very quickly (Kudos, Jack)

    Part II: What did I think of Marina? :roll:
    (when I first discovered her channel)
    I was easily jaded by Marina’s big… eyes,
    and I’ve always had a soft spot in my head
    for blondes – dammit. That said, she showed
    herself to be well trained to teach and has
    a way of getting you interested in words.

    Part III: What do I think of Marina now?
    Well, it ain’t love – but it’s close!
    ‘Nuff said :lol:

  20. whatimeitis says:

    :o ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :ooooo0000OOOOOO()()()() :o :oops: :o :o :oops: :shock: 40 smokes a day would make me puke. This kid needs a computer and a bookmark for Hotforwords. :lol:

  21. Evan Owen says:

    ***WORD REQUEST: {Britain}***

    “…after it was formed into a commonwealth by Prydain, son of Aedd Mawr, it [Britain] was called the Isle of Prydain. And none have any title therein but the nation of the Cymry. For they first settled upon it; and before that, no men lived therein, but it was full of bears, wolves, beavers, and bisons.”
    – from the Triads of the Isle of Britain :cool:

  22. tonyb says:

    One year ago. I always come back for more of you, Marina. Whenever I try to sing along with some 90s rock videos on You Tube I remember your Mr. Mondegreen!!

  23. hitoshi says:

    what are the benefits of changing the web browser from safari into google chrome? is ti better than safari?

  24. troublemaker1991 says:

    Dear Marina, I have requested this word again in the past and you had said you’d investigate but it’s been over a year! So I thought I’d remind you :P

    I’d requested the word {GERONIMOOOOOOOoooooo} and the reason why someone would shout it out when falling off the edge of a cliff for example.

  25. gravityboy says:

    Here is a word puzzle for everyone…
    What do these people have in common?

    ellen degeneres
    adam ant
    pete seeger
    barbara bach
    yoko ono
    pete best
    hot for words

    can anyone add to the list? :mrgreen:

  26. I was just looking at vids on you tube and seen hotforwords and had to check it out this was about a month ago and i have watch almost all the vids on your list i will always be a loyal subscriber LOVE your dear student

  27. iluv2cutfarts says:

    Marina Tweeted (a while ago), “Whats your favorite sushi?”

    It would definitely be Sushi of Naples, on 2nd Street out near Long Beach, CA. That was my more favorite place! I miss good Sushi – Midwestern states are not exactly known for their freshness when it comes to this delicacy.


  28. Mark says:

    I actually discovered you about two weeks ago when I was looking for something on youtube, and your pic came up, and a caption something to do with word meanings.
    Ok, I had to check this out.
    Needless to say, I found you interesting. Your videos are fun, interesting, and simple (though, I have done a bit of amateur video editing, so I KNOW they aren’t simple to make…between the research and recording/editing, do you actually sleep at any point in your day?). As a trivia buff, I like the explanations of curious words or sayings. Being a sarcastic-humored guy, I like the digs or references you make about people or events.
    I’m glad for you that you have found the ladder and are climbing it, but yet I hope that you don’t loose sight of the bottom, as I think it is what sets you apart from many other people, that being your ground-level personality (meant in a complimentary way). I went back and watched some earlier vids, and you’ve certainly gained confidence and experience with your presentations.

    Also, it’s quite interesting to read some other comments, and some of the personalities that are behind those comments. :shock:

    Keep up the great work!

  29. heyzeus says:

    (show the ropes)

  30. heyzeus says:

    first discovered you on the bill o reily show, and i thought wow, checked you out here and on you tube and i still think wow…..and i hate to admit it but i learned alot about origin of words
    wow :twisted:

  31. cufan71 says:

    :grin: Word Request

  32. gravityboy says:

    What happened? I was here 2 minutes ago and there was an inquisitive persons deep levels test in the works. Then I clicked refresh to see if any were added, to find out the answer – how deep can you go – and it’s gone. :cry: How deep :?:

  33. NedPhoenix says:

    I would like to know why the word {up} appears in the following expressions. Screwed up. Messed up. Fouled up. Botched up. F’d up. etc. I have tried to investigate. But, I got messed up. My thanks.

  34. Lennie says:

    I viewed it again and I thought, does {leaching} really have an interesting origin ?

    • HotForWords says:

      I did that video already :-) Leech.

      • Hello Miss Marina,
        Leech and leach are words which have the same pronunciation, but different spellings and different meanings.
        Your video was on leech. Leaching is a percolating action. You get coffee from leaching it from the ground up coffee bean.

        • gravityboy says:

          I read this also and couldn’t figure it out…
          Lennie starts by writing “I viewed it again” implying that he just watched an hfw video.

          Then he writes…
          “does {leaching} really have an interesting origin ?”
          The “really” in there makes it seem like he is asking for a yes-or-no answer or like he’s saying… “are you kidding me or what?”

          And since he just watched a video, and leach is a variant of leech…

          …and he put the {leaching} in brackets, the smart thing to do was treat it like a word request (the only thing you can be sure of) and send him to the video. :cool:

          • Lennie is referring to Marina’s My YouTube Story video. In it, she talks about her early days and doing the Word of the Week. In that clip segment, she offers to do the origin of the word leech (or leach) for sxephil.

            • gravityboy says:

              So if you knew that already did you think lennie really wanted the leaching coffee bean origin and Marina missed it?
              p.s. ignore simple answer below, I wrote it when your answer must have been on the page already.

              • I know that English is not Marina’s native language. Leech and leach sound the same, but are spelled differently and have different meanings. Words like this wreak havoc on many native English users, and are even more difficult for many folks whose second language is English. I thought it was possible that Marina had overlooked the difference in the word request for leach, rather than the word leech in her video.

                It’s also possible Lennie spelled leaching, while intending to mean leeching.

                The drain lines coming off a septic tank are also known as leach lines. In a properly installed septic system, by the time water reaches the end of the leach line, all the impurities have been leached out and that water is safe to drink.

                • gravityboy says:

                  Yes… I’m sure words “wreak havoc” on Marina (sarcastic) …come on country, that was a ridiculous excuse.

                  “Leech and leach sound the same” …That didn’t matter they were written.

                  “I thought it was possible that Marina had overlooked the difference” …no, we all know now that “leeching” was in the video, I’m positive Marina knew that, it is her video. Lennie had the whole phrase she used also in the request.

                  “It’s also possible Lennie spelled leaching, while intending to mean leeching.” …I already wrote that below and Lennie showed up and confirmed it.

                  You think Lennie might have wanted “septic system drain lines origin?” …stop it country that’s too much, you don’t even believe that one.

                  You were just {busting her chops} …over and out :mrgreen:

          • gravityboy says:

            hmmm… simple answer… I just watched this page video (My YouTube Story) and Marina asks that sxephil guy if he knows the origin of the word “leeching” and she says “it is really interesting”, lennie misspelled it. That explains everything. :|

            • Lennie says:

              Yes, you are right. I’m not a native speaker either. I actually checked if I typed the word correctly. It just didn’t have the same meaning. LoL :-)

              That’s also why I couldn’t find it on the site. Now that I’ve seen the leech video, I know I’ve even seen it before.

              I’ve seen so many can’t remember everything right away.

        • Lennie says:

          Thank you for trying to help, I had the wrong spelling.

      • Lennie says:

        Off I misspelled the word, that’s why I couldn’t find it.

        Thanks Marina, now that you’ve pointed it out, I think I’ve actually seen it already. :-)

      • Evan Owen says:

        How about {lichee} then — or is that a nutty request? :razz:

  35. Oh… one other thing. If you’re ever on Facebook and up for a game of Lexulous, I’m always ready to have you kick my butt at it!

  36. Ms. Orlova,

    I just discovered your site today and have already shared it with one of my favorite professors, Dr. Kelly Jennings, who teaches a History and Development of the English Language course at the University of Arkansas, Fort Smith. I’m sure she’ll use it for some sort of extra credit assignment next semester.

    Also, I can’t wait to share your site with my girlfriend, as she sometimes has trouble believing that she can be both beautiful and “nerdy” at the same time. Hopefully, by checking out your site, it will prove to her that it IS possible, because she tends to say “yeah, sure, whatever” when I say things like “please tell your parents that I thank them for providing the world with such a beautiful, intelligent goofball.”

    So thanks in advance for proving it is not only possible to be beautiful and nerdy, but that she is not alone in possessing these qualities.

    Bryce Albertson

  37. brian smith says:

    Consider me a fan forever. I just love you. The first time I saw you was when you did the video about “Boobquake”. That was so awesome!
    I love you because you have a good attitude about life, and it makes me happy watching your videos.
    You should be making good money girl.
    You prove that a sexy woman can have incredible intellect.

    love you,

  38. I just got home from a funeral. This was in my inbox:

    “Happiness keeps you sweet,

    Trials keep you strong,

    Failures keep you humble,

    Success keeps you growing…

    …but only friends keep you going.” :cry:

    Tell your people you love them. :cool: Don’t wait.

  39. katarinax says:

    Id also like to know the origin of the word {Anaphylaxis}. I got bitten by a spider a few days ago and had this. Id like to know what it means!

  40. deluxenn says:

    My Dear excited Teacher,
    When I have seen you at first time almost year ago, it was like miracle. I was immediately struck by your style and humor. I have no special education in English but I worked in a foreign international company to know enough for understanding. I haven’t watched TV around two years and when I told to my friends about you, they answered to me: “We saw the show about her on a local TV channel” and in this show all had proud of you.
    I have a feeling that Russian’s opinions are important for you because it can’t be differently. There are no negative opinions about you. There are only the Russian aggressiveness and our other complexes as usual.
    I cared never how many diplomas you have and others foolish the ins and outs; you are amazing and this is interesting to me.
    Someone once said that only Russian’s women have ability to love with the heart, others love with brains. You showed it in your videos and I think everybody can feel it but not everybody ready to confess it.
    I love you and hate you because can’t touch you, :twisted:
    wish you every success and “May the Force be with You”
    I’ll be near
    don’t you feel it already? :mrgreen:
    End Transmission :mrgreen: :roll:

    • pedanticKarl says:

      Hi deluxenn,
      I liked what you said, “…have ability to love with the heart…”
      and I can relate to that. Very nicely stated and I think you are
      right, everybody probably does feel it whether they can put it in words or not. I enjoy reading your comments as you also have a great sense of humor. :smile:

      • deluxenn says:

        Thanks for the answer Karl, you are always nice, it is sometimes difficult to have conversation only with myself. Everyone comes here to receive a little attention from Marina.
        I would want Marina’s smiling face would appear under my comment; well, you are a fine substitute. I should think to start my comments with My Dear pedantic Karl. :smile:

        • pedanticKarl says:

          Hi deluxenn,
          I’ve read all of your comments and you have a nice way with words in a poetic sense and you are also very funny. Continue posting great comments like you have been doing and making words requests and Marina will respond to you.
          I don’t know if you got a chance to see the new post by Marina. She is putting out a call for people to post articles related to word origins. Click on the Home link in the upper left and look at the new post entitled.
          Calling all of YOU!

          If you are interested in writing an article, let her know in the comments on that page.

        • Evan Owen says:

          Здравствуйте, deluxenn!

          One of our students once said, “Marina brings us here, but we stay for the comradeship of our fellow students! :grin:

          • deluxenn says:

            Спасибо и Вам мой добрый товарищ
            I always understand you.
            All in all it’s just another brick in the wall (R.Waters)
            sorry, but the place for My Dear …
            is already taken by pedanticKarl :mrgreen:

        • fglrx says:

          Everyone comes here to receive a little attention from Marina

          I must disagree :)
          I come here to discuss with intelligent people from the US and other countries (but primarily the US, as this is an American website). Yes, because I have never seen an Internet forum with such density of clever, versatile and comprehensively educated users. Here is the only place when I give myself a chance to fail with the use of the language and compromise myself with expressing some thoughts in a direct way.

          The first thing on this website that I do is looking at the “comments below” (like Marina liked to say) and writing here. Every Marina’s video is for me just a point of departure. Comments written by users like pedanticKarl and Evan Owen are a real fest for my brain. The comments from this site blended together becomes a great melting pot of ideas and thoughts. If I get interested in something, I seek information about it and by chance I acquire English vocabulary from many different fields.

          The English language seems to be so unreal for me. When I write in English, I fall in the state of derealization and depersonalization. I can’t imagine how the native speakers, for whom this language is real, perceive my message. Yes, this is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. It’s fun to try to guess the possible meaning of the text for the native speakers, but it also may hurt – the person who writes or the other person.

          I find it so fascinating how the native speakers of such a distant language express the ideas that are so close to me. Sometimes my throat is tight with emotion. Sometimes I discover that the way of expressing of a particular thought is 100% the same as in my language – that’s the shock! For example when GreatestPotential used the idiom: “This page {went to the dogs}”, I wasn’t able to believe for a while that such a strange expression is shared by the both languages.

          I don’t need no Marina’s attention at all (I’m breaking here the grammar rule on purpose). She’s from the parallel world. I wish her all the best. I’m happy she’s succeeded. She’s awesome. But I don’t need no milisecond of her attention. I have my own world which I feel comfortable in.

          The ideas and Weltanschauung that pedanticKarl and several other people represent here are so familiar to me. I wonder how it is possible that the same values are professed in a far land.

          • deluxenn says:

            Yes, you’re right but I’d prefer not take it so seriously.

            • fglrx says:

              What do you mean by “it” in this case? The English language or writing on this forum?

              I treat writing here very unseriously what is proven by some creepy posts that I wrote here.

              Although, I don’t like to be a butcher of someone’s mother tongue. If it were an artificial language like Esperanto, I would not have such scruples. But this is the language that represents the most important values to many native speakers.

              • deluxenn says:

                I had meant all what was written in this thread.
                I use English just like a hobby since I don’t have any serious reasons to study it but Dear Teacher gives me a good stimulus. :smile: I like to compare English and Russian, it helps me to understand the second one better.
                some of native speakers are not bad butchers and I don’t mean only English ;-)

  41. I, Morbo The Belligerent, will not be intimidated, brow-beaten, overawed, scared, or frightened by you pathetic Earth creatures. It is not I who needs to acquiesce over the one known as “hotforwords”.

    You have but 48 precious hours left until the Earth’s Full Moon, to deliver her into my clutches. I can promise you that the anal probing she will submit to is going to be a deep rooting experience, and the longer you protest the worse it shall be for her.

    Plus, remember to acquire the one known as “Gorby”, for I am very hungry and he is looking more and more delectable with every passing moment.

    End Transmission

  42. jimmy says:

    I love your show!!! The first time I saw you was on a clip with Bill ORiley from fox news.I said to myself this women is incredible. I went on you tube and watched everything you have done and now a member of your website. You are my favorite and I will always be hot for you. Jimmy

  43. Marina, my friend, this is how you’ve made me think about you.

  44. katarinax says:

    Id like to know the origin of the two words {Homocide and Suicide}

  45. leoNard says:

    Having done {UNIVERSITY}, that is, official grAduation and admitTed advanced doctrine studies{principle}…Marina: What did you do to acertain your “state” degrees?…just read? You tube and hook’em young :smile: good luck with your next 5 years :smile: Write `100 times on the wall—i tHank you :P

  46. PaparazziKid says:

    @guybrush-threepwood anyone know him?

  47. matalexwolf says:

    ‘WOW!! You’re AMAZING!’ – hello Marina, how are you today?
    Dec 2007 I first saw you via iTunes. My world has never been the same since. I joined the world of ‘stalkers’ at once! I never believed in magic or love at first sight until that moment. To remember you just on the cusp of something wonderful, to see you embrace, work hard with all your creative energies, felt only natural that you were destined for greater things. You were already set on fire having partnered with YouTube and have loved seeing your subscribers increase daily ever since. I was over the moon, just to have found you, to know a girl like you was here on this same rock blew me away. I lost it for you! Head on the ceiling, words jumbled, head spinning, heart beating a new step, intuition screaming at me, I didn’t really understand that I had fallen, madly, in love with you. As I never felt love like this before and my intuition feels I will never again with anyone else. You are my world.

    The recent years have, for me, been the greatest I have ever known thanks to you M. All the qualities I knew you had have been pushed and tested to the max and you have dealt with them so well. Epic Pass! You have shrugged away haters, laughed at pervs, juggled the obsessed, encouraged many to enter a world of words with love at every corner. To have seen you evolve, master your trade has been inspirational; everyone and anyone should take a leaf from your book, if they also want dreams to become real. I have loved every lesson, in all shapes and sizes! I will never forget that first moment in seeing you, EVA!!

    Every day M, you make my world spin bathed in sunshine. Your pictures, videos and comments have rocked my world so much. To see and know how I feel about you today is, WOW, more amazing, just as breathtaking, just as magical, you to me are just like a dream. Only the love I have for you has become more real as you have become more so too. I made a right clanger as you know, not good, but you showed me something so amazing and how to believe. Even at my best, I feel I would be a million miles away from what you so deserve however, you have made me feel the greatest love I have ever felt, made me think in ways that are only for the better and given me much hope. With Murphy always knocking at my door in life, I was shocked, unable to grasp fully such a massive positive to come in to my life. The shock that my dream was being answered! I guess the sudden reality that your dream was coming so true also shook me up with fear in haste, almost, killing something so magical and rare. Now, as before hic-cup, I see only you. No obstacles! I believe in you and what you do 100%, I always have. Always will.

    With so many admirers it has been, interesting, to love you. You helped me deal with jealousy which has clouded my life. Helped me to move on on so many levels. You have taught me a great deal and not only words. I am forever grateful to you. Last week, you asked who’s guilty of stealing your heart and feelings. So wrong of me to assume but yes like many, I said Guilty! Also, as if you didn’t know already, you have stolen my heart, have my feelings too. I can trust you with them; to be able to have another dance with you would be truly amazing. Would be even better to actually be at your side, all part of the same dream. The rest of the dream is….well, between us, but would involve loving you forever, taking Gorbs for a walk and so much more….

    I love you Miss Marina Orlova. Read a thousand poems and works to understand how I feel but, I think words fail to place or capture how in love with you I really am. I would love to scream it from top of the world but would need you at my side. Needing you is why I love you, how selfish of me! Opposite in every way however we have a great deal in common. You ROCK, you rock me and the kids just wanna rock too!

    Thank you so much for every day you grace us with you. It has been the best experience just knowing you, seeing you go so far so soon. Feelings say you’re are destined for greater things still. I hope to able to see that and dream to be a part of that. You birth day well wishes for YT touched me greatly; I know that everyday with you would be as magical and breathtaking as the first, always dazzle, much fun, always more love. WOW! an amazing dream….

    Murphy disrupted my internet today, always when I NEED to say hello too! So hidden in box room at friends who are asking for this lap top!! Feeling more love for you more than ever Marina, I like this love, you make me feel at home and I long to be with you forever. That’s the truth!

    See you, be you! Love to Gorby too XO

    • b says:

      Dude… Seriously?… Dude.

    • Evan Owen says:

      {twitterpated} :razz: :lol:

      Don’t worry, Wolf, lots of us have gone through that phase and posted similar sentiments. You’ll recover eventually. Let us know if you need any support; we have a 12-step program and group therapy. :mrgreen:

      • matalexwolf says:

        :) Good to know, Phase??? 12 steps long ago completed! I dance on the side of the Universe that, dances, just keep on falling then standing again but then I have always danced alone or lacked a first rate dancing partner!! – besides HFWs has shown me how unsmart I really am, so I’ll just keep dreaming, keep reading and learning, try to understand ‘the game’ but seems quite a shallow ground to me, especially for something so simple and so amazing…anyhoo, is better than this reality and keeps ghoasts away…// seeing M reach for the stars through her heart not her eyes rings home. M got me believing :)

  48. hott4urblog says:

    Hello My Dear Teacher: I just seen on TV History Channel that that the Phrase “Yanking My Chain” as in Stop Yanking My Chain or “Pulling My Chain” originated from the Miners sitting on “Thunder Buckets” that would first place a chain under the Rail Wheels of the cart to warn them or Stop the cart from Rolling down the track while doing their business. Since sometimes you do word phrases, I was wondering if there were any other claims to this most common adage? Plus, it may be fun to do, expanding on the word “Toilet” (Throne, Potty, John, Latrine, Head, Can, Commode). Why so many? Notice; I didn’t use the obvious ones like Shitter or Crapper.

  49. frameshiftproductions says:

    I remember first seeing HFW in 2007 and if I remember correctly, it was in a iTunes podcast “related podcasts” section. From there, I think I then became a subscriber on YouTube. I’m not sure ’cause it was so long ago, but I’ve always loved the show, loved you and the lessons (even more when you mentioned my name in one of the videos) and I know that this video was about YouTube, but I’m surprised you didn’t mention how the site got you enough popularity to become a guest on TV shows like Bill O’Reily’s or get a mention on G4TV. Whatevs. I’m sure you’re proud of your achievements and I’m happy to have been here from the beginning to see the evolution of the show.

    You’re a real inspiration and I’m sure you didn’t know but I’m an author and one of the characters in my first novel was inspired by you. Her name is Miss Kalita Sotnik Orlova of the British Weapons Commissary (She’s Russian though. It’s a long story. haha). If you wanna read the book, just tell me and I’d be happy to send you a free electronic copy.

    Only you could make words so fascinating. Good job and thank you for all you’ve taught us. =)

  50. BigBhd95 says:

    My dearest teacher M ;-)

    the new video is another step up &

    I love it :!: just need some time

    to collect my thoughts for HomeWork

    :cool: B.B. long time student :cool:

  51. scorptilicus says:

    I believe it was sxephil who first introduced me to your existence. It was the word of the week and of course he thanked you for your ability to use a thesaurus. That’s really all I needed. I mean, most of us guys, especially we of the sad, lonely variety, are biologically required to check out a drop dead gorgeous lady when given the chance. Particularly one with an accent different from our own. Not only that, but an intelligent, gorgeous woman? With an interesting topic that sheds new light each time? Yeah, it was a channel I could be interested in. So, I’ve been watching from time to time ever since.

    Which reminds me, I think it would be interesting to hear the origin of the phrase {tongue in cheek}.

    When I do tune in these days, I still enjoy the videos. The “Intelligence Is Sexy” intro with the black background is the best. As is the dark hair. As long as you keep this up, Marina, we’ll keep watching.

  52. Chris says:

    I’ve been watching your videos via RSS feed for a while, and signed up to respond to your homework question. I think I first became aware of HFW on Holy Taco, or Uproxx, or something like that; I honestly can’t remember. At first, I’m ashamed to admit, I didn’t think much of it. I thought it was just some model reading a script. But once I actually checked out your site, and realized what your credentials were, I became a regular viewer; it’s not often you find people who advocate intelligence AND sexiness. Plus, I like Russian accents ;)
    Now I try to get other people to subscribe, and I find that their reaction is similar to mine. Unenthusiastic, until they realize that this really is your profession, and your educational background. Hot women on youtube is not that uncommon; hot women who talk about academic subjects, and really know what the hell they’re talking about, now THAT’s unique.

    Keep up the good work

  53. pedanticKarl says:

    A blast from the past, this day May 24th,
    what HotForWords video was I watching?
    Does this bring back memories?

    Origin of Swine flu (on YouTube)

    Swine flu (on this site)

  54. pedanticKarl says:

    By the way, have I ever mentioned that this is the best web site in the
    whole wide world? It is! Why? Because of Marina. I know a lot of other
    people have said so also. This is a great place to hang out and Marina
    offers a lot of challenging and exciting things to explore. It’s always
    exciting to come here. I love this site. :smile:

  55. Chris Kesler says:

    Hi Marina!

    I just found out about you 10 minutes ago, watched three of your videos, and had to become a member. Remember how you asked for what we first thought of you? Well, my first thought was how absolutely beautiful you are, then how funny you are. But then, two seconds later, I became very impressed with how smart and savvy you are. I would wager that you are a fabulous friend to have and be around. Now I’ve got to hit the archives and watch all your words. ;-)

    • Hi Chris,

      Welcome to HFW. This is a fun place to hang out, read what others have said, contribute your observations to the discussion, and crack wise with your fellow students.

      Many of Marina’s students have long-standing friendships with others from around the globe. We razz each other sometimes, but we generally respect each other as well, so it’s all good. We learn a lot, too. Plus, the teacher ain’t too bad… :cool: Besides the obvious benefit of being smart, funny, _and_ pulchritudinous, she actually comments and replies to comments too.

      As you will see by a quick look at the videos selection page, you’ve just given yourself quite an assignment. There are so many great vids here that I don’t anticipate seeing you back (in the most recent comments, that is) for about a week (but that’s only if you watch them all back-to-back, lol)! Make sure to stock the fridge before you begin!

      I suggest starting with Abracadabra. I’m pretty sure you won’t be disappointed. ;-)

      Again, welcome to the site. See you around the campus!


  56. James says:

    Why are people so bothered by swearing? For fux sake, if you don’t like swearing you can fuck off, you should stop being a cunt and grow a pair. It’s all same shit different day with you people, and it’s pissing me off. I think swearing is fucking amazing. End of.

  57. James says:


    I typed in “parody” and saw “Bad Grammar” with Marina in it. Now usually I don’t look at women and say ” she’s hot, she’s hot” unless they are mega attractive, anyway… I clicked a link to Marinas channel and saw she was teaching words, as you know because I am English, I must eat a whole dictionary a day to stay alive. I posted my first “proper” video as a response to Marina and she put it on the website even though I had only been a member for 2 days, I felt like I fitted in even though I will never forget alx’s comment ” 2 days and he already has a page here?” :) Then Marina started talking to me and helping me out with all my random video problems and giving me the odd shout out here and there, now because of Marina I am a partner. It sounds cheesy, but she really has changed my life.

  58. Bob Pickett says:

    I myself can do with out the profanity–you should have a better way to express your self.

  59. pedanticKarl says:

    @Marina, this video has hit a nerve with the commenters on YouTube.
    Instead of the comments being mostly pithy and laconic,
    the comments are tending to be mostly loquacious and voluble.
    The number of comments will most likely exceed the usual number of comments.

  60. Hello Marina, I am sad to say I’ve only found out about you maybe a year ago and now I don’t know how I lived without you . You are a very beautifull,sexy, intelligent woman and a Great Teacher! Keep up the Fire Burning!

  61. whatimeitis says:

    Great video Marina :grin:

    Was catching up on the news :cool: :arrow:

    Never ever thought that this could happen :sad: Poor Bull Fighter.

    Poor Bulls as well :cry:

    They should stop this killing of the Bulls it’s not right!

    “Some get the Bull and Some get the Horns” :o

    Och :o :evil: SOB

  62. daporras says:

    Dear Teacher,

    Great job on all the videos lately.

    I was wondering if you might settle a dispute for me: is it correct to say “Argentine” or “Argentinian”?

    Please set the record straight before another war breaks out on some random island.


    • Evan Owen says:

      I believe the preferred British term is {Argie} :razz:

      Speaking of the Falklands, I read that Britain decided to draw the line there because the Argies’ next claim was going to be to Hong Kong (then a British protectorate), known to the Argies as Isla Malchina. :razz:

      {Argentina} — from argentum, Latin for “silver.” :cool:

  63. gio.forever says:

    Hola Marina, How long time, well Im back to comment your video. The first time I wacthed one of your videos obviously was at youtube page (I think it was about Mr. and Mrs video), and after that I watched a couple more videos at youtube page and later went to your official page and became an user :D !!!.
    What I think about you now is that you have grown in good way and also your videos are more interesting everytime. I really wanna congratulate the way how you reached to your targets and wish you be better everyday. Congratulations ! We also must thank you all the knowledge you share with us in each video :)

  64. jim says:

    Dear Teacher,
    About a week ago I noticed a beautiful girl on the main page of YouTube, it was “Sexy Accented Mail-Order Bride on Shutter Island” and I loved the face so, I clicked. Then I hear the thick Russian accent and I love that also. But then I hear what you are saying and of course I love your brain.
    So I have been goofing around with comments and I noticed you have Facebook and Twitpic friends over on the right and column. And there is a sexy girl with black tube top and coral shorts wearing suspenders so I clicked…
    …in hopes of seeing a larger picture of her and luckily there was. “Wow” I thought, this girl has the most fantastic body I have ever seen. Then I started to realize, this isn’t one of your friends, it is you! So now I have {quadruple love} :grin:

  65. matilda says:

    Dear Marina,

    I’ve been watching your lessons for more than 2 years and I’ve always loved them.
    When I first saw you, I was really shocked becuse you were way too sexy for teaching philology!
    I’m a linguist and a university teacher. I’m afraid I can’t be as sexy as you in my class, but I always tell myself “intelligence is sexy” and that’s what I keep telling my students in class too. (funny?)
    You’re showing the world that knowledge is empowering and makes you really attractive.
    You’re my inspiration, Marina. :razz:

    Looking forward to your next lesson!

  66. I discovered you about a two ago. I was surfing on youtube just for find something new.
    Then i try a video of you. Ans i was ‘wouhaou she really funny how a good way for education”. then i try to find more videos of you. I saw specialty those from the begging, i was curious to kown who you are and how you start.
    Now i think you are more processional.
    First all your videos was like a test and you were really creative without any shame. Now is still good.
    I hope you continue to things on your way. Please never say “should i say that ? now i famous i have take care of my image” arf …
    But it’s ok i am happy you don’t look like this.
    Continue to be yourself it’s the way i like you

  67. titan1912 says:

    I discovered you about a year ago when I was researching the meanings of several words. After I watched the video that popped up as one of the results of my search, I was hooked. I think that you and your videos are very informative and I am glad that you were able to make a living out of your passion for words. I myself have always wondered the origins of certain words and that is why I am logged in to your website. In my personal opinion, I liked your long blonde hair and I do not really care for your use of curse words. I do not mean to deter you from what you love to do, and I’m sure I didn’t. I truly do learning from you Marina, and I can’t wait for your next lesson.

  68. PaparazziKid says:

    Marina… I can tell that is a spray-tan! :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

  69. MCLIJazz says:

    I discovered you in March 2008 when you appeared on “The O’Reilly Factor.” I haven’t looked back since. I can’t thank you enough. :smile:

  70. augie says:

    don’t remember the day i subscribed to your channel know i have watched you for awwww 6-8months before i subscribed frist was watching because your from russia and very very sexy than wow i was learning from you how awsome at that time i was being recalled back in service on/off again now everytime i get an email bout your channel i just have to watch it now thanxs for all you have given me as well as others here HUGzzzzz princess HUGzzzzzz

  71. PaparazziKid says:

    By my profile stats, I see I have left about 550 comments overall.

    I hope to be at 1,000 by the end of august

  72. Lennie says:


    It most have been somewhere in 2008 when I had first watched your videos (I could not stop at one !) on Youtube, because I checked my mail and I know it’s before or in July 2008.

    But I think it was after you were voted Sexiest Geek of 2007, because I remember seeing that after in the archives and thinking:

    That makes sense, the others hardly had a chance. ;-)

    I think it may just before the G4 TV-video.

    So I guess it most be february 2008.

  73. bunchesss says:


    You truly are the best! You are a great example of how someone who is driven can thrive and succeed in business and life. I remember seeing your very early videos and I have always been very impressed with how smart and charming you are. Overall you are a unique role model for lots of us to follow.

    Besos y un abrazo,


  74. jim says:

    Ok… here is hotvan gif that sync’s up with hot for teacher…
    You get to see beautiful Russian teacher, Van Halen video and learn how to play it on gootar if you want :grin:

  75. jim says:

    P.S. Here is a special hot animation gif I made for you…

    It will flip through about 60 or 70 of your thumbnails

  76. PageDoll says:

    Word Requests {[ FUN ]} {[ TEST ]}

  77. PageDoll says:

    Honestly, I love this video!
    I think I’ve come to the conclusion that It’s the editing, or the lack there of. Take for instance from the 1:23 – 1:39 mark, or at 1:44, 2:13 and 2:37 – 3:21. Those are all long takes without a stitch of editing as far as I can tell. Sure there are times when you may have stumbled or looked away from the camera while searching for the words to sew a rough script together, but so what. You know why? Because its real. When I start seeing 4 or 5 cuts to make one sentence or phrase, it can get to be a bit much. Look, anybody with the proper credentials can teach etymology, but its YOU that makes it special for so many. YOU, and all that is YOU! When all the little quirks and pauses are edited out it take a lot away from what attracted me to your videos in the first place. You take YOU out of the equation and the lesson becomes just a conduit of information. When almost all sense of individual personality is edited out of the delivery of a lesson, what’s left? Information. That’s what Wiki is for.
    No Marina, its you that makes it all work. Not just your pretty smile. Not just your cute accent. Not just your..well, you get the idea. Its all that is you. When you tell us information as if you were sitting next to us on a park bench rather than the news being read by Max Headroom it tends to sink in a little more. And in turn the viewer wants to hear more about what you have to say because they know its coming from the heart and the “off the hook” delivery rather than just reading a hard script and editing a bunch of words together.


    • PageDoll says:

      I guess my point is the longer the take, the more personal it is to the the viewer. I mean, besides the learning side of it you also what reaction from the viewer, right?
      Take the word apple. If you did two videos on the word apple, one with a lot of green screen action, effects and text, and one where you’re just kicking back on the couch eating a apple telling us about the word apple with only like three or four cuts in whole the video, I’m watching the couch vid every time.
      Not so much for the look of the video, but more the personable feeling it invokes.
      Forgive me, I’m falling short on words to describe the exact thought I’m trying to convey. :roll:

    • Lennie says:

      Are you maybe looking for the word charisma ?

  78. Hi Marina, Just watched “Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” a great movie. I noticed that the Swedish word for “killer” sound like “murder”. Is there a link here?

    • HotForWords says:

      I noticed that too! Then I started to wonder if it was the way they translated it and meant to be translated as “murderer.” Hmmmm.. Great movie, right? And I should say great book, right?

      • yeah :) must get hold of the book some time to see how it compares to the movie.

          • Thorsten says:

            I second that! And the next two are even better. But you must have a litle patience since as a journalist who wrote some articles about neonazis and faschism he had to put some jistoric background in it that the movie only scratches (if enen)
            But if you start readind this books you can’t stop till you turn the last page. And the thought that there should have been ten…
            And BTW: I’m not really fluent in swedish, but the german word for killer is Mörder. Maybe Marina can get the origin of this one…

  79. omri says:

    the first time i got to your videos was when i was searching for a translaion for the Phrase “i couldn’t care less” about half a year ago
    then somehow i found 1 of your videos on youtube
    BTW i already got an answer about its origin and what does it means already by another site before i found your site

  80. jim says:

    Dear Teacher,

    I think as time goes by “YouTube” will just be the first notable thing in an even bigger story for you.

    P.S. I think I have found the definitive word to analyze?
    It can be a noun, pronoun, verb, adjective etc.
    It can be used as a substitute word for just about anything, correct?
    How did this all start? What is it? {fuck}… I really want to know :-)

  81. MeGg Liang says:

    How about the phrase {BOOBIE TRAP} thx Marina.

  82. buzzword says:

    the first thought i had upon viewing marina’s videos were, “hell yeah i can kick her ass!”

  83. repoman says:

    :I remember the first video almost 2 years ago last week. I believe the word was “antidisestablishmentarianism” or something like that. I said you were brilliant then, better now, and even funnieer sometimes. My favority is when you play your mother in russia, and when you have your better looking sister . Love you.

  84. Greatest Potential says:

    Marina isn’t HotForWords.

    Marina is Marina & HotForWords is a personification.

    Is my opinion really worth disclosing here(?)

    • iluv2cutfarts says:

      Yes – just like I am not really iluv2cutfarts, but that is the role I play out here. My moniker is actually deeper in meaning and reasoning than the surface level appearance, and one could draw that same conclusion from Marina a.k.a. “hotforwords”.

      Well done GP!


  85. Greatest Potential says:

    I remember the first video I watched on YouTube was a Lisa Nova video. That was before YouTube was one year old.

    I thought, hey, this Lisa Nova video is tripping balls!

    So then I started browsing around the Tube and came across a HotForWords video entitled Pusillanimous

    So I’m thinking, “Hey, this video isn’t as weird as that Lisa Nova video, but it’s sorta like ordering eggs for breggfast and then having the waitress surprise you by giving you a order of hash browns on the side for free.”

    Well after viewing all the HotForWords videos perhaps Pusillanimous is the most kick ass HotForWord video of all time.

    Maybe next time I order a plate of Belgium waffles.

  86. Greatest Potential says:

    Gee, everyone has a story to tell.

  87. Evan Owen says:

    Marina originally was going to call herself “sxephil,” short for “Sexy Philologist!” :razz:


  88. Evan Owen says:

    ***Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop***

    I may AGAIN be the last to see this, but thought all you techno-geeks might appreciate Apple’s Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard :cool:

    ( :lol: )

  89. thematrix75 says:

    Hello Marina,and everyone :!: I cann’t remember when I first saw you for sure?All I can remember is you where still writing on those big note pads,and wore the glasses and the school girl outfit that was to become the big look for hot for words later on.I kept checking out your videos,and kept thinking to myself here is a beautiful ,and smart women that really cares for her students,and her work :!: It has been an honor to get to watch you progress as a teacher,and as a person :!: You have really come along way,and I’am very proud of that :!: I always look forward to your video lessons.I love you and your lessons :!: Goodbye Marina,and all students,you Marina will now and forever be my favorite teacher and see you as a good friend :!: See you later,and thank you ever so much for everything you do for us :!: :cool: :smile:

  90. First time I saw you you were in a smart yellow bath suit. I was interested in the video. What started as the appearance of a sexy woman on YouTube has caught great respect, and I am now on your subscriber list. I have even written an article about your concept right here:—Marina-Orlovas-Fantastic-Idea&id=4288629
    Keep up the good work. :-)

  91. ethanfourr says:

    I’m not gonna lie…when I first discovered you Marina..I think I was actually searching “hot for teacher” by Van Halen…or maybe it was something else that had “Hot” in it…actually yeah I think it was Jim Gaffigan’s routine on hot pockets..ANYWAYS the point is…I subscribed..mainly cuz I thought you were really hot…and I still think that..but I never really had time to watch your vids…

    then one day I was like okay you know what? I’ll watch..and I did..and it wasn’t what I expected…I didn’t know you were a philologist…so I didn’t know it was a serious thing about words…and I love words myself..SO THANK YOU!

  92. Happy Birthday to You(Tube)
    Happy Birthday to You(Tube)
    Happy Birthday dear… Aw, forget it! :mrgreen:

    Hi Marina and fellow students.

    I first ran across your channel when a university instructor assigned a YouTube vid as homework. It was about the cognitive aspects of specific animal behaviors. We were to watch the assigned video and write up a set of questions and answers about it (she used to enjoy making us write the material for our upcoming tests, which I find roughly equivalent to the idea of digging your own grave before the execution, lol). As I searched for the video she had assigned, I kept seeing our dear teacher’s thumbnails popping up and once my curiosity was piqued I was unable to resist watching them. I immediately subscribed so I could participate in the discussions. Thanks for putting in the time so we could enjoy the class, my dear Teacher. You’re the best!

    My first comment was posted in March 2007. I requested a word back then which has STILL not been addressed in a lesson. So, I’ll put it back up just for fun. Here it is:

    “I’m wondering about the word {DUFUS}. This word seems to refer to an unusually dim-witted or klutzy person. But what if there are more than one? Is the plural “dufusses?” This just doesn’t sound right to me. A busload of dufusses… In accordance with conventional Latin pluralization rules regarding -US suffixes, I like to think of it as “dufi” instead, but then one must carefully pronounce the long “i” sound at the end to get the desired effect. Maybe I’m being overanalytical.”

    See you around the campus!

  93. CheVolay says:

    Wow it’s been that long. Time flies when you’re having fun. :grin:

  94. hott4urblog says:

    P.S. I Love Your Two Degrees!

  95. Evan Owen says:

    I am skeptical of those HFW fans who think they know Marina from watching her videos. I often think of her in the way Churchill described Russia: “a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.” In many ways, she is as she portrays herself; but there’s always another layer of complexity below the surface. :smile:

    • pedanticKarl says:

      Or like the Matryoshka dolls?

      Evan, I agree that people that make assumptions about Marina whether it is watching several videos or reading several comments and think they know her are typically jealous and it is a way for them to bolster their ego since they feel inadequate that they have to bring someone down in order for them to feel superior.

      I think I am one of the most informed followers of HotForWords having watched practically every video by Marina or about Marina including interviews and blogs. In view of that, I would never pretend to know Marina in any speculative way. I appreciate Marina for who she is and to appreciate the freedom for her to be herself as she allows people to be free to express themselves, especially on this site. A lot of people want to mold Marina into their concept of what a person should be like, which is very unfortunate.

  96. hott4urblog says:

    Marina, You’re Beautiful as ever! I first seen your web-site when I was on Dial-up. I fell in love with You at first sight (site)! Your site is still my favorite; Funny, Smart and Sexy! You got it all! To me You Are A Super Star…

    • thematrix75 says:

      Hello hot4urblog I agree with every word you say about Marina.As to your friendship request everytime I click the link to take me to the accept button Instead it keeps taking me to the Hot For Words home page.Thank you for your concern and I hope this problem gets resolved soon.See you later :!: :cool: :smile: Peace

  97. Evan Owen says:

    Marina, the first video of yours I watched was abysmal. :grin: No wait, I mean, “abysmal.” :oops: I mean, that was the word! :roll: Oh what the hey…abysmal. :grin:

    Anyway, you hit all my buttons at once: my love of etymology, Russian accents, and beautiful women in mini-kilts. :oops: :grin: Oy were gobsmacked! infatuated! Verbally tongue-tied! :lol: And I’ve been a fan of your site ever since! :grin:

  98. iluv2cutfarts says:

    Marina –

    With the {World Cup} getting ready to start this June, and the first match for the US National Team being against England, I was wondering if you would do a video lesson on the origins of the {World Cup}, and also make those Brits look silly at the same time (Sorry James – BAHA!)


    • James says:

      Shut it you! Americans are the ones that are shit at football, that why you never play it… :)

      • iluv2cutfarts says:

        After the way out scrub squad played the Czech Republic tonight, I may need to do just that.

        I’m going to a pub out here called “Brits” for the June 12th match up with my English buddy who plays for our co-ed team.

        Needless to say, I will be very drunk.


  99. cufan71 says:

    :cool: Homework I first came across your channel 2 years ago when I was searching for some new friends on Youtube. I clicked on the channel button and I saw your thumbnail. It stuck out like a sore thumb :!: :lol: Anyway I clicked on it and the first video I watched was the lesson on leech then lame duck then soccer and so on. I was HOOKED :!: I thought these videos were so AWESOME :!: So I subbed and sent a friend invite! :grin:

  100. thoughtonfire says:

    Dear Marina,

    Back when there was that channel called something like “Cure for Porn”…or whatever it was called… That’s when I first noticed that you were also on youtube. Well so, I checked out your lessons and realized right away that you were legit and all about teaching philology. It’s kind of funny that you were on phil’s show, cause you know, phil+ology… :lol:

    What I think about you now? You are really cool & I wish I knew you IRL.


  101. Evan Owen says:

    ***HFW Wannabe thread!***

    Just as Lisa Nova inspired Marina, Marina’s YouTube career has inspired a whole string of imitators.

    Like MissBellaLuca., another “hot Slavchik” :grin:

    Or Zuzana, the Czech bodybuilder. :shock:

    Add your own! :grin:

    • iluv2cutfarts says:

      I came across a vid of another Russian lady who was using Marina’s verbage “Hello my dear students” and showing off her goods, and thought WHAT A RIP OFF! This was back during the video lesson from Marina called “Stereotypes”.

      I can’t remember her name, but Karl would remember it. She’s faded into oblivion since I suppose.


      • pedanticKarl says:

        Hi IL2CF,
        Here name is Sofiya and sometimes goes by Sonya. She was a HotForWords copycat but did not last long. She hasn’t logged into YT for one year.

        What Marina does is very special and very few people could pull it off. Not only does it require a lot of determination and passion, but a magnetic personality all of which Marina has.

  102. okay4now says:

    Hwk: Well, yeah, at first I thought here’s a wordsmith who knows more than just America and who enjoys being a girl. The lessons were intriguing & beckoning with their naturalness, “Be cool, just be yourself” the outtakes just proving this. I even beat you at a staring contest; sorry, but that shit’s fun. As it grew your ‘shows’ seemed to be a little too weighted on your shoulders, your creativity, pushed to produce every day. It became less about the funk & fun and intriguing lessons and more about the cult of Marina & the cliques of the members. Watching someone have fun is not automatically in itself fun. Maybe now it seems a little dumbed down & a little more ‘pop’. I would have focused more on the words and lessons with less pressure on you needing to be you; of course, there’s a real need to find words that will produce ‘hits’ or views, but trust me students would find you in the mix and still describe all the various ways they’d like to stoop you over. It’s all still more-or-less here, and ultimately it’s that “intelligence is sexy”, with your natural willingness to be both. Tweet ’til the cows come home, link brilliantly, but your value is in production & what you produce is why I show up, and no doubt it’s a healthy piece of work youv’e done. So, charge ahead, lady, blink first & often. :shock:

  103. geronimo says:

    I started watching you just prior to the Lisa Nova parody. I can’t remember how I found you though. It’s been great watching your success. I loved how you could just sit at your table in the kitchen with nothing fancy and still get all those views! A true testament to your appeal.

  104. Tom Bennitt says:

    My homework:

    I first saw your channel on someone’s facebook link.

    What did I think?

    I thought you were HOT and I loved your accent.

    What do I think now?

    I think you are hotter than ever and judge all women by your beauty, brains and commitment to your carreer and your little doggie. Probably not a good thing for my future relationships but…what can I say?

    How about the word infatuation? Where did it come from?

  105. PaparazziKid says:

    Here is a funny comment/story “bobbybananna” on my website, (he is a member here too) left.

    One day Ministry of Defence policeman [Mod plod] stopped a worker who was walking out of the dockyard gates pushing a wheelbarrow with a suspicious looking package in it. The Mod plod opened the package and found it contained nothing but some old bits of rubbish, sawdust and floor-sweepings.

    The next day he stopped the same worker who was again pushing a wheelbarrow containing a suspicious looking package. Once more it contained nothing of any value.

    The same thing happened several days on the trot, until the policeman finally said, ‘OK, I give up. I know you are up to something, but I just can’t tell what. Please, I promise not to arrest you, but put me out of my misery; tell me what you are stealing.’

    ‘Wheelbarrows, ‘smiled the worker, ‘I’m stealing wheelbarrows.’

  106. vital says:

    Марина! Ты сделала это :shock: . Поздравляю!

  107. wetsuit5 says:

    I don’t think I was an early comer to the party.
    But my first impression of Marina was kinda: “Hey, cute chick”.
    A few more videos after that my impression changed to: “Hey, this chick has got something going on, more than just a set of talking boobs”.
    Her videos were fun, intelligent, and intimately put together.
    I had gotten hooked on Marina as a person worth giving a listen to.
    I won’t say that I share a “Love” for the word, but I certaintly have developed a deep respect for it.
    I truely helps in understanding a lot of other thing about language.
    With the advent of Twitter, I’ve been able to follower her globe trotting adventures almost continuely.
    And what fun!!
    I’ve gotten to share the occasional personal email with her.
    It’s been a real honor and pleasure.
    Thanks for the learned entertainment Marina.

  108. HotForWords says:

    I just upgraded Buddypress and I think some people may have lost their Avatars. I am sorry about that.. if you have lost yours, then go into your profile and upload a new one.

  109. leoNard says:

    Fantastic…,this lesson open the door for wanting more…the hope is alive for entertainment…thank you Miss Marina Orlova!

  110. lars2 says:

    Two years ago, noticed you on the YouTube right side verticle reference list, no clue what I was looking at tho ! I didn’t start watching YouTube until a fast enough internet connection was available, Dec ’07, before that it was a 10-20 minute wait for a download, or it would play 2-3 seconds and then reload for 15-20 seconds, unwatchable! Burning Man videos got me started on YouTube !

    A word or phrase got my attention to actually watch one of your videos, Marina.
    Watched a half dozen more ! , but felt a little silly about getting hot for a YouTube teacher !! Dream on sailor ! haha

    Months later, or was it only weeks !, no clue; trawled thru more of your videos to see if any of the subjects were of interest. (never saw the one on pusilanimous!, tho ! that’s always a good word to ‘test’ a dictionary to see if it’s any good. Couldn’t resist getting a 1950 edition of Websters New International second edition ! about 20 years ago, for $50, very nice condition too! I love all those big color pages of things!)

    In watching your videos, the real you was showing thru loud and clear !, and that is what began to endear you to me, your deep honesty and real inner beauty ! Your soulfullness shines brightly through the two blue windows into your inner being !!

    A few months ago began to visit your actual website rather than just the YouTube videos, as here there is more going on, and started posting my thoughts, as I’m wont to do.

    I applaude your change from impersonating a dizzy blonde who’s quirky and smart, and into even more of the real you !, and your fearlessness of discussing what it’s like to be human on this planet and at this time in civilization. And your foray into playing multiple roles in your videos !!!

    What thrills most of us here; is that you’ve found a great degree of happiness, a purpose in life that you are fulfilling, a good sense of self, and the pursuit of a valued ideal (knowledge sharing). Also, in a sense you personify the daughter a lot of us never had. And you are successful !

    Salute, Skol, Cheers !!!
    Best wishes for the next 5 years ! And happy 3rd Anniversary for H4W !!!

  111. zeradan says:

    I would like to request the word {Malevolent} or {Benevolent} I am really interested in the stem as opposed to the prefixes… volent=??

    Keep up the good work!!

  112. dimka says:

    nice story, nice diplomas ))). Some people think you haven’t 2 degrees especially after episode on russian television but now all doubts have vanished. tnx Marina Vladimirovna ;-)

  113. {Sternocleidomastoid} :mrgreen:

  114. Dexter and cat says:

    At first I thought you were just a really hot girl doing a video. Then I realize you also had to be very smart to be making those videos on your own. Over the time I feel I’ve learned a bit of the English language with your lessons. Now I think you got smarter and somehow….hotter.

    I wish I could give you an apple, thank you for your lessons teacher and congratulations from Mexico. Felicidades Marina!!!!!!

    P.S. Watch my videos too!!

  115. smokey36bear says:

    It was THIS VIDEO where I found you. I don’t remember what I was looking for at the time. After that one I watched another then another. The next thing I knew I was hooked. A few days later I came here and signed up.
    As for my first thoughts: Wow here is a hot chick who really knows her shit.

  116. Dear Teacher,
    That was a fantastic video! It would be hard not to notice the emotion in your voice and in your eyes as you related your story, and I was sincerely touched by the whole presentation.
    I think I first watched one of your videos in around July of ’09. Oddly enough, I had seen a thumbnail here and there previous to that, but didn’t actually READ the word, or your screen name, just seeing the word “hot” and a pretty blonde and moving on. One day there was a thumbnail of your video about your calendar. The swimsuit caught my eye, I started the video, heard your voice and leaned into the monitor. So here’s this hot blonde in this retina searing swimsuit, and I’m screaming at the monitor, “Lose the shades! I wanna see your eyes!” When you finally took off the glasses, I was transfixed. I immediately played a lesson and found out what you were doing, and have been hooked ever since. Started watching lessons chronologically. Your intelligence was obvious and compelling. The more info I found on your background, and with the realization that this was a woman, apparently working more or less solo, and achieving The American Dream, the more my respect and admiration grew.
    Your first videos weren’t “rough,” as you say. There was a waif like charm that was hard to ignore and impossible to not be affected by. Caught myself almost silently encouraging you as the lessons went on and your camera comfort became more noticeable and the production slicker.
    I think I’m starting to babble, so I better cut to the Cliff’s Notes version: Your plan worked perfectly on me. Get their attention with the beauty, then keep their attention with the content. I thought that you were an intelligent, adorable woman with an absolutely unreal work ethic (work ethic,too,is sexy in my world) at the start, and I feel the same way now, only more so. I hope that you’re happy and I worry when I sense that you’re not. It would be impossible not to care about you as a person. I’d gladly die for a buddyhug. I thank you, appreciate you, admire you, respect you, and love you (but not in that creepy, internet way).
    Love to Teacher,

    • pedanticKarl says:

      Hi Don,
      That was a wonderful writeup and I enjoyed reading your comments.

      You are correct, Marina’s first videos were never rough at all and in fact were some of the best videos on YouTube at that time and still today, three years later. Of course the production quality has increased with time, and I got a sense that Marina always paid attention to the details of having proper sound and lighting which many of the YouTube videos did not have.

      You can also see the attention to detail in her lessons as there are things that Marina brings out that took me a while to find, so I do appreciate Marina for all of the hard work that she does.

  117. And I love your remodeled classroom, Marina. You just keep making it better. :cool:

  118. Wow! It seems as if I’ve always been watching your videos, but I believe it was about October of ’08. I saw you on the O’Reilly Factor, and was instantly intrigued. I’ve always had a thing for etymologies, ever since my mom got me in the habit of looking up words to find out how to spell them (that required spending more time in the dictionary than it would have if I already knew the spelling!). And I’ve always had a thing for pretty girls; I don’t remember which came first. :roll:

    I enjoy most of the videos, which seem to have gotten better since the early ones as far as production value (video/audio quality, animation, etc.). And I can see how much your confidence and presentation have improved.

    Along with Ohio Country Boy, I am rather disappointed in the level of profanity you seem to be using more and more. God knows my lips are not always clean, but I usually keep it private. It is a blemish on your otherwise wonderful efforts to keep doing that for all to hear. If you would go so far as getting your teeth capped because they weren’t ‘perfect,’ why let so much verbal ugliness pass over them?

    Nevertheless, Marina, you have me hooked. I will be watching with great expectations.

    with affection,

  119. PaparazziKid says:

    EH, marina… Now, I cannot post any updates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  120. PaparazziKid says:

    Well my first video I watched of HotForWords was her “strip search” video back about 6 months ago. Back then Marina has just changed her site to the new theme, “Revolution” and I visited her channel for the first time, I looked at her header…. and saw, “do not go to my website!” I clicked it, and what I saw was the most amazing site I have ever seen. Not because of the words, but design of the website. I fell in love with it, (kind-of weird) but I did. I instantly changed my website to match hers because I was in envy. I first signed up as “gunju221″, but I was not a good student. I was leaving endless comments of code. I got kicked off the site for a month or two.. until about March 2010. As she kept on making videos… I became very good friends with PK, and others. I was a faithful student until rosiecheeks, and iluvcutfarts came along….. We then had long fights over who owned HFW, until it finally came to and end. Then, Marina changed her layout. I absolutely HATED it at first, thinking it was the worst idea since hitler’s parents deciding to get married. But then I realized a blog is about the people and comments, so then, I moved to wordpress myself,.. and I love it, more than ever. As of today, I am a huge fan of HFW,
    And Will always be you’re student.
    Chase :smile:

  121. Capman911 says:

    This is hard to say because I don’t want to hurt your feelings. I know in your first video you were nervous and a couple of people said that your lips looked like a bee stung them. I guess you tried Botox I don’t know for sure, but I still loved the over all presentation and your outfit. I just some how knew you would take off and be a hit because no other site was like yours. This is what made me want to come back and watch video after video plus I learned a lot in the precess. That is what I love about you and the site is how it has grown and how easy it is for you to be in front of a camera and express your self. I am glad you stayed around so we could be here with you. Even if you don’t know us personally I feel like I know you pretty well. You have shared your life with us and made us feel at home here. :smile:

  122. Be careful what you ask for, Miss Marina. You may receive it. ;-)

    I have tossed around the idea of getting my own website for several years, and I was reading about the impact of having YouTube videos on your website. I ended up stumbling onto Marina’s videos.

    My first impression was smart and attractive Russian girl who had a really good marketing gimmick for her videos. She would ask the viewers to answer a question, and this enables the viewer to feel somehow connected to this good looking girl. She also called viewers her dear students, as an affectionate name to further create the sense of bonding with her.

    I’ve always been a bit of a nerd, and I am a single guy, so my curiousity was piqued and I started doing a little digging.

    I ran across an interview Marina gave in which she said she earned 6 figures. This really got my attention, and got me to looking at the YouTube monetization potential, and not just using Google’s Adsense on a website.

    As I started paying attention to Marina, I began forming an opinion of her on a personal level. She was driven, and had a good work ethic. I read that she didn’t go out much, and often worked on the computer 12 and 14 hours a day. That came across that she was hard working to the extent she didn’t have time to be a tramp. (That says a lot about the women I’ve been exposed to.) However, I had to ask myself why a smart, attractive, hard working girl would still be single. I suspected she was working so much to hide from the pain of a failed relationship. When she blew up on the Jace Hall Show, the way she worded things came across that she was especially sensitive to feeling betrayed after giving someone a second chance.

    I got the impression that Marina has a lot of insecurities, and hides behind her augmented breasts and YouTube success. I think Marina likes the attention her cleavage gets, but at the same time, I think she worries that she will never find a man who actually loves her for who she is inside. She flaunts her looks, but that distracts most guys from looking any further.

    I know that alcohol use while online is very high. I know that Marina likes to drink a little wine, but I don’t know to what extent. You learn what people want you to learn online. I know that Marina has a private side she doesn’t share – I worry a little that she may hide her feelings in a bottle sometimes. I think that underneath her success, she’s lonely.

    It’s always been a pet peeve of mine for women to call me dear, sweetheart, or tell me she loves me, etc. if that woman doesn’t know me on a personal level. I try to overlook Marina calling me a dear student as just another marketing gimmick to make viewers feel connected. I don’t feel dear to her heart, nor do I feel loved by her. I’ve even sent postal mail to her – if I was really dear, certainly she would have shown the common courtesy of a letter or thank you note.

    I still think Marina needs a good editor, and sometimes things could be researched better. Her book was difficult to read due to the numerous grammatical mistakes. In her video of the Birds and the Bees, she used a picture of a fly, and called it a bee. (It was a bee fly, which resembles a bee to deter predators. Marina must be a fly predator, because she was confused into thinking the fly was a bee. ;-) Most folks will never pick up details like this, but I do.)

    I still wonder how Marina supported herself during her YouTube beginnings. She came to America with $50, and was unemployed when she started doing YouTube, and she also says she spends money as fast as she gets it, which rules out savings.

    The more I see of Marina, the more I think the she wants to be accepted by others so much she tries to mold herself into what she thinks they want her to be. Professionally, she is quite confidant of herself. On a personal level, I think she’s uncertain, and doesn’t know who to turn to. (and when she does turn to others, she may not always get the best advice.) I’ve seen situations which make me think that Marina would allow herself to be manipulated by others.

    I’m still disappointed when I see and hear a pretty girl with a mouth full of ugly obscenities. It is often an indicator of personal morals. (or lack of them) If a girl can’t even control her tongue, what other things in her life is she unable to keep control of?

    You asked for the truth Miss Marina, and you got it. Feel free to delete my post if it was too personal for comfort.

    • sergiorosi says:

      countrybumpkin if youu woold read or wached any of the interveiws you would have nown how marina suported self. i read two interveiw and i know. you are a pendejos hipicrite. u don’t kno the señorita on de personable level and you expected a thenk you letter? What, you suma kinda sadistic retraso mental? Here in Cincinnati mental hospital we have room waiting for you. sorry for my bad enlish, i am from de Andorra.

      • Hello Sergio,
        Marina has said she came to America to be a nanny, and she also tried acting and modeling.

        She was unemployed when she began making YouTube videos. From the beginning she wanted to produce one video a week. She was soon producing more than that. She also began spending 12-14 hour days working on videos. That kind of schedule doesn’t leave much time for working other jobs.

        If you could point me in the direction of the interviews where she says how she supported herself during those 12-14 hour days, I’d appreciate it. Perhaps I have overlooked them.

        You’re right, I don’t know Marina on a personal level. I’ve never met the girl. I do see how she conducts herself though, and the more I see of her on a personal level, the less class and proper upbringing I see. That’s very sad and unfortunate. I admire her professionally, but on a personal level, I would not want girls to look up to Marina as a role model, the way Marina acts now.
        I no longer can recommend Marina’s videos to anyone. While many people use profanity in their private lives, it is not appropriate to use such language professionally. It is one thing to do the etymology of an obscene word, but lately she has produced videos with profanity. These videos are not family friendly. In my daily life, I don’t use profanity in front of women or kids, and I don’t spend my time with people who do. I try to share my time with people who are a positive influence on me.

        The last I knew, YouTube pays partners $2.50-$5.00 per 1,000 views, $0.05 per subscriber, and $0.01 per channel view. Marina claims to get 3.5 million views per week. On views alone, that is an $8,750-$17,500 weekly paycheck, or $450K-$900K annual salary.

        Recently for Teacher Appreciation Week, a list was published of things Marina wanted us to buy for her to show our appreciation for her. It is very shallow and materialistic to ask for gifts as a way to show the level of appreciation. For someone earning a minimum of a half million a year (more likely 7 figures) to ask for specific gifts shows a major lack of class. That comes across as a girl looking for a sugar daddy.

        If you click on the Contact tab, Marina provides a postal address you can send fan mail or presents to. This is the classy way of saying gifts are appreciated, but you pick the gift to send to her, rather than her saying what gifts she wants to receive.

        Marina may get 3.5 million video views a week, but the active members on here are far less. The number of people who actually send presents are likely even fewer. It would not take much effort to send a note to everyone who sends a present to her. It could be something as simple as a photo print of her, with ‘Thank You, Marina’ on it. (With a 6 or 7 figure salary, even if she didn’t have the time to do it, she could easily hire someone to do tasks like this.) It would show a sincere appreciation. As it is, if you send a present, you will discover that she is so insincere and unappreciative that she won’t bother responding to you.

        When I was younger, I took a correspondence class on investing and money management. They brought up a really good point. At that time, 4% of people earned over $100K a year. They noted that if your goal was to make over $100K a year, do you go find that 4% to get financial advice from, or do you get your advice from the common 96% who only know how not to make that much.

        I think Marina is getting caught up in her success, and quite possibly spreading herself too thin trying to do everything. I think Marina still has tremendous potential, but I’m not convinced she finds the 4% who will help her be the best she can be.

        On a professional level, I have a lot of admiration for Miss Marina. On a personal level, my opinion of her unfortunately becomes less favorable the more I see of her. I would like to think she is a whole lot better than she portrays.

        • HotForWords says:

          Ohio Countryboy, on various levels I am insulting people from various religions and with various beliefs, I am insulting people from one religion because I am educated, I am insulting another religion because of the way I am dressed, I am insulting another belief because my face is not covered, and I am insulting you because I used some profanity in a couple videos.

          I discuss word origins and I have even discussed some of the most “profane” words in the English language, it’s my job.

          YouTube has a very strict policy where you cannot show anything remotely sexual, but you can use all of the profanity that you want without any consequences.

          YouTube also changed its functionality where it is favoring videos that appeal to a younger demographic. I have used profanity in some of my videos as an experiment to see how it plays out to the various demographics. I don’t use profanity that much.. it is a very controlled experiment as I do understand how profanity is treated in the various cultures.

          I am a word expert and I discuss and will continue to discuss words that you may find profane. But for you to say that I have a “lack of morals” because I have used some words that bother you, says that you may be preventing yourself from enjoying what someone has to offer because of some prejudices that you have formed for some reason.

          If I truly offend you, I am sorry, but I can’t change my ways for every single person’s beliefs here.. if I did, I wouldn’t be able to make videos at all.

          I like having you around, but it doesn’t make me feel good when you accuse me of having no morals because of some of the words I have used.

          • leoNard says:

            Keep the good work coming!….{culture}….congrats! :cool:

          • Perfectly stated. Bravo! :cool:

          • pedanticKarl says:

            This is the kind of comment that I was talking about in my writeup. This is why I became enamored with Marina.

            On a professional level, Marina is tops. Having gotten to know her on a personal level through her comments, I can say that Marina is far advanced in mind spirit and soul above any one that I know.

          • So right, PK. Can’t understand folks who:

            a)Don’t get “the game” Marina plays

            b)Apparently think every aspect of HFW should be tailored to them

            c)Haven’t figured out that Marina puts NOTHING on here without having given it careful consideration, and with a specific purpose in her mind

          • Hello Miss Marina,
            There are also people of different religions who may not agree with how others honor their god, but it does not mean they are insulted by how you honor yours. There is so much indecent stuff out there that I have become numbed by it. It takes a lot to make me feel insulted or offended.

            Girls whose mouth is full of good things seem to be much more difficult to find than girls whose mouth is full of obscene and indecent things. When you find a girl who doesn’t use profanity, you have found someone special. The first videos of you I encountered, you had that special quality of being able to be flirty and provocative without being vulgar. My time is very valuable, and I would prefer to spend my time on a special girl than to waste my precious time on a girl who is vulgar and indecent.

            Just because YouTube does not impose any penalties for language does not mean there are no consequences. The jury of public opinion can be downright brutal. You don’t need to look any further than the Dixie Chicks to see how fast you can go from on top of the world to being thrown out with the trash.

            I don’t know the process for how YouTube favorites videos. What you are describing sounds similar to when people try to do the Search Engine Optimization game. They have short term success, and then they get blackballed. Don’t fall a victim to that game. Don’t worry about how YouTube favorites videos. If you produce a quality product, people will spend their time to watch it. You have a fan base that will follow you regardless how YouTube favors your videos. (You inspired me to start making some videos. Over 80% of my views come from people in the 35-64 age demographic. 55-64 makes up almost 40% of my views. Should I be worried because younger folks don’t seem very interested in my videos? I’m not worried. :grin: )

            I don’t expect YouTube to favor videos that appeal to a younger demographic for very long. YouTube relies on advertisers too heavily to favor the demographic that is being impacted the hardest by the current economic climate. I expect YouTube to soon start favoring the videos that attract viewers who have the disposable income to buy the advertised items. Money talks.

            Speaking of a younger demographic, I recall a young boy doing a video request for the word booger. What kind of influence do you think you have on an impressionable youngster when he hears you using profanity? If you had a daughter, and this boy boy showed up to take your daughter on a date in years to come, and he used the profanity he learned was acceptable when he watched your videos, how would you feel? Is that the influence you want to have on others?

            Decent and wholesome have stood the test of time, and remain popular. You’ve had success with that, so why change it if it isn’t broken? Jesus Christ remains very popular even today, and I don’t recall any instances of him using profanity.

            You may want to reread my post. I did not say you had a lack of morals because you used a couple profane words. I said that a mouth full of obscenities is often an indicator of lack of morals. A good tree does not produce bad fruit, and a diseased tree does not produce good fruit. Examining the fruit (our actions, words, and deeds) shows our true colors. If you met me, and I disrespected you by using vulgar words instead of being polite and gentlemanly, what quality of guy would you think I am? How we speak and act says volumes about who we are.

            I do not mean to be malicious or hurtful, and I hope you can accept my constructive criticism. I hope you do some self reflection though. I understand that you can’t cater to every person’s beliefs. I’m not asking you to. Ultimately, at the end of the day, you have to deal with yourself, and you have to live with the consequences of the actions you choose. If you are hurt by my comments, I sincerely hope that it spares you an unnecessary greater pain and suffering later.

            I’m disappointed to hear you using profanity, but not offended. It is too common to get offended by. I am impressed by a lack of profanity though. :smile: Calling me a dear student, or saying you love me would do more to offend me, especially since I know that it is inappropriate to address a Russian girl as ‘dear’ unless we are very close and she is dearly beloved. (I believe it can also translate as expensive, and that’s not very good either.) I suspect it comes across as shallow and insincere to a girl as it does to me when I am addressed in such a way. I try to overlook it, as I know it is a marketing ploy to make viewers feel you are developing a bond with them. I simply choose to feel alienated from the dear students group.

            I know that I am not very tactful sometimes, and can come across as rather harsh. I have tried to word things carefully, and I apologize if it seemed like I was trying to attack you or be malicious. That was not my intention. I have a good deal of admiration and am inspired by you on a professional level, even if I have been disappointed on a personal level. (I am somewhat relieved to hear that you don’t use profanity that much.)

          • It may also be worth mentioning that it is good to look at what bait we are using to attract others attention. If we don’t like what we attract, maybe we should change baits.

            Honey and vinegar attract different things. Honey leaves a good taste in your mouth. Vinegar is good for attracting flies though.

          • Boo-Hoo says:

            Tomeone chot my titty tat, Missy Pinkles, and now che’s dead!

            My Mommy sez dat it wuz my own fauwlt for wetting her pway with da handgun she teeps unda her pillwhoa.

            And den I task her how my titty can choot uh handgun, my Mommy sez dat toes twestions tound a wot wike da kinds of incessant mewing that can only be answered forewer wit a pistol shot.

            And den weh I stawted to cwy, Mommy said that stwray cats and stway bullets go together, it’s all part of Gods gweat pwan.

            And dat because my titty kiwwed herself, che prolly went to hell.

            Life makes me SOOO SAD.

        • Who {pissed in your cornflakes}, asshole? :roll:

          Do you even read your crap before you post it? :lol:

          Sorry-couldn’t stop myself. Promise not to respond to the inevitable “intellectual” come-backs. :grin: ;-)

          • iluv2cutfarts says:

            Marina knows what she is doing. I bet she would even tell you herself that it’s all just part of the game. You have to pick and choose your battles wisely when you are in the public eye, and I can tell you first hand that Marina (in my short time of knowing her) has done that VERY well. I can appreciate the views of those who would rather see Marina maintain a more wholesome appearance (in their opinions as stated her) but they really don’t get the fact that all of this posturing is to reach an even wider audience.

            Plus it’s not like she’s sitting her and dropping bomb after bomb after bomb. I can think of only 3 videos to date that have they F-word in them, and 1 of them wasn’t even her saying it (it was that naughty Cougar, Stevie).


        • fglrx says:

          Recently for Teacher Appreciation Week, a list was published of things Marina wanted us to buy for her to show our appreciation for her. It is very shallow and materialistic to ask for gifts as a way to show the level of appreciation.

          I see that such posts like yours are unwelcome here, some people even want to send you to a mental hospital, but I think you are right in many of your opinions. I like Marina and her site, but, really, I cannot perceive them without any critical approach.

          I, unlike you, don’t bother about profanity, because I hear it everywhere, but also any profanity don’t attract me. Even the new language of political discourse is profane. But I also think that in such a world, only lack of profanity is a value. I see no reason to use profanity as a decoration. Only 12-16 years old schoolboys are fascinated with profanity and it might be only a magnet for their attention. Almost all young women swear hard in unofficial situations. It’s so normal that only the reverse way of behavior is able to draw attention of adult people.

          Also excessive sexuality is so cheap nowadays that everyone seems to be sick and tired of watching half-naked women – in the street, in TV, in the Internet, on billboards, in newspapers, everywhere (I don’t think Marina is over-sexualised, I can go to a street right now and see a lot of more scantily dressed women, but why when it makes me throw up).

          If it comes to alcohol, I remember that Marina said in one interview she drinks rarely and in very little amounts. Point for her.

          Greed for money. My opinion is similar to yours, the explicit wish list with some expensive products might cause a dissonance about her image in our minds. That was a small public relations fail.

          I respect Marina as a very efficient businesswoman so I bear no grudges about her marketing gimmicks like calling us “dear students”, showing “love” and sending kissies to the camera. We know it’s just a marketing convention, although I see here some number of men who can’t deal with that properly, like matalexwolf in this thread.

          You are not only one with such reflections. E.g. here was a blog post of an American living in Central Europe for several years. His conclusions were:

          * Marina Orlova is too flashy for me. Too much make up and looks too artificial. I can not watch more than five minutes. Even a few minutes is painful for me to watch on my computer. I do not like girls who try to be tempting even if it is for show.
          * I prefer simple, humble Russian girls from the countryside, not some post Soviet Moscow girl with fake hair and maybe other parts? Therefore, for me she is annoying because she is the opposite of what I think is sensual in a women.
          * However, Hotforwords does spark one’s interest in the origin, and use of words. Further it is a form of art. Therefore is not all that bad and this is why I would give her and her video blog an other all positive rating.

          As you wrote about too many mistakes in the videos, I agree with your opinion – I also see too many mistakes: sometimes incorrect spelling, sometimes an unrelated picture etc. It’s humane to err, but to many errors makes the work semi-professional. When something bears million-dollar gains, it always should look professional and be refined to the max (in theory, it’s enough to see on many politicians, who earn millions…). Yes, I think there should be a little bit less mistakes in the videos.

          I also noticed that the number of active users of this site is systematically decreasing, also Google Trends shows a decreasing trend about HotForWords and Marina Orlova. I’m sure she is fully conscious of it and accumulates money for the future enterprises.

          At the end, I’m gonna say once again I like Marina and her site. My little criticism is just my little criticism, my private opinion, I’m just using my constitutional right to free speech. Nobody should take my opinion too serious.

          • fglrx says:

            Unfortunately, there’s no possibility to correct the mistakes, when time to edit expired :oops:

            “but to many errors” :shock: (too many errors)
            “but why when it” :shock: (why should I do it)
            “to see on many” :shock: (to see many)
            “not only one” :shock: (not the only one)
            … :shock:

            Never in my life should I be so arrogant and critical! That taught me one more lesson.

            How dare I write about others’ mistakes? That’s an absurd what I’ve done.

            If I were Japanese, I should commit a harakiri to restore my honor.

            What I wrote in the post before was bad, very bad. Please accept my self-criticism.

          • Hello, fglrx.
            I believe that a smiling face and pleasant words never go out of style, and are welcomed in every culture. While obscenities are very common, it stands out when you find someone who doesn’t need such language to communicate, and I find I want to surround myself with people like that. Those are special people. Trashy talk is commonplace. Why would I want to tune into videos that have vulgar content I can find anywhere?

            Internet activity typically slows down during the summertime months. I would not worry too much about google trends. Three years ago, I’m sure Marina would have been thrilled to know she would be getting the numbers she has now. As long as she can maintain a consistent solid base of traffic, she’ll do fine.

      • Evan Owen says:

        Oh, I don’t think you need to apologize for your English:

        U.S. Shocked Andorra Not In Africa :oops: :lol:

    • Ohio Countryboy, I thought I had respect for you, but apparently I was wrong.
      You disgust me.

      You talk about respect and profanity. I can understand your opinion and that opinion is fine. I respect you for that and I have no arguments about you stating what your preferences are and what your values are. That is all well and good.

      You have a major character flaw when you start to speculate about others and things that you have absolutely no clue about. What you have done is to create a lot of gossip which is one of the most hideous forms of abuse and disrespect to another person. Gossip is a way of judging others and spreading lies. You have no clue about most of what you have said and you got most of it all wrong. How do I know? Trust me, there are things I know for a fact, and you have made a fool of yourself.

      You sent a physical piece of mail to someone that doesn’t know you and then you berate them because they didn’t send a thank you note? From your comments above, I venture a guess that your mail probably didn’t motivate anyone to want to send a thank you. Besides, you don’t know anything about protocol. How many videos have you uploaded and how many subscribers do you have? Are you a complete moron?

      You talk about respect and certain protocols of which you don’t know a first thing about. Your tongue demonstrates that you have no respect for yourself or others. You show envy and malice. Learn to understand things in context. You are so dogmatic that it isn’t even funny. Buy yourself some clues.

      Proverbs 11:13
      A gossip betrays a confidence, but a trustworthy man keeps a secret.

      Matthew 7:1
      Do not judge, or you too will be judged.

      Ephesians 4:29
      Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.

      • iluv2cutfarts says:

        Quoting Scripture is fine, but if the person you are addressing isn’t a Christian, it’s kinda like bashing them over the head with God’s Word.

        No offense meant to you, but if you are a born again believer of Jesus Christ, you may want to remember what we all were like before being saved.

        Just my 2 cents, but other than that, I support your comments and agree 100%.

      • Hello HeartForWords,
        I am not sure what the Proverbs verse is in reference to. Marina asked for viewers to tell her what their first impressions were, and what their impressions of her are now. I gave my opinion.

        Matthew 7:1 is junk by itself. You need to include Matthew 7:2 to get the correct context and meaning of 7:1.
        Judge not or you will be judged, and you will be judged to the same standard and in the same manner that you judged. This means that it is appropriate to judge, but remember to hold yourself to the same standards that you look for in others.

        In the past 2 months, I have put 13 videos on YouTube. You will not find me using any profanity in them. I must be doing something correct, as I have almost 1900 views so far.

        The irony of Ephesians 4:29 is not lost upon me. Isn’t that one of the points I was making? :lol:

  123. iluv2cutfarts says:

    To my most dearest hotforwords Hottie Girl!

    Marina! I am so proud of you! You KNOW why! ;-)

    I do not remember the specific lesson, but back in 2008 – I came across one of your videos (I am currently going through them all, and have only started looking at the ones from ’08, so hopefully when I see it I’ll remember “this is where it all started”). I thought you were hot and sexy, and I loved your accent, and your humor and just your overall appeal. However – like the short term idiot I am – I didn’t seek you out at all after that. I wasn’t – honestly – until the Superbowl when you did the word “Fumble” that I came across you again “Do these shorts make my butt look big” and the whole thing with your “sister” was just the kind of silliness I enjoy most, and Voila! Here I am today, with all of my stinkiness to annoy and pester people. My digital character on the internet has always been one as a divisive way for me to just simply “get off” by being offensive and pushing the envelope, but since becoming a student of yours – I have found that there is the potential for not only friendship, but also – trust (something I lost many years ago with regard to people).

    All this to say, that I am just so proud of your hard work, and love for what you do. You have always come across as someone who cares, and is not only ambitious, but truly concerned with people learning, and it shows in all that you do (from your videos to your various social networking goodies, to this very website).

    Congrats to you on a really awesome 3 years, and my hopes are for many many more for and from you to come!

    Until then – I remain faithfully yours,



  124. Guess I’m the noob here :mrgreen: I discovered your channel a couple of months ago (told you I was THE noob) and it switched-on my OCD-mode so I went in a backwards exploration… first the channel, then your website (‘random video’ is an awesome tool for noobs like me).

    Let’s go back a bit by saying that the loveliest girl I’ve ever met is russian… so let’s just say I have a thing for Russia and a good reference of russian girls (besides tennis players ;-) )…

    So there you were, a hot russian explaining words… but wait, you were SERIOUSLY explaining word origins (OCD-mode: on). One of my best friends (we call each other ‘frater’ so I’ll refer him as my brother from now on) is actually a philologist in Barcelona so I have quite an idea of what philology and etymology are… and those videos were actually philology classes with a twist (humor, spice, vodka, you name it).

    The advantage of being a noob here is that I got the chance to see the whole evolution in a retrospective view and watched how you’ve progressed and how you were gradually defining your own style… sometimes in a very try-error way: Games, location set, transitions, links, narrative structure, even look and hairstyle. I was and I’m still amazed!

    So Sir Winston Churchill was right after all: “Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm” :grin:

    What do I honestly think about you now: YOU’RE SUCH A GEEK (and I love it)!!!!!

    A big kiss from Caracas!

  125. pedanticKarl says:

    @Marina, I did take notice that you were emotional in the video
    and I noticed that you were very emotional at the end. That was
    very sweet and touched my heart. There are a lot of people that
    care about you and I wish you many more successes.

    By the way, the Philology lesson is back in the HotForWords
    video grid again. So, the count above the video on YouTube
    is the correct count which is 560 videos.

  126. I don’t remember exactly when I found your videos, but I do remember when seeing you for the first time that I was hooked instantly. I like your work, and I like having you as my teacher. I hope you never quit doing what you do, and I look forward to another 5-years. Пойдешь за меня? :lol:

  127. PageDoll says:

    Great video Marina! ;-)

    It’s been almost two years since I first saw one of your videos. I can’t remember what the lesson it was, but I do remember what wrote. It read, “Is it possible to fall in love in 5 minutes, because I think I just did. Dang-it!” I know, brilliant right? :roll: I remember after watching you for the first time I caught myself just kind of staring at the screen mesmerized by your eyes, beauty, and your soft spoken delivery. What I didn’t comprehend then is the wonderfully incredible and positive influence you were going to have on me in the years to come. I’ve learned so much more than words Marina. From your determination, to your positive and outgoing attitude, to the decisions you make in your own life to propel your dream all have something to give.
    I see you today as a woman who still enjoys doing what got her where she is. I also see a little girl from Russia whose childhood dreams have become a reality on a daily basis. Do you even understand how inspirational and motivating that is? Gawd, if I let myself go I’d be in happy tears just thinking about it within a matter of minutes…see, I almost let myself go there just now! :???:

    Now, answer me this. What was going through your mind in that rather long blink when you thanked all your fans in this video? I think I know because I too almost started balling my eyes out. :cry:

    THANK YOU MARINA ORLOVA!!! You are truly loved, adored, and respected.

  128. seesixcm6 says:

    Dear Marina,
    I started to watch you in June, 2008. Then, I thought you were a sexy woman who used her beauty to attract an audience,. The word origins were secondary, but your accent and inexperience with English made me pay attention to what you said. In fact, you still leave out articles (a, an, the) and you often say “plizz” instead of “please,” I’m happy you said “please” in this video. :razz:
    Now you speak with less of an accent and your posture is much better, without as many head movements as we saw in your first video. You use your hands to express yourself and make a better presentation, now. :mrgreen:
    In 2009 and 2009, you did videos on your bed, or on the floor, wearing skimpy costumes such as a tank top and miniskirt. I liked your videos from Hawaii in which you wore tiny swimsuits. Now, you work in front of a greenscreen and place nice backgrounds. Then, I thought you were beautiful and smart. :razz:
    Now, I see that you’re happier. You drive a nice car, go to the beach at Malibu and Santa Monica, enjoy meals at nice restaurants, play with your dog, Gorby, and you’ve made video with auch other beauties as Bai Lin, Erin Cummings, Larysa Pozniak, and others. You use props in your videos, such as toy guns, toy swords, helmets, footballs, and you experience new things, like horseback riding, hikes in the hills, and you still wear bikinis by the pool!
    When YouTube celebrates its tenth anniversary, I hope you’ll be even more successful! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  129. animalntaz says:

    2-3 months editing your 1st video? Yeah, I’ve been experiencing the editing process first hand for maybe a week now, but mostly finished recording weeks ago. I only drew 2 pages worth of a storyboard/timeline, in my sketchbook, to get a better overview. And I’m still planning out which clip segments go where, before downloading any free (trial) .vob editors, that may allow me to crop as well. So far it is pretty tiring, with what I have in mind.
    I don’t think it will quite turn out as good as I’ve imagined, but I’m still figuring out how to make the best with what I have, get this creative thought out of my head, and just be done with it.

  130. I basically was aware of your story, as you know, but seeing you present it all together like this was really a special treat, Marina. Thanks!

    HW: You know I first saw you on your first or second appearance on The Factor. I was drawn by your beauty, of course, and the word knowledge aspect, but the light in your eyes; your spirit, simply enthralled me. I immediately checked out your classroom and signed up.

    I spent the next few weeks viewing all your lessons and reading the comments people posted. Remained a voyeur for awhile longer before sticking my toe in the water and making a few tentative posts. Finally admitted to myself that I wasn’t just crushing on you. You truly project a light from within that draws me to you like the proverbial moth to the flame.

    Now I’ve made a bunch of “friends” I wouldn’t otherwise have, I learn a lot from you and from them, I am entertained daily, and I am continually inspired by your creativity, work ethic, perseverance, and soul.

    I thank you, I love you, and I appreciate you, Marina. Continued success and keep ‘em coming!



  131. pedanticKarl says:

    How I discovered HotForWords.

    Late in 2006 after Google had bought YouTube, there were two things that were happening that caused me to find HotForWords on YouTube.

    1. I used YouTube videos as a bandwidth reference point and utilized videos from the Most Viewed videos list to test out the idea of potentially watching training videos to replace the DVDs that a vocational school had been using.

    2. I was doing a variety of personal studies on the Internet that had to do with ancient biblical and non-biblical writings and migrations of people from a variety of regions including Russia, the Mediterranean, India and Europe. I came across some great sites that had to do with language studies and etymologies which were fascinating. I took some of my studies results and plugged them into the YouTube search.

    In March 2007, I kept coming across the Philology lesson thumbnail, but wasn’t reading the titles and I kept resisting to click on it in favor of other thumbnails. A week later, I noticed that the Philology thumbnail kept re-appearing, so I gave it a try. When I saw the video, my heart sank to the ground. No, not because of the hot chick, but because that chick stole my idea. Of course it wasn’t my idea until 10 seconds into the video. LOL

    After I watched that video, I didn’t think much of that chick. I thought, oh yeah, another chick trying to get me to take notice. I wasn’t buying it. I thought the lesson was very interesting and thought, damn it, she stole my idea since I was soooooo engrossed into the learning of etymology through my studies and I even researched the idea of making it an avocation.

    As the weeks went by, I only watched the HotForWords lessons every month or so or whenever I would run across a new thumbnail. I wasn’t impressed with the chick other than the potential for producing some great lessons.

    Then, one night, I think it was in Aug 2007, while I was engrossed on the Internet, I had the TV on and heard a familiar voice. I looked over and I just about hit the ceiling. What the hell is HotForWords doing on TV? Sooooo, now I was curios, who the hell is this chick and I started to pay more attention to the videos.

    Even though I told all my friends to watch HotForWords, I didn’t become an avid HotForWords fan until Dec 2007 with the “Penny and Dime” video when Marina made a remark about the Germans. I loved it as I thought this chick has a great sense of humor, but it wasn’t until June 2008 that I became a subscriber due to the great website that Marina had been building and her great comments that she left everywhere.

    So, throughout 2008, where Marina was doing her videos by the kitchen, I noticed something very special as if Marina had evolved and a very personable Marina emerged. As Marina said, in her first video, she was very nervous. There were two videos that blew me away as Marina did something that changed how I looked at her. Marina does not yet know what that is, but she will find out in a few weeks. From that point forward, I became not only a fan but a raving advocate. Each new video that came out seems it was just made for me.

    Now, three years later, I have watched all of 558+ videos many many times over again and they have taken on a special meaning and a special place in my heart. Once Marina finds out why this is so, she’ll understand and why not only do I think that she is the greatest person ever, but has the passion and potential to go beyond that.

    Marina has remarked that she would like to have lunch with Einstein. I say that I would love to have lunch with Marina and to know Marina’s thoughts; the rest are details. (What famous Einstein quote is that *related* to? :grin: )


    • HotForWords says:

      “I want to know God’s thoughts… the rest are details.” :-)

      • lars2 says:

        and now it’s time once again for
        Bullwinkle’s “Poets Corner” . . .

        “It was a day without sun. The muffled light fell all day across the countryside as if through faintly shining bluish glass; and beneath it the spring held itself withdrawn and still, as unchanging as a picture. Around the gentle green of the picnic meadow was the wild and ardent green of the little hedge; and here and there across the hedge, the blackthorn flung great scatters of frail-spun snow. Beyond the meadow the larch copse was lit all over with plumes of green fire; and upon its fringes, pure against the dim purple-brown of its tangled trunks, a stripling tree or so sprinkled its fresh leaves out upon the darkness like a swarm of green moths arrested in flight. Everywhere was the lavish, pouring green, smoldering and weighed-down with the ache of life, and quiet, quiet, turned inward upon itself and consuming its own heart. Everywhere the white blossoms, as it rose, freed itself lightly from its roots in earth’s pangs of passion and contemplation, and, floating upon the air, kept but one secret, which was beauty, paid no heed, gave no sign. Nothing memorable was said or done, yet all seemed significant, and her happiness grew to such a poignant ecstasy that her lips trembled. She rolled over and hid her face in her hands for fear it should betray her by indecent radiance; but nobody noticed. Their eyes looked calm and dreaming: even Mariella’s had a less blind stare, a depth of meditation.
        If only the moment could stay fixed, if their strange and thoughtful faces could enclose her safely for ever in their trance of contentment, if she could be able to want nothing from them beyond a share of their unimpassioned peace: if only these things could be, they would be best. For a moment they seemed possible; for a moment she achieved a summit and clung briefly to it, tasting the cool taste of no desire. But it would not do: it was the taste of being old and past wanting people, -past wanting Roddy who already tasted so sharply and sweetly that she must have more of him and more of him; and whose presence in the circle made collective indifference a pretence to bleak to strive for.
        The sun flooded the meadow all at once in a tide of pallid light; and the earth ceased to struggle and brood in the dark coil of itself, and spread itself smiling and released. The spell within the clouded crystal of the afternoon broke; they stretched and stirred.”

        ‘Dusty Answer’ – Rosamond Lehmann (1927)

  132. pat says:

    I enrolled in class last May so I think I’m now in my sophomore year. I was looking through things to watch on YouTube and I hit your thumbnail photo. I started watching and thought this is wild! I will admit I saw through your physical beauty and I felt your true beauty came from with in. Even though this is all cyberspace, you, your website and all of your satellites, has made a difference for me. I just started on computer last May, so the reality is, you were my first!

  133. igry says:

    hmm, what should I type so you get this my word right?
    {wack} {wack} {wack}
    { W A C K }
    I just wonder what
    means the word {wack}
    gotta take a snack
    coz energy is so bad :|


    igry / drgdfhg(youtube account) :smile: :mrgreen:

  134. i think you just got a subscriber for life, maybe i’ll die soon. i just discovered you and i’m still forming my opinion, but the process often leaves me laughing out loud. right now i think you are most like Tigger from Winnie The Pooh, i wonder what i’ll think by this time next year. i don’t know anything about youtube teacher, thanks for teaching us.

  135. leoNard says:

    :razz: Pretty cool, I say!!!

    • leoNard says:

      I thought that the Russians had invaded; and HotForWords was teaching the Americans to understand their language…in all honesty, since I love words, I was impressed! :lol: Today, I’m still a fan and still thinks MARINA is a pretty hot and super bright and smArt…H=O=T__LADY :smile: thank you and bless you and you-tube, too!

  136. pedanticKarl says:

    Wow! Excellent story Marina.
    I loved it.
    My story how I discovered you coming up above.

These are facebook comments below.


Not your typical philologist! Putting the LOL in PhiLOLogy :-)