Robin Hood

Is Robin Hood a myth, folklore, or a legend?   Also, participate in the new YouTube Moderator tool on my channel.

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  1. AHAHAH so cute! ur 2 cute !!! :mrgreen:

  2. I don’t think anybody knows for sure I think it’s folklore that’s what most people say.

  3. goat says:

    i think most literature characters are based off of real people. take santa clause. if memory serves right, he was an actual person, i think around 400 ad or so in russia, and all the physical traits were true, beard, red clothes.

    but the word of mouth statement is true as well. back in cub scouts, we would play a game (forget the name) where everyone gets in a circle, and whispers something to the person next to them, that person repeats it to the next person, and so on. and when it gets back to you, you see if its the same as what you originally said. it was never the same, whether people add what they wanted to, to make it sound better, as may have been done with other tales. “the sweeter the better” right?

    as with most tales, its more of a moral story. steal from the rich, give to the poor teaches that its good to share your wealth, and not be a greedy bastard.

    going with the quoted phrase in the second paragraph, i would like to know where “short but sweet” came from. i just was notified of your site, so if you already have, just redirect me please

  4. drmichael82 says:

    Hey Marina,
    Can I call myself a long time fan if have been a subscriber for over a year?

    Also for the QOTD for the robin hood the folkloric legend.

    Eliot Spitzer really was a Robbin Hood when he was Attorney General for NYS. [Fugedabout] when he became Governor of the [Empire] State.

    Please tell us about the origins of the word in brackets above. Empire and Fuggehdabourit

  5. oh i have a word, i wonder if you’ve covered it: procrastination! something i do a lot of but hope to do less of and more of doing other things, let me know what you think?! gotta get to sleep, have swim training in 8 hours. slán ( irish word for bye!!!!!! )

  6. just discovered you on youtube! funny as hell, what a lady. so smart and sharp and i suppose pretty hot too. i’m a little em lost for words! :) ciao

  7. bsascott says:


    Would you do some foundation word origins, like Verb, Noun, and Adjective?

    Thanks Beautiful!


  8. Jayde says:

    dear teacher,
    i love your video.and i am only 11

  9. jim says:

    Dear Teacher,
    I think I have found the definitive word to analyze?
    It can be a noun, pronoun, verb, adjective etc.
    It can be used as a substitute word for just about anything, correct?
    How did this all start? What is it? {fuck}… I really want to know :-)

  10. iluv2cutfarts says:

    Marina Tweeted. . .”Getting married? When not to hyphenate your names: :-)”.

    ACK!!!!! If a girl can take half my money, she can take my full name!


    • iluv2cutfarts says:

      LOL!!! I did love it though.


      • beevee14 says:

        Tell you what, I’m surprised Hillary Hasn’t bailed, yet. We oughtta start a pool here on HFW on what the date will be when she jets. Will she stick around to November? If she waits that long, she’ll be linked to him to much and not have a prayer. Basically, whoever can put as much distance as possible between themselves and BHO will win in Nov. and 2012. ;-)

        • iluv2cutfarts says:

          Oh don’t worry – that Real Estate lady looking farce for a Secretary of State will get the heebee-geebee’s soon enough. She probably thinks that she actually has a chance if she cuts bait now, and goes it alone! BAHA! I hope she does to show the true character of the Osama Jihadist Administration.

          What a bunch of buffoons!

  11. smokey36bear says:

    There may have been a person, or group of people, back then we could call a “Robin Hood”. As for today most people are too worried about themselves to do anything “Robin Hood” like. I’m sure there might be some, but I can’t think of any right now.

  12. PaparazziKid says:

    I was watching Spongebob when Mr. Krabs walked by the police, and said {Top of the Morning, Boys!} Does that phrase have to do with the police? Where did it come from?

    • Evan Owen says:

      The phrase comes from Ireland and simply means, “Good morning.”

      If I recall my kids’ childhood shows correctly, Krabs was supposed to be Scottish.

      (In one year, the kids have gone from “SpongeBob” to “Bones,” another show I can’t stand to watch, for different reasons.) :evil:

  13. PaparazziKid says:

    How do you change the font of WordPress comments? I want a cleaner font. :!: :!:

  14. Fixin’ to attend my 50+ year old brother in law’s commencement. Graduated from the UT school of law. Impressive.

  15. PaparazziKid says:

    Marina… what ever happened to “Related Posts”??

  16. Evan Owen says:


    This remark is directed at HotForWords’ recent use of what we quaintly used to call “vulgarity” and “obscene language.”

    Since the beginning of HotForWords, the winning formula has been the “risqué” and “suggestive” approach. HFW was notable for what she DIDN’T say or show explicitly. Without hesitation or blushing, I could show her videos to my daughters. Or even my mother. (Well, not really, she’s a feminist.)

    But I have found a few recent videos crossing the line from spicy to distasteful, and am starting to hesitate at watching the new lessons. There’s no shortage of vulgarity on YouTube and the ‘net; HFW stands out better without it.

    Now if Marina had merely said, “I said FOLK this time,” it would have come off as a comical inside joke; and a wide-eyed “I didn’t even think that was edible!” could have left more room for humorous interpretation. :|

  17. VenomRocK says:

    Yeah Marina, I’d say he really did exist, but like all folklore and legends his ‘real’ story has been embellished.

    According to this clip from the documentary ‘For Love Of Liberty: The Story Of America’s Black Patriots’ Henry Berry Lowrie is sometimes viewed as a Robin Hood type figure,especially by the Lumbee and Tuscarora people.

    POPaganda: The Art and Subversion of Ron English A modern day Robin Hood?

    “Cathy Cow Girl Bells” Ron English inspired heifer performed by Amber Ray :mrgreen:

    • VenomRocK says:

      the edit function doesn’t load the comment.

    • leoNard says:

      :razz: —-{a culture experience}–shared— :arrow:

      With 3 older brothers, and achieving best udder attachment award(amoung showing dairy breeds); my Guernsey(Gloria) pure-breed was grand-champion and me learning teasing and professional resentment: VenomRock, the posts were excellent!(ron english is cooler than christo)

      —soul-much ;-) Rock-n-roll was invented to hide in established cultutal centers(sometimes buildings) and the dividing of the cow like a bill-board and dictated art…people want to be spoon-fed! People ask for meat and wrapped, to eat on the go…..All people born in AMERICA are____ Native American “Robin Hood,” ___but do they act like it?——-{inter-marriage}—-is the heart of GOD and the belief!!!!!h.e.a.r–Crucify (live) – Tori Amos —-thanks to all and Marina the host, the most :smile: I learned metal be hind the bars with the bull :twisted:

      • VenomRocK says:

        ;-) {cultured milk?} :arrow: Ron visits the Opera Gallery :mrgreen:

        A cultural divide has been taking place here due to the ‘Robbing Hoods’ in D.C. :x
        Stealing tax$$$ from the workers & redistribute it to the LAZY
        There’s a misconception when our leader is labeled ‘A Modern Day Robin Hood’ when in reality he’s the evil Sheriff of Nottingham.

        We have to learn to be Walking In The Air :cool:

        • beevee14 says:

          Stealing tax$$$ from the workers & redistribute it to the LAZY
          you absolutely correct, sir! The tide has turned though, my man. Two things I saw last week sealed it. Specter lost after backing the wrong horse(mule). Then, as BHO was walking away in the Rose Garden with Calderon; one of the reporters sarcasticlly asked, ‘Mr President, when will we have a real press conference?” I thought ‘wow, these are the same assholes who basically got your ass elected; and you are literally turning your back on them!’

          :mrgreen: Beautiful :mrgreen:

        • beevee14 says:

          Hey, heres one that I just got. Another beauty :cool:

          How’s this for a gunshot survivor… Linda Burnett, 23, a resident of San Diego, was visiting her in-laws and while there went to a nearby supermarket to pick up some groceries. Several people noticed her sitting in her car with the windows rolled up and with her eyes closed, with both hands behind the back of her head. One customer who
          had been at the store for a while became concerned and walked over to the car.He noticed that Linda’s eyes were now open, and she looked very strange. He asked her if she was okay, and Linda replied that she had been shot in the back of the head, and had been holding her brains in
          for over an hour. The man called the paramedics, who broke into the car because the doors were locked and Linda refused to remove her hands from her head. When they finally got in, they found that Linda had a wad of bread dough on the back of her head. A Pillsbury biscuit canister had exploded from the heat, making a loud noise that sounded like a gunshot, and the wad of dough hit her in the back of
          her head. When she reached back to find out what it was, she felt the dough and thought it was her brains. She initially passed out, but quickly recovered.
          Linda is a blonde, a Democrat, and an Obama supporter, but that could be just a coincidence.
          :twisted: But I doubt it :twisted:

          • VenomRocK says:

            :lol: I think that was an actual story ripped from news headlines.

            :arrow: Is it a salesman, engineer, lawyer, or Obama explaining the balanced budget! :roll:

            A technical description of the Turbo Encabulator:
            It’s believed to pre-date THE FLUX CAPACITOR
            This is a masterpiece of bullshit.
            Several years ago Rockwell International decided to get into the heavy duty transmission business. They were getting ready to tape their first introduction video.
            As a warm up, the professional narrator began what has become a legend within the trucking industry. This man should have won an academy award for his stellar performance. Now remember this is strictly improvised, nothing is written
            down. :mrgreen:

        • beevee14 says:

          That vid was great. I had to pass it on! Maybe it is BHO describing HC. Makes as much sense :mrgreen:

  18. I love hot for words, Intelligence sure is sexy!

    I wonder if you could investigate “Its raining cats and dogs”? :)

    Thanks for a lovely show


  19. hott4urblog says:

    Gawd, it takes a long time to load up after all your students chime in… I love it… But to me it is easier wit da cut offs. It’s all good… I still love you! it is definitely worth it … unless that is whats causing my mozilla to crash & I can not upload student pics… Though I am humbled by my intelligent peers!

  20. Ken says:

    What is the origin of the phrase ‘fill your boots’?

  21. thank you for brightening up my days marina. you are a phenomenal woman.

  22. Am I the only one who is disappointed to hear a smart, pretty girl using profanity?

    Decent guys don’t use such language in front of women or children, as using profanity in front of women or children is a sign of extreme disrespect.

  23. Your YouTube birthday song would have made JFK proud! I also love that “golden forest” background. Now for me, the best Robin Hood was Cary Elwes from “Robin Hood Men in Tights”. Yep, the guy from “Saw”.

  24. My parrot is {FIXIN’ TO} turn 27 years old. Twenty seven! Ain’t that cool?!

    (“Fixin’ to” is a southern {EUPHEMISIM} meaning “going to” or “about to”, as in “I’m fixin’ to go back and watch all of Marina’s lessons again.”)

    Twenty seven…wow, that was two wives ago… :oops: :shock: ;-)

  25. darnko says:

    Hello Marina,

    I receive and enjoy your works very much. I don’t do too much on the Net but every once in awhile I’ll use a word that I feel requires a bit more investigation.

    I’ll jot it down and then check out your list of your works. This time I got two of them that have made it to this level.

    When I hear the {Old wives Tale} :shock: about getting warts from holding a toad just makes me want to go {berserk}:roll: and hide them where they’re sure to touch one.

    Thanks for doing what you do,

  26. Hey, Marina-how many identities here are actually you, created by you to {RATTLE OUR CAGES} when you feel like the classroom is too quiet?

    (You’ll never tell, right?) :grin:

  27. Boo-Hoo says:

    My Mommy told my Powaris ride on toy! Dat was my gift fwom Santa! Che is wowse dan Wobin Hood, and it makes me SOOOO SAD!
    (dis is a picture of me, in happier days awong with my missing brudder).


    Mommy sed she had to sell my toy, betause she said dat she no wonger supports any tompany dat wood import our jobs to Mexico.

    She said it was our wesponsibility as Ameritans to vote with our dowwars and sent a message to big buwsness dat dey would undah-stand.

    And also, she was all out of cigawette money….

    The national twade deficit, makes me SOO SAAAAD!

    • beevee14 says:

      So Polaris is made in Mexico and that was why she got rid of it, right? Where was your brother made? :twisted: :mrgreen:

      • Boo-Hoo says:

        Once I had a Fisher Price bubble mower.

        And my mommy wunned it over with da car and when I cried che sed dat che did it dewiberately, to teach me an important wife wesson dat che neber wanted me to forget.

        And I sed “whats dat?” and che sed:

        “Tometimes wess is mower”. and den che waughed at me.

        Needless to say it made me SOOOO SAAAAD!.

        • beevee14 says:

          Maybe M can get one of the too-smart-for-their-own-good people on here to do a psychological profile on the person who needs to write in babytalk constantly. It would be interesting reading. Or not :???:

          • leoNard says:

            {spoiled fruit/brandy in time}——-It’s the signs of the times…{SPOILED}…like a father that left his child and fled back to his “homeland”!!!!!!!! …the perks of going barefoot are the puppets made from the {SOCKS}… the perks are gorby like and mindless breeding :cry:

            • Boo-Hoo says:

              My Mommy sez dat you pwobably dont eben exist.

              Dat you are pwobably some made up character designed to make all single mudders wook bad.

              And dat makes me SOOO SAAAAD!


              • leoNard says:

                I tried reasoning with your mother!! @boohoo Your daddy says hi! Soo is a British puppet and TV character popular in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and other countries. Soo was first featured on The Sooty Show as the girlfriend of the main puppet character Sooty in 1964.

                Soo is a calm and collected female panda who acts as the foil for both Sooty and Sweep. Soo usually wears a red skirt.
                :razz: Please don’t be sad! :sad: ps—daddy needs new rubbers/water puddles are high :!: ;-)

                • Boo-Hoo says:

                  To all my detwactors!

                  My Mommy sez dat if you don’t wike me on da intanet that is just tuff.

                  Da intenet is what babysits me, so my Mommy can worth North Minneapolis as a womans of comfort. I think she is a waitwess or somfing?

                  Are you going to pay for my baby sitter? Are you? No? Well den my Mommy sez to go pound youself in the pecker wif a pall peen hammer and shuts your gay hole.

                  Now if you will exscuse me I haf to go talk to my onwine chat buddy.

                  He’s a four year old boy who wants to fwy me to Denmark on his pwivate pwane so we can plays togefer.

                  Mommy would be soo pwoud, he sounds RICH! Too bad I am not allowed to tell her about him. Hmm I wonder why?

                  this world makes me SOOOO SAAAAD.

          • Boo-Hoo says:

            My mommy said I should give you a sticka.

            “Why should I? Dose are Mine!” I say to my Mommy.

            Che say dat is the wight ting to do whenebber we sees a child, disabled person or anyone else who just isn’t wight in dey head and has an IQ of a single dice woll.

            You know, dat’s why the wal mart gweeters always hab stickas. To put dem on the pwotective helmets and weelchairs of speshal people, to wet dem knows dey should wait at da weciept counter, maybe ask God himself for a weefund.

            Maybe you could put dis on your new car.

            It makes me SOOO SAAAAD for you!

  28. There’s never a hood around when you need one.

  29. Here is proof that Happy Birthday To You was sung before 1923 and is therefore public domain: The Golden Book of Favorite Songs (1915)

    See Good Morning to You – Goodbye to You-Happy Birthday to You on page 81

    By the way, yes indeed Daffy was the best Robin Hood!

    • leoNard says:

      Hello: thanks for sharing—do you know if this–


      1. If a body meet a body,
      Comin’ thro’ the rye,
      If a body kiss a body,
      Need a body cry?

      Ev’ry lassie has her laddie,
      Nane, they say, ha’e I;
      Yet a’ the lads they smile on me,
      When comin’ thro’ the rye.

      2. If a body meet a body,
      Comin’ frae the town,
      If a body greet a body,
      Need a body frown?

      3. Amang the train there is a swain
      I dearly love mysel’;
      But what’s name, or where’s his hame,
      I dinna choose to tell.

      is the song used for J.D. Salinger grand novel- “The Catcher in the Rye”? :?: :???:

      • beevee14 says:

        Very interesting observation. So interesting that I had to read the cliffsnotes of Catcher since I haven’t read it since high school and read Comin thro for the first time. You may be right because it does say something about it in the book:
        He tells her his fantasy of being “the catcher in the rye,” a person who catches little children as they are about to fall off of a cliff. Phoebe tells him that he has misremembered the poem that he took the image from: Robert Burns’s poem says “if a body meet a body, coming through the rye,” not “catch a body.”

        Thank you, l. I learned something and what does Bee always say?

        A day without learning is a day wasted

        Here are links to the poem and the book:

        • leoNard says:

          O Jenny’s a’ weet, poor body,
          Jenny’s seldom dry:
          She draigl’t a’ her petticoatie,
          Comin thro’ the rye!
          Comin thro’ the rye, poor body,
          Comin thro’ the rye,
          She draigl’t a’ her petticoatie,
          Comin thro’ the rye!
          Gin a body meet a body
          Comin thro’ the rye,
          Gin a body kiss a body,
          Need a body cry?
          Gin a body meet a body
          Comin thro’ the glen,…

          —-hey beeVee…the truth is, rye was the lowest price grain and the part with gin gives it away…

          age and aging booze becomes whisky…all grain alcohol starts with something rotting :oops: :mrgreen: :lol: A war veteran, J.D. Salinger, I think may had started the beat generation/hippie culture——rap/rock/rag……..{sha-Rea} :lol: Jah ever drink? I like brady for the BURNS

          • beevee14 says:

            Oh, I know thats what the poem is about(Quick-in less than 20 seconds name me 3 irish songs/poems/ballads/dittys/whatever yhat are NOT about drinking and/or somebody getting killed), I was speaking of the book.
            Jah ever drink?
            Yes. Coming from a German family in a predominantly German area, I have been drinking longer than I can remember. Thats just the way it was back then. I’m sure you’re familiar ;-)

            Hey, isn’t Orianthi the guitarist in the M Jackson movie? I am still trying to download Voodoo Chile(dialup=51.6 kbps/sec…woot!woot!) but I have seen some of that movie. She is fantastic as were all the musicians he had. I DID see a vid of her and her band. It was almost like a metal ballad with a kickass lead. I thought she would be better seved if she just played guitar and got the next Rob Halford to complement her work.
            Speaking of great musicians backing famous singers. I watched “The Pope of Greenwich Village” the other night and the ending credits song was “Summer Wind” by Frank Sinatra. Now I like big band/swing music but I never really cared for him. I listened to that song and I really liked it. You could tell the arrangements were tight and he sings in an effortless way. My brother thinks I’m crazy cause I’ll put a CD on his kickass system and it will be something like “Take the A-Train”. I just smile and say ‘dude, this is were it all started!’ :grin:

            • leoNard says:

              I remember some drunk friends undressing their booze…I learn something new everyday, or at least I try! :razz: Bombay Sapphire is marketed in a flat-sided, sapphire-coloured bottle that bears a likeness of Queen Victoria on the label.

              The flavouring of the drink comes from a recipe of ten ingredients: almond, lemon peel, liquorice, juniper berries, orris root, angelica, coriander, cassia, cubeb, and grains of paradise. The spirit is triple distilled using a carterhead still, and the alcohol vapours are passed through a mesh/basket containing the ten botanicals, in order to gain flavour and aroma. This gives a lighter, more floral gin rather than the more-common ‘punchy’ gins that are distilled using a copper pot still. Water from Lake Vyrnwy is added to bring the strength of Bombay Sapphire down to 40.0% (UK).
              …the booze and her bark{bombay) :razz: My musical taste have change very much and I agree about Sinatra… High Hopes
              and the new american ruse——- taking what the original settlers made(an economic base) :???:

  30. iluv2cutfarts says:

    Marina Tweeted…”Wow, Google’s homepage is PACMAN!!

    Yes! Happy 30th Birthday PacMan!

  31. Wow. Best rendition of Happy Birthday To You I’ve ever heard. ♥

    Don’t let anyone tell you that song is under copyright, dear Teacher:

    ps. Still hoping for a lesson on {chick}. :)

  32. deluxenn says:

    My Dear legendary Teacher you are so cool!
    Once upon a time, there was a robber.
    Why he became a robber, it is the other part of this story.
    The robber was good and robbed only the rich because the poor had nothing to rob. His business developed well and he wanted to become famous. He fed a couple of tramps and they should tell to everyone how good he was. Thus was born the myth of the good robber, it became folklore because all the poor liked that story. In today’s world, the story of Robin Hood is a legend thanks to writers and movies.
    I would say that today many persons make work of those tramps and many the good robbers ready to feed them. (frickle-dickle, it was too loud :mrgreen: )

    Russia-Canada 5:2 Ура!

  33. thoughtonfire says:

    Steal from the Students, Give to the Teacher

    :twisted: MUHAHAHA :twisted:

  34. HotForNumbers says:

    BTW, what about the word jeepster…?

    “…I will call you Jaguar if I may be so bold…. Oh girl, I’m just a Jeepster for your love…”

  35. HotForNumbers says:

    Hahaha… Fucklore!? …. Hahaha…

    Examples of modern Robin Hoods could be all those people who, in the last years, took the opportunity and asked for credits to the banks (knowing they would not be able to turn them back) and used them for social causes.

    Richard Stallman and all the Free Software movement might be another example.

  36. whatimeitis says:

    Got’ta go milk the fishes :roll: Gee, what some people will do just amazes me :???: Got a fish hook anyone :?:

    Did you hear the rubbish :?: :lol:

  37. lars2 says:

    My goodness Marina !
    You just invented the ‘power top’ !
    It uses Wall Street suspenders holding up your top !
    Giving women the symbol of equality in power as with men !

    You unconscious instincts are awesome !
    (liking suspenders and figuring how to use them in your way)
    I’m impressed !
    [the fortune teller was correct]

  38. iluv2cutfarts says:

    Marina –

    I have a song for you with some very interesting words in it. Maybe you can pick one to investigate some time. BTW – this is not Bad Religion (Dr. Greg Graffin) singing the song, but it’s an acoustic version and the lyrics are so much more powerful in this version – I think. Enjoy!

    I heard them say that the meek shall reign on earth
    {phantasmal} {myriads} of sane {bucolic} birth
    I’ve seen the {rapture} in a starving baby’s eyes
    {inchoate} {beatitude}
    the Lord of the flies
    so what does it mean when your mind starts to stray?
    {kaleidoscopic} images of love on the way
    brother you’d better get down on your knees and pay
    1,000 more fools are being born
    every fucking day…

    they try to tell me that the lamb is on the way
    with microwave transmissions
    they bombard us every day
    the masses are {obsequious}
    contented in their sleep
    the {vortex} of their minds {ensconced} within
    the murky deep
    so what does it mean when your mind starts to stray?
    {kaleidoscopic} images of love on the way
    brother you’d better get down on your knees and pay
    1,000 more fools are being born
    every fucking day…

  39. jcr says:

    And guess what? My writing site (one of them) just got bought for $100 million by Yahoo. Big changes ahead, maybe more articles about you :smile:
    like this one or this one

    • pedanticKarl says:

      Hi Jan, how have you been?
      I saw the article on Mashable about AC and Yahoo and watched the Keane interview.
      Very interesting numbers and it will be interesting to see how it works out. You have quite a few articles on AC of which I have read most of them.

    • iluv2cutfarts says:

      Hello! I just read both of your articles on Marina from ’08 and ’09. Wonderfully done, and congrats to you on your future endeavors!


    • Capman911 says:

      I thought that picture of your sister inlaw was you that you put up on your AC site. WOW did you have me thinking what a lucky husband you must have. But he is a very lucky man to have you. :smile: Really I was thinking WOW Jan is gorgeous. ;-)

    • HotForWords says:

      Would be nice if you got a piece of that $100 million :-)

      • jcr says:

        Sure would, Marina! But how many businesses divide up their profits with freelance writers. It isn’t in the contract there.

        If YouTube gets bought by a new company for zillions of dollars, will be required to share the profits with all the contributors that have made them money over the years? If so, that would be great! I know that popular people on YouTube can make money along the way…just wondering what would happen after a sale. Who owns the videos, the people who tape them or YouTube? It is a whole different model from AC.

        I’ve been investing my earnings from AC so I am hoping I have millions some day. ;-) I’m actually a fairly decent investor because I have taken chances with the AC money, unlike our regular retirement fund.

        The gamble has been paying off :smile: and my son is actually a decent financial advisor. He keeps up with all the latest trends, etc. and I get to profit from his advice.

        If you ever turn into a brand that hits the stock exchange, let me know and I’ll buy shares :smile:

  40. jcr says:

    I liked this very much. Also stopping in to wish you a special thank you for your articles on AC getting mega page views and helping me to reach over 2 million page views. Compared to your page views on YouTube, that is small potatoes but I’m happy to have the views :smile:

    Love the decor in your apartment or house. Those curtains are great!

  41. hott4urblog says:

    Hi Marina! I like to know how you knew that my name is Tube and it was my B-Day. So, I was out Celebrating and missed being your first student to comment on your vid! Beetlejuice, Bettlejuice, Bettlejuice. Loved your Porky Impression… I can’t wait to see da new Movie; with all da Spoofs out there this movie should be refreshing. Congrats on 300,000,000 views! Why does it look like Autumn in Cali? and… I’m going fishing where do I get one of those fucklures?

  42. Andy says:

    Please post a lesson on the term {white lie}.

  43. jim says:

    Dear Krasivaya Teacher,
    I wonder if you have any thoughts on the origin of the universe?
    How everything was created or if everything has just always been here?
    A lot of wonderful things have come from this universe, for instance you :-)
    I wrote my complete theory here…
    …maybe you can read it sometime?
    You would be perfect Natasha if they made a Boris and Natasha spy movie…
    My word request is {logophiliac}

    p.s. can you play gootar?

    goodbye красивый
    from studentkov jimmy

  44. PaparazziKid says:

    Why is that one guy always the king in all of these movie types. :???:

    • iluv2cutfarts says:

      He’s not…He’s just the Kevin Costner of the first part to the 21st Century. Sure to be replaced by some other douche nozzle in a few more years.

  45. BigBhd95 says:

    Great video dera teacher ;-)

    always so lovely you look :grin:

    BTW what is Mememoly :?: :oops:

    :cool: B.B. :cool:

  46. iluv2cutfarts says:

    Marina Tweeted…”LOVE this song! Alors On Danse (So we dance): Love the way it’s shot as well”

    Hmmmm – French House Music? Not bad. I like this one better!


  47. buzzword says:

    add men in tights to the list of robin hood movies.

  48. Gregory says:

    Modern day Robin Hoods, they don’t exist. Sure, Obama might claim to be one, but he takes from the rich… and spends it on more, more, and more government programs. Also, for the most part, we do not really need a Robin Hood today. For the most part, people (at least in America) that are wealthy, are generous, and got there by working hard, or sometimes luck. Besides, stealing is not a value that we should praise today.

    Thank you my dear HFW teacher,
    Greg :cool:

  49. seesixcm6 says:

    Dear Marina,
    You’re so beautiful in that blue dress with black straps. I doubt if Maid Mariam ever looked so good to Robin Hood! :mrgreen: :razz:
    Yes, Robin Hood is derived from folklore that goes back for centuries and was written in so many books, short stories, movies, TV shows and other media as to become legendary.
    Your sense of humor seems crude and vulgar in this video. Among other things, you made choking sounds, dodged many arrows, duck a tossed telephone (a reference to Russell Crowe), and you didn’t bleep out the word “fuck.” I liked you better when you did bleep it, because it’s not nice to use language like that. You really are beautiful and nice to me, so it hurts when you say words like “fuck.”

  50. MM serenading Kennedy. Fantastic effects. Outrageous humor. A whole bunch of learning. For me, one of your very best, Marina. Ever.:!: Thanks.

    Always. :grin:

  51. animalntaz says:

    According to the guy’s CLAIM, who made the movie to “2 Girls 1 Cup”, he said it actually was chocolate they were eating. But there was legal action involved, so that statement could be a lie:

  52. pat says:

    When you started singing “Happy Birthday” at the beginning of this video I got real emotional. May 19th is my B-Day and I thought I was getting a Monroe/Kennedy serenade! Then the bomb, “YouTube”, and !BAMB! right back to reality. Well I substitute my name and pretend I’m the chosen one of a bazillion students. I think the line of take from the rich and give to the poor is blurred in modern times. Seems to be a lot of different meanings between what is rich and what is poor. It’s not always monetary, either. Something to ponder. I watched a History Channel show on gangsters of the 30′s. A lot of people in the Depression saw these outlaw bad boys/women to be Robin Hoods. Some were known for there generosity. Some people liked the fact that the gangsters robbed the same banks that took their money. Is Robin Hood real? I don’t know but it’s a great story I’ve listened to and read since I was very young. Oh yeah Teacher, I’ve said it before, I love your singing voice!

  53. iluv2cutfarts says:

    Marina Tweeted…”Great, something else for me to tinker with Google fonts on my website:”

    Oh Marina…You’re such a 21st Century Digital Girl! ;-)

    • iluv2cutfarts says:

      BTW – I’m using the latest, most up to date version of the Google Chrome browser, and when I went to that link, Marina, it says I need a more up to date browser, like – Google Chrome (or FireFox or Safari).

      What a bunch of BS.


  54. CheVolay says:

    Does it look sexy when I adjust my green tights? :shock:

  55. Dove Villa says:

    Hello My Dear Teacher Marina. i just wonder one phrase meaning. have u listen to the song ”hey soul sister”? by the way, what’s the idea and meaning of ‘soul sister’ ? thc

  56. thematrix75 says:

    Hello Marina,how are you doing?It’s great that you have taken the time to wish you tube a happy fifth birthday.Also for helping other people getting their views up after all of your success!The one with the 2 women that are suppose to be eating chocolate icecream ,that was gross!I agree with you on Robin Hood as being folklore/legend.The new Robin Hood sounds like it will be good.Marina your looking great and wish you the best :!: :cool: :smile: Until next time be well :!:

  57. okay4now says:

    Hwk: Robin Hood may not have existed; however, there were so many people straying from the legal path to feed themselves, their clan, their villages during the time that centralized power had vacated England to fight the crusades & local authorities had often, and increasingly, become more & more corrupt that there were many individuals acting like the lore of Robin Hood’s character, i.e. even simply by hunting–which was forbidden. So, really, there were many Robin Hoods.

  58. rude1 says:

    My modern day Robin Hood is Robin Hood 702 who is a high stake blackjack player that helps individulas or family with financial problems.

  59. beevee14 says:

    :mrgreen: This one is for the grandpas :mrgreen:

    My small grandson got lost at the shopping mall……….
    > He approached a uniformed security guard and said,
    > “I’ve lost my grandpa!”
    > The guard asked, “What’s his name?”
    > “Grandpa”
    > The guard smiled, then asked, “What’s he like?”
    > The little tyke hesitated for a moment and then replied,
    > “Jack Daniels whiskey, and women with big tits.”

  60. MCLIJazz says:

    Modern day Robin Hoods are progressive politicians.

  61. meby2k says:

    Ten stars. A new best for you. Keep them coming like this.

  62. thoughtonfire says:

    Dear HotForWords,

    I saw this movie on last Sunday. It was pretty good. Much better than other versions at least!

    HW: I think modern day Robin Hoods are the so called “Pirates” downloading free music and movies!

    Your Student,

  63. HOLA,Buenos dias estimada Marina, I´m still learning english. so.. excuse me if I don’t write well, I see all this so interesting, I Like spanish language and the histories behind, es very nice, do you know. why we say yes. with a movement up an down.. thats meaning the same in all languages.. I like the physical language, I think you maybe like, ETIMOLOGIA.. :S like a I say excuse me, my english is so bad :S.. cuidese mucho y un caluroso abrazo desde toda latino america.

    • Capman911 says:

      Hi Frank and welcome to HotForWords. No need to apologize. Marina and the members can understand what your saying. Just do the best you can and enjoy the site. There are more videos at the top of the page under VIDEOS. So watch and have a great time.


  64. Capman911 says:

    Excellent video Marina. I don’t know if he was real back then but he is definitively real today. The Government robs from the POOR and gives to the RICH. :evil: SOBs

  65. leoNard says:

    Myth-Folklore-Legend…steal from the rich

    +++++super cool lesson and grand job++++++

    :grin: I think all three answers the Quest ;-)

  66. hitoshi says:

    i m eating chocolate now. dont mention it, please

  67. James says:

    3 in 1! good work Marina!

  68. whatimeitis says:

    The myth was explained in a documentary about the movie on the history channel!

    Robert Houd :roll:


    Here’s the little fella: :lol:

    I hunt with a more modern bow like this one :cool: :lol:

  69. meby2k says:

    Again, right to the top of my favorites list. Excellent. But I do want to say one nerdly thing; yeah, I am a perpetual student. “Myth” as classically defined, as in “Cosmogonic Myth” and “Cataclysmic Myth” actually is defined as “true story”. But outstanding job, and you finally stopped editing yourself. Fantastic. :grin: :grin: :grin:

  70. Good Morning, Teacher,
    I’m with you on the legend/folklore deal on Robin Hood. Conflicting stories there. Although not perhaps ‘modern day,’ the infamous bank robber John Dillinger, a native of my home state of Indiana, was considered by many at the time in my area to be a latter-day Robin Hood, because he seriously would visit friends and relatives between bank jobs and hand out cash to some needy folks, this being during the Great Depression. When I was a little kid, I would hear stories from little old ladies telling me what a ‘nice boy’ that Johnny Dillinger was. Obviously folklore ensued, but there was some truth to his generosity. The FBI put a stop to all that in front of the Biograph Theatre in Chicago in 1934. ‘Bout 50 miles south of me in Nashville, Indiana, there’s an interesting Dillinger museum with all kinds of cool memorabilia on him, as well as other infamous types of the era.
    Your Teacher’s Pest,

    • beevee14 says:

      Sounds like you live around Hop-town(Hopkinsville). I used to have a farm in Boaz, KY which is in between Paducah and Mayfield. I live in SE Indiana now(close to The Nasty Nati)

      • Hiya, sir! Actually, ‘tho I know where Hopkinsville is, it was probably the Nashville reference that got confusing. The Dillinger museum is in Nashville, Indiana, south of Indianapolis. I’m in west central Indiana, kind of halfway between Indianapolis and the Illinois line. Dillinger got around (me too, but not robbing banks & shooting folks). I have a good idea where you must be; I’m pretty familiar with SE Indiana. I do some racing photography and I like the dirt track in Lawrenceburg a lot. And ohyeah, Ohio can keep ‘Nati all to itself…

        • beevee14 says:

          :oops: Sheepish look on Bees face :oops: “Now I get it!It does say Nashville, INDIANA. D-o-o-o-h!”

          I’ve been to Lawrenceburg quite a few times. Great dirt track. And I’m beginning to think that most people feel the way you do about The Nati. She can be a bitch, ugly and definately mean, but I keep coming back. Besides, my Reds are acting like they wanna win a game, the Bengals are getting help on O, and the Cyclones are gonna win the Kelly Cup tonite!(Any Idaho fans out there?) So, I have to remain attached to get my sports fix! :lol:

  71. billydeeuk says:

    I would like to request the origin of the use of the anogram {I.O.U} as short-hand for “I Owe You”

  72. AllynTygrrr says:

    Hmmm… My guess, materialism, was closer than I thought.

    If everyone had the heart and mind of Robin Hood toward protection from asymmetrical abuses of power, would there even be asymmetrical abuses of power to begin with?

  73. Greatest Potential says:

    Disney’s 1973 animated feature Robin Hoodis pretty legendary

    the film is based on the legend of Robin Hood, but uses anthropomorphicanimals instead of people.

  74. Greatest Potential says:

    Anyone who gets any bright ideas about flinging arrows around like Robin Hood can chillax out the safe way first through trial & error style practice.

    check it out here :arrow:

    shoot the apple

  75. pedanticKarl says:

    Oh, that is interesting. There is an Ad over there on the right about MacGruber.
    Depending on your timing and what part of the Ad they are showing, when you hover your cursor over the Ad, the Ad blows up. That movie is opening tomorrow, Friday. Looks like a neat flick.

    • pat says:

      Hello pednticKarl, I hate bugging you out in the field but my Account seems to be shut down. I have a Notification(1) and I can’t get at it. I tried everything except Signing Out. I keep getting directed back to Home Page. I was having no trouble up to this point. Is it internal or have I been shot with the arrow of suspension or expulsion?! One other thing is that my Avatar shows up every where except the regular Forums.

  76. Greatest Potential says:

    :smile: America has talent

    William Tell Overture!


  77. iluv2cutfarts says:

    BTW – Marina, have you seen the video of the Cat that can eat with a fork and chopsticks? :mrgreen:

  78. pedanticKarl says:

    If Robin Hood wasn’t biographical, I’m sure his character and legend is a composite of stories and characters representing those stories that have happened elsewhere. Stealing from the rich and giving to the poor sounds like re-distribution of wealth which I know is happening today in many circles and has been happening for four thousand years or more.

  79. pedanticKarl says:

    Wow! That was a funny video lesson. I loved it!!!
    I said, folk, That was sooooo funny.
    Robin Hood is my kind of movie so I will definitely check it out.

  80. Greatest Potential says:

    :mrgreen: Hey, anyone remember the Green Archer :?:

    that dude kicked some major butt :!: :arrow:

    The Green Archer – Serial Trailer

  81. Greatest Potential says:

    That wasn’t ice cream



  82. pedanticKarl says:

    Holy coincidences Marina.
    I read your question on YT and had not seen the new video yet.
    Did you see what I just posted on the previous page?
    Holy smokes, I had a feeling that there was a video coming.

  83. iluv2cutfarts says:

    To my most dearest hotforwords Hottie Girl!

    Marina – 2 girls and a cup is very disgusting – even to me, and I am the stinkiest of the stinkies. *BARF*

    Robin Hood is a tale of Adventure and nothing more than Fiction. But wikipedia does have some interesting details regarding an Earl of Huntington being referenced to this…

    [Robin Hood's] death is stated by Ritson to have taken place on the 18th of November, 1247, about the 87th year of his age; but according to the following inscription found among the papers of the Dean of York…the death occurred a month later. In this inscription, which bears evidence of high antiquity, Robin Hood is described as Earl of Huntington – his claim to which title has been as hotly contested as any disputed peerage upon record.

    So for my homework – I guess there is no such thing as Robin Hood, other than it being a tale of Adventure and fiction.

    Modern day references of taking from the rich to give to the poor would be our good President Obama. Socialism is a great idea, until you run out of other people’s money – don’t you think? ;)

    Until next time, I remain faithfully yours,



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