Ow and Ouch!

Why do we use Ow and Ouch when we hurt ourselves?  Is it left over from caveman days?  And do you wish we could just go back to making grunting noises?  Maybe life would be simpler that way!

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274 Responses to Ow and Ouch!

  1. You have prove to the entire world that you are really clever by shooting this vidéo for me. I nearly felt like a caveman like ow!!! (or ouch..)
    But, i wanted to know if this vidéo is not too much defensive from you, to be out of misery too much if you follow me, i mean how clever we are we’re still human, right? (wait for an answer on this part).

  2. Raf says:

    We also, sometimes, change what we say in public and in the company of children, In those times I say Frak.

    At home I just swear and call the inatimate object that I hurt myself with colourful (color) and elaborate names.

  3. mark1107 says:

    Hi Marina! Requested phrase {I have to pee like a Russian racehorse!}

  4. pandion says:

    Thank you for the lesson.

    When I experience pain, I usually yell, “F*ck,” or “AAAAAAhhhh”

  5. pairadots says:

    When I step on a bee with my bare feet I hopped around on one foot shouting, “SON OF A BITCH!” I’m sure I looked pretty funny.

  6. Evan Owen says:


    OK, back to Marina’s lesson…

    I just got my YouTube subscription notice, giving the YouTube title as “Ow F*ck;” which suggests the German exclamation,

    (pronounced “ow’fux”) :mrgreen:

  7. Evan Owen says:

    Ho hum, time for a new lesson…

    ***Connections: Cameras, Rivers, and Ukraine***
    another ADHD etymology lesson from Evan Owen :lol:

    Aperture: A usually adjustable opening in an optical instrument, such as a camera or telescope, that limits the amount of light passing through a lens.” — Free Online Dictionary

    “Aperture” may refer to optical instruments, but the same root word, aper (from the Latin aperire, is also seen in place-names in the Celtic countries of Scotland and Wales. Aber in the Celtic languages means “the opening of one body of water into another,” as in Abertawe, Aberystwyth, Aberdeen, and (of special interest to Marina :wink:) Lochaber.

    Aberdeen, Scotland is located where two rivers empty into the North Sea, the Dee and the Don. The town got its name when the villages of Aberdee and Aberdon (“Mouth of the Dee and the Don,” respectively) grew and merged. (The name “Aber-dee-don” was considered, but dismissed as too “ding-y.” :lol: )

    But where else do we see the name don associated with rivers? In the river-names Danube, Dniester, Dnieper, and Don of central Europe, Ukraine, and southern Russia. The names derive from the Proto-IndoEuropean *da-, “flowing,” and its derivative, *danu-, meaning “flowing water” or “river.” (In Celtic and Hindu mythology, “Danu” is a river goddess.) :cool: The Dnieper is derived from the Scythian “Danu apara,” which, if you look closely, is basically “Aberdeen” with the root words reversed. :???:

    From cameras to Ukrainian rivers, this has been another mystery compounded by your dubious LossForWords, aka Evan Owen. :mrgreen:

  8. Evan Owen says:

    ***Word requests: music***

    [come un pipistrello fuori dal inferno] :lol:

  9. Evan Owen says:

    Доброе утро сокурсники!

    ***Word request: [domestic]***

    Buckminster Fuller gets credit for geodesics, but it’s really the Russians who invented the dome, right, Marina? :razz:

    The fugitive ran to the roundhouse, because they’d never corner him there! :mrgreen:

  10. leoNard says:

    May day is almost over and is— most places :lol: “I’m going down!” by Marina…peace :smile: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crataegus or commonly called hawthorn or thornapple and I think is an old folklore thingy :lol: the thorns make good tooth-picks

  11. jiddo says:

    I may have been away for a while… but to return to see you with your new hair color makes it like coming home for Christmas! You were never meant to be blonde! ;) ………..OUCH!!!!! (in a good sense;)

  12. nighteye says:

    Btw, Marina, I’d like to request {soul patch} – there’s gotta be a story behind that! :)

  13. iluv2cutfarts says:

    Dear “Sugar” Shane Mosley…

    Please knock Floyd “Potty Mouth” Mayweather, the fuck out! Please make him say “Ow” and “Ouch” a lot tonight in your Welterweight title fight, tonight!


    Avid fight fan of Boxers nicknamed “Sugar”.

  14. scblaufuss says:

    Marina, I have a request for two phrases. {FLUSH in out} and {FLESH it out}. My co-workers and I hear both terms used in the office and I don’t know if some cultures use Flush it out, like a bird dog hunting, or, Flesh it out, like removing meat from an animal carcass.


  15. Captain Jack says:

    :mrgreen: John’s golfing exploits. :mrgreen:

    John and his three buddies were playing golf at his local golf club.
    They approached the sixteenth tee, the fairway was arrow straight with a road running parallel alongside it almost to the green.
    John teed off and hit a tremendous drive, but hooked the ball left, it hit a tree, bounced into the road, hit the tire of a passing bus and flew back on to the green, finishing up only two feet away from the hole.

    John’s three pals, looked on in sheer amazement, until one of them asked “How on earth did you do that?”

    John just shrugged his shoulders and said ” You have to know the bus schedule.”


  16. hotrocky says:

    Marina, dear teacher, where’s our 2010 calendar? The one on my wall ends at the end of this month (if you count the extra months at the end of the calendar). Now that I have had your pictures on my wall for a whole year, I’m spoiled! Please make us a new calendar, maybe a two year one that will add the last part of 2010 to a 2011 calendar. Please please!


  17. James says:

    AAH! I am 18 in 5 days!

  18. lars2 says:

    When Marina gets even more famous someday,
    and starts moving into the merchandising sector
    of the internet business,
    she probably wouldn’t want to name her perfume


    with a complimentary cologne for men named

    BORIS !

    - –

    At a garage sale in 1996 where I bought two leather jackets and a stereo system,
    they had a small bottle of cologne/perfume (2″ tall)
    in the shape of a person in a trenchcoat, and named


    They were gracious enought to include the Clandestine for my $100 offer.

    - -

    Thanks Marina, for humoring us while we work out our respective Natasha complexes ~! lol :smile:

  19. Evan Owen says:

    Hmm, Bob Morris is cutting class again; better set some bait:

    Q: How was copper wire invented?
    A: Two Scotsmen were fighting over a penny! :mrgreen:

  20. pedanticKarl says:

    Today’s quote in the lower right is:

    "Luck is the residue of design."

    - Branch Rickey
    former owner of the
    Brooklyn Dodger Baseball Team

    Or, as I like to say it;

    "Laboring Under Constant Knowledge"

  21. Marina, I would like to request the word, [Mint]. :idea: I count five different definitions for the word. 1.) a plant 2.) breath mint 3.) a place where money is made 4.) the condition of an item 5.) wealth, as in “She is worth a mint.” :cool:

  22. VenomRocK says:

    ouch!!! some of these gotta hurt…. don’t know if you’ve already seen these clips. they had me crackin’ up.

  23. jer says:

    {Mauve}…My friend and I are curious over the proper pronunciation. I have always said it with a long O as it was said in Hey Arnold ;-) but my friend say’s it is pronounced with a short O. So we decided to seek out the knowledge of a professional.

  24. gustavo says:

    Hello I have A question.Why is the word “(right) as in turn right,(write) as in write it down,(right )as in correct,(rite) as in a ritual,and (wright) as a carpenter.All pronounced the same but are all spelled differently with different meanings.When you answer the question please email me at garciagustavo25@yahoo.com with the address so i can check it out.I hope this tickles your fancy.

    • Evan Owen says:

      Estimado Sr. García,

      Estas palabras, que se escribe diferente pero de la misma pronunciación, se llaman “homonyms”, y es una razón que el Inglés es tan difícil.

      Hay menos en el español, pero yo recuerdo un “casi-homonym:”
      “Hoy enterraron a Pedro Páramo, pero pocos se enteraron.”

      (Disculpe mi español pobre pero Ud. sabe el dicho, “Use it or lose it!” :smile: )

    • Capman911 says:

      Hey gustavo, a tip for you. When you post your e-mail address out in web sites, bots and spiders ” automatic programs that roam the internet” pick up on such bits of info and spam your email account. They are sent out by hackers and people who sell email addresses.


  25. leoNard says:

    [hurt]…mental pain verses physical pain…

    Johnny Cash Hurt

    :shock: Nine Inch Nails
    Lollapalooza 2008
    :???: The English disparaging term “cobblers,” usually meaning “nonsense,” is Cockney rhyming slang for “balls” from the phrase “cobblers’ awls.”
    When he was an infant, Louis Braille gouged his eye with an awl by accident. The one eye was destroyed instantly, and the resulting infection claimed the other eye, making him blind by the time he was four. The accident spurred Braille to the invention of the famous Braille alphabet.

  26. labbatt78 says:

    I did say ouch when I slipped on a slippery sidewalk last winter at work. :sad:

  27. Evan Owen says:

    Ho hum… :|

    :idea: ***Word requests***


    Algae bra: what a mermaid wears to support her breasts. :lol:
    “Gee, ah’m a tree!” — what the acorn said when he grew up. :roll:
    Biliary calculus: gallstones :razz:
    Trigonometry: according to my Tennessee uncle, git’n the raht angle on yer target afore yuh pull the trigger! :mrgreen:

  28. samuel3d says:

    Sometimes I swear and sometimes I scream, like the last time when I smashed my Eyeball on my chair I said the f word and the s.h. word then everything got dark. then I got two black Eyes. :cry:

  29. sonquizzon says:

    **Word Request please… “RIGMAROLE” …
    My boss at work tried to use it today and was stumbling all over it and I thought it would be neat to find out where that one came from.

    btw…the natural brown hair is amazing!

    • stigmatasaurus says:

      I just happen to know something about that one. It is a corruption of the words, “Ragman’s Roll,” referring to some medieval collection of parchments, which were made from cloth. Beyond that, I’m a little fuzzy. :roll:

  30. David Allen says:

    I usually say something like… “AAH!! My sweet dick it’s magic” *referencing the film “Dodge Ball”, a wonderful movie*

  31. BobbyBananna says:

    Hey Marina, PhillyD on Youtube has the same blog design as you. http://PhillyD.tv/. Who
    ‘s is better?

  32. Oops! You lost me. B.B.? As in B.B. King?
    Sorry — I’m so old I remember a time when B.B. wasn’t fat. ;-)

  33. rosiecheeks says:

    It’s so hard to get old without a cause
    I don’t want to perish like a fading horse
    Youth is like diamonds in the sun
    And diamonds are forever

  34. Captain Jack says:

    Yeay! My photos have been restored! Check them out and comment if you like. Then post your photos and let me know. :grin:

  35. I have a word for you, darling Marina. Please do FRIVOLOUS. That should be fun. ;-) By the way, this is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in awhile. Thank you!

  36. CheVolay says:

    The standard ow & ouch but could go and say a curse word at times. Like the time I shot a nail into my finger with a nail gun. I yelled more by the surprise than the pain.

  37. PageDoll says:

    Word Request [ SMTTEN ] [ SMITE ]

    Rock your day, its waiting to be taken advantage of. ;-)

  38. Hey, ladies, your problems are about to be over. Iran has been elected to the United Nations council on women’s rights.

    I’m serious. No joke. (Does anyone still think the U.N. is relevant or viable?)

    And with that pearl I’m off to Fredericksburgh for a few days. German food and beer, wines, and the beauty of the Hill Country in spring. Life is good.

    Ya’ll have a great weekend.

  39. Keith says:

    Hey… I would like to know where the phrase {cut your teeth} comes from.

  40. matalexwolf says:

    Pain! occasionally, a waxing session is needed to rid cave man ‘issues’ – at first its aaaarrrrrggggghhhh…you B****….hhuuuuuuugh…..shheeeeeettt….after a little while longer….its hhhhmmmmm….o yeah….yeess…o god yeah…..hhhmmmmmm….ooooo….aarrrrrgh….dont stop….. /

    broken bones can hurt…ribs crack me up! due to repeated breaking over the years, due to being a bit slow you know, i say ‘ow for f*** sake, not again! followed by many low sounding ugs and moans….with a slight smile for the pain!

    broken hearted is weird I have found out. Go real quiet. Broken mind results in endless speed talking for a period of time rambling utter nonsense with no ability to stop, trying to get a thousand words out in one second….

    cricket ball in the balls…just throw up and cry like a baby. God sons kicking me in the balls….laugh, then throw up.

    Epidural injection in lumber with out any meds….too colourful to repeat. Two wind screens, metal and people in a head on RTA…hhhmmm….last word, sh** – hurt so much, didnt feel a thing!

    friends, stoooodpid, dog biting lower leg….grab owner by throat and shake violently until they get the message to train and feed the stupid stupid stupid mutt!!

    Cat jumping on you from over head shelf….digging claws right in to you, while purring (twisted freak of a thing) – priceless.

    stub toe, paper cuts, knocks, thumps and kicks….seem to hurt but actually don’t!

    The sudden realisation you can’t play soccer anymore….still hurting…

    Slap across the face from your love having said some dumb comment, justified….and sort of ok as shows how much she cares really, but not the best way to find out….

    Walking into glass door/ window in shopping mall…its a pride thing.

    Walking in to lamp post…time for glasses; meditate revaluation of ones self and place in society.

    Previous employers who promise one way only to go another for their own selfish short term, greedy, two faced, mistrusting, lying, back stabbing evil sons of bi**ches…..way..// thank you all….otherwise I wouldn’t be here going through this pain of doing it for my self, alone, not with MUG doing it all for you! …I still got keys and have your security details covered….can break your business down a lot sooner than I built it up…..awwww vengeance, my darkest demon which sleeps……I kill you!! que classical music as I eat you alive!!!!!….being bitter about previous employers who f**** you over….not worth it but just…..one little moment left alone and……..the dark side is getting stronger….must fight it….

    plus there is much worse pain in the world and so grateful I know not of :)

    words…can hurt the most as much as they can heal:)

  41. iluv2cutfarts says:

    I had Apple Jacks for breakfast!


  42. pedanticKarl says:

    I love today’s quote in the lower right.

    "First they ignore you,
    then they laugh at you,
    then they fight you,
    then you win."
    - Mahatma Gandhi 1869-1948

    HotForWords FTW!!! :smile:

    • Captain Jack says:

      Gandhi has got it all wrong! Who does this guy think he is? Yes, he has some good insights. Maybe more people should listen to him more often. :smile:

      “First they say something negitive,

      then they insult you,

      then they try to correct you,

      then they realize you were right all along,

      then they support you,

      then you both win.”

      ~ Captain Jack 2010


  43. dsteve54 says:

    I would like to request the word [heebie-jeebies]

  44. smokey36bear says:

    When I hurt myself I say Ow or Ouch followed by some vulgar words. Like today I sliced my finger with a knife and said “Ow Sh*t, that F*cking hurt.”

  45. Michael says:

    Haha, you’re so cute. “Look out, it’s a fucking snake!” I played that over and over, lol. Anyway, I want to request the phrase {Cookie Cutter}, I think you’d do good presenting that one.

  46. philco says:

    Hi Marina –

    Interesting video – BTW you look so sweet as a brunette:)

    Not being a wise-ass, but I don’t think “ow” is really a word in the way “ouch” is. “Ow” is really a natural signifier, whereas “Ouch” or “sh1t” are conventional signifiers.

    I like your notion that “ow” represents the sound of the thought. Clever.

  47. Moose and Squirrel says:

    Hey Moose watch out Boris ad Natasha are right under us. :lol:

  48. Natasha! Boa-reese iss here! :mrgreen:

    [best Caveman]

  49. HAHA! You’re SOO funny. I love it! Just found you today and I’m really happy I did :) Keep up the funny work!


  50. PageDoll says:

    Well, I rocked the day a bit to hard this morning…just blew out one mid and one tweet in the work van to this song. :twisted:

    Its ok, those speakers were a little “tinny” sounding and now I have an excuse to throw in some Polk or MB Quarts. Way better on the ears. :o

  51. Great lesson, Marina! You are looking very well these days.

    I don’t feel pain anymore since my flesh is all gone now. :sad: But whenever a piece of my skull rattles loose and falls off, I usually say “EPOXY!”

  52. gill says:


  53. PageDoll says:

    Won’t you join me in dancing around my living this morning? Come on people, Get Jiggy Wit It!

    Watch out day, I’m here to rock you!

  54. PageDoll says:

    Word Request [ AKA ]

    @Marina [aka] HotForWords

    PageDoll [aka] NutBall :mrgreen:

  55. kujo says:

    I would like to request the word Doppelgänger

  56. VenomRocK says:

    Frickle Dickle! :lol: You’re so cute Marina :smile:

    Gotta say it’s mostly the f-word for me in that situation. ‘fuck’ to ‘fuck an a’ to ‘motherfucker’ or I’ve said Ow!….the fuck. I usually don’t scream though. When I was a kid I got hurt bad a couple times with broken bones involved. One was separating my shoulder and breaking my collarbone playing football, I just let out a little groan, gritting my teeth. The other I wiped out on a dirt bike where I snapped my right forearm and broke some ribs. When my friends came too me and one of them asked “dude you alright?” “what’s up?!” and I was gasping for air and alls I could say was “uh, I want my mommy” :roll: not kidding
    Then he said “what?” and I could swear that fucker was laughing at me. He turned out to be some kind of friend down the line but anyways they did get on it to get help. I just lay there and I never felt so much pain and haven’t felt anything like it ever since. I had thoughts of dying with that one, I eventually did pass out.

    I really enjoyed this video lesson too Marina :razz: THANKS!

    ….here’s some of those filthy, smelly, motherfuckin’ Cro-Mags you were talking about. :mrgreen:
    Showing no mercy can lead too The Path Of Perfection ;-)

  57. pedanticKarl says:

    Owwww!!! An exclamation of excitement & joy.
    #Boobquake! on YT home page “Howto & Style”, #1. :cool:

  58. I would like to request the word “party” for in the sense of a social gathering for entertainment and fun.
    As far as I can remember, party (or its translation) isn’t used like this in Dutch, French or German.

    Kind regards,

  59. okay4now says:

    Hwk: “Owa”, “Chinga madre”, “Mutha…fucka” or my favorite “Oochala”
    When you say “we” are you referring to all people or your group of freinds becuase it seems more rare that someone would teach an infant to say “shit” or “mother-fucker” in place of “ouch” even in the brilliantly evolved times…

  60. And, yes, your screen cap is incredible!

  61. What a great lesson! Whatever you took before writing it-I want some. Hilarious and educational. I’m still laughing.

    Like Captain Jack, I also hear people say “ow” and “ouch” quite a bit. Though now that I think about it, those folks are of a lot more genteel persuasion than I am.

    HW: When I do something relatively minor I think it’s pretty much “shit”, “son of a bitch”, or “fuck”(or some compound variation of “fuck”.) :oops: :grin: Interestingly, when I actually suffer a severe injury, such as a bad cut, knee injury, broken bone, etc., I think I’m pretty quiet at the instant it happens. Your question is amusing because I’ve actually noticed this and given it some thought. Sounds like I’ve been getting hurt too often. :grin:

  62. sniperskaya says:

    I use other words…. :twisted:

  63. BobbyBananna says:

    Marina, I just noticed you added a “suggestions” box to your channel on Youtube. Great feature that Youtube Added. I think it could be more condensed.

    What do you guys think? :razz: :razz:

  64. PageDoll says:

    720p is so wonderful on a bigger screen. It really is. The only problem is I never hear a damn thing. Not because the sound isn’t working, because I’m so freakin’ distracted! :smile:

  65. nw2394 says:

    I say all sorts of words in pain. Ow and ouch are included. But it can also come out as in, fuck, bugger, shit, argh, ah, blast, damn, Jesus, or no words at all.

    Anyway, I must say I’m looking forward to see what you have to say about pain and sex – perhaps you’ll have the dominatrix outfit ready for that one I guess.


  66. Greatest Potential says:

    :o It’s like; where did I put that pad of paper, oh, that pencil was on the my bridge of my ear the whole time, there it is! The telephone is ringing in this guy’s ear or is it tinutus(?) :arrow:


    Lady Gaga Telephone ~ Inspired Fashion

  67. Capman911 says:

    And a big hello to you Miss M. I see you have been tweaking the page again. It looks very nice. I see you got Cha Cha down to size so he would fit. lol
    HW: The words I use if I hurt myself is son of a bitch. It’s just the first thing that comes out.

  68. leoNard says:

    SOUL smart to at least to express yourself! :grin:
    A Great Horned *[Owl]* sleeping at daytime in a hollow tree.
    The Owls are the order Strigiformes, comprising 200 extant bird of prey species.
    Most are solitary, and nocturnal, with some exceptions (e.g. the Northern Hawk Owl). Owls hunt mostly small mammals, insects, and other birds, though a few species specialize in hunting fish. They are found in all regions of the Earth except Antarctica, most of Greenland, and some remote islands. Though owls are typically solitary, the literary collective noun for a group of owls is a parliament.

    Great job Marina!!!

  69. leoNard says:

    Cuckoo –Ouch…big hotDogs :roll: :lol: “For the love of GOD”…the MONK chant :lol:

  70. cufan71 says:

    :lol: Great lesson :!:
    :cool: Homework I say C@#$ and S#*^ :!:
    Then I say F*^% :!: :mrgreen:

  71. nighteye says:

    When I hurt myself I don’t scream out any words at all – but the look on my face says it all, really, more than a word ever could.

  72. seesixcm6 says:

    Dear Marina,
    How nice to get another video from you so quickly. You look wonderful in that pink dress! :razz:
    When I was in broadcast radio, it was illegal to use curse words on air. We could lose our broadcast license if we did. So, we *would* say phrases like “How unfortunate”, “Ow”, “Oh my”, and other mild expressions. Later, when we were off-air, could we scream and use crappy language. It actually was good training, so that we can prevent cursing in other situations. I would never want to use curse words in from of someone as young and beautiful as you are. It wouldn’t be nice. :shock:
    On Twitter, Governor Arnold said he is getting school children to support the month of May as “Fitness Month.” Arnold said he is going tyo lose ten pounds ijn May, and also, stop smoking cigars for the month. I will try to lose ten poiunds in May, also. Of course, you don’t need to lose weight; you’re so thin and slender, already. You would only weigh 96 pounds if you lost ten. You must go enjoy a latte! :razz:

  73. Greatest Potential says:

    :smile: seen these guys live. they like to ratchet it up a notch. :arrow:

    Chimaira – Pleasure In Pain

  74. Greatest Potential says:

    :grin: no novocaine, it dulls the senses :arrow:

    roger corman – the little shop of horrors – [jack nicholson]

  75. thematrix75 says:

    Hello Marina,I love the way you used caveman type humor to explain ow ,and ouch!I just use the f word most of the time when I get hurt.Thank you for your time teacher,and please come back again soon!

  76. avalonknight says:

    When I snub my toe (which is the most common for me); first is a moment of silence, which sounds like something in a comedy act. (This depends on the severity of the pain.)

    Then if my mouth is closed, I’ll open it and shout out something that sounds like “ACK”. If it’s open, because I’m talking or yawning, then I’ll clench my teeth and I’ll shout out something that sounds like “EURK!”.

    After one of those happen, I’ll walk off somewhere then either have a “Mr. Hyde” moment of grumbling and “pissiness” with the occasional four-letter cursing. Or a moment of heavy breathing, similar to that scene from Family Guy where Peter injured his knee.

  77. lars2 says:

    ~1990 I started saying ‘humpty dumpty’ in place of cursing. As a way to change my own behaviour, and to not be a bad example to my girlfriend’s 5 year old daughter.

    Subequently the understanding arrived of how cursing is a vain attempt to summon metaphysical powers from the beyond for personal aid, which in reality is a fictional endeavour.

    As someone famous once said, “The power is within”.


    Right at the opening of this video when Marina hurts her finger and says F**k, my first reaction was guilt at her feeling pain. Does this make me good husband material ? :| Or just a [putz] ?

    Yes, I agree, we are getting soft as compared to the past, pain is avoided at all costs these days. We have a very pleasant lifestyle to the caveman/cavewoman days. Tho it would be nice at times to not have the aggrevations of the modern world and live the ‘simple life’.

    [Ahh] yes, the simple life, without the necessity to understand Marklund Convection and the Inverse Compton Effect combining with Pair Production resulting in Gamma Ray creation.

    Back to the ‘salt mines’ ! :cool:

    • lars2 says:

      PS: Your new version of the blue dress, in red, is dynamite !

      • lars2 says:

        PPS: Thank you Marina for being an ‘auburn’ for these several weeks. I suspect that the chemicals to make hair blonde, seep into the brain and disempower ones mental abilities at the margins of thought. I suspect that my mother going a bit ding-bat was from dying her hair blonde.

  78. deluxenn says:

    My dear teacher, may I make this homework in Russian? :mrgreen:

    Chort pobery :grin:

    seems like frickle-dickle :shock: :mrgreen:

  79. Teach, that was one of your funniest lessons ever! Way to get descriptive about pre-historic life. ‘Festering pool of excrement’ in particular, cracked me up big time!
    Times when I have hurt myself around others, I try to mess with their heads by using an exclamation that is really benign, like “oh, scissors,” or “dog of Flanders”, or even “Godfrey Daniels.” A casual interjection while blood is spurting surprises most folks.
    Long story, but the last time I hurt myself BADLY and was still conscious to say ANYTHING, a 240 pound block of granite fell three feet from a crane and landed directly on my left big toe. Only thing holding my toe on was some meat, I later discovered. I was 120 feet away from anybody, but “AH,SHIT!” came out loudly enough to attract the attention of a petite young lady who came running and got all adrenalined up and lifted the block off what remained of my toe.
    When alone, it’s usually F@#K in one or more styles. Always wondered where ‘F@#k me runnin’ came from. Ideas?
    Love to Teacher,
    PS does YT allow you to place the start button of a vid elsewhere on a thumbnail, other than, say, your face? Some of your prettiest pics come from those freezeframes. Just curious.

  80. tayljim says:

    What do you say when LOVE HURTS?

  81. AllynTygrrr says:


    I thought the police were supposed to represent protection from danger not danger itself? WTF? FAIL. Well, just look at the political constructs on trial at the moment and realize the police are the poor agents caught in between enforcing nonsense and being normal humans and citizens.


    Meanstwhile back at the Bat Cave…

    Living in the Modern Dark Ages = OUCH!!! (my poor sanity)

    This lesson is a very intriguing concept though. Never thought about how universal and natural ‘ow’ is to say in response to some source of painful stimulus. Hmmm… What’s funny is when something gets really close to hurting someone but then doesn’t and that person says ‘ow’ in reflexive response anyway.

    I remember before when I was remodeling my bedroom, a piece of aluminum siding (yes, aluminum siding – I have modern, contemporary tastes) fell and was headed right for my friend’s head as he was working on the flooring. I saw it start to fall and managed to lunge across the room to catch it just in time before it hit his head. It made a horribly loud noise but never actually touched him. The funny part is I distinctly remember him going ‘ow’ anyway in conditioned response which I found quite amusing.

    Ha. Hoomans are such silly technologically advanced cavemen.

    Thanks for the 411 Teach.


    • stigmatasaurus says:

      Why always assume man started out stupid, crude and cave-dwelling? Take a look around (the world) and see what people are like now! Especially at Wal-mart!

      • AllynTygrrr says:

        Ha. Yeah. Now the stupid and crude ones are no longer cave-dwelling just multiplying exponentially thanks to the inventions and technology the more intelligent specimens of our species have contributed throughout the course of history.


        But, maybe the decline is only perceived?


        Damn. But that’s only a 50-year sample. And we know God only created hoomans, the Universe, and everything in it 2,000 years ago – so perhaps my fears of Idiocracy-type scenarios in the future and the fallacy of allowing f7cktards to reproduce exponentially at will is irrational and unfounded?


        Ruh roh. Well, it’s not like we’re running out of resources juuust yet so although damn near 7 billion of us plus varying animals to varying degrees are technically now implicated and responsible merely by existing…it’s not like we’re putting real-God God’s evolutionarily technologically refined model life-sustaining planet and our very own legacy in jeopardy as we are too myopically consumed with the drug-like fascinations of money, beauty, power, Love, sex, infomercials and the supermonkey-like self-esteem such things can yield amongst other monkeys that might-not-be-completely-well-thought-out-yet-themselves-either like Hilton at 4o.

        See, when you create a public persona, if you’re smart you…

        Nevermind. Where were we? Oh yes, previously looking for the right feelings in the wrong people and places and reasons while distracted from worrying about caring that the growth model of our animal species combined with its footprint with grow exponentially and consume all the resources. Ha. Ha. Ha. Well, K, so the previous article just proved it’s growing exponentially in seemingly all the wrong places like middle-aged bad girl having an identity crisis of epic portportion.

        But it’s not like WE’RE running out of resources right? I mean…sure, a few generations ahead maybe but…


        We’re f7cked.


        And I wonder why I feel I have to save the f7ing world just so I can possibly have something worthy of bringing innocent life into one day. Sigh. Statistically speaking I don’t think I can bring the bell curve and behavioral protocols up as quickly as they need to be to stave off the wave of apparent exponentially spreading lack-of-thinking-far-enough-aheadedness as all the monkeys are too busy fighting about hands in the cookie jar or running on treadmills towards…


        Well, if that hasn’t kept you busily amused enough for awhile, I’ll end with this in summary of my feelings on most if not all of it in general: http://www.wimp.com/ourlife

        Damn… If the future is potentially as bad as the candid statistics, VH1 devolution in programming, and my pointlessly-long follow-up just made it seem…

        I really need to get to work on…

        :?: :?: :?:

        • iluv2cutfarts says:

          Wow – a believer of Intelligent Design and Eugenics, all at the same time.

          Bravo Rainman! Can you tell me what time Wopner comes on?




          • AllynTygrrr says:

            Didn’t say that. I believe in truth, credit where credit is do, planning ahead, idealistic reality options based from an internally/individually-outward perspective and reprogramming the global human population with a ‘Zer0′ing touchstone ‘supra knowledge, experience, and principle-based ability, thinking, performance and transparency – as I believe that is how God intended the creatures to act and interact – at least one-on-one in scale and dynamic but, what happens when technology turns the lights on as already has when the globe is still running on embarrassingly outdated and illogically counterproductive operating models when in my humble opinion and experience and demonstration…

            Or I might be kidding.

            Or it might be comedy.

            Or I might be throwing ideas out there just because historically-speaking, that’s what I am. And debates should be seen from all angles. And you have no idea who I am? What if I’m just the token flashpoint for something of a ‘global intelligence beacon’ walking and ever-so-delicate line along speaking what my mind perceives and why in the Boy Scoutish/Comic Book character save the world way using what I know and what I can do that most people can’t even fathom as it’s filtered through the A++*** American media mouth piece personalities and writers to begin with.

            But yeah, throw all the labels you want at me. Because the exact problems with the world come down to such snarky thought systems, we’re all guilty of it, on varying degrees to different levels – but I see people as individuals based on individual characteristics and circumstances and all the elements that factor into any equation as it truly exists within the processor of the human in question.

            It’s all fun an games to live in denial until the system crashes…but depending on which programming references you’re thinking of in your labeling depends on how whatever you are, in my world it doesn’t matter because the English language has already been so abused and adulterated by some that I might just officially…

            Wait – I’m sidetracked talking to a caution farting sign but too lazy to upload the arguably much deeper caution sign with my ‘LynkStar’ logo on it.

            Yes. I get bored too but prefer designing a plan to takeover/unite the better elements of the world to start or counting sheep while measuring and grading experience above farting, but I’m an insanely-ambitious creative risk-taking bunch of Sunshine to start, and with exceptionally well-thought-out knowledge and control of some things (albeit not all things…yet)…

            Wait, I’m on a tangent talking to a profile pic that looks like the Wicked Witch mobilizing via sulfur compound “BS” Broom Shit. the funny thing is, it really is such a sad suck world that many people can and do fly on b.s. alone at the expense of others…but now technology is poised and laughing at the ‘Flying Broom Shit’ whatever blah, blah, blah banking industry just ruined my American Capitalist dream by taking the shine off it.


            I wonder if Marina has a less-financially-Americanized triplite-sister in the secret military breeding program that engineered her thinking. Hmmm… Maybe there are clones of her being used for vocabulary association enhancement purposes around the globe…or maybe they just chose different careers.


            Anywho, back to cursing myself for being sidetracked…

            And I’ll pretend that came from a real live person not some sophomoric class act that uses flatulence as his identity, or at least a classy, upscale (character-and-relative-influence-wise) cheese cutter – and now I must take my mind back to the fresh air of my dreams and designs on reality like virtual sunshine consuming me.

          • AllynTygrrr says:

            Like creating random circling pointless sentences while TOTALLY for getting to give you credit the one striking thing I did notice about you, Wicked Witch b.s. logo and all – you use correct grammar and punctuation, which from what I understand in America makes you above average.

            Wat up wit dat?

          • iluv2cutfarts says:

            You’re either a highly educated intellect, or a Bad Religion fan. Hmmmm – I’m gonna guess a possible combination of both.

            BTW – farting could save the world that you love so much.

            Think about that one.


  82. pedanticKarl says:

    Dayum, ouch, holy frakin earthquakes,
    the Double-D is overtaking
    the Double-U. That’s some shakin goin on. :-)

  83. iluv2cutfarts says:

    To my most dearest hotforwords Hottie Girl!

    Marina! You are silly! I recall not that long ago in the video “Bitch Slap” that you and Erin Cummings used “Ow” and “Ouch” quite a bit in the opening sequence! I guess Bitch Slapping thus is rooted in the origins of our caveman and cavewoman type selves!

    Woohoo! And there you have it! Another mystery solved by your trusty hotforfarts!


    By the way – what the farking heck is feckle deckle?


    Yours faithfully,



  84. Captain Jack says:

    You got to be freaking kidding me! I still hear OW and Ouch. Marina you must be living in a cave or something. Though I do hear other 4 letter words being used. I for one us them all depending on the level of pain.

  85. Barry says:

    Could you inform us on where {chip on somebody’s shoulder} comes from?

  86. hott4urblog says:

    Smooch… There, I kissed your boo-boo; All better now?

  87. pat says:

    I’m a F#@^kin’ eh! man. It’s always a treat getting scolded for language when you’re in pain.

  88. James says:

    Marina I think you should have a channel called hotforwordsuncensored where you upload videos with swearing intact it’s so funny when a teacher swears.


    Depends on how much it hurts, if I stub a toe normally I will say

    ” OW! SHIT! Fuck cunt motherfucker wank shit piss twat cunt shit shit fuck cunt fuck cunt”

  89. BigBhd95 says:

    :roll: oohh M that really does hurt :shock:

    :cool: B.B.

  90. Chemikal says:

    When HFW takes a thumbnail picture, it’s automatically a boobnail. :D
    Oops, now I’m embarrassed! :oops:

  91. Chemikal says:

    “yuk sizzle, pee-yoo, who-whee, gurgle-gurgle!”
    PHAHAHAHAHA! That shit is hilarious!
    Sounds like prehistoric Google translator.

  92. Chemikal says:

    frickle dickle?
    sexual connotations indeed.
    Ouch! :-)

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