Today is Boobquake day.  I wanted to let you all know about it.  Here is information about BoobQuake day and what it’s all about.  Here is the  Facebook Page and the Twitter #boobquake.

Oh, and please thumb-up, comment and favorite over at YouTube. :-)

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171 Responses to #Boobquake

  1. Sasquatch says:

    this woman is down right HOT!!! ;-)

  2. pedanticKarl says:

    The Double-U video is making an attempt to overtake
    the Double-D Boobquake video and is trying to reach
    1 million first. I’m rooting for Double-U.
    That’s bigger than Double-D, right? :lol:

  3. deluxenn says:

    Congratulations my dear Teacher with the most popular video. :smile:
    :arrow: This video is hypnotizing as your eyes, my superteacher

  4. Celine says:

    I was wondering where {once in a blue moon} comes from and the meaning. could you please explain. Thank you :]

  5. Evan Owen says:

    If you’re “hot for words:”
    Festival of the Word in the World (poetry)
    The International Writers’ and Artists Residency
    Val David, Quebec, Canada
    1045 Rue du Renard et du Corbeau
    22 May, 3-6:30 PM

    Chemikal, this might interest you: the organizer is a Romanian poet! :grin:

  6. Harry Lind says:

    a linguist with a sense of humor. I like that. An earthquake milkshake that takes the cake. OK now I’m getting too punny. :lol: ;-)

  7. yasmine says:

    Hi Marina, I’m launching you a challenge: can you find the Arab origin of my name Yasmine???

  8. Evan Owen says:

    Geez…all the “recent comments” are little red dragons again…I have to find something better to do with my [insomnia] time. :roll:

  9. Evan Owen says:

    In the interests of serious linguistics, here’s an important resource for us Slavophiles* (that’s a fancy way of saying “fans who love Marina”) :razz:

    Алфавит — a talking Russian alphabet! :grin:

    (*Or maybe I should say, “slovophiles” :wink: )

  10. Evan Owen says:

    ***Word request: [bilabial fricative]*** :shock:

    Hey, it’s a dry, technical term, but it sounds as lewd as a hooker’s list of tricks! :oops:

    From Wikipedia: “A bilabial fricative is a phone whose place of articulation is bilabial and whose manner of articulation is fricative.” :???:
    Let’s add [circular definition] to our request list! :lol:

  11. nighteye says:

    You know, I really expected a lot more bouncing in a boobquake video. Isn’t is the bouncing that is supposed to trigger seismic activity? ;-)

  12. James says:

    It’s good to see Marina commenting here again :)

  13. thematrix75 says:

    Hello Marina,glad to see you again!Boobquake is wright ,you got some really heavy duty boobs,that are so sexy!Can hardly contain myself,after I seen your top come untied!Good luck my teacher,and may grace be on your side :!: :cool: :smile:

  14. daporras says:

    Dear Marina,

    I’m trying to impress a very beautiful French girl. What is the origin of the word “madame”? ma dame? dame?


  15. iluv2cutfarts says:

    Marina! Your Twitter tweets are nuts! Have you been in the Vodka bottle today?


  16. As for your tan, young Lady…mmmmmm, Mama! :grin: :cool: :!:

  17. Evan Owen says:

    At the end of another day, I am but a [somnolent] [lotophage] surrendering to Marina’s [siren] song… G’night, owl! :smile:

  18. Evan Owen says:

    OK, this was NOT the most intellectual of videos I’ve seen here. :neutral: I’m only here because the normally respectable History Channel is airing some idiotic pseudo-scientific “Ancient Aliens” drivel. :x

  19. I love your current Twitter avatar, Dearest Teach.

  20. PageDoll says:

    Step Brothers!! Johnny Hopkins
    This house is a prison!

    Only one of the best funny movies ever!! :lol:

  21. Who better, indeed, Dear Teacher! :smile: That was local news for me. Purdue is just 35 miles north of me. Lots of my sign work hanging in that town, and the university produces world class geeks. The local news footage was a hoot; the videographers were having a great time getting paid to take vids of college girls’ boobs. It’s too bad that this happened on short notice; you could have flown in to the campus airport and assisted admirably in Boobquake Awareness. I have bodyguard experience, so I could have protected you (Purdue is co-ed) while you won the Peoples’ Choice Award! Then we could have dropped in at Thai Essence where I would feed you Tom Kha Gai, and then retired to the Java Roaster where we would pound down Caramel Lattes until we vibrated ourselves into an alternate dimension. A dimension, perhaps, where Teacher may have found me to be an intelligent and interesting conversationalist. :razz: Hey, a guy can dream, can’t he?

  22. 2utoday says:

    :mrgreen: Why does the Earth shake every time you post a video? Just wondering!

  23. r1wolf says:

    I felt a tremor watching that video :twisted:

  24. We do get earthquakes up in New Jersey but the bulk of them are too small to be felt.

  25. 2Minutes2Go says:

    Eh! Marina, I can’t stay logged in. It loggs me out whenever I refresh the page!!!!! :evil: :evil:

  26. PageDoll says:

    I have made a very heavy observation. Just a few minutes ago I finished going through boxes and boxes of old pictures. My initial quest was to hunt down some backpacking pics from a few years ago, after seeing Marina’s tweet today about going hiking. She had sparked a memory of how fun, challenging , and rewarding backpacking and hiking was, and can be. Well, I found some cool pictures I’m going to scan and post here soon, but thats not where the story ends.
    After finding all the pics I wanted to use I starting digging deeper. When I had the entire living room floor covered with memories of yesteryear one thing really stuck out to me. Stress from a extremely traumatic event/situation or two can have huge effects on how we look. Even right down to our eyeballs. The before and after pics were shocking. I don’t even look the same anymore. I mean I do, but I don’t. Its almost like there’s something missing from my smile and eyes now. Until seeing all these pic at once I’ve never notice it.
    I’ve always heard that stress can age you quicker, boy they weren’t lying. I’ve tried to be as stress free as possible my entire life and its worked out pretty good, but when I found out what real stress is, it was a whole new game. Its not so much that I look way older than I did, its the rate at which I aged in a particular amount of time.
    I can feel myself starting to wander, so my basic point was how much stress affects the way we feel and age.
    I guess the moral of the story is, Choose carefully what you worry yourself about, you never know what’s waiting around the next corner. :cool:

    Please don’t take this as me dumping a suitcase out on the HFWs site, I just wanted to share a first hand observation of stress can age us, through a series of pictures I found of myself. :cool: :smile:

  27. deluxenn says:

    Dear Teacher, I wanted to see this wonderful event but could not make an account on Facebook :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

    BoobQuake makes BallsShake :mrgreen: GunsBreak :roll: HeartBreak :arrow: BreathTake :grin:
    Freedom for Boobs :!: :!: :!:

  28. CheVolay says:

    Thanks for doing your part. I rate your cleavage on the Rictcher scale a 9.9.

    Oh look the water is receding. TIDAL WAVE RUN!!!! :lol:

  29. Ricky says:

    Request: I recently watched some videos about discussions on gay marriage and the fight to have the word marriage used as a term to define both same-sex and opposite sex union. I was wondering about the origin of the word {Marriage}

    Thank you for your time Marina and love the videos

  30. BigBhd95 says:

    Dearest Teacher :arrow:

    this video is BOOBYLICIOUS :oops:

    the shakin makes me drool :roll:

    :cool: B.B. :grin:

  31. Captain Jack says:

    Talking about quakes.. Any of you remember the game “Quake”, first version?

  32. Chemikal says:

    Nerd Word:

    wardriving + warchalking

    Definition: Wardriving is the practice of searching for wireless LAN (WLAN) signals within a geographic area. Peter Shipley coined this term. He pioneered the practice of using an automobile, a Global Positioning System, and a mounted antenna to identify unsecured WLANs in neighborhoods.

    Some computer hackers are content to simply map any open, unsecured WLANs they find. Others have adopted the practice of warchalking, tagging nearby pavement to allow others to tap in and steal bandwidth from those hotspots.

    Wardriving is a controversial practice, but it has helped raise awareness of the importance of WLAN security. For example, many home networkers now configure Wireless Encryption Privacy (WEP) on their WLANs to block public access by wardrivers.
    Alternate Spellings: war driving

    • Captain Jack says:

      hahaha I’ve done wardriving.. I’ve even done wardialing. Ok that dates me. I’m against people locking up wifi access. I like to share my bandwidth to some passer by with an iPhone or iPad. I keep my computer securely locked so they can’t read my stuff but what’s the harm in giving a bit of access to the lone soul trying to check his/her email?

    • What’s interesting is that many times the password for the secured sites is the default one; usually “admin” or “administrator”

      (go figger) :mrgreen:

    • HotForWords says:

      What is the term derived from? The war part?

      • Wardriving originated from wardialing, a technique popularized by a character played by Matthew Broderick in the film WarGames, and named after that film. Wardialing in this context refers to the practice of using a computer to dial many phone numbers in the hopes of finding an active modem. This is a paste; I didn’t know, either…

      • Chemikal says:

        It’s funny, it derives from actual WAR.
        As doncross2bear said, the term wardialing was coined in the movie WarGames from 1983.
        While a young hacker was looking for games on other people’s computers, he used to dial every number in the area to find a list of modems he could connect to.
        He accidentally hacked into the wrong computer and stole what he thought to be a cool computer game called Global Thermonuclear War.
        What he didn’t know was that the game was actually a US military piece of software that ran nuclear war simulations. While the hacker played the game as the soviets, he unknowingly fed false data to the military, raising the DEFCON level and almost started World War III.

        • Chemikal says:

          It’s rumored that Google practices wardriving to map all the unprotected wireless networks in Germany.
          There is no law to stop anyone from connecting to an unprotected Wi-Fi, so Google Maps could incorporate this function as well.

      • Captain Jack says:

        Sounds like you have a new Nerd Word! Yes, I concur with everyone about War came from the movie Wargames. Hackers tend to use words from their favorite movies and incorporate them. If you look at common words hackers use, you can place parts of or all from some passed computer games, movies, comic books, girls, sex, famous people or hardware. Many times you’ll find the inverter of a word put a piece of him into it. Hackers always leave a mark somewhere to prove they where there or they own it. They also these marks to prove they wrote the code if it’s ever stolen.

    • Evan Owen says:

      Hi Chemikal,

      Off-topic, but have you heard of Flavia Cosma? She’s a Romanian poet living in Canada (Quebec) who’s been corresponding with me. :smile:

  33. thoughtonfire says:

    “Is that an Earthquake?” asks HotForWords,

    “No, it’s just me and you rocking your bed.” replies ThoughtOnFire

  34. Capman911 says:

    I can still feel the earth move from all of the swaying of the Boobs. Boob Quake Day now that should be another Holiday.

  35. pat says:

    Another love song for Marina. And another just for kicks.

    • leoNard says:

      [treasure]-[chest]boobcrack :lol: …One of the best wipeouts ever! Wipeout Vonti …got the [chills] today :cry: …@pat-[weed],cool stafford song(the 1 U sent)—Jim Stafford & Dolly Parton Sing Spiders & Snakes

    • HotForWords says:

      Thanks! That song was awesome to listen to this morning especially after Boobquake Day! :-)

      • pat says:

        You’re welcome Teacher. :grin:

        • Have ya’ll ever thought about how many amazing pop songs Carole King has written? A few more come to mind:

          Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

          You’ve Got A Friend


          Natural Woman

          What a gift. She began writing when she was a teen.

      • Evan Owen says:

        Hi Marina,
        I caught your tweet about hiking.
        Seriously, I really WOULD enjoy going hiking with you, because it’s a great way to get to know someone (and not in the way the naughty boys think! :oops:)

        One can learn a great deal about someone by watching how they react to:
        • sore feet
        • stinging nettles
        • a patch of ripe huckleberries
        • a log across the rapids
        • a muddy section of trail
        • waterfalls
        • mosquitos and deerflies
        • alpenglow on the snowy peaks
        • rattlesnakes (east of the Cascades)
        • yellow-jacket stings
        • alpine lakes
        • a field of asters, avalanche lilies, and fireweed blooms
        • a campfire
        • the Milky Way (invisible near any city)

        Incidentally, did you know that Moscow, Idaho, is sometimes called “Mosquito” to distinguish it from Big Moscow? (jk) :razz:

  36. PageDoll says:

    The song at Dawn today is, Bobby Darin – Beyond The Sea :cool:

  37. James says:

    Marina, you are a hussy! If I had my way I would wrap you in a burka and send you into the desert!! :) WOW… Shame I was inside yesterday,,

  38. Chemikal says:

    Would you be able to follow a derailed train of thought? :-)

  39. Chemikal says:

    Is HFW talking about boobs, while encouraging other women to wear revealing clothes? I don’t care about her reason, that sounds like she be trollin` :-)
    Next thing you know, she will be replying to her trolls with: “I absolutely agree!” :lol:

  40. VenomRocK says:

    Right on Marina, why let the religious zealots have all the fun. :smile:
    imagine what these can do to kazem sedighi’s face, another idiot getting attention. :roll:

    No, you’re not a “Soul Stripper” ….are you? :shock: :oops: :mrgreen:

    ladies, be proud of your boobies….if you got it, flaunt it ;-)

  41. Bob says:

    I like the {Segue} from the “W” lesson to this one.
    Why {wobble} you? Is it because of the earthquakes or is the wobbling the cause of them?
    Which comes first, the chick or the X? :???:

    • X Benedict? Not while “Hollandaise” is still considered “ethnic food,” har har.

      Hi Bob, I hope all is well in your ‘hood, and that the ash cloud hasn’t fettered your spirit my friend. Nice to see you haven’t lost your sPUNky-ness.

      I’ve been busy putting a couple bands together so I haven’t been pestering all my classmates quite to the extent that they were formerly accustomed. Sorry. Nonetheless, I’d like to ask you a favor (I know… the very NERVE of these colonials!). Check my band page at http://www.myspace.com/thebillyclubs . There are a couple songs in mp3 format that I hope you’ll enjoy. I play bass guitar. See you around the campus.


      • Bob says:

        Not my normal listening but a great sound none the less. I like the guitars and love the harmonica.
        By the way, what were you cruising on in Norway? Not the Black Prince, by any chance?

  42. iluv2cutfarts says:

    My poor Mom. Her doggy died. RIP Agape.


  43. reassert says:

    Hi, Marina. I’m a military fan, and I wonder how the word {general} become a rank in military. There’s a lot of complete different meanings of this word but nothing to do with military. Thank you. :grin:

  44. lars2 says:

    NGC 6302, in case you were asking.
    - – -

    “. . in a positive sense., an independent woman, . .”

    Marina, to my mind, is a Joan of Arc type,
    a breaker of glass ceilings,
    a defender of what is right,
    no compromise,
    even in the face of Armageddon,
    a possible Rorschak in the rough.

    she would be the third of Jim Carroll’s
    ‘Three Sisters’
    “. . there’s another one
    that makes a trio
    her name is Sally
    but they call her Cleo
    she’s a Leo
    she has a flat in Soho
    she breaks the ceiling
    every time she draws her maucho
    she ain’t got no shoes
    never had the blues
    she ain’t never gonna
    go down on you . .”

    In english there aren’t many complimentary words for women,
    but there are lots of derogatory words.
    The strong, good-hearted, independent woman has no single word
    that represents her.
    The males who run this world do not want any women
    rising up and challenging their rule,
    so they have expunged most of the positive references to women
    from the vernacular with their ownership of the mass media.

    Not having watched 90210
    I can only guess at the AnnaLynne McCord character.

    Perhaps in French there are better word choices
    for what you are seeking.

    - – -

    Robert A. Heinlein liked strong independent women,
    Podkayne of Mars was one.

    Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita might qualify as well,
    and carry more of the coquettish vein that Marina likes !

    Lolita Podkayne d’Arc

  45. animalntaz says:

    Don’t want to sound rude, but you may want to cut back on the tanning. Maybe its just me, but I know there have been attitudes against fairly pale complexions that feels a bit discriminating. But I’ve always found tanning to be overrated.

    • Monika says:

      I do not think she is too tan

    • HotForWords says:

      Don’t worry.. I will not be tan for too long.. I was outside for a couple days and overdid it and will not do that again!

      • PageDoll says:

        Did you know in Thailand they have creams to keep you white? :shock:
        The next time you go “tanning” keep your palms closed. ;-)

      • pedanticKarl says:

        Great advice. My roots are not far from where you grew up, so I have the same skin and eye color and skin damage can easily come on cloudy days. I’ve been able to control some sun damage by placing lemon juice on those spots.

        Several years ago, an associate died of skin cancer where the skin damage was on his back which he never saw until it was too late. I’m monitoring (-w doctor) a circular area of damage on the side of my bicep. So far it’s benign.

      • BigBhd95 says:

        Marina, you can tan ;-) almost as much as you like,

        just use protection :oops: not that kind lol,

        SPF 35 or higher :roll: especially on your face, and

        on all exposed areas :mrgreen:

        :cool: B.B. I used to be called the

        mayor of the Beach, back in the day :!:

      • Evan Owen says:

        Hi Marina,
        If all that hot California sunshine gets too much for your fair skin, you could always join us in Washington! :grin:

        We have some wonderful places to go hiking here, too! And I could recommend a great guide! :mrgreen:

      • animalntaz says:

        Well I was afraid you might get carried away and turn Oompa Loompa down the road, and be more like HotForJerseyShore. But no worries, you’re not there yet.

        (That just sounds horrible)

  46. seesixcm6 says:

    Dear Marina,
    What a wonderful video you gave us, today! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Spaqsibo! :razz:
    Watching this video made me crave to hug you. For you, it would be a bear hug.
    I’ll never forget this video. That way, I can say, “Thanks for the mammaries!” :razz:
    Someday, I hope you buy a dual lens camera, ao you can make these videos in 3D. (I’d happily wear those red and green eyeglasses to watch you in 3D!) :razz:
    I hope you remember the date of April 26th, so you will do a similar and even more exposed video, next year! :razz:

  47. samuel3d says:

    Can anybody tell me what the heck is a Boobquake? thank you. :???:

  48. iluv2cutfarts says:

    To my most dearest hotforwords Hottie Girl!

    Marina – Is a BoobQuake kinda like a Milk Shake?


  49. hott4urblog says:

    I almost did a Double Quake when dat string popped off!

  50. tonyb says:

    Bill Spencer of NBC 24 in Toledo showed one of my colored sky photos on his WEATHER PICTURES feature in 2005 when I just got my digital rebel. I figured it was safe to ask if Andrea Mock or Jennifer Stacy lady news presenters if they ever dated fans or viewers. I got back stern warning letter from Raycom Media and its attorney telling me never to write them again. The next day it looked like they had an earthquake in their TV studio as I was watching the 5:00pm news! God give them a little warning of his own? Of course I left andrea mock and jennifer stacy alone.

  51. “I felt the earth move” – LMAO :mrgreen:
    Hey! The codes & tutorial are back – sweet!
    Thanky Y’all
    (Don’t forget everybody draw mohotmud Day)

  52. pedanticKarl says:

    I love that boobquake video.
    Got to see it on my iPhone.
    I think the tremblers have
    started ((((already))). That
    was a good one. :-)

  53. What’s funny is I’d already heard about the idiot cleric’s pronunciation a few days ago when it hit the news. Of course, I immediately thought of you, Marina. Then over the weekend a small earthquake happened in Corpus Christi, of all places, the area where I grew up. Cracks me up.

  54. leoNard says:

    :lol: I’m quaking like a quaker… :grin:

  55. pat says:

    Sounds like a breakfast cereal to me. Kellogg’s Sugar Frosted Boobquakes.

  56. iluv2cutfarts says:

    Could it possibly be that my stinky ass is really first?


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