Site Revisions

Major site redesign.. my previous site was too cluttered for new users.. PLUS I always had a problem with new posts not readily being apparent. I decided to move to a more “Blog” type layout, similar to many of the most popular sites.
Here is where I will attempt to keep you updated on changes I make to the site as I make them.

Sunday April 18 2010 -

  • Site still does not work in ie6.. I will have to write code for ie6 to fix it.
  • Forums are still running, they just haven’t been “re-skinned” with the new look yet.  You can get to them by clicking  here.
  • I will clean up the comments sections shortly.. I don’t like the grey color while writing the comments, I will make your names bigger, etc.
  • I will be renaming some of the sections so that they show up better in the navigation

Monday April 19 2010 -

  • I added BuddyPress which adds social networking components… I still need to play around with it to see exactly what it does.
  • I still need to move the comment box to the top of the comments.
  • Whoops, I went to sleep with two test posts showing up in the homepage!

Tuesday April 20 2010 -

  • The Buddypress social networking stuff is starting to look good.. I got the design down and I think it will be a good addition to the site as it really allows you follow what people are up to and participate.
  • I am working on integrating the BBPress Forums into the whole site.. it’s still complicated.  All of these BuddyPress and BBPress components are PART OF WORDPRESS.. so I am not adding in things that don’t belong!
  • The Avatar Upload Cropping Feature is BROKEN!  I am working to fix it.
  • You can crop your avatars as well! Yeah!

Saturday April 24 2010 -

  • Site Forum (note the singular) is now integrated into the site.. it used to be called Forums.. but Forums are now attached to Groups.. oh.. it’s so confusing!!!  Anyway.. The Forum(s) that you are used to are now available by clicking the link called Site Forum at the top Nav…. Groups and Groups Forums are available at the Group nav link.  I’m still trying to work out exactly how to use them all… any suggestions are welcome!
  • I think the site if pretty much back to fully functional… so we should be able to start using the site in ways we were never able to use it before!  Yeah!

Any other problems, please let me know in the comments below.



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308 Responses to Site Revisions

  1. PaparazziKid says:

    I wish there were some old pictures of the previous site so I could remember what it was like…..

    Boy the threads are all screwed over here!

  2. p.s if that was just an input text field… it is ridiculously simple to stop, just add maxlength=30 like so…

    <label for="field_1">Name (required)</label>
    <input type="text" maxlength=30 name="field_1" id="field_1" value="ɦʘqɦʇɪʌɐɹb" />

  3. gravityboy says:

    Do you have use an .htaccess file for blocking bad bots and site rippers…

    p.s. that bikini picture above is fantastic.

  4. sibiryak says:

    It’s that time when many students have completed their school work and are ready for {graduation}. Maybe you can show us your “Last Bell” – Последний звонок – pictures? That would be a treat!

  5. pedanticKarl says:

    There is a problem with the Ajax editing.

    When entering the Ajax edit box, the three sentences below had a single white space between them. As soon as I enter the Ajax editor, the white space were removed.

    Edit: I was able to manually add the white spaces back in the Ajax editing, but as soon as I return to the Edit box again, the white spaces are removed.

    I will now add the white spaces in Edit.
    Paragraph test:
    1. Sentence 1
    2. Sentence 2
    3. Sentence 3

      • pedanticKarl says:

        Yes, it is an issue; an aesthetic issue of preserving white spaces between lines of text.

        I like using white space between paragraphs.
        If I post more than one paragraph, then the white space between paragraphs is preserved. But, if I go to edit my post, as soon as the edit window comes up, the white spaces between paragraphs disappear. If there are three paragraphs, then they all seem to be run together which is not aestheticly pleasing.

  6. pedanticKarl says:

    This is probably a low priority and is most likely
    a feature that hasn’t been implemented yet?

    - In the comments click on any one’s member name excluding your own
    to visit that member’s Activity channel.

    - click on the member’s avatar (upper left) or display name next to the avatar.
    Instead of clicking, you can also look at the browser status bar (lower left) and see the link target.

    Clicking any member’s avatar takes you to your own channel.
    My guess is that the link is a featured placeholder to be used for or by that member?
    Currently, that link is probably empty and clicking that link sends the person that clicked it to their own channel.

    • HotForWords says:

      Is this still an issue? I don’t think you can click on avatars unless in the Buddypress part.

      • pedanticKarl says:

        Not sure if I would call it an issue per se.

        When I click on Captain Jack’s name below, it takes me to his Activity channel. When I click on his avatar at the top, it takes me to my channel. I would have expected to be taken to maybe his website, or maybe the same page or something related to that member. Maybe it is an anomaly, or maybe there is a feature where a member’s settings can program that link?

  7. Captain Jack says:

    Now with the new changes and deletion of some of your plugins. Can you now add some sort of html comment editor so we don’t have to type in all that code every time we wish to post?

  8. pedanticKarl says:

    Regarding the issue of the Gravatar:
    @Marina, yesterday morning I had a discussion with Doug regarding his Gravatar. I wasn’t able to do the research then, but Doug found a Developer FAQ on the Gravatar site that says that not only must the email address match, but the email address must be in the same case on both sites.
    Ref Doug’s post

    Historical footnotes:
    I joined this site in July 2008. At that time the site was not using any avatars yet, but shortly thereafter you were using the WordPress avatars, and then shortly after that you implemented the connection to the Gravatar site. I remember issues with not only the Gravatar site but with the gravatar plugin on this site, one of which was having to do with upper and lower case use of an email address. That is a long time bug.

    By definition, an email address is case insensitive. That means that any portion of an email address may be upper or lower case just as it is for a domain name. The portion after the domain name is case sensitive.

    Now, the gravatars were working for everyone until the implementation of the Buddypress plugin were about 50% of the users lost their gravatar image. I suspect in many of those cases, the loss may be due to the email upper/lower case bug.

    I just tested it by going to my profile and I changed one letter in my email address to an upper case letter. I lost connection with my gravatar immediately.
    When I changed the letter back to lower case, my grvatar returned. In other words, the email upper and lower case have to match on each site.

    I suspect that the Buddypress plugin may have caused the bug in the gravatar module to re-appear where the email address is case sensitive, but where it should not be. Perhaps you can open another ticket on Buddypress and let them know. :smile:

  9. pedanticKarl says:

    Marina, you’ve been busy tweaking a lot of things and it all looks good.
    I see the additional sub-menus in All Words and other links.
    Glad to see the chronological videos list again.
    The My Book page looks good as well as the BIO page and the others.
    I see the member names in the comments have been placed in a container and it is all looking great.

    We just had a full moon yesterday and it looked awesome coming up on the horizon last night. Oh, well, and I thought I was gonna get some sleep. Not happening tonight.

  10. PageDoll says:

    Why is it I don’t get a drop down menu for “My Account” when in forums?

    • pedanticKarl says:

      Mike, there are two Forums. (s in this case meaning plural)

      1. The old forum
      - The old forum was called “Forums”. (with an s)
      - It is now called, “Forum” (no s)
      - That forum uses BBCode for marking up text.

      2. The new forum
      Look at the top menu Groups and hover your cursor over it.
      There is a sub-link that says “Group Forums”.
      - The new forum is called “Group Forums” (with an s)
      - That forum uses normal HTML code to mark up text.

      To answer your question. (regarding the old forum)
      When you are in the old FORUM (no s), there is no “MY ACCOUNT” drop down, nor NOTIFICATIONS link because the “skins” or container page is different from the main site. The old forum was/is located on a different part of the site and Marina was/is integrating the forum container pages and may not be done yet, or may still have some tweaks to do.

      So, the new Group Forums page is integrated where all the top menus are the same throughout the site. The old Forum container page has been upgraded, but the menus have not been duplicated to match the rest of the site.

      Marina may or may not be aware of it,
      but she will be now when she reads this comment. :smile:

      • PageDoll says:

        Ooooh, I get it now. :smile: Thanks Karl! :mrgreen:

        Maybe you could answer another Q I have?
        Ok, today I got a reply from mythman to a COMMENT I made on the Ouch vid, but my email said I got a reply to an UPDATE, not a comment. Is that because he commented on my channel page and not on the Ouch page? ..
        AND, his reply does not appear in the Ouch comments, only on my channel under recent activity.
        I can understand a reply to an UPDATE staying on my channel, but a reply to a COMMENT thats origin was from a comment on a particular video?

  11. pedanticKarl says:

    Marina, just an FYI
    The “My Book” link above has no comments.
    There used to be two different links of comments. carries the book.
    Enter the word orlova in Target’s search box and the book comes up.

  12. pedanticKarl says:

    Marina, just an FYI as I’m sure you are aware of this. On the BIO page near the book are three bullets.

    One of the bullets would normally say:
    • has received 302,676,319 views

    Right now it says:
    • has received Getting stats… on YouTube,

    I think that static counter was broken a few days before the site updates.

    Just an FYI.
    The Total Upload views counter on your YouTube channel is disabled on the weekend and resumes updates normally on Mondays, but sometimes on Tuesdays. Last week, YT had that counter disabled most of the time.

  13. PageDoll says:

    I noticed that when I made 3 word requests on the W lesson I can see what I wrote in the recent comment box and on the lesson, but on my recent activity page the post is blank. Why?

    • pedanticKarl says:

      PD, that is because the square brackets are being interpreted, my guess is similar to BBCode.

      Req 1: Word request -w brackets: [word] <– missing
      Re1 2: Word request using curly braces: {word}

      Go to my Activity channel and you will see a blank after the first request. I mentioned it to Marina last week.

  14. aLx says:

    links on the member pages are messed up. comment number appears twice at the end of the url so it won’t take me to the actual comment.

    • pedanticKarl says:

      If I may elaborate. What aLx is saying is the following:
      1. Go to a member’s Activity Channel.
      (e.g. )

      2. In the Activity channel, look for a posting from a blog.
      That posting will have the following characteristics
      going left to right:

      a. An avatar which has a link of that member’s activity page.

      b. Next is the member’s name with the same link

      c. Then, is a statement: “commented on the blog post”

      d. Then, there is a link name of the blog page (e.g. Site Revisions)
      That link is what aLx is referring to.
      Hover over that link and look for the double comment in the
      status bar.

      e. Next is a time element. (e.g. 57 minutes ago)

      f. Next is a VIEW link which does correctly go to the user’s comment.

      My Thoughts:
      My thought is that the PAGE LINK in a posting’s heading should go to the blog page instead of the member’s comment since the VIEW LINK is the link which already correctly goes to the member’s comment.

      So, instead of correcting the double comment number as aLx described to make the link go to a comment, the comment numbers should be removed so that the Page Link can go to the blog page.

      Interestingly, the double comment number fails to go to the comment, but does go to the blog page as indicated by the name of the link, for example, “Site Revisions”. So, one could say that, despite the error, the page link does produce the correct results.

  15. pedanticKarl says:

    Marina, just some thoughts:

    Cosmetic cleanup #1
    Go to the Home page, then scroll down to the last item of the blog which is a set of page numbers. Then click on page #10, scroll down to the bottom and the additional page data is scrunched on top of itself. It may require more space either in the vertical or horizontal.

    Cosmetic cleanup #2
    Look at the navigation menus at the top below the HotForWords logo.
    The menu starts with Home, Videos, etc.
    At the far right is an image of a GoDaddy Ad.

    Thinking out loud, my thoughts are these; is the GoDaddy image pushing the YouTube link to the second line, or is the YouTube link intentionally placed on the second line. If the intentions is to have no more navigation links, maybe the YouTube link can go back up to the same line as the others, and place the Ads on the second line. In that way, you could have multiple Ads on that line; maybe two, three or four Ads could be placed on that second line below the navigation links.

  16. Every time I post a comment, change lessons, pages, etc., it takes some time to load. Haven’t experienced this before. I’m on a laptop, not a super-bad-ass gaming system or anything. Will this change, or do I just deal?

    Really love what you’ve done, Marina. Love you, too, Lady.

  17. pedanticKarl says:

    @Marina, I’m really liking the new site and it is working for me.
    I like the single entry under “Latest Video”, which is a great way
    for people to get to the latest video, instead of having to chose from a list of many. So, I think that is a good thing. I like the “Recently Active Members” avatars section and “Recent Comments” section.

    Internal versus External Links
    Could you put this on your “To Do” list. No rush in getting it done.
    In the past, when someone adds a link to their comment, the link behavior was as follows:

    External links: (e.g. a YouTube video)
    Would open a new browser page.

    Internal links: (e.g. a page on this site)
    Would open the page in the current browser page.

    In the past the HTML code for an external link looked like this. The target=”_blank” is the key attribute.
    <a href=”http-external-link” rel=”nofollow” class=”extlink shutter” target=”_blank”>

  18. PageDoll says:

    I just noticed that when I click on “LATEST VIDEO” it doesn’t take me there.

  19. errin says:

    Cool. I have a new and improved site to come back to. :grin:

  20. Captain Jack says:

    Regarding uploading photos in the social networking pages. When I type this ” I’ll, jack’s, her’s ” I get this ” I///’ll, jack///’s, her///’s”

  21. pedanticKarl says:

    Testing out square brackets in a comment post.
    This is a [test]. The word <— test has brackets
    surrounding it.

  22. dsfoto says:

    :oops: Posted to my profile links to many of my Russian photos on my web site and a Facebook album Happy Trails
    I am posting this here because I note that when I post just on my profile activity it does not come up in the comments section hence only someone reading my profile would see it and since I hope people would want to see many photos of Russia I am reposting it here.

  23. VenomRocK says:

    HFW campus is looking good Marina, looking good :cool:

    Nice Tan :razz: w/ horns in air to boot :smile: \m/

  24. pedanticKarl says:

    I like the new changes at the top next to the
    Notification link. Now there is a Groups and
    the Forum link is there. Everything is coming
    along very nicely.

  25. iluv2cutfarts says:





  26. PageDoll says:

    Is there a way to have more than one picture album or do all pics just go in “ALBUM”?

  27. pedanticKarl says:

    Here is a @pagedoll mention as requested
    by PD below.

    • PageDoll says:

      It didn’t give me notify but it showed up on my mentions page right away. If I get a notify for it later I’ll let you know.

      • pedanticKarl says:

        Mike, I sent you another mention, but this time from my Activity Channel. According to the Notification rules, that should give you a notification. I think mention in my post above would not give you a notification.

      • pedanticKarl says:

        PD, the Notification rules can be found as follows:
        1. Go to your channel by clicking on your name.
        2. Click on the SETTINGS link
        3. Click the NOTIFICATIONS link (next line)

        You will now see a matrix of EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS.
        By default, every type of notification is set to YES.
        Select YES or NO for the types of notifications that you are interested or not interested in .

        • HotForWords says:

          I had another plugin still installed from my older version called Comment Reply Notification and it may have been conflicting with BuddyPress that does the exact same thing. BuddyPress is SO BAD ASS in everything it does.. still working on getting the old Forums integrated.

        • iluv2cutfarts says:

          Speaking of notifications, I have one that doesn’t clear after I confirm it, and that’s new friends. It still stays lit up at the top (either after I accept or have been confirmed by someone).

          Just wanted to FYI you on it.

          • pedanticKarl says:

            There are several scenarios at play and I don’t know them all.
            My first guess is that you may not have confirmed as you thought.
            Another scenario is that you may not have clicked on the actual notification at the top but, the Alert itself. In other words, it’s a two line notification. the first line is the Alert, the second line is the type of alert. Click on the second line of the Notification, then confirm and the notification will go away. I had many many alerts and they are all gone.

    • HotForWords says:

      OK.. I created a group called help.. you can create groups as well…. but I though that group might be good for explaining things?

  28. buzzword says:

    marina, getting reply delays. particular to your reply to my comment to james. i got email notification first, then eventually i could read it in my profile, it has yet to show up under the main video page under comments. just noticed your reply never showed up in the recent comments box. must be a hierarchy to when and where comments/replies are updated.

    • HotForWords says:

      I had a plugin left over from the other version of WordPress that I was running called “Comment Reply Notification”.. and it may have been conflicting with BuddyPress that automatically notifies you of comment replies. Tell me if you get an email about this reply.


  29. PageDoll says:

    Can I give myself a @pagedoll mention?

  30. PaparazziKid says:

    Marina, Are you still going to put that cool youtube view counter on the home page?

  31. bsomebody says:

    Really like the way things are looking so far… When the Lady cleans house, she really cleans some house…

  32. iluv2cutfarts says:

    Holy Smokes! I thought this latest twitpic of Marina was an African American or Latin lady!

    :| :oops:

  33. Evan Owen says:

    Jeeminy! So many little things to do to revise this site.

    Sort of all the things I need to do to create my [anthology] (now at printer.) :grin:

    All the little things I should be doing instead of posting wisecracks here! :sad:

  34. Evan Owen says:

    Hey, I think there’s a bug in the BuddyPress thingy. I just got a friend invite from somebody who previously called me a “quiff old man.” Some sort of crossed connection / wrong number? :???: ( :lol: )

  35. PageDoll says:

    I’m tired. I think I’ll go to bed now.

    Marina, Back away from the Venti Carmel Macchiato!

    When the screen gets blurry, its time to shut it down. :tired:

  36. iluv2cutfarts says:

    What browsers is everyone using? I have a Windows based PC, but have only looked at the site with IE7. I have both Mozilla FireFox and Google Chrome, but haven’t tried them out here yet.

    What is everyone using?

  37. PaparazziKid says:

    Ahhh, nice “recent comments” are back!

  38. Capman911 says:

    Night night from the east coast. See you tomorrow. :smile:

  39. PageDoll says:

    When I’m in ACTIVITY>FRIENDS and I see a comment I want to follow-up on and i click the link in the comment box to the lesson/video, it takes me to the top of the page of that lesson. Is it possible to have the link take me to the comment instead?

  40. Oh yeah, congrats on the 300 million view thingee
    ( Who got to take that picture of you up above…? )
    [ best Eric Idle imitation ]
    Wink wink nod nod say-no-more :cool:

  41. Eureka! I’m… back!
    (for a little while ) :mrgreen:

  42. Capman911 says:

    My notifications says I have a friend pending, but I can’t find it when I click on the notification. Help

  43. UPLOADING AVATARS WORKS NOW! ( tried that – no joy )
    No ma’am, it can’t seem to sync to my Gravatar…
    It does work in the forums, that I’ve seen – but not here!

  44. originalistrick says:

    You’ll probably consider this a naive question, but I’m asking anyway. What’s the real purpose of the “friend” business? I’d like to be friends with everyone who comes here. Just curious. I don’t consider it a negative or anything.

    Thanks. I’m loving the new classroom.

  45. originalistrick says:

    This is looking just great! Will be wonderful when you get it dialed in.

  46. deluxenn says:

    Dear Teacher, site designed now for Apple mobile things? :???:
    very slim, small text size, I can go blind :cry:
    Never mind :mrgreen:
    I’m already blinded by beauty of Dear Teacher
    but it can be worse :roll:

    • Hi deluxenn,
      I visit this HotForWords site throughout most of the day using my iPhone. This site rocks on the iPhone. It works very nicely and I am able to do just about everything that I am able to do at home.

      • deluxenn says:

        I try to tell that the site more fit to iPhone or other cell phones but not for normal screens with size 17″ and bigger
        don’t pay attention on it, most dotcom sites designed like this
        small text size, does not fill a screen at width but have a lot of scrolling down (WAP design)
        Look at Wikipedia for example of a good WEB design
        I don’t criticize, it’s just my opinion :smile:

  47. leoNard says:

    my request…[VISION]…like a native message and the sickness of LOVE/Mental ——-answers the docters is mother over daddy….L-ibido: 1. Sexual drive. 2. In psychoanalysis, the psychic energy from all instinctive biological drives.

    Libido in Latin means “desire, longing, fancy, lust, or rut.” Although the adjective libidinous, meaning lustful, has been used in English for 500 or so years, libido only entered the language in 1913, thanks to Sigmund Freud and other psychoanalysts who applied the term to psychic energy or drive, and especially to the sexual instinct.
    in G O D we trust :smile: the d.evils heat is not HOT like hotforwords :twisted: love me like a rock, stoned like a peach seed…

    There are no events.
    More » Quoteâ– ”I’ll sleep when I’m dead.” – Warren Zevon 1947-2003


  48. rosiecheeks says:

    I MISS SEEING THE LATEST COMMENTORS AND THEIR COMMENTS. please change this. Thanks mermaid.

  49. dsfoto says:

    I guess the profile section will develop as time goes buy? so far it is just a name? was hoping to link to my web page? maybe a line about who I am?I attempted to upload an avatar but all I got was a red X only other place this happens to me is on wondering what and or whose settings are causing this? Other than tahat looks great wish I were that ambitious :cool:

    • pedanticKarl says:

      Hi dsfoto, good comments.
      Regarding the ambitious part, I think no one is ever ambitious without having some passion about something which I think is preceded by a vision or an idea. Once a vision or idea is made manifest, the ambitious part happen almost automatically.

      • dsfoto says:

        Hard to get ambitious when you are spread all over the map. My 8,000 Russian photo archive that needs something to do, A desertation that needs to be finished, the Postcard collection I want/need to publish, working on the house, running to doctors, running out of rheumatism and Asthma medicines because of pharmacy snafu’s… to the point that I can hardly function…. So much for Ambition

        • pedanticKarl says:

          I hear you dsfoto. Sometimes, life just gets in the way of our visions and there goes that ambition. But, don’t give up hope on your vision and dreams. Sometimes one has to make different choices than the one’s one has been making and sometimes those choices and changes can be drastic.

        • pedanticKarl says:

          Wow, I see what you mean. I remember your site had a nice image header. Websites can be easy to assemble these days, but when there is a glitch and one has to make some technical edits, then it can get out of hand very quickly unless one has the technical background.

  50. Capman911 says:

    Gee this getting hard to figure out. :???: It still looks nice and clean. Still trying to figure out my new account thingy. Hmmmm

  51. PageDoll says:

    In MY ACCOUNT>FRIENDS If the message is too long it runs into the “cancel friendship button” and I can’t click the “view” button.
    Just letting you know. :cool:

  52. cufan71 says:

    :cool: I like the new site! Thank you Marina & Karl for accepting my friendship requests :!: :grin:
    I haven’t done this in a long time. :arrow: Comment #100 :!:

  53. BigBhd95 says:

    Thank you both, Karl & LeoNard :lol: friend request happilly
    accepted :cool: B.B. actually except for a couple of SLOPES, &
    the occasional Troll now & then, I feel like friends of all on the HFW
    site. hmmmm???

  54. BigBhd95 says:

    Marina, I think its better that you went to sleep with two test posts
    showing up in the home page, :shock: than if they showed up in your
    BED :oops: [ manage a toi?]sic lousy at french :evil:
    :cool: B.B. oh, & I love the new & reworked site

  55. pedanticKarl says:

    Testing gravatar by changing my email here to a non-existing adr.

    It works immediately. As soon as I change the email to a fake one,
    the gravatar becomes a monster.

    Within the 5 min edit window, I was able to change back to the
    correct gravatar by using my correct email.

  56. PaparazziKid says:

    Ok, I admit it. I don’t really like this theme. Sorry Guys, Can’t be nicey nicey anymore. :twisted: I liked the other SO MUCH better. It actually looked like a virtual classroom, and very professional looking. The Comments were much better too. Sorry Marina, being Honest. :cry:

    Give Me your best shots people

  57. rosiecheeks says:

    fuck this new design…its gray and boring, unintelligent. i’m outtie.

  58. pedanticKarl says:

    OK, cool Marina, the Gravatar and my 2nd email sync nicely.
    All is well on that front.
    I am able to change gravatars and it all works great.

    I’m going to test with my 1st email again to see what happens.

    • pedanticKarl says:

      I just changed my Settings above to my 1st email adr.
      The Forum has already picked up my new gravatar there, but not here yet. I’ll give it a few more minutes.

      Yeah!!!!! It works Marina!!!!
      It works with both my 1st and 2nd email address.
      That is another one of my gravatars from 2 years ago,
      celebrating 4th of July and Marina 4 President. :-)

    • pedanticKarl says:

      Marina, I think what happened is that early on, when you enabled the buddypress, the WP profile was still available via the Dashboard in the upper right. Now, the buddypress Setting in the upper Left are working great.

      • Venomrock67 says:

        k, so how do I get my gravatar to work here. I checked forums and it’s working there. The e-mail is correct on my settings and the site and I cleared cache. was just wondering.

        • pedanticKarl says:

          Hi VR,
          In the upper left, click on
          My Account, then Settings, then General.
          You’ll see an Account Email text box.
          Verify that the email adr is the same as on the gravatar site, which I’m sure it is.

          Click Save Changes anyway to force the email address to be accepted. If that doesn’t work, let me know.

        • pedanticKarl says:

          Just give it another 10 minutes. If the gravatar does not show up, then do the following.

          In the above Account Settings, change your email address to another email or if you don’t have one, use a fake email address for one minute, then change back to your regular email. The reason is that when you click the Save Changes, it may not re-save if a change was not made. By making a change, the Save should work. This is all new to me, so hang in there.

        • pedanticKarl says:

          VR, I see the gravatar changed, to a different monster which is telling me that you are having an effect. I think it will work once the emails are matched here and on the gravatar site.

          • Venomrock67 says:

            Well I did that change and tried some other images I have stored on the gravatar site. I did see the change with the monsters but none of the ones I chose from my gravatar account appeared on here. But on the forums nothing has been affected there. I know M is still working on the site.

        • pedanticKarl says:

          VR, the Forum’s settings are controlled by WordPress Profile settings, while the new site pages settings are controlled by a new plugin. At this time of night, the changes to the gravatar settings should be within minutes.

          Go back to the gravatar site and click on the image you want and re-Confirm by clicking on that image and take note of the email address. Come back here and ensure that the email adr is spelled correctly. I make spelling mistakes to my email adr all of the time.

        • pedanticKarl says:

          VR, from the looks of things, you may be doing everything correctly. The only other thing I can figure out is that your purple monster gravatar is stuck in this server’s cache? Just a guess. That means it may take a while for the server cache to clear or update. It has nothing to do with your browser cache which is cleared only for you to see the new changes and since I am not seeing them, there is not much more you can do until later. We’ll try again tomorrow.

        • pedanticKarl says:

          OK, VR, thanks for trying everything.
          I’ll catch you later. :smile:

        • pedanticKarl says:

          Hi VR,
          Just letting you know that I did some testing on your gravatar. It seems all is OK on your side. Marina is still doing many tweaks. Here is your gravatar link which is the same one as the monster except I changed some code to make your picture appear.

        • pedanticKarl says:

          Hi VR,
          The image to your gravatar is there, it is the new plugin that needs to do the same thing I did manually. Just hang in there as Marina is working all kinds of magic to get it corrected. There were a ton of changes made to the site from this morning, so you know that Marina is working hard at it. Just hang in there as it may take a day or so to iron out the bugs and getting to understand all the new widgets. It’s exciting to see all of the changes.

  59. PageDoll says:

    just noticed that when I click on a “recent comment” and it takes me to that comment the first line in the comment is always in the gray bar at the top of the page..just saying.

    I also noticed that I now have a message in box which is very cool. :grin:
    Unfortunately, I have no messages. :sad:
    HHHHow will I know if I have a message? :|
    You know, ’cause if I ever get one I don’t want to miss it. ;-)

  60. pedanticKarl says:

    Wow! I see a lot of new social networking features.
    My gravatar disappeared, but don’t worry about it.
    Not a biggie. Take your time, I know you are busy tweaking.
    I tested the uploading of an avatar via the profile page after the disappearance.
    Lots of neat stuff.

  61. pedanticKarl says:

    Yeah!!!! My favorite widget is back!!!
    There is a Goddess. Thank you Marina. :lol:
    It’s gone, but it should be baaaaack. LOL

  62. pedanticKarl says:

    Hey Marinka, errr, I mean Marina. I can’t help but call you Marinka (with proper pronunciation) after seeing that H4W video “In Santa Monica” on the swing. You’re some swinger. :lol:

    I see many of the changes you are making and it looks great. One of the things I like is the page numbers at the bottom of the Home page where one can go to a specific archive page.

    I think the pages load faster also and noticed that on my iPhone. I just tested it with the largest number of comments per page which is the “Funny video about Twitter” page with 1,334 comments on one page.

    I know it is a lot of work, and it is coming along nicely.

  63. BigBhd95 says:

    YES YES YES :!: :!:
    I LOVE U :lol:

  64. pedanticKarl says:

    Just an FYI regarding the various views counters for those that are interested in that kind of stuff.

    Remember, all publicly reported counts will be delayed from an hour to four hours to one day if a counter is updated daily.

    The Total Upload views counter on the channel reads 299,830,922 views right now. The reason is that YT stops updating that counter on the weekends and has done so for at least 4 months or more. Normally, that counter is updated once a day at around 6-8 AM. It should be updated tomorrow, Monday morning before 8 AM. If not, then they sometimes wait till Tuesday.

    I compile my own views totals from the actual 549 videos. I don’t do it any any specific rate or time, but grab the data when I feel like it. I feel like it right now, so the total views of the 549 videos right now is 300,726,533 views

    Since the individual videos are updated at least hourly (even on the weekends), then the count from the actual views that Marina sees internally can be delayed by as much as an hour or at most four hours. That’s also true of the counter that was on this Home page and the BIO page. Right now, Marina is busy with the site update, so the counters are not available. So, the worst case possible delay that my numbers show would be about 50,000 at any given time.

    There are many other places where the views are displayed, but all of them have longer delays, like the Honors board for example.

    • pedanticKarl says:

      It’s Tuesday morning 9:23 AM and YouTube’s Total Upload Views still have not changed on the HotForWords channel. Normally, it should have updated on Monday. But, that is not too unusual as in the recent past, about a month ago or so, that views counter was not updated for over one week several times. That is true not only for the HotForWords channel but goes for all YT channels. I monitor many YT numbers and the views and one other counter are not always updated in a regular fashion.

    • pedanticKarl says:

      In the last 30 minutes, I see that YouTube is finally starting to update users views counters on their channels. The HotForWords views counter has not been updated yet, but it should happen shortly.

  65. iluv2cutfarts says:



  66. pedanticKarl says:

    Ahhhh, yes, I love that photo above.
    Makes the page so much more inviting.

  67. pedanticKarl says:

    Testing the site on my iPhone
    while going 60 mph on the 91 Fwy.

    j/k I’m doing 70 mph :mrgreen:

    • pedanticKarl says:

      Dayum, Marina, the site looks great
      on the iPhone. Love it.

      • PageDoll says:

        Its odd you mention Apple. I was showing one of my friends the new site today and we both agreed it looks kind of “Appleish”. With the gray tones, skinny banners, shadowed text, and everything is modern looking with its own little space.
        I know the re-vamp is not done yet, but it would be pretty cool if the user could control what the default display could be in the “Recent – Comments – Popular – Tags” :?: box. Personally I’d like to see “Comments” have its own box, including info where the comment was made, like before.
        Having the “Leave a comment” box on the bottom of the page seems upside down to me. I mean, why would I go all the way to the bottom of a page to make a comment thats going right back to the top of the page after I hit enter? ..So know NOW I’m going back up to the top when thats where I wanted to be all along. :???:
        Wait a minute!! Wasn’t I just talking about apple and the iphone? Dang-it! :roll:

  68. gregory g mcbride says:

    Well at 300,000,000 you gave us the week off :?:
    At 400,000,000 you should give send us a pre-holiday card.
    Gregory G McBride

  69. leoNard says:

    SOULFUL—a Song for MARINA and her HOTFORWORDS– “hard work”…Roger Whittaker & Chet Atkins “The Last Farewell” :smile:

  70. eugensdiet says:

    looking good and the site looks OK too.

  71. Chemikal says:

    How exiting. It looks good, definitely simpler.
    You could move the Add Comment box back up top.

  72. hereticprincess2 says:

    I think the layout is great…I like the black/gray actually. The site looks super clean now. Congrats again on 300 million views!

  73. pedanticKarl says:

    I see the HostGator Ad to the right which is associated with the new theme and now it is GoDaddy. Very cool.

  74. pedanticKarl says:

    Marina, in your bullet list above, the Forums link needs the complete link with “http:” as right now it is picking up the base URL.
    For anyone wanting to use the Forum, the link is:

  75. Captain Jack says:

    See if you can use use pull down buttons on your navigation bar. It will clean it up much.

    Would this be a good time to upgrade the forums to a better forum plugin like “phpBB’ ????

  76. James says:

    Schweet… Just remember, hotforwords isn’t a blog though! I would say its more a random discussion website. :)

  77. PaparazziKid says:

    Still number 1!

    Very Good Layout

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