Best of 2009 on O’Reilly Factor

Look at who was chosen as one of the finest moments on the O’Reilly Factor Show!  Pretty cool huh?

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Here is the messed up part at the end:


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129 Responses to Best of 2009 on O’Reilly Factor

  1. Is beautiful!
    I am is brasil!

  2. leoNard says:

    [[[Fox Nation]]]” redirects here. For the conservative Fox News-related Web site, see The Fox Nation.
    “Outagamie” redirects here. For the Wisconsin county, see Outagamie County, Wisconsin. :-)
    The Meskwaki tribe of Native Americans—or Fox—are an Algonquian language-speaking group that are now merged with the allied Sac tribe as the Sac and Fox Nation under Federal policy. The Meskwaki called themselves Meshkwahkihaki formerly transcribed as Mesquakie or Meskwahki, but the tribe now uses Meskwaki. The name Fox originated in a French mistake applying a clan name to the entire tribe and was perpetuated by the United States government.
    :grin: :cool: :smile: You did mention about thefemale [FOX]…by Marina :lol:

  3. runawayscott says:

    Word request [IRELAND] I know its a country name and not your usual fair (fare?) but I would like to know.

  4. runawayscott says:

    I’m so glad to be back. Haven’t commented here in a while and I’m sorry for neglecting you all… ah hell no one noticed but still it is good to be back. I would say that I missed Marina but I’ve been followign her closely on Twitter. I don’t suppose anyone knows if THre’s another calanderon the way?

    • leonard says:

      I did and said nothing :oops: welcome back ;-)

      from twitter———- @hotforwords was voted 8th sexiest geek!!!

      @hotforwords—”Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened. “~ Dr. Seuss #quote__________and from Marinas=site====Quote”Political correctness is tyranny with manners.” – Charlton Heston 1924——Marina should keep up with times :twisted: :smile: :lol: Charlton Heston

      Heston at the 1963 Civil Rights March on Washington
      Born John Charles Carter
      October 4, 1923(1923-10-04)
      No Man’s Land, Illinois, U.S.
      Died April 5, 2008 (aged 84)
      Beverly Hills, California, U.S.
      Occupation Actor, film director
      Years active 1941-2003
      Spouse(s) Lydia Clarke (1944-2008)

      Charlton Heston (October 4, 1923 – April 5, 2008)

    • pedanticKarl says:

      Glad to see you back runawayscott.
      So, you ran away and came back full circle.
      Amazing how that works. :smile:

  5. CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

    On a Busy Baker package of English muffins, there is the description fork split. What an evil-sounding phrase.

    {CK drifts off to dreamland.}
    Judge: Mr. Kohler, you have been found guilty of indifferent punctuation in the first degree. You are to be taken to the state prison, and, on a day to be set by this court, fork split. May God have mercy on your soul.

    CK: Nooooooo! I’m innocent I tells ya. It was my word processor. I didn’t do it! I didn’t do it!

    Judge: Take him away. {CK wakes up in a sweat.}

    {CK picks up the phone and presses speed dial one.}

    Marina: Hello?

    CK: It’s me. I had a terrible nightmare. I was found guilty of a crime I didn’t commit and sentenced to be fork split.

    Marina: Are you crazy? It’s 3:15 AM! You do this again and I’ll fork split you myself. (Click!)

    {CK hangs up and lays down.}

    CK: I get no sympathy! No sympathy at all!

  6. leonard says:

    [ATTENTION] to the bosses- in regards to “TWEET THIS!”—Invalid Unicode value in one or more parameters :???: :roll:

  7. leonard says:

    Father Frost says: 1820 Leigh Hunt, Names, The Indicator, No. XVIII, February 9th, 1820:
    It is as well certainly not to call a parcel of idle and ragged young rogues by the titles of Augustus, Orlando, and Theodore: nor does it sound very fitting and heroical to hear a father cry out pompously to his little boy, as we did once, – “You, Sir, there, – Maximilian,- come out of the gutter.”

    “I’m in a hurry”…Dick E. Peters

    …HotForWords lady—-I’ have word request: [teddy]… it related to —___From the Ancient Greek Θεόδωρος (Theodoros), “‘gift of god‘”)…..merry christmas to the “Old believers”…. :smile:

  8. Che Mero says:

    Do you think after ten years goes by you’ll look back and do a OMG!! at the hair dos? :shock:

  9. willnabby says:

    Hi Marina
    Love your work,
    Could you tell me the origin of the word [backside]

    Thanks. Xx

    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      That’s kind of wierd as neither the back nor front is a side.

      A guru was teaching his students. “Tell me little ones, how many sides does a box have? The first student answered four. The second answered five, if you count the top and bottom. “And how about you, Grasshopper?” “Only two.” “And what are they, Grasshopper?” “The inside and the outside.” “Exactly so!”

      • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

        I meant six, not five. But if you didn’t notice the error, please disregard this msg. However, if you now go back and re-read it and do find the error, then come back and read this msg. (End of instructions.)

        Otherwise, never mind.

  10. sxcat says:

    Since you do about one word every week or two or three, you must have forgotten “what got you here”!!!!

  11. ihearbs says:

    dear why don’t you come and get me and slay each other?

  12. noesis says:

    What does it mean [hoist on one's petard] ??? What is a petard and why do I have one and why do I have to be hoist on it? Is it a good thiong or a bad thing? Thank you very much!

  13. 19hiphop85 says:

    Hey Marina, I’d like to request the word [Sylph], also I’d like to find out how to get your Maxim Radio shows 1 – 10 with Stretch to work. For some reason only 11 – 15 are the only ones that work. Thanks for your time Marina. Paz.

  14. tonyb says:

    How about {MInimalist]? Is this what I got about the books ofd Maccabees and the liberating of God’s temple from the Hellenists-DREDEL! DREDEL! DREDEL! Shrecklich!

  15. tonyb says:

    I read Jimmy Carter’s book THE BLOOD OF ABRAHAM about the Middle East at Insight For Living’s suggestion. Carter uses all kinds of oddball words in his 80′s book like [VITUPERATIVE} and so forth. Good source of oddball offbeat words.

  16. gunju221 says:

    Lucky, so many peeps watch oriley

  17. tedur1 says:


    I would like to make a video request please. I would like to request a video for the word [auscultation].


  18. herehere says:

    Water Fluoridation is a word that I would like you to do HotForWords

    Please look at the other side or the peoples point of view when you look at the water fluoridation word.

    Please do not just look at the information that the CDC or the ADA say although the ADA’s warning not to give fluoridated water to infants is a step in the right direction.

    Please see the information on this channel about fluoride

    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      If she was to do this phrase, it would be only for the origin of it; the political, scientific or other aspects of it would be irrelavent.

  19. hawt 4 nerds says:

    [Son of a Gun]

  20. leonard says:

    [HOCKEY] ^t^American Bad Ass Live
    :cool: If a man does his best, what else is there?” – General George S. Patton 1885-1945….Live from Detroit – Hello / Insane

    Personal Jesus – Johnny Cash

    :roll: :razz: :shock: Detroit Red Wings of the National [][Hockey][] League

  21. rlockard says:

    Many years ago I dated a Russian lady who always called me [kiska] She never told me what it meant. Only she always smiled when she said it.

  22. pat says:

    Politics are such a drag. I think the “flower power” people might have been right. Daisies for all.

  23. leonard says:

    With all the crap of “Fox” news….where the word [F O X come from....

    :roll: ....
    :grin: ....
    :cool: ....
    [BAD_ASS]…. …. …. ….

    ;David Allen coe live 2002 59 cadillac 57 chevrolet



  24. James says:

    Aah, its too late for mke to catch up on this load of comments now.

    • buzzword says:

      just read the important ones, mine.

    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      Don’t be a slacker. In the words of the late Gen. Curtis E. LeMay : “Stop wasting time and get to work.”

      • leonard says:

        I dare Marina to investigate-[NApALM]

        {HERE! }— remember MAC :cool:

        …commander of the XXI Bomber Command in the Marianas……LeMay commanded subsequent B-29 Superfortress combat operations against Japan, including the massive incendiary attacks on 64 Japanese cities. This included the the firebombing of Tokyo on 9-March 10, 1945, the most destructive bombing raid of the war. For this first attack, LeMay ordered the defensive guns removed from 325 B-29s, loaded each plane with Model E-46 incendiary clusters, magnesium bombs, white phosphorus bombs, and [napalm*] and ordered the bombers to fly in streams at 5,000-9,000 feet over Tokyo. from CampKohler – Sacramento CA , above link :cool: ….peace..*marina’s take—cock-tales–vaselean(sp)

  25. pedanticKarl says:

    Love that thumbnail above. Those piercing eyes and smile. Best photography ever and love the saturated colors. I remember that photo from a tweet also.

  26. evilsquirrel says:

    I would like to request the word [bane]. Like..the bane of my existence.

  27. Evan Owen says:

    Marina, what was that lunacy about loon being a [loan] (or loon) word from Dutch? Sounds like something I might have made up. :oops:

    BTW, “oe” in Dutch is pronounced like the “oo” in English “book.” E.g., boek, “book.” Right, Rijk? :smile:

    • Evan Owen says:

      BTW, voet is NOT what the Dutch do at the polls, though they might go there on voet. :lol:

    • leonard says:

      Blodwyn Pig – The Modern Alchemist
      ^^^^^^^^^ :lol: ^^^^^^^So it was that the war in the air began. Men rode upon the whirlwind that night and slew and fell like archangels. The sky rained heroes upon the astonished earth. Surely the last fights of mankind were the best. What was the heavy pounding of your Homeric swordsmen, what was the creaking charge of chariots, besides this swift rush, this crash, this giddy triumph, this headlong sweep to death?
      H. G. Wells, ‘The World Set Free,’ 1914

      • Evan Owen says:

        Blodwyn being Welsh for “white flower…”

        Your mind makes some interesting associations, leonard. :razz:

        • leonard says:

          A [wattle] is a fleshy dewlap or caruncle hanging from various parts of the head or neck in several groups of birds, goats and other animals. In some birds the caruncle is erectile tissue. :lol:

          The wattle is frequently an organ of sexual dimorphism. In some cases within the bird world the caruncle has a feather covering, whilst in other cases the feathers are sparse or absent.

          Evan—I was catching up—-

          Erectile tissue is also found in the nose, ear, urethral sponge, perineal sponge, and vestibular bulbs. It should be noted that the erection of nipples is not due to erectile tissue, but rather due to the contraction of smooth muscle under the control of the autonomic nervous system. In regards to that band “white flower”: thanks….fly with a bob…God Bless Marina and XMAS to her past heritage verse being American :roll: :smile: that is her Russian family

  28. Hs4Mm says:

    [blue flu] [blue laws]

  29. h4nn4h m0nt4n4 says:


  30. timmy!!natuniata says:

    I would like to request [mincemeat pie]

  31. leonard says:

    My request…[Are your spices up to snuff]? :P smoking and snorting? :lol: Snuff is ground or pulverized tobacco, which is generally insufflated or “snuffed” through the nose. It is a type of smokeless tobacco . …

  32. fishymack says:

    Why don’t you ever appear on say, The Daily Show or the Colbert Report or Countdown with Kieth Olberman or Rachel Maddow?

  33. fishymack says:

    Marina, as a long time fan, I really enjoy your lessons. However, I have to say that I am very disappointed that you continue to appear on Fox “News”. One more appearance with Bill O’Idiot and that will be the end of Hot For Words for me. I am sorry, but he is a fear monger and liar.

  34. thematrix75 says:

    Hello Marina,hope you are doing fine!The best part of the O’Reilly Factor is because your on there!Good to hear from you teacher,peace :!: :cool: :smile:

  35. sami999 says:

    hi Marina what’s up?
    I would like to request the word {gun) or {firearm} :?:
    I wonder where it cames from :?:
    i’m new here i mean i’m a new student from Saudi Arabia i love watching you on YOUTUBE i love your show :smile:
    take care and thank’s ;-)

  36. Psuedonymous Anonymous vi Britainnia says:

    Hello Marina! How was your day?
    5 hours later
    Well, anyways I would like to request the word [masturbate] or [masturbation]
    Sorry, if it’s inappropriate but, I wonder where it comes from. I feel :evil: today!
    Thanks….. wait no thanks!

  37. frank44145 says:

    Hi Marina.

    I would like to request the word [jewelry] and/or [jewel].

    Did you get your favorite jewelry for Christmas? Also, did a man or woman come up with these words?! ;-)

    Thanks for your consideration,

    Frank Weber

  38. bigredgumball says:

    I refuse to watch Fox news after they bashed Canada the same week the country was in mourning over the loss of soldiers.
    I dont watch Fox news, I don’t buy things advertised on Fox, I hate Fox. :evil:

    Marina is too good to be on that channel. I still like Marina ;-)

  39. Greatest Potential says:

    :grin: If you like beautiful dames then don’t miss out on this vid. click on this and watch :arrow:
    Louise Brooks, the queen of flappers

  40. Greatest Potential says:

    Start @ 4:11 and then look at Marina’s face expression @ 4:21


    :lol: lmfao

    • HotForWords says:

      I guess the audio messed up! Bummer. No point in redoing it.

      • why not? you could edit o’reilly out completely in the course of it.

      • pedanticKarl says:

        Marina, the spot where the video messed up is where you did the word “truculent”. I don’t recall any video anywhere on the net where you did that word.

        Is it possible that Fox messed up the original video? Jan Corn (twitter jcorn) mentioned the word in her article about you, which tells me that she saw the word being done on TV, but that part of the show never made it to any video that I am aware of.

        All of your 9 appearances are in this forum.

        • Chemikal says:

          Inspector Columbo couldn’t have said it better himself.
          But it’s not what you know that matters, it’s what you can prove in court!
          So we know “truculent” was murdered, but who’s the murderer and how do we prove it? The list of suspects include etymologist Marina Orlova, Fox host Bill O’Reilly and of course Gorby, the butler.

        • darlingj says:

          To Clarify:

          The ‘Truculent’ clip appeared at least twice this year on his show in a special show called the ‘Best of Miller Time’ – segments where Bill and Dennis Miller rip on various ‘notable’ O’Reilly interviews,

          The one in question refers to a classic O’Reilly interview where O’Reilly played tape of Congressman Barney Frank saying that Fanny Mae was a solid investment going forward – just before the mortgage crash. Frank was in charge of the Congressional committee overseeing Fanny when it failed.

          Unfortunatey, this clip of the interview on YouTube was posted by an Anti-O’Reilly guy and leaves out the part where we could hear what Frank actually said – so Bill just seems to be yelling for no reason. Hmmmm… :???:

          Marina’s description of Truculent was added to a later segment with Miller where they discuss the interview. It was aired on New Year’s Eve and at least one other time in the Summer – maybe August or September. I tweeted it when it was on.

          I think it is VERY cool that O’Reilly seems to look at Marina as his ‘in-house’ resource to clarify various words for people who may not know them – outside of her regular appearances.

          I’ve heard him make mention of her at least 3 times this year in this context on shows where she did not appear – the two Miller episodes mentioned and another ‘Word if the Day’ mention where he wanted her to cover the word ‘Doofus’.

          5-6 Million people Internationally are exposed to her every time she is on or mentioned!

        • jcr says:

          Thanks for being so observant, Karl :grin:

      • Hs4Mm says:

        If you have the ending, how about putting it up on hot4words?

      • Hs4Mm says:

        “Truculent” has your own blackboard as a background, the dress you are wearing isn’t one you would have worn on the Fox’s set in NY, and we do not see O’Reilly and you together — so was “truculent” a special request that you recorded at “home” (“home” might even be while you were traveling somewhere) and emailed to Fox? Regarding the dress, since this is a best of 2009, I do know that you did not wear that dress in 2009 for any O’Reilly taping in NYCity.

    • jcr says:

      Good idea. Will do the same. To get the most out of Twittering for Marina, consider checking Google trends after she appears on the show. Odds are, you’ll see one of the words mentioned as a hot trend. That is the time to Twitter, while people are trying to figure out why those words are suddenly hot.

      Easy – Marina makes them appear on Hot Trends, getting people to search for them and learn something :grin: Have I mentioned that I wrote an article about her recently? That makes a grand total of 3 and that is just for one site. I’m exploring other sites, too. Most of my clients have info they want on a web page or something and I haven’t yet figured how to work Marina into those topics.

      • Hs4Mm says:

        You make an interesting point about timing tweets to google trends (with the tweets containing hash-tags of the trending words, of course).

        By the way, if I may know, who is your son (and does he comment on this site)?

  41. Lennie says:

    What was that savage-part at the end ?? If I may ask ?

    Anyway, it was really cool to see this.

  42. Lennie says:

    Drehen (spinning) in German is pronounced: dre-en, not dregen (if that makes sense to you)

  43. Lennie says:

    You are on my best things/people of 2009-list as well :-)

  44. wetsuit5 says:

    I really liked seeing all the different hair styles.
    Looking very pretty.

  45. James says:

    I will watch this tomorrow. It’s late over here… if When I go to America at some point I will come to see you!! That would make 2010 the best :razz:

  46. darlingj says:

    This says a lot from a guy who airs 250 or so shows a year.

    Marina IS the Best of the Best! :grin:

    Good Eye Bill! :smile:

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