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Here is an interview I did for Associated Content. Check it out and show them some comment love :-)

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  1. tonyb says:

    Watched my video rental THE NOTORIOUS BETTY PAGE. And I did not think her being tied up was dirty. I did see the movie EXIT TO EDEN , too. When I was dating my former wife in 1977 and I was taking an advanced course in British Literature Poetry, I also recognized that one romantic poem between a man and his lady; the man seemed to speak in a assertive voice a and his lady spoke in a diminuative passive voice. And that became that woman’s invitation to a S and M club run by a college prof. So, I used to tie up my former wife in a lovng manner and do not see bondage sex as ditry. Both Gretchen Mol and the original Betty Page were very beautiful. TO THE PURE ALL IS PURE!

  2. jcr says:

    Thanks, Marina, for posting the link. Now here is a challenge for HFW fans. I got over 5,000 page views on the first article about Marina (and even more since then) and over 5,000 on a different article about a person whose Twitters will be made into a tv show. Can Marina’s fans beat 5,000 page views? I’ll bet they can! And, by the way, the book is excellent (I had to wrestle it away from my son, though). I will give it back to him over the holidays. ;-)

  3. pedanticKarl says:

    Wonderful article Jan. I enjoyed reading your second article on Marina. I remember reading your article last year which was published in July ’08. There have been many changes along the way for Marina in almost a year and a half and your new article reflects those changes very nicely.

    The first article that you wrote in July 03, 2008 is located on this site here.

  4. tonyb says:

    Marina got it all-looks, intelligence and personality. She is not some Arthur Frodge intellectual!!

  5. ilikesexytime says:


  6. Captain Jack says:

    LOL, a Marina Orlova fan took notice of me visiting this site. Her name is Lisa. Maybe she will come visit the site? Hope so. She said she would. It’s kind of nice to meet fan of HFW in person. It makes it seem more real/interesting. :mrgreen:

  7. Captain Jack says:

    “Drugs have nothing to do with the creation of music. In fact, drugs are dumb and self-indulgent. Kind of like sucking your thumb.” – Courtney Love

    This is one of her smarter quotes. Sometimes she would surprise me.

    Flashback: I still remember watching Kurt’s mother watering her flowers in the front lawn. She was always friendly to me. At the time I didn’t know who her son was.

  8. Greatest Potential says:

    What a light hearted yet informative article. I really enjoed reading that :!:

  9. Captain Jack says:

    Great article! That’s number two now, right?

    • jcr says:

      Yes, the second article. The first has been blazing away with page views. I’m hoping that it will eventually beat my all time record article, which has near 200,000 page views (sorry, it wasn’t about a celeb).

      Most page views and comments end up on Google and help promote Marina, ultimately :smile: My son does his part, too. He has cards he hands out, promoting the Hot for Words site. He got me started on all this in the first place. With Marina, it was someone saying, “Check out YouTube” My Son? “Check out Hotforwords.”

  10. doncross2bear says:

    That was an excellent article, Teacher! BTW my Boss has watched your vids over my shoulder during my lunch and he thinks you’re awesome and HE doesn’t like much of anything except good food and a hard worker…… xoxo dc

  11. Che Mero says:

    Marina I saw 2012 last night and I think they ripped off some you for the character of the young Russian girl.

    The character looked like you, had a little dog and a “couple” of other notable traits. ;-) ;-)

  12. leonard says:

    Good job by all :smile: Small towns are where and is where the action begins… :P

    • noobsaibott says:

      Okay, man.I actually registered just to write this message to you..
      Here it is…

      I saw you post a comment on EVERY SINGLE picture uploaded.

      It’s not like you’re harassing her, you write some pretty ‘romantic’ stuff, some meaningful sayings/phrases.

      I think that subconsciously you hope that Marina will notice it and give you some sort of attention as a “loyal fan”, for example.
      But it’s really pathetic.
      She’s just a girl who tries to use her beauty to get all these nerds on the net to buy her book.

      She fcuks hot masculine studs and doesn’t give the slightest fcuk about guys like you.

      I think you’re a good person, but you are hoping for too much.

      She’s just another web model, who just decided to move into “nerd” territory to get some cash.
      That’s the truth and you realize it in the back of your head, but that tiny bit of hope keeps you coming here and posting something meaningful in blind hopes of getting her to like you.

      Just wanted to point it out to you..
      She’s not worth it and if I’m wrong, I would be glad to be wrong.
      However, world just doesn’t work that way.

      • BillyB says:

        Dude, (that’s an assumption) you make a lot of assumptions!
        You signed up just to harass leonard? “Pfffffffffft”

      • leonard says:

        Thanks :oops:

        Have no fear of perfection- you’ll never reach it.” – Salvador Dali

        points well gathered!!!

        • Dalek says:

          leonard, now that you have got people joining up just for you can I maybe get an autograph your obviously becomes a bit of a celebrity around here.
          an maybe falling into the stud category as well. subconsciously…

          • leonard says:

            Some people attend higher learning institutions for the sports; and that is, where I smarted the comments…competition is fun like a fair :lol: …this new-age emotion of models :???: :?: :lol: HotForWords is policy and the by-standers police the participants; or, it seems to ponder my way. :lol:

            [Exploitation] - can take many forms but always involves the using of others without regards for their feelings or interests. Often the other is in a subservient position where resistance would be difficult or even impossible. Sometimes the subservience is not so much real as assumed. :oops: I’m sorry to U all,from me :cry: ps—cripples make for funny studs :P maybe mass media can exploit for their profits

          • leonard says:

            Thanks for the reality check :razz:

      • jcr says:

        With all due respect, I think you are wrong. I’ve done a lot of celeb interviews and Marina has been among the most responsive and kind people out there. i wouldn’t dare mention some of the respected celebs who are not so nice in person (but still give decent interviews).

        • leonard says:

          Hi again:

          Philosophy–etymologically, the “love of wisdom”–is generally the study of problems concerning matters such as existence, knowledge, justification, truth, justice, right and wrong, beauty, validity, mind, and language. Philosophy is distinguished from other ways of addressing these issues by its critical, generally systematic approach and its reliance on reasoned argument, rather than experiments (for example).[8]

          Philosophy used to be a very comprehensive term, including what have subsequently become separate disciplines, such as physics. (As Immanuel Kant noted, “Ancient Greek philosophy was divided into three sciences: physics, ethics, and logic.”)[9] Today, the main fields of philosophy are logic, ethics, metaphysics, and epistemology. Still, there continues to be plenty of overlap with other disciplines; the field of semantics, for example, brings philosophy into contact with linguistics.

          Since the early twentieth century, the philosophy done in universities (especially in the English-speaking parts of the world) has become much more “analytic.” Analytic philosophy is marked by a clear, rigorous method of inquiry that emphasizes the use of logic and more formal methods of reasoning.[10

          ....[HUMANITIES] :lol: …be good :smile:

      • pedanticKarl says:

        Greetings noobsaibott,
        I welcome you to the HotForWords site, and I hope you get to know the people while you are here.

        I’m not known for being laconic, but, this time I’ll make an exception.

        You have it very wrong.

        Notice, I didn’t say YOU are wrong. I said, you are having a miss-understanding. You are having a projection of your own mind placed upon others, which is tangentially incorrect. A lot of us come here to interact with people like you and Marina is just the icing.

        Leonard’s been here since Mar ’08 and I have been here since June ’08. Sit down, rest awhile and get to know everyone.
        Trust me, the world really does work that way. :smile:

        I could go on, but I have just blown it.
        I’ll never be laconic. :cry:

      • Dalek says:

        Noobaibott, good way in buddy without looking to pathetically obvious and welcome to hotforwords.

      • Venomrock67 says:

        Right On noobsaibott! That’s a way to make an
        entrance! :cool:

        You’re right to think leonards’ a good person because he is. :razz:

        I’m not going to tell you you’re wrong about some other stuff because I can’t say it with conviction.

        :arrow: When you have nothing to lose….Can you point your fingers and do the twist: Fruit Salad, yummy yummy. :mrgreen: :lol: :mrgreen:

        SMILE :twisted:
        Hope you stick around and welcome to HotForWords. ;-) :smile:

      • leonard says:

        :oops: :oops:

        I saw you post a comment on EVERY SINGLE picture uploaded.

        It’s not like you’re harassing her, you write some pretty ‘romantic’ stuff, some meaningful sayings/phrases.

        I think that subconsciously you hope that Marina will notice it and give you some sort of attention as a “loyal fan”, for example.
        But it’s really pathetic.
        She’s just a girl who tries to use her beauty to get all these nerds on the net to buy her book.

        She fcuks hot masculine studs and doesn’t give the slightest fcuk about guys like you.


        ….I’m sorry to my trust for trust….

        • Rijk says:

          Hey leonard,

          you where the first one to comment to me and i won’t forget it, so keep doing what your doing, you know she…
          she has said it in her vid’s a hundred times ; ) : )

          • leonard says:

            Hot Dutch :razz: Hot Rocks :lol: Venus by Shocking Blue…Shocking Blue performing “Venus” in front of some caged monkeys.
            Line-up: Robbie van Leeuwen (vocals, guitar), Mariska Veres (vocals), Klaasje van der Wal (bass guitar), and Cornelius van Beek (drums). …Hot Words… :lol: thanks

        • Venomrock67 says:

          Hey leonard,

          Hope you didn’t take anything wrong with my posting. As far as telling that dude that he’s wrong on some other stuff and that I can’t do it with conviction, has nothing to do with you. He’s entitled to have an opinion and Marina can defend herself. I’m not going to confront someone again on her behalf. Maybe I still don’t fully understand your comments sometimes, but you seemed slightly frazzled, I could be wrong about that though and you maybe having fun with this.
          Studs and Cripples, Right On :cool:
          You’re an original, leonard. ;-) :smile:

      • leonard says:

        Hello noobsaibott: there is one I did not comment on!!!…can you tell me which one? :???: :?: :lol:

    • Rijk says:

      Hey Leonard,

      yvw, i like the hot dutch : )
      venus thats where the girls come from, nice ! ; )

  13. cufan71 says:

    Another C :cool: :cool: L interview :!:

  14. pat haskett says:

    Another one. Keep doin’ it!

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