Cover of my hometown newspaper – Nizhny Novgorod Newspaper


Here is a cool newspaper article about me from my hometown newspaper.. the Nizhny Novgorod Newspaper.  I like the part where they compare my popularity to Oprah’s :-)

Here is a link to the article in Russian.

Here it is run through the Google translator. :-)


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98 Responses to Cover of my hometown newspaper – Nizhny Novgorod Newspaper

  1. leoNard says:

    d a d a[iNTeRRoGiTiVe] [intern al]…toot-toot-Train— :cry:

    Russia / Nizhnij Novgorod / Arzamas (55°22’48″N 43°49’12″E) :cool: :arrow: :smile:

    ~~~~~Arzamas State Pedagogical Institute


    36, K.Marx Ul., 607220, Arzamas, Nizhegorodskaya region, Russia
    Tel. 2-33-33, 2-15-33.
    Students are trAined :P in the following specialities:

    mathematics with specialization in informatics and physics;
    biology with specialization in chemistry;
    geography with specialization in biology;
    history with specialization a foreigh language;
    Russian and literature with specialization a foreigh language;
    pedagogics and psychology;
    pedagogics and methods of primary education

    ~~~~~~~russian education :smile: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Arzamas was founded in 1578 by Ivan the Terrible in the lands populated at the time by the Mordvin people. By 1737 more than 7,000 people lived in Arzamas and the town became a major transit center on the route from Moscow to eastern parts of Russia. It was known for its geese and onions as well as leather crafts.

    Catherine the Great in 1781…1781 gave Arzamas an official city status and its own coat of arms based on the colors of the Arzamas regiment. In the early 19th century Arzamas had over twenty churches and cathedrals, the foremost being the Resurrection Cathedral. It was built in the Empire style to commemorate the Russian victory over Napoleon in 1812… extra credit :grin:

  2. nikeoutlet says:

    Very glad to see you,baby,kiss you.LeBron James Shoes

  3. tonyb says:

    [FOREIGN IMPERIALISM] I was reading the book THE ETERNAL CITY by Bondanella. And he had said that after World War II america had become an Imperialist power just like the ancient Roman Empire!!! Funny there is this one chick on Facebook who I think was trying to look like Marina and had accused me of wearing a tin hat at this Lisa Hofeling’s Facebook page! They were attacking some remark I made to her just like some attacked some innocent remark I made to you!! FBI or CIA?

  4. doncross2bear says:

    Dear Teacher,
    It was cool to see the “Hometown Girl Makes Good” story shown above. One line that especially caught my eye was the part where many people had suggested that you lose your accent. If I may, I would like to weigh in on that one: OH, GOD! PLEASE, NO! DON’T EVER DO THAT! AAARRRGH!!! Er, sorry – I panicked just a little there. Seriously, though, to me, that adorable accent of yours is an integral part of the total package that is you. Your educational content is Brain Candy. Your looks are Eye Candy, and your voice is Ear Candy. I’d listen to you reading the LA phone book. I hope you happen to see this, because I’d like to thank you for the great work that you do. It’s re-established my faith in user – created video content, given me a place to slake my thirst for knowledge, and be entertained at the same time. I’m glad I came here, Teach.
    xoxo dc

  5. pedanticKarl says:

    Hey everyone,
    I checked on the Sexy Geek blog on last year and it looks like it was published on Dec 18 in the “Underwire” section of

    I am now Following “TheUnderwire” on Twitter so I can get a heads up on when they will start the Sexy Geek nominations.

    I have been following Wired in case they announce the nominations also.

    Even though it is more than a month away, you can never be sure if they will move it up or change the rules, or whatever. Keep you eyes open for this event coming up so we can make Marina the Sexiest Geek of 2009.

  6. pig-in-a-poke says:


    I am taking down my twitter posts, but I noticed that all my old data (name, picture, website address, etc) is still available on posts to another person’s account. Is there no way to delete these?

    • Bob says:

      King James Bible, Numbers 32:23 :lol:

      • pig-in-a-poke says:

        :lol: Very funny Bob . . . My sin is that I succumbed to temptation in the first place. Satan made me do it! :evil: Excuse me whilst I floggeth myself.

        King James Bible, Numbers 32:23
        But if ye will not do so, behold, ye have sinned against the LORD: and be sure your sin will find you out.

        • Bob says:

          Here’s another version:-

          RT @Tao23 Life is like a bowl of Jalapenos: what you do today may burn your ass tomorrow.

          Moral: Never tweet anything you wouldn’t want your mother to hear you say. :|

          • pig-in-a-poke says:

            Re: “Life is like a boul of Jalapenos” :lol: Similar to the great philosopher, Forest Gump’s quote.

            Why is it that peppers evolved with a hot taste to discourage animals from eating them, but humans continue doing so?

    • pedanticKarl says:

      Hi pig-in-a-poke, why do you want delete your posts? There is nothing wrong with that, but all of your tweets have been captured and archived by hundreds of services.

      Your info does not exisg on other people’s acct. It only exists on the Twitter database (timeline) and your deletion will remove your data. Other services will have captured your data and in most cases there is not much you can do to delete that unless your privacy has been violated.

      • pig-in-a-poke says:

        I was trying it out as an experiment, but I’m not an effective networker. I was cleaning up my tracks, and noticed my deleted posts were only deleted from view on my account. HR personnel are admittedly nosy and make prejudicial judgments. I can’t afford anymore (perceived) bad press. :smile: Mercy!

    • pedanticKarl says:

      Hello pig-in-a-poke,
      Your HR reason for taking down your tweets makes sense and it is wise to do. I don’t know your twitter name. My twitter name is the same name as you see here.

      If you are planning to completely abandon your Twitter account, you can Delete the account by going to your Twitter Settings and in the lower LEFT, there is a “Delete My Account” link.

      I advise you not to do that. Why? Anyone may create an account with your twitter name and masquerade as you, where you might be the one to get into trouble. Many companies are aware of this issue and lock down the name for a year or more when someone deletes their account. I don’t know if Twitter does that or not. I’ll have to look into that.

      If you do not plan on using Twitter again, I recommend you to do the following:
      1. Under the ACCOUNT tab, remove all personal information and enter fake info such as “xxx” or “NA” or leave blank.
      2. Check make the item at the bottom that says Protect my tweets.
      That way you won’t get any more followers unless approved, plus it removes you from the public timeline.
      3. Under the Notices tab, remove all the checkmarks
      4. Under Picture, remove your photo image.
      5. Under Connections Revoke Access to all of the companies that you had been approving.
      6. You may want to unfollow some or all of the people that you are Following.
      7. Block any of your Followers that you think may be a threat to you.

      Your recent tweets will remain on the timeline for a week or so and then they will essentially “disappear”. Actually, they are still in the Twitter database, and will be there for awhile, but will not be accessible by most people after a week.

      For the most part, you should not see any of your tweets after a month, unless the companies that collected your tweets display them. If you have other Twitter type ancillary accounts such as TwitPic, then log into that account and remove any pictures.

      If you have any questions or need help with anything, let me know. You can also PM (private Message) me over on the Forum. Go to one of the Topics and locate my name, then click PM to send me a private message.

  7. kolia says:

    We want you to be MAJOR OF LOS ANGELES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. okay4now says:

    “I conduct the computer every day for twelve to fourteen hours. ” That’s pretty cool stuff, I think.

  9. CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

    Run through the Time-Shifted Google Translater (ca. 1980):

    The party has determined that this running dog anti-revolutionary, a traitor who has deserted nurturing Mother Russia and defected to freedom-destroying capitalism, has forfeited any right to a state-furnished apartment. Furthermore, she will billed for the state-of-the-art, hand-cranked garbage disposal supplied to her by the People’s Glorious Kitchen Utensil Factory No. 3. She claims that it broke the first time she tried to grind a noodle she says she dropped on the floor and was not wasting food, but this is only a ploy as witnessed by the fact that 96% of all disposal recipients also claim this.

    Her new mind-rotting book, designed to ruin the devotion of the unsuspecting faithful party membership is forbidden reading and anyone caught with a copy will have a free ten-year vacation in the northeastern part of our country, if you know what we mean.

    It is forbidden to look at the picture in this article, except for the part with the dog. Hey, we said it was forbidden! Get your eyes back down there! Do you want to end up in the Gulag? Do you want to be known as a deviationist? That’s better. Nice ti… uh, doggy.

    Please denounce any relatives, neighbors, or acquaintences who are trying to find out the origins of words. The party will tell you when words came from and where they are going.

  10. Che Mero says:

    Well when you get some of that Oprah $money$ you can buy us all cars. ;-)

  11. beevee14 says:

    “Any idiot can get laid when they’re famous. That’s easy. It’s getting laid when you’re not famous that takes some talent.” – Kevin Bacon, 1996

    :twisted: He forgot “when your broke”. Thats beyond talent. Thats Smo-o-o-o-o-oth :twisted:

    • fglrx says:

      “Any idiot can get laid when they’re famous. That’s easy. It’s getting laid when you’re not famous that takes some talent.” – Kevin Bacon, 1996

      It’s about men. For women, to be not ugly and not fat is enough to “get laid” (sorry for obscenity) with anybody they want.

      • Bob says:

        That reminds me of a story about two kids engaging in oneupsmanship.
        The little boy was proud of his father’s new car and was bragging about it. The little girl asked what make it was and , when told, said that her father had a different (superior) make.
        Not to be out-done, the little boy mentioned other things that his parents possessed, but at every new item the girl revealed that her parents had something better.
        Finally in frustration, the boy dropped his pants, pointed to his penis and said, “Oh yeah? Well I bet you haven’t got one of these.” at which the girl lifted up her skirt and said, “No, but I’ve got one of these, and that means I get get as many of those as I want.” :lol:

  12. thematrix75 says:

    Very good article from your home town.You must be proud,as well as your hometown !Where is Gorby in this picture, looks like a different dog you have with you?I hear talk of a tv show, you will appear in your own tv show.Is there anything you can tell us about this show?Have a great day Marina,Love you very much, thematrix75 :smile: :!:

  13. pig-in-a-poke says:

    How nice to be acknowledged in one’s hometown, Marina. I know you went to school in Nizhny Novgorod. Is that why they refer to it as your hometown?

    How do Russian’s think of the West and the USA in particular? (Russian is an ignorant generic term by Americans for anyone from the USSR in my generation. How do “Russians” refer to themselves, today, by region or something generic?)

    I prefer learning about cultures, customs, etc., as apposed to everyone blending in. The differences are what makes the USA as great as it is.

    (On a side commentary: It would not bother me if President Obama was a Muslim, but it does bother me that some Imams preach hatred and righteous killing of innocents. I have no appreciation for this. They are a poison to their people, culture, religion and the world.)

    I have always been keen to appreciate one’s heritage. And, I appreciate your apprehension to loose your Eastern accent, as many newcomers are quick to do.

    I know you have degrees in Russian and English. What are the root differences or similarities, if any, in the languages? The text is like reading “Greek” to me. Where does this font style come from?

    • fglrx says:

      The text is like reading “Greek” to me. Where does this font style come from?

      Of course from the Greek alphabet, just as the Latin alphabet also came from a different style of Greek signs almost in the same centuries.

  14. bsomebody says:

    Wow! Marina worked as a girl once! Who would have thought? :roll:

    But seriously, folks. It is really great to get hometown recognition. Often, the folks at home are the last to appreciate success. I hope M’Lady is very happy and continues her great achievements. :smile:

  15. pandion says:

    I am sure this bit of press is more special than all the others you have gotten.

    How many copies has your mother gotten?

  16. ilikesexytime says:


  17. pedanticKarl says:

    Marina, I loved reading this article about you from your hometown. I loved the part about you becoming O’Reilly’s competition and comparing you to Oprah’s popularity. Your parents and the friends you have left behind must be elated.

    The fact that Arzamas is your birthplace is only going to enhance my storyline of the book that I am writing which originates about 1,000 miles west of Arzamas. Hmmmm, what if my story is actually true? Too many things are falling into place. Too many coincidences. :grin:

    • leonard says:

      Karl: did you say to Marina take here choice…flowers for teacher :razz: History :razz: from wiki — Arzamas was founded in 1578 by Ivan the Terrible in the lands populated at the time by the Mordvin people. By 1737 more than 7,000 people lived in Arzamas and the town became a major transit center on the route from Moscow to eastern parts of Russia. It was known for its geese and onions as well as leather crafts.

      Catherine the Great in 1781 gave Arzamas an official city status and its own coat of arms based on the colors of the Arzamas regiment. In the early 19th century Arzamas had over twenty churches and cathedrals, the foremost being the Resurrection Cathedral. It was built in the Empire style to commemorate the Russian victory over Napoleon in 1812.
      :cool: :cool: :cool: [CATHEDRAL]… :smile:

      • pedanticKarl says:

        Ohhh, ohhh, with that info, things are getting a lot hotter and closer than I thought. Here check this wiki out.
        Orlov, the grandson of a rebel against Peter the Great, distinguished himself in the Battle of Zorndorf. He represented an opposite to Peter’s pro-Prussian sentiment, with which Catherine disagreed. He and Catherine had become lovers although no one in the know told Catherine’s husband, the Grand Duke Peter.

        Hey, Leonard, you wanna be in my book?
        Who do you wanna be? Leonard the terrible :razz: or do you wanna be Leonard the Greatest :shock: ?

        Just kidding you my friend. Being from Wisc. has the possibility of you and I being separated by one or two degrees. Hmmm, Leonard, I am your faaaaathar. What have you been doing behind the woodshed? :lol: Ohhh, the possibilities. :cool: :mrgreen: :cool:

  18. PageDoll says:

    Does anybody remember the episode of Entourage where in Vince and E were having dinner with Scott Wick and Wick took a bite of caviar and said , “…mmm, caviar….reminds me of a cold winters night in Novgorod… “. The script and the sherpa episode. ;-)
    Why is it I can only remember useless crap!? :roll:

  19. PageDoll says:

    I’ll bet you are a home town hero. :grin:
    That was a great article! Just when I think I’m not going to read anything new, there it was. A TV show!? Did I read that right?
    You had mentioned something about a show of sorts a long time ago, is this the same one? Is it going to be on Fox? By the end of this year?
    Come on, give it up…do tell. Pleeeeeease??! :razz:

  20. tonyb says:

    Talk about the movie THE SOUND OF MUSIC with Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer. And the spirited nun Maria breaking her vows to marry Christopher Plummer. I could imagine you as a shepherdess tending over a large flock of sheep in a meadow (is that the word for it?). The sherperd leads and protects her or his sheep in her flock. Loving caring Marina.

    • leonard says:

      :twisted: :o Dirty Deeds done with sheep AC DC Obama music video spoof …not for little bo-peep… :smile: [flock] of birds eating ants :grin:

      for Marina…Li’l Red Riding Hood ….

      … :grin: Lyrics written by Ronald Blackwell. Betty Boop footage from “Dizzy Red Riding Hood” (1931)


      Who’s that I see walkin’ in these woods?
      Why, it’s Little Red Riding Hood.
      Hey there Little Red Riding Hood,
      You sure are looking good.
      You’re everything a big bad wolf could want.
      Listen to me.

      Little Red Riding Hood
      I don’t think little big girls should
      Go walking in these spooky old woods alone.

      • tonyb says:

        That Betty Boop cartoon. I think that is what I said before to Marina about not being forced into doing things like having yourself frozen in liquid nitrogen by the evil rich. and again I saw twice the DVD BLACK DAHLIA by Universal Pictures. That 1947 murder mystery serves as a warning to young ambitious women not to put themselves at the mercy of rich and powerful men. They are the wolves. Mia Kirshner was the victim in that sad murder movie. so fair and sweet and tender was the Black Dahlia flower girl.

      • thematrix75 says:

        Hello Leonard,cool video on dirty deeds done to sheep!LOL!!! :lol:

  21. originalistrick says:

    This is so cool, Marina! I bet your family loved it. I feel so happy for you everytime I see stuff like this.

    The inevitable question:

    Are you free to say anything about this T.V. show?

  22. tonyb says:

    I saw what I think was Novorosti news on the internet through They had some pretty North Korean women dressed in what looked like white wedding dresses with see though black viels over their faces.

  23. tonyb says:

    Sexy, sultry Marina. I think of that famous movie THE SOUND OF MUSIC where the nuns sing at Maria’s wellding HOW DO YOU SOLVE A PROBLEM LIKE MARIA? Roughly. There is this woman across the street who had a son and a husband. and she is tryiNG TO LOOK LIKE YOU-bleach blonde shoulder leng hair, about 6 feet tall, slender etc. But mom tells me that she has a hubby and a child. And most of the people on this street hate my guts and I do not wish to get into fights with anyone. Men just love to fight over women. She was just outside in a white mini van with the lights on. She could have come to the door and rang my new doorbell if she was serious about speaking to me!!

    • beevee14 says:

      Tony, Tony, my man, sometimes tou have to let yourself be seen. The next time she is outside, you go outside. Check the mail, act like your looking for something in the car, ANYTHING; and try to make some form of contact. She’ll let you know. Don’t worry about her being married. Hell, most(well, some) of the excitement comes from the fact that you are doing a no-no. And right across the street, too? Thats right under everybodys nose. That will raise the excitement level exponentially. Don’t worry about the husband, either. The bruises will fade and your urine will eventually be free of blood but the Memories of The Flesh? Forever :mrgreen:

      • tonyb says:

        Today the mystery marina look alike and her family drove off just as I was buying some charity candy bars from some short cute blonde haired grade schooll girl with hair down to her rear. She looked so cute that I tipped her $2.00 on the $3.00 candy bar purchase! I do not respect the opinions of anyone in Toledo, Ohio so maybe the government used celebrity impersonators to mess with my head. Poison the city water plant two miles from here on Summit. But I think it is a wastewater plant!

    • pat haskett says:

      Sounds like you’ve fallen in love with a soccer mom and that’s ok.

  24. leonard says:

    How you doing worDLover? :lol: Word request: [GATES]…before coming into the [gate], clean your boots. :P

  25. leonard says:

    Hurry —the Russians are here!!! :lol: or :lol: Rushingly; hurry! :smile: Word request: [gates]

    • beevee14 says:

      What were you doing when the wall came tumbling down 20 years ago, leonard? I couldn’t believe it. We had been hearing about the Great Russian Bear all of our lives and in the space of two weeks we were told it was all smoke and mirrors. Now THAT, my friend, is propaganda, American style.

      Thank you, Uncle Ronald, for winning the war

      :cry: Otherwise, we might never have gotten to know M :cry:

      • originalistrick says:

        God, I can’t believe you said that, beevee-I was thinking about that the other day. Just wouldn’t be the same without HFW/Marina in my life. In our lives.

      • bsomebody says:

        Funny thing. :lol: I had just gotten out of the Navy. I was in from ’85 to ’89 and got out in early October. I guess I skeered them Commies so bad they had to “tear down that wall!”


        • beevee14 says:

          An American military maxim is: ‘If you can see it, you can hit it; if you can hit it , you can kill it.’ The Navy took that and reversed it: ‘You can’t see us, you can’t hear us, but we are here, and you know it, and there is nothing you can do about it.’ Or something like that! ;-) So, although your comment was [tongue-in-cheek], it is true. Thank You, b.

          I bet the Commander of the Northern Fleet had an ulcer the size of a cantaloupe! :mrgreen:

        • leonard says:

          :smile: US Navy Anchors Aweigh Song…thank you and all who protects our nation :cool: Anchors aweigh, Navy Them song / Marine theme! Support our troops! =) ….I still don’t like the fact of woman in combat :cry:

        • beevee14 says:

          Thats what I heard about the Navy: Painting doesn’t begin or end, it just IS! :mrgreen:

          A Story:
          I worked with a guy who was on a sub. He told me of one time they had a drill against a Carrier Task Force. During this, they kept track of the task force and monitored any intelligence, course changes, etc. in a book. He was the writing in the book. He didn’t tell me everything but did say it was like 3-4 pages by the time the exercise was over(I don’t remember how many days it was). At the ending, the sub would fire off a flare to signify it had a solution on the carrier. When they traded books, the Task Force book had TWO lines:
          1) Exercise starts
          2) Watch saw flare off of the port bow(or wherever) :!:
          He also told me that when subs have exercises against each other, they have to operate at set depths so they don’t run into each other. Now thats QUIET! :mrgreen:

      • pig-in-a-poke says:

        I remember the WTH feeling of disbelief. In fact, I still haven’t got my head around it. Raising my children was foremost on my mind, but having grown up in the specter of nuclear destruction, with Russian tanks rolling across eastern Europe (Czechoslovakia), Russian bread lines, and shooting down an airliner 007, it is hard to believe such a totalitarian country let itself implode. Thank goodness, though. I wish the best for all. Peace.

        Marina was just a young girl, though, and I am curious about the differences between her views of the world and her parents. This might be an interesting “Russian” novel.

        • beevee14 says:

          I read military history as a hobby/obsession, and one of the best books I ever read was “the Good War” by Studs Terkel. The author went around the world interviewing thousands about there part in the war. The worst stories of anyone not in a Concentration Camp were those of Soviet citizens during the war. Especially Stalingrad and Leningrad. :sad: Horrible :sad: Any Russian born after ‘The Great War’ is going to have a different view than any who lived through that hell. JMHO

          • pig-in-a-poke says:

            I’ll keep that book in mind. I started reading books about the Pacific War when I was young, as my father’s brother survived Peleliu, Iwo Jima, and other islands winning a Silver Star. Both were Marines and I considered becoming an officer when I was young, then I read what they were up against. Charging the beaches with machine guns pointed at them! They’re crazy, I thought, and quickly changed my mind. A good book about the Marines is The Old Breed, by Eugene “Sledgehammer” Sledge. A good book about my great uncle’s service in WWII, European theater is He Rode Up Front for Patton, by Brig. Gen. (Ret.) Albin Irzyk. After reading these books, I felt no need to read anymore about these sufferings.

            I understand a little about the Russian’s issues, as I bought Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn’s, The Gulag Archipelago in the early 1970s. I couldn’t finish it. I was too depressing.

        • beevee14 says:

          It is one worth looking into. It won ALL of the major awards for literature. The Sledge is in there and also his brother, Bob, who fought in Europe.

    • beevee14 says:

      with the 20th anniversary just days away, Al Jazeera’s David Frost sat down with the two world leaders who made it happen

      I like that! With the ‘cover-up’ the main stream media is perpetrating in Ft. Hood, it seems he isn’t the only one working for our enemies. I mean, how can you get PTSD if you have been state side your whole career and the only shots you ever heard where the ones coming out of your gun as you killed innocents and shouted Allahu Akhbar?
      :cry: Political Correctness got those people killed and thats all there is to it. :cry:

      The Constitution is not a suicide pact

      :cool: You’re cool, leonard :cool:

    • beevee14 says:

      Did you mean Cemetary Gates? Dimebag is great. Now he and another ol’ boy from Texas by the name of SRV can swap licks forever ;-)

  26. Hs4Mm says:

    What I noticed was that Gorby is missing, and that in less than 55 days, you will be having your own TV show!

  27. pat haskett says:

    I didn’t know Toto’s home was Russia.

  28. wetsuit5 says:

    Local Girl Does Good.

    Can’t tell if they were being critical?

  29. roberhor says:

    So you must be a bigger star in your hometown than in Hollywood. What did you do to Gorby’s fur?

  30. wyo550 says:

    Moledetz, Marina!
    This article from your home town gazetta is why we’re all so proud of you and happy to be a part of the wonderful new infotainment experience you have created and shared, worldwide, with your generous spirit and love for what you do.

    Another Russian girl made good, Regina Spektor, sums up (your) hard work and beautiful allure in these lyrics,

    “My body’s perfect because my eyelashes catch my sweat.”

    Go Girl!
    PS: Gorby looks like he’s gone brunette in the photo

  31. Lennie says:

    Oprah doesn’t have your intelligence, ok, maybe business intelligence. ;-)

    Congratiolations on an other moment in the press.

  32. seesixcm6 says:

    Dear Marina,
    Congratulations on recognition from your own hometown newspaper. Now, you will be famous whenever you go home! I hope this recognition leads to more good things for you and your family.

  33. Greatest Potential says:

    ;-) good job teacher :!:

  34. Bill says:

    Cool! That must make you feel pretty good, huh? But, I gotta say, you have a somewhat scary look in that picture!

    Good for you, Ms. Orlova!

  35. darlingj says:

    Local Girl makes Good!!! :grin:

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