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Awesome review by  ”We love this game and can’t recommend it enough.” they say!
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  1. kolia says:

    and that something, that you not find in veronicas closet…

  2. wyo550 says:

    Rodney, I’m glad you asked about the mold scene, as I’d even left phone numbers on this site for BevHills health and LA county, etc. and was kind of curious how the health crisis had been resolved- without needing to care too much about it, as I’m in Wyoming and Marina Orlova is basically a stranger who lives in LA.

    I’m interested in this from a communications theory standpoint.
    Was there feedback to the fan base from the celebrity to put closure to the dramatic element? Because there is no communication without feedback.

    Maybe I missed it, but did Marina tell her fans what happened with the mold… or if it got fixed and she now doesn’t need to move?

    Did anybody see a video of her with the guy who won the lunch date with her some months back?

    Marina’s got plenty of other things to do besides maintain a cult of personality. But the internet medium is so personalized (by her also) as to almost require a dramatic structure, including a conclusion to each dramatic element. (mold episode, lunch date, name the dog contest winner, etc) Keeping an eye on this feedback need, segment-by-segment, will enhance fan loyalty and should be a function of management, so the talent can just “do her thing.”

  3. wyo550 says:

    As I wrote the producers, the “shoot-em-up” game design could enable players to shoot up WORDS (maybe in the hands of Marina zombies) and then assemble some play on words or clever twist on current events (promoting repeat downloads, at sub-dollar levels…ala micro-economic transactions like 5-10-25cents).

    In my opinion, Marina and her team of friends and friendly people should be known for two things, beyond what they’ve already accomplished with Hot For Words:
    1. Cutting edge realization of what the micro-economic environment of the internet enables (talented and sincere individuals like Marina) to achieve and

    2. Demonstrating entirely new “value added” ways of monetizing the internet. For example, I’d pay $100 to play an iPhone game in which if I score above some metric, I get a phone number reward. I dial the number and it’s an automated (robotic) “receptionist” that takes my caller ID and name and some time later when it’s convenient for her, Marina calls me back and we visit for five minutes! This demonstration of high-level interactivity would get high-level attention in the regular press and (more importantly) in the finance-levels of network/studios. I want to see Marina in 3-D! That will take financial commitment from a production studio and agency/banking structure.

    Marina and her friend Nadja should be known as talent and producer and as two self-actualized European women who are setting the world on fire. I’d like to see an HBO.COM documentary on Hot For Words and how it came to be what it is and what it is becoming. I’d produce it, but have other things to produce into spring. The point is I think a “behind the scenes” documentary should be done about Marina and Nadja because girls and women and ordinary people everywhere can relate to the hard work and achievement of two European beauties who have fulfilled themselves in America.

    I’ll write a script outline and post it on the web site in the next couple days. This site will exist to enable as much fan-based support for the Hot For Words brand and Marina as possible.

    Back to installing Windows 7. GAWD!!!!!!!
    The machine I edit video on has taken DAYS to scrub clean for the installation!

  4. koalabear says:

    So corny, you have to love it. :lol:
    Who wouldn’t want to fire raccoons at bikini clad zombies? :smile:

  5. leonard says:

    I thought it worked????……”The waves of attacks are progressively challenging and there are 40 waves in all.” like a rain or Reighn or rein???????? :cool:

  6. macnewsbuzz says:

    Awesome reviews on the new Microsoft Operating system, VISTA. Well , we know what happens later. But anyways, is “fun” , but nothing that I would pay for.

  7. wetsuit5 says:

    Dance, You Zombies!!!

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