Attack of the Zombie Bikini Babes from Outer Space

Help me kill the zombies!  From the creators of the “I Am T-Pain” App comes a new game starring yours truly!  It includes me in various states, my voice (“Hello my dear students!”), me dancing, and, well, LOTS of me trying to destroy the world!!!

You can get the  full version of the game here.

A free version with a couple levels can be found here.

Click here for a full-version of the trailer.

Check out the reviews:

Gizmodo, Mashable,  MobileCrunch and Huffington Post

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196 Responses to Attack of the Zombie Bikini Babes from Outer Space

  1. And I thought you were awesome before… When the zombie apocalypse comes, you’ll be welcome at my compound… well… I should probably OK that with Jessica first…

  2. ahonie says:

    =-) 2010, What was you Greatest 2009 “Good Times?”

  3. leonard says:

    Zombie Brain Smashing Slingshot (Halloween Special)
    :razz: :razz: :twisted: :lol: “afraid, yes – but be prepared and you will kick some alien azz
    join the resistance today!” :lol: THE SLINGSHOT CHANNELJoergSprave’s Channel :cool:

  4. corneliuscomedy says:

    Requesting the word [FART] :lol:

  5. corneliuscomedy says:


  6. newty74 says:

    I would like to request the word [Libertarianism].


  7. danrus178 says:

    I would like to request the word [crestfallen]. It is one of my favorite words.

  8. pulisher says:

    ohhh you so fantastic,

    so beutiful

    so worderful

    i love you

  9. scarywoody says:

    I would like to request the word : Masterbate

  10. gregghorv says:

    Word Request:

    Ok, I live in Ohio and work in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. The word that I would like to request, no one can give me an explanation for.

    The word is “youins” it’s slang and is primarily spoken only – from what I know – in Pennsylvania (western PA to be specific).

    There are words like y’all that make sense to me you + all = y’all

    But all these Pittsburgh folks say youins and claim it means the same thing, but no one can seem to give the actual reasoning behind it… help me Hot for Words, you are my only hope…

    • Hs4Mm says:

      My guess: there are a group “hill-billy” people who use the terms that sound like “them’uns”, “us’uns”, “young’uns” to refer to “them”, “us”, and “the youngsters” respectively. The “uns” is how they pronounce “ones”; so they are saying “them ones”, “us ones” and “the young ones” — and they may be adding the “ones” to emphasize that the things being referred to are people, thus, they are trying to express: “them people”, “us people”, “the young people”.

      I suspect what you hear as “youins” is what I hear as “you’uns”, and that either of “youins” and “you’uns” has a similar origin: “you ones”, and “you people”.

      What do you think of my guess? Seems plausible? (Warning: a plausible argument need not be true! Lots of people, influenced by Plato, make the mistake of treating plausible arguments as being true.)

      • gregghorv says:

        I like your guess :) … it does seem pretty plausible. The funny thing is that none of these PA hill billy folk are smart enough to know the word they commonly use! Thanks for the educated guess. You’uns have nice day :)

    • Hs4Mm says:

      Continuing 60.1: The way those terms (them’uns, us’uns, young’uns, you’uns) usually represent an erroneous attempt at dealing with people. It involves classifying people into groups (them, us, young, old etc.) and ascribing to individuals some imagined attributes of some group.

      The proper way to deal with people involves treating them rationally and by judging them as individuals. (One judges an individual by his rationality: Does he approach all issues rationally or not, is he honest, is he courageous, is he confident, does he have integrity, does he seek to grow or to stagnate, does he value things and work to get them or does he seek to destroy values, does he earn his living or does he mooch, does he value himself or does he put strangers above himself etc.)

  11. interpretty says:

    Privet, Marina! You don’t have the word “AU PAIR”. Never thought it means somenbody’s equal. You could dig the origin and make a sexy video. Da? Once Haloween is over of course as I imagine doing a lot of scary stuff at the moment.
    Once I was asked who I’d rather be like and I replied Hot for words cos you seem to have found what you really enjoy doing. It’s great and I admire you!

    • Bob says:

      What an excellent CV you have on your web site, Anya. Very professional.
      You seem to have an interesting career too.

      • Evan Owen says:

        Hi Bob,
        Did you know the Celts invaded southeast Europe in 293BC? And we’ve been pronouncing Macedonia wrong? It’s actually Makedonia, named after the descendants of Donough Mor (the MacDonians.)

        Or maybe I being delusional again… :roll:

        (Your reference to the River Don in Scotland got me to thinking again…that can be dangerous!) :lol:

        • leonard says:

          [BLUE]…corked—TOMOGRAPHY….One night, at the Top Hat in Cwmtillery, Jones was spotted by Gordon Mills, a London-based manager originally from South Wales. Mills became Jones’s manager, and took the young singer to London. He also renamed him “Tom Jones,” an ingenious moniker that not only linked the singer to the image of the title character — a good-looking, low-born stud, portrayed in Tony Richardson’s film of Henry Fielding’s The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling, which was a huge contemporary hit — but also subtly emphasized his Welsh nationality. His backing group (The Senators/Playboys) was accordingly renamed The Squires. Gordon Mills gave many rock stars their stage names, among them Engelbert Humperdinck. It was the beginning of the second phase in Jones’s career. :lol:

    • leonard says:

      :smile: I’m looking up to you too…Bless your [AURA]…finding an enjoyable occupation is a P.h.i.l.o.s.o.p.h.y…..more than most Knows…. :razz: ;-) :smile: …. Eye’s admire U :!:

    • Evan Owen says:

      Привет, Аня!

      Почему Вы не пишете по-русский? Мы всё любим русский язык тут! :grin:

  12. CJ Alterman says:

    I would like to request a word.

    My word is [dishabille].

    As in:

    I opened the door and found Marina in [dishabille] and I realized that I had become very aroused.

    This is my favorite word (after “Marina”).

    Ciao baby

  13. xoxo9bumpers says:

    Whats the origins of the word, aphrodisiac?

  14. xoxo9bumpers says:

    Id like to know where the word moribund originates. And does it have anything to do with the word morbid?

  15. taaheatea says:

    where did the phrase “I’ll be horn swaggled” come from? Also, do you have the phrase, “rule of thumb?” I know it came from Europe, and way back when men could beat their wives, they had to measure their thumb and the board they used could not be thicker than their thumb. Is there anymore to that, and is this even correct? I learned about it a long time ago, I just want to make sure its accurate.

  16. antwon213 says:

    Can you find the origin of the word hockey

  17. oitsugina says:

    Looking for an italian translation, must be slang for “un umbra por favor”…….anyone know???

  18. ilikesexytime says:

    your breasts look so soft! PLEASE ORIGIN [SOLES] or [SOLES OF FEET] :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  19. jklazura says:

    I was talking with a friend who said “that’s a knee jerk reaction”… Did I jerk my knee????

    I would like to request the phrase [knee jerk reaction].

  20. eng27ine says:

    What the origin of “Hi Ho Silver” or “Hi Ho Silver Away” come from?

  21. inco says:

    the word “Help” !!!
    your dog name is ”Gorby” from Gorbaciov ??
    if so and if you are a big fan of mister Gorbaciov watch him on december 2nd at ( transmision)

  22. eng27ine says:

    I would like to request the word Southpaw

  23. itsgood93 says:

    Marina, you are the sweetest zombie ever.
    The game is funny. ;-)

    PS: the game is really funny

  24. KlaxonCow says:

    Hi Marina,

    I was in a discussion on YouTube about the origin of the word “meme” – as in “Internet Meme”.

    I suggested that it was based off the idea of a “memory gene” from evolutionary theory. This other guy suggested it was from the Greek “mimema”, meaning “something imitated”.

    Thus, I request the word [meme].

    Not just because it would sort out this dispute, but also because, well, you are a bit of an Internet meme yourself and there are lots of “memes” on YouTube.

    Plenty of scope for a fun and informative video from that, and if people are going to bandy the word “meme” all over the Internet, surely we should all learn where it came from, yes? ;-)

    • Bob says:

      I think Marina should definitely take the bull by the horns and grant KlaxonCow‘s request for [meme].
      It should put him/her in a very good mood. :smile:

    • leonard says:

      I agree for the “word lady” to en-lighten our darkness….I had a friend, whom I asked, he said; “it’s from the {me-me}-generation…part of the USA’s culture :cry: :lol: ;-) usually-silly of assoCiaTion :lol:

    • Evan Owen says:

      Shw mae KlaxonCow, a chroeso yn ol i HotForWords!

      Rydw i’n darllen bod y gwreiddiau “meme” yn y gair Groegaidd μιμητισμός (“mimitismos”). Mae geiriau tebyg yn Ffrangeg (même) a Spanig (mismo), “yr un peth” yn Gymraeg. :cool:

    • Evan Owen says:

      Shw mae eto KlaxonCow,

      As long as I’m doing introductions, meet Bob. He’s a closet Celt masquerading as an Englishman, living in Scotland (Aberdeen, I think.) He tells dreadfully clever puns but is otherwise congenial company. :grin:

      Rydym ni (chi a fi) wedi cwrdd o’r blaen ar-lein; roeddwn i yn y fideo “Salary” ar HotForWords, fel “CantwrCymreig” (fy enw ar YouTube).


    • pedanticKarl says:

      Hello KlaxonCow,
      You are an old timer here since 2007, but don’t see you often.
      Your request is a good one and many of us have requested it.

      I don’t know if you caught the video lesson by Marina
      called “Dinosaur Egg Found!” In that video, Marina
      refers to memes and then at the end of the video, Marina
      asks to name some memes.

      If you haven’t see this video, check it out.
      One link of the video is on this site and
      the other one is on the YouTube site.

      Dinosaur Egg Found!

      Origin of the term Rickroll

  25. Venomrock67 says:

    A “Tribute” and “Origin” for Cassandra Peterson, Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. :razz: :cool:

    Elvira Midnight Madness :mrgreen:

    Sorry Marina, I don’t have an iPhone :sad:
    but the game does look very cool :smile:

  26. Evan Owen says:

    Hi Bob –

    How about a round of “Laughable Latin?”

    Vici, veni, V.D. — I came, I saw, I cankered.
    Peccavi — I have Sind. (British military dispatch from what is now Pakistan)
    In loco parentis — Mum and Dad are crazy.

    • Bob says:

      Ab extra = Belly fat.
      Ad nauseam = Disgusting advertisements.
      A posteriori = An egotistical ass.
      Bona Fide = The dog’s bone.
      Campus martius = A Gay parade.
      De bono et malo = Eating the bone made me ill.
      Doctus cum libro = Free healthcare.
      Ex parte = A sexual orgy.
      Fiat lux = An Italian car’s headlight.
      Horribile dictu = Not a euphonious accent.
      Ibid = I’ll give you $5 for it.
      In camera = I haven’t developed the film yet.
      In loco parentis = My parents are on the train.
      Justitia omnibus = The fleeing murderer was killed by a bus.
      Lapsus linguae = The way a cat or a dog drinks.
      Magnum bonum = I like this private detective.
      Nemo malus felix = The cat ate the goldfish.
      Orbiter dictum = Radio communication from a spaceship.
      Pollice verso = The cop’s car turned over.
      QED = Quite easily done.
      Quid novi = Crisp new British banknotes.
      Rus in urbe = Marina’s in town.
      SPQR = Small profits, quick rewards.
      Sic transit gloria mundi = The van has broken down, I get Monday off work.
      Testis unus, testis nullus = Hitler & Göbbels.
      Vice versa = Lewd poetry.

      • Evan Owen says:

        Bravo, Bob! Have you posted this to the ‘Pun My Word forum, or shall I? :grin:

        I don’t know that I can match your tour de farce — at any rate I need to leave for work shortly; “work is the bane of the drinking class.” :smile:

        Vice verse:
        Cigs? No high, so what’s the point?
        It’s years since I have smoked a joint.
        Booze and women? For the birds;
        I waste my time on HotForWords!

      • Evan Owen says:

        ab imo pectore = my pecs have sunk to my abs.
        ab ovo usque ad mala = eggs and whiskey are a bad combo
        absit invidio = Abe, have a chair and watch this movie
        angulus terrarum = horrible fisherman
        annus horribilis = haemorrhoids
        ante bellum = Mom’s sis is a beaut!
        ars est calare artem = my backside is colourfully tatoo’d.
        bona vacantia = erectile dysfunction
        camera obscura = left the lens cap on
        casus omissus = wife’s satchel
        cogito ergo sum = I’m a codger, but I still feel some urges.
        in hoc signo vinces = Vince has signed the loan

  27. leonard says:

    Hi all…[coyote] attack, racoons next :lol: [Coyotes], which also are known as prairie wolves, are found from Central America to the United States and Canada.

    Wildlife biologist Bob Bancroft said coyote attacks are extremely rare because the animals are usually shy.
    [pet] :sad:

  28. darlingj says:

    Looks to be a big hit, if the reviews are any indication! :grin:

    I can’t believe no one has asked if Marina has been playing the game? So I will.

    Have you Marina?

    And if so, is it creepy being attacked by and trying to stop yourself, even if they are just copies? :???: :shock:

    How does your Sister like the game? ;-)

  29. theirishcondor says:

    can i request the word [apocalypse] please. i recently found out the origin to this word and would like you to tell your students because it might just ease people’s minds about the ’2012 apocalypse’ i also found the meaning of this word fun as its the opposite to what most people think. thanks

  30. Capman911 says:

    Can this pre game be played on the computer or just the I Phone? I can’t get it to work on my pc.

  31. James says:

    Marina, how do I link my YT channel to my Gravatar?

  32. onkel_buck says:


  33. onkel_buck says:

    Dear Marina,
    You are hot
    I am a serving soldier in British Army and my mate Bluey asked me what is the origin of word ‘Infantry’ can you tell us. Jamie McKinnon 38 Engineer Regt. Helmand Prov, Afganistan.
    Did I say you are hot

  34. cufan71 says:

    :cool: Southern Grapes Word Requests
    [Muscadine ] & [Scuppernong] :grin:

  35. Evan Owen says:

    Black History:

    [blanc] {French}

    [zwart] {Dutch}
    [schwartz] {German}

    • Bob says:

      Does the word [penguin] have its origin in the Celtic languages?
      {Welsh “pen” (head) plus “gwyn” (white)}

      A cop sees a guy driving down the street with three penguins in the back seat of his car. The cop stops him, and the guy explains that he found the penguins just standing by the side of the road. The cop says, “I think you’d better take those penguins to the zoo.” The guy agrees and drives off. Next day, the cop sees the same guy drive by with the same three penguins in his back seat, only this time the penguins are wearing sunglasses. The cop stops him again and says, “Hey, buddy, I told you to take those penguins to the zoo.” The guy says, “I did. Today we’re going to the beach.”

      • originalistrick says:

        High-larious, Bob! I needed that-thanks.

      • Evan Owen says:

        The “pen-gwyn” theory has to contend with the auk-ward fact that so many of the birds have BLACK heads. :smile:

        Originally the term “penguin” was applied to the Great Auk; but when that bird went extinct, the name was re-applied to the birds of the Ant-auk-tic.

        The Auk and the Orchid
        (Robert Williams Wood)

        We seldom meet, when out to walk,
        Either the orchid or the auk;
        The auk indeed is only known
        To dwellers in the Auktic zone,
        While orchids can be found in legions,
        Within the equatorial regions.
        The graceful orchid on its stalk,
        Resembles so the awkward auk;
        ‘Tis plain we must some means discover,
        To tell the two from one another:
        The obvious difference, to be sure,
        Is merely one of temperature.
        For eskimos, perhaps the Auk
        Performs the duties of the stork.

      • Evan Owen says:

        As long as we’re on the topic of white body parts, did you know that the Welsh name Bronwen means “white breast”? :shock:

        “Brassiere” in Welsh is bronglwm, presumably because it “gloms onto” a lady’s bronnau. :grin:

        (Did I ever mention I have attention deficit disorder? It’s characterized by uncontrollable free-associative thinking.) :lol:

        • originalistrick says:

          Wow, memories…A girl from my past was named Bronwyn, and she was so hot I never even got around to inquiring about her unusual yet beautiful name. Thanks, Evan – HFW is such an educational place!

      • Capman911 says:

        Bob I hope you don’t mind, I borrowed your joke to put on Twitter so it would show up on my Facebook. It wouldn’t fit on facebook as is, but through twitter it makes it go to Twitzer. Yea I know so much to have to do to get it from one place to another. :roll:

  36. Evan Owen says:


    Related? They sound so much alike, but are almost antonyms. :???:

  37. muggins says:

    Zombie Bikini Babe from Outer Space. But is there a way to make that relationship work?

  38. leonard says:

    My daily word requeSt…west to east and down to the north…..[][] [][] [ YANKEE][][] and that sounds like , ‘do you need a hanky?” A follow up request is [apparatus] and [apartheid]…thanks “word-Lady”… :smile: :cool: :smile: Golden Earring – Radar love…a kNew Su(o)nrise :-)

  39. onlycasperman says:

    Hello sweet ZoMbIe!

  40. knowledgeispower says:

    I would like to know the meaning and the origin of the word [religion]. I’m having trouble finding a good meaning to the word.Thank you very much.

  41. wyo550 says:

    It’s interesting that the producer of the project has FIVE comments at Youtube and 4600 views.

    I wrote the producer,
    “Your fine work elevates Marina Orlova to the panthenon of internet immortals! It’s amazing what electrons can do when they’re herded- despite Heisenberg uncertainty!

    “I’d suggest you produce a follow-on project with Orlova, where the slingshots hit words to form a (variation) on a sentence based on current events like this weekend’s THIS IS IT. When the player shoots words into a sentence they get the sexy payoff (IS THIS IT?) Good luck!”
    But what do I know?
    My prepaid Tracfone cellphone from KMart costs 10 cents/minute when I use it-which is only when I travel. I don’t even bother to access my voice mail. If I see that someone (I know) tried to call me (the mailbox is full) I simply call them back on MY schedule- not theirs. Cellphone, for me, is a communications technology for my lifestyle- not a lifestyle in itself

  42. I heard a couple of cutters flapping their bone-boxes about dropping jink for a {bloodskirt}. What were they getting on about?

  43. CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

    Just to be technical about it, I don’t think H-bombs were every actually dropped upon bikini. They were ground-based and fairly large.

  44. Just tried out the free demo game and it was fun – ha ha! I liked the different options & upgrades tossed in to keep it interesting – just might have to by the full version! Just in time for Halloween I’m sure it will be a success for you :mrgreen:

  45. 2utoday says:

    I don’t have an “I Phone” or I would download this game-oops application. It looks really cool. Why isn’t there an PC version so I can play it on my computer?

  46. erranthound says:

    awww,,, i don’t have sirius radio, wah wah wah!!! your moving so fast i will never be able to keep up.

  47. HotForWords says:

    I’m on Cosmo Radio in 10 minutes (6pm PST / 9pm EST).. you can call in and take part in my guess the origin game: 888-81-COSMO

    It’s on Sirius/XM Channel 111


  48. abthomas2 says:

    здравствуйте марина!!!!

    Like you I am quite taken with the study of languages (when I’m not saving the world with organic synthetic/medicinal chemistry ;-) ) and its origins and evolution through etymology… I have a particular word whose origin and composition is extraordinarily interesting…. I am requesting the word [onomatopoeia or onomatopÅ“ia ]… Plus, I just want to hear you say the word in that wonderful accent! :grin: Take care and hello from Georgia (the state, not the country, ;-) haha)….

    • Evan Owen says:

      Marina would probably know the country “Georgia” as the “Грузинский Республик” (or something similar). To its own citizens, it’s Sakartvelo (in their own alphabet, which I’m not going to look up at the moment). :cool:

      Anyway, from Tblisi to Atlanta is a “far cry”, not a “hoot ‘n’ a holler.” :grin:

      BTW did you ever hear of George Hitchings? His work (like yours) was in medicinal chemistry (Nobel 1988), worked for Burroughs Wellcome a bit north of you in North Carolina, & spoke fluent Russian. (Also my great-uncle.) :smile:

      • abthomas2 says:

        Absolutely my friend, I am familiar with George H. Hitchings…. He got the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine… He made many advances in pharmaceutical research and medicinal/synthetic organic chemistry… I am familiar with his work on 2,6-diaminopurine and p-chlorophenoxy-2,4-diaminopyrimidine… HAHAHA Of course, certainly more than a “hoot ‘n a holler” I’d say. Maybe a “stone’s throw” though… ;-) Also… Marina, I am sorry, I did not place my word being requested in red text, so here I am posting it again in hopes that you will see it this time…. [onomatopoeia or onomatopÅ“ia ]

      • Evan Owen says:

        Грузинская Республика. Feminine noun — should have known that, it’s feminine in Spanish and French as well… :roll:

      • originalistrick says:

        Evan, are you saying Hitchings was your great-uncle?

        • Evan Owen says:

          Yes — I used to listen to him at family gatherings, expounding on topics ranging from laetrile to Russian etymology. If I understand his work correctly, his major contribution was in the area of molecular geometry, understanding both pathogens and medicines so that one could engineer medicinal molecules to bind at critical sites on the pathogens — especially in ways that would disrupt their DNA to halt reproduction. This replaced the old “trial and error” approach of testing new compounds with the so-called “magic bullet” approach. :cool:

  49. psychomax13 says:

    :twisted: awesome! :cool:

  50. originalistrick says:

    This is great, Marina! Good luck with it.

  51. Hs4Mm says:

    HotForWords Trivia: You might have seen or heard ads for oreo cookies which present how some person eats an oreo. But in which video does HotForWords help make an oreo?

  52. seesixcm6 says:

    Dear Marina,
    I’m responding to your call for help in your video:
    Since all these zombies look just like you in bikinia, you must never wear a bikini, ever again! :!:
    Instead of a bikini, just wear two pasties and a tiny G-string. If we only see you this way, we’ll know it’s the real Hot For Words! :razz:
    I offer this help in my true sense of friendship and willingness to help another lovely person. :mrgreen:

  53. pedanticKarl says:

    Bought the Full Version of the
    “Attack of Zombie Bikini Babes from Outer Space” game and have been knocking out a few zombies. The game is a blast. Having way too much fun than is legally allowed by law. :lol:
    I also rated the game 5 stars over in the App Store.
    Love the game Marina!

  54. Greatest Potential says:

    funny always seems funny but when funny ain’t funny no more it ain’s so funny anymore

  55. Greatest Potential says:

    :smile: cute zombie babes :!:
    :twisted: cute zombie bikini babes from outer space to be exact

  56. Greatest Potential says:

    HA resistance HA is HA futile…

  57. leonard says:

    HotFOR….[horrors. :P :P we need stabilty and hillbillilitythe cramps…+ :P

  58. Rijk says:

    still on homework-strike


  59. Capman911 says:

    You looked like a belly dancer every time you would talk your mid section would wiggled, so cute. Great antics. :grin:

  60. James says:

    I was first Marina! Don’t think you can cut in on my by making comment 0. :lol:

  61. madluko says:

    I love iphone games and will be sure to check this out. Could I suggest a word? I’m sure the you will say yes so here goes… Lycanthropy

  62. wyo550 says:

    Gives new meaning to “giving head”! CRUNCHY good and low calorie video.

    Going to the Garden for Bono, Bruce and friends Thursday and Friday? My Australian gf just called from NY. We might go! The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame event will be THE place for bikini zombie aliens from Planet Z… to feed on the blood of twisted human pond scum.

    But then, you already knew that with your twisted telepathic powers, right? Do you sell your head or give it away on eBay? Let’s see…I type in a search “Give head”- not a category! What?
    No head?????? Well, it’s not like you’re a potty mouth…. like those aliens from Planet 51.

    LUCY, I’M HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • wyo550 says:

      Lisa just called back. She saw your video and thinks someone or some THING is a closet case. She knows about such things. She’s bi-continental, not just bi-coastal. She knows a lot about head. Down under in Sydney, the water swirls in the other direction.

      What I want to know is when an alien flushes on the equator- in a yacht or a spaceship– does the water in the head just disappear into another dimension- without swirling in either direction?
      Does the head just shrivel up and go ……POOF?

      Now I know what to look for in the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade Saturday…Marina Orlova as the “human” bikini body with the SHRUNKEN alien head!!!

      Program THAT in your “eye phone”, alien monster from Planet Z!
      (Zed as the Euros call it)

  63. neuroway says:

    WOWOWOW! These evil bikini babes sure are pretty curvy sexy. Not to say beautiful. The world would be uglier without them. They perhaps can be educated instead of destroyed!! I say we try to educate them first. If it doesn’t work, then let’s pass in destroy mode!


    Thinking about doing something evil, but not doing so because of the consequences, not out of fear, but out of sheer intellect, is one thousand times better than doing something fundamentally evil without thinking about the consequences, be them short or long term. If this premise is true, then one good criminal mind is worth one thousand little foolish and insouciant ones. MMUUAAHAHAHA!!

  64. wetsuit5 says:

    A game where you are supposed to shoot sweet Marina.
    I don’t think so…
    If you win, Gorby hates you?

  65. matsrg says:

    A marvoulus but a bit scary video… :twisted: :twisted:
    I will check the app and try

  66. packcat says:

    Come on… We all know Babes from Outer Space do not wear any clothes. Only their accessory belt to holster the ray gun they carry.

  67. James says:

    Nice one Marina! I thought that it would be an origin, I was getting annoyed because things kept cutting in…Then I realized :twisted:

  68. pedanticKarl says:

    I can’t wait to get abducted.
    Awesome space zombies.

  69. frameshiftproductions says:

    Wow…that was…wow :shock:

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