Segment for G4 TV’s Attack of the Show: Shenanigans

Here is a segment I did for Attack of the Show for the word Shenanigans :-)

Here is the clip over on G4 TV’s Website.

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18 Responses to Segment for G4 TV’s Attack of the Show: Shenanigans

  1. HotForWords says:

    Twitoaster is supposed to pull replies to my posts that people make on Twitter… does that make sense? In other words, if I tweet my post, like this post, and someone replies to that Tweet, it should show up here as a comment.

  2. James says:

    FAIL… I can’t see this… Can you just put it on YT?

  3. originalistrick says:

    Fun – ny!

  4. thematrix75 says:

    This was a good video,but just doesn’t seem as good and as funny as a previous episode it was about pie, that was on G4 before.Keep up the good work,all the best….

  5. pat haskett says:

    I grew up hearing this word as my mother used it quite frequently. I distinctly remember catching a buzz in the basement with some friends. We were all relaxed and mellow when all of a sudden the lights came on and the shout, ” What kind of shenanigans is going on in here!” Ah, the memories…

  6. Venomrock67 says:

    Killer! :razz: ……
    shenanigans turnabout REDUX :mrgreen:

    word request please: [GOTHIC]

    Haunting,Mysterious and Romantic….
    Seductive Vampire….Create a strong Cupid’s Bow. :idea: ;-)

    BLACKMORE’S NIGHT-Soldier Of Fortune (cover)-Live in Paris Moon
    DEEP PURPLE-Child In Time (1970) Granada Television :cool: :cool:

  7. Greatest Potential says:

    shhh! watching video

  8. Hs4Mm says:

    This actually aired last week — why the delay in posting it here? Does your contract with G4 TV require you to wait? (I don’t recall a delay for the previous two shows.)

    PS: This is the answer to the trivia question asked in #57youre-so-rude-tube.

  9. Lennie says:

    US only. :-(

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