Carl’s Jr. Wins Best Online Campaign


Remember that online Carl’s Jr. campaign I was involved with with the other top YouTubers, Smosh, sxephil, iJustine, WTCC, etc?

Well they won the Best Online Campaign over at the OMMA Awards and Best in Show! I like the lines “Results? Per-store sales of the featured burger doubled from the period before launch. Nice buy, if you can get it.”

Here was my video that I made:


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34 Responses to Carl’s Jr. Wins Best Online Campaign

  1. ship_wreck_lhd7 says:

    AW MAN! As a sailor stationed on the east coast…we dont have the six dollar burgers out here…and especially not one with portabella mushrooms. :cry:

  2. tonyb says:

    Chop them mushrooms up and simmer them with steaks or scrambled eggs in the morning!! mY DAD may have been a better cook than my mom. but he was a tradesman too! A little wine with that? (the steak?)

    • leonard says:

      My dad was a cook too and as good as my mother…I miss her rye bread ***[made with real butter]***I miss my dad frying rabbit and his buckwheat pancakes….[buckwheat] and I wonder if the Russians make any booze out of buckwheat?…they sell left-overs for pillow-stuffing…if food did’nt rot; there would be no wine?, like smelly old pota([toe]s)…used rye of black or purple to fly……peace and thanks for your times momment of before and now….


      :cool: :lol: :smile: …soul i wanted a brand…the horIdiotic Behaviour [Branding A Horse]
      …ps-thanks for the edit-thingy

  3. suprstock says:

    carl jrs and hardees, must be da same ting

  4. samuel3d says:

    I like to eat my Veggie burger with my hands LOL.

    I wish I was that buger that she was eating LOL.

  5. doncross2bear says:

    Being nearsighted, I have a thing for four-eyed beauties. The glasses SO work for you….

  6. Capman911 says:

    Great video M. But why does the bag have a Hardees star on the bag? :lol: :smile:

  7. Rijk says:

    What? 3 possibilities to the origin of the name, no conclusion?
    Now i know how you keep your body in shape. When you “eat” your burger, it doesn’t appear to get any smaller.
    Didn’t you like it?

  8. pat haskett says:

    I remember this the first time around. It was educationally stimulating then as it is now. Congrats on your award!!!

  9. Che Volay says:

    Now I’m hungry or Romanian

  10. Captain Jack says:

    Congrats! :-)

    Oh I wish I could eat a cheese burger again. *sighs* :-(

  11. roberhor says:

    Well, you don’t wanna know how I eat but… weren’t you supposed to show it like the other models and get it all over… you? You know like on your top n’ stuff?

  12. originalistrick says:

    How neat is this! Guess I wasn’t the only one stimulated watching you munch out on that burger.

  13. smokey36bear says:

    I eat my burger in two or three bites.

  14. jimmcgovern says:

    Really nice video; ironically serious, funny and educational at several levels.

  15. Greatest Potential says:

    smart advertising & lots of winners. a good combination.

  16. muggins says:

    Oh, she’s gonna drop sauce on her boo… on her boo-ooo… on her books.

  17. pedanticKarl says:

    Congratulations Marina!!

    I watched all of the videos made by the other YouTubers. There were some nice videos made, but yours was by far the best constructed story line and being in a library setting and then, to see the tension of feeding one’s mind versus feeding one’s stomach and the burger won out by desecrating that book.

    You should have seen me wince when the dressing hit that book, but that was sooooo funny, and then at the end taking a massive bite out of that burger. Of course, that was the intention, to show that Carl’s burger is more sacred than the book.

    Excellent video!!!

  18. tonyb says:

    THE BIG KAHUNA BURGER; THE CORNERSTONE OF EVERY NUTRITIOUS BREAKFAST! I had a drill sargaent in basic training who reminded me of Samuel L. Jackson in PULP FICTION, which si supposed to be one of your favorite movies!!

  19. raraory says:

    Privet Ti zamuzhem ? spasibo

  20. augie says:

    hehe i perfer magic mushrooms on my burger

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