Interview for Predicto TV

Here is a brief interview that I did for Predicto TV, a company that reaches 1.8 million mobile phone subscribers.  I was joking about Twitter beating Facebook/MySpace by the end of the year, but I do feel that Twitter will beat them all very shortly!  I guess they have a feature where you vote with your predictions.

You can find them by clicking here.


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  1. greatestpotential says:

    What do you Predicto(?) Oh, that’s an easy one. Not telling :!:

  2. Captain Jack says:

    “, but I do feel that Twitter will beat them all very shortly!”

    Well well.. Marina, sorry to burst your bubble but unfortunately it’s not going to happen. You might not be aware of the buyout that really put the one of the last nails in twitters coffin. Twitter was just a casualty of war with Facebook vs Google Wave. Twitter needs to sell if they plan to survive. It appears Google might be the ones to sell to. They are even integrating twitter into the wave. Twitter team needs to wise up and fast or go the way of HD DVD or BetaMax. LOL, just look how short a life span HD DVD had. What a freaking waste of time and money.

    This all brings up a new TV show I’m really enjoying to watch. It’s called “Shark Tank”. One guy came up asking for money for his folding guitar. The sharks offered him a killer deal. The guy refused it for he wanted to protect his little baby and make a name for himself I guess. The guy was so freaking stupid. He could have sold it out right and made mega bucks to fund a million s of his ideas. The world would have been a better place if he sold the folding guitar idea to people who are proven experts in marking such an idea.
    If the guys at twitter went on the show. I bet the sharks would combine and super fund the company to help it be competitive with the big boys.

    So mark my words. Twitter will fall out of the spotlight for sure. People will gravitate to facebook or google wave in it’s place. If you don’t agree that this will happen just think about this. You want to display your ad on a social media site with the most exposure. Which would you choose? 28 million people or 93.7 million people? (Number of visits per month via

    • neuroway says:

      “Merchant and pirate were for a long period one and the same person. Even today mercantile morality is really nothing but a refinement of piratical morality.”
      – Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900)

    • HotForWords says:

      Quantcast has nothing to do with the popularity of Twitter. Most people do not access Twitter via its website, so those traffic numbers are all wrong.

      Mark my words, Twitter will end up with more users than Facebook, probably by the end of next year. It’s just too easy to use and so portable (easy to use on cell phones).

      If I told you that Facebook would beat MySpace when MySpace was at its height, anyone with half a brain would have said NO WAY.

      Facebook beat MySpace because it was easier to use, didn’t have complicated pages to navigate with all the ugly skins that people were putting on myspace.. and it offered one more thing that was the MOST IMPORTANT part of its success… THE ABILITY TO CONTROL WHO CAN CONTACT YOU AND WHO YOU FOLLOW. MySpace became one big “How many people are following you” game and then it became unusable when you got too many followers.

      Now.. Twitter goes one step further. It’s even easier to use than Facebook. It has asynchronous functionality, meaning that I can follow who I want to follow, regardless of whether they are following me or not, and it is EXTREMELY easy to use.. easier than Facebook.

      Those 3 facts will make Twitter win in the long run.

      Remember when Ashton Kutcher had the race to the first million followers with CNN and ended up winning.. and it was a big deal? That was just a couple months ago.

      He is now at 3.4 million followers and he still finds Twitter useful. And do you know how many people are at 1 million plus followers? Over 111 and that number is growing exponentially.

      I like this article: Facebook

      Anyway.. those are just my predictions. And I am always right.. so can they be called predictions then? (jk) :-)

      • greatestpotential says:

        :smile: Twitter rocks :!:

        I think it was me who predicted there would be a Twitter King, a person on twitter who would get a million followers and I coined the word twittonaire

        Of course I mentioned this here at the HotForWords site if anyone wants to look it up. This was just before Ashton Kutcher went and scored the million plus followers and toppled Larry King and became the Crowned Twitter King

        I don’t want to go over 140 char, oops

      • greatestpotential says:


        Anyway.. those are just my predictions. And I am always right.. so can they be called predictions then? (jk)

        I usually just take a curtain bow and then I’m gone

      • pedanticKarl says:

        Marina is absolutely correct.

        Twitter will most likely become the third most powerful search engine after Google and YouTube. Already, most people are using Twitter to search for things that matter to them most and Twitter has better accessibility and visibility than all the other social networking sites. Facebook drives me nuts and I dropped MySpace a long time ago.

        Ease of use is the critical factor. When comparing numbers such as 28 million versus 93 million one thing that needs to be considered is quality of potential buyers. I would rather be with 28 million quality buyers who will buy now rather than 93 million, most of whom will never buy or will buy in 5-10 years.

        Twitter is so pervasive now (billboards, radio, replacing email, etc) that it is here to stay.


        • greatestpotential says:

          Marina has the knowit on Twitter down pat

          Geesh, talking top 10 fanatic LOL

        • Captain Jack says:

          Twitter is not a search engine. It really sucks at that task. It’s very difficult to search tweets that are older than two weeks. Friendfeed does have a live search in it’s code. It excels at that task and is one of the major reasons why Facebook acquired Friendfeed. Maybe a better term for your example is Crowd Sourcing?

          93 million vs 28 million. What makes you think that twitter has more quality buyers than facebook? Are you saying that people who use a simpler tool are a group of higher quality of buyers versus a more complex tool to a lower quality buyer?

          The reason for the increase marketing for Twitter is because it’s loosing to Facebook. It’s an undisputed fact that twitter has less market penetration than Facebook.

          • pedanticKarl says:

            Hey Captain Jack,
            My research shows that search as you and I know it is dead, or more importantly, is going through a new evolution or a split if you will. In fact, the majority of the people don’t even know how to use searches properly and when they do, they do not get the answers they want. Many of my answers to searches come from Yahoo Answers.

            For the vast majority, search results more than two weeks old are not needed. How often do you go past the first page of a search result? For most people it is very rare. That’s why there are special sites to give answers like Wiki and many others because Google can’t do it all.

            Current searches do not answer critical personal or local questions. Timeliness is of essence and the Internet has not dealt with that, or it has tried and it keeps breaking. The search engine is not the answer, yet, but people are the answer.

            There are massive holes in the simplest of searches that I have done and when I do get an answer, it has taken an hour. I can get a faster answer by dialing 411. I can tell you what happened in the UK today, but tell my where the massive smoke is coming from over the hill and no one has a clue.

            For example, Marina discussed the nerd word Twoogle, where someone asks a question on Twitter that could easily have been Googled. One reason people Twoogle is because they hate spending 30 min to an hour to maybe get an answer. It’s easier to Twoogle.

            Twitter is working on many projects that will solve the immediate and local questions and answers.

        • Captain Jack says:

          Hey PK,

          I don’t think search is dead. It’s going to evolve. The new Bing is a clue of that change. As for Yahoo Answers, I don’t trust them. Just like Wiki any one can post an answer that is popular believe. Even Marina can attest to that.

          “For the vast majority, search results more than two weeks old are not needed.” I totally disagree with that.

          “How often do you go past the first page of a search result? For most people it is very rare.”

          I go several pages deep at times. What make you think this is very rare?

          “That’s why there are special sites to give answers like Wiki and many others because Google can’t do it all.”

          Google is not a Wiki. If it was they would have Wikioogle.

          “Current searches do not answer critical personal or local questions.”

          Google was not designed to answer questions. It’s a document search engine to help you find the answers from other sources.

          “Timeliness is of essence and the Internet has not dealt with that, or it has tried and it keeps breaking. The search engine is not the answer, yet, but people are the answer.”

          Crowd Sourcing is very useful but it’s not the complete answer to the problem. Intelligent software is the key.

          “There are massive holes in the simplest of searches that I have done and when I do get an answer, it has taken an hour. I can get a faster answer by dialing 411. I can tell you what happened in the UK today, but tell my where the massive smoke is coming from over the hill and no one has a clue.”

          Here’s something else about the internet you might not know of. Not all answers are on the internet. Someone or something must post the information on the internet. There are just somethings you will never find on the internet. Micro blogging i.e. FaceBook and Twitter might give you the answer of why there is smoke over the hill. But I would rather have word from a Fire Marshall or Police Officer that has the facts.
          For example there was so shooting on I-5 here in Seattle. There were many rumors of what was going on. It wasn’t till later when the police gave out the facts in the TV news cast.

          “For example, Marina discussed the nerd word Twoogle, where someone asks a question on Twitter that could easily have been Googled. One reason people Twoogle is because they hate spending 30 min to an hour to maybe get an answer. It’s easier to Twoogle.”

          I must have missed that Twoogle lesson. Humm.
          I’ve used twitter before to try to find answers and I get a 60-40 success rate. I ask about if such and such movie is any good I get many answers. It’s hard to find a qualified answer. If I ask someone to explain superposition, I get a very silent feed. Then people send me the first link in google, which I could have done myself. Once again I’m faced with unqualified people to answer my questions. I do much better using google to find blogs or such to find writings, videos, etc to find my answers.

          “Twitter is working on many projects that will solve the immediate and local questions and answers.”

          I wish they would focus on solving their immediate issues they have with the service first before venturing out on other projects. Besides cloud computing will replace services like twitter, facebook, google wave.

      • Captain Jack says:

        Your correct that Quantcast has nothing to do with the popularity of Twitter. Quantcast is just a site that does traffic analytics of different websites. It does not make twitter or any other service more popular. :roll: Ok, maybe the numbers are wrong. So I searched for another site that would clue me in that Quantcast numbers might be correct.

        You said that most people do not use the web to access twitter. Well I found an other article that is contrast to what you say. Please read the Mashable article on August 20th, 2009 | by Adam Ostrow “65% of Tweets Still Come From the Web”. In Adams article there was a study published last week by Rapleaf who looked at the most recent 20 tweets from 4 million different Twitter users, and found that 65 percent of them originated from Two-thirds of tweets are updated using computers at; the second most popular client – mobile phone texting – only accounts for 1/10th as many tweets. Roughly 20% of all tweets are sent from PDAs and mobile phones. I would venture to guess that since you have an iPhone and your friends have iPhones/PDA phones that most everyone has some sort of PDA style phone. For example, have you every gone out and bought a car or an outfit thinking you have something that seems to be a bit rare. Only to find out that as soon as you drive your car off the lot you see like a dozen of the same model car as you own. Also read about twitters quitter problem. I still run into people that can’t figure out what twitter is good for other than following celebrity gossip. So I’m curious where you are getting your data. I’ve shown you mine, now show me yours. :smile:

        Regarding your thoughts, “Facebook beat MySpace because it was easier to use….” Well have you seen the new FaceBook lite version? Take a look at this article from TechCrunch.
        That pretty much mutes the issue of FaceBook not being as easy to use as twitter. This is before FaceBook inter-graded FriendFeed.

        I also would like to note that funding for Facebook is much grater than Twitter. Facebook has $716 million dollars in funding versus Twitters $55 million dollars. What does that mean exactly? It means they can buy coders, equipment, bandwidth, and so on. Interesting thing is I hardly see any money spend on advertising. It seems that twitter gets exposure on the backs of celebrities. I’m beginning to think that twitter will be mostly used for fans to enjoy little tidbits of their celebrities.

        More informations about Facebook and Twitter from CrunchBase.

        What’s the big deal of having 3.4 million followers? Think about it. What is the value of 3.4 million people watching your tweet? >>$$$$$$<< We are only exposed to the tip of the ice burg. We only see what they want us to see. You practice the same thing with other types of media. My question is does Ev Williams have a deal with Ashton? I’m sure he does. It’s what I what I would do if I were Ashton. I think there was more to the contest between Ashton and CNN. Ashton created value with his twitter account.

        Regarding the Chris Dannen article. He’s not in “the know”. There is some very interesting reasons why FriendFeed was excited about being bought out by FaceBook. In fact it’s been in the works for a very long time. I read an article some time ago about why it was a good idea for the buyout. I can’t seem to find it. I remembered some key points. FriendFeed has a _real time_ search engine. Twitter does not. In fact you can’t very well search for tweets more than 2 weeks old that easily. Friendfeed doesn’t have the 140 character limit that twitter does. Friendfeed inter-grates well with other services. Friendfeed practically runs my facebook account now. It’s the glue to all my social media sites. I see Friendfeeds code merged with Facebook will make it a killer social media service. Darn I wish I could find that article that really gave clues about the reasons for this little buyout. I do know it wasn’t to beat twitter. It was to prepare for Google Wave. Twitter will become a casualty of this buyout.

        Ev Williams thinks his company is worth 10 billion. Most people who own their own companies think their companies are worth more than what VCs think they are. Ev would not last 30 seconds on the TV show ‘Shark Tank’. Of course I have to consider I don’t have all the information why Ev thinks his company is worth that much. He may have some data not released yet that shows he can make a VCs ROI worth more than 10 billion.

        Now I know some of saying that I might be a pro-facebook fan. Well I’m not. I hate facebook. I use twitter a lot. I’ve even have quite a large following even though I’m not a celebrity. Though I find my following very small compared to other non-celebs. I know people that have 100,000 followers and have no celebrity status. If I really worked hard at creating content on my twitter account, I could reach 70,000 easily. Anyways, I see the writing on the wall that facebook will dominate over twitter. I think the race right now will be between Google Wave and Facebook. Creeping up is Cloud computing. I see Google Wave in the best spot for the onslaught of Cloud Computing.

        “And I am always right.. so can they be called predictions then?” Well first off my dear, you’re not alway right. :razz: Though your right more than not, which is great. :mrgreen: I feel you have not look at enough data to make a well researched prediction. What are your thoughts of my research? :grin:

        P.S. What does “(jk)” mean?

      • greatestpotential says:

        twitter is microblogging & the tweetosphere is where everyone who tweets has their own way to connect to zip their own tweets around in the tweetosphere. every individual has their own way to communicate via tweet, this being their unique tweet dna. if you wanted to apply string theory to twitting you can see an electronic landscape where trees are everywhere and birds fly from tree to tree and tug on strings which are laced throughout the branches of the communitweet trees. this is the tweet community as we know it.

  3. wetsuit5 says:

    I think your interviewer was thinking: “I gonna kill whoever picked out my low cut dress for today. Keep smiling.”

  4. [Ayauhcocamalotonameyotimani] This is a hard one but i know how much you LOVE Words! lol! :shock:

  5. fglrx says:

    At 3:07 Marina revealed by chance her most hidden secret: she has a girlfriend :grin:

    • fglrx says:

      So guyz, go and stop with the fables and put yer hopes aside! :lol:

    • beevee14 says:

      Bummer! Like any of us had a shot, right. I wouldn’t mind some evidence(photos, tape, VHS, Beta-I’ll find something to play it on), you know, just to put our minds at ease! :twisted:

      Be happy, M, just be happy :mrgreen:

      • leonard says:

        The (Hi)high priest(price) said that too :lol: …Paris is “SEXY” :roll: Extra credit.. what does the symbol below stand for?(o)-_-(o)…or what are “Oak nuts”? :?: :???:

        • beevee14 says:

          No, She isn’t. She nasty.
          Extra credit- Ummm, IDK but with my Buckeyes getting ready to wreak havoc once again, here is a little joke I heard that is pretty popular around here:

          How do you make Big 10 cookies?

          You put them in a horseshoe shaped bowl and beat them for three hours! :mrgreen:

          especially Michigan

          • leonard says:

            When are they professionally gonna let women play football?

            Is football an all MAN or all Boy sport?….scarey?…

            Mano Negra – I Fought the Law (with Jello Biafra) & Sidi’H'B
            …play ball…and horse shoe around for the BUSH cheerleaders :lol: :roll: :twisted: I shook this guy’s hand…Eric Burdon – Sky Pilot (Live, 1998)
            …and met Aynsley Dunbar – drums
            :cool: :P almost as cool as meeting Muddy Waters

          • beevee14 says:

            When are they professionally gonna let women play football?

            Reminds me of a story:

            When I was playing H.S. ball, one of the teams we played against had the first female H.S. football player in Ohio. We were all thinking that it could get pretty interesting untill we found out she played tackle!(Fugly & huge) Well, in those days you played ‘iron man’(both ways). The guy that played tackle on our team and was lined up across from her(EVERY play) was a MEAN sumbitch. We were told she had special shoulder pads for her breasts but he didn’t care. Every play he was hookin’ or jabbin’ straight to the titty! They took her out midway thru the third quarter for “bruised ribs” :mrgreen:

            Is football an all MAN or all Boy sport?….I think an all man sport. A couple of good ‘sticks’ and you can seperate the men from the boys pretty quick.

            Damn, I miss playing football… :sad:

            Football is all about putting your head where your head doesn’t want to go.
            -Woody Hayes

          • Venomrock67 says:

            Hey B, ;-)

            Seattle landed a Women’s Lingerie Football Team. :smile:

          • beevee14 says:

            Yeah, I had heard about that. I didn’t know if I was blasted or had died and gone to heaven! :mrgreen: ;-)

      • leonard says:

        7777)(77777 know telling the secret :evil: :cool: :smile: 777][777 {7}{7} ball with the girls and you must be in [OHIO]….[tease] like a drY dOck at the

        grEAt lAkE M*A*R*I*N*A

    • leonard says:

      [dream] :roll: [cream] :razz: [scream] :cool: [redeem]

      H*o*t F*o*r W*o*r*d*s

      [babies] :lol:

  6. Venomrock67 says:

    [RIFF RAFF] :razz: :cool:

    [Naive] :| :arrow: Will we ever learn not too repeat the PAST
    So now it seems like were going to FAST :???:

    Just trip back down to the chicken farm where a holiday was spent in Cambodia :!: :sad:

    [Loose Lips Sink Ships]
    “So come aboard for a pleasure trip
    It’s high tide So lets ride
    The MOON is risin’ and so am I” ~ AC/DC

    Okay people, I’ve been on a AC/DC and Dead Kennedys kick lately. :mrgreen:

    Btw Marina, another great interview :smile: You’re on a roll! ;-) :cool:

    • leonard says:

      When I was playing music on radio….most people thought I was nuts to import AC/DC :razz: :razz: :razz:….before the pistols….that was at university and most students were not ‘hip’…I love it when mainstream media picked up on them….hell YES

      • Venomrock67 says:

        A DJ huh :cool: that must’ve been a fun gig. :smile: First time I saw AC/DC I was about 10 or 11 back in ’78 and I went with a buddy and this girl from class along with his sister who was in high school and her boyfriend who were supposed to be our chaperon :lol: Anyways he had an extensive record collection of anything rock, punk or it seemed like it to me, So believe it or not I was aware of who AC/DC were. But you wanna talk about people not being ‘hip’ to them, the headliner was Ted Nugent, when AC/DC came on to play right from the start the crowd showered them with debris and boos and callin Angus a faggot because of his getup, I’m not kiddin the crowd wanted to kill them :!: :shock: they were able to play maybe 2 songs. Me and my friend really wanted to see them.
        So I had to move away with my parents (I was a Navy brat) and they moved back to the same area a few years later. Had a chance to go check them out again at the same venue in ’83. This time they’re headliners-BON (R.I.P) and have 3 sold out nights, Go figure :roll:
        The area I’m talkin bout is Seattle and it’s still rich with MUSIC, My parents along with some other family members moved to my Dad’s hometown of Boston about the late eighties, I decided to stick here for awhile moving back and forth from Cali and have had some fun and hardships trying to do the band thing, But I’m fortunate right now I have a good paying job to fall back on with the way this economy is, gotta say I do hate the fukn gov’t here though. So this is for anyone including I who have taken or want to take this route ;-)

        :razz: It’s a long way to the top

        if you wanna [Rock'n'Roll] :mrgreen:

        Sorry Leonard on the length of this but hey you’ve had an influence on some of my postings :razz:

        • leonard says:

          Ted Nugent went to an all-BOY school and shit his pants to get out of the draft…I met him back then(76) he cut his leg with his chain saw[clutzed]…Lucky you to seeee the…nice fifes on that song you picked :razz: :lol: The guitarist’s older brothers band…EasyBeats – Friday on my mind
          ….like HotForWords ;-) keep rocking brother…[DODGE]

    • Captain Jack says:

      Without looking up that phrase [loose lips sink ships], my experience with the phase is from military usage. Sailors get so very involved with classifided information they tend to get desensitized to the information we posses. When sailor visit the bars in town they like to decompress from the days or weeks of work. What happens is they inadvertently talk about classified information without even realizing it. So there is an old saying that they use to remind each other that what they say can be used to sink their ship (or others) in a time of war. We would tug on our buddies shirt and say, “Hey shipmate. Loose lips sink ships.” That was their clue to check what they were saying a bit more closely.

    • Captain Jack says:

      “Seattle landed a Women’s Lingerie Football Team.”

      Yeah, I hope they win a few games. Btw, did the SWLFT originate here in Seattle? I thought I heard that on TV, not sure though.

  7. muggins says:

    Oooo, that last comment about Lady Gaga, how mischievous of you, Marina ! Clothing can hide some pertinent facts.

  8. Che Volay says:

    So after you log in from the home page you now go directly to the latest lesson.

    Had trouble logging in until I cleared my cache.

    • Che Volay says:

      I tried texting today while on the way to the basketball game, I was sitting in the passenger seat and it was nearly impossible to see the screen (glare) and correctly hit the right keys, this was on an Iphone.

  9. darlingj says:

    I Predicto continued great success for Marina Orlova! :smile:

  10. tonyb says:

    Those TMT Merry Traveller Girls, the Travelogue Girls, they are real girls, are they not?

  11. beevee14 says:

    Geat interview. It seems like she didn’t expect you to be as intelligent as you are. ;-)

    BTWI like what your shirt said but her top was not very flattering on her. There was no cleavage where you normally see it. Not that I was looking or anything… :oops: :shock:

    • Capman911 says:

      Beevee I agree, what cleavage. I don’t think that top was very flattering on her at all. Now this would be cleavage you could
      advertise on. I wonder if Marina ever thought of this type of advertising? Just kidding Marina just kidding. :arrow: ;-)

      • beevee14 says:

        Holy Schnikies! You could get some good “exposure” at that location! ;-)

        location, location, location! But why am I thinking of pillows? I’m not really sleepy! :twisted:

        • Che Volay says:

          ‘Schnikies”? Never heard that before, does it mean anything or is it some kind of blessed bicycle sneaker :???:

          • beevee14 says:

            I like that! :mrgreen: No, I was at the vid store getting a couple of movies(Kill Bill Vol. I & II- I can’t wait to see Inglorious Basterds), when I saw Tommy Boy and it was the ‘Holy Schnikies’ edition. If you’ve ever seen it, you know. If you haven’t; rent immediately and prepare to laugh…hard!

            One of my all time comedies

            Thats gonna leave a mark!

          • beevee14 says:

            Speaking of Tarantino, I just got done watching ‘Grindhouse/DeathProof’…again! Right up there with ‘Bullit’ as far as driving movies are concerned. :mrgreen:

            Don’t like Robert Rodriguez to much. Too gory…

  12. PageDoll says:

    If Lady GaGA is going to pose nude they’re gunna have to bring a master air-brusher from like, the Chip Foose garage to hide that package! :razz: …he my have already done some work in the Maxim spread. :|

    You have all the questions down, don’t you Marina? ;-) :mrgreen: Do you ever get tired of answering the same questions all the time? Be honest!

  13. Capman911 says:

    Lady GaGa Ok where is she hiding IT :lol:

  14. leonard says:

    Always cool and hot… :lol:

  15. greatestpotential says:

    :o Lady GaGa whaaa :!: ah, a shout out to twitter :idea: and microphone kisses :lol:

  16. MCLIJazz says:

    That was good. Coincidentally, since you texting while driving came up, the night of the book signing, one of the segments on “The O’Reilly Factor” featured a graphic educational video on the dangers of texting while driving. A viewer warning was issued before the video was shown and I skipped ahead on my DVR when it was shown.

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