Internet Commenter Funeral

This is a funny video that is an exact representation of what it’s like to comment over at YouTube!  In fact it should have been called YouTube Commenter Funeral! The language is not safe for work, much like the comments on YouTube, so keep the volume down!

Anyway… check out the 1 minute 25 second mark where a guy starts going into the origin of the word über and the girl responds with “Would you stop quoting Wikipedia!”  Sounds familiar, right?

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33 Responses to Internet Commenter Funeral

  1. fglrx says:

    Another video from CollegeHumor Originals – We Didn’t Start the Flame War (a parody of Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire” song) also contains the whole truth about the users comments. And might be even funnier, I think (but warning: explicit language is in it).

  2. duddits says:

    I have been making (and moderating) comments for so long the lol, 1st, no way & “quote speeches” are static. The video is quite funny. I know a place it needs to be. One of John C. Dvorak’s pages. No way, lol, poser…..
    Happy Apollo 11 week HotForWords. Thanks for laugh I needed one.
    -d {aka fairuse}

  3. äläx says:


    apparently it’s possible to have the same display name more than once. now, if i change my name to “marina”, take your gravatar as my gravatar … that’s gonna be one big mess. is there any way to prevent that?

  4. audadvnc says:

    Oh, no way! (Multiple iterations – hah!)

  5. Che Volay says:

    They forgot the overused, “Awesome”

  6. leonard says:

    :evil: H*a*V*e M*e*R*C*y…saint’em…….dieing

    dye me a color…diminutive

    ["suck off"] request :lol:

  7. Captain Jack says:

    People actually still comment on YT? Oh wait, I forgot about the sheeple, A.Js, and the trolls. When will YT introduce filters? Oops I know the answer to that. NEVER! :roll:

    • Marina says:

      YouTube had filters the other day for about an hour and people got all pissed off so they removed them.. did you see when they had them? It was funny seeing all the words they were censoring… like sexy, porn.. etc..

      I do think that if a person gets rated down so much each time his comments don’t appear automatically on all posts.. but even that can be abused.. so it might be tough to create a proper filter that doesn’t get abused somehow.

      • greatestpotential says:

        It was funny seeing all the words they were censoring… like sexy, porn.. etc..

        It was pretty funny seeing all the words that didn’t get censored too



      • Captain Jack says:

        No I didn’t the filter system. They only had it for an hour? That’s not a test.

        I’m not totally clear on how this filtering system worked in the past. Knowing YT they probably implemented it backasswards.

        I think it’s up to the individual producer to filter their channel how they see fit. A producer should not have to waste time deleting obscene comments on their channel.

        Also there should be a rating system of youtuber viewers. Just like they have on ebay and other services. If your just a troll then you should be labeled as such and your account band from commenting.

        • greatestpotential says:

          Knowing YT they probably implemented it backasswards.

          Yo, Captain Jack! It’s good to see you giving YT the benefit of the doubt.

        • greatestpotential says:

          Have one fer ya then :arrow: How many YouTubers does it take to change a lightbulb :?:

        • greatestpotential says:

          well, one person has to check first to make sure the bulb complies to green efficiency standards

          another person makes sure it’s okay with google that there’s enough funding before any lights get replaced

          another person is in charge of making hush to make sure no one is told of the change so it’s a complete surprise and causes an uproar amongst the yt community

          another person who explained how twitter operates is to explain to others how to change a lightbulb

          and the last person finally realizes that it’s not a bulb that needs changed it’s a tube

      • leonard says:

        A filter got the women addicted to smoking cigs…[tobacco] or when Russia got beat by the TURKS :smile: :twisted: :smile: “smoke’m if you have got to”…filter and tubes for [smart-gas}.... :lol: [fUnnY]…roll’em

  8. errol says:

    The guy rolling on the floor laughing made me ROTFL. :lol:

  9. BillyB says:

    Love the pics from a real camera, can really appreciate the bling.
    A typical Y/T comment= You’re pitiful. I’d a’ hoped “JB” had a good sense of humour

    In case you were hoping for “You’re Pitiful” to be included on my “Essentials” collection, sorry, this just in from Blunt’s manager:


    “Thanks for your email, but both James and I will never approve this parody to be released on any label.”

    ain’t twitter grand :?:

    • Capman911 says:

      Billy that picture was so close and clear I found myself making out with the computer screen. :lol: I don’t think the bling is what you had in mind when you blew up the photo. ;-) :mrgreen:

      • BillyB says:

        … a little too much information Cappy :shock:
        I did not blow up the pic. It is as it appears on the twitpic site. If you click on the “view full size” button above pic you see the pic’s original size. That pic is unlike a lot of the pics that are taken with her “cracker jack box prize” iphone thingy.
        That necklace is cool & if those little stones are real, worth a pretty penny. I’m quite surprised that I didn’t see anybody comment on it… but then, should I be surprised?

  10. freebird says:

    Yes… the lingo left for comments on You Tube videos is troubling.
    Indubitably, as it were, at any rate, therefore, uh… hmmm? :shock: :roll: :smile:

  11. greatestpotential says:

    According to natural progression futanari porn comes right after elastic corn

  12. greatestpotential says:

    Actually I thought commenting over at YouTube was more like the HotForWords GTW Game 18 video. Just saying “Hi” and then you hear a loud BOOM! and feel some buckshot whiz past your ear and after a while you get used to ducking blasts from blunderbuss fire on a regular basis.

  13. raven62 says:

    That comment at 1:25 wasn’t your input? They robbed you. We need to get them for that. :twisted: Would be great to have a watch like that one. You could mute troubling people. ;-)

  14. CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

    How does the guy that says “Last!” know he’s last?

  15. darlingj says:

    What a disappointment. Where is Marina? :smile:

  16. greatestpotential says:

    Just recently I was looking up some info on a band on wikipedia and it was inaccurate and I wanted to scream.

  17. raven62 says:

    Going to watch it next. :grin: :grin:

  18. darlingj says:

    Where is leonard?

  19. greatestpotential says:

    :smile: going to watch it now

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