Follow in the footsteps of HotForWords


Look at who YouTube uses as an example of a successful partner on YouTube :-) Two people, myself and Panacea81!

Awesome!  Thanks jamesingtonthethird for the screenshot.


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25 Responses to Follow in the footsteps of HotForWords

  1. pedanticKarl says:

    Here is an awesome interview of our teacher by Trendhunter magazine. There are several new pictures of Marina and she talks about some word definitions like trend and cool.

  2. freebird says:

    :shock: WORD REQUESTS: [ mendacity ] and [ prevarication ] :shock:

  3. BillyB says:

    I wonder if James will still be whining when he gets to 10k. + subs & they still don’t make him a partner :?:
    Chin up jamesingtonthethird ol’ chap… You’re young yet, deal with a little disappointment before you receive an appointment. You do get people’s attention, just gotta hold it for awhile.

    • James says:

      Ill never get that many

      • äläx says:

        have you tried flashing your nipples?

        • bigbhd95 says:

          Please Alax :roll: dont give him any :idea: :oops:
          Ive told him more than once to speak up in his videos :shock:
          but to no avail :sad: oh well :cool: :arrow:
          have a good one ( or more than one lol) :grin:
          :cool: B.B. :mrgreen:

        • greatestpotential says:

          actually all he’d need to do is rub an ice cube on his nipples then put on a thin material t-shirt and tape it quick before the numbness subsided

      • bsomebody says:

        James, I second bigbhd95 (again) on the sound issue. Your clips have great sound, but too often I find it extremely difficult to hear your voice. I know I am badgering a bit, but I do think this one adjustment would benefit you greatly.

        Chin up, lad! You are moving in the right direction.

      • BillyB says:

        Peter has been around awhile… joined Youtube around the same time as Anne Spade… 2006. He has 50K+ subs & doesn’t talk loud enough. What’s his appeal? He’s not beautiful like Anne & Marina, but he has his own way of attracting people. Don’t try too hard just to be a “Partner” James. Attitude has a lot to do with your appeal to the target audience. Figure out what it is people like about you & develop that… figure out what you like about you too.
        Real friends in the real world build real memories & friendships (relationships) that have to work because when everything unplugs, its you & the real people.

    • greatestpotential says:

      I’m working on that, a huge subscriber draw. hmmm, now I just have to figure out how to shorten the title. this is what I have so far 1 cup, 2 lesbians, a push-up bra and a bottle of tabasco® sauce

  4. leonard says:

    [gold bricks] :idea: cow trail and cow chips….follow the yellow brick road :razz: [gold brick]

  5. Che Volay says:

    Maybe not follow in your footsteps but walk in your shoes, yes that’s the ticket, your soft leathery shoes, with the scent of …..ha ! ha! ha! jk :mrgreen:

  6. leonard says:

    James still f*ucking with his :lol: …teachers and corporation drugs…I think Marina needs some like Mikey Jackson and tonic to sleep….

    Follow the hollow :;:it was a joke and poke and abort :grin:

    good job handled :razz:

  7. ohgodohgodeddieohohoh says:

    I can’t stop thinking about following your footsteps.
    Can I offer you a [manecure]?

  8. greatestpotential says:

    Yes, HotForWords, a shining example of successful partnership and YouTube even went full on and spelled it programme

  9. Capman911 says:

    That is so cool. :smile:

  10. freebird says:


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Not your typical philologist! Putting the LOL in PhiLOLogy :-)