The origin of the word pamper.

Do you like to be pampered?

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217 Responses to Pampered

  1. rohman says:

    thanks you very much ……………..

  2. hott4urblog says:

    That’s not what we call pampering….. that is spoiling the kids. I’d love to pamper myself but, I can’t reach around my own back.

  3. scott c says:

    Hi there and hello.

    I have LONG wondered ab out the origin of the wor or phrase [Hotrod].

    I understand about the hot part. You mentioned that a ‘hot car’ was a stolen car. In the ’20′s and or ’30′s rod was slang for a fire arm of some type I think most specifically a hand gun as in rod or piece… but how did hotrod come to be a reference to a modified car… modified typically for speed… I suppose for ‘sucess’ at the drag strip.

  4. Capman911 says:

    I have a question. On the forums site under each person’s name and Gravatar is the words PM this user. What does that mean, PM that user?

  5. Capman911 says:

    I haven’t been pampered in a long time. The only way that I could be pampered is if you could sign my pre ordered book since I didn’t get my Calendar signed. :grin:

  6. Capman911 says:

    Ok since James told his joke here’s mine.
    A man is sitting in a bar and in walks another man with a lamp, a small piano and a real live 12 inch tall man. The man sits the items down at a table and the little man begins to play the piano. Amazed by this the first man walks over and asks the second man where did he get such miniature fixtures. He said he rubbed the lamp and out popped a funny looking genie. He said here give it a try, but be leary of what you wish for. So the man rubs the lamp and out pops an odd looking Genie. He asked the Genie for a wish and the Genie said go ahead and make your wish. The guy wishes for a million bucks and “poof” there were one million male deer running around the bar. He said what is this and the first man said ” do you think I wished for a 12 inch pianist.

  7. dsfoto says:

    Dear Teacher I am curious :idea: what is the origin of the word [TOY] please investigate also such dirivitieves as [BOY TOY] the adage ‘he who dies with the most TOYS wins’ ИТД
    Happy Trails
    your Student

  8. txturbo930 says:

    You are so darn cute! You deserve to be pampered. I’d spoil you rotten. ;)

  9. songbirdn23 says:

    why athlete’s foot is athlete’s foot .. where does it come from??
    every athlete has athlete’s foot ??

  10. thetobester says:

    Cool, didnt know that… I got one for ya… the word [ shit ] wher does it come from?

  11. beevee14 says:

    “Vote early and vote often.” – Al Capone 1899-1947

    I didn’t know Capone was a founder of ACORN :!: :???: :?: ;-)

    • neuroway says:

      “I have no use for men who steal and cheat;
      The fruit of evil poisons those who eat.

      Some wicked men are rich, some good men poor,
      But I would rather trust in what’s secure;
      Our virtue sticks with us and makes us strong,
      But money changes owners all day long.”

      – Solon (638 BC-558 BC)

      • beevee14 says:

        ‘I judge a man three ways: What he does, what he says, and if he does what he says’

        • neuroway says:

          Do or do not rely too much on what scientific learning says or does. There is no try. It is demonstrably flawed.

          “Homo is not just sapiens but demens; and it is by using the resources of both conscious and unconscious minds that he is best able to tap into his own ingenuity.”
          – Edgar Morin (1921 – )

    • leonard says:

      :lol: :lol: Back to the cave; bat breaks brass knuckel heads…birdman sings[*]*N.ot *I.n *M.y *B.ack *Y.ard][*]Nimby project and the new deal…Burr Oak or Red Oak or Black Oak and the almighty OAK to make whisKey….right oak :lol: :lol: :razz:

  12. placebo says:

    [Oh snap!]

  13. kriodd says:

    I’ve got a challenge for you.

    Some one made me laugh big time here the other day on a forum, and I responded by saying: 555.

    So here is the question: what do [555] mean? ;-)

  14. leonard says:

    :smile: Morning is good: daily word requests—


    Miss Kittin & The Hacker – The Womb

    2.)[a bortion of rape]

    some dreams are RAPes…..pussy revolution :razz: :lol:

  15. James says:

    Blonde takes her car to a garage to be fixed, the man says to her

    “Nothing much love, just shit in the air filter”

    Blonde says “How often do will I need to do that?”

  16. matalexwolf says:

    Too long ago to remember last proper pampering however, falling asleep under a big tree one hot afternoon last week with Betsie, was akin to feeling very relaxed. She is an 8 week old puppy, floppy and very nosey!

    Thai massages, pampering??? they hurt big time!

  17. chrisj says:

    Dear Marina,

    Pampelen? Being Dutch, I decided to investigate myself ;-)

    Pampelen indeed does have the meaning you attribute to it, but there is a catch: (in the) South of the Netherlands the word appears in a different form, ‘pamperen’. And this means to grow/cultivate, to nourish, to look after tenderly, to encourage and to strenghten (see also L.L. de Bo, Westvlaamsch Idioticon, Brugge 1873). Most likely it is this form that lent its meaning to the English verb.

    Regards -and keep up the good work!-,

  18. itachi106 says:

    I’d like to request the word [Flick] as in a “movie [Flick]“, How did it come to be known as a movie?

  19. patrickbutton says:

    I’d like to request the word [bash] as in “birthday [bash]“. How did it come to refer to a party?

    Thanks! :)

  20. labbatt78 says:

    I’ve had a looong 12 hours on the North side of Chicago today-day and night.

  21. leonard says:

    Good luck with the taping for O ‘Reilly— HOTFORWORDS, [horsing around] :lol:

  22. annetwahnette says:

    I would like to request the word [gobbledygook]. I heard a man say it on the street and i have no clue what it means.

    Annetwahnette Elluise

  23. Ranger says:

    I would like to know the origin and meaning of the word [Ranger] as its an adjective and a name. My name is Ranger

  24. danielpool says:

    HELLO MARINA :grin: :grin:

  25. soliddorer says:

    I would like to know the origin for the word [behold] :P

  26. rac3rsx says:

    id like to know how companies come up with names? like [ASUS] and [intel]

    what kinda name is ASUS? was Intel intelligent?

    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      There are all kinds of factors that go into choosing a business name — some serious, some frivolous. One is uniqueness. Some want a name that will stand out and not infringe on other’s registered trademarks and some want to deceitfully ride another’s coattails, e.g. Panashiba (which I actually saw on some electronic trinket at Fry’s). Then there is the desire to avoid undesireable words in other languages, e.g. the Chevy Nova (in Spanish, no va = doesn’t go). So there is a big research effort when a major product is to go worldwide.

      To answer your question, Intel is a contraction of integrated electronics. According to WikiP, ASUS is the last part of Pegasus, so it could be said that it was named after a horse’s rear end. :lol:

      I’ve always wanted to start a company named, Super Highway Information Technology Company to see if anyone would ever abbreviate it.

      • rac3rsx says:

        what about apple? and macintosh? did steve jobs like apples?

        • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

          Good guess. It’s a good thing he didn’t work in a rutabaga field!

          Just to forestall the possibility that this thread will field an endless supply of company names, check here first. (Print the list out and hang it on a nail in the outhouse. After you read it, you might think of some other use for it. :o )

  27. stigmatasaurus says:

    HW: The last pampering was going to Haleiwa Joe’s at Haiku Gardens last December.

  28. MtnDood says:

    Call me curious but I’d like to request the origins of the words and phrases (prepare yourself) [Acapella], [Karma], [Wolf in sheep's clothing], [paranoid] and [Lollipop].

  29. leonard says:

    [[ANARCHY]] :razz: Bending to the bows of polic.ey…

    Megadeth-Anarchy in the UK

    Megadeth – Tornado of souls (Live)
    :oops: sEx pIstOls :oops: :grin:


  30. nvestysly says:

    Any ideas for [frugal] pampering? In this day and age of layoffs and downsizing [frugality] is nearly a necessity.

  31. the shaun says:

    giving a child anything they want isn’t what I’d call “Pampered”.

  32. freebird says:

    —–to pamper is nice but, not necessarily necessary. :shock:

  33. Che Volay says:

    Just read this on Twitter: From @linajk,

    Why are blonde jokes so short?

    So men can remember them.

  34. Che Volay says:

    Pro Tip #33 – Going camping to escape skunk stink is not a real good plan. The woods are full of critters :shock:

    & the house still stinks after the skunk battle, I may have to burn the place down {insert Pee Yew “smiley” face here}

  35. placebo says:

    [all that jazz] [Rumplestiltskin]

  36. pandion says:

    I cannot remember the last time I was pampered.

  37. placebo says:


  38. viggo says:

    I’m a college student majoring in English in Hong Kong and once studied Psychology for 2 years :D
    I would like to request the origin of the word [Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia] (Fear of long words). Thanks a lot!

  39. michaelz says:

    Hey, What is the origin of the word[autograph).

  40. porkchopmark says:

    When was the last time you were stuffed with Food? I like your definition this time Marina. I lost 24 lbs now from Bentonite Clay. This is wonderful if you havent tryed it. My friend said I look 10 yrs younger. Now I wake with energy every morning. The brand I use is from

  41. philbee says:

    Marina is getting some decent definition in her arms. I think someone has been doing some weight training!

  42. fletcher says:

    Speaking of pampered… where is your PAMPERED pooch? I miss the little fella!!! If you ever felt so inclined, maybe you could examine the origins of the words fluke, flounder, crab etc. – not as words for marine animals but their alternative uses. Love the site and miss the little fella! – Fletcher

  43. smokey36bear says:

    I haven’t felt pampered in a long time. My son gets pampered almost every day by me or my parents. Riding go-carts, going to movies, playing ‘Guitar Hero’…

  44. hotrocky says:

    The last time I felt pampered was a few weeks ago. I was playing piano with the Tom Skinner Science project at the Mercury Lounge (crazy ’bout a Mercury) and I was on a break when two of my favorite ladies came in together, all dressed up and looking like a billion dollars. They bought me a double Jagermeister and hugged me up. I happened to glance at some of my friends, sitting at a table, and their eyes were very big. I already have a reputation as a ladies man, but this was delicious! BTW, I’ll be 72 on July 26th.

  45. mjd27 says:

    I would like you to research the word [ Mafia ]. I know it has what i guess could be called synonyms like ‘Cosa Nostra’, and other words connected to its use like mafioso, but I would like to see if you can find out where the word itself originated.

  46. cufan71 says:

    :smile: Hi y’all! Check out my latest video: Me driving my John Deere 2510 :cool:

    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      Cinephotographallistic critique: If you are telling the audience they will be seeing a tractor driving along, then the scene should be that of the tractor driving along, not the scenery from the tractor. Nevertheless, it was a pleasing little drive.

      What is the structure in the lower-lefthand corner at 0:24?

      Why is the air intake up in the air like the exhaust? Are you planning to drive under water?

      • cufan71 says:

        :smile: Glad you enjoyed my video! The structure is a fence corner. I don’t know why the air intake is like that. :???: But, it’s one of my favorite things about my tractor! :cool:

        • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

          Maybe the previous owner had to clean the filter too frequently, so mounted it as high as possible to avoid early-cloggeration.

          Perhaps someday you will do a stem-to-stern tour of your tractor, pointing out all the gadgets, gizmos and gimmicks and explaining the function of each for the non-tractorite. (PS: What you do with your PTO when you are out in the woods all alone is your business; please keep it to yourself. :mrgreen: )

      • Chemikal says:

        Tractors are mainly used in agriculture.
        And you wouldn’t want to spray your plants with unburnt fuel. :-)
        Is that a diesel tractor?
        I’m likin` the power steering! ;)

    • Chemikal says:

      I like your tractor, riding on your steering wheel with you was relaxing. Have to do it again soon! ;)

  47. daysleeper says:


  48. zebobs says:

    Marina, I Would like to know the origin of the word [rendezvous]
    i think that it comes from french, however idk the exactly origin.
    please could you solve my request?

  49. leonard says:

    [angel]…[gelly of gell]…jam-up and jelly tight have a nice day :smile:

    :lol: Hot And Nasty Black Oak Arkansas :arrow:

    Black Oak Arkansas – If an Angel Came to See You … :???: [soup] :razz:

  50. bobsully says:

    The definition of “Pampered” is “Gorby.” ;)

  51. brucy says:

    Im Confused, is it [fullproof] or [foolproof] ?

    • Marina says:

      foolproof, meaning you can’t fool it or trick it.

      • brucy says:

        Ahh, thank you very much. I ask because I said it to a friend and had a blank moment because I didn’t know if it was Full or Fool

        I love the quote ‘The problem about a plan being foolproof is that the universe will invent a better fool’ ^_^

      • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

        I disagree. It is not a matter of fooling or tricking. Foolproof means that something (a task, plan, instruction, etc.) is so clear that is highly unlikely that any person cannot follow it or it is arranged in such away that it is not possible for anyone to fail.

        For example, suppose a worker’s task is to place a sticky label on a product. The worker could place it anywhere in any orientation, say, upside down. To make the process what might be called foolproof, the design engineer could place an indentation in the product into which the label would fit so that the point of application is unambiguously defined, and further, one corner of the indentation could have one corner trimmed off so that a label, also with one corner trimmed off, would fit in only with the desired orientation.

        To sum up, if the work that is to be done is arranged so that things can only be done in the right way, that is foolproof. You know, like the U.S. tax code. :lol:

      • Chemikal says:

        I’m going with CampKohler’s interpretation on this one. :-)

      • greatestpotential says:

        :o will…have…you…sitting…on…the…brink…of…eternity :arrow:

        fail-safe :!:

  52. ika says:

    Just one comment about Vampirs. It is a word that comes from the Serbian lenguage. It spreaded around the world mostly during the reign of Dusan Silni, ruler of Serbia, Greek and Bisantyum. And so, it came to the Romania, neighborur coutnry, alsow rulled by Dusan Silni, and latter on was attached to the Vlad Cepes, or count Draccula. So, the origin of the word Vampire is no longer a mistery. :)

  53. reflexdb says:

    Marina – here in the US, many state and city employees are feeling the effects of budget shortfalls in furlough days – or no pay work days. I was curious about the origin of the word [furlough]. Will you help me?


  54. originalistrick says:

    Great lesson! Now I know that I pamper myself too often the wrong way.


  55. originalistrick says:

    Hmm…just learned some cameras and phones (including the IPhone) geotag their photos. Something to think about.

    • pedanticKarl says:

      Hi Rick, geo tagging is optional and can be turned off.
      When enabled, a question box comes up and gives you
      the choice to activate. There is a separate activation
      when using maps.

      • originalistrick says:

        ‘Mornin’, Amigo. So, when you bring a new device home from the store, the very first time you use it, knowing nothing of geotagging, is it enabled or not? I’ve never seen any mention of it when using a newly purchased phone or camera.

        • originalistrick says:

          I guess I’ve just missed seeing it.

        • pedanticKarl says:

          My iPhone geotagging was enabled out of the box.
          As soon as I click the camera icon,
          a dialog box comes up asking if I want
          to tag pictures or not. I can go into
          settings and turn it off completely.

          • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

            There was a U.S. case where a guy taped himself fishing. He used the jiggered timestamp on the tape as an alibi. The fakery was detected by virture of the sun’s angles in the shadows and he was convicted of murder.

            I wonder if someone would be able to jigger the location for the same purpose. Could someone devise a box that you can put your phone in that will simulate the GPS constellation and still allow you to take a picture, say of the murderer in front of a newspaper vending machine with the wrong city’s newspaper showing?

  56. beevee14 says:

    Anybody out there got a cure/remedy/potion for poison ivy. I cleaned the fence line last week and got into a patch. I put RoundUp on it twice in the previous month, but I obviously didn’t get it all! :sad:
    Thanx in advance for any(serious) advice :razz:

    • leonard says:

      That flower that jumps when the seed is ripe, jewelweed….it works for the itches of poison ivory…picture and copyright information

      [fence] up swords, Sittin` on a Fence (Stones)…great cover by a blonde lady

      :lol: PS- hows the [badgers] this year? :cool:

      • leonard says:

        all of my friends at school grew up and settled down/ and they mortgaged up their lives/ one thing´s not said too much, but i think it´s true /they just got married ´cause there´s nothing else to do// so/ i´m just sitting on a fence.. :roll: How’s the foxes and [ground-hogs]-grinders?

      • beevee14 says:

        We will see how the Badgers are Oct. 10 in Columbus, OH. ;-)

    • leonard says:

      Hay boss—my dad of WWII used this stuff….PLANTS GIVEN CANCER

      Agent Orange had its genesis as a defoliant in an obscure laboratory at the University of Chicago during World War II. Working on experimental plant growth at the time, Professor E.J. Kraus, chairman of the school’s botany department, discovered that he could regulate the growth of plants through the infusion of various hormones. Among the discoveries he made was that certain broadleaf vegetation could be killed by causing the plants to experience sudden, uncontrolled growth. It was similar to giving the plants cancer by introducing specific chemicals. In some instances, deterioration of the vegetation was noticed within 24-48 hours of the introduction of the chemicals.

      Kraus found that heavy doses of the chemical 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D) could induce these growth spurts. Thinking this discovery might be of some use in the war effort, Kraus contacted the War Department. Army scientists tested the plant hormones but found no use for them before the end of the war.

      Civilian scientists, however, found Kraus’ plant hormones to be of use in everyday life after the war. Chemical sprays that included 2,4-D were put on the market for use in controlling weeds in yards, along roads and railroad rights of way.


      • leonard says:

        :shock: Atrazine
        From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

        IUPAC name [show]1-chloro-3-ethylamino-5-isopropylamino-2,4,6-triazine
        Other names Atrazine
        See also synonyms
        CAS number [1912-24-9]
        SMILES [show]ClC1=NC(NC(C)C)=NC(NCC)=N1
        Molecular formula C8H14ClN5
        Molar mass 215.68 g mol−1
        Appearance colorless solid
        Density 1.187 g/cm3
        Melting point 175 °C (448 K)

        Boiling point 200 °C (473 K)

        Solubility in water 0.007 g/100 mL (?°C)
        Except where noted otherwise, data are given for
        materials in their standard state
        (at 25 °C, 100 kPa)
        Infobox references

        Atrazine, 2-chloro-4-(ethylamine)-6-(isopropylamine)-s-triazine, an organic compound consisting of an s-triazine-ring is a widely used herbicide. Its use is controversial due to its effects on nontarget species, such as on amphibians.[1] Like many commercial products, it is sold under numerous trade names. Its use is banned in the European Union but is still one of the most widely used herbicides in the U.S. with 77 million lb applied in 2003.
        :smile: :shock: :smile:

        do not drink the [JUNGLE JUICE]…dance lessons for the kNew Mike Jackson jesus juice before bed :evil:

        self held “crotch-brain” equals American $$$$$devil-mass-dance :x

      • beevee14 says:

        Wierd you should bring up Agent Orange. A story:

        About 2 months ago, my dad and brother took a trip to Florida. Being a 15 hour car trip, they had some time to talk. The Old Man was in the Air Force from ’58-’62. He was a mechanic on KC-97′s, the old turbo prop refuelers that were replaced by the -135′s. Evidently, In ’61 or ’62; the govt sent his squadron over to this dirt air field in Laos, They would land, open these 55 gallon barrels with an orange stripe around them and fill up the tankers. They would then fly east and turn on the refueling pump and shower the jungle with this stuff. They would then pump JP through the system to flush it. He told bro that they were splashing this stuff all over them with ZERO protection. The civvies(CIA?) there said ‘any mention of this and you boys will be breaking rocks in Leavenworth.’ Every man in my dads squadron died of cancer. :sad:
        He had a spot on his colon removed but is OK. He kept it secret for almost 50 years. I guess he doesn’t care anymore…

        now I kid and say our family is Superpeople! :cool:

    • originalistrick says:

      I’ve gotten some relief using Benadryl, beevee14. But for some unknown and fortunate reason stuff like poison ivy and insect stings/bites affect me very little, so I may not be the best person to comment. Hope it clears up quickly.

    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      Even if you did manage to kill every speck, would not the oils of the dead plants still cause the problem if they were not completely removed?

  57. supersteve says:

    Dear Marina,

    This is totally off the topic, but it is something I want to share with you. Have you heard of the Slovenian singing group called Perpetuum Jazzile? If not, please check out this (and their other) video/s. I think you will love it as much as I do:

    I don’t speak a word of Slovenian, but this song really gets to me, and I can’t get enough! Are you able to understand any of it? Just wondered how close the languages are over there.

    Love Stephen

  58. beevee14 says:

    “Show me a sane man and I will cure him for you.” – Carl Gustav Jung 1875-1961

    When Carl was on his deathbed, The nurses were worried because of his age and told his daughter so. He overheard this and roared, “But I am Jung”. The nurses said, “See, he just keeps fighting.” ;-)

    You got the cure along time ago, didnya, Bee? :shock: :roll:

  59. James says:

    Marina on the home page of yt

    YouTube Partner Programme: Join Us!
    You are producing your own content on YouTube. You have built up a decent audience. What next? Well, how about following in the footsteps of Hot For Words and Panacea81 and signing up f

  60. Xyvius says:


    I recently became interested in learning Russian after a vacation in Europe. I am picking it up quite quickly, but after a few lessons, I found myself wondering if the Russian words for [Not Water] had anything to do with the name of the 36th State in the Union out west?

    Thanks in advance,

  61. swampwiz says:

    So pampering means to eat a lot of food. I guess the logical result is a product like Pampers. :mrgreen:

  62. meanmarine says:

    Marina, I would like to request the word [bailiwick]. Thanks in advance,

  63. denisrussia says:

    Hello, Marina. Please, do the origin of [cell phone]! thank you ;-)

    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      Why not can opener or screwdriver? Come onnnnnnnn, people. How could anyone have lived the last ten years and not know why a cell phone is so called? Or why the Internet is called that? It’s not like anything has been lost to antiquity; the inventors are STILL ALIVE. It’s all been documented umpteen times. We even know who decided to put the @ in E-mail addresses, for gosh sake.

      Sorry to go off on you all like that, but I am just dying to know where Hotforwords came from. I am sure it will be necessary to run an archeological dig with strings, shovels, screens and brushes and all that to find out the beginnings of this ancient terminolgy. Please pass me a pith helmet, and I’ll take the spare cot in M’s tent. :roll:

  64. honeyluster says:

    I would like to request the word [dinner] because I would like to know when it evolved from the largest meal of the day into the evening meal.

  65. raining3s says:

    hello, your videos are great

    i would like to request the word [picture]

  66. lindeman says:

    Can you tell me what the word (Kill) mean?

  67. Be_The_Change says:

    I would like to kow the origin of the word [RACIST] & [ANTICIPATED] tnx xoxo

  68. leonard says:

    Fun :mrgreen: [Amp] :idea: [stamp] :lol:

  69. okay4now says:

    Thai massages are great, and real ones with the walking & the stretching on the floor even better. I’ve had, before, three massages in one day & also I’ve had 4 hour massages–many of them. But, really, they aren’t always simply relaxing but therapeutic even sometimes with some pain, whatever. Yeah, yeah, yeah when it’s over hugely relaxed and energized–and healthier, which leaves me wondering: if it’s done for health & there is discomfort involved is it still “pampering” :?:

  70. Come to Chicago and do a book signing on Michigan Avenue. I will set it up.

  71. amorhunter says:

    Whats the origin of the word [Uroboros]? I head it was a snake biting its own tail.
    I hope you make a video about this :)

  72. jspsych says:

    Speaking of sexy words, how about the origin of the great making out word, “Canoodle.” Seems to me that while making out, “noodle” is the last thing you want to hear…

  73. Chemikal says:

    Pamper yourself?
    Are you sure that’s necessary? I mean, at the age when you’re able to apply to yourself a fresh pair of pampers, I would guess you wouldn’t need them anymore. :-)

  74. 2utoday says:

    :mrgreen: I pamper myself by watching your videos and by watching black and white movies from the 1930′s through the 1950′s. Gotta love it!

  75. chanelnichole says:

    I would like to request the phrase [For Pete's Sake]. Who is Pete, anyways? Please and thank you =)

  76. elanaisonfire says:

    I would like to request the word [fired], as in [you're fired!].
    Was that literal at one point? :shock:

  77. muggins says:

    Say this string real quick 3 times:
    camper, damper, hamper, pamper, tamper, vamper (it’s a word),

  78. bigbhd95 says:

    Hi Marina :grin: as you do, I also enjoy massage as often as possible :oops:
    B.B. :cool:

  79. seesixcm6 says:

    Dear Marina,
    I pampered myself when I bought my 2007 Chevrolet Aveo, which is loaded with features, such as air conditioning, power windows, power brakes, AM-FM stereo with CD player, automatic transmission, speed control, remote power door locks, and I bought it outright in October, 2006, so it’s still under it’s 3-year warranty. My prior car is a 1992 Geo Metro with a 5-speed manual transmission that I still drive daily because it gets high mileage. Although it’s 17 years old, I still try to keep it nice. I only drive the Aveo on long trips, such as to Monterey and back. With air conditioning, the Aveo pampers me on long trips, so I arrive in better condition than if I drove the Metro. (Yes, I pamper myself by owning two cars!)

    So, you pamper yourself by getting massages, facials, Lady Godiva chocolates, by dining at the finest restaurants in Malibu, LA, and Beverly Hills, driving a Mercedes-Benz car, by getting pedicares and manicures, enjoying fresh osters, uni, green tea ice cream, and other foods, travelling to Hawaii, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Cannes, Miami, and you go watch many LA Laker basketball games! Most of all, I’m glad you buy yourself so many low-cut dresses, tiny, skimpy bikinis, and you wear them so often in your videos and photos!
    I hope you pamper yourself and live a good lifestyle forever, and that I’ll be able to see you enjoy yourself, even if it’s from afar! :razz:

    • Chemikal says:

      May I ask how much did you pay for that new Aveo?

      • seesixcm6 says:

        Yes, you may ask. At that time, it was almost $15,000 thanks to the high taxes we have here. It was delivered through Port of Richmond, so transportation costs weren’t high. This car is sold world-wide, but prices will differ due to local taxes and transportation costs. It’s inexpensive in South Korea, but is much costlier in the Netherlands, due to their taxes.

    • Marina says:

      It’s funny, because I was giving an interview and told the interviewer that I love living near the beach, I can go any time I want.. and my friend said that I never go to the beach, and that got me to thinking that she was right, I DIDN’T go to the beach at all! All of this living in sunny California was just a facade for me, I was just locked up in my apartment all day long, pretending to be living this great life!

      SO I made a conscious effort to start getting out and visiting these places.. plus to start pampering myself a little so that I could actually start to reap some of the benefits of living where I live. So you are experiencing me experiencing these things first hand for myself! I hope I don’t go overboard with all the pics and tweets.. but it really is me just getting out for the first time and seeing what’s out there! :grin:

      • leonard says:

        :cool: SOUL TRUE

        That it is like smelling the flowers__ eVeRyWHeRe or does EvErYwhErE- look cooler?{[“not in my backyard”

        :smile: have a fun sunDay :lol:

      • PageDoll says:

        Go overboard!! …so happy you’ve allowed us to experience your life with you!

        FYI, you don’t have to pretend to live a great life, you already do you silly! I think sometimes its difficult to see ourselves… put it this way, anybody who picks up a pair of cute looking shoes with the fancy red sole is having a great life no matter how much you get out of the house.
        Think of it this way, if you didn’t spend so much time “locked up in your apt.” you wouldn’t be where you are today. Am I wrong? :smile:

        Its to early for this kid to make any sense, I need my coffee! Have a great day! :grin:

        • PageDoll says:

          …like I make sense at any hour of the day! :roll:

          • Bob says:

            You’re both making sense to me, PD.
            I think it’s great that Marina is sharing the almost child-like excitement that she’s experiencing with her new-found activities, though I’m a little shocked that she is only now experiencing them for the first time.
            I think that she is also very wise to bring her life back into balance after the initial, intensely focused period necessary to get her business off the ground.
            She has sacrificed her freedom and some of her youth to bring pleasure to a lot of people, so it’s only right that she should start to enjoy the fruits of that sacrifice.

      • seesixcm6 says:

        Dear Marina,
        I had a twinge of sadness to remember you came from a country that had a poor economy. And I’m proud you succeeded at the University under such conditions. My own successes are moderate, in comparison.

        I’m very happy to see you enjoy nice things, and yes, I should realize you are doing many of them for the first time. You certainly are much braver than I am, by enjoying such things as Risotto Nero, raw oysters, uni and other wonders! I’m happy to see you enjoy things, so please continue to post many Twitpix and your philological videos! (In your bikinis and low-cut dresses, too!) :razz:

      • äläx says:

        i want a plugin that filters out every comment that has “beach” in it. :/

        • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

          We would get around it simply by misspelling your trigger word.

          Ahh, he we are, lazily lollygagging at the ocean’s edge, while the waves gently lick the bitch.

          See what I mean.

          • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

            Hey! Howcumzit the blockquote doesn’t give bolded text today? Somedays it does and somedays it doesn’t? What is going on?

  80. hotforwordsdavid says:

    I have been told that the word “Fixin” is a “Texism”. I have no idea. I have used the word all my life but it is not in the dictionary. I use it to mean that I am preparing to do something. For example: I am fixin to go the store.
    Can you help?


  81. lfischer46 says:

    My wife and I were invited to a party with the theme [Down Island]. What does Down Island mean and what is it’s origin?

  82. brandon236 says:

    can you tell me were the word [curiosity killed the cat] came from and whether or not it involves a cat

  83. sparkyinseattle says:

    Something’s [fishy]…. I see no fish :!:

  84. sghuisman says:

    Dutch pronunciation is very tricky, vowels are quite a bit different compared to english. And the diphthong ‘eu’, ‘ei’, ‘oe’ and ‘ui’ are always hilarious to hear from non-native speakers.

    Pampelen is pronounced slighty different: the e’s are pronounced like ‘u’ in urgent. And not like the first ‘e’ in evidence!
    You did the syllables right though! pam-pe-len !

    I added the word pampelen to Forvo, maybe someone will pronounce it, can’t find my mic…

  85. niteowl says:

    Marina, you’ve already had your hair done again for no reason. You are probably considering another massage, as mentioned in the video, followed by a large oyster dinner.

    I don’t believe this was a coincidence. :smile:

  86. cufan71 says:

    Homework The last time I went cruising! :smile: It’s so nice to have my bed made every night! I also love the service in the dining room!!! So :cool: :!:

  87. mallet37 says:

    Hi Marina,
    last weekend I took a trip to hollywood so I guess that was pampering. but I would like to learn the origin of the word [Terciary] as you have primary secondary, shouldn’t it be thirdary? or maybe even triary… I dont get it.

  88. everythin101 says:

    hey i would like to request the word [bullpen] the bullpen is where baseball pitchers go to warm up but why is it called a bullpen there are no bulls and it isnt a pen

  89. toxickandyland says:

    What does the word [blah] mean??? and what are its origins????

  90. thegorn says:

    I guess pampering ones self is ok but spoiling ones self isn’t, you’ve been eating a lot lately?
    Don’t become an anorexic…

  91. neuroway says:

    It comes from the Dutch Pampelun eh? Indulge me. Do not indulge yourself too far out there… Many a bad runner you could meet indeed.

  92. James says:

    MARINA.. We have pampers nappies and hob nob biscuits in the UK! What are you doing!

    HOMEWORK: Everytime I watch one of your videos.

  93. dsfoto says:

    Marina I saw this on
    1.To treat with excessive indulgence: pampered their child.
    2.To give in to; gratify: He pampered his ambition for wealth and fame.
    3.Archaic To indulge with rich food; glut.
    [Middle English pamperen, probably of Low German origin.]
    pam’per·er n.
    1350-1400; ME pamperen < MD; cf. D dial. pamperen

  94. James says:

    Just bought man in the mirror on itunes. I know what is said about making money from the dead.. but if it gets him to no 1 i will make an exception

  95. songwright says:

    What is the origin of the word “dongle?” Maybe you’ve seen dongles at the computer store. I used to have one, but it didn’t work. Has a guy ever tried to show you his dongle?



  96. leonard says:

    How It Be…spoiled from the POPpies… :P

    I was never PamPered

  97. haitianboy says:

    NenaUnica is cracked in the cabesa xD :twisted:

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