Dr. Bob Parsons with me – Find your edge

Check out this fun video blog I did with Dr. Bob Parsons, the founder of GoDaddy. It’s actually very good business advice. Find your edge. I certainly did!
Oh, and pop over to his video blog and leave a comment or two (remember… hint hint… me as one of the GoDaddy Girls.. Superbowl… :-) :-) ), he really does read his comments.

You can find his video blog here.



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68 Responses to Dr. Bob Parsons with me – Find your edge

  1. henry2rhyme07 says:

    i guess marina will have to reply me ;-)

  2. henry2rhyme07 says:

    hi Marina, it was a cool video, by the way can i know the name of the other girl with you and bob……………..? plz respond

  3. matalexwolf says:

    Easier said than done! :|

  4. henry2rhyme07 says:

    hi Marina, it was a cool video, by the way can i know the name of the other girl with you and bob……………..?

  5. bsomebody says:

    I watched, I learned, but not my cup of Joe.

  6. wetsuit5 says:


    Thanks for the links.
    Very interesting site.
    Wealth of insight and experience.

  7. animalntaz says:

    That Reba chick looks pretty hot. :grin:

  8. Evan Owen says:

    [Sosumi] — a Japanese term, or a Nerd Word? :???:

  9. Chemikal says:

    At 1:40 when Dr. Bob is talking about case studies, there are some mathematical symbols and formulas displayed.
    I’m making a case study of my own… How many of those mathematical symbols do you recognize and what do they represent?
    Geeks only please. :D

    • pedantickarl says:

      ∂    partial differential
      ∑    sumation
      ∫    integral
      ln    log
      ζ    zeta; Riemann zeta function
      θ    thetal set theory; population parameters in the Normal/Gaussian/Bell curve distribution
      σ    sigma
      f(x) function of input value x
      Ï€    pi 3.14159265

    • Evan Owen says:

      There is a local math teacher who works summers as a logger. After winning the log-rolling contest at the Deming Logging Show, he was asked how he did it.

      “I guess I have natural log-rhythm,” he replied. :mrgreen:

    • neuroway says:

      Dr. Bob probably has no more than a high school knowledge of mathematics. He can obviously count his millions, differentiate chinese characters from mathematical symbols, but no more than that. Can you recognize the equation behind the symbols, Chemikal?

      Far away objects, sometimes, can connect very efficiently together (mathematically speaking, of course).

  10. PageDoll says:

    [ Its not over until the fat lady sings ]

    Who was this fat lady and what song did she sing when it was over for the very first time? :grin:

  11. CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

    June 28th. JUNE 28TH! The last word was done five days ago.

    I don’t like the looks of this trend. Who cares about GoDaddy?

    • neuroway says:

      Ho CK. You feel like you don’t learn much? Like you don’t care anymore? Like you’re intellectually stalled like a gasless limo? Hey, I’ve got exactly the thing you need, amigo!

      Here comes the ORIGINAL, UUUUUNNNNNIIIIIQUE, BE$$$$$$$T OF THE ROCK’N ROLL CROP Go Daddy O’ song!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!! WOWOWOWWWWW!

  12. seesixcm6 says:

    Dear Marina
    Your edge must be your great looks, free videos, your acting ability, sense of humor, great video production skills, great set design, great lighting, beautiful hair and makeup, and a great knowledge of the English language.
    My edge must be in the specialized knowledge I possess, but the DOD frowns on it if I give away their secets. Oh well, I can always waste my time watching videos from others, learning a foreign language, and texting on various Internet boards!

  13. hs4mm says:

    I made the following three comments at Dr.Bob’s vblog, and so far only one has been made public:

    1) Marina {would} makes a great GoDaddy Girl since she is not an actress playing the role of one. Rather, she is a creative, intelligent businesswoman who works hard on her independent judgment, is embodied in a sensual, feminine form; and is confident of her mind, her work, and her femininity.

    2) What is the reason for GoDaddy not having a toll free number even for pre-sales questions? Is it because most of its potential customers are likely to be on a “nation-wide-calling-plan”? Or because you are only interested in doing business with people who are willing to pay an ante to indicate their seriousness in doing business (but if so, why isn’t customer service toll free)? Or is it just a cost cutting feature (but if so, aren’t you likely to be losing potential customers)? But I really do not want to speculate, and would like to know you{r} reasons for not having a toll free number for per-sales and customer support.

    3) I believe GoDaddy hosts HotForWords.com. But that site chokes up when it is configured to deliver all of a post’s comments on a single page (similar effect to your “SEE ALL COMMENTS” button below). Also, as Marina mentioned on your latest Radio Show, that site chokes up whenever her appearance on O’Reilly is broadcast. Question: Why does this happen? Is this a problem at GoDaddy’s end, and, if so, how is GoDaddy applying Rule 14 to it?

    • hs4mm says:

      Update: 1 was posted, 2 was posted and replied to. But 3 has not yet been posted. Since 3 is a legitimate question a serious prospective customer would ask an ISP, GoDaddy.com falls way down in my esteem if 3 is silently discarded.

      Regarding toll free customer service numbers: Some years back, I did not have call forwarding and used a panasonic answering machine. While checking messages from outside the US, I accidentally turned the machine off. To turn it back on, one needed to let it ring 15 times, but the country I was in would disconnect a line after 12 rings. I called Panasonic’s toll free number and their customer support person called my machine and turned it back on.

      If Marina needed GoDaddy tech support while at Cannes, she would have had to call long distance.

  14. originalistrick says:

    Neat, Marina. Odd, yet interesting, to see you in a supporting role again.

    If you don’t embody the perfect GoDaddy Girl, then I can’t imagine who would.


  15. leonard says:

    hey wordlovers :smile: [boot]–Word Origins 10; Booty, Panic, Bless Hot Facts Teacher Amber
    …boot me up scoty :lol:

  16. neuroway says:

    Both sandwich girls are bleutiful show stoppers. The Ducati man in the center seems to prefer blondes, though. He seems to be a nice man and a very good merchant. However, he seems to be subtly asking for money, but is not in need and is not homeless at all.

    I came here looking for a school. Looks like I landed in a shopping center today? I prefer shirtless girls, damnit!

    All right. Sun’s rising, day’s young, road’s long’n dirty. Gotta move on. Arrivederci bambini!

    “Son, to consume is to vote, except that it hurts more the candidate!”
    – Grompa Wamaboukbouk (to his son), wooly mammoth hunter, 3,000 B.C.

    • leonard says:

      like all schools;we are fooled :mrgreen:

    • Marina says:

      neuroway, do you have to see the negative in everything? I did the video because it was fun. I actually DO use GoDaddy for all my domains because they really do have people that answer the phone who also know what they are talking about. In fact, I walked into their phone support room and there were HOT CHICKS in there on the phone, I kid you not.

      Anyway, I thought the video was fun and it also had some interesting information, and of course, he’s a businessman, of course he wants you to know about his company.. but the edge that he was talking about actually applies to his company. So there actually was a lesson in the video, though not etymology, but helpful nonetheless.

  17. leonard says:

    nice; Dr Bob :P

  18. Bob says:

    Great video, even without the eye candy; I’ve got a new mentor.
    Having watched another of Dr.Bob’s videos, I’m hooked and I think Marina’s personality fits right in with the fun aspect of the videos and with Dr.Bob’s attitude.

  19. BillyB says:

    Relax Marina, the camera loves you… You got an edge, wield it with confidence :cool:

  20. pedantickarl says:

    Does Marina make a good GoDaddy Girl?
    Ohhhh, you betcha!!
    Marina is the best GoDaddy Girl ever!!!!

  21. greatestpotential says:

    Dr. Bob’s success story enlivens my spirit and gives me motivation :!:
    Thanks Bob :!:

  22. greatestpotential says:

    :grin: you got the edge oohhh yeahhhh

  23. pedantickarl says:

    FIRST, I need to watch the video, then I’ll leave a comment. :-)

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