In honor of Sarah Palin resigning today.. here is a video on Alaska.

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  1. leoNard says:

    [YES]…go SAINTS!!!~[REVOLUTION]…In Full: Palin’s Tea Party Speech
    w a t c h…—…Let The Good Times Roll – Shirley & Lee (Aladdin) 1956 …Cool using an indigenious word

  2. titan1912 says:

    Yes, it was worth it. The $7.2 million dollars we paid for Alaska was not in vain because of the gold and oil that was beneath the surface of Alaska. William Seward knew this about Alaska and was therefore undeterred from buying this peice of land from Russia, even when the deal was labelled, “Seward’s Folly”.

  3. wkwimp says:

    [tart (as in small pie)] and [tart (as in lady of low character)]

  4. mittfh says:

    Talking of interesting musical quotes, here’s the razor-sharp wit of George Friderick Handel:

    “You have taken too much trouble over your opera. Here in England that is a mere waste of time. What the English like is something they can beat time to, something that hits them straight on the drum of the ear.” (to Gluck, 1745ish – and you could argue it still holds true today, over 250 years later!)


    When asked why he borrowed material composed by Bononcini, Handel is said to have replied, “It’s much too good for him; he did not know what to do with it.” (Brilliant!)


    A young singer in the choir of Worcester came to London with [a] recommendation to Mr Handel as [a] great genius. Handel asked him to sing; he did so. Handel said: “This is the way you praise God at Worcester?” “Yes”, he answered. “God is very good” [replied Handel], “and will no doubt hear your praises at Worcester, but no man will hear them at London.” (Oops…)


    Finding it convenient to dine at a tavern, Handel ordered dinner for three. The wait became so long, he became impatient and sent for the host. “Why do you keep me so long waiting?” he asked, with the impetuosity of a hungry man. “We are waiting till the company arrives,” replied the innkeeper.

    “Then bring up the dinner, prestissimo,” said Handel, “I am the company.” (Do you get the impression he had a hearty appetite?)

  5. CJ says:

    heyy i would like to request the word [Anticlimactic] lol please and thank you

  6. justpasttheedge says:


    Is [Zaproot] a real word?

  7. tonyb says:

    Because I was getting sick of the hot and cold running cockroaches in MSU’s student housing in East Lansing, I began looking for work to quit grad school. I got ahold of this CPC COLLEGE CORPORATE RECRUITING MANUAL. They even had an add for the National Security Agency (not just the CIA or David Taylor Navship labs). The National Security Agency ad said they were looking for mathemeticians or programmers who were familiar with the [Gallois Transform]. we studied the LaPlace Trasnform in Calculus XI but not that Gallois Transform. And Parsons Technology was recruiting electrical engineers or programmers fro radar or guidance systems for the F-16 fighter. This was in the summer of 1985.

  8. leonard says:

    Hi h0tf0rw0rds…H*O*W—-

    “Too many pieces of music finish too long after the end.” – Igor Stravinsky 1882-1971


    ,,,maybe used numbers as words like in a year “1971″ soul hear [nineteen and seventyone; or, 1971]…Bob Seger 1971 :razz:

  9. wonkerine says:

    James – In all seriousness,the most important thing for a young driver to remember is this…


    Ten years from now you will think of things you did,chances you took and practically poop yourself.

    Being 5 minutes late just means that next time you leave 10 minutes early. Speed kills,bro.

    Ps – Do you think Marina has ever seen Benny Hill,I think she would like him.

  10. BillyB says:

    I drove the Alaska Highway, years ago, to visit a girl I met in Oregon (well partly to visit her). She lived in Anchorage. What a great trip. Went with my best friend & I now have great memories. What a beauitiful State. But… The Canadian side of the Alaska Highway has the more beautiful roadside beauty. Northen British Columbia & the Yukon are a must see for anyone who loves travel by road, has the time & can afford it.
    Little did I know my Alaskan friend had big political aspirations.

  11. James says:

    Well done for sorting out your channel Marina :wink:

  12. k11man says:

    I would like to request the word [cum]

  13. fulltimereader says:

    Dear Marina:

    I have this terrible problem and maybe you can help me. I have a big crush on the cutest girl anyone ever saw, but now I feel so bad because she has started telling everyone that I am [tanfastic & fantabulous]. Then someone told me to talk to you, because that might be a good thing. Tell me, Marina, does she like me?

    Your favorite student,


    • Bob says:

      Tan-fast-ic could just mean that she thinks you acquire a suntan rapidly, and fanta-bulous that she thinks you like to drink Fanta. (Now watch for ads for fizzy drinks on this page. :lol: )
      But to answer your question a bit more seriously, Yes, she likes you. Stop over-analysing the situation (is it a coincidence that the word “analysing” starts with the word “anal”?) and concentrate on getting to know her.
      Engage her in conversation and ask her about herself and then LISTEN. Don’t talk too much about yourself unless she asks, and don’t try to impress her with tall tales and smart-ass remarks. She will be much more impressed if you show interest in her, without of course, making it seem like an interrogation.
      Good luck. :smile:

    • originalistrick says:

      Woops-need more coffee. My reply was obviously intended for you, fulltimererader.

    • beevee14 says:

      Be FUNNY. Women/girls LIKE funny. Here is another one that I have found to be true(Of course, with powered locks on even the most basic of cars today, I don’t know if you will be able to check it out): Unlock and open her door, shut her door after she is in; NOW, if your door is still locked, and she reaches over and unlocks it, shes a keeper, if not, she is not! She is not thinking of you like that. I have tried this many times and it WORKS! I don’t know what to do with powered locks(I guess she could still reach over and hit the switch!)

  14. syphiss says:

    Thanks for all the lessons Marina. As an anglo-frenchy viewer, I find it awesome and interestings for my culture and my degrees.

    Anyways, I would like you to analyse the word [ramification], ’cause I find it sounds pretty goddamn good!
    Thanks a lot!

  15. beevee14 says:

    George W. Bush turns 63 today. Happy Birthday Mr. President, and Thank You

  16. James says:

    Reasons why I might not be on today.

    I am having my first driving lesson today

    I have to go to the doctors to get tablets…

    I might go on the ps3

    • leonard says:

      James: Luck be with ALL :smile: tablets like Old man Moses or pills for the ills like Jackson :?: :???:

    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      You must remember this absolutely most important thing about driving, James. It will no doubt save your life many, many times over the years.


      Seriously, you don’t want to forget that. :mrgreen:

    • BillyB says:

      Interesting combination of statements… What kind of car is a ps3? Makes me wonder if you made it to the drugstore safely, without driving the instructor mad. You needed tablets because you were off & once you get them you will be on??? Don’t become a perscription drug addict, you probably won’t have as big a line of credit as Michael Jackson had.
      I hope you become an excellent driver & when you travel the world & rent a car, you always sit on the right side.

  17. sugrefd says:

    I would like to request the phrase [warms the cockles of my heart].

  18. nickc1188 says:

    Can Palin see your hometown from where she announced her resignation???

  19. brandon236 says:

    marina could you do the word [pipe cleaner] are they called that cause they clean pipes or just for some random reason

    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      Pipe cleaners were developed to clean tobacco residues from inside pipe stems. However, their fuzzy and flexible nature has led to their use in crafts. One wonders what percentage of pipe cleaners actually get used to clean pipes.

  20. originalistrick says:

    Dear Marina, I hope you’ve made plans to be far away from the vicinity of The Funeral.

  21. danielpool says:

    We need more women like SARAH PALIN In America GOD BELSS SARAH PALIN

  22. deanroger says:

    The US got back way more than the 7.2 million dollars they paid for Alaska in seal skins alone not to mention all the gold, timber, fish, minerals and of recent years oil and gas. Russia was having trouble and Alaska was a burden as an outpost and the 7.2 million helped their government survive. Russia had thought that Alaska had served its purpose in that most all of the sea otter pelts had been taken and thus Alaska was used up. They did not see the value in other commodities. There is a very interesting book on this region titled “The Queen Charlotte Islands” by Kathleen E. Dalzell. Also another interesting book is “Guys On Ice” I met the author 30 some years ago in Alaska and he was truly an pioneer.
    Your student

  23. vernon olson says:


    My 2009 calender of you is misprinted. July is the same as June, it says today is Friday July 5th. I just wanted to inform you and maybe you can pressure you printer to do a better job next time. I am still completely satisfied with the pictures, and do not request a refund. Thought you should know.

    • pedanticKarl says:

      Hello vernon olson,
      Marina was informed of that error last month and she posted a calendar fix at the following link.

      You can download the correct July calendar page and overlay it on your calendar and there is also a special picture of Marina for you. :smile:

      • hs4mm says:

        Hello PK,

        I seem to recall that you once recommended the use of a trailing / for certain urls. Whether or not you did so, do you know why the last two urls below do not work to get one to the same page as that of the corresponding url without the trailing /?

        Following four work:

        Following two do not work:

        • pedanticKarl says:

          Hi hs4mm,
          I think that was someone else that recommended using the trailing slash “/” for URLs.

          Now, I would have been the one to tell you to use the trailing slash more than six years ago if you were using dial-up as the trailing slash would speed up the resolving of the last part of a URL determining whether it is a file or a directory/folder.

          As you might know, one can configure a web server like Apache to allow one to render a web page without naming it; in other words the default web page such as index.htm, or index.html, etc.

          It looks to me that the “” server is not configured properly. My bet is that they forgot to default the index.htm and index.html is a totally different page. But, they may have more issues than that because if “stli” were a directory, then, using “” would automatically add the trailing slash. Try it on and other sites. Notice, that the trailing slash is added in the ADR bar, but not with that GOV site, meaning they’ve got some configuration issues or did it on purpose for some reason.

          As far as YT goes, look at the structure carefully.
          Note that there is no /user/ in the following link.
          same as

          For this URL construct, notice the /user/ directory.

          When you go to that URL, notice that there is no default slash added by your browser, meaning that the tail end is not a directory but a file. So, by you adding a slash to a file, you are modifying the file. The slash is a directory separator.

          Try it out. Go to any web site where you have directories. If there is a default web page, then the last item in the URL will be automatically followed with a trailing slash if it is a directory.

        • pedanticKarl says:

          A more succinct way of expressing my comment above:
          1. All URLS end in either a file or a directory/folder

          2. If you add a trailing slash “/” and the page fails to render properly, then the last item of the URL is a file.

          3. If you add a trailing slash “/” and the page renders properly, then the last item in the URL is a directory/folder.

  24. okay4now says:

    Without the acquisition of Alaska, no matter what price, we might not have the Baked Alaska and who could imagine what a different world that would put us in? Or, then again, maybe Russian would be willing to buy back our 49th state, let’s say something like: $200 mil. Then we’d make a profit and a profit is always a good thing, right? In such a case many more people would be able to see Russia from their houses too…or, maybe it’s just my Alaska that’s baked.

    • neuroway says:

      No way!

      I say Alaska has been stolen and it should be given back to Canada for free, plus several billions in damages and interests for all the money lost during the years of US exploitation. No but look at it! It geographically BELONGS to Canada!

      • deanroger says:

        That is not so. If it returns to anyone it should go to the native indigenous people of the North. If you research your history you will find that Russian explorers sailed from Russia along the Aleutian Peninsula around the coast of the Gulf of Alaska and South through the inside passage. These explorers claimed for Russia all the lands that could be seen from the waters including the inside passage. Principally these were the mountain peaks observed from the waters of the. That is how it went down like it or not.

      • leonard says:

        Who recognizes CANADa :?: Self-Recognition in Apes :oops: :lol:

        • beevee14 says:

          Isn’t Canada still technically a province of Great Britain or some such nonsense? Maybe one of the Brits on here should be asking for Alaska. ;-) LOL :twisted:

          Careful Bee, you ain’t to many votes away from their medical plan :cry:

          • leonard says:

            :twisted: cap I tal :lol: islanders :evil: wage and pirates :cry: medical no plan but clinics to rob :lol: bee vee good :cool:

          • neuroway says:

            Heck no!

            GB was actually conquered by the Normans, a thousand years ago. They did all the dirty jobby there (and all the linguistic education too). So technically Canada (and Britain) should be a province of Normandy (France). It is true I tell you.

          • beevee14 says:

            So Alaska should belong to Canada which should(or does) belong to Great Britain which should belong to Normandy. Right? :?:
            No worries. It just so happens that we Americans have already had a little skirmish involving Normandy(or their beaches or something like that ;-) ) and actually did quite well :!: So, we will keep Alaska, you can have Canada, GB, and most of all, France; and we’ll call it square. Deal? :?:(And please keep your health care plan, also)

            Don’t sweat it, kid, somebodys gotta be #1 :cool:

          • neuroway says:


            Round-robin negociation, eh? DEAL! (for now)… You keep Alaska! But you give us Sarah! And her stupendous pair of knockoff Kawasaki 704s! We may have some job of general governor for her in sight.

          • leonard says:

            GOD bLESS 14 of beevee…medals for feathers …company today :oops: al tHor it TIES :???:

    • neuroway says:

      And while they’re at it, the yanks should also build a bridge between Alaska and Russia, for free, before giving it back to Canada. And also patch all the holes they’ve digged in the territory.

    • vernon olson says:

      Definitely over-baked!

  25. vernon olson says:

    How can you honor Sarah Palin resigning? It seems you are taking a political stance, left? If so, I am done with Hot for Words. I hate all things left! As a business decision I would assume you would stay “A Political?” You automatically lose half your followers with your politics Marina. What are you doing?

    Have one of your assistants respond to me.

    Hurt and confused,

    • beevee14 says:

      I thought so, too, but I can’t stay away. Hell, HFW is almost as much fun as sex, but without the guilt. :twisted:

      Plus I’m $60 richer ;-) :???: :mrgreen:

    • neuroway says:

      Shalom aleichem, Vernon!

      I’m not an assistant or anything like that.. But you know what I’m sayin’ ’bout that? English is such a complex language, you know? Don’t be hurt and confused so easily!

      She may mean “in honour of – Sarah Palin – resigning”, but she also might mean “in honour of – Sarah Paling resigning -”. Oh, the subtle nuance. You know what I mean? The only way to know would be to ask her what she mean, but again, she might play politics and conceil information, or straightly lie to us, so you know, there’s no secure and absolutely safe way to know what she means. They can drill Alaska for oil and for money all over the place like a Gruyere cheese, but they still can’t drill inside a brain. A brain is the ONLY safe place in the world where nobody can sneak into.

      Bah! Isn’t she cute enough with her black russian cap on her head? Why would you listen to what she says? Just look at her! Don’t listen! Don’t read! Turn off the volume if you don’t like to hear. Appreciate the reflects of the lightning on her curvy silhouette.. The subtle variations of colours in the video.. Isn’t that enough to make a man happy?

      • vernon olson says:

        Wow, you reply sure is sexist! I respect Marina for her brain first, her accomplishments second, and her personality thirdly, her striking beauty lastly. I would hope that order to be proper? Unless, I was not an intellectual and just operated as a pseudo-intellectual, our brains separate us from the animals. Try to overcome your hormones and really think about what you say! Thanks for your banter though!

    • hs4mm says:

      I am NOT Marina’s assistant, just a visitor to this site; but here goes:

      How can releasing a lesson on Alaska be an act of honoring Sarah Palin resigning? How can releasing a lesson on Alaska be the taking of any political stance, left, right, middle or wherever?

      The answers are “it can’t” and “it isn’t” — if you have different answers, let me know.

      If you agree with those answers, you will have to conclude that one cannot take the words “In honor of” literally in the context of that sentence.

      My guess is that all Marina means is: Given that Sarah Palin’s resignation will be a highly discussed news event, now might be a good time to release a lesson on Alaska. It “might be a good time” because of the idiosyncrasies of YouTube’s “ranking system” for YouTube videos.

      • neuroway says:

        Erm… Good and interesting point, hs4mm..

        Perhaps yes, perhaps no. I don’t know why, but feel a little bit intellectually tired right now, to be honest, so I think I’ll agree with you for now. Your last sentence seems to be a good guess, actually. Idiosyncrasies.. Interesting word, indeed. That’s the first time in my life I hear it! Thanks!

        • neuroway says:

          I should have said: I read it for the first time in my life (or perhaps I read it before and didn’t pay attention to it). How could I hear what I see?

      • vernon olson says:

        “To honor her resignation” nice spin, but, I live in the no spin zone.

    • Captain Jack says:

      Marina doesn’t always select the best words to use. That’s what makes English so difficult to understand. One has to understand not only the definition of the word but the meaning/use of behind the word.

      I myself say many words that don’t really show the point I’m trying to get across. I normally use a flood of sentence to paint a more actuate picture of my thoughts. Marina has told me she still has difficulty with selection the right words. We often, in our emails to each other tend to get miss interpret what each other is saying.

      Maybe if she would have said “ light of Sarah Palin resigning…”

      • leonard says:

        gOOd dAy Captain Jack…
        Maybe if she would have said “ light of Sarah Palin resigning…” and the opposite of light is dark :razz:

        h*O*t f*O*r w*O*r*d*s is the RULER….[ruler] or [yardstick] :lol:

        [[[yard]]] like a yarddog is the yards boss. :smile: “the bark is off the tree” :lol: ps Jack, tell Marina, student leonard thinks highly of her work. thAnk YOU

      • vernon olson says:

        nice try captain, Marina should have just said, “This video is to honor sarah palin”, not “to honor her resignation.” some of us, me, are fiercely devoted to sarah, and I defend her as the left attack her unjustly. The “left” fear her so intensely that is is irrational, yet the attacks are real and “we” will defend her honor.

        thanks for your response, please consider what I say.

  26. Very interesting…
    All my Russian friends tell me that American never paid for Alaska..
    What do you know about this my sexy teacher?

  27. bacara says:

    First off, realize im not beingcute or trying to be a Jacka**, but I would like to know the origins of the word “Fuck”. It’s a word we here A LOT and not one that I can see any correlations with anything else. If you have problems with posting or doing curse words ill understand, but i am really curious as to its origins.

  28. elbra says:

    I would like to request the word [religion] please please please :D thanx love

  29. hs4mm says:

    I would find it funny if someone asked me this question but don’t laugh your head off: know of any YouTubers who create videos on the PC?

    (Just to calm you down, I believe at one time Marina used to work on the PC; I know she had a PC at one time but do not know if she was making YouTube videos at that time.)

  30. Capman911 says:

    Well after the little row with Zack, did he ever come up with the false hoods he accused Marina of. I don’t think Marina could be mean to anyone and I am speaking from experience. Happy late fourth of July everyone. :grin:

  31. bsomebody says:

    More of a history lesson, than etymology. I mean that as the highest of compliments. Great job, M’Lady :grin:

    • Capman911 says:

      I agree with TaylJim said it would be a good idea to do the states or the origins of other countries names. It’s something different that would help younger members while school is out. :lol: Marina is like summer school, but all year long. ;-)

  32. ceaustin113 says:

    I would like to request the idiom [pay the piper] meaning to face the results of one’s actions though you probably already knew that

  33. redknightdrummer says:

    hey you should do a lesson on doughnuts!:D i get the dough part but why nuts?!

    thanks :)

  34. [Reformation] long live the patriarchs!!!!!! :mrgreen:

  35. James says:

    I think I might start writing why I wasn’t on hotforwords much on that day… That way I will make time to be here.

    Today I woke up then walked to the shops to see their burnt shells

    ( )

    Then I went to fat face and saw some clothes, I went home got some money bought some more clothes, saw the road block had gone then I took some more pics, spoke to Harry, came home to get money and put MJ on my iPod had a cigarette, and now I am listening to the radio because I want MJ to be number 1. wait…the order is wrong… oh well… but yeah… :smile:

  36. pig-in-a-poke says:

    What!? HotForWords doesn’t appreciate Sarah Palin? Is this a classic battle between blonds and brunettes? :lol:

    Thanks, Marina, for explaining tweetdeck. I downloaded it, but it seemed like information overload. I preferred the online version better. Will explore more.

  37. By the way love the hat brings out your figure! :shock:

  38. lol! @ a tribute to Sarah Palin! You have to love them Anti Sarah Palin Feminist…? I DO! I think Alaska and the indigenous would a have been better off with with Russian occupation; for various reason.

    • leonard says:

      How do old friend? :???: :?: :smile:

      from Wiki
      The Russians feared that if they did not sell the territories of Russian America, they would be taken from them by the westward expansion of the British in Canada.

      The U.S. Senate approved the purchase of Alaska from the Russian Empire on March 30, 1867, for $7.2 million at two cents per acre, about five cents per hectare. The land went through several administrative changes before becoming an organized territory on May 11, 1912 and the 49th state of the U.S. on January 3, 1959. The name “Alaska” was already introduced in the Russian colonial time, when it was used only for the peninsula and is derived from the Aleut alaxsxaq, meaning “the mainland” or more literally, “the object towards which the action of the sea is directed.”[8] It is also known as Alyeska, the “great land,” an Aleut word derived from the same root.

      where was S*Pain?Spain

      lUv of hOtfOrwOrds…000 :lol:

      • that explains my assumptions. During that time Spain was in a major conquest and considering the blow to its legends during the conquest of the Mexica Empire it seemed as a more logical move to advance for Russia. But, regarding to the liberation and envagelization of the indigenous would have profited more from the Russian occupation if any!

  39. sony1168 says:

    I’d like to request the word [Tattoo]

  40. beevee14 says:

    Did it ever seem to you that we are degenerating into a ‘me-first’ society. Case in point: Remember when, if there was a cop sitting on the highway, checking for speeders the other way; you would hit your brights to let the people know,”Law is ahead.” I can’t remember the last time I saw anybody do that. ‘Better him than me’ attitude, I guess. Anyway, I still do it. I was doing it today and the car in front of me pulled to the right lane, slowed down, and started making gestures. I pointed to the other side and kept rolling. This guy appeared my age. He saw the cop, too. He either didn’t know what I was doing or didn’t care. Weird :|

    If we don’t hang together, we will surely hang separately.
    -Ben Franklin

    • leonard says:

      G*O*D 2 U…hemp is a new deal of knewing together…fascist[fastess] laws makes the people pay too many land-LorDs

      we R hanging 2gether

      :lol: Ben like jam at night before {bed :razz: [sleep]}

    • bsomebody says:

      Maybe it is a local thing. Whereabouts are you, anyway? Here in NC, we still give each other a friendly flash or two. Up in the mountains, it is even cooler; most drivers actually wave a greeting to each other. This simple acknowledgement of each other as people is a welcome break from the anonymity on most roadways. People in the highlands are usually in much less of a hurry, also. Slowing down to smell the roses, and to have a discussion with complete strangers. Waiting in line at the grocery store is very different, also. Most everyone just chats it up, discussing various topics. I often find that I have been citified somewhat, and sometimes get annoyed at others’ “intrusions,” but then I remember to try to accept their offer of simple hospitality.

      • beevee14 says:

        I live outside of Cincy so you could be correct because when I lived in the sticks, there was alot of wavin’ goin on. And not enough cops to worry about speeders :mrgreen:

        Come to think of it, no highways either

  41. malsharif says:

    I’d like to request the word [Insomnia]

  42. Berkaichu says:

    I would like to request those words :arrow: [victory], [independence], [liberty], [campaign]. ;-) Happy 4th July!


  43. wuzi says:

    I’d like to request one of the following words: [slave], [footslave], [high heels] or [wrestling] decide which one is the best! ;-)

    Regards, Wuzi!

  44. bio_skittles says:

    i would like to request the word(s) stalagmites / stalactites

    • Bob says:

      I second [stalagmites] & [stalagtites] and the way to remember which is which.
      Are there many [stalag]mites & [stalag]tites in Siberia?

      • beevee14 says:


        • Bob says:

          OOps! :oops:
          Thanks for the correction. :smile:

          • beevee14 says:

            I was just trying to be funny(again). I am gonna do my level best to NEVER correct anybody here again. People get upset and life is to short :grin: Have a good day, Bob ;-)

        • Bob says:

          I NEVER get upset if I’m corrected.
          I DO get very upset if people are too timid to correct me and thereby leave me to continue in ignorance, with endless opportunities of making an idiot of myself.
          Thanks again for having the courage. :smile:

          • Evan Owen says:

            Bob, that’s a great sign of character.

            I remember my ex-wife saying to me, “I saw this great travelog today about the Amazon River in Africa, and the Indians –”
            “The Amazon is in South America,” I interjected.
            “YOU’RE ALWAYS CORRECTING ME,” she exclaimed, and stomped off.

            Several months later, she said, “In my group discussion today, somebody corrected me for saying the Amazon is in Africa. It was so embarrassing! I wish I’d known!” :roll:

  45. Evan Owen says:

    Mae’r dydd annibyniaeth Amerig wedi dod i ben — yn gadael ni y Cymry yn breuddwydio am annibyniaeth ein hyn, yn erbyn y Saeson…breuddwyd hen ffol meddw, hyd y toriad wawr…bydd Glyndwr yn codi unwaith eto! :twisted:

  46. freshlikeuhhhhh says:

    I would like to request the word [jaun] or [jawn] whichever it is spelled? It is a common word used by most young adults and teenagers today to represent basically any object.

    example: Can you pass me that jawn?

  47. CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

    We have had the word bombshell requested before, but can anyone tell me what a bom bshell (shown at 1:01) is?

  48. leonard says:

    USA is cool…Continental Army 1777- Documentary…New York Campaign of 1777 was the turning point of the American Revolutionary War.

    But what was life really like in the Continental Army during this important campaign?

    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      Sort of like nearly starving to death while half nekkid.

      • leonard says:

        naked buck naked nude sex fun nudie nudity bare assed strip vagina the newyork stock exchange rims nelly furtado porn fart google dubs laffy taffy naughty ho nude up 20s bare ass naked b-fomb booty celebrity buck ass naked streak stupid rock schlong skinny dipping shower nudie party neked penis hangin it nudist naturist nasty breasts butt naked chuck liddell rapper randy couture ufc douce douche rock justin birthday suit buck nekkid clothing optional bare

        I was FOOLED

        1. nekkid :mrgreen:
        January 7, 2008 Urban Word of the Day
        Nekkid is not simply being without clothing–It means you are gettin’ nekkid for mischevious purposes. Naked is natural; nekkid is naughty.
        “Come over quick, Shirley! I’m getting nekkid!”

    • muggins says:

      Life was hard, esp. when they ran out of shoes and food. At least they could huddle around a camp fire. The winter at Valley Forge was more of a cold bitch than usual, which is saying something since it was during the Little Ice Age. They had sanitary issues: dysentary & typhoid, plus pneumonia, jaundice and small pox . Von Steuben showed up at Valley Forge in late Feb., 1778 to square things away with some good Prussian discipline.

      • leonard says:

        One of the most misunderstood words



        GOD BLESS you muggins and the answer you wrote.

        Quote…of the day from Marina’s HotForWords web thingy :lol:
        “Everywhere I go I’m asked if I think the university stifles writers. My opinion is that they don’t stifle enough of them.” – Flannery O’Connor 1925-1964….

      • beevee14 says:

        There is NO discipline like Prussian/Teutonic/German discipline :!:

      • beevee14 says:

        Yeah, it takes like an hour and a half to download M’s vids. Is that dedication, or what? ;-)

        • muggins says:

          Takes discipline, too.

        • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

          That sounds awfully slow. You may have some condition that causes errors. (Errors cause retransmission of blocks of data until it is received error-free, effectively reducing the overall rate.) You can google “test internet speed” and find many sites that will tell you your rate. You may not get 56k, you should get at least 38k or start wondering why.

          Cincinnati Bell offers 768k DSL for $20/mo. Perhaps you could stand out on the freeway on-ramp and hold up a big cardboard sign, “Need more bandwidth. Please help.”

          • beevee14 says:

            As I type this, it is 14.4 kbps. I’m not on cincy bell grid. We were on verizon but then got localnet. Cheaper and faster. I’ve been having problems even getting online, called the tech and went through and cleaned it up. It ran faster but now its jacked up again. I dunno :?: :???:

  49. snaphy says:

    Hi Hotforwords,

    I would like to know the origin of the word “douchebag” !! its look like this word used a lot lately … and I guess everyone would like to know what its really mean and from where it came?


  50. Roman_Evgeni4 says:

    Если бы знали про природные ресурсы, то хрен бы они продали «Русскую Америку»! :grin: :grin:

    Мне вот что интересно. Есть такое интересное слово – “транслитерация” или “transliteration”. Ð’ народе – “транслит”.
    Хотелось бы узнать откуда оно взялось и от какого языка.
    Американцам, вдобавок, можно и значение слова объяснить ;-)

    I would like to request the word [transliteration]

  51. leonard says:

    “The covers of this book are too far apart.” – Ambrose Bierce 1842-1914 :mrgreen: Ambrose Bierce
    From Wikipedia, the free thingy

    Ambrose Bierce, ca. 1866
    Born June 24, 1842(1842-06-24)
    Meigs County, Ohio, United States
    Died 1914(?)
    Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Mexico (?)
    Occupation Journalist, Writer
    Genres Satire
    Literary movement Realism
    Notable work(s) An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge, The Devil’s Dictionary

    Influences[show]Jonathan Swift, Voltaire, Edgar Allan Poe

    Influenced[show]H.L. Mencken, William March, Jorge Luis Borges, Julio Cortázar, Stephen Crane, Ernest Hemingway

    Ambrose Gwinnett Bierce (June 24, 1842[1] – 1914?) was an American editorialist, journalist, short-story writer and satirist. Today, he is best known for his short story, An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge and his satirical dictionary, The Devil’s Dictionary.

    The sardonic view of human nature that informed his work – along with his vehemence as a critic – earned him the nickname “Bitter Bierce”. Despite his reputation as a searing critic, however, Bierce was known to encourage younger writers, including poet George Sterling and fiction writer W. C. Morrow. He is known for his distinctive style of writing, which his stories often share. This includes a cold open, use of dark imagery, vague references to time, limited description, war-themed pieces and use of impossible events.

    In 1913, Bierce traveled to Mexico to gain a firsthand perspective on that country’s ongoing revolution. While traveling with rebel troops, the elderly writer disappeared without a trace.

    Because of his penchant for biting social criticism and satire, Bierce’s long newspaper career was often steeped in controversy. On several occasions his columns stirred up a storm of hostile reaction which created difficulties for Hearst. One of the most notable of these incidents occurred following the assassination of President William McKinley when Hearst’s opponents turned a poem Bierce had written about the assassination of Governor Goebel in 1900 into a cause célèbre.

    Bierce meant his poem, written on the occasion of the assassination of Governor William Goebel of Kentucky, to express a national mood of dismay and fear, but after McKinley was shot in 1901 it seemed to foreshadow the crime:

    “The bullet that pierced Goebel’s breast
    Can not be found in all the West;
    Good reason, it is speeding here
    To stretch McKinley on his bier.”
    Hearst was thereby accused by rival newspapers—and by then Secretary of State Elihu Root—of having called for McKinley’s assassination. Despite a national uproar that ended his ambitions for the presidency (and even his membership in the Bohemian Club), Hearst neither revealed Bierce as the author of the poem, nor fired him.[7]

  52. Che Volay says:

    Marina, the props in your hands, the money I understand but is the Martini shaker representing ice? I guess you didn’t have an oil can in your apartment. :grin:

    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      Oil cans departed the scene years ago in favor of plastic bottles. I still have two “cans” made from foil-coated cardboard.

      • beevee14 says:

        Remember the oil spout that you would have to plunge into the can? I could never do that without spilling oil. The Old Man would be bitching because I spilled oil on the driveway and I would scurry to clean it up before his foot made contact! I sure was glad when they switched to plastic :!: :grin:

        • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

          I have several of those spouts, but even after I use up those two cans, I probably won’t have the willpower to toss ‘em.

          The best thing about the bottles is that you can pour out a fraction of the bottle and reseal it. Try doing that with the can.

  53. James says:

    Great… another lesson I will have to watch again… but for
    once its actually because, I couldn’t take in all that info at once!

  54. leonard says:

    Decorations of the wor(l)d….life and times of the Continental Soldier in the American Revolution. :razz: :cool: :oops:

    “Von Steuben’s Continentals”
    The United States Declaration of Independence is a statement adopted by the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776, which announced that the thirteen American colonies then at war with Great Britain were now independent states, and thus no longer a part of the British Empire. Written primarily by Thomas Jefferson, the Declaration is a formal explanation of why Congress had voted on July 2 to declare independence from Great Britain, more than a year after the outbreak of the American Revolutionary War. The birthday of the United States of America—Independence Day—is celebrated on July 4, the day the wording of the Declaration was approved by Congress.



  55. soud84 says:

    hi marina
    i just sow Ur tube the one with john Kerwin and when u were talking about Riley Factor he told you a word about him being tough and u didn’t know it, u said u will do a tube about it
    but you haven’t done it Plz try to
    the word was [combative]
    and how is it that he didn’t kiss u? :roll:
    your new fan :)

  56. James says:

    BACK! I need to catch up.. and SHIT! 4 buildings in my hometown were burnt to bits this morning… That is the second time the flat has caught fire….

    • greatestpotential says:


      welcome back

    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      I spent about a half an hour on Google Earth, etc., zeroing in the buildings involved in the fire. It looks like the BBC film is shot facing south on High St., which is north of the fire. You can see Minster Church on the right in the background. The buildings that burned on the left were the post office at 7 High St., and behind it, The Albion Hotel and pub. These are on the corner where High St. jogs to the east. It’s sometimes hard to match the straight-down view of GE to pictures taken at ground level. Have I got it right?

      Too bad you don’t have Google Street View that allows you to literally walk through town.

  57. beevee14 says:

    I would like to request a [spanking]. I would greatly appreciate this

  58. paulbrozon says:

    I would like to request the word [spanking]. I would please appreciate this.

  59. benji says:

    Can you post a video about the work [funk] ? :)

  60. leonard says:

    Let’s remember our revolution :lol: against the :P UNITED KINGdom Johnny Horton The battle of New Orleans lyrics :twisted: Let no one forget how WAR makes more and :evil: the UK is not wealth of common…Colin Powell: The Speech that led to WAR 1/8

    The Speech that led to WAR in Iraq, What Powell himself regards as a “blot” on his Political career.

    And remember this, the Intelligence agencies KNEW that what Powell was presenting was FALSE

    Just 4 weeks after this speech the USA and UK invaded Iraq, to this date 5 years on NO Weapons of Mass Destruiction have been found, and the US has STOPPED looking for them!!

    Tchaikovsky “1812 Overture” with 105mm Cannons

  61. Jason says:

    I can’t let you get away with not looking up the word [Hoosier]. There’s a ton of controversy within the state of Indiana, let alone the US, on the origin of this term. I’ve included a couple links below on the topic, but even these sources don’t fully agree, and one of them is from Indiana University!

  62. errin says:

    Wow. How were you able to turn out an Alaska lesson so quickly on the heels of Sarah Palin’s resignation? Did O’Reilly give you some insider info beforehand? :?: :lol:

    Alaska was totally worth the $100 million. Besides the oil revenue (which easily tops the $100,000,000 figure), we are fortunate to have such an interesting state as part of our union. That’s what makes this country great, all the diversity and flavor among the individual states. United we stand, divided we fall…

    Let’s see, if I had $100 million… I’ll wait until I actually have that much money, and then decide what my answer will be. Just give me a little time to make it happen… :grin:

    Peace and love, Errin : )

    p.s. Music at

  63. leonard says:

    Fifes and Drums of York Town at Fort Ticonderoga
    WORKS of FIRE{cracker} and black gun-pow(d)er…

    fife and drum

    :mrgreen: lime juice with pea&leak soup :mrgreen: Canned Heat – Going up the country

  64. andrewspatinc says:

    I would like to request the word [creed].

  65. pandion says:

    Not a bad price for Alaska considering how much gold and oil came out of there. If I had a 100 million, I’d buy a lot of new stuff.

    • pennsyltucky9 says:

      Thanks, tayljim! The Fourth is strong in this one…

        • pennsyltucky9 says:

          Prayin’ for a little breeze… :shock:

          • leonard says:

            1.From the halls of Montezuma
             To the shores of Tripoli,
             We fight our country’s battles
             In the air, on land, and sea.
             First to fight for right and freedom,
             And to keep our honor clean,
             We are proud to claim the title
             Of United States Marines.

            2.Our flag’s unfurl’d to every breeze
             From the dawn to setting sun;
             We have fought in every clime and place
             Where we could take a gun.
             In the snow of far-off northern lands
             And in sunny tropic scenes,
             You will find us always on the job
             The United States Marines.

            3.Here’s health to you and to our Corps
             Which we are proud to serve;
             In many a strife we’ve fought for life
             And have never lost our nerve.
             If the Army and the Navy
             Ever look on Heaven’s scenes,
             They will find the streets are guarded
             By United States Marines :cool:

        • pennsyltucky9 says:

          Can’t you find one with a smaller [BIKINI]?

        • pennsyltucky9 says:


      • beevee14 says:

        Have a happy fourth, P. Looks we are stuck under a huge cloud/front here, so no backyard fireworks. :sad:

        I hope not! I had an uncle who almost lost his hand to a Cherry bomb. I’m pretty sure alcohol had something to do with THAT! :roll:

        • pennsyltucky9 says:

          Thanks bro. Yep, you definitely want to lower the ol’ visor before touching off any fuses. And make sure your breath isn’t flammable! :smile:

          Once when I was a kid we tried to watch the county fireworks show from a few miles away and under similar weather conditions as you described. We knew we could see them from a high hill at the golf course but wound up being zapped down the hill by consecutive lightning strikes getting closer and closer. Never knew I could run that fast, or that far. We got the best fireworks show of anyone there that season, though.

  66. stigmatasaurus says:

    $100 mil? Hard to say what I’d do first. Finish fixing my house, to sell, of course. Fix up my church’s building. Get a new house. Build a few clinics in Kenya. Have UPS ship the entire California legislature to Siberia for “special session.”

  67. tonyb says:

    I read in the mid 90′s in TIME magazine that Russia had a politician named Vladimir Zharonowski who threatened that if he became President of Russia, he would invade Alaska with armies and take Alaska back for Russia!

  68. tonyb says:

    I got an unusual word buzzing around in my brain yesterday. It is the abbreviation [Q.E.D.]. A very difficult and despicable but formal Physical Chem professor named Hunt would write down these letters at the end of a mathematical proof in chem 987 in QUANTUM MECHANICS. Hunt the jerk. I dropped the class just before midterm; but I do remember his using those three letters at the end of proofs in 1984. Also I am not a [EUNUCH]-the american government thouight they could psychologically castrate me to get science achievements out of me. NOw I enjoy the arts and Theology. And most of America’s christianity is full of shit!

    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      You’re just not a happy camper, are you? :lol:

      • tonyb says:


  69. originalistrick says:

    I’ve always found it [PRETERNATURAL] that John Adams and Thomas Jefferson both died on the same day, and that day was July 4, of course. 1826, I think.

    • leonard says:

      Both respected farmers of the highest degrees!!..{[H*E*M*P]}… :???:

    • beevee14 says:

      You are correct. Jefferson in the morning and Adams in the afternoon. They were life long rivals and because of this, Adams last words were, “Jefferson lives.” Naturally, because he was still on dial up, He did not know that Jefferson had died earlier that day. Steve McNair died today and I think it was on ESPN before the Nashville PD were on the scene! Oh, modern living! Have a good fourth, Rick, and I agree with you about taking a moment. Went to the game last night(Pujols hit a grand slam and broke our* hearts. Had fireworks and the 101st jump on the field after, though! Pretty slick :mrgreen: ), and I still get a lump in my throat when they do the Anthem; thinking… :sad:

      *By saying OUR, I am not speaking for or about anybody affiliated with this website. I am merely stating that the people I was with in particular and Reds fans in general thought it sucked! :|

  70. wyo550 says:

    A hundred million wouldn’t even buy the block you live on in Beverly Hills. I don’t think it would buy Paul Allen’s yacht.
    So- duh- the folly was a good one considering that each day at least $1 million in fish, oil, natural gas, timber and other products from Alaska are produced. Nuts with this! I’m hopping in the Porsche for a BBQ in Breckenridge CO! Gotta fly! Happy 4th everybody! be safe, have fun!

  71. Che Volay says:

    Coming back from the DMV yesterday I saw a white Suburu driving erratically. I was concern he was a drunk driver. Then I passed him on the right and looking down from my high profile 4X4 I saw he was getting a BJ from a blond hair girl.

    It’s times like this I wish I had an iPhone, this needed to be tweeted immediately.

  72. cufan71 says:

    :cool: Hope everbody has a happy and safe 4th of July :!: :smile:

  73. originalistrick says:

    Sometime today we need to take a moment and say thanks for the people who sacrificed all of their tomorrows so that we could enjoy this day.

    Happy 233rd birthday, America!

  74. Che Volay says:

    ‘Eskimo paramour’ sounds like a dessert. That is all.

  75. Che Volay says:

    Your portrayal of a Russian character is quite believable. You’re such a cutie pie.

  76. originalistrick says:


    I want to thank you for all the help you gave me last night. As I said, you saved me several days of fumbling around. I sincerely appreciate you.


  77. tayljim says:

    [How about doing the other 49 states, maybe one a week?]

  78. Chemikal says:

    $100.000.000 can buy dreams!

  79. paulangoco says:

    hi i wanna request the word [graffiti] thanks (:

  80. zeradan says:

    You used the term Eskimo in your video I am not positive but I think that is an english word used to describe the native peoples of The North. I also believe it is not a term they themselves use. I think they go by Innu or Innuit.

    Maybe Eskimo might be a word to research? you don’t want to offend anyone…


    • Bob says:

      Eskimo is indeed a word which the indigenous people of the north find offensive as, in their language, it means “eater of raw meat”. Inuit are only one of the people commonly called Eskimos; the Inuit are from Greenland and eastern Canada and there are other ethnicities further west in Canada and Alaska and probably in Russia too.
      So you are right that Inuit are “Eskimos”, but not all “Eskimos” are Inuit. :smile:

    • leonard says:

      They(the indigenous) claim all the oil…PS watch out Artic NATIONs..{NorWay, RUsSiA, DeNmark, CaNaDa…and the rest

      Greenland rules…Free Greenland fron the Danes!!!! :grin:

      [GRAPES] :twisted: have been “bird-pooped” :roll: :lol:

  81. muggins says:

    “the object towards which the action of the sea is directed”?

    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      Oh, yes, I remember that word — Titanic!

      • muggins says:

        I’m not so sure the Eskimos would agree with you CampKohler, since the Titanic is a ship, and a ship is a big boat and boats are akin to kayaks, and I don’t think kayaks are alaskas, but I see your point as far as that curious phrase I quoted from Marina’s lesson. Technically, the ocean acted on the Titanic. “Ocean”, the object towards which the action of the land is directed.

  82. dsfoto says:

    Deear Marina seems so many of your posts on youtube draw out the worst in men the completly Vulgar comments as if many men have diarrhea of the mouth. I am so sorry those few animals surely paint a terrible picture of man. Brings new meaning to the term Ugly American. You a re a Gem and an Angel to endure all those insults. I noticed on the mblondinki channel that comments are screened and derogatory comments are pre deleted…

    • dami says:

      :???: Damiana one expletiveslashinvective hellfire moment ago!

      dios mio. dsfoto, your supposition that the completely vulgar comments can be attributed to “ugly americans” is ludicrous. yes, youtube originated in the united states and is an american-based corporation. but, youtube, as a community, is vastly international. many of the lewd, rude and/or crude comments are made by those of other nationalities, not just americans. i’m freakin’ hella fed-the-fawk-up with americans taking the heat for seemingly everything in this shallow and extremely vacuous world.

      as to the screening of comments.. that goes against everyone’s right to freedom of speech which is something that we should all strive to uphold as if that goes so will many of our other rights.

      btw.. you have a massive brown smudge on your nose.. a little to the left.. a little more.. there, you got it. smirk

      • greatestpotential says:


        thanks for helping me with some tech advice on that graphic design.

        don’t blow up anything i wouldn’t & have a happy and safe 4th of July :!:


        • Damiana says:

          yvw, babes. love graphic design.. always happy to help.

          hmmm.. what you would not blow up.. ? :grin: safe and happy 4th of july to you, too. :!:

          je t’aime toujours aussi, mon amour. pourquoi “agony”?


          • greatestpotential says:

            i went to get some goodies because of these specials at the grocery store and driving around in the busy parking lot was like having to manuver a sherman tank around with military precision

            oh the humanity!

            something funny

          • Damiana says:

            awww.. maneuvering of sherman tanks in busy parking lots is not fun. my creed: avoid any unnecessary human interaction on holidays.. especially shopping excursions. specials on goodies might be the exception.. and fireworks. fireworks rock. :lol:

            chad vader a.k.a. commando of canines! lol!

      • dsfoto says:

        You are correct it is not just americans but I bet most are I am american Do you think it appropriate for these animals / BOYS to slander libel and curse Marina I don’t and I for one will say something But let me tell you My family pioneered this country and they are all spinning in their graves at what WE HAVE BECOME if you are fed up with US taking the blame than stand up to those that are drawing that attention to US.all things considered Id rather live in Russia and be free than live in our self imposed Prison Have a nice Day

        • Damiana says:

          dsfoto.. no, i do not think it’s appropriate for the animals/boys to slander, libel and curse as they do. i took exception to americans being singled out as it’s not just americans who are guilty and i shudder at the stereotype “ugly american” being perpetuated. of course, many are american and it’s extremely shameful. i often wonder how people can say such things and still feel good about themselves. it’s inexplicable even with the anonymity of the internet.

          i’d rather live in canada, be free and have social medicine..

          peace. :grin:


  83. ling ling says:

    Please I wont to request the word [panda]

    Chinese people say xiongmao, which means bearcat, why other people say panda?


  84. edy darko says:

    well hi, instead of a word or frase request i was hoping that you could explain or give your interpretation of the portmanteaux words that Lewis Carroll made up in his poem [Jabberwocky] that originally featured as a part of his novel Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There.
    I think that it would be awesome to have a version/explanation of the poem made by you Marina.

  85. hs4mm says:

    This link is essentially a dead-end:

    If such a link must exist, it would be better if it were to point to:

  86. leonard says:

    :razz:“>Frankie Laine – “North To Alaska”
    …[nuggets]…from the movie of the same name. Johnny Horton had a hit of it, #4 on the charts, in 1960. Frankie’s version
    was on his 1962 album “Call Of The Wild” North To Alaska ~ Johnny Horton
    ..thank you HotForWords

    The Klondike Gold Rush

    The Klondike Gold Rush was a frenzy of gold rush immigration to and gold prospecting in the Klondike near Dawson City in the Yukon Territory, Canada, after gold was discovered in the late 19th century.

    In August 1896, three people led by Skookum Jim Mason (a member of the Tagish nation whose birth name was Keish) headed up the Yukon River from the Carcross ar… :mrgreen: …On August 16, 1896, the party discovered rich placer gold deposits in Bonanza (Rabbit) Creek. It is now generally accepted that Skookum Jim made the actual discovery, but some accounts say that it was Kate Carmack. George Carmack was officially credited for the discovery because the “discovery” claim was staked in his name. The group agreed to this because they felt that other miners would be reluctant to recognise a claim made by an Indian, given the strong racist attitudes of the time.

  87. gab560 says:

    Hello Marina. I have a word request.The word (well much more a abbreviation i think) is [EMP] i think i know what it means but i’m not sure.
    Thank Gab560 :grin: :grin:

    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      Electro-magnetic pulse. Emitted by nuclear explosions, it turns your MP3 player, your pacemaker and your blender into scrap.

      Of course, if you are personally there to witness the event, you’ve got bigger problems than waiting in the customer service line at Wal*Mart.

  88. holeymoley says:

    Hi Marina…..I have a word request. The word is [hog]. It is what Harley-Davidson riders call their motorcycles (like a nickname). Not to be confused with the smaller Sportster models. Sportsters are not “hogs”. Thanks, holeymoley

  89. big ed says:

    Hell yes! Think about all the money that’s made in Alaska from businesses like the fishing industry and oil production. Not to mention exposure to the Inuit culture.

    If I had 100 million dollars, I’d: settle all my debts w/ interest due; give my mother $1 million for supporting me while I’ve been unemployed and to finish improving her house, including getting a real security/alarm system installed instead of me staying up all night w/ no social life to speak of; $1 million each to my father, brother and sister, $0.5 mil to my cousin’s family around the corner; put $50 millie into high interest savings accounts in both the Carribean and Swiss banking systems; $500,000 into savings at a credit union; buy 4.5 millie worth of goverment bonds;continue my self education w/ unlimited resources; another $1 million to improve the neighborhood I grew up in and provide some kind of continued education program free to all who are serious about doing so; $1 millie each to the handful of women I’ve had sex with (just in case!); buy back my Grandfather H.’s farm in Michigan, reconstruct the old farmstead w/ modern improvements/ buy my Grandfather B.’s land in the Florida panhandle, build a comfortable cabin w/ state of the art security system so only animals could come and go as they please; then come back to KCMO and buy my own small house in Independence with a 10 ft. privacy fence around the property, a `93 Chevy Silverado pickup w/ off road tires and blackout tinted windows equipped w/ motorized steel cable wench; then throw down for a insane hotel party at Ameristar for all the my so-called friends w/ a $10,000 investment in psychoactive substances and security personell of my own personal choosing. No alcohol allowed inside! Not responsible for resulting rehab “vacations”.
    Oh yeah, start buying most of my food at the River Front Farmer’s Market until my second season’s harvest up north. That just about covers it…

  90. zack says:

    can’t believe that anyone would try to get with this materialistic person. the birthday wish list on the twitter tweet about the swarovski crystal case for her iphone that was really asking some dumbass to buy it for her. wtf? anyone see the post on one of her vlogs about how she acts stupid when she’s not recognized out in public and how she treats waiters bad? get a clue. she would be hell to be with. :twisted:

  91. brandon236 says:

    could you do the origin of the word [candy] thank you

  92. brandon236 says:

    with 100 mil i would by houses for the homeless and give them a portin of the money assuming they dont buy drugs and alcohol. and get on with their lives like rufus from bumfights

    • leonard says:

      Homeless is more than money brandon236…The institution of “[FAMILY]” and making for a loving establishment of a “wanted-ness” enviroment— The social pressures of “control” establishes money as the social root in separatng families…buying things is a circus of “CiTieS…dope and hope and betting and begging :lol: Lucky ManGreg Lake of Emerson, Lake & Palmer performing “Lucky Man” at the California Jam in 1974 :smile:

  93. doodiepants says:

    Could you do the origin of the Word [doodie] ? We’d appreciate it from the guys at

    You’re awesome Marina! Thanks.

    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      Now, that’s spam, folks. :lol:

      • doodiepants says:

        No it’s not. We just really want her to do the definition of [doodie]. Whether our site gets a mention or not. Where in the heck did the word “doodie” come from?

        When I say “doodie” it makes me laugh. Doodie……haha

        • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

          Well, then that might be OK. However, if we find that you also run a site called, we’ll know you’re trying to pull a fast one. :lol:

        • leonard says:

          from Wiki and free :roll: “…, indirectly, the 84,000 Eskimo, Aleut and American Indian inhabitants of Alaska own one-ninth of the state. Various private interests own the remaining land, totaling about one percent of the state.


          Alaska is administratively divided into “boroughs,” as opposed to “counties” or “parishes.”

          The function is the same, but whereas some states use a three-tiered system of decentralization—state/county/township—most of Alaska uses only two tiers—state/borough. Owing to the low population density, most of the land is located in the Unorganized Borough which, as the name implies, has no intermediate borough government of its own, but is administered directly by the state government. Currently (2000 census) 57.71% of Alaska’s area has this status, with 13.05% of the population. For statistical purposes the United States Census Bureau divides this territory into census areas.
          :smile: :shock: :razz: plEAse STaTe

  94. Captain Jack says:

    Is Alaska worth 100 mil? Well only for the oil rights maybe. I need a way to make my money back.

    What would I do with 100 million? Well I would keep maybe 3 or 5 mil max and give the rest way. I would give cash prizes to teachers that find creative ways of improving our eduction system. I would fund schools that implement maritime eduction in their program. :-)
    Hum I would by me a few Orca wales. Not to keep but to pay for research in to ways of protecting them from pollution. Oh and build some homeless shelters out of unused barges. I used to live on a barge in my service to the Navy. I really missed living on the barge. 100 million hu? Might take me awhile to get rid if it. I heard Bill and Malinda Gates talk about it was a full time job to give away their billions. There money is going to many good things. Even Paul Allen is doing some good in downtown Seattle. We have been maintaining about 8 buildings going up at any one time. The city is changing so much I sometimes get a bit lost.

    Yeah what would I do with 100 million? I would love to have that problem. In fact I hope someday to have that problem. It’s on my list of things to do in my life. I nearly had a chance of doing such a thing with my friends money. But an very selfish & greedy person took it all away. :-(

    • Capman911 says:

      How about get your boat fixed ;-) or just buy a
      new one. :mrgreen:

      • Captain Jack says:

        LoL!!! I’ve been next to the boat. I think I might have some photos of it. The photo your looking at was taken in the San Juan island in Washington state. I’ve driven by that little house many time with the cruise ship.

        That ship has been seen here in Seattle many times. It’s amazing inside. Check out these photos.
        I’ve seen many Delta ships in Washington state for they are built near the Duwamish River, Seattle.

        I’ve been on this ship (Princess Gloria) when it was in Kirkland marina dock.

        Im not going to fix this boat. I had planed to sell it when I took ownership of the 44 foot motor yacht. But because of the recession I moved off of it and back on to my little yacht. It was a sad day and I’m still crying over it. Now I’m looking to get into just about anything. That is sea worthy.
        For the future I have a nice 56 foot sailing yacht I plan to by.
        No this is not it. I wouldn’t want it for the wood looks to fake or over finished. The bedroom is a bit to roomy for sea safety on such a small vessel. It needs more safety gear or to be smaller room.
        This is not either but very close to what Im planning on getting. I don’t have a link for the yacht I’m planning to get for it’s unlisted, but the model is very similar to this. This vessel is nearly the perfect size. Not to big not to small. Oh there is not photo of the masters stateroom so here’s an older photo of what they look like Give you the old tall ship look of a true captain’s cabin. Love the windows in the back. They open up too!

      • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

        Or buy a house and have a lake built around it. That way you don’t worry if the float switch on the bilge pump will fail some night and drown you in your sleep.

        Gee, I don’t remember getting into the bathtub.

        • Captain Jack says:

          If you have to worry about the float switch in the bilge then you need to get a new water witch or a better boat. :roll: One would have to be hit by a torpedo to sink so fast you would die in your sleep. The cold 48º water would wake your ass up rather quickly. :shock: Though I think the sound of rushing water would wake you up rather quickly before it gets to you. Most boats have 3 or more bilge pumps for redundancy. There is also an engine power pump and some boats have a hand pump. There are many boats now that can completely fill up with water and not sink. This is becoming a standard in boat building. I feel safer on my yacht than in a house.

  95. thegorn says:

    Seems its Based on an Aleut word “alaxsxaq” literally meaning “object toward which the action of the sea is directed” or more simply “the mainland”. …

  96. animalntaz says:

    Tina Fey as Sarah Palin: “And I can see Russia from my house.” :mrgreen:

  97. r1wolf says:

    I’d buy that hat from you Marina :smile:

    Nah, I could maybe buy Jay Leno’s garage with, at least, most of the cars, if not all of them still in it.

  98. hs4mm says:

    Andrew Johnson’s picture reminds me of Karl Malden (the head cop in a Streets of San Francisco; died on July 1).

  99. CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

    If I had $100,000,000, the first thing I would do, Marina, is buy you a pink life preserver hat to match your outfit. The dark blue one, bouyant as it may be, is just not “you.”

    Now I would like you to break down the word Alaska for us and demonstrate which syllables mean which words. Any compression algorithm writer would be proud to cram that much information into those few letters.

  100. hotrocky says:

    For 100 million dollars, I guess I could buy 1/4 of Michael Jackson’s debt. They would call that “Frisco’s Folly” for sure!

  101. Evan Owen says:

    I remember reading a rather droll exchange between “Stalin” and Roosevelt, in which Djugashvili joked about taking back Alaska. “Take a lesson from Hitler and don’t fight a war on two fronts,” was Roosevelt’s jocular reply. :shock:

    I don’t miss the “good old days.” :roll:

  102. MtnDood says:

    Well, considering all the oil we got from drilling there, I’d say it was a good deal. I’d buy a new HighDef TV!!! And other stuff I guess.

  103. Capman911 says:

    I think it was a good purchase. I could buy just about anything I wanted with one hundred million dollars. Great lesson on Alaska, but why did Sarah Palin quit her job as Governor of Alaska? I haven’t heard yet.

  104. seesixcm6 says:

    Dear Marina,
    You look so good with drinks in one hand, lots of money in the other hand, a low-cut dress and a warm hat! You would make your boyfriend and yourself happy with those things!
    Today, the $100 Million wouldn’t cover a day’s overspending by our government. We’ll have to pay heavy taxes for many years for the money they are wasting today.
    I still aspire to become wealthy enough to be your boyfriend! :razz:

  105. smokey36bear says:

    Yes great deal. I could by 100 million items from the McDonald’s $1 menu

    • Capman911 says:

      Don’t for forget sales tax Smokey. :lol:

      • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

        Ain’t no sich in Montana.

        • Capman911 says:

          All I can say is, it must be nice. We are taxed to death here in NC. :evil:

          • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

            Even if we buy something outside of CA for which the state cannot legally charge sales tax, we are required to report it and pay use tax, which is in lieu of and equal to the amount of sales tax. :sad:

            Oh, it feels ever so much better to pay use tax instead of sales tax. Not.

          • smokey36bear says:

            The best thing is we can go to some states and show our Montana ID and we are exempt from tax. This is not true with food items though.

          • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

            The CA law states that, in order for a merchant to not be liable for sending in the tax on an out-of-state sale, the merchant must either deliver the goods out of state or ship them by means of a common carrier. If the merchant delivers the goods in-state to an out-of-state customer, he must pay the tax to the state; the state does not trust the customer to take the goods out of state himself.

            Many CA merchants aren’t familiar with the above. If an audit ever uncovers that the customer took possession of the goods in CA (by virtue of not being able to a produce shipping record), the merchant must pay the tax and then it is up to the merchant to recover the tax from the customer if he so elects.

            So your Montana ID doesn’t mean squat here unless the goods are shipped. Even then it might not work, again due to ignorance of the law; there are those who (illegally) simply refuse to not collect the tax unless you can produce a CA Reseller’s Permit (permit to collect the tax yourself), which, although that is exactly what is needed for CA merchants buying wholesale, it makes no sense for and won’t be issued to out-of-state merchants. No matter you show a business license from home, phone book listings of your business or pictures showing you frollicking naked with your Governor, they want you to show that you don’t have to collect tax in CA where you don’t even do business! It’s a Catch 22.

  106. yuri1919 says:

    Hey i would like to request the word [brass knuckles]….. :lol:

  107. neuroway says:

    Hmmm…. You need pretty neat skies and darn good eyes to see this through your window. Not sure you have that kind of clarity in LA. :smile:

  108. muggins says:

    Marina, where did you get that figure…(not your figure, but the value of the dollar between 1860′s converted to the present day dollars)? I’d like to have that link because my interest is 19th Century American history, and it would be very useful.

    Click here for my sympathetic opinion on Palin’s resignation. Comments, for or against are encouraged.

  109. freebird says:

    I thought that the transfer of ownership was really only a 99 year lease… then it goes back to some royal Russian-Vladivostok vodka smugglers family now living in Yakayakawoofwoof. :grin:

    For $100 million… it is cheaper than a 45 minutes of accumulated outstanding interest on today’s US national debt. :shock:

    For $100 million you could buy enough Skippy Peanut Butter to spread all over everything… with a bit left over for whatever you might have missed. :lol:

  110. originalistrick says:

    You really demonstrated [PRESCIENCE] with this lesson, Marina.

    HW 2: Maybe could afford your next house?

  111. Ozzy0sbourne says:

    I would like to request the word [Party]

  112. hs4mm says:

    Since we are no longer on the gold standard, today’s money is just some politician’s (“finance-Tzar’s”) toilet paper — it is whatever shit he makes it be. But the way the government keeps taking over the economy, they soon won’t be able to make it worth any shit either.

  113. greatestpotential says:

    Homework: Sure, just for tourism alone it was a smart purchase. 100 million dollars could still buy you a permanent vacation then you could get a big mansion with evergreens to keep you cool and lay around on a big greecian bed next to your olympic sided swimming pool and twitter all day.

  114. nd4 says:

    Nice vid like always Marina. But hey what does the phrase [do or die] mean?

  115. greatestpotential says:

    brrrrr…that’s cold… alaska that is

  116. leonard says:

    [inflation]…indigenous…whales :smile: …Did Russia need money for a war with TURKEY?…[BLACK SEA] :mrgreen: :oops:

  117. originalistrick says:

    Fun. Informative. Cute cap. Obviously not cold.
    HW: Alaska is priceless.


  118. zinnaku says:

    it was worth it to buy Alaska. because we found tons and tons of gold there. so we made more than we spent.
    and for 100 million we could buy most or all of Mexico.

  119. PageDoll says:

    I would sooo pay 100 mil for Alaska…what a deal!
    That is, if I had an extra 100 mil taking up space in my fancy jeans! I’ve seen people pay 25 mil for few acres on the beach. If I can get all of Alaska for a 100, I’m gonin with it! :mrgreen:

    The first thing that comes to mind that I can spend 100 mil on is a house I did a floor in a few years ago. Close to 90 mil after all said and done. 55,000 sq ft main house. 10,000 sq ft. guest house. 25,000 sq ft garage under the house. On 25 acres in Rancho Santa Fe. I heard the guy bought 6 houses and scraped them all of the earth just for the land to erect his vision.

  120. pedantickarl says:

    Very informative lesson Marina and very well done.
    Alaska – $100 million in today’s dollars
    Marina – precious and priceless :grin:

  121. darlingj says:

    What? Do you have a variety of lessons available in case of any news event? ;-)

    I think I’m going to have to agree with GP. :!: :lol:

  122. hs4mm says:

    Good lesson, more than one word origin. Worth it for the oil.

  123. amnoaweegie says:

    Cheap at half the price ;-)

  124. leonard says:

    I’ll buy baked gold plated salmon…VERT COOL LESSON…he was Lincoln’s sec. of WAR…Happy 4th of JULY :-)

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