Best of HotForWords on O’Reilly Factor!

“Back by Popular Demand” as the O’Reilly Factor says, it’s the Best of HotForWords! :-)

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225 Responses to Best of HotForWords on O’Reilly Factor!

  1. greatestpotential says:

    I like how Monica Crowley says HotForWords :!: ooh la la!

  2. marinasfavoriteword says:

    From my almamater there motto

    originally was

    “and gladly would he learn and gladly teach.”

    until the 1970s there were significantly more women than men attending the university. The motto has since been updated to the gender-neutral form

    “Gladly we Learn and Teach.” (from Wikipedia )

    These words describe our teacher Marina (Ms. Orlova) wouldn’t you agree class?

    P.S. a suggestion to our most cheerful teacher Marina (Ms.Orlova) Can you explain the changes in meaning or usage of words as a result of the feminist movement.

    Apple for sweet teach!


  3. gyges77 says:

    Did anybody check her ears before the show? I’m sure she has some kind of mini receiver in his ear, hidden by the hair. You can sense this if you look carefully when she is answers the questions.

  4. so marina is passionate about driving me (men) crazy? lets keep argument liberal please. NO libertarians! :idea:

  5. uncbob54 says:

    :smile: Hi I’d like to know about the word [Lucas] means and where does come from? :?: ;-) ;-)

  6. heaven here i come says:

    Hi everyone! I’m back again after a break. Marina, you are awesome, good looking and great with words and their history.

    I have just watched the Wimbledon tennis match between the Scot Andy Murray and the American Andy Roddick. As someone with Scots ancestors, as well as being an aficionado of Scottish Country Dancing (has any other correspondent enjoyed this exciting activity) I naturally supported Murray but as you probably know by now Roddick played a blinder and won in 4 sets. Roll on Sunday when he will play Federer in the final! Marina, with your [lithe] body I expect you are good at tennis.

  7. justlustenvyed says:

    nice work!
    I would like to request the word [ventriloquist]
    I recently saw a horror movie with one of them and I am a little qurious about them!

  8. uncbob54 says:

    :smile: Just how does one, get an answer hear :?: ;-) ;-)

  9. leonard says:

    [spice] and [spicey]

    New World and slave to migrations of $ :mrgreen: $
    we work for our sins…indigenous…[pat-riot]…freedom to leave :smile:



    :lol: Word Origins 2; Lesbian, Meat, Tabasco Hot Facts Teacher…ps Marina…[SPICE]…how much$$$$ :???:

  10. pedantickarl says:

    Virginia Heffernan of the NY Times has a new article out entitled, “Street Smart: Urban Dictionary” in which she refers to Marina as follows.

    SEXICOGRAPHY The kittenish philologist Marina Orlova makes lexicography even foxier in “Hot for Words.” Her site,, is cluttered with fan stuff; better to check out her YouTube channel:

    You gotta hand it to Virginia, she likes to make those edgy little digs,
    like “… cluttered with fan stuff”. I resemble that remark.

    Well, at least there is a new nerd word, SEXICOGRAPHY where in the previous article the word was Sexicon.
    That article has some other neat nerd words. :-)

  11. livingonbuckets says:

    I would like to request two words [Are and Is] keep it up! :razz:

    • Evan Owen says:

      Discussion item:

      Why is the verb “to be” probably the most irregular verb in the European languages? “Is, am, are, was, were” in English; “Soy, eres, es, fui, fuiste” in Spanish; “suis, etes” (etc.) in French; Karl, I think you can fill in the German for us but I seem to recall it’s also irregular. :???:

  12. TR3 says:


  13. michilinman says:

    I need to request the word [paradox]


  14. darthmnkyrpm says:

    I would like to request the phrase [Rock and Roll]. ;-)

  15. imsofakingweetodid says:

    i would like to reqwest the phrase [couch potato] and the word [cage]

  16. Che Volay says:

    Hello ppl!!!! :cool: Just checking in

  17. eeeagle says:

    I would like to request the word [dipshit].

    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      Have we run out of the “regular” words? I must have missed the memo. :roll:

      • leonard says:

        diet of rhea…check my oil too…with out a tool….shoes are made by coopers without and cookies

        dem :shock: people R crazy

        oh I’m sorry…miss-site :lol: cob my corns…shoes of a fit

      • Evan Owen says:

        eeeagle’s reference is to one of these new “green” cars that runs on manure. The “dipshit” takes the place of the “dipstick” in your standard gas-fueled oil-lubed engine. :razz:

        It’s true, I tell you.

  18. sljoshut says:

    Where did the term “jack-off” come from?

    • leonard says:

      Quote :oops:
      “Manuscript: something submitted in haste and returned at leisure.” – Oliver Herford 1863-1935 :lol: :idea: :idea:

    • beevee14 says:

      Hello and welcome! If you put your words in brackets[], you might have a better chance of it being investigated. There are alot of requests, so it would be very UNFAIR if HFW let you go right to front of the line. :grin:

      I hope I did better that time, M, because I’m gonna be Blunt with you; You’re Beautiful its true. ;-)

    • Venomrock67 says:

      One day Mr. Smith, the president of a large corporation, called his vice president, Dick, into his office and said, “We’re making some cutbacks, so either Jack or Barbara will have to be laid off.

      Dick looked at Mr. Smith and said, “Barbara is my best worker, but Jack has a wife and three kids. I don’t know whom to fire.”

      The next morning Dick waited for his employees to arrive. Barbara was the first to come in, so Dick said, “Barbara, I’ve got a problem. You see, I’ve got to lay you or Jack off and I don’t know what to do?”

      Barbara replied, “You’d better jack off, I’ve got a headache!” :mrgreen:

  19. TR3 says:

    I’m curious where they got the phrase [hot to trot] and what it really means?

  20. leonard says:

    ;-) Lesson reminder to the HotForWords….******MARINA*****

    [decla-ration of I*N*D*E*P*E*N*D*E*N*C*E[][][][][][][federal]&middle CLaSSeD

    ….The Sweet – 4th of July :smile: 7four…USA…used-suckers of an.thro.PoLoGy :lol: a, air shocks, for the ride :P

  21. originalistrick says:


    (which made me think of)


  22. ma02169 says:

    Little Miss Muffet, sat on a [Tuffet], eating her [Curds, and Whey].
    Along came a spider, and sat down beside her, and said, “Watcha’ eatin’ Poopsie?”

  23. hotrocky says:

    Oops! Marina, I think I have caught you in an error. Those who believe in and promote “no government” are “anarchists,” not libertarians, The overpermissiveness of the “roaring twenties” should be associated with “libertine,” not libertarian. Libertarians believe that there is no excuse for the initiation of force or fraud, not by individuals nor by government. The original founders of the United States, those who created the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, were libertarians in their political philosophy.

    • Marina says:

      You are correct.. a libertarian believes in the role of government being limited. Things get a bit exaggerated when on TV!

      • hs4mm says:

        Actually, the liberatarian movement accepts anyone who mouths the phrase “I am for liberty” without any meaning ascribed to the term liberty. A person can mean anything he wants by the term liberty, including anarchy (for example, mouthing some bs such as: “to me, liberty means no government to hinder the actions of a free man”), and he would be accepted into the liberatarian movement just because he mouths the phrase “I am for liberty”. This situation exists because the liberatarian movement has no principled base underlying it — it is just a bunch of people trying to be active in politics without any intellectual thought. Some of them take principles discovered by Ayn Rand out of context and make a mess of them.

        • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

          I am always look askance at blanket statements, especially when the subject of the statement is repeatedly mispelled.

          Bada bing! :mrgreen:

          • hs4mm says:

            I did notice firefox’s indication of the misspelling but, because of my disdain for them, I could not generate the energy to correct the spelling by a right-click-lookup. There were other words that I also misspelled but did correct via a right-click.

            Regarding being a blanket statement, I am saying that the libertarian party welcomes everybody — anybody that claims to be for “liberty” irrespective of what that person means by “liberty” — and hence they are for nothing.

        • hotrocky says:

          You made an error above. What you say is sadly true about the Libertarian Party, but not about the libertarian movement. The libertarian movement is based on the zero aggression principle, which, in turn, is based on respect for the individual human will. I’m sorry to say, the Libertarian Party is no longer part of the libertarian movement, for the exact reason you dismiss them.

      • Evan Owen says:

        M, that’s the trouble when you know more about English than 99% of Americans — people expect you to be perfect! :grin:

    • leonard says:

      God Bless R*O*C*K*Y… :smile:

  24. adreanamn says:

    :mrgreen: I would like to request the word [alchemy] :mrgreen:

  25. betytellez says:

    Hi i would like to know the origin of the word [honeymoon]

  26. PageDoll says:

    I need a ticket for Comic Con in San Diego on Sat July 25th !!! Is anybody else going? Is there anyone out there that I can rent a ticket from for just an hour or so, just so I can get my calendar signed? :cool:
    Come on people, work with me here! ;-)

  27. mcnichols says:

    I’ve always been curious about the word [Skullduggery]. It’s a great word to use but I have little to no clue as to how it came about as it sounds so ridiculous, but at the same time so cool. Thanks.

  28. uncbob54 says:

    :razz: So this is how it works? :roll: I don’t watch O’Reilly, But I did catch your spot. My assessment of O’Reilly and FNN are Dipsh#ta#sholemorron! Love you though! :smile: ;-) ;-)

  29. weirdman999 says:

    can you do the word origin of chocolate :mrgreen:

  30. uncbob54 says:

    [Lucas] ;-)

  31. louie says:

    Dear Marina,

    We have enjoyed your segment on the Factor.

    I have a word request [jackpot].

    Thank you,


  32. bluesnoteina says:

    Yes the Blues are alive and well on the west coast,,
    No I have never been to Beal Street, would love to very much, Some day .
    Have played in about every podunk place in the northwest.
    Have played in Chicago at legends. very cool place..

  33. noodlefan11 says:

    Hello Marina! Since my last name is Knight, I have always wondered were the word [knight] came from. Thank you! ;-)

  34. Evan Owen says:


    So being bored at bedtime, I watched some old Michael Jackson vids on YouTube to try to figure out what all the recent brouhaha was about.

    You know, the kid was actually pretty good looking before he tried to become [Caucasian]. :|

    • Marina says:

      It really is a shame that he did all that stuff to himself. It was a real sickness. I wonder if he ever looked at himself and wished that he has never embarked on that path. When he was, I think, maybe 20, his off the wall album, he was natural and looked great.

      • äläx says:

        “This video is not available in your country due to copyright restrictions.”

        this so sucks. if copyright restrictions on youtube were a blow job, none of all the pr0n actresses would be able to compete.

  35. CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

    Would it be too persnickety of me to point out that the last four “lessons” were not on words? Could these events be put in a separate place on the home page so that word lessons could still be fit in? I hope “mission drift” is not setting in.

  36. darsves says:

    Hello Marina. =) I was wondering how the word [idiosyncratic] came to be. Thanks!

  37. aronra says:

    Hey Marina, I was wondering about the word, [ignorance] meaning ‘something we aren’t aware of’, and how it relates to the word, [ignore] meaning something we refuse to acknowledge. Does ignorance mean something you DON’T know? Or something you WON’T know?

  38. mrcwoodsman says:

    I’m loving all this information as I am a word freak so I was wondering if can you help me understand why when waiting to go onto a TV show they put you in the [green room] where’d that come from and if you have the time why when I get a leg cramp is it called a [charley horse].
    Thanks Marina you are doing a great job!!

    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      It comes from the green paint on the walls. Green supposedly has a calming effect upon those who are about to go on the air and make complete asses of themselves, ruining their careers forever and resulting in their families being mercilessly tossed out into the snow. OK, it’s L.A., so being tossed out into the smog.

      I don’t know why someone would name a horse Charley. Hey, if it’s your horse, I guess you could name it anything you want. :smile:

  39. Venomrock67 says:

    Watched “The Factor” yesterday and they announced Marina in the last segment, Back by popular demand! I thought alright, cool this was an unexpected delight. It was a very cool segment eventhough it was a “best of” Hotforwords on the Factor. Monica Crowley was hosting and they had Megyn Kelly and Lis Wiehl taking up most of the time and they did a pretty good job! I noticed with them and Marina closing the show, I think they were giong for a “Blonde Power” theme! :wink:

  40. mitotero says:


  41. neuroway says:

    Liberal, lawless foreigners, dutch lunatics, passion and suffering, freemen and slaves, libertarians, savage freedom wars and bloody battles… Forsooth, this is some serious and educative stuff.

    I believe this is indeed some pretty oh really mighty radical change from the d*nkey punches, po*ps, g*ose bumps, mushr*oms, pschittt b*ttles and b*ners from the recent lessons.

    After only 5 minutes of it, I feel more intelligent, wiser, brighter, smarter, more enligntened and a little more in control of the english language indeed.

    I loved it. Thanks teacher. :smile:

  42. freebird says:

    WORD REQUESTS: [ squabble & bicker ]

  43. hourof10 says:

    Hello Marina,
    I would like to request the origin of the term [A la carte]. My friend and I were curious and I figured it might be a good segment for your site since it is of French origin but used in English speaking society.

  44. Capman911 says:

    Marina. If we follow you on Twitter and your not following us and leave you a message do you get it or see it? Or is it just posted on our Twitter page for others who follow us see the Tweet? If this is so then why should we follow someone who can’t read our Tweets?

    • pedantickarl says:

      Hi Mike,
      When you say “leave you a message”, do you mean DM, Direct Message (private message)?

      You cannot send a DM to a person who does not follow you, but they can send you a DM if you follow them.

      There are many ways to use Twitter of course, and one way to use Twitter is with respect to your question and I will answer in that context.

      In one use of Twitter, the reason why you want to follow someone is because of some kind of interest to you. Even though they do not follow you back, you can’t send a DM, but you can still send a tweet to them via the public timeline using the @ symbol.

      Think of it similar to following your favorite movie star or news person on TV. They talk, you listen, but when you talk, they don’t come to your fire station to listen to you. :lol:

    • bsomebody says:

      Cap, PK, Alex, and Che in the same comment box makes my eyes feel like they just ate a skittle. :grin:

      Mebbe if I stick around long enough, I can get something even purpler than Che’s.

      {Somebody looks for the “wishing upon a star” emoticon…}

    • Marina says:

      Whenever you @hotforwords me I get those messages… anyone can @hotforwords me. The DM is only for private messages that you don’t want the world to see. But they only work when both parties follow each other.

  45. errin says:

    I saw this last night in the oddest way…

    A friend invited me as a guest to her gym yesterday, so last night I went. In the cardio room were about 4 tv monitors with different channels on them, and FOXnews was on one of them. Sure enough, while I was running a treadmill, ‘The Best Of HotForWords’ came on and lasted for about 5 minutes. I couldn’t hear it, but the closed caption was on, so I got to read it. Of all the ways to randomly encounter Marina… I was really pleasantly surprised! Good going, teach! You dominated the FOXnews airwaves for a good 5 minutes!

    Who knows how I’ll see you next? :?: ;-)

    Peace and love, Errin : )

    p.s. Music at

  46. Capman911 says:

    Happy Canada Day everyone. :grin:

  47. Evan Owen says:

    Following what alatus_leo said below, “oe” in Dutch is pronounced like English “oo”; thus “boek” and “voet” are pronounced like their English counterparts “book” and “foot.” :smile:

  48. originalistrick says:


    Very interesting.

  49. tonyb says:

    You are a very smart lady to remember all those word origins off the top of your head. When I study the Bible I look into word origins at times. One that seems to be most relevant to our times is in Revelation 9:21 where I found the word MAGIC ARTS came from the ancient Greek word PHARMAKEIA where we get the word pharmacy. I only had one month of classical Greek in college and this was in the footnote of my Scofield study Bible. But I see that mind altering drugs like Coke, Speed, Crack, Marijuana, etc, must be the occult. Many claim to have had drug induced hallucinations. I can hear from outdoors some fool mocking me about what I told s shrink once about taking mind-altering drugs to be PHARMAKEIA. They must still think it is funny. But I got diabetes from taking Seroquel and a few others of these.

    • beevee14 says:

      But I see that mind altering drugs like Coke, Speed, Crack, Marijuana, etc, must be the occult.
      Do you mean these drugs, half of which are natural, were put here by the occult or are put upon society by the occult? :???: :?:

      • freebird says:

        Sometimes I wonder if it is “the way” we use the naturally created substances that determines whether they are “dark” or not. For instance, if they are used wisely and responsibly, maybe they wouldn’t be demonized like they are by so many people in society.

        This is in reference to marijuana… the others are in another category completely… to me anyways.

      • tonyb says:

        God may have created pot but he did not intend for us to smoke it. some sargaent off duty in the army and some other wiseass named Casey asked me the same question then in 1978. God does not want us to take curari either does he? that is a poison, too. I was not the Shell Answer Man then either. god made uranium but he does not want us to keep some int he house as a conversation piece. I saw an episode of I LOVE LUCY with my mom and they were out west in the desert prospecting for Uranium with a Geiger Counter-HOW INSANE!!!!

        • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

          How observant you are. They would need a scintillator if they were to have any hope of locating the ore. :mrgreen:

        • beevee14 says:

          When the sargaent(sergeant) and Casey asked you that question, did you answer it or give them that bullshit about Lucy? How many times were you ordered into the ‘front leaning rest’ position because of that answer? What was your MOS?
          Also, how do you know that God did not want us to smoke it? Did you ask him? More important, did HE answer you? Where you smoking when he answered? How about shrooms? Were you eating any during this conversation? Those are natural, too. I don’t think you have to worry about anybody HERE confusing you with the Shell Answer Man. :???:


          That which doesn’t kill me can only make me stronger ;-)

  50. haitianboy says:

    Damn!! She got ‘em!! Be my [teacher].

    Somebody give me a quarter
    I promised to call my mom if I fell in love.

  51. kickmynadz753 says:

    I would like to request the word [ballbusting]

  52. menvor says:

    What a cool site. I wonder if you would be able to tell me how they came up with the word [pantyhose]. I wear them to the office all the time but was recently wondering about them – why the word is pantyhose and not something related to stockings, like, I don’t know, pantystocks or something. Yes, I know that sounds silly, but it just has me wondering. Thanks, and keep up the great work.
    Mennie :smile:

  53. jasbcor says:

    Marina, where did the phrase [humm dinger] come from?
    Thank you,

  54. mike23 says:

    Marina can you please tell me where the word [blow job] comes from? How did it become known as that? Thanks Marina.

    • pennsyltucky9 says:

      Is this how you normally speak to a lady? Maybe you should take a moment to re-examine why you need to ask this kind of question.

    • darlingj says:

      Hi Mike23,

      I share PT9′s curiosity about why you feel the need to ask…but if you are really interested in the origin of these types of words and are willing to do a little searching, you will find that she covered that term and many more in a series of Maxim Radio Interviews she did last year.

      Look under Interviews and go back to October 12, 2008, where I believe she covers that and you can hear it on the audio. That is Maxim interview 15.

      If it isn’t in that one, keep going backwards in time and you will find it. Knock yourself out.

      BTW, I always wondered about that too as the action doesn’t seem to fit the term.

      Once the mystery is solved, there is a lot more here in other areas to explore, and I hope that you do so! :smile:

    • beevee14 says:

      Around here, We have a different definition. If a person asks M were a word comes from that is pretty vulgar, we usually tell them to buy a bullet, rent a gun, and Blow their brains out. When this happens, we say, “good Job“!

      So there you have it. Blowjob Get the picture? :twisted:

      • äläx says:

        no, “we” don’t. i have no clue why you include me in your claim. you can’t speak for me.

        actually, she’s been discussing “vulgar” words.
        “blow job” could be interesting because it should be named “suck job”, or “suck-and-lick job” or something like that. literally blowing could harm you.

        what is it with americans and sex-related words? you got the world’s biggest porn industry, you ought to be more relaxed.

        • Marina says:

          Religion äläx, religion.

          • äläx says:

            yeah, but there’s religion all over the world.

            besides — and i think this is kinda interesting –, when i was on vacation in mia, there was this ultimate fighting championship on tv. or something similar, i forget. anyway, it was on at like 9 pm or so. people beating each other up in a cage, blood, broken body parts. they showed all this — and they bleeped out “fuck”. lol.

          • äläx says:

            however, now i also request [blow job]. a fortiori! uh huh.

          • greatestpotential says:

            yeah, but there’s religion all over the world.

            You can’t argue with a good blowjob. ~ George Carlin

          • leonard says:

            old time religion the band :smile: or this one the CARA.vANs :P

          • hs4mm says:

            Marina, what’s your source for the explanation that the origin of blow-job is related to water sprouting from whales? Both and the OED (in entry blow-) cite 1961 as the origin; quotes from OED:

            1961 A. HECHT in Hudson Rev. XIV. 371 59 And you can get a *blow-job Where other men have pissed.

            1969 Oz May 14 No, I don’t want a blow job{em}I’m a girl.

            1976 T. SHARPE Wilt iv. 35 ‘You want a blow job, is that it? You want for me to give you a blow job?’ She got off the bed and came towards him.

            1986 P. BOOTH Palm Beach vii. 139 Turning the other cheek was for girls who hadn’t had to give blow jobs to tramps in exchange for a few pieces of candy.

            Perhaps the 1961 quote appears in an article that earlier presented images of blowing whales? I might request that article from the library.

            By the way, you point out that while most explanations attempt to (unsuccessfully) relate the term to the actions of the woman, the origin you mention relates the term to what happens to the man.

            Here’s a critique of your explanation that you might either accept as an intriguing shortcoming or dismiss as being just a technicality: it is in a hand job that one would see the visual of a blowing whale; a blow job would hid the visual. So how do you address this critique?

            I have an explanation for the term blow-job that is not susceptible to the above critique and also relates to the effect on the man. But it is an explanation that I have come up with on my own and, as far as I know, while being logical correct (meaning, for example, it is not open to critiques such as the above) it may not be historically accurate. But I must just keep it to myself since I do not yet have a platform from which to present my views.

        • Marina says:

          Yeah, the priorities are all messed up. Violence is fine, but swear words are not.

          • äläx says:

            yeah … in the u.s., you’re allowed to drive before you’re allowed to drink. over here it’s the other way around. funny. i guess both versions have their advantages.

          • leonard says:

            “I swear tell you”… :razz:

          • greatestpotential says:

            whatever could be the fascination to watch babies crawling their way through mine fields and object to a hand firmly squeezing a titty

          • beevee14 says:

            Let me get this straight, marina, so my religion AND my priorities are all jacked up? Thanx for that.
            Being a frequent contributor to your site, somebody asking for a word that they really don’t want to know the answer to has become almost a daily occurence. I thought this was one of them. Evidently, I am not the only one.(P9)
            My reference to ‘buying a bullet and renting a gun’ was a weak attempt at humor. It is taken from the movie, “Vegas Vacation”. I tried to find a clip, but could not. I don’t want anybody hurt.
            What it comes down to is good old fashioned chivalry. I thought I was doing the right thing in trying to protect this site and by that, your name, but it appears as though you don’t want that. I really don’t care what anybody writes. I was just trying to keep the site clean and you attack my religion and tell me my priorities are whack?! WOW

            Once again, Thanx

          • greatestpotential says:


            I was just trying to keep the site clean and you attack my religion and tell me my priorities are whack?!

            Relax man. No one is attacking your religion and no one is telling you that your priorities are whack.

            If you really want to be a protector of chivalry your beef ain’t here and you know it. Just think about what you’re saying for a minute and then you can apologize to Marina.


        • BillyB says:

          I think China may have the biggest pr0n industry, So much so that the government backed down on making the Green Dam software compulsary. Seems the software would block pr0n & outlawed spiritual groups etc. 80% opposition in a country with their population is a fairly powerfull group. Don’t mess with people’s pr0n or religion I guess.
          Interesting quote “… CH = (EG + EP) /2, is designed to identify suspicious densities of skin colour. To demonstrate the supposed effectiveness of this method, the bid document contrasts pictures of blow jobs and babies.”…”The Southern Weekend newspaper has mocked the software for blocking Garfield cartoons but allowing dark-skinned porn.”
          Link to your word request
          I like your observation “… you ought to be more relaxed”

          • äläx says:

            ah, the radio show. i forget. thanks, man.

            i should ask karl for a list of the words she’s been discussing in them shows. i bet he got one.:P

          • äläx says:

            also, you might be right about china, sort of.

            The study shows two of the world’s largest economic powerhouses, the United States and China, dominate the markets in adult-oriented Internet sites and adult products, respectively.

            The report shows China saw estimated revenues of $27.4 billion in 2006, mainly for being one of the largest producers of sex toys

            check it out. some interesting facts in there.

        • beevee14 says:

          You don’t want to be a part of ‘we’, yet you have no problem assuming I like or agree with porn or sex-related words because I’m an American? [hipocrisy]

        • BillyB says:

          I remember as a kid, heck I can’t remember exact age, but old enough to be considered trustworthy as a babysitter. Even though the kids next door weren’t babies I was asked to come over & make sure they were put to bed & be the someone responsible in the house with them.
          This was all pre-internet (but not pre-playboy). Well once the kids were in bed (and asleep), I was told I could go watch tV in the den, downstairs. Well I tell you, the kids’ dad had a gold mine… a playboy collection, in the den, like I hadn’t seen before or since. I got to know Bridget Bardot & others like I’d never dreamed possible. I was asked over on a somewhat regular basis & although the pay was poor I never complained & I learned a lot as the new subscriptions continued to arrive. Free pr0n subscription was cool while it lasted.
          The real eye opener, for me, as to what was really out there was at a scout camp. Being just a bit older than the cubs (youner kids) we scouts had the priviledge of staying up later than the others & went down to the kitchen area. That’s where I learned to drink coffee before bed, silly concept I realize as an older guy now, anyhow one of the other guys had snuck in a (borrowed from his Dad’s collection) european pr0n mag. Well it left nothing to the imagination. They were doing “everything” in those pics. Needless to say my parents had no idea what I was learning about the resposibilities of babysitting & how to be a good boyscout.

    • leonard says:

      wiTch video is better to see?…a PaRiS HiLToN or that guy from “MotLEy Crew”?…burn some smoke :twisted: :roll: :razz:

  55. wetsuit5 says:

    Wow a jealous presentation. Looks like someone didn’t want to be upstaged live by you.

  56. alatus_leo says:

    “Loen” is pronounced exactly like “loon”.

    Now you know exactly how to pronounce it in Dutch. ;-)

  57. birdman says:

    Hey marina,can u explain why they call a [brain freeze](what happenes when u drink alot of super cold liquid)a [brain freeze]?Cause ur brain doesnt really freeze like ice(this is a word request by the way IF u didnt know)….. :shock: :mrgreen:

  58. originalistrick says:


  59. darlingj says:

    By Popular Demand! :!: :cool:

  60. greatestpotential says:

    That part about the roaring twenties made me laugh :!:

    :lol: flappers :arrow:

  61. kornholio says:

    i would like to know the origin of the word [doughboy] as in not the pilsbury mascot but the american soldiers during world war 1.

    • beevee14 says:

      Have you played Cornhole before? A lot of people here don’t know what it is or how addictive it is(especially if alcohol is in the mix) :!: :roll:

  62. lexxilou says:

    hey marina! i love your videos!!

    i would like to request the word [honeymoon]. i am very curious!

    thank you! ;-)

  63. jdarfus says:

    привет Marina!

    I would like to please request the word [g-string]. I understand the string part, but where did the “g” come from???

    Muchas gracias,

  64. spellingbee says:

    hi ms. marina ,, i would like to know the origin of the word [ INSOMNIA ]
    thank you :lol:

  65. seesixcm6 says:

    Dear Marina,
    You look great, even in reruns! By talking about the origins of words, I hope you manage to make everyone choose their words more carefully. This is a great service for everyone. because you are so beautiful, it’s a pleasure to learn from you. I hope our responses to your posts provide you with some happiness, too!

  66. leonard says:

    Good work by all!!! :-)

  67. Capman911 says:

    That was the best of the best. I loved the last outfit. You looked more like a real Teacher, not saying your not a teacher, oh you know what I mean. You looked GEEERRRRAAAATE. ;-)

  68. MCLIJazz says:

    Remember when this first aired? :smile:

  69. leonard says:

    SOUL neat…MARINA is HotForWords…loon me baby :lol: moonshine taste and know when to M00N… :-)

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