Goose Bumps

Goose bumps.. as asked for by David Furnish.

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271 Responses to Goose Bumps

  1. alan rogers says:

    Hey Marina

    I get goose bumps everytime I watch one of your videos!

    It’s a nice feeling ….

  2. errin says:

    Well, I don’t know who David Furnish is, but what an awesome word request he made! I’ve always wondered myself what the origin of goose bumps was all about. So far your fellow yacht guests have done a great job of making their word requests.

    I remember years back when the Goosebumps books were popular among kids, my younger cousin was a fan of them, and one year for his birthday I got him some books called Goof Lumps that parodied the popular kid’s horror series. Probably rarities now.

    As for when I last got goose bumps, I tend to get them from the air conditioner before or after lovemaking, as the AC is right next to the bed at my love’s place. Got to keep it on when things get hot, and it almost always causes goosebumps. Kind of unavoidable when one is in their birthday suit. I suppose this qualifies as ‘too much information’, but it is the honest answer to the homework assignment. :cool: Peace and love, Errin : )

    p.s. I love the headband! I don’t think it makes you look like a hippy. More like it represents your free spirit and individualistic fashion sense. Keep rocking that headband, teach! :grin:

  3. John Michael says:

    Ever since I heard about the Letterman/Palin controversy surrounding Letterman’s joke regarding Palin’s 18-year-old daughter, I began wondering where the phrase [knocked up] originated from. Would you kindly explain where this phrase came from? Спасибо!

  4. Evan Owen says:


    [Bloody] , as in the British epithet.

    What does it have to do, etymologically, with the Russian word for bread?
    (Hint: in one sacrilegious sense of the word, [bloody] has nothing to do with “blood.”)
    Prize: Whoever solves this will get, um, the July page from my HFW calendar! :razz:

    • leonard says:

      Have you been going to church? or just living in a sheltered bricked up quack in-fested holidazed of feastes???

      [blue laws][bread] rye :P

      a shot from my Cannon….do I win :?: artsy fartsy(time-piece)

  5. matalexwolf says:

    Yes! Goosebumps rock!! Have already had loads today :) This morning when mediating catching the sun rising with a cool breeze; Walk in the woods with woofer; a long awaited message in my in box; Mango Juice; U2 ‘Beautiful Day’ played very loudly; Pot of green Tea; Thoughts of the week end ahead; This video gave me bumps, or maybe a it was a rush of adrenalin:)

  6. LilSpidey says:

    I’ve been curious about these two words [ giant ] and [ giantess ] can you break down these two words?

    and maybe was hoping if you could tell me what you think you would do if you were giant-size?

  7. ecurb28 says:

    I’ve always been curious about the word [ravel] and [unravel]. What is the etymology of these words and why do they mean similar things?

  8. seankim says:

    used to eat for breakfast [grapenuts] cereal. there are not grapes. there are no nuts. ???

    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      The nuggets are about the same size as grape seeds, but the makers probably didn’t think seeds sounded as appetizing as nuts.

  9. seankim says:

    it’s summertime!!! time for [gatorade]. why is it called that?

  10. thoughtonfire says:

    Dear HotForWords,

    Regarding my absence:

    I have enjoyed every moment of the experience of being here. You are the very best teacher any body could ever ask for. And the community is great too!

    I will no longer be coming around here. It’s not you or any body here, or anything really. It’s me. I’m not going to explain any further.


    • greatestpotential says:

      Take Care ThoughtOnFire

      going to miss you :sad:

      Need anything contact me, okay?


    • Evan Owen says:

      “The heart has its reasons that reason cannot know.”
      –Blaise Pascal

      Farewell, thoughtonfire, and thanks for your fiery thoughts.

      And if that siren song of HotForWords should bring you back again, we’ll greet you with a hearty,

      “Huh? You were gone?” :razz:

      (Oh dear, why can’t I just be nice?) :cry:

    • leonard says:

      Whats HOT in M*U*S*i C???

      Chris Norman (Smokie) & Pelageya (Пелагея)
      Pelageya – Ptashechka (live)
      I like this because of how well it fee(l)ds[combining] of grains{salt and dried clay}
      Hows L*IF*E :smile:
      George Harrison – My sweet lord :cool:






    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      Well, good riddance, I say. He was most disagreeable and contributed to the starting of at least three European land wars. Merchants avoided selling anything to him, because they could count on at least a half a dozen return visits with petty and groundless complaints of one kind or another. He spread diseases among the poor and scared any animal he met. At least fifty percent of his day was spent tieing his shoes and those of anyone foolish enough to come within ten feet of him. Banks cancelled his accounts due to the strange odors of the money he deposited and its propensity to jam ATM machines. Just to be contrary, he spoke Russian with a French accent and French with a Russian accent. And there were other oddities involving butter and creams better left unsaid in polite company.

      There! That ought to even things out a bit and compensate for the kind sentiments given by others. (If “fair and balanced” is good enough for Fox, it ought to be good enough for us.)


  11. Che Volay says:

    Playing hookie is fun but I aint learnin’ nottin’.

    Going fishing on Wednesday, weather permitting, so looks like a short week for me. Maybe I’ll catch a Mermaid, no worry it’s catch and release.

  12. tallnish says:

    Hello Marina

    I noticed you haven’t done a video section on the word [earth]. I googled it but found the entry lacking.

    I would love it if you could discuss the word [earth] and when it became the globally accepted term used to describe the third planet in orbit of the small yellow sun.

    Thanks in advance


  13. augie says:

    :grin: you give me Goose Bumps just looking at you :lol:

  14. moose says:

    I’ve got a good word…

  15. willied4u says:

    I would like to request the word [pedantic]. It was used on the O’Reilly show and is not in my College Dictionary. Tks ;-)

  16. tyler legge says:

    who is the best band evanesence or linkin park

  17. qz8437 says:

    Hi Marina, I have another word request for you. And this one is good because you could probably get a product endorsement from Nike, Ping or Titleist. The word is [Fore!] as when yelled after a tee shot in golf.

  18. onenesssaint says:

    I get Goose bumps everytime you post a new video, Marina!

  19. Evan Owen says:

    Migrating geese! THAT’S what carried King Arthur’s coconuts! :lol:

  20. cufan71 says:

    :cool: Quote

    “You can say any foolish thing to a dog, and the dog will give you a look that says, ‘My God, you’re right! I never would’ve thought of that!’”
    ~ Dave Barry

  21. Evan Owen says:

    ***Socially Responsible Punning, or, A Freakin’ Outrage***

    One survey showed that 90% of American college students could not name more than three sub-Saharan African countries. Bob and I are busy trying to correct that ignorance by telling puns on the names of every African nation. :cool:

    Just in case anyone was wondering about some truly bizarre posts… :roll:

  22. placebo says:

    [Agent provocateur]

  23. blueprince says:

    I would like to request the origin of the word [a].
    Just wondering.

  24. The concept here is excitation, goosebumps being a physical manifestation. Last night was the last time for me, happy to say. :-)
    Somehow, it doesn’t feel like homework recalling that. No complaints however — here or there.

    • bigbhd95 says:

      Hey James :grin:
      your new video was “A to the K and up to snuff ” KWIM :?:
      I like it, however ;-) I still have a problem with your volume :sad:
      or lack there of :shock: sorry :oops:
      :cool: B.B. :mrgreen:
      Maybe our lovely teacher would give you some more advice????

  25. Che Volay says:

    I’ve been absent but I have a written excuse from Obama ;-)

  26. jm888 says:

    words without vowels (and sometimes y) are good…….like [nth]……….or [crwth]………or [cwm]…….

    • Evan Owen says:


      [crwth]: A Welsh violin
      [cwm]: cirque, i.e. a valley created by a glacier; a valley in southern Wales (e.g. Cwm Rhondda, the Rhondda Valley.)

      Geiriau Cymreig ardderchog! Diolch yn fawr! (Excellent Welsh words! many thanks!) :grin:

  27. yin123 says:

    Hey I was just wondering were the expression to [quit cold turkey] comes from? I would love to know the answer I hope you get back to me. Thanks :smile:

  28. timmers14 says:

    I would like to know the origin of [goody two shoes]

    As in, She is such a goody two shoes.

  29. mythman says:

    I just did an explanation about married men with a small Request—[hiney].

  30. leonard says:


    [Moonshiner]…I got’em goose-bumps when first tried [booze]…but I was one that could make’m{on the spot{bumps}

    :oops: haunting bluegrass ballad, a group is visited.
    by Roscoe Holcomb ["Moonshine"]

    [stock car racing] :mrgreen: :cool:

  31. okay4now says:

    Hwk: Naked in front of an air-conditioned after a hot shower…Also, can be caused sometimes by lightly brushing the skin. It’s very good, how ever it happens, for the lymphatic system.

    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      Do you feel goose bumps in different places in different situations, or are they always felt in one only one pattern? And, however they are felt, are they the same for everyone, or do different people experience it differently? I wonder if anyone has done goose bump research and produced skin maps of the feelings?

      • okay4now says:

        Wow, you’ve ramped-up this conversation to something that is actually more interesting than it’s origin; and, I’m only guessing, but it’s been my experience that goose bumps normally happen in areas (patches) or quarters of the body. Also, I think it’s a sign of health not the reverse. Etymology aside, what are these little things? I mean, are they just sitting around waiting to go-off when given half a chance? Why does kissing the back of a woman’s neck sometimes spark goose bumps? Maybe they are a sign of some middle ground between ‘fight or flight’. Fight, flight or stand there with bumps–I know which one I’d choose. But also, why can you get them by listening to a moving speech? Does that mean that emotions can cause them? And, does that mean that WORDS can cause these friggin’ little bumps? Interesting…

  32. James says:

    Sorry I have not been here much lately .. I have been real busy, but I will be back soon!

  33. lachrmose says:

    Hello Marina. Your a good teacher. Can you investigate the origin of the word [canvas]?

  34. nwstud31 says:


    Now since the Lakers have won the NBA championship, there’s going to be a [Parade]! I would like to know the origin of the word [Parade]. Thanks!! =)

    • pennsyltucky9 says:

      Yeah, as soon as they clear away the overturned cars and mop up all the blood and broken glass. :/ You’d think having a winning team would make them happy instead of violent.

      Now there’s a population with way too much testosterone and not enough ways to channel it. I hope the parade is better than the victory party.

  35. tobyman says:

    I am curious about the word [WANKER] It is an often used word that i have come across that is described about people that has a tendency to be a kind of self misserable. But I would really like to hear your layout of the word, maybe there is more to it.

    Ps. how the heck did you come up with this idea of “hot for words?”

  36. haitianboy says:

    In L.A there were RIOTS in victory because the Lakers won. :shock:

  37. JERRY DIXON says:


    I heard that the word [fuck] is an anacronym for “fornicate under command of the king”. Is that true and what were the original circumstances about it?

    • Marina says:

      Thanks haitianboy! But don’t worry about him or her…. all people like that are trying to do is get attention.. the best thing to do is to ignore them.

      • haitianboy says:

        Yeah I know. I think I’m sensitive. By the way, where did [onion] come from?

        • haitianboy says:

          And on the video Spelling Bee, what is the correct spelling of (pneumonic/mneumonic)? Will there be a reward to who gets it right? I spelled it pneumonic.

          • pennsyltucky9 says:

            It looks like Marin is taking care of something else right now, so I’ll answer your question.

            You almost had it right, hatianboy. It’s mnemonic. And the reward is… nothing. :sad: But just being here is reward enough for me: one of my close friends of 25 years just passed away on Saturday, and it has me thinking about all the times I came close to death and was lucky instead.

            I miss my friend, but I’m very grateful to be here, and thankful for all those who have pulled my ass out of the fire when they could have walked away.

          • haitianboy says:

            @pennsyltucky9 how do you know

          • pennsyltucky9 says:

            The timestamp on her post is from several hours ago, so I figure she’s probably moved on to other things. I could be wrong, though.

            If so, I apologize, haitianboy. I’m the newest TA, so I’m just learning, like everyone else here. I try to be helpful if I can.



          • haitianboy says:

            I meant the spelling. I wanna be a T.A! How do you be a T.A?

          • originalistrick says:

            I’m so sorry about your friend, Kent. God be with ya’ll.

          • haitianboy says:

            25 YEARS!!! That’s wayyy too young. I almost drowned last year on June 12th.


          • pennsyltucky9 says:

            RE: your question, “How do you be a T.A?”

            Mostly, I just participate as best I can in comments and homework for every lesson. I also help welcome new people to HFW. There are people from around the globe here so I seek to enjoy their similarities and overlook their differences. It’s a classroom.

            As a TA my job is to help out behind the scenes when Marina needs assistance. I love to joke with my friends on here and sometimes my puns can be, shall we say, [pungent] but I try to keep it civil and on-topic. There are a LOT of interesting discussions about words and language. Good people here. Everyone’s here to learn.

            You can read about me on the TA page.


      • leonard says:

        Just use a [Magic Wand] ;-) [housework] :lol:

  38. dongdong says:

    :smile: hi im a big fan and i would respectfully request for a study on the word…

    [real mackoy] or [real McCoy]

  39. artificially flavoured jesus says:

    Dear Marina,

    Does the [intimate] spelling between the two homographs in this sentence [intimate] an historic connection of the words?

  40. bsomebody says:

    Thanx for including some stuff from your little (working?) vacation. It is pretty cool to see what makes you tick. I personally liked the older vids with your family, especially when we got to see the Russian landscape. You live a very diverse life. :cool:

    HW: Goosebumps – One of my granddaughters had a pretty cool little “Papa moment” and the whole world was beautiful and perfect for a moment. It made my skin stand on end. :cool: :cool:

  41. lior says:

    i like your lessons very much!
    also I would like to request the word [ajar]


  42. ptm368 says:

    Teacher –
    I get goose bumps when I look at you, of course!!
    Another excellent lesson..

  43. sabooru says:

    I have a funny request.

    I was thinking about rude-parts when I realised that..
    The letter P is unusually well shaped for this word.
    P <– look at its shape.
    I brushed this thought of willy aside when I realized…

    This word is also well shaped for its meaning.

    Not to mention Breasts , B
    Buttocks, B

    and Anus. The A is a backwards entry (backwards of V) with a block in the road.

    So I want to know if there is any significance in [rude parts and the way they match the shape of their starting letters] e.g. [The letter P, the letter V, the letter B and the letter A] – [in relation to P looking like a Penis, V looking like a Vagina, B looking like Breasts and maybe a Buttocks, and A looking like a blocked entry Anus (either tightness or because of the old view that the Anus was taboo]

  44. CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

    Gooses. Funny. Will M’s arm fly south for the winter? Will it crap on your car as it goes by?

    I was very interested in the two large goose bumps in the thumbnail.

    • beevee14 says:

      Sometimes, when I look at your gravatar just the right way; I also am reminded of M! Except it should say “weeee”, because that is the sound effect ALL of us will be making if Lady M ever has a ‘clothing malfunction’! :shock: ;-)

  45. dogdevil says:

    HEY Marina I want to request the word [fart]… LMAO im not kidding

  46. Vash says:

    i would like to know the meaning and origin of this word

    thanks marina …


  47. kateyjw says:

    I would like the request the word…or…words? [Pet Peeves]

  48. phenom torti88 says:

    I wants to know why “Valet” parking is valet.

  49. labbatt78 says:

    When I last went to the Cubs game when they played Y.M.C.A. when the marlins makes a pitching change. Wow! I was right! I said in the Lakers lesson the Lakers would win in 5 games. That’s exactly what happened tonight!

    • labbatt78 says:

      I mean the last time I had goosebumps …whoops.

      • beevee14 says:

        Hey L78,
        Don’t you hate it when the drunk next to you decides he is going to do the ‘YMCA dance’, does fine up to ‘C’, then he knocks your beer out of your hand?! You know when the song came out, no amount of money would have gotten them to do THAT dance. Now here they are; 30 years later spilling your $7 dollar, [luke-warm] beer! :mrgreen:

  50. pennsyltucky9 says:

    Last time I had goose bumps was when I crashed my stealth canoe trying to make land on a rough coastline in a high wind and took my favorite camera with me for a swim in the saltwater.

    I was glad I had a first aid kit and some warm dry clothes in a watertight bag. Too bad about the camera, though. :sad:

  51. pedanticKarl says:

    Marina you are amazing. I’ve watched that video about ten times now and it still gives me goosebumps. Loved the Beavis grunt. Your videos will always be personable to me as long as you always look in my eyes and once in awhile tell me to be good. Somebody’s gotta keep an eye on me. :grin:

  52. haitianboy says:

    LAKERS WON. It’s 96 to 84 with 40.4 seconds left.

  53. neuroway says:

    Sharp and goosy! There’s a beautiful movie about geese actually. Shot in 2001 by a cameraman who was flying with them in an ultralight aircraft.

  54. originalistrick says:

    Are any of you watching The Horns and Southern Miss in the CWS? It’s like neither team wants to put it away. Killing me!

    • greatestpotential says:


      When one of those teams eventually pulls off a victory bet you’ll get goose bumps :!:

      • originalistrick says:

        Yeah, finally,greatestpotential, that ugly game is done. The Horns won in the bottom of the ninth when the S. Miss pitcher walked in the winning run.
        Nasty, but the Horns won. Take them any way you can, I reckon.

  55. Trey Brown says:

    Hello Teacher! I have another word! It is [FML] or [F.M.L]. Thanks!

  56. greatestpotential says:

    :| Last time I had goose bumps is when I forgot to spread vaseline on my balls after I shaved the hair off my gonads. *just josh’n*

  57. Trey Brown says:

    Good Evening Teacher! I would like to request the word [bushel].

  58. Mr. Culp says:

    A long time ago, not in a galaxy far far away, but rather here in Ohio, my dad was appoached by a traveling salesman of sorts and was trying to sell my dad a collection of encylopedias which had a synopsis and story for basically every word you could think of.

    My dad was such a smartalich(sp?) to ask the salesmanif the [delicatessen name for monkey brains] was in the encyclopodia. It wasn’t. We’ve looked all over the web and in ecylopedias far and wide and cant find the delicatessen name for moneky brains anywhere! Marina can you help us?!

  59. micke says:

    Hello teacher!

    I had those goose bumps (it’s called “kananliha” in my language, finnish, which means literally “chicken’s flesh”) about week ago, i remember wondering having em, but I can’t remember why it was. :smile:

    I’d like to learn about origin of the word [sauna]

    I have been in finnish and turkish sauna, but i have also heard rumours of russian sauna. Is there russian sauna too?

    • Evan Owen says:

      Last time I got goose bumps was at the Polar Bear Swim on 1st January this year. As I dashed out of the frigid water, I noticed a woman relaxing in the salty bay as if it was bathwater. Turns out she was from Suomi (Finland to us Americans.) Me, I headed for the [sauna] to warm up! :grin:

      • micke says:


        I have never before heard about Polar Bear Swimming traditions in US but after reading your post, I found some youtube videos about it.

        I have been few times in íce-hole myself – we make it usually way that we cut hole in ice about 3-4 meters out of coastline. To me, it’s been more like “ok, lemme try this” – “ok, lemme get out of here!” – experience :grin:

  60. elguapo256 says:

    Hey Marina! I would like to know the origin of the word [Gastrocnemius] , The muscles in the legs. I also have a word for you that I created. When something is Fantastic and Spectacular…I call it “Fantasticular!”

    Thanx in advance!

    • beevee14 says:

      Hey El,
      Have you ever actually used the word “fantasticular” in public? If you have could you describe, in as few words as possible, the types of looks you received from the people around you? And don’t worry, in some areas; “Git the f#ck outta here!” is a warm, friendly greeting not to be taken literally! :mrgreen:

  61. wetsuit5 says:

    No goose bumps here.
    I guess if I saw you walking my way in the flesh that might do it.

  62. bigbhd95 says:

    you look srumdidilylishous :?: well you do look real nice :cool:
    havent gotten goose bumps since getting caught in the desert
    on my H/D in a downpour :evil: Had them untill I warmed up in front of a roaring
    fire :cool: B.B. :mrgreen:

  63. cufan71 says:

    Homework :cool:
    I got goose bumps watching today’s NASCAR race!

  64. originalistrick says:

    Funny. Interesting. Great graphics. “Hot For Words decided to investigate.”

    I love you!

  65. Cobalt Club says:

    Hello Marina,
    I would like to request the word [superstition].
    This word sounds like a comic book character :roll:

  66. thebigbrownone says:

    god damnit

    ^^^^ thats not the work though :P
    i would like to request the work
    (bale bale)

    its an indian work and i selected it cuz u did “mahi mahi”

  67. pandion says:

    That was another great lesson thank you. The last time I got goosebumps was after jumping into cold water.

    As far as your headband goes, it looks to me like you are growing your bangs out.

  68. ercular says:

    Could you look into the word [crud]? Looking around the web, I found this:

    “”Crud” is an Old English word for coagulated goo, dating from the 14th century. By a linguistic process called metathesis, the word became scrambled through historical usage, yielding the words curd and curdle.

    According to various sources, it emerged as a favorite American word for venereal disease in the 1920s and was further popularized (the word, not the disease) by G.I.s and college students from World War II onward.”

    My Radiation Protection professor said that it was used as an acronym for “Chalk River Unidentified Deposits”. According to Wikipedia, “CRL {Chalk River Laboratories} is a site of major research and development to support and advance nuclear technology, in particular CANDU reactor technology.” CANDU reactors are Canadian Deuterium reactors; a design developed in Canada but also used elsewhere in the world. They are fast fission reactors, as opposed to those used in the USA, which are thermal fission reactors.

  69. leonard says:


    ;-) Christie Allen – Goosebumps (1979) Original video

    :-) English born & West Australian raised Christie was Oz’s main pop diva at the end of the 70s & the start of the 80s,scoring 7 chart hits. Goosebumps was her 3rd & biggest hit reaching no.3 at the end of 79.
    This song was written by Terry Britten former member of the Twilight’s.

    Sadly Christie is no longer with us, succumbing to cancer on the 12th August 2008

  70. Venomrock67 says:

    Hi Marina, :razz:

    I want to request the word [Magic] or [Magician], not the NBA team, the real origin. Thanks.
    Also have you and everyone else seen this freaky illusion?

    Here it is revealed.

    • freebird says:

      Whoa!!! That was excellent… thanks for the link. :smile:

    • beevee14 says:

      Chris Angel is unbelievable. You know the shit he does is fake, but he still gets in your head. You almost want to say, “get out of my Mind, Freak!”

      • beevee14 says:

        OK. Now that I have watched the two vids. I wanted to ask Vrock if he knew where these were shot at. I could swear that there is a girl towards the end of the second one that looks ALOT like a girl I woke up next to one time! :shock: :???: :twisted:

        MAJOR hangover!

        • Venomrock67 says:

          I have no idea where it was shot at, He films all over the place. Alcohol has a funny way of messing with perception, Everybody looks the same! :grin:

      • Venomrock67 says:

        He’s at the top in his field right now and he has set the standard high in the illusionist trade so naturally people want to take him down hard.

  71. hankhoogwater says:

    Dear Marina,

    I was fascinated by this video and your appearance. I really enjoyed it.

  72. smokey36bear says:

    I think I have them now ;-)

  73. seesixcm6 says:

    Dear Marina
    I hope you got to Orlando well and enjoy the Lakers Game! Then have a safe and quick flight back home to California!
    Well, those goosebumps you showed us seemed to be cartoon-like goose heads. I don’t get goosebumps, but if I ever had them like that, I’d think people would laugh. Reminds me of this joke?
    Q. What does a goose do when he’s lonely?
    A. He has a Gander around.

  74. austinray says:

    i would like to know how the female organ to be known as a [BEAVER]. how does it relate to the animal. On that note how about [SNATCH]. Or how a cat [PUSSY]cat. was or is related or how it came about? Thank you Keep up the great vids.

  75. animalntaz says:

    I don’t even know who David Furnish is.

  76. phelangelic says:

    Mistress: I was talking with a friend this fine day. And a phrase came up that I am sure you have heard. The Phrase was [right on!] So excellently was it used that it made me think of you. With such resources at you disposal you could find the answer to the riddle that it was for me to first think. When I heard this first, and understood it to meaning as enthusiastic good result. Which has led me to this post. The gentleman I was talking to will most likely thank you too. For he would add that it’s meaning was, that everything was perfect in it’s result. Kinda like you… If you could clarify it would be, right on!

    P to the S. (Far Out!)


  77. freebird says:

    Sometimes, I would get goose bumps when I traveled down Shit Creek without a paddle… what a rush!!! :shock: :lol: :razz:

  78. hs4mm says:



    In terms of technical execution, complexity of script (complexity meaning lots of items/elements/thoughts), content (the lesson/origin), and integration (cohesive — integrated to a single theme, nothing superfluous, terse/pithy) I think this is your best work to date! Well done!



  79. James says:

    I might have to tell you something Lady Marina. I will have to see what the next lesson is about and decide if it is right.

      • haitianboy says:

        Yes tell her! She is like me (I think) can’t take suspense.
        Like I’m waiting for this to come out on podcast.

      • James says:

        OK, I have some feedback, over the last few lessons (not every one) I have felt like we don’t seem to be as much a part of the lesson anymore. You got back into teaching a way I can remember (spelling bee came from groups buzzing like bees, and fight or flight was a coined term, but I really have forgotten where amnesia came from :lol: )

        What I mean by this, is that, your lessons used to include requests by your students, you mentioned your students too, and now it isn’t the same. Also, there seem to be a lot of things about basketball, which unless your’e american, means nothing.

        When you mentioned your students (even when it wasn’t me :-) ) I felt very included in the lesson, but with all these celebs, it now just feels like watching TV.

        I am not having a go at you, I just feel that a few lessons lately, have lost that personal touch, that made them so different from the rest, because, who else talks about the fans… Only you do!


        • alex says:

          yeah, i think a lot of people see it that way.

          (oh, and what’s with the nscho-tschi look?)

          • leonard says:

            Depression. A psychiatric disorder characterized by sad mood, loss of pleasure, guilt, disturbed sleep and appetite, and/or self-blame lasting two weeks or more. Previously depressed smokers are half as likely to be able to quit smoking without specialized treatment.

            Dopamine. A neurotransmitter present in regions of the brain that regulate movement, emotion, motivation, and the feeling of pleasure.

            from your wiscosin link


          • Bob says:

            She needs somewhere to put all the feathers in her cap. :roll:

          • thegorn says:

            She’s got that Russian [squaw] look going on…

          • alex says:

            what!? first the americans were trying to steal the invention of the car, now the russians have nscho-tschis?
            winnetou shouldn’t have died, man. for real. one of the worst moments in literature.

            bob … uh … wut?

            right on, leonard.

        • haitianboy says:

          Yeah,I see it that way too.

        • haitianboy says:

          It’s also taking too long for podcasts. Today I finally got the podcast for 200 Mil. Video Views. I think that is wayyyy too long.


        • Marina says:

          I was forced by YouTube to shorten the videos, so I had to cut a lot of stuff out. Also, I need to make my videos topical in order for them to get seen. YouTube has really changed things and they are not for the better.

          Whenever I make a change, it’s usually rough at first and then I figure out how to get into the groove… so I appreciate the feedback as it helps me see how people are feeling about my videos.. and I will try to make them more enjoyable for you in the future.

          Also, as far as the celebrity stuff, I went away for a couple weeks and decided to put the celebrities to work for me as I was near them, I figured it would be fun. If you don’t want me to include what is going on in my life, that is fine.. but I thought it would be fun to at least include a little of what I was experiencing.

          • haitianboy says:

            Are there any podcasts ( on iTunes) before Big Words? Because that’s all I go up to.

          • Bob says:

            Marina, I can understand how James (& others) feel. There have been changes in your style and change often makes people feel uncomfortable, but I also think it’s great that you share your jet-setting experiences.
            If you can find a way to include a bit of the glamour with the personal connection it would be ideal. As always, balance is the key. :smile:

          • Bob says:

            It has also occurred to me that a reason for James’ feeling of alienation is the fact that you have named celebrities as requesting words and forgotten that a similar request has been made previously by one or more of your subscribers (customers). Some people might get the impression from that, that you have moved to a different level of society from which they are excluded.
            You may find this post interesting. :smile:

          • originalistrick says:


            O.K., I prefer some things about your earlier lessons that YT precludes now. So do you, or you wouldn’t have been doing them in the first place. I think you do a wonderful job within the constraints placed on you. You will never please everyone 100%, including me. That’s out of your control. Just keep doing what you feel is smart and operating HFW from your heart as you always have. You’re the best.


          • Evan Owen says:

            Rx for goosebumps:
            [coat d'y voir]

            Yeah, doesn’t make much sense to me either, but Bob can explain it. :razz:

          • Evan Owen says:

            Hi Marina,

            We’re watching you go from being a struggling unknown to being someone successful and glamorous…and if any of us have a problem with that, it’s because we need to do something more with our own lives. We “students” are not really your customers, after all; we’ve been the beneficiaries of your free [info-tainment] for the last two years. By all means, follow your dream.

            With 200,000 subscribers, it’s a wonder you can still manage as much personal contact as you do. James should REALLY feel privileged.

            It DOES seem like you’ve had to sacrifice some “depth” and intellectual content lately. I keep thinking of “A Word A Day” publisher Anu Garg, 600,000 subscribers, doesn’t trade on his good looks nor does he sacrifice any intellectual content. But he’s probably not making as much money as you are now, either. :smile:

          • hs4mm says:

            Aespo (~500 BC) knew this point would come up, and so he told about The Man, the Boy, and the Donkey.

          • hs4mm says:

            The video about you at Nice is there because the lesson needs it — it is not gratuitous/extraneous. (I don’t like any outtakes, but that is a different issue; the outtake here was an outtake from the video clip used to provide an example of what might cause one to get goosebumps.) You have not included what is going on in your life just for bragging but to further the explaining of the origin of a word.

          • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

            Why were you forced to shorten them?

            Topical, schmopical. The original idea is fine and let the chips fall where they may. We all like to hear of our superheroine’s exploits, but make it in addition to the true calling.

          • James says:

            I love the out takes.

            Its funny you should mention about making your videos topical, my friend just made a video about sell outs, and I was explaining to him how, its not people selling out, and actually, they have to do it here it is (i’m not saying you are a sell out) and actually now I know how things work for you I am one of the people that see that its not you that has changed, its youtube that has done it.

            What I meant was that I can’t remember the last time there was a video request from a student, and the celeb stuff is fine, but I think it could have been more spaced out.

            I think you have the power to make your own topics, look at the viral videos; They never followed what youtube wanted them to do and they get millions of views. I reckon that you could just make whatever the hell you want and still get all the views you want.

            I think what YouTube has forgotten, is people still search for videos, and it does not matter how they tweak the search either, people will still find what they want to find.

            There is one thing I find that is missing from the videos, which to me is very important…. Dates… You always used to say …..came from around 1765 in England… also, I don’t see many roots anymore, for example, the artichoke video had LOADS of roots, it came from a spanish word, which came from a portugese word etc… I think this is why I have been feeling funny about the lessons lately, because I never came here to just watch you talk so I could stare at your boobs, and I never have. I came here to learn something, and I still am, but I really do miss all that info behind it, that to me was the intelligence side of “intellegence is sexy” .

            But I wish I could do a chromakey as well as you.

          • Venomrock67 says:

            Marina, James & others brought up the video length issue and content and with me being new on HFW and visiting your past lessons and seeing the far more superior quality on those, I just want to thank you for clearing up that issue. You’ve been given constraints by “youtube” and I understand. It happens in every situation from business to pleasure and you just have to adapt to it whether you like it or not,but you’ll do just fine.

            Oh, and on one of my past comments someone put a warning disclaimer on it. I guess I offended them! and it made me think that you might of been offended. I thought it was funny, a little sick maybe,everybody has a different sense of humor. If you actually seen it and was disturbed I’m truly sorry I don’t want to direct rude comments at you and I’ll try to behave and be :cool: on here. anyways sorry about the long comment, I just wanted to say my piece.
            Chow Marina

          • Venomrock67 says:

            This is just feedback from me. Everybody can’t be satisfied but you should feel free to tell of what you experience sometimes, it’s your site ;-) :smile: I enjoy personal stuff from you.

            Take care Marina

          • mittfh says:

            Looking back through your videos, I see what you mean about recent ones being shorter – they all seem to be around 1:39 long (100 second limit? Seems a bit harsh!), whereas back when you made the HD transition they were in the region of 2-3 minutes.

            Perhaps you’ve become too popular for their liking, and they’re getting concerned about the amount of bandwidth used up by people watching your lessons… :)

        • greatestpotential says:

          tell me… tell me…

          (Uncas & Alice)

  80. haitianboy says:

    Marina I would like to request the words [hotel], [motel] and the difference between them. :smile:

  81. leonard says:

    Wow …I feel for you…My geese are happy today, it is raining like chicken skin on my …:P orgasim is a step on the stepps

  82. hs4mm says:

    Excellent video and lesson! Lots of clips and sound effects — but the clips/sounds were not used just for the sake of using them; they (the clips and sounds) were used very well since they integrated with the theme/story-line/script to form a cohesive, intelligible whole — and there was content (the origin of “goose bumps”)! (I heard that snicker from B&B.)

  83. alex says:

    pfff. whoever the fuck david furnish is … “goose bumps” was requested a long time ago.

  84. PageDoll says:

    Good lesson. :grin:
    Who is “beautiful, stunning, absolutely gorgeous David Furnish” and why does his ass kissed like he cured cancer? :shock:

    Oh, wait a minute, do you have a tissue? There seems to be a little something on the end of your nose. :razz:

  85. sparkyinseattle says:

    Goose bumps…. um, finger nails across a chalk board will do it!
    Word request up… [86'd] as in thrown over the side to [Davey Jones' locker]

  86. quiggles says:

    p.s. Homewrok – I’ve got GBs right now!

  87. James says:

    I was first on this one!!!!! For once I payed attention to it. even though I had just signed on.. this happened last time well.. not today !!

  88. quiggles says:

    Marina! This gives me the shivers!

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