The origin of the name of the Lakers.  Something I didn’t know!

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  1. iluv2cutfarts says:


    Congratulations LA Lakers! 2010 NBA Champions! And thank you Minneapolis, MN for having let the Lakers go to LA 50 years ago!


  2. iluv2cutfarts says:

    Enough FARTIN’ AROUND! It’s time to finally put this thing in the Refrigerator! GO LAKERS!

  3. iluv2cutfarts says:

    3 down, 1 to go! GO LAKERS!

  4. iluv2cutfarts says:

    The Boston SUCKITS are going DOWN!

  5. iluv2cutfarts says:

    Marina Tweeted. . .”Lakers ROCK!”

    Marina! Yes they do! Kobe is just off-the-hook!

    Time for a little revenge! Bring on Boston!

    Time to hit the bar…again! hehe!


  6. [Geronimo!] PLEASE Senorita?

  7. AWWWWWW! isn’t she sooo cute? :lol: Lake Show baby! But, without Kobe the Lakers could win anyway… :idea:

  8. addict0r says:

    I would like to request the word [crash], [fold] or [Geronimo!].

  9. seankim says:

    [xanadu] is mostly known to movie-goers as a movie, but i know there’s more to the name. what exactly is [xanadu]?

  10. seankim says:

    i heard that the word [zany] came about possibly in the early 20s or 30s. would like to know more.

  11. hwbj says:

    Marina…after a weekend that involved a Southern family of cousins, a case of something they distilled themselves and waking up covered with morning dew and nothing else…I’d like the request the phrase [buck naked]

  12. jonnymuckle says:


    I’d like to put forward a phrase, it is an old English phrase as follows [Many Mickles make a Muckle] but how many mickles do make a muckle? and how much is a muckle.

    and the word i would like request is [Sophisticated]

  13. leonard says:

    SAINTED of Stones

    amber and dirty diamonds


    :razz: [stoned]stoned>Bob Dylan – Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 (Woodstock 1994) :razz: [ :sad: ]…[STONED]

    “some saints died from being [stoned]…Rocks Rocking my my rocked rock!!!___kcor-dekcor-gnikcor-skcor

    • leonard says:

      [Baltic peoples]…extinct Prussian and sometimes Finnish…….

      *****[balsam spruce]*****

      :smile: thank you dear teacher and Master of Lexicon Republic…hotforwords…stone-enots… :?:

  14. James says:

    I really can’t believe how bad my video has done, it has 19 views and has been up for 15 hours for gods sake!

  15. Evan Owen says:

    [Lake] in a few other languages:

    lac — French
    lago — Spanish
    lleich — old Welsh
    loch — Scottish
    See — German

    Why did English take the Latin-Celtic name for “lake” instead of the Germanic one?

    • leonard says:

      …I’ll SEA EVAN after CLASS…{c*me}

      Lake (On The Run)…Lake was a German rock music band that formed in the early 1970s under the name Tornados, changing their name to Lake in 1973. They mostly covered material by other bands in their early years, but released three singles, Come Down/We’re Gonna Rock, King Of The Rock’n Roll Party, and Sailor. In 1975 they were joined by lead singer James Hopkins-Harrison, who gave them their signature sound for the remainder of their recording career.

  16. Hitman says:

    I don´t really like them.I prefer San Antonio Spurs but, Basket is not of my favorites sports :S

  17. I would request the word “Tea” and know were was it came from.

  18. originalistrick says:





    Thanks, Dear Teach.


  19. philrules says:

    It’s probably not as exciting as some of the other requests, but as a designer, I’d like to know about [design] and if it is related to sign or designate or signal or anything else. Thanks, Marina!

  20. ace_of_spayeds says:

    I would like to request the word [gay], and how it went from being happy to meaning homosexual to meaning stupid.

  21. chicagopeter says:

    I would like to request the phrase “armchair ________.”

    I’ve heard and read it as “armchair detective,” “armchair generals,” “armchair quarterback” and “armchair analysts.”

    When you said you must investigate the word “Laker,” you showed a silhouette profile of Sherlock Holmes. I’ve always thought the term “armchair _______” came from the Sherlock Holmes story, The Adventure of the Greek Interpreter, when Sherlock was describing his brother, Mycroft. I don’t have the story handy, but Sherlock said his brother would be a better detective than he, but would rather sit in an armchair than go out and collect evidence.

  22. danielpool says:

    ***** :lol: very good one Marina good job :lol:

  23. kingjohnwelovu says:

    I would like to request the word [Funny Bone]. The human body is very interesting and pretty complex in its own way. So, why does everyone call that certain part on the arm the Funny Bone? I was hoping HotForWords could help me out with this.

  24. drmichael82 says:

    I love the new information you bring forth Marina, you should be really proud of yourself for both stimulating and advancing the upper [echelon] of society.

    I would like to request the word [index], i Am familiar with the etymology, BUT there are so many uses and meanings to the word, why are some Latin words like that, and how did certain meanings evolve into the language? This might be a tough one, but if anyone can do it is Orlova! Whoa

    I don’t follow the NBA, but love this time of year and love the playoffs. May the best men win.

  25. MCLIJazz says:

    I was able to avoid laughing at the outtakes. I don’t follow the NBA as much as I did, or as passionately as I did, when I was younger, but I was a Knicks fan and still am today. The Lakers will win the Finals in five games (4-1). :sad:
    For extra extra credit, the Detroit Red Wings will win their second Stanley Cup in a row.

  26. MtnDood says:

    I’d like to know the origin of [Couch Potato], [Don't put all of your eggs in one basket], and [General (In relation to the Army)]

  27. joewater says:

    Hello HotForWords,
    I’m a new student. I’ve been going through the lessons and have got up to “D” so far.
    Not sure who will win the series, the Magic looked very good against the Cavaliers, so it will be very close.
    Since you looked up Lakers, you might as well look up the [Dodgers], too.
    I saw in your bio you came to America to get your Ph.d. Did you ever get it or are you still working at it? How did we get the [Ph.d]? Most disciplines use it, but not all. Education: Ed.d, Theology: Th.d, and some people have all kinds of letters I have never heard of (I wonder if they made them up to look important). How is it decided what disciplines use the Ph.d? Maybe someday you will be Dr. Marina Orlova, Ph.d, HFW.

  28. cufan71 says:

    Homework :cool:
    I don’t watch much basketball. I’m more of a NASCAR fan :!: :cool: But, since the Atlanta Hawks are my home team they are my favorite. No offense Marina, but I hope the Lakers get beat in the finals :!:

  29. perpexel says:

    requesting [TESTIMONY]

  30. Captain Jack says:

    A common question we receive from students:

    Why do we use “silent” letters in words ? Why do we use them when they have no bearing on the word? Can we have more than one silent letter? What is the origin of using “silent” letters? As an aside ,the use cannot be related to creating difference in spellings as words with same spellings are allowed to exist…


    Old English was 90% phonemic (words sound the same as they look). But from the beginning of the 15th century, we began to borrow words from other languages. Because grammar and usage rules are different in other languages, adopted words did not follow the rules of English pronunciation.

    The English language “borrowed” the Latin alphabet, and so we only have 26 letters to represent around 41 different significant sounds. This means that we must attempt to use combinations of letters to represent sounds.

    In the Middle English Period William Caxton brought the printing press to England. As time passed, pronunciation continued to change, but the printing press preserved the old spelling. That’s why today we have words that end in a silent “e” or have other silent letters in the middle, such as “might.” In fact, modern day English is only 40% phonemic.


    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      And so that is why the original Old English word callatbathelmormaliibithiparronumnumit, after being modernized by having all the silent letters removed, is now just written and pronounced cat. :grin:

  31. Venomrock67 says:

    You know Marina, if you turn your hand so that the back of your hand is facing the front you would be signaling “Shaka-Bra” or [Hang Loose] :wink:

  32. trnce.lam says:

    Hi, I’m an architecture student…and I was wondering where did the word [Architecture] come from?! Lol this should be a hard one for you :) hope all is well.


  33. superponz80 says:

    Hi, my favourite team is Phoenix Suns (unlucky year), but I hope LA will beat Orlando :smile:

  34. hotforvids says:

    [Request:Supper] Supper as in “Dinner” Please reply i really want to know! Does it have to do with super? :???:

    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      sup = eat

      You will hear this a lot in ethnic neighborhoods. They will greet each other by asking if the other person would like to go out for something to eat, as in, “‘Sup, homey?”

      It’s true, I tell you.

  35. ficosaki says:

    Hy all i would like to request word [Balcan]… why do all peopole call us Balcans and from where comes that name Balcan :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  36. gfexplorer27 says:

    Good Morning to you. I would like to request the word [twerp]…..or a phrase to describe you [ooh lala].

    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      I always thought it was spelled twirp, but since I don’t know where it came from either, I can’t say for sure.

      The American version of ooh, la, la is [hubba, hubba].

  37. frameshiftproductions says:

    Booo! Never liked the Lakers. I’m rootin’ for the underdogs. My favorite team is the Pistons (because I’m from Michigan and because they destroyed the Lakers in ’04)

    Side note: the LA Clippers are also named after a ship (or boat because I think a clipper is too small to be a ship)

    And I more than laughed at your outtakes–so, there. (I don’t get detention, do I?)

    • muggins says:

      Clipper is a type of ship. Lots of sail (3 or 4 masts) and narrow hull to cut through the water at a fast clip. They were replaced by the steamers, but to this day remain the fastest commercial ships ever.

    • beevee14 says:

      And I more than laughed at your outtakes-so, there. (I don’t get detention, do I?)

      :???: TMI, son, TMI :???:

      • frameshiftproductions says:

        Get your mind out of the gutter, dude. I meant I didn’t simply laugh; I guffawed, chortled, snickered, etc. all out of spite to her allegiance to the Lakers. I wouldn’t do what I think you thought I insinuated to a lesson.

        (That comes later, on downtime, when she releases the Twitter pics…lol)

  38. soliderboy20082 says:

    whats [High-definition] mean

    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      Generally, with respect to images, HD means more pixels (picture elements) in one kind of system, kind of equipment, etc. than another, such that the image quality is improved. Specifically, in certain TV systems, it is a set specifications for digital TV.

  39. zank says:

    This video is streaming fine, but on YouTube this one the last few have have been lagging i.e. video not keeping up with sound. And it’s nice to see as much of you as possible so…

    Please try & fix this problem.

    • pedanticKarl says:

      Hello zank, Cap’n BrainDeath,
      The video above is an embedded video that comes from YouTube via caching servers. When you view the video on YouTube there are different caching server involved, especially if you are outside the US. Search Google or YouTube Help on the topic of your question and you will see that it is a common problem with YouTube.

      I do not experience any problems of viewing the video here or on YouTube. I’m in So Calif.

      Look at the status bar of your browser. It will tell you the caching server’s name or ID.

      For example, when I view the embedded video above:
      I see the server address is:

      When I view the video on YouTube, I see this address:

      Notice, that when I view the video on YouTube, the video is not even coming from YouTube. It looks like YT is having problems and they are making some adjustment. It is a common theme.

      • zank says:

        Thanks for the swift response! I am in Kobe, Japan and this problem has manifested itself in the last 2 weeks. Older HFW videos are not affected.

        With hope, YouTube will sort this out…

        • pedanticKarl says:

          You are welcome zank,
          The problem that you are currently experiencing happened last year. One thing that I found out was that YouTube/Google was using older equipment for their caching servers outside the US, but they are doing upgrades, as you may see people on here mentioning it once or twice.

          The older HotForWords videos are smaller in size, so that would make sense that you would not have any problems. The HD videos are typically 18 MB – 32 MB while the older videos are about 6MB – 14MB in size.

          I enjoyed reading your blog. I spent some time in Yokosuka.

  40. Che Volay says:

    It looks like you’re giving the thumbs down to the Lakers in the hold photo. The pinky finger is outside the frame.

  41. bsomebody says:

    HW: I don’t keep up with pro sports anymore. I used to like the Hornets when they were in Charlotte. That was another name that lost its meaning when the team moved.

  42. @HotForWords
    I was born in Detroit, so I like the Pistons. I wish people could stay young forever so Vinnie Johnson wouldn’t have to retire. His three-point shot against Portland to win the World Championship in 1990 was a Pistons Playoff Moment.

    Who will win this year?
    Probably the Lakers.

  43. I would like to request the word [Weltanschauung] :)

  44. phelangelic says:

    Salutaion Ma’am;

    My request is {On a wing and a prayer} How did it gets it’s origin???
    For as one might be living on a wing and a prayer. ??? Flying outside a airplane about to crash. Huh!!! Kind like the seat of ones pants idea? Or how about skin of ones teeth ewww!

  45. sailorman says:

    Please do “decimate.” (I’ve searched for it, but none of the videos that came up were actually the origin that word!)

    You could also do “pooped.”

  46. djpimple says:

    hey marina, i would like you to find the origins of the word [improvise] or, like my user name says, the word phrase [disk jockey] (im a disk jockey)

  47. seankim says:

    houston rockets, baby !!!

  48. darlingj says:

    OK folks,

    Marina officialy surpassed MICHAEL JACKSON for ALL TIME YouTube views about 4 days ago…

    She is now about 1.3 million views ahead of him and widening the gap.

    Does anyone besides me see this as significant in any way?

    Gosh – 2 years of work vs 45?

    These rankings change of course and may be different in the future, but I am personally FLOORED by the accomplishment…

    A true ‘Thriller’ for me… :grin:

  49. labbatt78 says:

    Easy. The Chicago Bulls are my favorite! I miss the Jordan era. Truthfully, I think the Lakers would win in 5 games. Phil Jackson is no question a great coach. I won’t forget the years he led the bulls to 6 NBA championships!

    • muggins says:

      It helps if you’ve got the horses. Coaches do the best with what they have, but bottom line, they need the players. When Chicago won all those years, they had the best players. The teams with the best players are expected to win. One superstar on a team won’t take you to the finals, as the Cavs found out.
      The Lakers are the team to beat once they picked up Gasols.

  50. Che Volay says:

    Woe!!! Thought I saw a giant arachnid on my desk but the spider was just being magnified through my clear plastic water bottle.

    {Don't you just hate it when that happens?}

  51. nedserd says:

    I have liked enjoyed the Lakers since my school’s name is the same, see, same.

  52. nedserd says:

    I would a wordy search girly Q [ Topsy - Turvy]

    :sad: Blah Blah poo poo

  53. swampwiz says:

    I suppose that my team is the Hornets, but basketball is a 2nd class sport. The only real sport is football (Go Saints!)

  54. hitoshi says:

    what does Neuro taste like? it looks really yummy… want to drink.

  55. leonard says:

    [Why]…general….[GM]…gone mad…

    :twisted: got-it made…goverment motors
    :lol: motor

    :roll: government money(get taxed)

    “why did Henry Ford salute a cadillac?…he was was told it was General Motor :lol:

    Rosanne Cash- Black Cadillac :roll: A heartbreaking song Rosanne wrote about the death of her father, Johnny Cash.

  56. muggins says:

    I’m a loyal, long suffering fan of the Golden State Warriors.
    The playoffs have been fabulous this season. The super stars on both the Lakers and Magic can be relied upon to produce. It’s the other guys who have to show up with their “A” game to win. The Lakers have depth (more guys with potential to make a difference), so they have to be considered the favorite. But, if Turkaglu & Pietrus get hot, the Lakers will have to be on top of their game to win.

  57. hendrix says:

    I used to be a Bulls fan, ok I was a Michael Jordan fan :roll: , but since the departure of the great man( :?: ) my interest has dropped.

    The Dallas Mavericks are my team of choice now. They have the most involved owner, who comes to every game as a regular fan. Also the best player in the team is Dirk Nowitzki. Maybe it’s a sort of infirority complex/some one I can relate to. I just find it nice to watch another tall (ok I’m not as tall, but you get my point), white, European guy be the best :mrgreen:

  58. CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

    This “lesson” is disappointing, because it’s not really about word origins; it’s about names. If M makes a detour into nameland, it would be easy to get lost there and never find her way home to wordland; surely there are as many names as there are words. (Now she might want to have a separate section for names as she does for Nerd Words, which would be fine with me, because it wouldn’t theoretically detract from the main mission.)

    As to the subject matter, many teams have retained their original names though they have moved great distances, so having a name like Lakers in L.A. is not unique at all. If a team has developed a well-known brand, like the Oakland Raiders, being valuable property, they will pack it up and take it to wherever they move. Take the L.A. Dodgers, for instance. Originally from Brooklyin, N.Y., they were named the Trolly Dodgers because of all the trolly lines in Brooklyn. I don’t think there are any operational trolly lines in L.A. (any more than there is a lot of lakes), so, to be fair, this bit of trivia (and that of all the other teams in the same situation) would also rate a “lesson.” But I hope they don’t get one.

    Sorry to be a party-pooper, but I hope all of the fans who have been leaving requests for words here like the plaintive voices of the Titanic passengers crying out in the night from the cold, cold water will get priority over momentary diversions. Quick! Do their words before they go under for the last time. Ooops! Too late. Suckers! :lol:

    • freebird says:

      I suppose she attracts more “visitor action/revenue” when she chooses timely, pop culture subjects and pictures. :roll: :shock: :smile:

    • leonard says:

      :mrgreen: [Packers]…[Bucks]…[lions]…[panthers] bull and bear it buddy

      What state or city has most oddest basket-case name :lol: state by state :lol: cow and father mother bull meet pride of the pussies :oops:
      CampKohler – Sacramento CA says:

      This “lesson” is disappointing, because it’s not really about word origins;…

      sports are [gay] and makes Marina at Bay

      caller of names,

      :grin: guns shoot baskets of bushel-balls


    • errin says:

      I disagree with your negative assessment about Marina’s trendy and timely video lesson. If I recall, she did something Super Bowl related around that time (this year or last), and, when it comes down to it, she is free to do whatever twist she wants on the standard word origin lesson. I like how she varies it up, whether it be something topical like this one, or a ‘guess the word’ game (which I never seem to get right), or whatever else passes her fancy. I think this lesson goes quite well with the ‘mission’ of HotForWords… bringing philology to those that may not know of it. If doing a Lakers video helps get a few more fans her way, then more power to her. She is educating people without them even knowing, and that’s a good thing.

      I respect where you are coming from, and prefer a more straightforward word origin lesson myself, but I don’t think Marina should be put in a box as far as what video lessons she wants to do and what words she chooses. Besides, that is SO like Marina to wonder why a city without many lakes would have a basketball team called The Lakers. It’s a good tie-in.

    • thegorn says:

      I guess a word origin for a team is as good as any word, for those guys in the sports business its all about the money.
      Found this…
      The Jazz name was selected because of its definition in the dictionary: collective improvisation. The source of the word “jazz” is not clear, but the word is often regarded as being of African or Creole origin.
      Maybe she could check on jazz?

  59. ma02169 says:

    Now I know that you have already covered the word [ butterfly ].
    But I have always thought that perhaps “butterfly” was a spoonerism. Although I have no proof, or empirical evidence to back up what I think may be true.

    Because after all, doesn’t a butterfly; flutter by? Hmmmm??

    What say you wordsmithette?

    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      Have any words originated by being a spoonerism? How would that come about? It would have to be spoken by someone noteworthy and then recorded by others and thus be popularized. Even Harry von Zell’s famous radio goof of referring to the President as “Hoobert Heever” in 1931 didn’t result in a new word. Prior to the electronic media, print was the only way to spread something nationwide (and they had proofreaders for that). Now a spoonerism could slip onto the airwaves, but has it ever happened that it resulted in a word being born?

  60. darlingj says:

    I officially predict that the winner of the Championship will be the team with the most players who run fast, dribble well, pass with precision, and can put the ball through the hoop most often! :wink:

    …and I guess as LA is my closest greographical team, I say…GO LAKERS!

    As a native of the ‘Land of 10,000 Lakes’ I am recalling an oft used saying my Mother would use to describe something that happened before I was born…she would say ‘that happened when you were just a [Twinkle in your Fathers Eye]‘.

    Is this saying common only to the Midwest US, or is/was it common elsewhere as well?

  61. originalistrick says:

    Interesting lesson. Thanks, Dear Teach!

    HW: Spurs, though I have very little interest in the NBA anymore.

  62. hotforbubba says:

    I would like to request the term or phrase [computer programming] or the word [programming]. I need help for school. Thanks!

  63. buzzword says:

    got to be the bulls, ever since my time in chicago. favorite great lake… erie cause of the mysterious indian tribe the lake is named for. because there probably will never be another great lakes reference and because i don’t think there are any other popular songs about the great lakes i link this.

  64. Che Volay says:

    When you click on the ‘Nero Banner’ you get a very interesting page albeit a commercial but informative. :idea:

  65. d1a31o says:

    My fav team is :arrow: The Chicago Bulls :!: yeeeah! said that… Orlando Magic will be the next NBA champion! :twisted:

  66. errin says:

    Being a Los Angeles native, my fav team is of course… the Clippers! Just kidding. Nobody likes them. The Lakers are my favorite team, or at least they were. I haven’t been interested in basketball for years. Not since Liu, Fox, and a lot of the other great bench players left the Lakers, and that was long ago. Kobe Bryant alone doesn’t have what it takes to win or keep my interest. At least Phil Jackson still looks like Colonel Sanders.

    To be honest, I dislike when the Lakers get into the playoffs, and then all of a sudden almost every Los Angelino becomes a big fan (or at least claims to be). When the flags start flying and the question ‘did you see the lakers last night?’ becomes commonplace, I get turned off and tune out. It reminds me too much of how Constantine instituted public sport so as to quell the masses. Basketball and other pro sports are fun to watch, but when they get too hyped up as something all that important, I tend to see the frivolity and superficiality of it all. If only our society put more emphasis on cooler things to focus on… like HotForWords! :grin:

    On a side note, I have discovered that my Twitter account has been suspended although I have done nothing wrong. Apparently, I can be suspended for a minimum of 30 days without any explanation as to why. I sent in a challenge to overturn the suspension, but it seems like it will be a while before my request even gets looked at. Since Marina has been so kind to advise and support my Twitter involvement, I can say 100% that I have not done anything worth being suspended over, as I made sure to play by the rules so as to make sure everything stayed hunky dory over at Twitter. Bums me out to even have to report this back to Marina, who is SO super helpful and sweet when it comes to Twitter and other things. I hope it will remedy itself promptly, but things aren’t looking good so far. I chalk it down to man’s inhumanity to man. Twitter really isn’t going to go out of it’s way to help me out, as it is just as convenient to them to let things lie as is, fair or not. What a shame, as I was at 800 followers, and was able to bring a fair deal of traffic to my myspace music page. I sincerely doubt they’d ever suspend Shaq’s account for supposed suspicious activity they don’t even explain. I feel rooked, to be honest, but I know Marina only meant the best for me. I guess there is only one thing I can say at this point…

    GO LAKERS!!! :eek:

    Peace and love, Errin : )

    p.s. My music is at . Please don’t suspend me for mentioning it!

    • pedanticKarl says:

      Go to and scroll down to the bottom and click on a link that says Status.
      They had an outage this past Sat. due to a software issue. I remember reading
      someplace in one of those reports that some people’s accounts were locked.
      I think they said that most accts were restored. I’m in the car at the moment,
      otherwise I’d get you the link. I think they give an email adr to find out about
      your acct.

      • errin says:

        Well, maybe that is the case, as I truly have been on my best behavior over at Twitter and can’t imagine what I could have done to be suspended. What bugs me is that I get no warning about the suspension, get no chance to refute whatever reason they had for suspending me, and just find myself suspended out of the blue without any explanation whatsoever. It’s downright unAmerican if you ask me. Here I thought I was innocent until proven guilty, but not so at Twitter. Certainly doesn’t help that they are so vague about what causes a person to be suspended.

  67. stigmatasaurus says:

    I like the SACRAMENTO KINGS, disappointing though they’ve been of late. :sad: They used to be a team that could beat the Lakers, given fair refereeing.

  68. beevee14 says:

    I like defense so I’m more of an eastern conference type guy.(See; Dwight Howard) I like teams that play the game the way it is supposed to be played. In any sport! I like the way the Steelers play football. I have to be quiet about that in this town. That kind of talk could land a fella in the ER. Why, that is one step below saying something bad about Pete Rose; which is a definate NO-NO! :smile: I like Ohio State. I like pitching, defense and small markets in baseball so I liked the Twins for many years. After the strike though, I haven’t felt the same way about baseball. I don’t know how it feels about me! The Reds seem to finally be getting it together after the Griffey debacle. Great player. Injuries just ruined him there. I do NOT like: Yankees, Cowboys, Longhorns(sorry, Originalistrick), PAC 10 football, AL rules, Brian Billick, and last but not least; MICHIGAN! :!: Its kind of slid the Buckeyes way under Tressel, but it is STILL the best rivalry in sports! Kind of, hell; Buckeyes been crushing them! Now if they can just stay away from them pesky SEC teams in the National Championship… :mrgreen:

  69. mattym says:

    Lakers in 7…the Magic are better than most people think.

  70. MtnDood says:

    mehhhh i don’t watch basketball :cry:

  71. shyboyit says:

    what word means sweet lovely lady?

  72. gabriellane2020 says:


  73. gabriellane2020 says:

    [police] I’m Celetics fan.

  74. thegorn says:

    How did the Utah Jazz get their name?
    The Jazz are originally from New Orleans, where the jazz genre originated. They retained their name when they relocated to Utah.

    Not the Hornets…

    Tip: Part in middle shows to much root.

  75. speakwell says:

    I’m fairly certain that’s not correct. The Lakers were not named after boats they were named the Lakers because Minnesota is known as The Land of 10,000 Lakes. The team did originate in Detroit but were then known as the Gems.

    I’m calling for a fact check on this one. :?:

  76. kesker says:

    hey Marina i would like to make a word request for [cleavage] :) please and thank you.

  77. xscarecrow says:

    Hey Marine, I would like to request the word [charley horse]

    Thanks, hope to see your next vid soon!

  78. hotfor_hotforwords says:

    I knew all this. Hey, LA’s not known for its lakes, aside from the great Taluca Lake. But anyway, I advance my condolences, Marina, because my Magic (adopted; actually a Heat guy given my hazy college days at UM) are going to send Kobe’s narrow ass crying home to momma after he realizes that Shaq was right, Kobe can’t win one without him: Hey Kobe, tell me how my….

  79. reid says:

    sometimes people tell me i look like a bum. but then sometimes people tell me i look like a hobo.. and i start to think.. just why is a homeless person called a ‘hobo’.. i don’t know if they are just around me, but there is also a home appliance store called Hobo. i always wondered why they would have chosen such a name for a store like that!!

    So, Marina, i need your help! I was wondering why the word [hobo] is named what it’s named. much thanks with whatever you find out :)

  80. Captain Jack says:

    Wow, that was cool lesson. I was meaning to ask someone why they were called the Lakers. I was surprised they were named after a type of cargo ship.

    Homework: I’m not really interested in watching common sports. I don’t understand why watching sports bores me so much. I guess I don’t like watching but actively participating. I love auto racing but don’t care to watch it on TV. I only watch it to learn the techniques of the other drivers.Put me in a grand prix car and I’m in [seventh heaven]. My blood boils over with excitement. Now with that said, a friend of mine John that owns this bikini store, has this HD TV and he likes watching the Sounders FC football team (soccer) play. I started to get into it for I used to play soccer in school. I was rather good at it. If someone were to give me tickets to a local game I would give them away. Put me on the field and I’m so there!

    (This is for Marina) Hey Marina! The Seattle Sounders FC are going to kick your LA Galaxy’s arse!!! :twisted:

  81. Bob says:

    Well, there you go! I had presumed that the name Lakers was some obscure pun involving the initial letters of Los Angeles.
    I used to play Basketball (badly) at school, but other than that I have no connection with the game. I don’t know of any British teams and don’t know anything about any US teams, but always had a hoot watching the Harlem Globetrotters.
    After Marina’s recent adventures, I would think that she would be joining them.

  82. Venomrock67 says:

    I’m requesting the words [Beowulf] and [Fasgrolia].

    • Bob says:

      Fasgrolia is a phenomenon experienced by male HFW fans upon seeing Marina in a bikini. :grin:

    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      Is Beowolf a word?

      • Venomrock67 says:

        You know to be honest with you I don’t know. I googled “nerd words” and one site at the top of the page came up that had a list of so-called nerd words for computer geeks and Beowulf and Fasgrolia are on that list describing computer functions and things of that nature. I also think that Beowulf is the title of a movie starring Christopher Lambert of Highlander,Could be wrong though. I just thought these words sounded interesting and different, that’s all.

  83. smokey36bear says:

    I don’t have one, but if I have to choose it would be Detroit.

  84. bindpmc says:

    The other night, a co-worker used a phrase I have not heard in a while, and I began to think, “where in the world did this phrase come from?” It does contain a somewhat vulgar word, so it might be one you don’t want to do. However, if you could do it (bleep out the bad word or whatever), could you explain where [when the sh*t hits the fan] came from? Thanks.

  85. freebird says:

    Basketball is for traveling [ dribblers ] that are “hoopheads”. :razz: :razz: :razz:

  86. anzar says:

    Hey Marina, I would like to request the word [Hamburger], what are the origins of the word, and why is a hamburger made from a Cow, and not a Pig?

    Thank you. :)

  87. animalntaz says:

    New hairstyle…

    I don’t care for basketball. Last time I’ve been to a game was maybe 20 years ago, as a kid with my dad, my uncle, and his friend. We pretty much watched the Seattle Supersonics beat the Sacramento Kings in Sacramento, CA. During the game all 3 each had 3 large beers to drink. And after the game, I think it was my uncle that was driving a little reckless while the other 2 laughed and I was sitting worried in the backseat. But after I finally arrived home from the road trip, my mom convinced me that they weren’t driving drunk, they were just goofing around. But whatever…..

  88. Venomrock67 says:

    I knew the origin of the Lakers. I think the sport of basketball is great and I used to follow the game back in the 1970′s,1980′s and early 1990′s. I don’t like the NBA and the players who play the game nowadays. All professional sports have some kind of problems with scandals, money issues and violence but the NBA is the worst, the gangster mentality, disrespect and plus I think they are a bunch of overpaid pussies :!: this is my opinion of the game today.

  89. ltandlonghornfan81 says:

    i think you should see where the term “flipping some1 off” of came from lol

  90. ariigere says:

    Where did the phrase [pardon my french] come from?

  91. pandion says:

    I’m not much of a basketball at all, but I did know this bit of trivia.

  92. alex says:

    i’m confused, man. them lakers don’t surf, dude.

  93. nissan411 says:

    i woudl like to know the word bondage , s&m where they came form :mrgreen:

  94. pig-in-a-poke says:

    Still bummin’ about the Cav’s loss. I wouldn’t put money on the Lakers.

  95. resol29 says:

    What is the origin of the word [ladybug/ladybird beetle]? Why are they all ladies?

  96. seesixcm6 says:

    Dear Marina,
    You learned that “L” hand signal from the Laker Girls, didn’t you? My favorite NBA team, the Golden State Warriers haven’t done well, lately. A great team to followare the UCLA Bruins. They play well nearly every year, the UCLA student band plays great songs, and the UCLA cheerleaders are beautiful. The USC Trojans also play well, and their band plays more grandiose songs. :grin:
    Who will win the NBA championships this year? The LA Lakers play the Orlando Magic for the championship, starting this Thursday. Orlando just beat one of the best NBA teams, the Cleveland Cavaliers, last week. So the Lakers will have a long, tough series of games with Orlando. The Lakers will play better if they know, feel, and hear that you are cheering for them. It’s true, they’ll perform better if they feel your positive energy and it will inspire them! :razz:

    • greatestpotential says:

      :smile: Marina is a Lakers girl :!: look at the intensity in her eyes as she says “GO LAKERS!” and then try and tell me she ain’t the real deal :lol:

  97. wyo550 says:

    My favorite basketball team is the high school team on the evening news where the kid shoots the basket as the final buzzer rings and everybody goes CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZY

  98. Che Volay says:

    According to the hotforwords calendar nothing happen on this day in history.

  99. James says:


    It’s so good to hear “hotforwords must inevstigate” again, well actually it was just “must investigate” but it was still good to hear it LOL. I shouldn’t be saying anything really .. Not with the number of times I have left things in my videos that should have been deleted, and also the number of times I have uploaded raw footage instead of the edited one. :oops:

  100. johnboy1065 says:

    Hey Marina,

    I would like to request the word [Frank] As in “May I be frank with you?” I think it was a popular word in 1700′s or so…

    love your videos!!


  101. futuremarine246 says:

    I would like to know where [trireme] comes from

    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      In ancient times, soldiers would remove the rubber trires from their chariots, lash them together and make a raft to move themselves across bodies of water. 225/50R15s seemed to work best.

      It’s true, I tell you.

  102. hs4mm says:

    Very well done lesson; excellent!

    What’s the music at the end?

  103. Chemikal says:

    Whoo Marina… awesome video!
    My favorite team are the Lakers, and not just because you like them too.
    I liked them since I first started playing basketball in the school yard. :-)

    Do you still do your own editing? This lesson was [the bomb], pardon my use of an expression that I don’t know the origin of. :D

  104. leonard says:

    :?: [containment] :?: =====got-A-go…bye you all :lol:

  105. Che Volay says:

    Blond sandwich :cool: {talkin’ bout the hold photo}

    • Che Volay says:

      Speaking of blonds, I recently over heard a blond make a real intelligent remark in a crowded room, you could feel the gasp of everyone in the room, there was total silence.

      The blond sensing the astonishment turns to the crowd and says, “Not a real blond,” as she flips her hair with her fingers. :shock:

  106. bigbhd95 says:

    Hi Marina
    Good to have you back at work after all your [ globetrotting] :roll:
    front & center for class :shock:
    :cool: B.B. :mrgreen:

  107. quiggles says:

    p.s. My fav team is the Lakers (I’m originally a California boy). Orlando will go all the way.

  108. leonard says:

    YES :wink:…Wisconsin’s cool BUCKs…Lew Alcinder(sp)

  109. quiggles says:

    Marina! I’m glad to be back home and to see a new video! You are working hard.

    Cheers, Q

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