Twitter 101

Here is a little Twitter 101.. 5 rules to improve your Twitter experience.  Oh.. and don’t forget to follow me and win that lunch!
Please rate and comment over at YouTube to help my video be seen.  Thanks!  Marina.

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  1. leoNard says:

    In the year leading up to this talk, the web tool Twitter exploded in size (up 10x during 2008 alone). Co-founder Evan Williams reveals that many of the ideas driving that growth came from unexpected uses invented by the users themselves. Evan Williams is the co-founder of Twitter, the addictive messaging service that connects the world 140 characters at a timeQuoteâ– ”Egotist: a person more interested in himself than in me.” – Ambrose Bierce 1842-1914 Good Day HotForWords and fans :razz:

  2. geneyuss says:

    Goodluck because I’m hungry lol:D

  3. greatestpotential says:

    :mrgreen: This video will zap your brain cells wide open

  4. rijk says:

    I think twitter is a double edged sword.
    On the Boobtupe, as our teach wants to call it, they had this documentary (for intimie VPRO so you know its not a crappy doc.) about twitter, and there was this guy that only came out of his house to make a picture upload it and look at other peoples pictures. He did his work at home, so that didn’t really help his social live.

    I am not using twitter “yet”, and i don’t follow people on twitter either.

  5. pedanticKarl says:

    Marina, it struck me kind of funny when
    you said in the beginning of the video that
    you had been using Twitter in the past few months.

    For some reason, it seems that you’ve only used Twitter
    for a few months, but actually you’ve been using
    Twitter since Oct 10, 2008, more than seven months.
    Here is a screen shot of a Twitter page I saved
    back on Oct 31, 2008. Amazing how quickly time flies by.

  6. labbatt78 says:

    It was hilarious how Carlos Zambrano had game rage earlier today in the 7th inning. I put it on a few sites. I’m getting tired. Off to bed, gn.

  7. annuddermale says:

    so, has Jack listened to Rule #4?…luv ya, Captain, but, dang, you make birds look like tweeter-dumbs… :mrgreen:

    now, ’bout that date…fly me in, but don’t introduce me to Paris…Hayden is too young, but i’ll happily impart my annudder words of wisdom on ‘er…lessee – do ya even know anyone over 35?… :cool:

  8. freebird says:

    Twitter series coming to Television and here’s an article about it.

  9. Good Morning WordBirds,

    Here is some Korean Gospel music from your girl, Sheila E

  10. viewtifulk says:

    Sleeping? it depends… pajamas in winter just the pajamas pants in spring and underwear in summer… here in Italy it’s too hot in summer :mrgreen:
    EDIT: damn… WRONG PAGE!! D’oh!

  11. Che Volay says:

    Tell you what Marina, you follow me on Twitter and I’LL buy you lunch.

    {Look for this bad boy in the leather jacket, I'll be outside your apartment building blowing the horn of my black 66 GTO, be ready at noon, cuz I'ze know yous like the bad boyz. lol} :wink:

  12. errin says:

    Here’s the latest on my Twitter escapades…

    I tried to download Tweetdeck, but couldn’t. My guess is it is because I use Mac OS X 10.3.9, as I’ve been loathe to change from the old version of GarageBand I like to use to record with my laptop.

    I’m currently following 2,001 Twitterers and am being followed now by 337 Twitterers. My follower count is constantly growing, and I get a big kick out of the massive amount of tweets I am privy to now that I have so many people I follow. Basically, I believe I’m allowed to add 1,000 Twitterers a day to follow, so that’s what I keep doing, I tend to follow people who follow musicians I like.

    Got a personalized tweet from a musician buddy of mine that I haven’t seen for years since he moved to the east coast. It was such a treat to get that tweet from a friend I hadn’t seen for a while. His name is Rhett Miller, by the way, and you can check out his music at . He’s a great guy and very talented.

    I am so happy to finally figure out a way to make Twitter work for me. I feel like the NSA looking in on all the tweets I receive, and my music is getting more exposure and more fans. Thanks a bunch to Marina for turning me on to Twitter and helping me learn to make the most of it. Now I just need to get my YouTube channel up and running… :smile:

    Peace and love, Errin : )

    p.s. I’m at on Twitter, and my music can be heard at

  13. greatestpotential says:

    HotForWords did a video on how Twitter got their name and now on Twitter 101, what’s next? Twitter rehab :sad:

  14. seankim says:


    we’ve all heard it. in popularly-made phrases like “for shizzle.” who started this form of speach and why did they choose [izzle]?

  15. seankim says:

    i often hear the phrase [off the cuff]. how about some insight into the saying?

  16. flintstone9812 says:

    My dear teacher, I would very much appreciate if you would investigate the word [padlock].

    I noticed you had already researched the word lock, but padlock has a very specific meaning in English. Lock can refer to the lock on a house or car door, or a safe. But padlock is only used to describe a lock that has a curved bar intended to fasten through a loop or latch of some sort.

    I had guessed that since British people refer to an apartment as a “pad” perhaps the lock used to secure an apartment came to be called “padlock” over the course of time.

    That type of lock would allow the renter to take the lock with them whenever they moved to a new location.

    What say you my dear teacher, will you research this word for me?

  17. brainchild says:

    hey i thought i seen her on that new dating site

  18. darth turgenev says:

    I request the word [incorrigible]. Thanks, dear teacher.

  19. Che Volay says:

    The fine print at Twitter Tees by Threadless says the first nominator of a printed Tweet will receive $140 ($100 cash and a $40 Threadless gift certificate). So you win too when you go vote for my tee shirt worthy tweets.

    Remember:click SUBMIT A TWEET,
    then click SEARCH,
    then enter chevolay name in search box
    Then ether vote ‘Heck Yes” or

  20. stigmatasaurus says:

    Regarding Twitdeck: I almost downloaded it, but was scared off by the fact that the publisher (or source, or whatever it said) was “unknown.” What assurances do I have that it won’t leave unwanted deposits on my hard drive? :???:

  21. siccosaurus says:

    Dear Marina,
    Hopefully you don’t mind but there are two words I would love you to explain to me. First, can you please tell me the origin of the word [shampoo] to me? I think it is one word that keeps on sounding funnier the more you think of it. For me, anyway. The second word is [mushroom] which is even stranger imho. But maybe that is my strange sense of humor. Thank you ever so much!

    • stigmatasaurus says:

      I second those requests [shampoo] and [mushroom]. Could there be such a thing as Mushroom Shampoo??? Perhaps that would be a catchy name for a band! :wink:

  22. bsomebody says:

    Um, not really that interested in twittequite. Starting to wonder if this site is still for me. Beginning to think that this has become a little too popular for my taste… :roll:

  23. originalistrick says:

    In light of Marina’s skyrocketing fame and the Cannes goings-on this may be ho-hum news to some, but Marina is mentioned in G4TV’s hot women of twitter this week. She has me trained (brainwashed?) to go there weekly in search of stuff pertaining to her. Though admittedly biased, I still can’t believe the women/girls these various media put ahead of her on these lists. But I still get a charge out of seeing her being featured. More good attention for her business-wise, of course. She’s number six, by the way.

  24. prospero811 says:

    Howdy, Marina.

    I was wondering where the word “lousy” as in, “I’m feeling lousy today,” comes from. Does it have anything to do with “louse” as in “small parasitic insect” or “louse” as in “rotten person?”

    A louse might feel lousy because of all the louses (lice?) in his hair.

    • buzzword says:

      the only reason i stick around hfw is to read your posts. where else can i find you, you godless bastard.

      • prospero811 says:

        Hey! My parents were married! :smile:

        • buzzword says:

          damn! defeated once again by your rational thinking you godless atheist… that was kinda redundant. i ran across an interesting remark, forget where, probably npr. anyway, it was said that people in general think atheists lack morals because they lack a god and thus higher laws. and so, apparently capable of great acts of evil! it was pointed out that the national science foundation must be the most dangerous organization in the world since the majority are atheist.

  25. jake s. says:

    Hey Marina. I love watching your videos, the accent compliments them. I was wondering; could you define the word [fart]? A lot of people wanted me to ask this, they don’t think you’ll do it though. Could you prove them wrong?

  26. princessconsuela612 says:

    Hi Marina! I love your videos- very informative. =)
    My question is: Where do the words [blue collar and white collar] originate from?

    • beevee14 says:

      Blue collar refers to workers more on the manufacturing side
      white collar refers to office workers.

      Back when laundry was harder to do, blue collars didn’t show dirt as much and were favored.
      White collar workers weren’t getting dirty as much, so they could wear white. It was almost a status symbol.

  27. talisker63 says:

    Hi Marina, it seems you’re having fun in France! That’s my question: can you tell me the origin of the word [sophomore]? Spassiba!

  28. jonboyp says:

    Why are the words [bow] and [bow] spelled the same, such as
    [bow] before a king, or a [bow] and arrow please

    Thank you for your time from one of your dear student:smile jonboyp

  29. fromvikingstock says:

    Word request for [Disservice] a catering company that delivers insults on your behalf. (Really)

    • beevee14 says:

      a catering company that delivers insults on your behalf
      below 32 degrees Fahrenheit

      I’m so silly :mrgreen:

      • beevee14 says:

        Ok, now I’m getting upset! I wanted to italicize ‘below 32 degrees Fahrenheit’ but not ‘I’m so silly’. I did the thing at the beginning and end. Anyone seen Buzz, B, Cha-Cha, Karl or The Captain? Or maybe you know, my Aryan brother! :cool:

  30. peterm says:

    Hi There,

    I have a word combination, [PoshBid]
    its an opening auction site I came accross :smile:
    Any Comments what it says?


  31. hmpoweredman says:

    Hi, I wanted to request the phrase [The Whole Nine Yards]. American Football takes ten yards to get a first down, so where did nine yards come from?

  32. Che Volay says:

    Twittering is my niche, this is what I’ve been doing here with my succinct comments.

    Marina is there a way I can do a search on the HFW website and retrieve all my comments? I let some good comedy go by unrecorded, now I would like to catalog the funny stuff.

    Please get back to me on this.

    • fromvikingstock says:

      @Che Volay

      You writing a book?

    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      Before the dreaded Age of Paging, I was putting together files that contained a month’s lesson’s comments (about right for E-mailing). Then by concatenating those, one could build a giant file of everything in which to search. This was tedious business to say the least, but paging tripled the amount of work. Then family health problems had to be coped with, the office where I had DSL was closed and I put it on the back burner. Perhaps next month I can get back to it. Maybe.

    • @Che Volay

      I put a tweet out to see if anyone knows a WordPress plug-in to do this.

      Meanwhile, you can search for any of your own comments in a particular comment stream by using the Crtl-F search function and entering your username in the Find box.

      Please tell me your username on Twitter so I can retweet any solutions that come to me that way.

      I really like your Gravatar. Looks like an album cover.

  33. leonard says:

    [ :smile: ] word request [smile]…twitter me a smile; its easier than a dial, so, smile some soul-amor…Black Oak Arkansas – When Electricity Came to Arkansas & Dixie…americana… :razz: no. nine

  34. Che Volay says:

    @joeschmitt from Twitter invited me to join <a href=” Favrd He claims it’s what all the cool funny kids are doing.

    { step closer to getting by tweet on a Twitter tee shirt}

  35. shane says:

    Why do sports announcers sometimes refer to a tiebreaker as the [Rubber Match]?

  36. peterisme58321 says:

    hi long time watcher, first time doing anything really. i would like to request the word [suicide] or [emancipate] or the phrases [get on the dog and bone] or [get some dead horse]. the last two are aussie slang… i figure it might be a challenge…unless you have more aussie viewers or you personally know some aussies. :shock: :grin: :shock:

    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      “Dog and bone” has the flavor of Cockney rhyming slang. Did any of that make its way to downunder?

    • beevee14 says:

      G’day, mate!( I’ve been wanting to say that since Crocodile Dundee. Does that make me an idiot :?: ) Welcome to HFW! I’ve never heard those last two but I’m a bloody Yank. Oops, thats British, isn’t it. Somebody (or everybody) will know the meanings!
      Extra Credit: In Waltzing Matilda, why did the swagman stow the jumpbuck in his tucker bag?
      Wait a minute…here it COMES!! Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Oy, Oy, Oy! :mrgreen:

      • beevee14 says:

        I just realized that you never stated that YOU were an Aussie. Since I mis-read one comment today(had to do with a train robbery and I think he is still cussing me) and don’t need anymore trouble, I apologize in advance. Of course, if you are an Aussie then you’re saying to yourself, “Why do the Americans always feel a need to apologize.”

        • peterisme58321 says:

          Well, generally on Xbox Live Most(eg:97%) of Americans insult us aussies, then when they realize we’re aussie they start paying us out about kangaroos…but WTF have Americans ever met/fed/seen(in real life) a Kangaroo…There Freakin Sweet! Sorry a bit off track(U seem like a good American).
          About the Waltzing Matilda, its about a farmer who’s down on his luck so he nicks a sheep for his tucker(food or meal(although there’s probably a hidden origin). and yeh i know what the last two phrases i said mean, i would like the history and to see if HFW knows or can find out their meaning and history.

    • buzzword says:

      damn, no way you can reply to my last comment to you. try replying here in this post.

  37. gfexplorer27 says:

    I would like to request the word [codpiece].

    • buzzword says:

      XD the word “coddle” can mean, treat tenderly or boil gently. which would you prefer? no relation to the word “codd” which is the basis of “codpiece”.

      • fromvikingstock says:

        Good Morning Buzzword,

        What’s your Twitter Nickname?
        And will you be my friend today?

        • buzzword says:

          bhuzwhord, everyone one i follow on that twitter account is also an hfw contributor.

          • fromvikingstock says:

            Does that mean you’re already following me?
            I don’t want to [twit into the wind].
            Maybe I’ll just do back-and-forth with you here until I get more [adept] at using Twitter.

            I would like to invite you to watch a webcast with me at 1:00 pm today if that fits with your schedule. Tim O”Reilly is doing sort of a Twitter 102 class on his site. It’s called Twitter Power Tips. He developed the Blogger’s Code of Conduct that appears in Wiki.

            He is “timoreilly” on Twitter.
            Please watch it if you can.

            And if you follow me, I’ll follow you.

        • buzzword says:

          no, i’m not following you. what’s your nick? sorry, missed that presentation. can i catch it again later? i’m in and out tutoring students.

          • fromvikingstock says:

            I’m fromvikingstock wherever I go.
            I mean I’m really from Viking stock.

            That’s my nick on Twitter.

            I tweet at dawn and dusk every day, so you can catch me any time and then follow. I’ll Tweet you the info about where to watch the re-broadcast. Check the stream at twilight.

            Forever yours,


            Why do you like slang terms so much?
            You an ex-con?

          • fromvikingstock says:


            Hey, BW

            I’m going to be too busy to tweet tonight. I can summarize it for you and save you the trouble of watching the rebroadcast.

            He says you should provide more value than you take from the Twitter community. Put value into your tweets. A good model is to ask an interesting question and then give a link where your followers can get the answer. One of his favorite role models is Jay Rosen. Teaches journalism at NYU. He is jayrosen_nyu on Twitter. Every one of his tweets is pure gold. I was already following him because I found him on the list of people Tim is following. If you tweet like Jay Rosen you’ll be providing value to the community and that will get you more followers. Ask an interesting question and then give a link to the answer. 140 words or less. That’s the how-to.

            Now for the what-about. You should tweet about people you know who are doing things you like. Spread the word. If you’re impressed, your followers will be impressed with it too. And they will appreciate the tip and come back to you for more of the same in the future. All of this drives up your numbers.

            Watch the whole thing if you want to. The info for the rebroadcast will be in Tim’s tweet stream soon and he is timoreilly on Twitter.

            So what do you tutor?

          • fromvikingstock says:


            By the way, see Marina’s reply to Errin below for some good tips on how to find people to follow. She wrote him nine paragraphs. He must do something she likes.

        • buzzword says:

          people are really working hard to maximize the functionality of twitter as a social media tool. interesting strategies being developed. right now i’m so busy i’m just using twitter to keep in touch with people here and satisfy my news addiction.

          right now i am tutoring for, human organism (intro. human biology), anatomy & physiology I & II. next quarter i’ll be responsible for four cadavers during an advanced human anatomy class. that’ll cut down on my contributions here a bit.

      • beevee14 says:

        I thought it was slang until I was watching History ch. They had a story about fencing and the terms used. One of them was “codpiece”. It kinda looked like a gourd and was worn over the groin area for protection. The skinny part tied into the belt and the fat part protected your junk. And NO, I’m not kidding! :idea:

  38. bernieloveogre says:

    Hi Marina, long time viewer first time requester. I’d like to request the word [masticate], it’s origins and use. If you could also tell me why I find it so amusing that would be a bonus.

    Thanks and bye. x

  39. James says:

    YES!!! For the first time in ages I cam on here and was automatically logged in!!! :grin: :grin: :grin:

  40. blustone says:

    [Life Style]

    Specifically how did such a Victorian term become the brand name for condoms… a former Poet Laureate of the US once offered anyone an “A” if they could find out.

  41. John says:

    humpfffff, if You don’t know, I’m not gonna tell you. (typical female response)

  42. originalistrick says:


    I guess you’re aware you’ll be reaching two hundred million vid views in a few days. Incredible!

  43. John says:

    Stage coach robbery :arrow: when a woman refuses too tell her man how to pleasure her she pulls a stage coach robbery. In effect she’s robbing herself.

  44. maaatt_davis says:

    (X) Write comment
    (X) Sign up for twitter
    ( ) Have lunch with HotForWords
    ( ) Solve world hunger

    Almost there :-D

  45. seankim says:

    but, you’re ALWAYS hungry !!!

  46. originalistrick says:






  47. John says:

    Marina, origin of the word [hotwives]

  48. runawayscott says:

    I really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really want to win that lunch date.

  49. vol_907 says:

    Okay, in the world of firearms, hollow point bullets used to be known more commonly as “[dum-dum]” ammunition. Where did this term come from?

    • Che Volay says:

      Hollow points and Dum Dums are entirely different.

      The hollow points break apart upon entering, putting fragments in vital organs.

      Dum Dums have more stopping power, and make one big ass hole. These can penetrate a bullet proof vest.

      As for why they call them dum dum I’ll get back to you on that.

  50. normivey says:

    I learned in 1st grade the English vowels are a,e,i,o,u, sometimes y and VERY RARELY W. I have discovered two English words that use W as a vowel. They are [cwm] and [crwth]. Do you know of others?

    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      It doesn’t mean that W is by itself a vowel; it means combined with another vowel it modifies the vowel’s sound. For example, what do we say when we see a pix of Gorby looking up at the camera?


  51. I would like to request the word [vig] for your fans at my website. We know that vig is short for vigorish, which is the commission that bettors pay the bookmaker on losing bets (for instance, to win $100 on a basketball or football game, you would have to risk $110…the $10 being the 10 percent vig), but what is the Etymology of the word? What language does it come from? Thanks.

    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      I never heard that before. I always understood it to mean the interest on a loanshark’s loan. But that’s just from watching TV.

      BTW, why would you risk $110? Don’t you just risk whatever you bet and nothing more, regardless of the amount bet or won?

      • You can wager $5 or $5,000 or whatever, but the bookie is going to take his 10% (or more accurately, your winnings will be 10% less than what you risked as you get the vig — some call it a commission — back when you win) and I just wanted to use an example everyone could understand (I hope :)

  52. monotone17 says:

    Hi Marina I would like to request the word origin for [duck] as in duck down. Does it have to do with a duck flying towards a person?

  53. errin says:

    Thank you for this lesson, Marina! I’ve sorely needed some advice when it comes to this stuff. I just can’t seem to figure out how to maximize my Twitter experience. So far I’ve been able to find a few music friends I haven’t seen for a bit, but I don’t think I’ve figured out how to tweet them. You can’t send a direct message to somebody unless they follow you, which kind of leads to a Catch-22 as far as first establishing lines of communication.

    So far, I check into Twitter two or three times a day, don’t tweet much, occasionally add a picture, occasionally look for more people to follow. I still find it somewhat uninspiring, except for maybe keeping up with Marina’s adventures. I would like to use it as a way to socially network and promote my music, but it doesn’t seem to be prone to much more than small talk and publicity plugs. When I was in England recently, my friend Damon discussed his dislike of Twitter and that he was trying something else akin to Twitter but more for the musically inclined. Probably let’s you upload mp3s or something like that. I forget what it was called, though… may or may not have been a play on the name Twitter. Truth be told, I haven’t really been able to invest all that much time in Twitter, so maybe I will figure it out in more detail and enjoy it all the more. I certainly haven’t given up on it.

    Thanks again for the tips, teach! Peace and love, Errin : )

    • Captain Jack says:

      My view of following everyone that follows you is my main reason for the action. There are some stuff you don’t want people know about and it’s better served with a Direct Message (DM). I have many well know tweeter friends that follow many people back for that reason and it doesn’t affect my twitter experience. I have over 3,000 followers.

      To gain quality followers it’s best to follow the twitter masters. I’m not talking about following the celebrities, but the ones who rate very well on twitter trackers like This rates people not by how many followers they have but the quality of the tweeters. These people normally tweet good information, deep thinking subjects, positive comments, helpful in solving problems, etc.

      What you want to do is follow people that are like thinkers. The people I suggested below are a good start. Follow Linnet Woods, she is a fantastic person. Calvin is also a good person to follow. Reg (zaibatsu) is also a good suggestion. If they like your tweets they will recommend you to their followers and you will build up a good following. Don’t be to picky who you follow back. Some of these MLM, SEO, etc people are ok, while others are annoying. If you get tired of clicking the follow buttons there are robots that can do it for you.

      There is this activity we call #followfriday where people use this tag in their tweet and after that tag is a list of people they recommend to follow. If Linnet tweets her recommendation, you should be rather happy with her picks for that week. Many will follow back if you tweet them something interesting. Follow Friday works for it’s one day of the week you can focus on building up your network. Once you reach 1,000 followers you will start seeing people follow you nearly daily. I get about 40 a day. Somedays Im rocking on my tweets and I get 150 per day. There is no way I can read all their tweets but what I discover is the people who are just watching you might tweet back at you with something interesting.

      Hope this helps. :smile:

    • Marina says:

      Download this application: and run it. It gives you a nice 4 column display of tweets from people you follow in the left column, replies/mentions to/of you in the second column, direct messages in the 3rd and what’s being discussed a lot in the 4th.

      The way that I chose who to follow was, I followed a few people I knew and then went to their twitter pages and looked at who they were following. You can see the list on the lower right of their pages.. when you click on View All… you’ll see their whole list. Scroll through their list and when you see people who look interesting, click on their names and follow them.

      I picked an eclectic list of people like tech writers: to some celebs: and to other YouTube partners . And once you select those people you can then see who they are following to find even more interesting people.

      If you are not sure whether certain people are who they say they are, look at who is following them and you can also go to a website like or to see if they are real or not. Not every real person shows up in those sites, but the fakes usually do.

      That gets you started into the flow of things.. seeing people that you perhaps admire using Twitter and what they are talking about (I think John Mayer has interesting insights for example).. and you might get inspired as well to say some things yourself.

      Now my way is more geared towards using Twitter as a complimentary thing to another social network that you use, such as Facebook or Myspace or YouTube. I gain my biggest audience from YouTube and use Twitter as a way to keep in contact with everybody while I’m away from my computer using a Twitter app on my iphone. I think this trip to Cannes and the people I am running into is helping me pick up some new people, plus the fact that I am promoting Twitter like crazy on my site and on Twitter is helping me gain new followers.. but the place where I gain 90% of my new followers is on YouTube.

      Facebook, I think, integrates with Tweetdeck as well… not sure about MySpace. But I think you should chose one of those networks, or YouTube and make one of them your primary method of gaining a following and use Twitter to compliment that following.

      I emailed you about possibly using some of your music in some of my upcoming videos as a way to promote you as well.. and when I do, I should link to either your YouTube, MySpace or Facebook page so that people can learn more about you. I like the idea of staying on say YouTube.. so maybe you can embed your music into some interesting photographs.. or words as a video… so that people can then subscribe to you on YouTube. I don’t use MySpace or Facebook as YouTube is so big as it is.

      Captain Jack’s method might be a good way for you to build up a following using Twitter alone. So you might want to look into that as well. I feel that following too many people shortchanges you on your end of the Twitter experience as you are then following people you don’t care about and will miss the tweets from those that you do care about. But if you don’t care about that stuff, then his method might be an interesting way to go about it as well.

        Regarding your comment of gaining 90% on YouTube, Twitter, Cannes, etc. all true, and wait till you see the graph I will show you in a day or two. Jaw :shock: dropping. Mark the sacred spot that triggered it all. May 2-3 Derby video, 12+ hours of consecutive YT front page coverage as Spotlight. Extremely explosive. Can’t wait to show it :smile:
        Gotta run… later…

      • errin says:

        Thank you so so much for all this advice, Marina. It is well received and helps me understand a lot better what I need to do to get more of an internet presence musically. My myspace page is useful as the simplest way for me to get my music listened to online, but I need to look into getting my own website to showcase my music. I definitely need my own YouTube channel as well, and what I was thinking of doing was some simple videos of me performing some of my songs just vocal and guitar. I could always get a webcam, but I’d rather see if a director friend or two has better equipment to film me with. I like your suggestion of putting up lyrics embedded with my music on YouTube. I don’t use Facebook yet, and not sure if I need to, but I’ll look into that more. Seems like YouTube and Twitter is what I need to focus on the most, as I’d be foolish not to listen to the words of wisdom from somebody like you who has been so successful as a YouTube phenomenon.

        Here’s what I have been trying on Twitter… I decided yesterday to actually try following A LOT of people because it seemed like a fun idea. One thing Twitter allows you to do easiest is follow others, so I went to the AC/DC Twitter page and started following a whole bunch of fans there. Besides the promotional opportunity, I really liked the idea of having a huge amount of tweets pass my way, as I could always check in on the pages of people like you or other friends (like Captain Jack) whose tweets I enjoy reading. Well, turns out you can only follow so many people on Twitter per day before it cuts you off from adding more people to follow. Something to do with me receiving too many tweets in one day. I’m looking forward to when it clears so I can follow even more people. Interestingly enough, my follower count grew from 13 to 133 (and rising) in one day. I really wish Twitter would allow me to follow as many people as I like. One thing’s for sure… I can’t wait to get Tweetdeck. It sounded really cool and now I can check it out for myself. Thanks for the link, Marina, and thanks again for all the advice. Your time is much appreciated, and I am totally at your service musically and otherwise. Keep rockin’ the big boat in Cannes! Peace and love, Errin : )

    • Marina says:

      Oh I forgot.. there are audio companion sites that work with Twitter that allow you to upload mp3s and they send links to Twitter like Twitpic does… so you can look into those as well to compliment the Twitter experience.

      • James says:

        We have just had another psychic moment…. I am uploading a video now about twitter… Its a cross between your video and spricket24s video about the end of the world

      • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

        You know, if they keep increasing the applications and improving the facilities and its capabilities, someday far into the future, twitterers will be able communicate instantly between each other. They could call it… let’s see now… oh, I don’t know, the telephone.

      • errin says:

        Thanks again, teach! I’ll definitely look into those audio companion sites. Twitter’s possible applications musically are something I want to start exploring and making the most of. I’ll let you know if I find anything interesting. Peace, Errin : )

  54. Captain Jack says:

    Some of you have asked if I’m on twitter yet. I find that funny for all the comments I have made about twitter. Well here is my twitter page If you tweet me I normally tweet back and I follow most everyone. I have some really great twitter friends that have interesting tweets.

    One tweeter, Linnet Woods does a daily twitter game of answering 5 questions. She even let’s use google to look up the answers for they are very challenging. I have one tweeter friend that has great words of wisdom tweeted daily. He goes by the name Iconic88. Calvin of Mayhem studios is always fun to tweet with. Someday I plan to use some of his services to update my online presents. I helped Bill Wixey find a repairman for his Jeep. Now he can get to those news stories without worrying about his Jeep.

    That’s just a very small sample of people that I have meet via twitter. I’m finding twitter being a more useful communication tool than my web blog for the fact it has a further reach and is very easy to set up. I still hate this twitter thing, but I can’t refute that it has made a positive benefit to my life as well as others.


    • pedanticKarl says:

      Captain Jack, regarding your tweet to Marina:
      @hotforwords How long does it take for you to upload a video
      on average and file size?

      Regarding size:
      Take the recent HFW video Pajamas.
      It is 58 seconds in length and the file size is 15 MB.
      The largest size HD HFW video uploaded so far is the one entitled Gorby, Dec 12. The file size is 68 MB at 4 min 10 sec.

      Regarding time to upload; in the Forum, Marina had said that it took forever to compress, but that it was worth it. At another time, I think she said it took about an hour to upload.

      YouTube quotes 1-5 min upload for every 1 MB.
      Take the average HFW video to be around 25 MB, then the time to upload would be 125 min or 2 hours worst case. Best case would be 25 min.

      • Captain Jack says:

        Odd that you replied here.

        My buddy is uploading about 4 gig files and I think that file size is successive. So Marina’s largest file is 68 megs so thats a good size for HD. I’ll let my friend know he needs to use compressor and get it down to a more manageable size. He has like a dozen computers, think he can dedicate one to just run compressor.


      • Che Volay says:

        PK Will the compression rate affect the quality in the video on my end when I view it?

        I ask because some YT channels seem to play better than others. HFW appear to have a better quality about them while others do not play as well.

        • pedanticKarl says:

          Hi Che,
          If someone uses too much compression, then the quality will suffer, but other things will make a video look bad including wrong video rate settings, type of codec used, and frame size and others.

          The reason Marina’s video have the best quality is because she first starts out with a quality camera, expert lighting and she meticulously tweaks all of her settings. In another words, Marina cares about the quality of the result and she conscientiously does something about it. There is some work and effort involved.

          Most people just click on the default settings of their equipment and hope for the best. In the case of uploading, Marina has studied which settings work best for her and which don’t. Marina talked quite a bit about it in the Forum.

  55. suprstock says:

    Little, tiny, almost clear straps …… A-HAH now I see how your you knows don’t show …you learn someding ebery dey!

  56. xain1112 says:

    I would like to request the word [toy]

    • Captain Jack says:

      That could be interesting. I have many toys. What’s the saying? ‘He who dies with the most toys, wins!’ Humm needs to be changed to like “Who has the coolest, inexpensive, and practical toys, wins.’ :smile:

      • beevee14 says:

        Also that one that women are fond of quoting:

        The only difference between men and boys,
        is the difference in price of there toys!

        • Captain Jack says:

          Funny, though have you ever have purchased an expensive dress or shoes? Who would want to spend that kind of dough on something that covers up a sexy body? That said, I’m a sucker for buying such. Oh and swimsuits are no exception. Friend of mine owns a bikini shop and some suits are hundreds of dollars and there is very little material to them. :roll:

      • buzzword says:

        perhaps the only things people really need would all fit on a yacht?

        • Captain Jack says:

          Yes that’s my point. Many of my friends always say to me. If you can’t find a place to put it on the yacht then you don’t need it. Sometimes I give stuff to my friend and he says, You know if I keep this I have too throw something out, should I throw out my computer?

          • buzzword says:

            i think the actual stuff one accumulates can weight down the mind and spirit as well. i back pack and canoe, there is a unique peace of mind that is attained when you leave it all behind and fully accept what may come. it is a real sense of independence, autonomy.

        • Captain Jack says:

          Very true, it does weigh down the mind and spirit. There is much we can choose to live with out.
          I hate it when people buy lots of expensive decorations only to throw them out a month later to replace them with more expencive decorations. It’s just waste!

          If a decoration could be used for a function then I’m all for it. For a simple example a desk lamp is function and a decoration. A statue just sits there taking up valuable space. I hate things that just sit there looking nice. Form and function is where it’s at!

          I’ve back packed many times. My first times were the Mountains Hills North of Los Angeles. I bicycled much of the way. Then when I moved to Washington I packed in real Mountains. The ones were you can sign your name in the little book at the top. Make the whole climb worth it. Oh and the view is breath taking.

          • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

            “…a decoration could be used for a function….” “…things that just sit there looking nice.”

            Who am I thinking about? :mrgreen:

      • greatestpotential says:


        “Who has the coolest, inexpensive, and practical toys, wins.’

        That’s talk wealthy toy makers laugh about as they fly around in their private lear/leer jets

      • Bob says:

        He who dies with the most toys, still dies.

  57. brynhild84 says:

    I would like to request a background on the words [marshal] and [constable]. I was inspired by your Seargant Hotforwords video, as the words for marshal and constable have close to the same meaning in old high german and old french. but now their positions in society are completely different, the germanic title is higher in rank than the french, one of the few that escaped when the the normans took over the government of england after 1066 :shock:

  58. Captain Jack says:

    Good episode on Oprah show today. Reduction of accumilating stuff. Interesting that people are obsessed with acquiriing materialistic things just to have it or thinking that it will satisfy their thirst for happiness.

  59. culleyholt says:

    i’m going to go now

  60. bigbhd95 says:

    there goes all the rotten tomatoes i was savin :mrgreen: :evil:
    no food fight :?: no fair :!: :oops: hmm
    nerver mind :lol: B.B. :cool:

    • beevee14 says:

      :mrgreen: I have a few brownish-black bananas. :sad: I guess I can always make banana nut bread. Yummy :grin:

      BTW: Bananas never go bad. There bacteriological content remains so low, as long as they are in the “peel” they’re edible. :!:

      • bigbhd95 says:

        love bannana nut bread :wink:
        in the old days we had a very nice ingredient to add in :cool: :twisted:
        :cool: B.B. :lol:

        • beevee14 says:

          :mrgreen: Would that igredient just make you want to eat more and have a strange desire to listen to the Allman Brothers? :mrgreen:

        • beevee14 says:

          :razz: The Allman Brothers are a fantastic and under-rated band! I think there music should be enjoyed as often as possible :!: :wink:

          ♫ They’re always havin’ a good time,
          down on the bayou, lord ♫
          ♫Them delta women,
          think the world of me

          Any man who doesn’t understand those lyrics has never spent any time in the Southland! :wink: :twisted:

  61. Captain Jack says:

    Students, If someone is being disruptive, do not respond to them. By responding to them you are just encouraging more disruption. You also become part of the disruption as an active participant in support of the disruption. For example it takes more than one student for it to be a food fight. So don’t fall for it, ok? :wink:

  62. James says:

    WAGWAN!! Batty Man!! And what this has to do with twitter I do not know…

  63. James says:

    Hmm! Marina where do we get [101] from… Why not 100 or 99???

  64. spipou says:

    Dear Marina,

    Somebody has requested [indeed]. I think that would be a very good word to enlighten us about. I am French, and though I am a professionnal translator, none of the translations [en vérité], [effectivement], [bien sur], [à vrai dire], [en fait], etc. has ever satisfied me.

    And, Evan Owens, thanks for the [bagpipe] video. I am a [bagpipe], with its [chanter] and [drones], addict !

  65. kingofhearts says:

    hey Marina,
    can you pls explane me what [kak die la] means? It sounds pretty rushian so i thougt, maybe you can explane it´s meaning.
    lova ya

  66. culleyholt says:

    passed :!:

  67. culleyholt says:

    i’m trying to get kicked out off class

    • James says:

      See my blue border? Do you have any idea what that means? Well, I will tell you. It means, I am Marinas right hand man… I have the power of ….. Cyber-…god at my fingers, I can kick you out of here, but not only that… I can make your internet connection heat your house so much, you will have to live surrounded by ice for the rest of your life.

    • leonard says:

      Learn to L*O**V*E…WASTED :smile: Written, performed, and shot inside the family and farm life of Meghan Namaste, Dancing Angels Nigerian Dwarf Goats, her mom, Karen Valley, Wintersky Shetland Sheep. Shot extends to a nearby horse farm and Bandit-Tigger, ridden by Meg on the wilderness trails and for dressage lessons.

      Meg now has her own horse, Sophie, a mare who is working out well at another stable near town.
      As usual, Short Tale is around the camera and in fact has the final word.

      This is the final song on Meghan’s album, Every Woman’s Known It. And it is also the home of her dad, Dan, Choreopera, now working on yet another country song effort of his own. :lol:

  68. culleyholt says:

    don’t worry i’m trying to get kicked out off class

  69. culleyholt says:

    no please explain how she feels?

  70. James says:

    I know how you feel about this Marina, but could you try and make the lessons longer. I really miss the 2:30 / 3 min ones…

    • culleyholt says:

      tell us how she feels?

    • culleyholt says:


    • Captain Jack says:

      It’s a common practice to make YouTube videos short. Many YouTubers have short attention spans. Two or three minutes of video is really pushing it unless your videos are jaw dropping through out the 3+ minutes.

      • James says:

        Well, look how well the used to do! Marinas videos are jaw dropping!!! I have never EVER fast forwarded any part of Marinas videos (unless maybe it was an interview with paris hilton that she wan’t even in) and even if they did it goes to show how many people do value Marinas work.. Perhaps she should just try it once, in the current YT climate and then look at the insight graphs..

        • Captain Jack says:

          I agree with you that I would want to have longer vids. The awful truth is most Youtubers have short attention spans. Though I think this data is a bit obscured for when I’m searching for a video I watch the first 30 seconds of it to see if it is what I wanted to watch. I think the first 30 seconds of a video should be considered part of search and not as a complete view.

      • James says:

        No..! I think A view should be someone who clicks, when you go to a movie they count ticket sales, not the amount of people that get pissed off and walk out

      • Venomrock67 says:

        Hey Captain Jack! I’m sure you and Marina know this but you got a virus on the hotforwords site it’s calling itself Culleyholt but I seen one of your messages and thanks for the info! I could have been pulled into a very annoying situation! Thanks!

        • Captain Jack says:

          They are called website ‘trolls’. They are common and if you google the term you’ll find many articles regarding how to deal with such. If everyone follows my instructions they will go away. We also have other behind the scenes systems in place to deal with these situations that come up all the time. I assure you we have it under control.

          We have a great group of students here that makes this site a pleasure to visit and comment at. You agree?
          Thanks for your support. :smile:

      • buzzword says:

        this conversation was way too long so i skipped it.

      • greatestpotential says:

        omg, catering to the majority trap again. how long is it going to take before the brainiacs rise to power(?) “Eaaagh!”

        • Captain Jack says:

          It’s not following the majority, it’s following facts. The graphs show this trend.

          • greatestpotential says:

            Well, the facts indicate that YouTube videos in the 2 minute range more often than not receive more views primarily because of the short attention span factor and the majority of those who view videos on YT are dictating the so-called rules of engagement;that if you want your video to be viewed a lot you better keep it at around 2 minutes or else it won’t get viewed as much and that’s following the facts of what’s going on on a statistical pie chart that follows daily trend behaviour.

          • greatestpotential says:

            So if YT puts 2 hour movies on their site I wonder who these people are who sit in front of their computer screens and watch a 2 hour movie yet those same folks go and decide to click off a YT video if they don’t get jolted out of their seat the first 30 seconds. Perhaps some shock-o-rama buzzer device could be installed to provide additional viewer stimulation.

        • Captain Jack says:

          You bring up an interesting point about 2 hour movies versus a 2 minute YouTube video. Why is it that people will pay $$ to sit and watch a full length 2 hour movie and they wouldn’t sit down to watch a 10 minute YouTube video for free? There are many factors I’m sure. Production costs, available time, employ of production team, etc. It seem most YT videos are one or two person productions. Humm…

    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      M should not dumb things down for the sake of a few more numbers. Quality, not quantity, applies to minds as well as other things.

  71. culleyholt says:

    take it from a guy that know’s a traslator , her english isn’t that good, 7 lauguage’s and you can’t even speek english, i’d swear you where an american icon trying to prove something but back to 7 how many years does it take to get your citizen ship?

    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      If you are going to point fingers…

      Traslator should be spelled translator.
      Knows does not need an apostrophy.
      English should be capitalized.
      Lauguages should be spelled languages and does not need an apostrophy.
      Do not separate sentences with commas (comma splices).
      American should be capitalized.
      Numbers less than ten should be spelled out unless accompanied by other figures.
      Speek should be spelled speak.
      Citizenship is all one word.

      How many errors can one cram into a short complaint about someone else’s English? Now we know. :roll:

  72. pandion says:

    And another good reason to use twitter is that you get updates on new posts here before they reach your e-mail; at least I do anyway.

  73. culleyholt says:

    i can’t say anything i’ve war!!!! the bra :!:

  74. culleyholt says:

    nearly A’s

  75. culleyholt says:

    , at least im making a E for effort, now imagine those, WOW :?: does boob size matter guys? Come one i’ve never mentioned it ever, i’ve never carried. As long as she has a nipple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :!:

  76. culleyholt says:

    for those who are just logging in, where working on A’s, ( not the baseball team, but if you know their last score, please you may pass) lol, i think that was kinda world of war craft like, knnnncccc

  77. culleyholt says:

    anyone care to help with the list?

  78. culleyholt says:

    you know Fiona Apple doesn’t have that problem, eather does Allegra Versace????

  79. culleyholt says:

    A is for apple witch i really like, A if for the girl behind me , i call her dike, she cheeted once and it was great, me and all my friend’s saw two girl’s naked in the same day , you bet your A$$ and those where some A cups, damn what the hell A more like nearly A, what’s this D cup shit. i’m Smooshed, no you didn’t have any, and guy’s when ‘A” lol, make an A, fix and A. Just talk to the teacher!

  80. murray says:

    Hey there Marinaaa, Im from Scotland UK and Ive always been desperate to know what the word(s) / phrase [Gordon Bennet] mean or who he was. If you have never heard of this phrase it is normally used as a outburst of stress that is commonly used where I come from as a suitable substitute for foul language or swearing.

    Ive always wanted to know who this “Gordon Bennet” is and im looking to YOU for help. :smile:

    Thank you :razz:

    • culleyholt says:

      dude libary, shhhh, don’t tell her i told you that

      • murray says:

        I dont understand what you mean sorry, put it into other words :lol: Did you mean Library or what? =)

        • beevee14 says:

          Hey Murray! Welcome to HFW! You will QUICKLY find that some people(for lack of a better word) who post on this site are complete, blithering idiots. Culleyholt falls into said category. I do sometimes, but I am rather lucid today.

          BTW, quite a few fellas from the UK so somebody will help you out shortly. I am an American (yes, we have THEM on here, too) and am not familiar with the term! :wink: :lol:

          • murray says:

            Beevee14, Thanks for your kind words :smile:. Yay because “Gordon Bennet” is a phrase that really gets on my nerves whenever anybody says it, and ive always been desperate to know so i just felt that HFW could help me out :smile:

            Thanks again bud.


        • beevee14 says:

          No problem. You might have to bring it up again later. Things are a bit strange around here right now. Honest, its usually not like this! :grin: :shock:

    • Bob says:

      Hi Murray, and welcome.
      A little tip – when requesting words or phrases, Marina wants us to enclose them in square brackets, thus [Gordon Bennett!].
      I second your request because it’s an interesting connection between Scotland and America; one James Gordon Bennett was a Scotsman who emigrated to America and became a journalist and founded The New York Herald newspaper.
      I won’t go any further to avoid spoiling the story in case Marina decides to make a video on your request.
      Enjoy yourself here and, as beevee14 says, prepare yourself for the [eclectic] mix of characters you will find here; most of us are great but, inevitably, there is the occasional Glaikit Tcheuchter. :wink:

  81. culleyholt says:

    ready for A?

  82. culleyholt says:

    dodododo beeebeeebeeee dobe dobe doooooo the good bee( that’s my i made a
    B in class song)

  83. culleyholt says:

    :mrgreen: :neutral: :twisted: :shock: :smile: :???: :cool: :evil: :grin: :idea: :oops: :razz: :roll: :wink: :cry: :eek: :lol: :mad: :sad: :!: :?:

    lol, those kill me

  84. James says:

    Are you still at Cannes Marina? I noticed the pic of you and hayden, so I gues you are home… unless you took your camera your mac and your bluescreen with you..

  85. culleyholt says:

    why do you persist in talking about things that are on my mind. AK47 and 223 are the same round, where about to start a war here. Don’t you think it’s time they know? lol :idea: let’s play hanky panky, isn’t that a hand game?

  86. wyo550 says:

    You and your Neurobrands buddies should make it to the Monaco GP practice Thursday afternoon (apx 1400hr local). You could pose by a Braun car -not Red Bull- with a bottle of Neuro and you’ll make Neurobrands very happy and possibly open up a new branding opportunity.

  87. neniz says:

    Hey Marina!

    I’m from Denmark and i like to request the word: [Danish]

    Like the one you get from the bakery.

    Does it have anything to do with Denmark?

    Tak (Thank you in danish)


  88. seesixcm6 says:

    Dear Marina,
    I’m so happy you posted so many wonderful photos and tweets from France! I’ve never been there, or been on such a yacht, or such nice hotels! (I obviously don’t look as good in my swimming trunks!) For me, it’s a great treat to see you and your beauty in such great surroundings!
    After you recommended it, I’ve been using Twitter for a few months. I’ve posted some good photos and tweeted a few observations that are important to me. I thought that was the purpose of Twitter. I occasionally go to Twitpic and look at random photos posted by Twitter users. Some photos are great, others are embarassing, and most are entertaining. I think Twitter is a good service. Thanks for your information and tips about it. :razz:
    BTW, when you pointed at yourself, you touched your shoulders. I’d never seen that move, before. When we point at ourselves, we point at our heart, which feels deeply. It’s just a difference, that’s all.

  89. Che Volay says:

    I entered a contest to have my ‘tweets’ selected to be printed on a tee shirt.

    Here is the link to Threadless Read the tweets if you find any ‘tee shirt worthy’ please vote, Heck Yes!

    My Twitter profile is There are more funny tweets there. :smile:

  90. animalntaz says:

    This may sound cheesy, but I can almost see this as a Twitter song. :roll:

  91. frameshiftproductions says:

    Rule #4 is SOOOO True. I follow Tila Tequila and she does tweet too much.

  92. animalntaz says:

    What the hell is wrong with YouTube? Why is the volume automatically turned all the way down on all its videos? :evil:

  93. Evan Owen says:

    Hi Marina,

    What would YOU like to talk about on a lunch date? Linguistics? Technology? Your goals and aspirations? Your family? Politics? Society? :grin:


  94. wetsuit5 says:

    Following your doings of is fun.

    Marina, this is one excellent and superb video lesson. I am a twitterholic, but I read more than I post. Think about it; we have two eyes and two ears, but only one mouth. So, I watch and listen twice as much as I mouth (post). :grin:

    I really love this lesson. I learned a few new things. It’s going to be one of my favorites. Dang, wait a minute. They are all my favorites.

  96. blitzkrieghawk says:

    How about one of these words??? [pipe dream] [twat] [quandary] [labyrinth] you can take your pick.

    • beevee14 says:

      @ buzzword

      If M kicked somebody off, why should we care if his ego is stoked? We won’t know about it. Or is it “impossible” to kick somebody off?

      Wrong spot. I hope B sees this…

      • leonard says:

        :twisted: Frank Sinatra – I get a kick out of you^^*^^

        lyrics of drugs

        sail on :grin:

      • buzzword says:

        it is impossible. all they have to do is sign up again as someone else, somewhere else. there isn’t any way to identify them, except by their trollish behavior. such practices have infrequently occurred here before. the most successful strategy is to ignore them. they are basically looking for attention so if you don’t give it to them they move on. i noticed you used the term “trolling” once. hanging around hfw, looking to start a conversation is not trolling. see here for more information. if one brings up a subject and no one responds and one continues to bring up the subject ignoring the lack of interest. one could be considered trolling.

        • beevee14 says:

          I didn’t know what troll was until I read it today…OMG! :!: I’m a Political Troll, aren’t I?! Buzzword, once again in your sly and poingant way, you have taught me something! :mrgreen:

          • buzzword says:

            i never thought your were a troll bv14 just a newbie. by the way if you want my attention include buzzword in your comment so that i can find it.

          • fromvikingstock says:

            You’re also a pretty cool guy.

          • fromvikingstock says:


            Troll is a role one may play in a moment of weakness, or blind rage, passionate enthusigasm or drunken stupor. It doesn’t mean that’s all you do, and it need not be your only role. I try not to post when I’m angry, tired, lonely, or naked.


            There’s an online forum today about these issues, in case you’re interested. For me the jury is still out on the best method of coping. It’s getting a lot of attention from the wizards because there’s money to be made. The first developer to market an effective Troll Filter for all comment streams will make a good living. Why ignore them when you can recycle their effluent? More strategies are in the works. If you see this before 1:00 PM on Thursday May 21st and it piques your interest, give me a Tweet.

    • beevee14 says:

      Pipe dream- from chinese opium dens of late 19th century. along with ‘head in the clouds’
      Twat-past tense singular of Tweet(Did you twat Jane today?)
      Quandary-not a word

      Hope this was helpful!
      Oh, you meant QUANDRY…OK
      Quandry- a position Culleyholt, and I(occasionally); find ourselves in because of idiocy

      • blitzkrieghawk says:

        TWAT in reference to the female genitals, NOT something you do on a website.

        QUANDARY… correct spelling, is a word meaning the perplexity or uncertainty over what to do in a difficult situation. there is, however, very little information on the origin.

      • pennsyltucky9 says:

        Since you enjoy learning, I’ll hazard a spelling correction (normally not such a good idea here because it tends to upset some people, as I learned awhile back). The first spelling was correct. Look it up, Beevee. There are two As in “quandary.” We just don’t hear the second one. That’s why it’s such a great Scrabble word. People who don’t know this will challenge it every time, and lose their next turn when they see it in the dictionary. Aww, sorry… It’s 8 letters, so you have to use all your tiles (plus an existing one) just to put it down. 50 bonus points there. Woo-hoo!

        Can’t have my friends walking around uninformed, now can I? Please don’t kill me (I’m already dead don’tcha know!).


        • beevee14 says:

          No worries! I did not doubt lightning war/bird of preys word. That is why I put down

          don’t I feel…sheepish? :twisted:

          My fault. I even had ready on another tab, but I was feeling good, not arrogantly mind you; just confidant in a metrosexual way that I had quandary spelled right! :roll: :mrgreen:

    • buzzword says:

      actually the word “twat” has an unknown origin and an amusing story of its popularization. i could share the explanation if you want?

      • blitzkrieghawk says:

        go for it.

        • buzzword says:

          the revered poet robert browning read the poem, vanity of the vanities, “They’d talk’t of his having a cardinalls hat, they’d send him as soon an old nuns twat.” and thought it referred to a hat. he then used the word with its mistakenly assumed meaning in his novel, pippa passes (1841) “the owls and bats,/cowls and twats,/monks and nuns,/in a cloister’s moods.” embarrassing the popular writer and further popularizing the word, “twat”. as far as i know the origin is still a mystery.

  97. sonshasilhedgehog7 says:

    How about [supersonic]? How did the word come into existence?

  98. seankim says:

    how about when the word [pretty] is used like, “that exam was pretty difficult”. it’s another way of saying “quite”. why [pretty]?

  99. seankim says:

    a familiar military term is [ten-hut] when soldiers come to attention. what’s it actually mean?

  100. James says:

    is there an ad deal with neuro going on?

  101. mblandingt says:

    Hi Marina I would like to know the origin of the word [Constituency], due to the many political issues that uses that word.


  102. labbatt78 says:

    I’ve been getting the hang of twitter since a few weeks ago. I’m starting to get followers once in a while. I also follow several others on that site. My photos has been a work of art.

  103. freebird says:

    PHRASE REQUEST: [ flash in the pan ]

    Rule # 6 for people of twitter… please don’t [ litter ]. :smile:

    Also… Be Smart… Save your money… Drink water!

    • neuroway says:

      How à propos. This is actually what I heard in a very controversial debate between me, myself and I. Myself was saying to I: “Be a man: Drink wiskey and beer”. Me stood, as silent and stoic as a rock, not thirsty at all. And I responded: “Self, little does the thirsty throat care for the beauty of the bottle, as what it really craves for indeed is the drink inside it. Little does the inquiring mind care for the illumination of the book, when in reality what it really wants to know is the wisdom inside it.

      Having said this, against myself and indifferent to me, and without no apparent reason whatsoever, I suddenly feel the urge of having a double shot of unsalted water, yes, unsalted please, in a finely chiseled champagne flute, a recycled bottle of beer or a plastic cup, I couldn’t care less to be honest.

    • beevee14 says:

      “flash in the pan” comes from colonial America. The old flintlocks didn’t have percussion caps so you would have to ignite your powder with flint(hence flintlock) and let it burn into the chamber. If it ignited and didn’t fire the round, it was a “flash in the pan”. “keep your powder dry” is also from this same period.

  104. originalistrick says:

    O.K., Marina, since by now you know I’m not too embarassed to ask you my ignorant tech-related questions -

    What do you mean, use an application to access Twitter? And how will that better the experience?

    Thanks for your patience.

  105. leonard says:

    :oops: MARINA…did you know about the smut, Twitterpics have to offer? It would bother me only if children abused it…I just reject it….but it is there…

  106. matsrg says:

    Twitterific, looking forward to Twitter 201 :smile:


    • buzzword says:

      dude, your link doesn’t work. i study anthropology and missing links annoy me.

    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      You either have to construct the A tag completely ( href=””> some words of explanation ) or simply type out the entire URL and this site will construct it for you ( after you submit your comment.

      • matsrg says:

        Sorry for that, is this better?


        • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

          I think the whole idea of domains was a poor idea in the first place. Anyone who comes up with a sucessful .com site name should not have it reused as a .org, .biz or whatever. The only way around this is by getting a registered trademark after which one can ask ICANN to make everyone else keep their mitts off it.

          If you go to and use TESS, it says that there is no “hotforwords” trademarked. M should have her lawyer fix that right away. She should not make the mistake of making the trademark apply to only what she does now. If she branches out into other activity (clothing, etc.), she will have to make a new application to expand its use. You see this all the time. Someone markets Socket Wrench tools and next thing you know they come out with a dynamite soft drink that takes the world by storm and they have to start over to apply the brand to soft drinks and whatever else they do later. That’s the power of a successful brand name.

          There’s a lot of “marinas,” mostly of the marine variety. “Marina Bliss” is a trademark for jewelry; it has a real nice sound to it and pretty much describes a lot of my daydreams. :smile:

  107. leonard says:

    Wow I like :-)…right Now…I had problems, but I’m just a [ROOKIE]…ps– i”m hungry too. :-)

  108. Warren says:

    What? Where is everybody?

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