Pull a boner

An expression from the old days.

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  1. pedanticKarl says:

    This video’s views just keep on ticking. It’s #66 on the Popular page 3 again and has moved to the #5 position on the page 1 of the Most Viewed Comedy category.

    • leonard says:

      Hi Karl…how does computer turn on by itself?….from the last comment I made to you… :twisted: this popped up as random…I had to resign in Or as it says log in in yesterday from that of last comment as to you and from when translation :twisted:

      snow flurries :lol: [snow]

      :grin: ]

      :smile: ]

      :smile: ]

      :lol: ]

      [jack-frost] is rusH :lol: ing log in during translation????????pull my finger :lol:

  2. pedanticKarl says:

    It is now appx eight hours later than my comment below and the above video is wanting to set some kind of record. It is now at position #44 on the Popular board, 27 days after publication and has 1,600,366 views. That video was in position #3 early after its release.

    Reason? The power of a title.
    Type the word “mistake” or “a mistake” into the YT search and the #1 video is the video above.

    Search for “boner” and no HFW seen for three pages, and type the full title, “pull a boner”, again no HFW video for three pages, but that video is the Featured video on the right side of the page search results.

    Using Google, searching for “mistake” yields no HFW video, but enter “a mistake” and that video above is the 1st video out of 37 million search results! Wow!!!

    That video is the #6 video on page 1 of the Most Viewed – Comedy – This Month honors.

    And, the Most Viewed – Comedy – This Month has four HotForWords videos on page 1,
    Title — Position No:
    A Mistake, #6
    In My Pajamas, #10
    Plastic Surgery, #11
    Spy on me or 5 rules of Twitter, #23

  3. pedanticKarl says:

    Marina, the video above, called “A Mistake” on YT is on the Popular board again at #53 position, 26 days after it was published on May 17. It was at the #43 position last week and has 1.5 million views with an average of 60K views / day. It is an out of this world hit. Very :cool: :smile:

  4. timmy2tails says:

    :arrow: :shock: hehe good1 had hot words for u shishle my dissle hehe luv dog’s my cat justc died 20 years old :oops: :sad: anywhoo bya’ sexy my hotness :razz: :roll: :razz:

  5. leonard says:


    The USA is like Russia was(USSR) and that is the boner they pulled in [occupation]**of** :cry: [Afghanistan]–is it a job and salary?–an economic thing? :oops:

    naked :eek: nude of knew :lol: :?: HOT^FOR^WORDS

  6. tonyb says:

    I love your pretty glossy lips! Akin to “Boner” would be the expression [SNAFU] situation normal all fucked up!this is Memorial Day, right? I encountered this expression in grade school reading the GUADALCANAL DIARIES, a US Marine’s experience of fighting the Japanese in Guadalcanal in World War II. It seems that the US military makes alot of boners and foul ups. so, the expression SITUATION NORMAL; ALL FUCKED UP! about the marines or the military in general. I called the Spaced Shuttle blowing up in 1985 on TV to a friend in college JUST ANOTHER GOVENRMENT SNAFU! And expensiver fireworks show!

  7. greatestpotential says:

    Let me tell you it sucks pulling a boner when you’re standing out in center field and everyone is watching.

  8. trash man says:

    i like boners

  9. big ed says:

    I recollect one time a few years back when I’d been hangin’ out at a buddy’s pad down the street from my mother’s house, yakking away the evening while sipping a couple of Bud Lights. After joking & smoking up two or three blunts, I got the bright idea :idea: to drive out to WalMart to do a little late night shopping with the rest of the night-folk. That part went just fine, but then on the way back down a notoriously curvey stretch of 87th Street (should’ve took the highway instead) in the rain, I was flying around the bend at about 50 mph when a pair of headlights coming the other way w/ their brights on (wooded area). On top of that, they were way over the yellow double line, causing me to have to swerve to the right. I over-corrected and hydroplaned at the same time, spinning around 4 or 5 times before taking flight off the road and crashing backwards into the woods! Luckily for me all the older growth trees had been chopped down in the past year or so, and my car (’96 blue Corolla) pinned down a few baby trees which actually padded my landing, thank the Gods!
    After catching my breath & checking to see if my body parts were all intact— only a few bumps and bruises, I pushed the driver’s side door open against some brush and hopped down approx. 3 feet to the ground, dazed and confused but dead sober now. I can’t even remember how many people stopped to check if I was okay as I climbed up hill back to the roadside. Some cat let me use his cell phone to call home and took off. This other guy in a pickup said he lived close by, and would come back with a tow chain he had at his house, hopefully before the cops came by. But then they showed up a few minutes later, and a long, uncomfortable wait for the local tow service began. They cut me a break and didn’t do a sobriety check of any kind. When the tow truck driver finally pulled the car back up on the road, there was hardly any damage except for some dents and later on an alignment problem.
    Some years later the city demolished that section of street for a 2 mile stretch or so, and 3 or 4 years later finished rebuilding it as a straight of way. :grin:

  10. darnko says:

    Since there was no pictures of this event, (that I ever saw of this anyway).
    I will tell you of the Boner I pulled. I was in Las Vegas for a Vacation, and I’m from up in Canada :smile:, so again the embarrassment I feel has passed somewhat. I did have a few drinks on this evening so I was a bit “Happy” and probably not feeling as aware of things as I would normally. :oops: I used the Washroom facility’s at one of the Casino’s at the Older Vegas Strip part and was quite taken with the lights and scenery.
    In the Big City of Vegas all washrooms have Paper toilet seat protectors, and you’d never find them in public washrooms in the smaller city I’m from.
    Anyway somehow when I stood up it and tucked my shirt in , tighten my belt it somehow got tucked in around back without me noticing.
    I swear I never noticed it even after the washing of hands and in my reflection in the Mirror and not until later, out side awed by all my surrondings did my lady friend point out my little extra passenger around back.
    Nothing gross, just a great deal of embarrassment, which I then made my hasty retreat to find a bar farther down the Strip after pulling it out and disposing of it in a garbage receptacle. :oops: To this day I get that feeling of oh thank god I’ve never seen it on funniest home videos or something like that. :lol:
    It is far worse than that piece of toilet paper that somehow gets stuck to your shoe will walking through a Pubs washroom and you don’t notice it trailing behind you until your friends point it out when you get back to your table, as I can speak from experience of that one as well. :oops: :roll:


  11. beffle says:

    What I’d like to know is, since when have “a lot” and “a little” become one word?If you’re interested in words,(why else would you be here?Oh yeah,tits,right?)please attempt to get basic English correct.Okay I’m a pedant !

  12. Venomrock67 says:

    Hey Marina,
    I don’t know if this assignment will count on the subject of the last time one pulled a boner because this story I’m going to tell happened to me back when I was sixteen and I had my drivers licence for about a half year. I had somehow gained the trust from my “Old Man” to drive one of the cars my family owned. It was a 1965 Dodge Coronet with a 383 four barrel under the hood and a dark red color with a black racing stripe on the sides that extended over the trunk, a beautiful and powerful car in which my old man took care of. Anyways a situation came up when some dude I knew(we were enemies at the time) were at the same party and to not get into alot of details he got on my F**king nerves and and a situation led to where he challenged me to a race, He knew I had this serious muscle car and he owned 1971 ‘Cuda with a 440 Hemi and like an idiot I accepted and knew he had a bigger motor under the hood of his car. I do recall having a slight gut instinct of not going forth with this but the alcohol, the weed and people edging you on looking for excitement and at the time and the “challenger” flipping you sh**t but I felt confident and that I had gotten pretty good at driving and handling the coronet,I’ll admit I took alot of chances back then!
    We picked out an area to do this race, Anyways along this course there is a corner that we went into and it wasn’t very sharp and I was actually ahead of and I went to take the inside lane but he was right on my ass and I guess I misjudged were he was at and I cut him off clipping his front end and I was told by people who were there and police reports (because I don’t remember anything after that point) that my car rolled a few times and smashed into a telephone poll upside down and on center almost cutting the car in half(and again I was told by Police if the car was right side up where it hit the pole that would’ve been on my the drivers side!) the other guy went off the road on the inside lane and smashed into a tree. I was very fortunate that I just got bruised up and a slight concussion,very fortunate. The other Guy not so lucky, his legs as I was told at the time went through the floorboard in betwwen the pedals shattering his legs. He had to have them amputated from the knees down. How funny that a little incident in time can dramatically change your life and the lives around you! Another funny thing is is we became friends after this scene. When my old man saw alittle while later that I was alright, He gave me an ass whippin!
    but you know I don’t blame him one bit! Now some people might say he was stupid for letting me drive this car,but it was his love and learning to trust me as I headed to adulthood that made him do it Like any parent would do for their child. You see this car he got from a buddy of his before they had to go to Vietnam (there was a war going on at the time) unfortunately his buddy didn’t make it back. This car was in a way reminder of his heydays. So for this assignment on pulling a recent boner, I guess I gave you one were I pulled a major boner! Because of bonehead decision I made along with others back on June 6,1984 caused terrible discomfort to others but I was fortunate. I don’t know Maybe God, Buddha, or maybe Satan or luck was watching over me ,but to this day I feel like I’m living on borrowed time and I seriuosly try to do my best. Marina this is probably to serious and I went out of the guideline but you did ask so that’s it.
    Have a good one Marina!

    • Venomrock67 says:

      P.S. Lessons learned from that experience:

      Don’t drink and drive which is still a problem in today’s society!

      If you have a gut feeling that somethings’ not right go with that feeling!

      And don’t be pushed into doing something by others no matter how
      angry they make you!

      You definately have alot of people responding to your site,but if I can somehow come up with one word or phrase that captures your interest and creative energy into you putting together those video lessons you do that would be very cool :!: I guess I just have to keep tryin and here’s a :?: for you.
      Who in the FUCK is this cullyholt! Man they got some the users going on and on here taking up alot of space! Ooops! I shouln’t talk I just practically wrote a frikkin novel on here taking up space myself.
      Take care.

      • beevee14 says:


        I don’t think you tell alot of people that story.Thats the beauty of this, or any, site. Hopefully it was cathatic for you and you DID help. I turned to my daughter and said, ” Remember, if something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.” I have told her this before, but you know teens! Thanx :wink:

        • Venomrock67 says:

          Yeah I don’t tell that story a lot maybe once in a blue moon if you happen to be in a conversation with people talking about wrecks they’ve been in. I don’t know what possessed me to put it on here I have a tendency to be too honest on expressing myself or like you said maybe it’s some kind of relief for pain or suffering which I am over it. But if it did help for you that’s totally cool. I’ll be honest I still have to work on the third point I made. And hey beevee14 I do appreciate the positive comment,Have a good one and take care.

    • leonard says:

      Bless your your dad’s soul…an original superBee? :cool: glad you are up and at’em :oops: …good story, Venomrock67

    • Venomrock67 says:

      Wow! shouln’t tell something that was serious in your life on here,duly noted :!:

  13. Captain Jack says:

    Students, If someone is being disruptive, do not respond to them. By responding to them you are just encouraging more disruption. For example it takes more than one student for it to be a food fight. So don’t fall for it, ok? :wink:

    • beevee14 says:

      “Yes, Captain” the class all reply, sheepishly.
      Little Bee in the back raises his hand Horshack fashion. The Captain sees this and continues to grade papers. Knowing that he won’t quit The Captain finally says, in a tone just above menacing; “What is it, Bee?”
      Bee says excitedly, “But Captain, what if they make it REALLY easy?”
      The Captain fixes him with an icy glare so Bee says defensively, “Well, he’s over at ‘Twitter 101′ raising all kinds of hell!”
      At this The Captain, forgetting to admonish Little Bee for his foul language;rushes to ‘Twitter 101′ to see what the ruckus is all about…

      (to be continued)

      can you describe the ruckus, sir?!

      • leonard says:

        That reminds me about people with flowers near their house and killing the bees because they are afraid of being stung…right on beevee14 :lol: boners and bloopers :smile:

  14. culleyholt says:

    this is stupid, im gone bye

  15. culleyholt says:

    i’ll give him 5 buck’s if he can drink a beer faster then me!

    • leonard says:

      What K*I*N*D of beer?..Schlitz Malt Liquor – “Robin Hood” Here’s one of those great old Schlitz Malt Liquor commercials with the bull kickin’ butt and chewin’ bubble gum. And he was all out of bubble gum.

      Trivia: The scene with the bull crashing through the windows from this particular commercial was used in the film “Johnny Dangerously”.

  16. culleyholt says:

    whoa’s got 100$ say’s originalistrick has her to twitter too???? (i got email will work it out)

  17. culleyholt says:

    originalistrick, dude go to the mall

  18. culleyholt says:

    you make millions off this shit

    • leonard says:

      R U a bone-head?..Soviet Fashion Show :razz: The Cold War made for some pretty entertaining pop culture. Like this Wendy’s Commercials from sometime in the 1980s.

      It’s another one from Sedelmaier, who brought us “Where’s the Beef?”

      4 our Site HOST…Marina and H*O*T.For.W*O*R*D*S


    • leonard says:

      Quote :grin:
      “The mistakes are all waiting to be made.” – chessmaster Savielly Grigorievitch Tartakower on the game’s opening position – 1887-1956 :razz:

  19. culleyholt says:

    ha, this is great i check my email and damn 20 mins

  20. filmguy18 says:

    Hey hotforwords I’m an avid film maker and am interested in philosophy, I was wondering if you could do the word [apparatus theory]. I don’t really understand what it is or where it comes from, hope to see it thanks.

  21. originalistrick says:


    I was smarting off earlier when I said you needed to seek help. I’m not now.

    Take your vulgar ramblings to youtube. You’ll feel right at home there. And while I’m certain that our Dearest Teacher’s nude visage would be spectacularly unforgettable, that is absolutely not why I come to her site. And I and the rest of the HFW Family resent screwed-up punks like you making comments like that about her. Grow up, straighten up, or get lost.

  22. hotforwordsivy says:

    what about

  23. culleyholt says:

    remember nerds 7 years

  24. culleyholt says:

    yeah, way to go, and good luck,lol…..lol lol lol lol lol lol lol

  25. culleyholt says:

    sorry i’m really laughting

  26. culleyholt says:

    ya’ll have turned this shit in to “AIM” lol, i’m telling my friends

  27. culleyholt says:

    so this is Culley, ahhhha, who’s on?

  28. mallet37 says:

    Hi Marina I was wondering where the phrase [The real Mccoy] comes from.
    thank you

  29. culleyholt says:


  30. culleyholt says:

    wait i forgot one :mrgreen:

    Their, finish

    good night fellow hell :evil: ha that one cracks me up, you’ll all kind of bitching to a girl that doesn’t speek the laugauge in the USA. so putting down A FELLOW him/GUY makeS you hott, on the computer keep it up, night love, peace, and some other shit

  31. culleyholt says:

    :neutral: :twisted: :arrow: :shock: :smile: :???: :cool: :evil: :grin: :idea: :oops: :razz: :roll: :wink: :cry: :eek: :lol: :mad: :sad: :!: :?:

    Sorry i had to see what these do

    • leonard says:

      Never say sorry! :cool: *****

    • beevee14 says:


      never apologize for your abilities!
      There is a guy named CK-sactown in here somewhere. I am anxiously awaiting his comments for you because I think he could probably explain things a little better than we have.

      I’m glad you are here! People are actually responding to ME since you have been here. Once again, Thank YOu :twisted:

  32. culleyholt says:

    injoyment of video’s, hummm i’d say your doing a good job, if that’s all me and “fromvikingstock” need to get along

    • fromvikingstock says:


      I wonder if beevee14 knows he’s your fave.

      • beevee14 says:

        I do now! Thank You, Culleyholt!

        @Nordic Combined AKA fromvikingstock

        Welcome to HFW, FVS! I don’t know if anybody has been banished from the site because I am new myself and have already blown it as far as making “friends”. Oh, There was a time (not long ago) when it was peaceful and people answered my posts. It was beautiful. But now, well now I write pithy comments to long-standing veterans like Bsomebody, buzzword, leonard or Cha-Cha, rush to my computer in the morning, and nothing but a dark void. But I’m not crying. Why, does it look like I’m crying?! I’m cutting onions :cry:

        I’m OK now. Hey,it could be worse. I could be Culleyholt!

  33. culleyholt says:

    i injoy the videos

  34. culleyholt says:

    fuck you all, i’ll just have my Sister Sue, Beth Anne Holt Esquire. Don’t fuck with a diplomat dick, you’ll just get squashed

  35. culleyholt says:

    i have the translater dick weed

    • leonard says:

      “Anyone who considers arithmetical methods of producing random digits is, of course, in a state of sin.” – John von Neumann 1903-1957

  36. culleyholt says:

    last time i checked, i just sued your ass under False Pretenses, you just broke her contract and i one. Now is their going to be a trademark debate or will i be late?

  37. y2joanna1 says:

    I would like to request the word [porta john]. More specifically, where did the [john] part of the phrase come from?
    Great site! I enjoy watching your videos. Keep it up!

  38. tekneek says:

    I would like to request the word [etymology]
    I am requesting this word because I am very interested to challenge the idea that there can be a history of a word which means to study the history of a word, seeing as this would leave an infinite chain of studies to carry out.


  39. culleyholt says:

    here’s an explanation for you. I’m American, my father speaks the language. He’s best friend is a Translator. I’ve read contrats, and Law and Business of the Entertainment Industries. The only thing i’m bitching about is the contract.Ya’ll are the one’s that want to see her naked. lol, never gonna happen!

    • greatestpotential says:

      Well, last time I checked this wasn’t a place to bitch about contractual agreements. If you have a legal complaint go somewhere else with it.


      Marina is always dressed up sexy and for me that’s better than “naked”

  40. sooooopernate says:

    I would like to request the word [fly], as in [that is fly].

  41. culleyholt says:

    you’ve all got to read a book and stop kissing her ass, the book i was mentioning is called (Law a Business of the Entertainment Industries) not only would i not trust her for 7 years, i wouldn’t pass judgement on the contract she signed. You all want to see her naked. I on one hand, well take a good guess i could help you with this hand but i’d have to use it to hold my translaters hand as we wave to those who use us American’s to get a Green card! ( sure you can come to america )

    • greatestpotential says:


      So who are you to go bad mouthing her on her own site?

      You have some explaining to do :!:

    • beevee14 says:

      You are new to HFW so WELCOME! Just wanted to ask a few questions. Kind of a ‘getting to know you’ type thing:

      Are YOU an American? Your command of written English is very poor. Were you not schooled properly? Maybe you can get your translator to proof read your posts. If he has any sense he would tell you its gibberish. Or maybe he DOES proof them, and he is off somewhere laughing like hell at your sorry ass right now! You seem to be the type of guy who is always buying, and when your broke, your “friends” evaporate, don’t they? When you come back from the bathroom, everybody stops talking, don’t they? It is quite obvious to everyone that you have no manners, but are you stupid as well? Maybe the two go hand in hand.

      Since you are new to HFW, I thought a few probing questions would be OK. There is NO time limit! Please answer them in the order they were presented to you. :twisted: Once again, welcome to HFW :twisted:

      • fromvikingstock says:


        As another noobie on the site, I appreciate your efforts to welcome the inexperienced.

        When a person doesn’t respond, that’s an answer in itself. It can mean his word chips are down so low he can no longer bet, raise, or even bluff. Time to fold. I’ve been there. Something tells me culleyholt will come back to the table. PedanticKarl gave him 10 good reasons to do so. Lucky for guys like us the door is open and the game never ends.

        Has anyone ever been banished?

  42. justanotheruser says:

    I would like to request the word [Asphyxiate] . Thank you very much.

  43. sam4sam5 says:

    i would like to request the word [accoutning] or [accountant]
    thank dude

  44. caprica says:

    I would like to request the word ( CAPRICA )

  45. heaven here i come says:

    Hi there Marina and fellow HotForWords fans!


    I pulled a boner just before 9 one evening when I rushed to the supermarket before it closed. It is in a different area from my home and parking restrictions apply later. I got a parking ticket which was much more than the cost of my shopping.

    Here in the UK, the [Speaker] of the House of Commons pulled a boner when he tried to stop MP’s expenses claims being published. He has now had to resign. His title suggests that at some point he was the only person allowed to speak in Parliament. That is why I would like the excellent speaker HotForWords, who has such a good command of our fascinating English language, to investigate.

    Bye for now!

  46. sam says:

    id like to know what the word (FUCK) comes from

  47. mofnhs says:

    I just try to understand the meaning of the word [elaborate]
    I found it in [the Valley lies close to the River Nile, easily reached by the elaborate funerary processions that brought the king's mummy to his tomb]‘ phrase ….so he could ignore and say funerary processions without elaborate funerary processions can I understand it . I know the meaning but in some phrases I can’t …. ty HotForWords

    • pennsyltucky9 says:

      Very good suggestion, mofnhs.

      I agree. I think [elaborate] could be a good lesson because it can be used either as a verb or an adjective, depending on its pronunciation (eLABorate, the adjective / elaborATE, the verb). I wonder what the origin is. HotForWords must investigate!

  48. pennsyltucky9 says:

    Here’s my homework: Once when I was about fourteen, my stepfather offered to give me a driving lesson in his company work vehicle, a big utility-bed pickup with built-in toolboxes and a heavy-duty lift-gate.

    The truck had a standard transmission, and he showed me how to work the clutch and instructed me to drive around the yard to the back of the house so we could unload some mulch to help control weeds in the vegetable garden. With him in the passenger seat, I slowly drove the pickup down through the side yard and into the back, being careful not go too fast (we had a nice lawn). When I arrived there, he said it would be probably be easiest to unload the mulch if the truck were turned around so the back end of the truck could point toward the downhill direction.

    Of course this made perfect sense, so I carefully put the truck in reverse and let the clutch out slowly while watching my mirrors so as not to hit anything. As I turned the big truck around, I was too short to see over the big lift-gate and the right rear corner of the vehicle contacted the top of our wooden picnic table, loosening one of the boards, which was levered straight up into the air as a result. I saw it in the rearview immediately, recognized my mistake and blurted, “Oh, no! I knocked up the picnic table.”

    “Should have used a rubber,” he replied. :roll:

  49. edwardlam03 says:


  50. buzzword says:

    this word request seems really familiar, i think i recall pissing the dude off by providing the origin. if i did, that would have been an example of my “pull a boner” on hfw. one of many i might add.

    • fromvikingstock says:

      Is it taboo for anyone but Marina to provide word origins?
      Or is “the dude” you refer to especially thin skinned?

      • buzzword says:

        no its not. but i may have done so in a manner, typical of me, that may have been provocative. in fact i seem to recall posting a link to actual penis bones.

        • fromvikingstock says:

          Nothing wrong with provocative. It’s like coffee. Just look at Marina. Anyway, thanks for the heads up. I don’t want to offend anyone more than their threshold will bear.

          A link to a penis bone? Sounds like a concept for a new kind of piercing jewelry. Speaking of thresholds….

          What are some other boners you’ve pulled on HFW forums, so I can learn from your experience. If you don’t mind my asking?

          • Evan Owen says:

            We could start a whole forum on HFW boners. I’ll share a couple:

            1. I confessed my fantasy of having children with Marina and raising them together. She never answered any of my posts after that. :oops: :cry:

            2. I (possibly mis-) translated a couple of posts in Russian. Turns out that’s a sort of cultural blunder; the two Russians in question wanted to kill me. :eek:

            3. I have a bad habit of making puns on other peoples’ word requests, with the result that about half the other students have wanted to clobber me at one time or another. :shock: :mrgreen:

          • buzzword says:

            dude, i probably have one on every page. but i would generally observe the behavior of all of the frequent hfw contributors to get a sense of the norms that direct behavior here and in the forums. it is not the behavior of any one single individual that defines the character of this site, it is a result of everyones interactions. so observe us all as we interact. but, you’ve already been doing this anyway, its almost like its a human instinct or something.

          • pennsyltucky9 says:

            Talking about politics is definitely one, if you’ll pardon my intrusion. We all have opinions, and we’re certainly entitled to them, but this ain’t the place, generally speaking. Religious topics have also sparked major flame wars. They’re best left alone.

            There’s one guy here who will rant ’til he’s blue in the face if the slightest hint of political discourse is even suggested. Sometimes he just starts up with no provocation whatsoever. It is really tiresome. IMHO, it really takes the fun out of interacting when people come here spoiling for a fight. I think Buzz will probably back me up on this one.

          • buzzword says:

            i will definitely back pennsyltucky9 up on that one.

          • buzzword says:

            i agree with evan as well. i did the same three things to evan and he hasn’t spoken to me either. but never, no never ever do all three at the same time. don’t confess a fantasy of bearing someone’s children using puns and translate it into russian. that will definitely get you kicked of the hfw site.

        • Evan Owen says:

          Hi buzzword,

          I didn’t mean to slight you by not harrassing you regularly. I do remember razzing you about a post you made on male human primate behavior, and you apologized instead of razzing me back. I didn’t know what to make of that behavior, so I sort of lost connection with you. :razz:

      • buzzword says:

        by the way welcome to hfw, looking forward to your contributions and conversations to come.

  51. kingzahariel says:

    Can you do a video explaining the origin of the word [ticklish]?

  52. culleyholt says:

    wha the fuck are you talking about

    • fromvikingstock says:

      You mean “sincere”?

      It comes from the Latin sin cere, meaning without wax. It means without deceit or pretense. That’s the way I see Marina and the majority of people who comment here.

      The other stuff is just for fun. I don’t know if cybertribe is even a word, but a tribe is a group of people believed to be descended from a common ancestor and forming a close community under a leader or chief. That would seem to describe the HFW people– Marina being the chief. Some people say we all need a tribe. I guess that’s why I’m here.

      Thanks for asking.

      • buzzword says:

        the word “tribe” is often associated with so called “primitive” adaptive strategies, such as hunter gatherers. however the word “tribe” can be and is used to describe contemporary patterns of social grouping. the concept of a cybertribe is certainly applicable. you do know that to be a member of the hfw tribe you have to get several body piercings and multiple facial tattoos?

  53. fromvikingstock says:

    Hi HotForWords,

    You have assembled an impressive [cybertribe] of [ubergeeks]. I’m glad I found your site. Please consider the word [sincere] for a future lesson. I think it describes you and your [webmates].

  54. culleyholt says:

    originalistrick sir, you are a Wigg!

  55. culleyholt says:

    only in america would anoughter american not trust you

  56. thedeliriousd says:

    I have learned many new words and enjoyed it very much. I am very interested in the origins of words and phrases as it defines our history and how we have changed. I have always wanted to know the origins of the word [banana] as it is a very strange word and I have been curious how it came to be. I have googled it and acquired some knowledge but would love to see what you come up with, being you are more skilled than I. (flattery is a great tool) Hugs and best wishes.

  57. mrweed says:

    Marina whats the origin of the word Weed :twisted:

  58. nighteye says:

    Marina, I was wondering: when did [pedophile] become a bad word? Why isn’t pedosexual used instead?

    A pedophile is literally someone who loves children – not much wrong with that. But why are pedosexuals called pedophiles?

  59. caboose says:

    I’d like to request the word [Breast] as it hasnt been done yet and i’d love to see what you had to say about them…*cough and yours *cough

  60. bloodyinsane says:

    Hi Marina!,

    I’d like to request the word [dildo] :twisted:

    thanks in advance

  61. minerva says:

    Although I have made many mistakes I have never heard of this phrase. Slang changes so frequently. It keeps language fun.

  62. Evan Owen says:


    ***LOSS FOR WORDS presents another Fractured Philology lesson:
    “Pull a Boner”***

    There was once an outrageous Welsh nobleman, Llewelyn ap Paling, facetiously known as Y Bonwr (“The Gentleman.”) He was famous for throwing wild parties, the highlight of which was a mad frolic in his pool, with rough-and-tumble play, drunken brawling, and sexual indiscretions in the adjoining groves of trees. In the days following the parties, when revelers were asked about bruises, limps, hangovers, and charges of indecent behaviour, the shorthand response of Pwll y Bonwr (“The Gentleman’s Pool”) brought knowing smiles.

    The invading Anglo-Saxons found the expression irresistible and adopted it as “pull a boner”; but being contemptuous of the conquered natives, invented stories such as Marina’s to disguise the phrase’s Welsh origin. :mrgreen:

  63. jmc302 says:

    Hi, I would like to request the word [often]. I am most interested in the correct pronunciation of the word. I was taught that the [t] was soft and the word was pronounced [off-en], and it drives me up a wall to hear more and more people pronouncing it [off-ten]. So before I start correcting everyone I hear I figured I should consult an expert.

  64. CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

    I pulled a boner in Reno. I was working in the back of a bank (back in the days when banks had back rooms) fixing a modem (back in the days when you could could repair them). When I finished I came out into the lobby to find NOBODY. They had forgotten all about me and went home, locking up the place. I searched all the desktops (back in the days when that meant the top of somebody’s desk) for employee’s phone numbers, etc. so I could call someone, but found nothing and finally had to call the police. Twenty minutes later a police car and the bank manager showed up to let me out. They were laughing at me as they got out of their cars.

  65. nevittman2 says:

    hun i would love to find out where [pontificate] comes from, its a fun word wouldn’t you say

    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      A pontiff is a high religious leader, which person typically has the power to dictate the doctrine of the religious order. Thus to pontificate means to be speak in a bossy manner.

    • beevee14 says:

      “Pontiff” means bridge in Latin. Think pontoon. The religious leader(catholic) was the bridge between you and god. Ooops, God. :oops:

      CK is right, I think. Just wanted to add a little History Channel

  66. animalntaz says:

    Pulling a boner…..

    That expression almost sounds perfectly fitting as a ‘Blooper Reel’ on a porn video that is primarily about giving hand jobs. :mrgreen: :lol:

  67. caburdick says:

    How about [cobbler] as in peach [cobbler]. Isn’t a cobbler someone who fixes shoes?

  68. fletcher says:

    Where is Gorby? I mess the lil’ fella!

    My boner was seeing an old friend at a wedding. He had a date with him. I thought it was the gf I remembered he had when I last saw him. I said, oh you must be so-and-so. Turns out of course it was not. The gal I thought it was was the freakin Maid of Honor! Oh man…. No one told me he and the maid of honor had split. So, he was at the wedding with one gal who was friends with the groom but had dated the Maid of Honor, the bride’s best friend at one time. What a frickin soap opera. Still I looked like a chump.

  69. swampwiz says:

    I was going to the urology clinic to get my prostate checked out, and the clinician was a very sexy woman (think of Marina with her natural dark hair.) Well, for whatever reason, she began to examine my central member very closely … and he began to stand at attention.

  70. Evan Owen says:

    Re today’s quote: “In any contest between power and patience, bet on patience.”

    I absolutely did not want my ex-wife’s boyfriend, who has a criminal record for illegal arms possession, to become my daughters’ stepfather. The man could easily take me in a fight, and I had no legal right to oppose the marriage. So I simply harrassed him off and on until he lost his temper and threatened to shoot me. That was too much even for my ex, so she dumped him. :twisted:

    Guess he “pulled a boner.” :lol:

  71. Evan Owen says:


    In Welsh, “pull a boner” (spelled pwll y bonwr) means “the gentleman’s pool.” :roll:

    (I’m taking “random lessons” from leonard.) :razz:

  72. culleyholt says:

    my reply, don’t trust her

  73. mattym says:

    Good lesson, there are many expressions that come from baseball or other sports that we use every day. Can anyone think of another?

  74. ilikesexytime says:

    i have one now!

  75. bigbhd95 says:

    WOW :arrow: its :shock: crazy Marina :oops:
    whats goin on :?: my right collmn is on the left :roll:
    at the end :evil: B.B. :cool:

  76. rainxsin says:

    Dear Hotforwords:

    What is the origin of the word [Bikini] ?

    My teacher says it was derived by a swimsuit designer in the time of nuclear testing on bikini Island, but I’m not sure.

    Could you tell me?

    Thank you.



  77. r1wolf says:

    I prefer to have mine pulled, rather then do it myself :twisted:

    I’ve done a lot of boneheaded mistakes, recently at work, but I wouldn’t consider any of them to be funny…

    • beevee14 says:

      I prefer to have mine pulled, rather then do it myself :twisted:

      Me too, but did you ever find yourself in position that was uncomfortable or downright painful from said act? If you know the girl you can say something like,”Damn, girl; you holding sandpaper or making hand puppets down there?”
      If you don’t know them that well, you just gotta grit your teeth and think of better times ahead. One sure fire way to end the suffering,”Baby, just lay back and I’ll return the favor.” Then scurry down to the, ughh, starting position before she can cause anymore damage! :lol:

      BTW: reminds me of a joke
      Q. what is a 68 called?
      A. I’ll owe you one! :twisted: :mrgreen:

  78. izinxo says:

    Louie looks Pastuerized! I got it! 420 is code for Pasteurization! Wait a minute, what time is it? What am i…whoops…lighter….ssss!

  79. twilighter123 says:

    I would like to request the phrase [point blank]


  80. chronocross_xp says:

    I would like to request this word [vagabond]. Is it really a bad thing to be a [vagabond]?

  81. kain0a says:

    I’d like to request [ravel/unravel]. Both words mean the same thing, but usually adding un at the beginning of a word negates it. Why isn’t that the case here?

    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      Probably un was prefixed precisely because it does have a negative context. Raveling, being destructive, is a negative thing, so it was made to sound that way.

      Cleave is a similar word; it can mean to break apart and to cling together. So what would uncleave mean?

      • leonard says:

        hhh-emm-p…You bring up rope, just raveling or did the USA unravel hae-nap(hh.emmp)…

        Research old nordic words of lazy and hemp

        :lol: I am not a [blockhead], cling together or know how to cling together, Peach :oops:

  82. runawayscott says:

    I cna’t wait until you get back into longer more indepth videos. It stinks that you have to compromise you’re standards just so your videos will be seen.

  83. runawayscott says:

    I’d like to request [GRENADE]. I think it’s interesting that is has to do with fruit.

  84. iminlovewithhotforwords says:

    Can you tell me where the word beautiful comes from. You’re always being told you’re beautiful, I’m sure you’d like to know where the word originates. p.s. marry me? :oops:

  85. errin says:

    Funny lesson, but I think the term ‘pull a boner’ is a little outdated. I guess it was chosen as a lesson because it is good for a giggle. Then again, it is apropos for a video that is both hot and for words. :twisted:

    I actually did do something very boneheaded this last Cinco De Mayo. I was celebrating the day with the special woman in my life, and she had made one of my favs for breakfast, a chocolate waffle with ice cream on it. Only she had taken the ice cream and laid it out in the shape of what looked like an ‘S’. I thought to myself that she may have some how confused the word ‘cinco’ with starting with the letter ‘s’, but I didn’t want to say anything since that would come off as ungrateful for the yummy breakfast she had made. After done eating, tho, she and I were talking about how good the waffle turned out, where upon I commented how I had wondered how she could have possibly thought ‘cinco’ started with an ‘s’ when I knew she was smart enough to know it started with a ‘c’. That’s when she laughed and pointed out to me that it was the number ’5′ not the letter ‘S’ that she had put on the waffle, and that I was pretty silly for thinking so mistakenly. It was way obviously a ’5′, and I pulled a boner when I assumed otherwise. Ironic how I thought it was a question of her intelligence when it turned out to be a question of my intelligence. Oh well… making an ass out of myself was well worth it for that waffle! :grin:

    Peace, Errin : )

    p.s. My music is at http://www.myspace.com/errinfamilia for those curious. I think I need to add this as a tag, as suggested by Buzzword.

    • pennsyltucky9 says:

      You never know. Maybe she had to mix some of the ingredients in “el sinko.”

      I wanted to check your music but I’m not a MySpace member, so oh well…

      • errin says:

        You don’t have to be a member of myspace to hear my music. You click on the link and the page should load up and play my music. If you give that a try and nothing happens, let me know.

        Thanks, Errin : )

  86. beaugosse says:

    I am sure Marina, you don’t know the true story of the Little red riding hood. I mean the exact and scientific explaination. Here it is with all details : http://vimeo.com/3514904

  87. hawkfire0329 says:

    Hi Hotforwords! I would like to request the word [illicit]. Thanks much. Keep the lessons coming; they’re great!

    Hawkfire0329 0:-) (=^_^=)

  88. davemarkwz says:

    *** WORD REQUEST ***

    Pulling a boner may yet happen! So, I’m listening to the Lex and Terry show.
    They are talking with Mr Skin. He does his review, someone is nude in a movie
    and they get to talking how we call different body parts in euphemistic fashion
    (did I get that right?). The question is why? “Why do we call them ‘CANS’” and
    they were perplexed why Mr Skin could sound so professional saying so ?!

    Is it a matter that started once we started universal suffrage?
    An avoidance of trips to the Human Resources office?

    It either got me thinking or I’ve pulled a boner ….

  89. Venomrock67 says:

    Hi marina, I would like to know the origin of the word [Democracy]. I saw the lesson for the words “Democrat and Republican” and maybe they have similar meanings and I should be smart enough to know this but I do run into alot of people who :?: if there is a true democracy out there including our country the USA. Have you ever heard of an author,screen writer,director by the name of Dalton Trumbo,he wrote the book “Johnny got his gun” (1939) and directed the movie (of the same title)back in 1971. I’ve placed two links from youtube that has the word democracy explained from an insensitive viewpoint at the time: at the end of the clip (clip is kinda long) and one from a band that introduced this movie to a new generaton,I’m sure you’ve heard of the band.
    And if you have time try to get the movie “Johhny got his gun” I don’t know if it can be uploaded or not but it is on regular dvd,and don’t watch it drunk or smoke any weed :lol: because it’s some serious shit! I don’t know it’s just a suggeston if you haven’t seen it. Tell me what you think, and thanks for fixing my account! xoxo

    • Venomrock67 says:

      P.S. I may have pulled a boner writing this comment.

      Hello Venomrock67,
      Excellent commentary and no you did not pull a boner on that.

      I have made two comments in the recent past about the book “Johnny Got his Gun” and highly recommend reading the book. It is a very short book and can be read very quickly. I forget, but I read the book in one sitting as it was extremely captivating and gripping. My personal recommendation is to not see the movie. I have never seen the movie and do not plan on seeing it, other than the scenes in Metallica One.

      Ref the HFW Forum: YT Music and Videos
      Metallica One was briefly discussed in conjunction in one of the previous video lessons.

      The Forum reference started when vic_rattlehead mentioned the song by Metallica, but did not leave any references. I caught up with him on one of the video lessons. Then, he posted the words to Metallica One. Scroll down the page on the Forum.

      I left links to there different versions of Metallica One here.

      The reason for the My Space link as opposed to YT link is due to the video being blocked in some countries. As you may know, that book was banned many times.

      • Venomrock67 says:

        You do make a good point in most cases if a book is made into a movie the book is usually better and sometimes the movie is a let down, but if you ever decided to watch the movie maybe you might be surprised. and yeah those links to the different versions of metallica’s “One” video are better quality versions, I’m still trying to figure out functions on the computer,like for instance somebody told me about Hypertext :?: instead of just copying and pasting a url,But I’m trying to figure it out. I’m actually getting a hold of a copy of “Johnny got his gun” to read and hopefully it has’nt been edited. Thanks!

        • Hi Venomrock67, I may see the movie some day. That book was so riveting that the visuals from the book are carved in me forever.

          Regarding the Hypertext thing.
          When you are entering text into the comment text box, look above the smiley faces and you’ll see the bolded word “Allowed:” To the right is some HTML code. I’m going to repeat it here with square brackets or else if I use the angle brackets they would disappear. For the naggers, yes I know I can use entities, but I’m lazy to use them as it gets messy. I’m out the door. :smile:

          Look at the code to the right of Allowed: There are two parts. Think of them like left and right book ends.
          Part 1: [a href=""] The opening tag
          Part 2: [/a] The closing tag

          To use the tags, you construct it like this:
          1. Add the opening tag: [a href=""]
          2. Then type the text people will see that is in blue.
          3. Then add the closing tag. [/a]
          4. Then go find a URL something like: http://google.com
          and put it between the two quotes.

          Here is what it looks like when put together:
          [a href="http://google.com"] Click me here [/a]

          That’s it. Just make sure you use the angle brackets as shown above the smileys.

          • Venomrock67 says:

            Wow! That’s very helpful, I also just noticed that Marina has put a link above there where you can practice(from your reference) which I shoud have noticed, I used to have a myspace page where I did get alot of practice pasting HTML codes in commments and on your profile editor and alot of times I made that work so I should be able to figure it out here. Hey and aqain Thanks! from Dave

  90. yuyo09 says:

    Hello!! I have a doubt. Why when we speak about love we use the heart? Why the heart? And request the word [item].



    • beevee14 says:

      Because if your in “love”, the feeling comes from the chest area. Any higher and you are in “like”, any lower and you are in “lust” :twisted: :mrgreen:

  91. freebird says:

    :shock: :shock: :shock: A friend of mine pulled a real big boner. :shock: :shock: :shock: On a Sunday, we went to his business to open the safe to get some cash for a couple of bottles of booze. When we entered his store, two jewelry cases was all smashed and stuff was laying all over the floor. He goes to me, in a deeply hung over mode, “Wow! it looks like I’ve been robbed. Let’s just get some more booze and deal with this tomorrow”.
    Next day, I am watching the noon hour news at someone else’s house. All of a sudden, I see my “Sunday friend” on TV and he is saying on camera, ” Yah, I was just opening my store this morning and two guys grabbed me. One guy held me down while the other guy ran in a robbed the place!” I WAS TOTALLY DUMBFOUNDED!
    This is what really happened. It turned out that he and a friend on Saturday were drunk and wrestling in the store and they broke the two jewelry cases… nothing missing. The guy he was fighting with came down to the store on Monday afternoon and told him! (the inebriated owner FORGOT!) :oops: :oops: :oops: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    • beevee14 says:

      Thats a big bell to un-ring! Did he have legal problems from it? Shame sometimes is penalty enough. :mrgreen:

      • freebird says:

        He had no legal problems from it… shame was the biggest thing. The police shook their heads and noted the results of this incident in their files… ” one seriously pickled store owner on Main Street… 120 lbs, 5’6″, smells like Smirnoff Vodka, etc. ” :roll:

  92. cufan71 says:

    HomewerC :cool:
    Grate Lissun Marina!
    I niver moke misteaks ur booners :!: :mrgreen:

  93. craynor says:


    I think to investigate the word [Disambiguation] would be very interesting because millions of people read it every day plenty times (at least those who use Wikipedia) and have no clue where it comes from.

    Thanks you,

  94. James says:

    That had me laughing in a cringy hysterical way… You just kept saying boner all the time… A video respnse frome me HASto be made here

  95. robke112 says:

    Dear Marina,

    I would very much like to request the word [discombobulated].


    Your dear student,


  96. Capman911 says:

    I would say all of us even Alex has pulled a boner of a sorts at least one time in our lives.
    Great video M love the effects and how you can help us learn at the same time. :smile:
    Yellow is your color it goes great with your tan and blond hair. :wink:

  97. reaperzxc says:

    I would very much like to requet the word [Semper Fi]

    thank you for your consideration Marina, btw effing love your work and effort u put in every moment you start recording your videos :) :D =3 c:

  98. seesixcm6 says:

    Dear Marina,
    Since you’re enjoying a wonderful time on a yacht, here is a salient word request: [I'm pooped]
    This means that one is tired, exhausted, or fatigued.
    How did it mean that? A “poop deck” is the rear deck of an old sailing ship, built over the Captain’s cabin. The helmsman was stationed there, It comes from the French word for stern, “la poupe.” Was it so hard to work on the poop deck that sailors got tired? Or was there some other way it got this meaning?

    • leonard says:

      :cool: Longjohns have a poop deck..I (ran)run around town, untill I pooped out(no smellin(g)) :?:

      seesixcm6: HFW’s boat master ” captainjack says:
      34.1April 21, 2008 at 10:32 am

      S.H.I.T. (Ship High In Transit) unfortunately is a myth. Urban Legend that was born on the internet about 1999. Its a very good story and sound very plausible. For fun, I tell this story in class just to let the student down at the end. Im just evil hu?

      Your the second person this week that asked about this word. Maybe its time for Marina to properly investigate this word. Make a video and be done with it.

      Hey Marina, Please do a vid on this word. And if anyone gives you any shit about it we the student body will back you up on the use of the word. Who knows maybe it might make big time news, further promoting this site.

      So Jack, is shit pooped?(all decked out)

      :smile: good one A “poop deck” is the rear deck of an old sailing ship, built over the Captain’s cabin.““thanks””’

    • Captain Jack says:

      Your correct that ‘poop deck’ is the raised aftermost deck of a ship; (of the sea) to break over the stern of a vessel, which is then pooped. There was also other nautical uses of the word. Poop lanterns, poop royal, and topgallant poop.
      From Middle English and Old French ‘pupe’ (in modern French ‘poupe’) and then from the Latin ‘puppis’ stern.
      The informal usage (originally US) ‘pooped’, meaning exhausted, may be derived from the nautical expression, although the Oxford English Dictionary says it’s origin is unknown.
      First attested as a nautical noun in 1489.

      This is all that I can find with my sources; I don’t have a full copy of the OED nor the reference material that Marina has. Knowing her she might have some interesting theories about it’s origin. ;)

  99. “In any contest between power and patience, bet on patience.” – W.B. Prescott

    The Banks? nope, no power grab going on there…
    Chrysler? nope, not there either…
    too bad about the marketing strategy…
    (whose idea was that??)
    GM? soon, very soon…
    (all your base are belong to us)
    Health Care? I don’t see the pattern, yet…
    New taxes coming?? You mean we can’t just print the money?
    Can y’all help with the ones I missed?
    1342 days and counting :mrgreen:

    • leonard says:

      The times are not of old……. :shock: ………from WIKI…… :oops: …. The ITU was an industrial union with members involved in many aspects of the printing trade. For the first five decades of its existence, the union wielded influence greater than its raw numbers. Informally known as “printers”, typographers were educated and economically mobile, which enabled them to influence the political process more readily than blue-collar workers could.

      The nature of the printing industry also provided the printers with economic strength. Newspapers existed in virtually every major urban center in every section of the U.S. and Canada, and with them came the typographers’ union. Printers had the ability to shutter the employers’ mouthpiece, giving the union more power than the employer could muster.

      ITU President W.B. Prescott, aware of this power, led the ITU in 1897 to win the best working conditions in the American publishing industry — a 48-hour work week and a standard wage scale for all printers in the city. During the Great Depression, the ITU introduced the 40-hour work week across the industry at no cost to employers as a way to share the fewer jobs available. That ITU initiative spread to other unions and has since been codified across the labor sector by federal legislation in the U.S. establishing the 40-hour work week
      :razz: :roll: :roll: :razz: [union] not onion

    • beevee14 says:

      I prefer 1268 days. BHO will be so radioactive by that time that he won’t be able to do ANYTHING in the lame duck period.

      • I am even more optimistic than that :mrgreen:
        The elections in 2010 should do wonders to reclaim Congress and the Senate from the…

        I as a person do not condone or use words which signify racial or ethnic prejudice or bias.
        The following use of just such a word, in the “PC” format, is only intended to accurately convey a phrase that has had a long standing use, and is well defined to have a specific meaning, which applies here. Anyone who will feel offended, even after this elaborate disclaimer, is advised not to read any further ’cause your sensitivity may be higher than your sensibility.

        …”(n-word) rich” individuals running the show.

        • minerva says:

          As a black woman I am surprised that I have never heard of this phrase. I guess you mean, nigger rich.

          I was dismayed when I realized that you were Ms. HotForWords Teacher’s Assistant. But this must mean you are qualified to explain the meaning of nigger rich in detail and the reason it was perfectly suited for your comment and this setting.

          I asked some friends of mine about the phrase nigger rich and they did not know it’s meaning. I think this would be a great word for Ms. HotForWords to do.

          [nigger rich]

          • As you chose to ignore the warning in the disclaimer, which was given to avoid offending those who are sensitive to such language, I am dismayed to hear that you utterly fail to understand somehow, that I did not intend to dismay or offend anyone with practical sensibilties, in showing an example recently brought to my attention; and that the meaning of the word “disclaimer” is one with which you are apparently unfamiliar.
            I observe you have no apparent reservation in using this word yourself, which in fact promotes rather than discourages it’s use – yet you show disappointment in how someone who assists the teacher in educating the student body assembled here in understanding that such words are hurtful and are not condoned as acceptable in a civilized society, is of questionable qualification to do so.
            You can find several definitions for this phrase in the Urban Dictionary online. Perhaps you can do a better job of educating your friends into understanding the hurtful nature of such words, now that you have been so carefully tutored with an explanation for anyone who is willing, to have an ability to understand. Peace – Doug

          • leonard says:

            I was coming back to agree and second the request you made… ON Rightly SOUL …hear this song…Donovan – Season of the Witch :razz: :lol: :smile:

        • minerva says:

          I do not know the meaning of this phrase, so I could not be offended by it. I am not overly sensitive to language, your explanation will not offend me. As a Teacher’s Assistant could you please explain the phrase nigger rich and why you chose this word to use?

          [nigger rich]

          • If you read carefully, you will see that I already answered one of your questions. To reiterarate,
            and to expand upon this explanation, here is the
            answer, again:
            “…in showing an example recently brought to my attention…”
            Awhile back, Marina indicated she would be doing
            lessons on words being used in news reports, and
            from other sources, to stay in touch with words used
            in stories from current events. Marina’s primary
            focus has been Nerd words and phrases found at
            the Twitter site.
            This phrase has been bandied about quite a lot,
            lately, in blogs and forums discussing the Congress’
            recent surge in spending; and how there is no
            economic stimulus resultant from all the money
            that has been allocated.
            With regard to the other request to define the term,
            I will not do that as this is an opportunity for you
            to educate yourself by going to sites willing to do
            a much better job at providing this answer, than I
            am willing to do here.
            A point of curiousity for me in your response makes
            me want to ask you this.
            You describe yourself as a black woman, not as an
            Afro-American, or as an American of African descent. This sets you in opposition as being black
            (versus white, or yellow, or green – for that matter)
            and suggests undertones of racial disharmony;
            whereas describing yourself as an African-American
            sets up no discrimination of black and white.
            I, myself am an Anglo-American of Scottish descent.
            Since Scotland did not enslave any Africans, it
            seems odd to be lumped in with “white” people,
            credited with this atrocity here in America, especially
            when emancipation for slaves occured over 140 years
            ago; and the Civil rights of American were enacted
            almost 50 years ago.
            Do you understand how using “labels” to describe
            yourself and others contributes to exploit racial
            differences and use bigotry to continue to divide
            the people of the United States of America?
            Words have meanings, some subtle, some harsh.
            Will you agree with me that ALL bigotry must stop
            to end this divide, or it will continue for years to come by those clinging tenaciously to a misguided
            and faulty belief system?
            I believe it starts with one person being understanding
            of another person; through education.
            Hopefully, it can spread from there.
            What do you think?

          • Marina says:

            minerva, I chose to let certain people be teacher’s assistants on my website because at the time they were helping welcome people to my website, but they in no way share my views and at times may say things that I don’t agree with. I don’t really understand why this conversation is happening on an expression that I find highly offensive, even when it’s prefaced with “no offense”, that still does not make it acceptable to use it.

          • leonard says:

            You are RIGHT ON….minerva: love your reasoning,[Season] :wink:

        • minerva says:

          Thank you Ms. Marina for telling me what you think about this. Mr. Cha Cha Cha does your website a disservice.

          • fromvikingstock says:

            I couldn’t agree more. The “no offense” followed by a vitriolic attack is clear deceit. A tool of the Comment Troll. Shame on Cha Cha. And thank you Minerva for requesting clarification on Marina’s criteria for selecting TAs. I was wondering the same thing myself.

      • leonard says:

        OH-HELP-Buerackracy…maybe beevee14 could pull a drawer better on the goverments and all the usless labor BEVEL SQUARE borrow-acracy? :cool:

    • beevee14 says:

      Could be worse. What if BHO dies? We will be stuck with a guy who literally can’t keep a secret to save his own life. :roll: :shock:

      and remember, its ALL Bushs fault :mrgreen:

      • leonard says:

        [fault] not fought….**!** The people that got Bush elected and that guy VPwith a (no-husband of a grandchild)…war was never understood by the former occupants of our great NATION{U.S.A.}’s whitehouse…both george and dick — did what they could not to serve during the colonial war of France’s China-asian deal (Indo-china)…funny how that was franco-german(WW2)…

        it is our ELITE****fault****In the spirit of General MacArthur(Douglas) and God Bless

        :smile: kinda makes wisconsin feel low…[Fault]

      • In the event of a future terrorist attack threatening the
        security and stability of the US government up in D.C.,
        at least we’ll all know Joe Biden is safe in a super-secret
        hardened facility located below the naval observatory.
        (Don’t those Navy guys know “Loose lips sink ships”?) :roll:

        • beevee14 says:

          Well, OK. Thats #1(BHO) and #2(Joe Biden) on the succession list. Surely #3 has got to be a more honest, upright,the-buck-stops-here individual. :?: I’ll just go to another site real quick and see… :twisted:


          • leonard says:

            In September 1940, shortly after Phan Bá»™i Châu’s death, Japan launched the First French Indochina Campaign and invaded French Indochina, following their ally Germany’s conquering of metropolitan France. Keeping the French colonial administration, the Japanese ruled from behind the scenes in a parallel of Vichy France. As far as Vietnamese nationalists were concerned, this was a double-puppet government. Emperor Bảo Đại collaborated with the Japanese, just as he had with the French, ensuring his lifestyle could continue.

            From October 1940 to May 1941, during the French-Thai War, the Vichy French in Indochina were involved with defending the colony from the forces of invading Thailand while the Japanese sat on the sidelines. The Thai forces generally did well on the ground. But Thai objectives in the war were limited. In January, Vichy naval forces decisively defeated Thai naval forces in the Battle of Koh Chang. The war ended in May with the French agreeing to minor territorial gains for Thailand.
            ^^^^^from wikipedia

        • leonard says:

          History Doug…Asia is what it is…Please, prove me wrong about the education system, provided by the tax payers. :roll: What nation controlled, during WW2–Viet Nam? What does war mean to you? How is it that draft dodgers were pardon and enlisted men had some predestine fate? The USA started a war…now live with it!! :mrgreen: a hunter hunts to eat :eek:

        • leonard says:

          In September 1940, shortly after Phan Bá»™i Châu’s death, Japan launched the First French Indochina Campaign and invaded French Indochina, following their ally Germany’s conquering of metropolitan France. Keeping the French colonial administration, the Japanese ruled from behind the scenes in a parallel of Vichy France. As far as Vietnamese nationalists were concerned, this was a double-puppet government. Emperor Bảo Đại collaborated with the Japanese, just as he had with the French, ensuring his lifestyle could continue.

          From October 1940 to May 1941, during the French-Thai War, the Vichy French in Indochina were involved with defending the colony from the forces of invading Thailand while the Japanese sat on the sidelines. The Thai forces generally did well on the ground. But Thai objectives in the war were limited. In January, Vichy naval forces decisively defeated Thai naval forces in the Battle of Koh Chang. The war ended in May with the French agreeing to minor territorial gains for Thailand.
          *****from wiki

        • leonard says:

          I ROCK=kcor i…occupies of the mes :roll: -oputameUR…

          THE end of NUCLEAR WeaPoNS

          ..between the rivers…MESOPOTAMIA I’m gonna go all nucular on you!…HotForWords rUlEs[RuLeS]rules

    • James says:

      Where is your border? :???:

    • neuroway says:

      Power is the thunder of the 2,000 hooves of 500 wild horses breaking loose and running free on an endless plain. Patience is the sandtrail left on a beach by the 2 million fins of 500,000 sea turtles on their run from the egg to the sea while trying to dodge hungry crabs and seagulls. What’s the spiffiest ride? Who runs a fast quarter of mile? You bet! I mean, you don’t wan’t a bet, don’t you not, eh Cha Cha Cha?

  100. rahul6string says:

    Hey can you find the origins of the word [condom]
    or [contraceptives]
    thank you…

  101. animalntaz says:

    I “pulled a boner” yesterday, while looking at nude photos of Rihanna! :mrgreen:

    But seriously, a mistake I’ve recently made was when I googling around the other day. And I came across this big browser pop-up that falsely scanned my computer, telling me my computer was infected by trojans and worms. It caught me off-guard, thinking it was something major my Kaspersky Internet Security wasn’t able to pick up (even after fully scanning on ‘High’).
    I forgot the http address attached to that pop-up (antivirusonlinepcscanv1.com or .net? or something like that), but I think it tries to trick you into saving an Install_2018-2.exe file (which I did a couple of times). I ended up getting help from my brother, who has more experience at these things. And he just told me to close that pop-up despite its warnings and delete that file, if I can FIND IT (nowhere to be found in my ‘Downloads’). My computer is running fine and appears to be clean. But what worries me is if that file (which couldn’t be opened) was some sort of new rogue virus or spyware that made itself “invisible” from my computer. :eek:

    • logischabbaubar says:

      Some time ago a trojan that was distributed by mail claimed that the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) had scanned the victim’s computer and found evidence for copyright violations. A criminal investigation had been started, and the victim could find further information by “opening” the attached file. Of course, the attached file contained the trojan and not further information, the mail didn’t come from the BKA and the victim’s computer hadn’t been scanned by federal investigators.

      Some people receiving that mail pulled a boner by confessing to the BKA that they had committed copyright violations.

      • beevee14 says:

        Can the BKA just SCAN your computer without a warrant in Germany? I am guessing thats where you live. Damn, I’m glad I live in America! Maybe they can do it here,too. I just never worried about it.

        • logischabbaubar says:

          No, the BKA can’t do “remote forensic investigation” of computers as they call it without a warrant. Until a few months ago, they couldn’t do such an investigation at all – the Federal Court rejected an application of the Federal Prosecutor for such a warrant about two years ago because the law didn’t give the prosecutor any authority for such investigations.

          One argument during the legislation procedure was that the Americans were already performing such investigations very frequently. A US Justice Department memo stated that there were “indications that [the technique] is being used needlessly by some agencies”.

          wired.com has some very detailed information about the FBI’s secret spyware tracks

          • beevee14 says:

            Thanks for that link. Fascinating reading. Big Brother and all that.

            The documents appear to settle one of the questions the FBI declined to answer in 2007: whether the bureau obtains search warrants before using the CIPAV, or if it sometimes relies on weaker “pen register” orders that don’t require a showing of probable cause that a crime has been committed. In all the criminal cases described in the documents, the FBI sought search warrants.

            I’ve never heard of a pen register. Anybody?

        • pennsyltucky9 says:

          “Pen register” implies a handwritten form or document in a paper file folder as opposed to a computer file, order, memo, or other communication.

          • beevee14 says:

            @p9, thanx

            It seems the article is saying it is some kind of a warrant, but you don’t have to show probable cause. Is it some kind of legal term?

        • pennsyltucky9 says:

          Good question. If by “legal term” you mean it’s not searchable via electronic means and therefore much easier to keep well below the public radar, then I guess so. “FBI declined to answer” kinda gives you a hint, wouldn’t you agree? Cold war tactics, no doubt.

    • davemarkwz says:

      WONDERFUL FIX UPS HAPPEN if you try Windows Live One Care (free online safety scanner within the Windows Defender Website). I combine that (since it’s free) with AVG and their free virus/anti-spyware and lastly the Windows Defender scan. Everything else seemed to fail after a while. Now, even if it did fail (and ‘knock-on-wood’ it hasn’t), if it failed miserably, at least I didn’t
      pay for the software that fails!

    • animalntaz says:

      Okay, I think I figured out what happened on why it didn’t show up in my Download file. I remember watching a video review on how Kaspersky handles malware and such. I think it is designed more for blocking attacks from entering my computer (without necessarily reporting it). I previously had my Firefox set on remembering what I downloaded. And when that saved file only showed up in the Download browser pop-up and NOT my Download file, it got me a little worried there. I guess Kaspersky did its job by not letting it in my computer. That’s probably why I wasn’t able to open it from the Download pop-up. :smile:

  102. adlerv says:

    Never have, never will.


    There was this one time, back in Nam…. be.
    We went seal clubbing on shore, we found a pretty happening pad. They called it Ronan’s. We walked in and got carded and had to bounce.

  103. apcasrroma says:

    Double entendres aside, this was a good one!

    Segue time…

    Can you find out the origin of the word [Macho]
    And while you’re at it, how about the word [Segue]?

  104. ed12261973 says:

    Hi HotForWords. I was listening to Lady GaGa’s awesome song “Pokerface” which is a song full of interesting words and phrases. She has a lyric in her song that says, “[Russian Roulette] is not the same without a gun.” I was wondering if you could please tell the origin of the phrase [Russian roulette]?

    Thank you and have an awesome day,
    ed12261973 (baph777)

  105. air-z says:

    Why is everyone laughing, this is a serious lesson. i pulled one that lasted over 4 hours one time! had to go to the hospital & everything! :shock: :shock: :shock:

    • bigbhd95 says:

      sounds like an ad for :shock: viagra :oops:
      hope you didnt :roll: hurt yourself :twisted: permenately :!:
      try to be careful in the future :evil: :mrgreen:
      :cool: B.B. :lol:

    • beevee14 says:

      :mrgreen: Maybe if you weren’t pulling on it, it wouldn’t have lasted 4 hours. Sometimes you gotta leave it alone. Try Playstation or Knitting. Really, anything that you use both hands to perform will suffice. Wait! How are you with your feet, cause we can put you on a stationary bike, too! :roll: :shock:

  106. leonard says:

    My story is not worth telling! Captain Beefheart “Some yo yo stuff” by Corbijn A.
    ***[yo-yo]…my head is filled of broken bones :lol:

  107. Che Volay says:

    I also heard a ‘bonehead’ is a bald person, no hair just bone.

    Last time I pulled a boner I lost it because the tattoo was too intricate and I lost concentration.

    Hey Marina, I loved the editing in this video, as I love all your editing. I loved that curve ball coming from behind you and then curving back in front of you and all the other effects. That was pretty snazzy.

  109. smokey36bear says:

    Homework:This one time I was helping a friend with a task and afterward I broke out a bottle of schnapps. I drank the whole thing before my friend told me to go to bed and he left. A few moments later a knock at the door. I got up to answer it. The girl on the other side looked at me she yelled “Ted”( cuz that’s my name) I looked down and I was buck naked :oops: :oops:(guess I was never done getting ready for bed) Turns out she was knocking on my neighbor’s door. Sad thing was, we all worked together. I never heard the end of it.

    I have a feeling squeaky voiced Fred is going to pull a boner by dropping his pursuit of Judy and he will be gawking at HotForWords any minute now. Tweets with HotForWords in them are going bonkers, in the last hour alone, subs are explosive with a vengeance. Poor Greg (MF) doesn’t know what hit him. Stay away from the streets where the Retardid Policeman patrols. We don’t want to see him pull a boner. :lol: Yikes!

  111. maendaqaq says:

    hi angel,

    i have couple of request, i am from jordan in the middleast, i found you by chance on youtube, and i think i fell in love with u :-)
    .. check the words below if u can do something about them..

    [Angel] [Palestine] [orgasm] [ orgy ] [high] [thyme] [goddess]


  112. muggins says:

    My strict math teacher in 7th grade (circa 1961), Mr. Helvey, had a rather large class of about 50 kids. So he brought his own amp and mike to boom his voice to all the kids. He used the term pull a boner as he was telling us if anyone degraded his text book, he would have pulled a boner. I guarantee you that none of us kids knew about this phrase, and we all took it literally. We were rather surprised. What are the chances that somebody, who was in that class that very day. is reading this right now?

  113. Marina My Luvv,

    There is a certain astronomical term that deserves some recognition since it is seldom used in everyday conversation.

    Please teach us about the concept of [Transpermia]. :idea: I love you Marina My Woman. I think about yer beauty whenever I utter the word [Transpermia] yes I do. Articles for Transpermia may be found on the NASA website as well as other astrophysical websites. No need to check out Michio Kaka on this term; he’s in a different field of astrophysic study.

    Later, my Pookie-Wookiee Princess
    Joe aka DancingSpiderman on YourTube.com

  114. mapletree11 says:


  115. berlincharlie says:

    ПривЕт! Marina, please explain the origin of the term [blow or shoot your wad].
    Have “bonheur” in Cannes, not “boner”! :)

  116. logischabbaubar says:

    I pulled a boner in my final exams at school.

    I had chosen physics for the final oral test. I had 30 minutes preparation time for a problem and had to present the solution orally to the commission and to answer some additional questions for another 30 minutes.

    When I entered the examination room after the first 30 minutes, I realized that I had completely misunderstood the problem. Thus I had to admit this to the commission when I was asked to present my solution to the commission.

    After this confession, there was about 30 seconds of complete silence in the room until my physics teacher said: “OK, let’s do something completely different” and started to ask me some questions spontaneously which I had to answer spontaneously as well. I felt like dying during these 30 minutes, but at the end the commission gave me a grade within my previous expectations.

    On that day, I was really lucky that I had an extraordinary physics teacher. He was some kind of a big child who was always playing with his models on the table, but he managed to teach us a lot that way.

  117. culleyholt says:

    my dad’s bestfriend is named Renard, he’s a Russian translator why would i even consider you?

  118. burlybrawl says:

    can you do the word martial artist.

  119. culleyholt says:

    hell no

  120. sunybay says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can you do the word “trap”
    it rolls off the tongue so well, and why do people say “shut your trap” and “trap door”
    thanks angel :razz:

  121. culleyholt says:

    7 year’s she’s gone, left you for her other husband, move’s her family here, and your screwed kinda of

  122. culleyholt says:

    wow, people are really asses to you, play a few more sport’s and i might talk about that 7 year rule with you

  123. John says:

    I am logging out now and leaving this message as a little reminder.

  124. culleyholt says:

    does cum make men cute?

  125. culleyholt says:

    dude i even eat it, it make’s me cuter

  126. Evan Owen says:

    There’s a phrase called the “Gresham’s Law of Etymology” (coined, I believe, by Willard Espy), which holds that once a word acquires a sexual connotation, the non-sexual meanings tend to disappear (as with, for example, “intercourse.”) :neutral:

    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      You mean like screw? Machine screws, sheet metal screws, lead screws, ship’s screws, and from those 30s-40s prison movies, prison guards (“screws”). I don’t know if the latter are still called screws, but all the others are still in use.

      Then there’s pork. Pork is still pig.

    • freebird says:

      I looked back at my high school’s graduation book… someone wrote… “Good Luck in college… I hope all your courses are inter!” :roll:

  127. reignfire77 says:

    I would like to request [bodacious].

  128. labbatt78 says:

    earlier today I took the wrong train back home after the game. I’ve spent 20 minutes going the wrong way. I took north bound instead of south bound. How could I forget which train to lead back home?

  129. Evan Owen says:

    Homework (sort of): Boner

    For any of you non-native speakers of English (chemikal, add this to your notes), “boner” has changed its meaning to “an erect penis.” To “pull a boner” thus suggests masturbation. While this phrase still can be used for its old meaning, one would not use it in polite company. :smile: Misusing this phrase means you “pull a boner” in the old sense of the phrase. :oops:

  130. onlytommy says:

    Dear Marina,
    Could you please explain the phrase

    [Holy Moly]
    [Holy Moley]
    I don’t know how to spell it but thank you anyway.

    Thanks :)

  131. jeffytek says:

    hey i think tthat for a topic, you shuld do biking like a pedal bike, thanks :):)

  132. leonard says:

    :mrgreen: [Cha-Cha]-the dance**)(**Captain Beefheart – Bat Chain Puller…sod busters unite: says the captain(my boner) :lol:

  133. hs4mm says:

    [A penny for your thoughts] in the still for this video, Marina.

  134. freebird says:

    I dated this cute girl who had a little dog named Poontang. After getting to know her a little bit more and more… I realized that she wasn’t very bright. While out cycling one day, I noticed that she was very clumsy… so I asked her, “do you pull boners often?”. She goes… “oh… I used to for $25 until I hurt my wrist one day peddling my ass around town”. :shock: :lol:

  135. pandion says:

    I drive a lot for my job, and sometimes I will just get into driving, and pass by my destination.

    I recently saved over the wrong save point in a game I am playing, and lost hours of game time.

  136. jordan007 says:

    Hi Marina, I have a word request for you, I would like to know the origin of the word [Tally ho]
    Thank you so much! ;)

  137. greatestpotential says:

    I think King Midas of bonerville said that when all his servants had froze in their tracks and only his daughter and him remained in the castle keep. “I’m keeping my hands to myself, that way I won’t pull a boner and lose my daughter.”

  138. seesixcm6 says:

    Dear Marina,
    What a nice photo of you sitting on that sofa and looking out the window.
    The only boner I can think of is when we’re dining together, and you’re wearing that dress. So I point out a nicely decorated vegetable in my food. As you lean forward to take a look at my plate, I rise up from my chair, so I can look down your dress better! :shock:
    Of course you see me doing this, call me some bad names, and put me in detention! What a boner that would be, in the 1912 definition of that word, and maybe the 2009 definition, too! :roll:
    (Of course, I will be nothing but kind and decent when we actually have a meal, together!) :razz:

  139. Jeorney says:

    Definitely someone “pulled a boner”:

    …it is not true that woman was made from man’s rib; she was really made from his funny bone :roll:
    J.M. Barrie

    Dem Bones, Dem Bones, Dem Dry bones
    Dem Bones, Dem Bones, Dem DRY BONES

    • leonard says:

      :twisted: The snake made boners out of man before the eve of night :roll: My snake is bigger than yours! :lol: Our neighbors had a dog named Boner and it was a Saint Bernard…get the point :razz: :oops: [rib]…your ribbing me :razz: air-charms :!: analysis part nun(0)

  140. originalistrick says:

    What a funny yet well-done, interesting lesson. How did you get through this without laughing all the way through it? Great, Marina. Thanks.

    Wonderful to see you having such a good time in Cannes.


    Oh, yeah, HW: Well, when was your last lesson?

  141. greatestpotential says:

    I want a patent on that slogan :arrow:

    58 million non boner pullers can’t be wrong

  142. I guess that depends on who you talk to :mrgreen:
    I know around 58 million of us who think America
    pulled a BIG boner last November… :roll:
    Not me! I voted for the chick with the glasses… :grin:
    (1125 days and counting… tick tock tick)

  143. greatestpotential says:

    The last time I pulled a major boner it cost me $50.

  144. greatestpotential says:

    Some boners I pulled I may not even be aware of. Is there such a thing as a “Phantom Boner” :?:

  145. hs4mm says:

    Excellent scripting and production, Marina!

  146. greatestpotential says:

    I figure that’s the teacher’s job. If a student pulls a boner the teacher is suppose to correct them. That’s what detention is for.

  147. aliear says:

    hi, uum i would like to request two words plz, i would like to request the words, [love], and [relationship], and i would really apperciate if u did,

  148. greatestpotential says:

    I still don’t know what a boner is. I feel like such a bonehead! (doh)

  149. greatestpotential says:

    A boner is like a “gag”, yes? Like having a slumber party and waiting for everyone to fall asleep, then go about placing whipped cream on their noses and chins and elbows while they’re snoring. It’s hilarious to wait and see their faces slide down in the whipped cream or shaving cream. You’d probably be surprised what it actually takes to wake these people up. One time the person had their hand cupped next to their face and I squirted shaving cream until their hand was filled with a pile of the stuff, then waited to watch till they’d place their hand on their face or whatever and make funny face expressions!

    • leonard says:

      Far out…make-up on their faces and take out(them) on the town…see and laugh with lip-stick stuff…the new age of [goth]…cheap vodka(russian) works…distilling and chilling :lol: :razz: :roll:

    • beevee14 says:

      I used to be friends with a guy like that. He had like 6 brothers and they would always be partying. If you were the first one to fall asleep(pass out), then it was trouble. Lipstick, shaving cream, toothpaste, you name it. I was chillin on his couch, eyes were getting heavy, heading for slumberland…WAKE UP! I did. They were all staring at me, leaning forward, just chomping at the bit! I got the hell outta there! I’d seen there work before and did not want no part of it :mrgreen:

      Good Times :lol:

      • pennsyltucky9 says:

        Hi BV14,

        Re: “Maps are topographical, charts just show distance?”

        Nope. All the charts I’ve seen also show depths using contour lines, which are topographic indicators of the shape of a surface (in this case, the sea floor) as well. This of course is critical information to anyone with a hull that actually penetrates the water to any depth, for obvious reasons. Not sure whether the deep parts way out in the middle of the ocean are charted the same way, since I’ve never been a seagoing sailor, just stayed close in to shore. We’ll have to get the good Captain to answer his own test question in this case, I guess. Then we can sell the answer to his students!

        • beevee14 says:

          I was pretty sure that I was wrong, but I wanted to get something down so he would give us “the straight poop”! Thats in here, too; and I’m probably wrong, too; But if I can learn something, I’m down! If we all learn something, even better. I’ve never been afraid to ask for directions! :roll:

          a day without learning, laughing, and loving is a day wasted

  150. danielpool says:

    That was a vary good one Marina. Very interesting ***** :lol:

    • leonard says:

      buzzword says:
      3.5March 2, 2008 at 9:57 am
      Not everything is a phallic symbol. It refers to a bonehead, an idiot. This term predates the boner as erection meaning. Bonehead is someone who is thick headed or dense. Pulling a boner means doing something dumb. Interestingly enough most mammals have penis bones. Except humans and some others. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baculum or if your interested http://search.ebay.com/penis-bone

      legendary says:
      3.5.1March 7, 2008 at 2:43 pm
      daaaaaang…. u guys sure can get pissed for something that i made a mistake in. I realized wat nakikita said later but i already submited the comment. jeez u guys are ridiculous

      hs4mm: good work…would you know when I made my first comment?…you are COOL***good work


  151. Captain Jack says:

    Funny how words are thrown around in conversations, and you never know what they will evolve to become next. :grin:

    • Evan Owen says:

      There’s a story of a Japanese woman visiting Seattle who was asked if she had met another visiting Japanese, a man.

      “Oh yes, I have had intercourse with him,” she replied, having learned the word’s older meaning of “meet and converse.” :oops:

      • logischabbaubar says:

        To me it seems that you can’t avoid such mistakes as a non-native speaker when you’re still relying on dictionaries. I’ve got a dictionary from the late 1980s here which doesn’t mention the new meaning of boner at all, although I’ve found out that the new meaning appeared around 1950. “intercourse” is defined as “an exchange of feelings, actions, etc., which make people know each other more closely” in that dictionary.

        • Captain Jack says:

          Be careful which dictionaries you read. I’ve even found errors in some older dictionaries and I’m not even an expert. In reading class, I used to read dictionaries for fun because I couldn’t comprehend books.

    • Evan Owen says:

      Hi Captain Jack,

      Just thought of a verse to share with you, penned by Willard Espy, about the homesickness of Washingtonians who move away:

      Across Leland Ilwaco
      And Sequim Dewatto too,
      Tacoma home to you, my love,
      Because Alava you!

  152. greatestpotential says:

    :oops: Right after I watch this HotForWords video I guess.

  153. leonard says:

    Soul pretty… :razz:

  154. greatestpotential says:

    You’ve pulled your share of boners too, right Marina? Hmmm, I pulled so many boners,… where to begin…

  155. koalabear says:

    trois :smile:

  156. Captain Jack says:

    2nd place! Well at least I get to the podium. ;-)

    FIRST, but haven’t watched yet,
    because I’m afraid I might pull a boner.

    Ohhh my gawsh, that is a great video lesson Marina!!!
    I loved it.
    OK, now to think of when I pulled a boner last time.
    Hmmm, trying to keep a straight face.

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