Peeping Tom

Peeping Tom’s are related to my favorite chocolates.

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251 Responses to Peeping Tom

  1. Anonymous says:

    what’s is the name of your sister marina? d:-)

  2. the shaun says:

    Apparently Lady Godiva didn’t actually ride through town naked, according to this article on howstuffworks: top 10 historical misconceptions

  3. Capman911 says:

    Hey M, looks like you have gained a lot of new faces or Gravatars on this site. Well done, must mean the new style is working just excellent. Love the outfit you have own today with your hair pulled back. But you always look fine no matter what you wear. :smile:

  4. Capman911 says:

    Lets see my favorite chocolate would be M&Ms ®. Either plain or with peanuts. As far as being a peeing Mike or I mean Tom I did one time when I was real young about 16 at a lake where two young ladies went into a bedroom at a cabin we were staying at for the weekend to change clothes and ended up on the well we want go into that, but I wasn’t the only one standing there watching either. :twisted:

    Great video Miss M I just love what you have done with the background and animations. :wink:

  5. freebird says:

    Hey Marina!

    Some internet marketing spam site is trying to sell me something.
    It’s called [ stiffy in a jiffy ]. Could you please investigate this. I asked the lady in the yard next door but, she just smiled and went back in the house. :shock: :razz:

  6. wfpot says:

    Great video, as usual.

    How about [onomatopoeia]? Answer and I will be “gruntled”, uh, disgruntled, uh, well, I’ll be very happy!!!!!!!



  7. leonard says:

    :razz: Peak of [of] peeks…Peekaboo :lol: :-)…holy peep…(-:

  8. elahie says:

    lol i just tasted those choclates and omg theyare so awesome.. they taste sexy, so my favourite chocolates are Godiva and Cadbury

  9. Evan Owen says:

    Hi Marina!!!

    Did you like my pun about the first Peeping Tom being the “Первый pervie”? :mrgreen: I mean, I thought that was terribly clever! Didya like it? Didya? Hah? I mean, not many other people besides you are even going to GET it…you’re not going to answer that, are you? :sad: Do Russians tell puns? :neutral:

    • Evan Owen says:

      Well, here’s a Russian pun:

      The new Chinese ambassador met Soviet Minister for Foreign Affairs Andrei Gromyko. The Chinese introduced himself: “ZhÇ”i Hui!” Gromyko replied: “Zhui sam!”

      Maybe Marina will explain it… :lol:

      • Evan Owen says:

        Guess not, so here it is in English: The Chinese ambassador introduced himself as “Chu Dik”, and Gromyko said “Chew it yourself!”

        Loses something in translation, I’m sure… :roll:

  10. thegorn says:

    Don’t think Leofric should have tried to humiliate her. Explore your life in anyway that will improve it for the better.
    Your beautiful when your frenzied…

  11. hott4urblog says:

    Just thought I’d PEEP In! There was a time when… Idiot was ordinary; Upset was turned upside down and nice was first foolish then coy. With was against as with the wind; Sophiscated was/ false, artificial, altered or a down right forgery. POSH, Butterfly you did; Ballyhoo, Hoodlum, and Hobo are also a little obscure, but words like HOWL, and Tweed, like GRAVY are mistakes. cont.

  12. John says:

    Peeping Tom’s are related to my favorite chocolates?, yes verily ,Areola

  13. lildog says:

    My favorite chocolate is “milky way”.I like it chocolate even from the day i was born. :smile: :smile: :smile:

  14. Dezdkado says:

    I’m lucky enough to live near a chocolatier, so many times I never know the origin or brand of the chocolate that I eat. I really enjoy chocolates, but, unless it’s St. Valentine’s Day or a lady’s birthday, I generally don’t go out and buy a box of chocolates. As quality goes, I find Dutch, Belgian, and Swiss chocolates to be better than American. I do like American chocolate, but generally as one of many ingredients in a larger dish… like Toll House Cookies (Chocolate Chip) or Baskin Robbin’s Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream. For a candy bar, give me Toblerone! But as for chocolate by itself, I find Dove and Ghirardelli to be my favorites.

    I’m no Peeping Tom. Lately, I would be deeply disturbed to discover anyone that I know to be one. Voyeurism may seem harmless and exciting, but it is a breach of trust and intimacy. Seems pointless to me to be merely an uninvited spectator of some other couple’s joy, instead of finding my own excitement with my better half. Also, if Behavioral Sciences speak true, chronic Peeping Tom activity is noted as a first step along a violent track that leads to rape. The name “Peeping Tom” makes it seem harmless and easily excused. I find it to be creepy, even ugly.

  15. his nibs says:

    I would like to request the phrase [his nibs]. Thanks

  16. ganon_radec says:

    Could you discuss the origin of the word [wraith]?

  17. pegasusnz says:

    where did the phrase [holed-up] come from?



  18. leonard says:

    Crazy..gorgeous emo / scene girls
    …peek :wink: …a boo…[date] and [figs]

    • Dezdkado says:

      Is “emo” just another way, a nicer way, of calling a girl “bitchy”, “moody”, and “self-absorbed”? Or does it mean that she never leaned how to apply make-up without a trowel or a roller?

      • leonard says:

        :smile: Emotions with lotions and lots of potions {portions of mindless mass}…I agree Dezdkado…”bitchassness” of MARINAs*****)5 :lol: (***** nErd WoRDS=NeRD wOrds

  19. Evan Owen says:

    Hello Marina,

    And now for some serious feedback, I really like these “classroom” video settings better than your “bedroom” ones. You’re every bit as hot without the brazen suggestiveness. :smile:

    Although that WAS a really lovely sequence on “The Big O,” and quite on-topic as well. :grin:


    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      She’s too poor to have a green screen yet and this is “brazen suggestiveness?” Oh, what a heartless and cruel fan you are. :roll:

      • lynchmob312 says:

        I know ur standing up for the teacher but its rude to call people poor, underfunded is alright in her case besides I believe that its not the quality of the classroom but the quality of the teacher that makes people learn and that what u should have reminded Evan of.

  20. r1wolf says:

    What else are you suppose to use telescope for if not to spy on the hotties of the neighbor hood :twisted:

  21. Evan Owen says:


    This is too obvious, but I haven’t seen anyone else post it yet:

    Lady Godiva :grin:

  22. Evan Owen says:

    Homework: [chocolate] : Dagoba makes a wicked bar called [xocolatl] with very dark chocolate and ground chilis — suggestive of the candy’s Aztec roots. :smile:

    Closest I’ve come to voyeurism is watching HotForWords and her antics.

    As far as naughty, I used to work as a nude art model, back when I was young, athletic, and had the physique for it (as opposed to now, when I only run four miles at a time and test for black belt in taekwondo next month.) :cool:

  23. tmsah says:

    hello love,

    i recently started to watch ur show and i love it, and i have a request for a word pls it is [ banana ]

    one more thing pls can u say my name at the end of ur explanation :smile:

    my name is [ tmsah ] no thing to be ashamed of, it mean “crocodile” but in arabic :mrgreen:

    and if u asked me why ? i’ll tell you that i love ur voice


  24. mittfh says:

    Meanwhile, as I write the channel’s up to 200,020 subscribers. At this rate, it’ll be up to 200,200 within a week or two!

  25. mittfh says:

    Ah! Coventry’s most famous resident :)

    Unsuprisisingly, they’re very proud of Lady G – to the extent of the City Council’s logo (look at

    There’s also a statue of her in the city centre…
    Daytime (back) and Nighttime (front) and (someone else’s pic)Daytime (front)
    - and a few hundred yards away in a shopping arcade, there’s a smaller statue of Tom here – plus elsewhere in town this clock

    But as always with these legends, there are spoilsports who dismiss it. Apparently Tom was first mentioned a few hundred years after the first accounts of Lady G, and some even dare to speculate that what they meant by “naked” was just stripped of her finery (so still wearing clothes) :(

  26. matalexwolf says:

    Hey HFWs’,

    Hope this is cool to do and you don’t mind, but would love to give a big shout out here for a writer who I came across on FB a few weeks ago. She writes vamp erotic and I think you and most here will enjoy what she has done so far…

    …delete if too cheeky but check her out otherwise, hope all good
    Thank you, M:)

  27. mexican123 says:

    what about the phrase [jump the gun] what is the origin of that

    • Evan Owen says:

      [jump the gun] viene del deporte “campo y pista”.

      This is a “track and field” term: on the short dashes, the runners start at the sound of a gunshot (blank, of course.) If a runner jumps out of the starting blocks before the gun fires, he/she is “jumping the gun.”

      But of course, it would be fun to watch Marina do a video of this! :grin:

  28. hs4mm says:

    I saw 200,002 subscribers!

  29. andrelsc says:

    Hi, I´m André and I would like to request the origin of

    [the name of the months and the name of the days of the week].

    Congratulations on this project of your, there are a lot of theachers in my family and they really loved your channel

    thank you Marina,

    • impaler112 says:

      I don’t know about the months but the days of the weeks have to do with Norse Mythology, I only know right off hand what wednesday and thursday are named after.Wednesday is named for Odin or Odin’s Day and Thursday is named for Thor or Thor’s Day….Hmmmm maybe Marina might know :!:

  30. greatestpotential says:

    :shock: peeping at hotforwords stats- omg, she’s about to hit the 200,000 subscribers milestone :!:

  31. animalntaz says:

    After browsing through these comments, it seems like I am the only guy here admitting my sexual deviance. While all the other guys are too busy talking about chocolate! Hmmmm… I wonder why? :mrgreen:

    Ohhh, I see that Civony game ad just changed its name to Evony. Yeah, like that really helps! :roll:

  32. animalntaz says:

    Yeah, I admit I’ve peeped a few times back in the army. :mrgreen:
    The painted up windows to the (old barracks) girls shower room had ended up peeling a few peep holes for great viewing (just as long as you don’t arrive late, after the windows steam up and blur the view). I must have seen 3 or 4 women naked (1 of them worth remembering, but forgotten with age), but wished I could have seen this 1 army chick nude before everyone was moved to the new barracks, where everyone had their own bathroom. :mrgreen:
    I even caught a guy peeping in the same spot one night, when I stepped out to the 2nd story balcony to do the same thing. He just quickly bent back up and acted innocent. I should have told him it’s okay, I knew what he was doing, and I don’t care. But instead we acted like a couple of dumb asses and had a brief 5 to 10 minute conversation of how crappy the army was. :roll:

    • matalexwolf says:


      Recall some fellow on my travels having a perve with his camera while stood on my porch looking at some poor girl sunbathing on the beach. He didn’t realise I was in my room chilaxing watching him, at first! His face was a picture when he did see me as I called out to the girl asking if she minded Murve the perve snapping her freely!! :oops: She was soon into some seeeerious bitchassness verbal full on onslaught. Sorry dude but pretty messed in the head of him!

      Think in the army this is funny though! I’m not sure why I think this is but sounds like the thing to do, if you were in the army, maybe, not sure still but anyhoo. :mrgreen:

  33. bsomebody says:

    Why did you say, “Naughty boy?” :???: Do the ladies not peep? :roll:

  34. impaler112 says:

    [Rock & Roll] and [Heavy Metal] used to describe the greatest music on this planet Earth that we all try to share,also[Greenland] and [Iceland] what was their thinking when they named these countries, when Greenland is mostly ice and Iceland is mostly green,of course the supposed global warming or climate change might be changing that situation. What up of the B-side :?:
    Take care Marina.

    • beevee14 says:

      When Lief Ericson was more or less banished from Iceland, he found Greenland. To get more settlers to come he called it Greenland. Perhaps the biggest bait and switch of all time! :shock:

  35. Che Volay says:

    Marina, It your “spare” time you could write Children Books, It would be about a girl and her dog. Learning new words, sneaking’ dogs into restaurants, buying dog toys. The kinda stuff you already post here but put all together in a colorful book (Kindle)

    {Something to think about it the future} :idea:

  36. fredjr says:

    Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory!

  37. chaosfury93 says:

    [aah] [Abirritate] [Brouhaha] [Cimicine] [Ennui] [Lilliputian]
    [Phylogenetics] [Poobah]

    Thanks Marina! <3 :razz:

  38. thoughtonfire says:

    I request the word [paper] :mrgreen:

  39. James says:

    Thanks for uploading my video for me Marina, I am back from holiday with lots of Marina pictures.. What should I do?

  40. alatus_leo says:


    I like Côte d’Or. It’s also Belgian, only not as multinational as Godiva Chocolatier. I guess I prefer it as it’s more of a comfort food for me, being Belgian.

  41. blacknapkins says:

    Hey Marina,

    Love your videos, just discovered them the other day. Apparently, I’ve been living under a rock.

    I have a word request. The word is [Flop]. This has become a popular word amongst my friends as a way to describe failure. I was wondering how it might have made the journey to mean this?

    Either way, it’s still a fun word to throw around. :D

  42. robe-aire says:

    Hi Marina,
    I’d like to know where the phrase [beating a dead horse] comes from. There’s got to be a good story behind this one.

  43. hankhoogwater says:

    Dear Marina,

    my favourite chocolate is Scho-ka-kola.

  44. dgr81 says:

    Thx CampKohler.
    Somehow it’s more fun when she does it.

  45. CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

    Maybe Lady G was clever and merely promised to ride through town on her naked horse and everyone just heard what they wanted to. :lol:

    Perhaps M could make the cover of her next calendar be Her Royal Self as Lady G. sitting starkers on a horse. You could buy one only after signing a promise not to look at the cover. Um-hum.

    Where do I sign?

    • fredjr says:

      Lady M riding bareback on a tour to protest high taxes. Beats those tea parties. Where is Cha Cha when we need him?

    • Evan Owen says:


      Camp, that’s not a bad idea by any means. Properly posed, a naked woman on horseback with strategically draped long hair is considerably more modest than some of the poses we’ve seen Lady M. striking! :razz:

  46. minerva says:

    No, I’m not really into that sort of thing. If anyone was attempting such a thing with me or my girlfriend they would definitely regret it. Such sexual deviants should be locked up.

    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      Well, in order to judge whether or not we should agree with you, we naturally would have to “see the evidence.” Please post a picture.

    • beevee14 says:

      Plus, I want to here your girlfriend say no. She has remained suspiciously quiet on the subject. Might she even be one of these sexual deviants that you so vehemently oppose. With a fiercely determined look, you shout to the mountain tops,” Attempt no such thing, or thou will most assuredly regret it,” and yet she just sits there, nervously licking her lips. Lustily thinking about the punishment you would un-leash upon her if only you knew, already coming up with a safe word….. :twisted:

    • buzzword says:

      from your nic i am assuming your are female. for some reason that i don’t completely understand male commentators are inclined to leave replies to comments from females that are passive attempts guised as humor to fulfill some sort of sexual fantasy.

      i’m not going to do that. i will however disagree with you. i think that these deviants should receive psychiatric therapy and should be monitored. if the behavior continues the response should be increasingly intensified possibly culminating with confinement.

      i look forward to more of your comments and the discussions they may provide. welcome to hfw (hotforwords).

  47. sjprep72 says:

    I would like to request the meaning of the word [boner] please. There is no bone there why do they call it that?

  48. Hitman says:

    The best chocolate is the one from “Goldenhasen” -in Oster-

  49. mercmedic says:

    Forgot to admit, yes, I have been a Peeping Tom. Both surreptitiously as a child, peeking through keyholes and such and in a more socially acceptable form as an adult, getting paid to do boudoir photography. Not bad work, if you can get it.

    I remember the photos you used to have up and I know you made some people very happy, even if they appeared to be “all business”.

    Again, thanks for all your hard work – you are appreciated.

  50. mercmedic says:

    I loved the video and you were incredibly cute as always. And that’s just starting with your effervescent personality.

    Along the same lines of Peeping Tom, would you explain the origins the word [voyeur] for me. Figuring out exhibitionist is easy (after all, it puts itself out there), but the origins of voyeur are murkier.

    You are one of the reasons the internet is interesting, thank you.

  51. viper4 says:

    I knew there had to be a connection between the lady and the Chocolates. Thanks for clearing it up Marina. you rock! :)

  52. a7i20ci7y says:

    I’d like to see a video on the word [callipygian]

  53. iamkk15 says:

    I would like to request [Awkward]. The word itself even looks to fit its description!

  54. dgr81 says:

    I would like to request the word [Red Herring]

    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      There was once a clever U.S. fish marketer who printed on his tuna cans, “Won’t turn pink in the can.” Of course, the pink tuna is the freshest and white not so much. That was his way of making his customers expect not so much.

  55. cufan71 says:

    Homework :cool:
    AWESOME Lesson!
    Part I: Hershey’s is my favorite chocolate! :grin:
    Part II: :wink: :mrgreen: :!:

  56. iloveyoubb says:

    im your peeping tom :wink: :wink: :wink:

  57. matalexwolf says:

    Favourite chocs are M&M’s, what else!!

    …never been a peeping Tom before although…..did sneak up drain pipe, over garage, up another level, precariously fumbled across window ledge onto sky line, climbed into house and hid in wardrobe to scare my school days girl friend, Nessa!! Only as it was dark, ended up in parents bedroom of which I was found laughing with fear by her father who in so many words, was not impressed however her mum thought I was cute :wink:

  58. harrier says:

    Just one bite of some Lindt Swiss Chocolate and it’s WOW WEE WOW, WOW, WOW! Creamy, dreamy, smooth and sweet. Much like our dear teacher :))

  59. absentmindedprof says:

    Homework: My favorite chocolate is Cadbury. (Which is manufactured by Hershey here in the states under contract from Cadbury.)

  60. consumingfire12 says:

    i love all dark chocolates, my favorite though is from germany with liquor inside of it very tastey.

  61. colonel771 says:

    Phrase request [red tape]. Thank you for your time. I recently discovered you when you did the most recent Fox News “The Factor”. I have always been interested in the origins of words…your approach is more interesting, and memorable, than any other I have seen. Much success to you in your endeavors!

    Word request [provost marshal]. An aside here: the chief of police at an army base is called the provost marshal. Why are they called provost marshal instead of the chief of police?

  62. virtuous.mojo says:

    Hello my trusty HotForWords! My name is Tim & I was wondering if you could perhaps tell me the origin of the term “Cold Feet”?! As in someone chickening-out or getting nervous. Where did this originate & who was the person who made it a familiar phrase? I’ve asked everyone & nobody seems to know. Could you please help a student out teacher? Lots of love! Thanks! :mrgreen:

  63. lynchmob312 says:

    my favorite chocolate is reese’s and I didn’t have neighbors that were as hot as you

  64. ummm im not very particular with chocolate as long as it has strawberry, banana, or caramel im happy. but, ill tare up a snickers any day! :grin:

  65. lynchmob312 says:

    I was wondering where the word (LYNCH) came from sorry I didn’t have the other symbols on my phone hopefully you see my word

  66. Chemikal says:

    Almost spat the chocolate on the floor!
    Wow, if that’s how she handles her favorite chocolate, would be funny to see a reaction to a cheap chocolate Easter bunny. :-)

  67. lol! never been one if they where in a window trust me they knew i was there! but, i had one watch me from across the street while i shower… lol! that was a little crazy! :???:

  68. CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

    What’s the little vertical mark below the time line at 0:11? It seems to coincide with the start of the overlayed ad at the bottom of the frame.

  69. raven62 says:

    I always like tobleron or Cadbury Dairy Milk are some of my favorite Chocolates :mrgreen: NO I have not been a peeping Tom. :shock: But if you are going to spank me then yes. :twisted:

    Hey, I like the three most recent TwitPic mini album at the lower right. Pretty neat

  71. seankim says:

    since i’m on a ceaseless diet, i rarely eat the stuff, but i LOVE and often crave Rocky Road ice cream by Haagen Dazs.

    the only time i remember being a peeping tom was in the 4th grade when a female neighbor friend came over to play and we took turns being childishly naughty through the crack of my closet door.

    would like to know the origin and proper meaning of the phrase [off the cuff].


    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      Speaking from notes jotted on one’s shirt cuff? Shirt cuffs used to be detachable things I believe, and if so, you could file away your best work.

  72. CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

    Oh, this lesson is just so ripe for comments, one can’t decide where to start. I think I will just stare… uh, replay it once more. :oops:

  73. pennsyltucky9 says:

    See’s Candies. Don’t take my word for it, though. It’s wasted until you taste it! Mary See was a confection visionary, and See saw her dream through to the peak of confectionery perfection. See?

  74. MCLIJazz says:

    I’ve never heard of Godi-oh! chocolates. :lol: Sorry, I couldn’t resist.
    My favorite chocolates have peanut butter in them. They include Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Reese’s Fast Break bars, and Peanut Butter M&Ms. Kit Kat, Twix, Snickers, and 3 Musketeers bars are good, too. So, my favorite chocolates are from Hershey and M&M-Mars.
    I actually went to Hershey Park in Hershey, Pennsylvania, 18 years ago. I’d love to go back some time.

  75. dgr81 says:

    I would like to request the word [trampoline]

  76. big ed says:

    Detention you say? Well, lucky for this peeper, detention was one of my favorite class periods during high school :mrgreen: ! Or maybe it merely seemed to be, seeing how it was the only one I had perfect attendance in. :oops: Last time I spoke w/ Mr. Hicks, (detention monitor/geometry instructor/ football coach) my brother and I still held the all-time record for the most detentions in our high school! Of course that was several years ago. And all this time I neglected to mention this factoid on my job applications/resumes, huh. :wink:
    But, enough about me; what about yourself, Lady Marina (and anyone else who reads this)?

    • Che Volay says:

      Doing things with consistency is a fine attribute, this is what employers look for in a resume. In is to your advantage to show up at the same place every day and stay until the bell rings.

      {….give this man a corner office} :mrgreen:

  77. dgr81 says:

    I would like to request the word [gorby]

  78. rick.harris83 says:

    I would like to request the word [onomatopoeia]

  79. My favorite chocolates?

    Lady Marina Chocolates: Milk chocolate with a cherry center and a hint of vodka.

  80. esojleugim says:


  81. John says:

    I think she’s going cuckoo for coco puffs

  82. John says:

    Peeping Tom’s are related to my favorite chocolates?, yes verily

  83. John says:

    Lady Godiva, You can wish, But it ain’t so.

  84. princedrew1331 says:

    Hey Marina have you heard about the one millionth english word that will go into the books as of 10:22 am June 10th, 2009

    let me know what you think
    take care, Drew.

  85. matthewnrr says:

    what is this peeping tom :shock:

  86. hs4mm says:



    I have not thought about anger and contempt, and about how people express anger and contempt. This video has scenes in which you enact anger and contempt. The statements used to express anger and contempt (e.g., “That cheeky little perv.”, “have you ever been a peeping tom”, “you naughty” and “it’s detention for you, you naughty boy”) are OK. However, the facial expressions that accompany these statements are not becoming of you — you are not attractive when you make those expressions.

    I do not know for sure, but I am inclined to guess that one can express anger and contempt while retaining one’s attractiveness. For instance, what would happen if those statements of anger and contempt were expressed calmly as just statements of fact? Won’t the content or meaning of the statements convey anger and contempt on their own?

    Note that you did not shout these statements but say them at more or less normal volume. I think just as they need not be shouted, they need not be accompanied by facial contortions.

    Also, through out the video, there are thoughts expressing various other value judgments: “hello my dear students”, “taxed heavily”, “felt sorry for them”, “begged her husband”, “completely naked”, “demanded that”, “maintain her dignity”, “not too much to ask”, …, “look it has Lady Godiva naked on a horse” etc. While expressing all these other value judgments, you retain your attractiveness. It is only while expressing the value judgments involving anger/contempt that you contort your face into an unattractive form.

    Again, this is the first time I am thinking about such things; presenting them here for your consideration.

    PS: Interesting movement of your right curl!


  87. freebird says:

    From The University of British Columbia, Canada

    Lady Godiva is the patron Saint of Engineering because her story captures the essence of selfless dedication to the betterment of society, which all engineers are bound to. We honor Lady Godiva through our song, the Engineers’ Hymn, which is sung at most engineering schools in North America.

  88. muggins says:

    I knew this guy who was a listening tom.

    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      I guess I was a Listenting Tom, too. When I was in junior high, we lived in a triplex just outside of D.C. What would be decades later called the MPOE (minimum point of entry), was on our side of the building, so all three sets of wires were in our basement ceiling. By putting a volume control in series with a headset, I could quietly attach to the other lines and listen in. It was so boring I only did it once.

      • muggins says:

        I admire the inventiveness of that technique, CampKohler. The listening Tom I was thinking about lived upstairs, right overhead, of the landlady who was evicting him. He drilled a hole in his floor and bored a small, discreet hole in the sheetrock in his landlady’s ceiling and put a thin vinyl hose into that hole and listened in on his landlady’s conversation, and would agonize her by making mention of something in her conversation that he overhead when he encountered her in the yard. He was a jailhouse lawyer, and it took her months to evict him. After he was kicked out, he moved right next door to her and continued to be a nuisance to her. He really didn’t appreciate being evicted.
        The confrontation escalated from there, but there isn’t enough room in these responses to include very much.

  89. smokey36bear says:

    I’m not a big candy eater, but I do like the Reese’s stix .
    Also we have a candy shop (The Parrot) that makes their own on site. Mmmmm it’s good.

  90. Homework: Cadbury’s Dairy Milk
    Peeping Tom? Moi?
    If checking out topless (hot) women sunbathers counts…
    Hella- yeah! :mrgreen:

  91. ilikesexytime says:

    WOW you look soo soft MARINA. YES I HAVE BEEN A PEEPING TOM!! PUNISH ME!! [MASTERBATE] :mrgreen:

  92. jt1stcav says:

    I’ve never been a peeping tom, but my neighbor (and fellow classmate in high school) saw me in my back yard thru her bedroom window and with a smile and a wink commenced to taking off her shirt! Being the tease that she was, as soon as she dropped her top, she turned so only her back was showing. I enjoyed the show anyway, and we laughed about the incident afterwards right up to graduation!

  93. absentmindedprof says:

    Perhaps someone could shed light on a similar story I’ve heard of from the 19th Century. It involves two English gentlemen who made a wager that one of them would walk through Trafalgar Square naked.

    The day set for the walk, the gentleman in question entered a closed carriage which had had a hole cut in it’s bottom large enough for a man to drop out of and stand on the ground displaying his legs, while the rest of him remained hidden in the carriage. Disrobing inside the carriage, the gentleman dropped through the hole in the bottom of the carriage and signaled the driver to proceed across Trafalgar Square at a walking pace. Thus the gentleman fulfilled the bet by walking across the square naked while maintaining his dignity. Has anyone else heard of this story?

  94. errin says:

    Interesting lesson. I did not know that the term Peeping Tom was tied into the story of Lady Godiva.

    As for the homework, my favorite chocolate is See’s Candies. I like their bonbons as well, especially the Tipperary bonbon. And, as for being voyeuristic, no I have not engaged in Peeping Tommery. I prefer to be in on the action rather than a spectator.

    Thanks for another informative lesson, Marina. And thanks again for having interest in my music. I responded positively to your request to use some of my stuff at the end of one of your videos, and look forward to you getting the email about such. It was quite a surprise to come back from the UK to the good news that you enjoyed my music so. What an inspiration!

    Peace and love, Errin : )

    p.s. Here’s a link to some of my recordings to those that are interested…

    • errin says:

      Speaking of Lady Godiva, there is a musician with a similar name who goes by the title of Lady Gaga. I just got turned on to her recently, and she is talented. A very interesting visual artist with a cool sound and strong, thematic lyrics. Check out her video for a song called ‘Poker Face’…

      I’d say she is quite the opposite of a voyeur. Definitely on the exhibitionist side. :shock:

      Peace, Errin : )

  95. absentmindedprof says:

    According to one version of the tale of Peeping Tom, after peeping at Lady Godiva, he was either struck blind or dead. That might explain how the other villagers knew that he violated the town’s agreement not to look when Lady Godiva made her famous ride.

  96. roachmeistercom says:

    I don’t think you’re going to get a contract selling Godiva gagging on the product, pretty lady. :shock:

    Hilarious as always! Thanks for being you.

  97. buzzword says:

    i would not consider myself a peeping tom. a peeping tom is also known as a voyeur. here is an article on voyeurism which is listed under paraphilia in the dsm-iv. i wouldn’t consider a lingering glance at someone in a private moment as voyeurism. voyeurism is a habitual behavior that is socially unacceptable, violates the consent of victims and is disruptive to an average healthy lifestyle. if one is a peeping tom or voyeur, one has some psychological problems that require a clinical evaluation.

    • neuroway says:

      I agree, on the ensemble with what you’re saying Buzz.

      Nevertheless, this raises an interesting paradox. The active versus the passive individual. Who does the greatest collateral damages? The voyeur or the seducer? Consequently, who is to be considered the most vicious character? The voyeur or the seducer? In Lady Godiva’s example, for instance, who’s the most vicious, dirty, degenerate, soulless bastard in the little story? Lord Leofric or the poor peeping Tom?

  98. hs4mm says:

            1) So was Lady Godiva a blond with very long hair, or a red-head with short hair?

            2) I think Lady Godiva is more likely to have ridden side-saddle as shown here.

            3) Also, I do not think she would have ridden with her head held down (as shown in video) but would have ridden proudly as shown in the above statue.

            4) If she did ride side-saddle, on which side was Tom peeping from?

            5) How did people find out that Tom peeped? If someone saw him peeping, it must have been from inside Tom’s shop — a person outside the shop would have had better things to look at than at Tom! So maybe it was Tom’s wife who caught him peeping?


  99. Very informing I love the info thanks Marina!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  100. Jeorney says:

    I don’t know about being a Peeping Tom, but when faced with vesthibitionism, Gawping Tom is more accurate. :shock:

    Come to think of it, I have caught a Peeping Pam peeking up my trouser leg from time to time. :cool:

  101. Hello my dear teacher!

    What about the word, [impressed] to mean like when something has earned your respect, or the word [granny]?

    I’m not sure if this is the source of the word, but what I do know is that enslaved women in the south, whom lived among many slaves, were back to the fields soon after they gave birth. So the slave owners gave the elderly women the responsibility to care for the child while the mothers were out making profit. They called these elderly caretakers “grannies.”

    I’m not sure if I’ve ever had Godiva but I like the Lindt Cherry/Chili bar. I get to buy one every few weeks or so. They’re very good; you should try one if you havent already.

  102. nchaas1 says:

    Marina, you should check out chocolates from Colombia, either Cordillera or Santander brand. or Santander was named best tasting chocolate in the world at a competition in Europe last November. FYI, I import both into the US and Canada. The reason they are better is because they are made with a better cacao bean. Would love to tell you more about it……….. if ever given the chance.
    Great website!!!!! :wink:

  103. John says:

    Black Cat Firecrackers and sonar guided torpedoes

  104. niteowl says:

    Marina, do you own a horse? If not, could you borrow one? :smile:

  105. hendrix says:

    Hi, I was just wondering if you could find the origin of the word [word].

    I’ve always wanted to know what it means, and it wouldn’t hurt to know what Hot for Words actually means :smile:

    P.S. Your videos are awesome :wink:

  106. pandion says:

    Lindts are my favorite chocolates.

    Yes, I have been a Peeping Tom. The girl who lived next door did not always close her curtains when she changed. I never sat outside her window and waited, but there were a few times things timed out right.

    When does my detention start?

  107. seesixcm6 says:

    Dear Marina,
    My favorite chocolate is Hershey’s with Almonds. I don’t remember ever tasting Lady Godiva chocolates. High quality chocolates are made by See’s in California, but they are expensive. :shock:
    No, I have never been a peeping Tom. If it places me in detention together with you, alone, then I might change my ways. Я хочу ваш календар. :razz:
    What’s the difference between a pickpocket and a peeping tom? The pickpocket snatches watches, and the peeping Tom watches snatch.
    Why did the movie starlet get mad at the peeping Tom? Because the peeping Tom slammed thewindow shutters closed the instant he saw her.
    I enjoy your videos very much. :razz:

  108. jehu says:

    Greetings! :smile:

    This web-sight is the best thing since chocolate cake. I think we should require this course in all high schools, as all gynephilic students (and teachers) might actually learn something. One of my favorite words in the English language is [chaos] and I was hoping that hotforwords would investigate its origin.


  109. Jeorney says:

    Первый кто переведёт пришлю мой подписанный календарь!!!! Поторопись!

    Who will translate my signed calendar the first shall send!!!! Hurry!

    Whoever translates first, I shall send you my signed calendar! Hurry!

  110. pig-in-a-poke says:

    Lady Godiva was a teenage boy’s fantasy.

    His favorite chocolate was Ice Cubes, oh yea!

  111. youtubeaddict says:

    hey marina just wanted to ask can you do the phrase [on cloud nine] or [prima donna] I looked them up because what you do interrested me and I looked for some commonly used phrases and thought it might be interresting to put in your next video

  112. drewbo says:

    Can you do the phrase “riff raff?”

  113. Right, obviously in that last segment someone secretly swapped Marina’s Lady Godiva Chocolates for chocolates made by Wizzo Chocolate Company! I think she gagged on Crunchy Frog! Oh, I like Nestle 100 Grand chocolates myself.

  114. elahie says:

    lol my favourite chocolates are cadbury and quality street. in my dialect another name for peeping tom is macco haha

  115. Nathan says:

    Hello Marina,

    I don’t have a particularly favorite chocolate. Also, I’ve never been a Peeping Tom, but if it means extra time after class spent with you, I’m willing to say I have.

  116. xarrah says:


    Thats my name,and i can’t seem to find any origins for it so i was hoping you could help me,plus i see that you don’t have any words beginning with the letter X,so i think this might be a chalange:)

  117. leonard says:

    :smile: LAST one…Dr Hook – Hey Lady Godiva…nice words :cool: Another fun Dr. Hook tune from their debut album set to various pinup girlies…I hope ya’ll enjoy!!
    A special thanks to Reet and Dale for their generous picture contribution….have a good one you all :wink:

  118. stigmatasaurus says:

    I’ve been an inadvertant Peeper, when neighbors forgot to close their drapes! :razz:
    My favorite chocolates are See’s. Delicious and not nearly as pricey and pretentious as Godiva.

  119. originalistrick says:

    Cool one, Marina!

    HW: I don’t eat candy.

    No, but I’ll peep someone if it’ll get me into detention with you.


  120. greatestpotential says:

    :lol: Yes, I have. If I show up to serve detention you’re not going to sit me next to that mad dog killa Gorby, are you teacher? :razz:

  121. hs4mm says:


              Do you know why you could not swallow the Godiva chocolate? It is because deep down, your real favorite chocolate is The Toblerone. It is natural that the ball of Godiva be rejected by a gag reflex induced by the thought that, rather than wasting time on that piece of Godiva, one could be mouthing on a toblerone bar!


  122. wetsuit5 says:

    Wow wah wee wah????
    Marina does Borat????

    Chicee little perv.
    Peeping Tom doing the happy dance.
    You Naughty.
    Naughty Boy.

    OK detention for me.
    I won’t peek again, (much).
    OK teacher, you parade around naked, I’ll practice not peeking.
    I can see the write up on my report card. “Peeks at naked ladies”.
    I guess clothing vallet at a Las Vegas Review or Victoria Secret show is not a career option.

    My favorite chocolate = yes.
    I’d even do the Easter Bunny for Halloween.

    Wow wah wee wah.

  123. leonard says:

    :smile: The Doerfels- The Chocolate Song music video***^***I well… :sad: Macabre Jeffery Dahmer and the Chocolate Factory


    …peeping will get you smacked!

  124. Che Volay says:

    They got laws against that kind of behavior :shock:

    Excellent lesson and learned something new.
    Lady Godiva is my favorite chocolate.

    For my birthday I once received a big box of
    chocolate from
    Now, that’s really getting personal.

    Nope, I’ve never peeped at tom or anyone else. :lol:

  126. greatestpotential says:

    Godiva chocolates are really delicious and so I have those and I also keep a 15 pound block of Ghiradelli chocolate near by in case a burglar gets any funny ideas and tries to break in I will bop him over the head with it- BONK :!:

  127. freebird says:

    My favorite chocolates are Wilma’s Fat Dirty Mustache Chocolates… they have hair on them! :shock:

  128. neuroway says:

    Well, Lady Godiva was rather lucky that iPhones and the internet were not invented back in these dark, uncivilized and primitive ages, as the probability is great that Peep Tom, on top of peeping, would have used the iPhone to take a furtive picture of her nakedness on the horse, bing bang no fear no remorse no mercy, and would have posted it on the net for the whole world to see.

  129. thoughtonfire says:

    Dear HotForWords,

    I was just thinking about box of chocolates yesterday.

    I like Sees!


    Your Student,

  130. Bob says:

    I thought Godiva was an Australian greeting.

    My favorite chockie is Lindt Excellence Dark (70% cocoa)

  131. greatestpotential says:

    :smile: Lady Godiva has a fine ass (lol)

  132. leonard says:

    wow…I like the naked Jokes…My favorite is cooked and prepared milk chocolate…no peeping allowed*********

  133. Bob says:

    Boo! I was hiding behind the door.

  134. hs4mm says:

    Great! We now have the secret to getting detention! Yes, I am a peeping tom! I am ready for detention. :)

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