Jump around!  I thought it would be funny to do this word.  I think Jump Radio in Germany will put it on their website :-)

Please rate and comment over at YouTube to help it be seen! Thanks! :-)


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295 Responses to Jump

  1. rohman says:

    thanks you very much ………….

  2. darlingj says:

    A noticable ‘Jump’ in Non-US Traffic to HFW coincident to the vid…but seemed to ‘Jump’ the day before it was posted…



  3. Captain Jack says:

    I’m playing catch up on the lesson… :oops:

  4. bigbiner says:

    [going postal]

  5. axlroyce says:

    hi love one question speak spanish?

  6. axlroyce says:

    your pretty and you are a love i love for ever
    my mail royce_173@hotmail.com

  7. Monica says:

    Hi Everyone,

    Just wanted to “jump” in here and say thanks to all who sent thoughts and prayers out to us while my daughter was in the hospital this week. I greatly appreciate it. It was a scary time. However, the good news is she was discharged yesterday and is well again! YAY! :mrgreen:

    The jump video was cute Marina. I fail to see the onomatopoeia as well, but I love the sound of the word “onomatopoeia.” It always makes me smile. :smile: I won’t be doing any jumping around this weekend though — I am exhausted. :p Here’s a video of us jumping in the pool though. Consider it our jump for joy! Have a great weekend!


    Many Smiles,
    Monica aka CoolLikeYourMom

  8. originalistrick says:

    Everybody have a great weekend! Marina, stay wonderful!
    See ya’ll Monday.

  9. heaven here i come says:

    Thanks, John. Unfortunately, although the titles of Mayday Game and Mayday Answer came up I couldn’t reach the lessons. Perhaps it’s because I live in England and something blocks it?

  10. samissile says:

    Hi Marina,
    Thank you for making education fun and sexy. I hate to use this word, but you really are awesome!
    I’ve heard that [nitty gritty] has a very vulgar origin from African American slang, but the term doesn’t seem to have any negative connotation today. Could you investigate? (Pretty please?) :mrgreen:

  11. tdwright says:

    I would like to request the phrase [happy camper]

  12. Che Volay says:

    I think I know where I got tricked, it was when I was asked to install a Flash player, this is where I think the bug came from.

    I was doing so much updating at the time I figured it was just part of the process. Oh well live & learn.

  13. leonard says:

    I tell (no)know the lie(lazy-lie-around) :sad: —fly like flue…her source :evil: Quote
    “Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you walk into an open sewer and die.” – Mel Brooks by the stream…sewer fish may be next open pit of sicknesses….ducks play in shit like hams raise from pig shit…o boy :sad: [cold] no [flu]n1h1 :?: :sad:

  14. Che Volay says:

    It’s got to be my laptop that has a bug because the desktop shows correctly in both IE & FF.

  15. Che Volay says:

    This is weird, I have two computers on.
    The one in Firefox shows the Jump video
    The other computer is in IE8 and instead of the Jump video it has an episode of America’s Next Top Model.

    Very strange

  16. Che Volay says:

    The Jump video was replace with an episode of Amerca’s NextTop Model for a short while, now there is no video at all. :???: So confused :-/

  17. leonard says:

    :shock: I’m going down!If I am late; I was here before…Going down! pt. 2
    :grin: :razz: :lol: 5

  18. actionman81 says:

    I would like to request the word [cuckhold]. Thank you. Intelligenge has never been quite so fetching.

    • Red Dragon says:

      “Cuckold” comes from Old French cucuault, derived from the coocoo bird. The bird lays its eggs in other birds nests, so that they raise the coocoo’s offspring. If you have been “cuckolded” (i.e. your wife has been unfaithful), you may end up raising another man’s offspring. :mad:

  19. cufan71 says:

    :cool: Happy May Day :!: :grin:

  20. joeyj991 says:

    I would like to request the word [cavort] Thanks!

  21. ilikesexytime says:

    [SOLES] :grin:

  22. heaven here i come says:

    Dear Marina The Beautiful

    I JUMP for joy when I see you.

    It’s May Day; I hope you have a great day. It has made me wonder why [mayday] is a distress call; would “Hot For Words” like to investigate?

  23. CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

    Poor Jim. Another victim of a general aviation plane crash, like Rick Nelson, The Big Bopper, Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, etc.

  24. hustler539 says:

    I would like to request the word [aluminum]

    I guess it’s mostly Americans that say it this way. Others will say aluminium.

    I enjoy your videos, keep making em! :wink:

  25. originalistrick says:





    Thanks, Babe. ‘Night.

  26. originalistrick says:


    O.K., I’m joining the others who make additional requests for your time and effort. I really enjoyed the weekly update email you did a couple of times a few weeks ago. If possible. It sure was a nice way to cap off the week. I admit anything like that from you is great, and I could never get enough.

    Thanks for all you do. Love you and appreciate you.


  27. parker says:

    hi marina! :-) will you make a video of the word [secks]? i would love to see it be done i have seen it written all over Myspace, and facebook i want to know the big deal.

    Much love,
    Parker ;-) xoxo

  28. jsaugs says:

    HotForWords, I would like to request the origin of the phrase [xoxo], as in kisses and hugs.

    Thanks :grin:

  29. wynk101 says:

    Have heard a few origins of [Toronto] and was wondering what you could dig up

    Regards~ Mark

    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      Toronto in Algonquin means “we charge sales tax just like everybody else.” It was the original convenience store in the Americas, but failed from bad publicity after travelers became ill from eating a bad batch of buffalo jerky. Recently Toronto was a prosperous auto parts manufacturing center, but has now fallen on hard times because they concentrated on making window cranks in an age when even the KIA has electric windows. They, however, are a optimistic lot and are poised for the next wave of success, edible office supplies. An international campaign based on the advertising tag line, “Melts in your mouth, not in your stapler” is due to be launched as soon as the diarama in downtown (featuring a giant desk drawer) is completed.

      It’s true I tell you.

      • beevee14 says:

        This is great stuff. :mrgreen: Only thing, I have a KIA and it has roll-downs(probably made in Toronto) but it is older and doesn’t have such modern conveniences.

  30. originalistrick says:


    I love your Gorby and the dead chicken Twitpic.

  31. originalistrick says:

    Sexy Geek voting still doesn’t “take.”
    Marina’s photo still missing.
    Rick still pissed.

    • Che Volay says:

      I was just there on a totally new computer and nothing register tonight. Ups or downs. :???:
      Yesterday some votes registered some did not.

      • originalistrick says:

        Either they’re incompetent, or they’re rigging it. Probably the former, but who knows…

        • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

          After all our experiences with their voting process, haven’t we yet come to the conclusion that the title is meaningless? It may sound good, but it’s meaningless.

          • leonard says:

            I will share our title buddy!…you and I; we are the sexy geeks and work for the work free and chatter like ladies :eek: :cool: SEXY is a nazi word :mad: time rag :eek: national sexting :lol:

          • originalistrick says:


            I care about it because it seems to me that it could be a significant feather in Marina’s financial cap. Ad revenue, attracting more viewers/subscribers and such.

  32. captain_insane says:

    Hey marina
    i commented on one of your youtube video’s
    and seeing some of those comments that where pretty disgusting
    anyway when i did post a comment saying those things i was told i was prude
    can i request the word [prude] please

  33. cufan71 says:

    Word Request :cool:

  34. blitzkrieghawk says:

    I would like to know the origin or the phrase [pipe dream]

    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      Someone (I won’t say exactly who), somewhere (I won’t say exactly where) puts something (I won’t say exactly what) in a pipe, lights it on fire, sucks it into their lungs and they have this sort of dream. Sometime later (I won’t say exactly when), they desparately need to dream again, so if they are not, say, a Hollywood producer or a Wall Street investment banker, they break into your house, steal anything they can carry, fence it and repeat the above.

      I can say no more.

  35. Capman911 says:

    Hey Marina. I would jump with you all day, but I have kneesles and can’t jump to long. So I’ll just jump until the pain killers wear off. :lol: Great show, there not vids any more the way you are doing them now they are just excellent shows. :wink:


    • cufan71 says:

      Hi Capman! Good evening to you! :cool:

    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      You must know this joke:

      A couple of newlyweds are undressing on their wedding night. The bride notices that the groom’s toes are gnarled and asks why. The groom replies, “When I was a kid, I had tolio.” She says, “You mean polio?” “No, tolio. It just affects the toes. She looks up further and sees his knees are deformed and asks what happened. He says, “When I was a kid, I had kneesles.” “You mean measles?” “No, kneesles. It just affects the knees.” She looks up further and says, “Don’t tell me… When you were a kid, you had smallcox.”

      • Bob says:

        No! She looked at his penis and saw that it was tattooed.
        She asked if the tattoo artist had chickencox.
        “Why do you think that?” he asked.
        “Because he cock-a-doodle-do.”

    • hs4mm says:

      And where can one hear the interview?

    • Hi hs4mm,
      That was from a live event in LA sponsored by PopSugar and CoComment.com
      Here is the link
      That link contains all the info and all the vids.
      I watched some of it live, but if I remember, there were some technical difficulties, bandwidth? and the actual interviews were not seen live.

      • hs4mm says:

        These three videos are marked private — how does one get to see them?

        • Hi hs4mm,
          My presumption is that the same YT channel that is hosting the question vids is also hosting the now privated answer vids, unless Marina was hosting them on her YT channel and she made them private?

          The CoComment YT channel is: kseraforcocomment
          You could send a message to ksera, and ask her to make those three videos public again, or I can do it if you want me to.

          Those are very nice videos and hey should be seen.
          Those videos were created by Marina and the logo in the intro says CoComment, but my presumption is that Marina is or should be the copyright owner of those videos?

          I have those three videos, but I don’t want to get into trouble by making them public. I could host them on my YT channel if Marina says it’s OK, or maybe she can host them on her YT channel or another site? since she probably has the original videos.

    • Hi hs4mm,
      I just sent a message to ksera of CoComment and requested that those three answer videos be made public. I’ll let you know when and if the videos are public again.

      • hs4mm says:

        OK. I too contacted her yesterday via YouTube message about being given permission to see the three answer videos; have not heard back yet.

      • hs4mm says:


        1) I haven’t heard back from kseraforcocomment yet, and I guess you haven’t either.

        2) About 30 minutes after making Comment Fetish/176.1 (“New video is coming shortly.. in minutes…”), Marina made the comment Fetish/184.1 (“This is today’s upload.”). So were there two versions of the Fetish video? Where can I see the original version?

        Going over the comments in Fetish makes things even more confusing:

                (a) it appears that the original title was Fetish, and that this title was changed (123.4) — but the title today — on HFW site and on YouTube — is Fetish! What were all the titles used for this lesson (nothing in comment block 123 says what the new title was!)?

                (b) The comments indicate that google would not display ads next to a video with the title Fetish, but the title today is Fetish and there are ads!

        When I write a comment, I usually try to make sure the comment will make sense at some future date as well — but there has been at least one occasions in which I wrote a comment that would not make sense at a future time.

        • Hello hs4mm,
          Marina’s comments at 176.1 and 184.1 have to be taken in the context of dates. Let me explain.

          Perhaps you are not familiar with how and when Marina uploads videos? When Marina uploads a video, it gains views very quickly, where in a few hours when the video gets into the 15K to 37K range (not a fixed number; it’s relative), it lands on the Most Viewed board. The window of opportunity to reach the cherished page #1 is 48 hours, after which the video is pulled off of the board.

          To keep the the videos in the queue, so to speak, Marina uploads a new video when the current video is at position 21-25 (page 2), which typically is a span of two days, but could be as early as one day, depending on the rate of change of the views. So, by the time the current video reaches page #1, the new video will have just started to reach views momentum to get on to the board. When the current video’s 48 hours are up, it gets removed off of the Most Viewed board, but the new video is now on the board. The queue is always filled. :)

          Now, look at Marina’s comments. Notice that both of her comments where made on Oct 21 and Oct 22 which is at least two days (48 hours) after the Fetish video was published, which was Oct 19.

          So, Marina’s comment at 176.1 refers to the new video after Fetish which is the “Rain Check” video published Oct 21. Her comment on Oct 22 is also about the Rain Check video. Notice Bob’s cute reply.

          As far as I know, there were not two versions of the Fetish video. It’s possible that Marina may have had to do a re-upload due to a YT glitch on the first upload. In either case, the dates will clue you in on the context.

        • Hi hs4mm,
          Regarding title changes, as you may know, the YT title differs from the HFW site title in many cases as a matter of course. I don’t recall what the alternate title was for Fetish back then.

          Regarding the Ads. There are two issues.
          One issue is the Ads on the HFW site.
          The other is the Ads on the YT site.

          What’s going on with that?
          Quick answer: YT / Google is screwed up. FUBAR.

          OK, some quick details:
          When Marina published the “Dick short for Richard and detective” video, the level of heightened awareness for Marina possibly getting ripped off for Ads not showing intensified. Marina’s first level of suspicion was that it might have to do with the title, in other words “Dick…”.

          Believe it or not, but I looked at all 300+ videos and documented in detail the state of the Ads. Marina has seen some of my documentation.

          Obviously, in this short comment, I can’t go into all of the details, suffice is to say that Google/YT is FUBAR.

          Let me say this, it is not necessarily the title. There are very innocent titles where Ads do not show, and other YT videos with very nasty titles where ADs do show. If you know how to read the web pages source code, it hints at some probable issues.

          Here are some quick non-rigorous tests I did
          in the last hour. Browser type did not matter.

          The Fetish video on YT:
          Initial Fetish Viewing: NO AD and NO AD SPACE
          Refresh later 10 min: AD SPACE IS WHITE – NO AD.
          Refresh later 10 min: NO AD, but AD SPACE IS THERE.
          Refresh later 10 min: AD IS THERE (Axe)

          Fetish video on HFW:
          Big square AD SPACE is BLACK – NO AD
          Vertical narrow AD SPACE IS WHITE – NO AD

          Dick video on YT
          WHITE AD SPACE – NO AD

          Dick short for Richard and detective on HFW
          SQUARE AD does show an AD (aeria games)
          Narrow vertical AD WHITE – NO AD

          Anyway, there is a ton of stuff I documented
          and to get it fixed requires YT / Google focus and attention.

        • Hi hs4mm,

          Regarding kseraforcocomment:
          My guess is that either she no longer works there or no action on emails are taken, or will take some time.
          The last login to the YT account was 7 months ago, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t getting the emails. My guess is that they are heavily understaffed.

          I’ll send a direct email to CoComment in two days as I have an account with them and I know some of the people there, who might still work there.

  36. quiggles says:

    Hi Marina! I’m having breakfast at Blujam. Any suggestions on what to order? :grin:

  37. leonard says:

    :smile: My current Jump at word origin…[***oxygen***]The Sweet-Love is like oxygen :grin:

  38. haynow says:

    Where did the phrase:[pretty soon] start?

  39. bobsully says:

    Well teach, I am at work and just finished jumping around in my cubical like a fool! The things we do for love…I mean for a good grade. There you have it!

  40. zl-1 says:

    Love your videos. I have a question.Did your friend name her dog? Haven’t seen anything about it,but then it wouldn’t be the first time I missed something like that. Kisses

  41. shiz hustle says:

    my word is [Hustle]

  42. shiz hustle says:


  43. ihearbs says:

    the ending would be better in slow-mo. don’t you guys think :idea:

  44. Jeorney says:

    @ Neuroway
    I answered your comment below. You need to scroll down a bit.

  45. red-dragon says:

    I say, Marina, this is a lovely break from your usual intellectualism. One might say your jump is like onomato-poetry in motion! :mrgreen:

    Here’s another jump by a famous star! :lol:

  46. esojleugim says:

    i have a word [metal music] :mrgreen: thankyou :mrgreen:

    • beevee14 says:

      Most of the British metal bands, including the band who some say started it all; Black Sabbath, came out of Birmingham which is kinda like the Pittsburgh of England. They said they’re music had that chunky sound like the foundrys operations so it became metal. I think I saw that on ‘Behind the Music’ :cool:

  47. originalistrick says:

    Marina, the quality of your vid really wound up beautiful!

    • Capman911 says:

      Hey pal, her videos are getting outstandingly better every time I watch one. The screen and the affects just adds to Marina’s appeal. I guess we want see the bed any more. :sad: I love the new style and her acting. :cool:

      • originalistrick says:

        Howdy, Capman! Great to hear from you.
        Go back and view some of Marina’s early lessons, then look at these latest ones. While I miss some of the aspects of those, it’s so amazing to see the differences, that’s for sure.

  48. starlon says:

    How about doing the word [pandemic] since it’s changing meaning.

  49. peterwestcott says:

    I wanne Jump with You!!! :lol:

    Love petter westcott

  50. muggins says:

    Jump? Moi? If I need a jump, I’ll break out my jumper cables.

  51. lucky7 says:

    Hello Marina, I would like to request the word [Ostentatious]

  52. ilikesexytime says:

    marina you should wear loose clothes when you jump. its more comfy

  53. Hello Marina, I’d love to hear you work out the word [Pew], as in Pew! Pew!, the sound a toy or video game laser is reported to make. That and the total number of Pews! is how we rate things at my website, where you are our Hottie of the Week for 29 April. We do hope you approve!

  54. princedrew1331 says:

    I am truly interested in finding out the origin of the word [Chlamydia]. Please respond. Sincerely Drew, love you Marina

  55. iroro says:

    I would like to request you to teach me [how to get a girlfriend]

    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      First you’ll need some really good bait. You have to catch them and they are very good at sensing a trap. They sniff and carefully examine you, and just when you think they are within reach, pffft!, they are walking off with some dumbass dangerous type driving a Lamborgini, leaving you in your Dodge Dart wondering what happened.

      How about a library book? Surely there is a library book that will tell you all about it. Google?

  56. greatestpotential says:

    :mrgreen: Who comes up with this stuff :?: lol :arrow:


  57. matalexwolf says:

    Was able to login but not onto the Slap Chop page, using Fire Fox.

    Regarding Slap Chop vid; well they deserve each other!

    Found some quotes that you may like if not used already.

    Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people.
    Eleanor Roosevelt
    US diplomat & reformer (1884 – 1962)

    A casual stroll through the lunatic asylum shows that faith does not prove anything.
    Friedrich Nietzsche

    And we should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once. And we should call every truth false which was not accompanied by at least one laugh.
    Friedrich Nietzsche

    Received calendar(s) too; makes the study wall even more brighter. Got the full moon awake bug M, you sure you are a Vampire and not a Wolf? Will be sitting the pupils tomorrow evening, Jump lesson will be fun for them, more continued geeky
    noises too!


  58. go0se957 says:

    I would like to Know where the word “belly” came from. Thanks!

  59. originalistrick says:


    I was “reminded” today that in hot weather the painted stripes on the road are VERY slick and can wreak havoc when riding a motorcycle. You don’t really notice it on four wheels. The white lines, such as in crosswalks, are the worst. Do NOT be in a serious lean on them, even at lower speeds. At least this is the way it is all over Texas.

    Just wanted to pass that along.

  60. kljones says:

    where did the word [hurrah] or [hurray] come from?

    Green annotations make me jump. :smile:

    I’ll jump up and down for everyone that subscribes
    to http://www.youtube.com/hotforwords

  62. thoughtonfire says:

    Ohhh!!! Teacher!!!

    The lesson is not complete without this:

    Yess You Guessed It!

  63. wetsuit5 says:

    It’s Shake and Bake.
    And Marina hep’d.

  64. That looks … dangerous :mrgreen:
    Glad to see you wore protective gear :grin:

  65. pig-in-a-poke says:

    Ordinarily, I would love to jump you with you, but I just finished mowing the yard. Too pooped. It appears Mel Gibson doesn’t have any problems jumping to a young Russian beauty, though. Stepford women? Ah, phooey, he has more energy because he can afford a gardener and a half billion dollars to make his ex-wife happy.

  66. tuzuzi says:

    Word request: [jazz].

    Wikipedia says the origin of the word jazz is unknown, and the main theories derive from sexual slang.

    No etymologist has yet theorized that “Jazz” is derived from exclaiming the minced euphemism “JEEZ!” when confronted with something extraordinary, which was pronounced “Jas!” by African Americans in the American South during the post-Civil War reconstruction era.

    What is documented is that close to the turn of the 20th Century, “jazz” had become a colloquial adjective in the African American community to describe something amazing and exciting, and by 1920 it was used to describe their new type of highly-danceable syncopated music based on the blues.

    If your research finds evidence to prove this theory (which seems logical and obvious although it seems nobody has yet considered it), you’ll have accomplished what many before you have failed.

  67. picker999 says:

    Hi Marina
    I would like to know about the word [malarky] as in
    “Aw thats a bunch of malarky.”
    Best Wishes


  68. tjfort says:

    Got a word request for you, Marina. [heebie-jeebies]

    Cute new hair style, btw.

  69. tommaralem1987 says:

    Good day Madam Orlova:

    Sister, please eat some beef and green leafy vegetables and get some sleep.

    You look like you’ve lost blood. Beef will rebuild the hemoglobin and return the Oxygen to the cells God Almighty willing.

    • neuroway says:

      Like she’s lost blood?

      I think she looks rather like a little chamois in the Alps, agilely jumping all around in this green pastures and blue skyes background. Instead of yodelling, she jumps. Beshrew me, that’s just fine. :cool:

    • beevee14 says:

      I thought she looked a little thin and pale, also

  70. puckstopper29 says:

    Hello my dear teacher!
    I would like to know the origin of the word [maid], and would like to know if the definition of maid (as in housekeeper) and maid (as in unmarried woman) originated as the same word.


  71. bsomebody says:

    Listening to Errin’s tunage and jumping around. What a great way to start the day. :grin:

    • Jeorney says:

      Do realise Marina’s video is threatening to knock this planet out of orbit.

      • bsomebody says:

        Maybe this will cure our little global warming situation. :roll:

      • neuroway says:

        Not sure about knocking this planet out of orbit. But seriously, by looking at the moving background, the wind in the grass, the sunlight and cloud shades, plus a quickly jumping Marina in the foreground, I would assume a video like this one is not that easy at all to produce, there must be lots of extra-work in its making, since this kind of stuff is not something we see all the time on youtube. I think it is very special and very well done actually.

        • Jeorney says:

          Neuroway, I get the impression that you assume I am mocking Marina’s video? If so, you are very much mistaken. Marina videos are always humorous, which put me into a playful frame of mind. What I’m imagining, when Marina suggests jumping around is millions of people suddenly jumping in unison.

          • neuroway says:

            That is perfectly understandable and explainable. You get this impression because you assume that I assume that you are mocking Marina’s video. Let’s call it a second degree equation.. erm.. assumption. :smile:

            I was looking at the video from an aesthetic perspective at the moment I wrote my answer to you.

        • Jeorney says:

          Well, with much deliberation, solving of your quadratic assumption and the influence of your infamous past, :smile: the court has decided to award you… the benefit of the doubt.

  72. cowboychorus says:

    I would like to request the word [moist], as it is one of the top words that make pre-teens giggle….along with [titular], [parts], [slot], [abreast], [Lake Titicaca], [penal system], [ball-peen hammer], [receptacle], [pu-pu platter], [mastication], and [opening].

    Marina, do a few segments on the words that make pre-teens giggle. That would be great content for you.

    Love the program. You’re brilliant! :wink:

    • cowboychorus says:

      Sorry, forgot to attribute the words that make pre-teens giggle to a survey conducted by the Onion a few years ago.

      • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

        You do realize that the Onion publishes satire and it is highly unlikely that the words reported to make teens giggle actually do so?

        • cowboychorus says:

          Really…it’s satire?????? I’ve read the Onion for years, and never knew that.

          • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

            It didn’t used to be. They originally started as a serious newspaper, but decided to change their format. Unfortunately, the notice of the change was never published and so many readers like yourself simply did not notice because of the subtile humor involved. For example, many of their readers are absolutely convinced that a Negro was elected president of the United States. You’d think they would catch on to the joke when they published that he was giving billions and billions of dollars of poor black folk’s tax money to rich white people, but, no, they still think it’s for real.

          • cowboychorus says:

            Thank you….appreciate the insight. You must be the smartest kid in the room when asked the question. You probably have such a depth of response and assuredness of purpose that any question seems like childsplay to you. Unfortunately, I’ll bet you are the kid who probably never actually gets the answer right because A.) you don’t listen; B.) you are autistic and can’t understand the subtexts of society and relationship; C.) YOUR JUST A DICK!

    • leonard says:

      I [moist] after jumping with JUMP radio and hot Marina for-words***** :lol: The Residents – Moisture (1980)

  73. freebird says:

    Groucho Marx said, “Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend. Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read.” :lol: :shock: :mrgreen:

  74. animalntaz says:

    Well there’s that ad, on the right, to that Civony game I was talking about. I thought they’ve gotten around to fixing all the bugs in that game. But instead they changed the city view graphics to something dull and boring, and it seems the new feature has added more bugs to the game. You currently can’t earn any medals after winning attacks, and the constant lagging and log in problems still continue.
    I managed to rank at Major Baron, with 3 cities and almost 60K prestige. I’m about 12 hours away from being promoted to Colonel Viscount, once my Town Hall upgrade is completed. I’m somewhat hooked on this game, even though it seems to be a complete waste of life.

  75. animalntaz says:

    I bet these 2 haven’t krossed anybody’s mind. :mrgreen:

  76. cufan71 says:

    Homework :grin:
    I’m jumping for joy for this AWESOME lesson! :mrgreen:

  77. wetsuit5 says:

    I’ve had enough aerobics for the day.
    Can we do stretches next?
    Then weights?
    Then I’ll need a cold shower…..

  78. leonard says:

    :smile: I got hi-jacked…crazy…House Of pain – Jump Around Music Video …I’m hurting today…I almost got beat up :evil: :oops: :lol:

  79. Wow!!! I am jumping up and down for joy!
    I loved that lesson and the background.
    That was sooo funny; “who comes up with this stuff?” :lol:

    • hs4mm says:

      I have heard that there are some artistic expressions that cannot be translated to languages they weren’t originally expressed in; so it is interesting that she is hilarious in English!

    • Capman911 says:

      Karl her shows not vids any more are really turning out fantastic. Hmmmm, she might be taking acting lessons or is it a natural talent? I would say natural talent. :grin:

  80. John says:

    argh, an error occurred, please try again later?

  81. John says:

    Spirits up, I am here Marina! :smile: :smile:

  82. matsrg says:

    That was a really nice word :shock: :razz:
    Have fun!


  83. labbatt78 says:

    Has anybody seen Jackie Chan jumped from 1 building to the other in the Rumble in the Bronx movie? I don’t think any other human being would do that in real life.

  84. John says:

    Reminds me of watching the girls jumping rope upon the playgrounds when I was in grade school. I never did learn how to jump rope

    Good Night peeps.

  85. Che Volay says:

    Choo Choo!

    Where’s the [trampoline]? :???:

    • Capman911 says:

      You know them big thingys we were talking about on Twitter about a month ago. I got mine caught in a trampoline’s springs that didn’t have a protective cover over them. Now this was when I was a little younger and had hair that was all one color. :lol:
      Hey pal it’s hanging just fine. :wink:

  86. Chemikal says:

    There is no Jump.
    There is only short term flight upward, or stfu. :D

  87. MCLIJazz says:

    With other people in my house trying to sleep at this hour, I can’t jump up and down. But I’ll work it in later today. :smile:

  88. pennsyltucky9 says:

    Who DOES come up with this stuff? Wait. I think I know…

    Well, I must admit that homework was a bit less challenging than some of your other assignments, but looking on the bright side, my neighbor thinks I’m nuts now, lol.

    Love the sound FX: boi-yo-yo-yo-yoing!

    • Capman911 says:

      Hey PT9, Whhhhaaaaatttttsssss uuuupppp. If you ever watch The Transporter Movies it sounds like a sound track from them. :smile:

      • pennsyltucky9 says:

        Hi Mike, old buddy.

        Hope the planting season is going well out yonder on your side o’ the divide.

        We’ve got our onions, carrots, corn and tomatoes in. Strawberries are fruiting up nicely, the lettuce and spinach are out of control, and we’re eating artichokes every night whether we like them or not! Oh, yeah… we’re lobbying the landlord to let us have some chickens. Finger crossing ceremony!

  89. jlaytonjr1 says:

    Hello Beautiful Marina. You’re absolutely right; Intelligence is sexy, and you are very intelligent! I just watched the “O’Reilly Factor Show – My Beef!” and I can’t believe some of the things the rude people say about you. It makes me sad. I’m glad that you’ve developed a thick skin. These people are actually just jealous of your beauty and success. Your accent just adds to your sexiness!
    I have two questions for you, Marina. The first question I saw on your HotForWords.com page twitter widget. It asked, “Do you sleep in pajamas or in the buff?” I would love to know the answer to that one! The second question falls right in line with the first. I would like to know the origin of the word [pervert]. Seeing as how I am one, I figured I should know where it comes from.
    Thank you so much for being you and doing what you do. I love it! Keep up the awesome work!!!! <3

  90. mexican123 says:

    what about the word [bastard]

  91. pandion says:

    another great video.

    I never knew that “kiss” was onomatopoeic. To me the background was more reminiscent of Toys (Bad move from 1992). Regardless, this was another a great video.
    Thank you for all you do Marina.

  92. greatestpotential says:

    :smile: I watched HFW “jump” video went outside and jumped around, lol, then I finished up on a story I was writing. Okay, so a few errors in the story but I will polish it up and I suppose it turned out alright. I got to do a re-read and check it again, yargh…

  93. PageDoll says:

    Wow, the back ground kinda reminds me of the movie, The Sound of Music…only with leprechauns instead of children. :twisted:
    Come on, can’t you see it? A little leprechaun singing the sound of music, with his green hat, pointy shoes, and little irish accent. :eek:
    Someones has to get this idea to Jack Black, on the hop! Pronto! :mrgreen:

  94. ddull2000 says:

    I’ll jump right to it!

  95. hs4mm says:

    This is a very good lesson on the meaning of onomatopoetic origins of words for concepts.

  96. errin says:

    Well, that’s odd. I just watched the video, then logged in to comment, only to find that when I returned to the lesson, the comment section wasn’t loading up. Maybe Ms. Marina is still fumfering with this lesson’s page here or something.

    Anyway, that seemed to be a very short and sweet lesson. Was it tailored so to be a lesson and a hotforwords promo tied into one? Our trusty teacher sure seemed jumpy! All she was missing was a jumpsuit… tho her choice of dress was much better for jumping around in! I don’t think a jump sounds like ‘jump’, but I think visually it fits. The physical action of jumping is almost onomatopoeitic, just not in an aural way. Does that make sense?

    Speaking of jumping, I’m about to jump across the pond and into the fire of Manchester UK. I finally finished recording a lo fi limited edition version of my album, deliberately crude and stripped down as it is. I know I’ve had a fellow classmate or two inquire as to my progress along the way, and expressed an interest in hearing it. I put 10 songs up (out of 17) on my myspace page (10 is the max I could put). To those who were curious to give a listen (sorry I’ve forgotten who), here is the link: http://www.myspace.com/errinfamilia

    Peace, Errin : )

    • buzzword says:

      dude, digging your shit right now. some good stuff. how long have you been at this?

      • errin says:

        Thank you, buzzword. Glad you liked what you’ve heard.
        I’ve been ‘at this’ for about a decade plus now, but the vast majority of that time has been behind the scenes as a recording engineer, learning the singer/songwriter thing along the way. I’m kind of a late bloomer as well as a perfectionist, so it’s taken a little time for me to come out of the shadows.

    • Marina says:

      Wow! I love your music as well! And it really takes a lot for me to like someone’s music! The rawness of it is what makes me especially like it! It’s like when a musician plays you a demo of a song.. and you love it.. then they go into the studio and produce the heck out of it and then it sucks! Keep it raw! It’s great!

      • hs4mm says:

        Then I’m curious to know what you think of this dance-video by Iron and Wine: Boy With a Coin. I neither like it nor dislike it — but am intrigued by the music and the dance in it.

      • errin says:

        How nice. I’m glad to hear you’ve enjoyed my music so much, Marina. It’s cool to win over a music fan that admits to being a tough critic, especially one as intelligent as yourself. I like that you enjoyed the deliberate rawness of my recordings. I will eventually do a more polished, hi fi album at some point with a backup band, but will always keep it minimal, with some songs remaining just vocal and guitar, and others having bass, drums, and occasional organ added on. Thanks for the input, and I too am not a fan of overproduction, so no worries about me ever producing the life out of my songs and my sound… I’ve been around the L.A. studio scene long enough to know a thing or two about production, as would the people I would work with when it comes to producing my recordings. I totally see eye to eye with you on that call, teach!

        Well, I just got back from a week in England, so I guess I have a few lessons to catch up on. Peace, Errin : )

    • leonard says:

      :shock: nice…marc Bolan…”this is the end” :lol: Hanging [SOUND] :razz:

  97. freebird says:

    Dump the gump and jump the lump with your mump, then pump your rump with a sump wump. :grin: or whatever?!!

  98. hs4mm says:

    Jumping on a trampoline would be accompanied by sounds of the springs flexing; but the sound would be … boink-boink-boink? Likewise for jumping on a bed with, perhaps weak, spring mattresses … or being otherwise active on such a bed! But it would not be good to refer to all such activities onomatopoetically as “boinking”!

  99. seesixcm6 says:

    Dear Marina,
    It’s great to watch you jump because you’re so happy when you do it. I agree it’s not onamatopoetic, because there is no noise when I jump. The noise happens when my feet land on the floor and thats a “plop” noise. :neutral:
    But “kiss” is indeed onamatopoetic. If I kiss you enough times, I know we can make the right sounds! I’ll keep trying until we succeed! :razz:

    Thank you for your posts on Twitter that show your wonderful weekend. You were so beautiful in that summer dress and in your bikini by the pool, and you were with beautiful people like Bai Ling the actress. You sipped ice cold drinks and enjoyed a nice dinner with king crab legs shipped from Alaska, and fresh oysters on the half shell, over crushed ice. Your ride was a big Bentley luxury car, and you capped the evening by going to the new movie, “State of Play.” You looked great! :grin:

    Obviously, I can’t keep up with your ‘Joneses.” My Chevrolet Aveo economy would be out-of-place in your fancy locations. So I’m just happy to watch you enjoy the good life. All I can offer you is my deep, profound love, but in contrast to that Beatles song, “What good is love, anyway? Will it buy you money?”

  100. dnelson474 says:

    Speaking of onomatopoeia, is it true that a lot of those words come from Anglo-Saxon?

  101. stigmatasaurus says:

    Or this?

  102. buzzword says:

    because it will be posted sooner or later, here it is.

  103. stigmatasaurus says:

    :?: If it came to English in the 1500′s, whence came it???

    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      Good question. I thought the info we got in this lesson was pretty thin.

      It is a thin soup made from the bones of a bird that had starved to death. — A. Lincoln

      Doing a word specifically to increase the chances that some other media might pick it up is a bit tacky, not to mention cheesy, cheap, self-serving, Hollywood and something we would hope is below M’s standards. She should do the work for the work’s sake and not for business reasons. Or is it too much to hope from someone who chose Beverly Hills as an address?

      Am I cranky in the morning or what? :wink:

  104. Marina says:

    Wow.. moving background in low res.. makes the whole video look HORRIBLE in low res! When HD comes online it will look much better!

    • leonard says:

      :mrgreen: Yagger…I’M soul tempted…………… :razz: :eek:

    • originalistrick says:

      It’s o.k., Dear Teach. I was wondering why the subpar quality after the latest lessons you’ve shot. So, see, you taught me something else I didn’t know, in addition to the lesson itself! It was still neat – I liked how you made the shadows move across as well as the clouds. Thanks, Marina.


    • John says:

      I’ve noticed after a couple hours it usually gets to be better quailty, Whats up with that?

  105. stigmatasaurus says:


  106. wordlover says:

    Marina, for some reason the videos won’t play. I’ve been using my iPod touch because my computer is too slow to view videos properly. Is there some way you can get the videos to run on wifi devices?

    • Marina says:

      Videos where? On this website? Or iTunes?

      • leonard says:

        love is U….(+)ten

      • wordlover says:

        On the website. When I visit the website on my iPod touch, there’s a picture of a play button with a strike through it and in the bottom right it says YouTube. It used to be just videos that would show up. And, again, I can’t watch videos properly on my computer. :cry:

        • Marina says:

          I think it takes a few hours for my videos to be able to play on the iPhone. YouTube makes an mpeg version of the videos after a few hour I think. Or maybe it happens when the HD version becomes available. Not sure.

          Actually it looks like it takes 24 hours to be able to play in the iPhone? As poindexter plays now.. but this one doesn’t.

          On a side note – I am amazed at how many people access my website from the iPhone! I just love the fact that Verizon poo-pooed the iPhone due to control issues and now they are begging to have Apple switch to them! I read that over half of all new AT&T customers are coming to AT&T because of the iPhone. And Verizon is missing out on all the cell-phone revenue they could have been making.

          • hs4mm says:

            There was news yesterday that Verizon and Apple are in talks for an iPhone-Lite and for a “smaller-than-kindle-but-bigger-screen” “media-(not books? or not-just-books?)-thingie”. Also, supposedly Verizon will get to the technology that replaces current wireless technology slightly before AT&T.

            I thought of tweeting the link to you, but thought then again that maybe you would have come across it on your own. And also, all this is largely rumor, hardly any official statements, and it feels odd distributing rumor.

            Anyway, given the above disclaimers, here’s one version of the above rumor. And here’s a rumor about Verizon and Microsoft teaming up to beat iPhone with something pink (in their dreams)!

          • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

            Now how could someone outside of AT&T know why the customers chose them? Is the source someone in the company? And do they do a survey as to why customers chose AT&T or is the iPhone claim just assumed if the new subscriber is using the device? Or is Apple just making it all up and putting it out as a PR move? Questions, questions.

            BTW, I heard on the Clark Howard radio show a couple of days ago that he was disgusted with AT&T, because they are limiting access to certain sites to prevent competition. For example, you can’t use Skype, because it would cut into AT&T’s long distance revenue. What will they do next?

    • Hi wordlover,
      I’m on my iPhone away from home in a remote location w/o WiFi.
      I also see the video above with a line thru it, but I will be able
      to see it in about 2 hrs via Att 3G.

      If you are at home with a fast connection, then you should be
      able to connect to you Dsl router using WiFi, presuming you
      have a wireless router. If you are near Starbucks or Carl’s Jr
      they have WiFi and you should be able to connect.

      • wordlover says:

        Thanks. It’s not the connection. I’m at home and we have VERY fast Internet. I’m not really certain if when Marina got a new computer some of her software might’ve changed the formatting of her videos. Although, technically ALL videos at YouTube should work on Apple WiFis (iPhone, iPod Touch). So, I don’t know what the problem could be… :???:

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