Changes at YouTube (that have had an effect on me)

angArrgh you say!

I spent about 4 hours writing a very detailed post about some of the changes that have occurred at YouTube that have  ultimately impacted your experience here as well.  But I think a short post is probably better.  If you want more detail, let me know and I’ll do a longer post later.

The bottom line is that YouTube is making  major changes in functionality almost daily. These changes have broken their site numerous times resulting in me not being able to upload as many videos as I used to.

These changes have also  inadvertently  resulted in ONLY videos appealing to young people being seen anymore.

When I say young.. I mean teenagers.

What that means for me is that I have had to make some videos that appeal to young people in order for my videos to be seen.

I don’t think this change will stick around forever… but while it’s here, I’m sorry,  I will have to upload some videos that may not be on words that are as sophisticated as we want them to be.. they will also be shorter than my typical videos (notice no intro anymore?)…. but I have to do this while YouTube tries to work out all the kinks.

So PLEASE bear with me through these tough times.  I don’t like being forced to do something I don’t want to do either!  But you know what?  Maybe we’ll all end up learning something from these young kids after all!  Don’t be so bitchassness.. no.. that’s not how you use that word.. stop showing all your bitchassnessness.. oh forget it.. I’ll never know how to use that word!

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138 Responses to Changes at YouTube (that have had an effect on me)

  1. leonard says:


    …check this sh*t out

    The Bastard Fairies-We’re All Going To Hell (Official Video)…why are the robins attacking my windows?…cardinal is high in tree :wink: tubes are tyering :roll:

  2. wandalstouring says:

    I think the new videos are great and the long introduction was quite boring. Btw. I’m almost 30.

  3. raven62 says:

    I think they are listening to our new president. Everyone wants change. Well change is not always good but we will get through it. I miss your old videos but you still teach in these so it is all good. I will still watch you and learn. You know they always say “Don’t sweat the small stuff” this will pass and things will get back to normal. :roll: :wink:

  4. Chemikal says:

    I don’t want any of your bitchassness, ya digg?
    That’s one example. (what a stupid word though!)
    I’ll bear with, no problem. Just as long as you take care to teach me something with every video. And that you do!
    So why threat? You’re not gonna loose any subscribers over this, I am sure. Anyway, this too shall pass. Either that, or epic fail for YouTube. If that happens we can always just use another awesome site. There are plenty! :-)

  5. When I say young.. I mean teenagers.

    When you say teenagers, do you mean young boys?
    Who is your new boss? Michael Jackson? :roll:

  6. Che Volay says:

    You Tube should present it’s side of why it’s taking this course of action.

  7. mukmika. says:

    YouTube needs to clean up it’s act, and stop allowing so much filth as ‘comments’. It seems to be run by a bunch of wet behind the ear slobs since it changed hands.

  8. animalntaz says:

    I say fuck YouTube! I don’t even know what appeals to the younger generation. Does that mean they are trying to make their website even dumber and more spoiled? I didn’t even like how it was in high school.

  9. greatestpotential says:

    I would sooner disconnect from all forms of nonsense and compose libraries of knowledge by tracing my index finger across the open skies.

  10. greatestpotential says:

    Sure, a synthetic drug dumbdowned version of a reality may be imposed upon the most gulible, but those of the literati will speak up in defense for intelligence. It’s a matter of pride, and call us elitists if you must for honor is also a positive intellectual trait which helps to define well informed social groups that do not find it neccessary to hop onto a sinking ship that’s going nowhere quick. More are becoming aware, growing in numbers, and rank.

  11. greatestpotential says:

    :evil: Now I’m angry. I wouldn’t dumb down for anyone- what the hell! That’s such bullshit! Anyway, the broader audience wants to be treated as intelligent adults who can decide and make up their own mind on what they want for themselves, not manipulated into believing they’re sod sucking baby mouths who have to be toddler fed swill from the tit of some hannah montana bubble gum mugging dumb mucking culture clone disposable braindead following… Argggh! This is SO WRONG!

  12. kenaz says:

    Have to agree with the current state of YouTubesphere, and yet they are only the top dawg of the video forums. vidder does a fine job of the whole thing as well, between the two perhaps even a broader audience may be catered too

  13. greatestpotential says:

    :mrgreen: I found something on practical wisdom, the Latin word PHRONESIS for teacher inspiration :arrow:

  14. gismith says:

    The cogency of your students’ comments suggests a more
    mature group than the usual teener Twitter.

    Flex as needed but don’t destroy the product and your drive.

    I pay for cartoon work I favor. I would buy a subscription to your lively repartee.

    Please share your detailed report to YT. Even employees (if you are hooked) can and should speak up. y

  15. Webb Wilder – Hybrid Vigor
    What’s Got Wrong With You?
    (abridged lyrics)

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    We gave a thing in motion
    Now you say it’s history
    Was it somethin’ I said?
    Was it all in my head?
    Child, you’re such a mystery
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    What’s got wrong with you?

    You used to fill my cup
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    Oh….tell me what I didn’t do
    What’s got wrong with you?


    Marina – You gotta learn to Work hard, Eat hard, Rock hard, Grow big and Wear glasses if you need ‘em.
    Webb Wilder Credo – tips for teens

    I love you, even though you’re going insane :oops:

  16. nw2394 says:

    I can appreciate your position, though I have to say that some of the changes you’ve made in response to this situation may possibly be losing you some following from older people (such as myself). I am not really interested in nerd words and rubbish like that, pretty as the teacher may well be! So I have been being quite selective about the videos I view lately.


  17. greatestpotential says:

    Don’t get caught surprised. If you woke up tomorrow, turned on your screen, and the internet was gone, don’t freak out. Don’t allow yourself be shocked and surprised- Go to plan “B” instead.

  18. greatestpotential says:

    :smile: I tend not to get angry or upset about these things. I go with a variety of methods to keep up to the tasks at hand such as doing your best to be aware of what’s going on and then meet a change with some changes of your own, check out old posts from years back on YT to recall where it was at that point then see where it went to. {etc}

  19. Captain Jack says:

    I still have phantom emails on my YT account. How many more years will it take for the to fix this? Do any of you have this issue?

    I hate the voting wait limit. Who is going to wait to vote? Don’t have time when you have a gazillion videos to watch. Damn YT.

  20. big ed says:

    YouTube shinannigans, enough said! Do whatever you have to in order to survive, teach.

  21. the shaun says:

    If anyone can use that word, it’s you! I has faith in you.

  22. Che Volay says:

    The internet is becoming one giant [infomercial]

  23. bsomebody says:

    I don’t know if this applies to your position or not. I have very few rules, and I am about to break one just for you, and I will offer to you some unsolicited advice.

    As a teacher in public schools, I often get discouraged when I am unable to reach certain students. The student just does not want to learn nor contribute to class. No matter what I have said or done, I have been totally unsuccessful at reaching these people. I had to take a step back and look at some of my heroes. Dr. King was not able to reach everybody. Gandhi definitely had “mixed reviews,” and not even Jesus has had universal acceptance. If these great people could not reach everybody, then why do I expect that I should do any better?

    Marina, even though you are an exceptionally talented person, you cannot please everybody. You have extremely high goals, and I admire you for that, but you are still – here comes the bad news – you are still human. Keep those lofty goals, but realize that you do have limits.

  24. OH well this is a tough times to find out your toys are someone else tools.

  25. BillyB says:

    For you Marina, it’s a challenge, and an opportunity to step up & be a leader. Earning the respect of teens is probably one of the toughest things you’ve had to do on YouTube… You up for it?
    Warren shared this with me a bit ago, thanks WarrenY.

    • This is asking a woman to teach a teenage of what, 70-80% male audience whom mindset is “if it wasn’t for what was between her legs there would be a bounty on her ears” about words and their meaning? I suppose she can play a “cougar” for this for a while but average teenagers don’t have that kind of attention, and end up with maybe what a 20% audience? You Tube has in effect cut her off at the knees for awhile, until they change their business model or attitude.

      • BillyB says:

        Thanks for making my point “You Tube has in effect cut her off at the knees for awhile”… altough I’m not quite sure of your point. Last time I checked at least 1/2 the teen population is female (girls).
        Note quite sure what you meant on the 70-80% thing, with the bounty business.
        Nothing wrong with & I think it’s a good thing for Marina to do, rethinking her strategies from time to time & you know what… she will find that the people who respect her & what she does are more valuable than numbers or money…
        I’ve raised three teens & they’ve gone through the same school with a lot of the same teachers. Very few of the teachers earned their respect. The ones that did, are much loved & remembered. One of them was even invited to my son’s wedding & it was great to have him & his wife there.

        • John says:

          Here’s the point right here in your own words “Very few of the teachers earned their respect”(teachers are due respect regardless if they earned it from their students or not) And Marina’s audience is composed of mostly male and wanna be males. I agree “she will find that the people who respect her & what she does are more valuable than numbers or money” but I wouldn’t want to be putting those words in her mouth for her, you might lose a finger or two.

          • BillyB says:

            (“teachers are due respect regardless if they earned it from their students or not”)… Why?

          • BillyB says:

            I think I know where you were trying to go with this. The position of teacher, is due respect, but the teachers themselves must earn that respect from kids. Face it, some teachers suck at filling the role of a teacher & no one can fool most kids into faking respect. False respect is almost worse than disrespect, right?

        • John says:

          BillyB says:

          March 27, 2009 at 10:40 pm

          (“teachers are due respect regardless if they earned it from their students or not”)… Why?

          I don’t think i will even take the time necessary to explain this too you. (enough said?)

    • Capman911 says:

      Thanks Bill for putting that up from Warren. That will bring a tear to anyone. Nick the man in the video will inspire anyone.

      • BillyB says:

        I had to check back in my history & had to go by memory. You didn’t send it did you. I deleted a bunch of my history, along with 1/2 my memory :roll: (i must defrag my head)

        • Capman911 says:

          No I didn’t send it to you. I showed this to my wife and she said she saw him on Oprah. She said it was a compelling story. That he had the whole audience in tears and in happiness. I saved it to my favorites so if I have a bad day I can watch his videos as he has more of them listed and let them brighten my day. :smile:

    • danielpool says:

      WOW :shock: That was something to see Billy. That man is a true fighter. No need for anyone to fell sorry for themselves after seeing that. THANKS FOR PUTTING THAT ON

    • originalistrick says:

      My God…I hope someday I become the man he is.

      Thanks BillyB.

  26. hs4mm says:

    In their attempt to target teenagers, will YT/Google end up with teenage producers — so that YT becomes a nut-house with nuts entertaining nuts?

  27. hotfor_hotforwords says:

    Why is it that once anything gets too big, it starts to suck? (I’m speaking of YouTube, not of HFW or speculating that Marina’s march to the top of all lists is diluting the essence of her success.)

    Anyway, it’s kind of like those at HFW are avid-learners who connected the dots from YouTube to here. So, as YouTube is the place to recruit new students, obviously Marina has to do what is best to optimize visiblity thereon. However, because YT is behaving like the Teachers Union, class at our school is getting dumbed-down.

    Maybe Teacher needs to look into some sort of private school option, an upgrade in other words, within the HFW community. I don’t know what different would be offered–superficial and impossible fantasies aside, my peers–but I’m sure Marina could easily coax a material amount of students to pay for whatever additional education might be going on in a private school setting. Seriously.

  28. bsomebody says:

    Thank you for sharing this info with us. I like to keep informed. Please allow me to state my alternative point-of-view without being argumentative.

    I like the rebel in you. We have seen sparks of that independence, and I respect that. I feel that you are bending to the will of YT. In doing so, I feel that you are sacrificing your art for the sake of commercial success. Please, do not loose that rebellious nature. Perhaps I read too much into the “bonus” vid. I saw it as a step toward the Marina style of vids again. I got my hopes up after that.

    At the same time, however, I realize that good business sense often trumps independence. You have the successful channel and web site; I do not. It is a conundrum, and I feel your frustration. I am pulling for you, and I know you have the strength and good sense to ride this thing out. Again, I wish for you continued success and happiness.

  29. Che Volay says:

    Just as Marina is ready to kick the football Lucy pulls it away ;-)

  30. freebird says:

    “I do believe that”… effect should be affect in your title of this post. I could be wrong… I am not an expert in this sort of thing… still learning, however, this has somehow affected me “to this effect”. :?: :shock: :smile:

  31. Captain Jack says:

    Hey Marina. Thank you very much for communicating your intentions. Keep us informed is really a good thing. Don’t be like YouTube when they just go do things and not tell anyone.

    You still have the longer explanation of this? how about posting in the forums page? No sense letting 4 hour of your work to waste for starving students wanting to hear what you have to say.


  32. leonard says:

    Hello…who da brain?

  33. Che Volay says:

    So you are an employee :roll:

  34. neuroway says:

    I would venture myself to say that the first thing to learn from teenagers in these though times is the difference between affect and effect!

  35. originalistrick says:


    Thank you for that. It has been so obvious that much more was going on with you behind the scenes than you were letting on. Although it might not be appropriate or even possible, I wish you could share as much information as you feel comfortable divulging during this period. This update meant the world to me, and as PK already stated, I would really like to read your “extended play” version.
    Marina, you are always here for us with HFW. Please know that I, and many, many others, are always here for YOU. I’m not tech-savy, but I’d let you scream at me, or cry on my shoulder, or anything if it would help.
    Love you.


  36. Hey Marina,
    I got antsy and impatient and pulled the plug one day early. :smile: Friday should be another sunny day. :grin:

  37. hs4mm says:

    Regarding “These changes have also inadvertently resulted in ONLY videos appealing to young people being seen anymore.” — I thought that was YT/Google’s intent. Has YT explicitly said that they are not attempting to appeal to young people only? Have they explicitly said anything concerning targeting (or not targeting) YT to any particular group?

    Regarding “I don’t think this change will stick around forever… ” one way it will not last forever is by YT changing its current direction; the other way is by other venues catching up and overtaking YT viewership (currently at 5.3B). (I am more optimistic about the second way, provided the government stops tinkering with the economy.)

  38. seesixcm6 says:

    Dear Marina,
    To appeal to teenagers, I see you posted a cartoon character called “Marvin the Martian” with the caption, “Angry.” You definitely know how to aim for the demographic YouTube favors! :smile:
    Why on earth would they want their site to favor teenagers? Yes, they are a large market segment with lots of spending power, but it would limit YouTube’s advertising prospects to young fashion items, cosmetics, lingerie, movies, cheap jewelry and electronic gadgets. :shock:
    YouTube would no longer get ads for headache pills, cold remedies, digestive aids, or girls from foreign countries who want to marry you! (Oh, now I see why they want this change!)
    I hope you continue to post videos. I think you’re the best psrt of YouTube! :razz:

  39. Hey Marina, first, let me say that we I love you, and I am here to support you in any way I can. That strike out was for aLx. :lol:

    I think you did the right thing above in presenting a short introduction, and my vote is for you to present the 4 hour detailed post. You know that I will read every word. Not only is it important for me, but since you spent so much time on it, I’m sure that you got a lot off of your chest as a catharsis and hopefully I can find ways to assist you.

  40. Captain Jack says:

    I love the angry Marvin the martian.

  41. Bob says:

    If that’s the way TeenTube wants to go, you have to adapt to keep your foot in the door.
    Have you considered making videos that you want to make (and your fans want you to make) and hosting them on an alternative video site?

    • Captain Jack says:

      The issue Bob is that YouTube has the highest number views in the world. They generate more traffic than any other video hosting site. YouTube generates the most revue for it’s partners out of all other video hosting sites.

    • greatestpotential says:

      you can be 15 again, snap bubble gum, download 99cent stuff, and be a brat. geesh, what’s there to complain about?

  42. Che Volay says:

    That’s it try to keep a positive attitude.

    ….changes have also inadvertently resulted in ONLY videos appealing to young people being seen anymore.

    Can you be more specific on what YT said?

    • Che Volay says:

      Never mind you don’t have to answer the above question.

      I’ve witness my three preteen nieces on YT and have a good idea what appeals kids at that age. They have accuse me of not knowing how to use YT.

      When you say you don’t think these changes will not stick around forever it makes me wonder what kind of decision are being made in the hierarchy of YT. Their ppl cannot decide on a proper course of action. Sounds like a bunch of young inexperience ppl on in control.

  43. When’s the time you posted this I thought you went beddy bye.

    • leonard says:

      C_R_A_Z_Y…L-A-Z-Y…all [capital exploits]…LUV

      EFFECTIVE efficiencyengineer E.G.A.L.-i-T.A.R.-I-an****[EGGS, not rotten of Goose...fab

      [Ef.fer.Vesce]..peace and love , the last of leonard

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