Sexy Teacher


Somebody sent me this pic.  It “sort of” looks like me?

It’s from this website.

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65 Responses to Sexy Teacher

  1. tonyb says:

    There’s you as DR SEXY in your white lab coat in your new book. Science was never that sexy!!!

  2. 2utoday says:

    :mrgreen: Oh,yeah! I guess!

  3. xtremetony says:

    Not sure if it looks like Marina.
    So what happened to my virtual rendition?
    Maybe I should post this year’s version on SDvR09

  4. skyline says:

    Nice :smile:

  5. firewalk says:

    You should wear something like that in one of your videos :D

  6. jzone247 says:

    nice :shock:

  7. quiet_dave says:

    It is cute. You could have modeled for it, but I think you have better character than it suggests. I’ve been trying meet some ladies from Russian and the Ukraine on a matchmaking site. They rear some awesome, beautiful and proper young women there.

  8. honrevjowazzoo says:

    That’s not a real picture. K? Looks like a Photoshop add in to something else. Maybe taken from a game.

    Isn’t the internet a wonderful place.

    Best regards.

  9. wordlover says:

    That’s cute, Marina! ♥♥♥

  10. anime_otaku says:

    She’s actually a Character from a Game Called Rumble Roses and it’s sequel Rumble Roses XX called Miss Spencer. It’s a wrestling game with an all female roster, that’s why her boots have kneepads attached.

    • John says:

      Regardless the artist of this picture was going for a overt portrayal of sexuality of woman as the driving force for all the subjects as portrayed on the blackboard and the seemingly acceptance of the womans role by the woman portrayed.

      • anime_otaku says:

        No he just got hired to promote a game I think. It’s made in Japan so it’s debatable how much thought went into deciding what to put on the blackboard.

        • John says:

          Are you saying this is a stock depiction in the game and are you blind to the sexual overtones displayed?

          • anime_otaku says:

            I’m saying the game is pure sexual OVERtones! All the characters a very OTT in terms of their figure (pretty sure RR has jiggle physics) and somewhat fetishistic in their theme’s (others include a Schoolgirl/Cheerleader, Spencer’s other “heel” costume is a dominatrix. (Don’t suppose we could get a video explaining why good guys in Wrestling are Babyfaces and the bad guys are Heels?) There is also a Ninja, a cowgirl/sheriff, a cop (last two are the same character) and many others.

        • John says:

          I am talking about the specific picture depicted here.

        • John says:

          perceptive deficiency i suppose.

  11. :grin:

    Gorgeous CGI, definitely someone was thinking of you whilst modeling this virtual babe… and as smart looking as anyone!

  12. senior says:

    I was thinking that since you are becoming a significant personality here in Hollywood you should ask your agent to investigate your participation in Dancing with the Stars!!! Although I don’t watch this program I would be persuaded if I knew you were a contestant.

  13. animalntaz says:

    With boots like that, you could probably trade in a ruler for a yardstick to do a bit of spanking! :mrgreen:

  14. runawayscott says:

    Wow that does bear (bare?) a striking resemblence to our dear teacher.

  15. antonio_davila78 says:

    When is about marina, there is no space for “rather this than that” all
    of marina es excellent. If I had such a sexy teacher I would have
    graduated with suma cum laude.

  16. Chemikal says:

    Cool question Diana asked in her post:
    “Which kind of sexy are you?”
    And a cool question deserves a cool answer,
    so I’d like to anticipate Marina’s answer! :D
    “I’m all kinds of sexy.” :mrgreen:
    And imo, that’s exactly right! :cool:

  17. The girl likes asking questions and then answering them. :mrgreen:
    Are we Hot for Words? Yes!

  18. wyo550 says:

    Sure, in a superficial way, the image resembles Marina. But to me, it’s the depth of Marina’s consistent hard work and the happy sharing of her knowledge with adoring fans that makes her so compelling as a real person. I remember when I lived in L.A., one day I pulled up next to Hefner’s then girlfriend in her (then) well known blue VW with “BABYBLU” license plates. What was compelling was the way she looked at me for just that moment on Beverly before turning south on either Doheny or Robertson. She knew I recognized her and briefly smiled at me. It’s that acknowledgment of each of her fans that see in Marina’s communication, day after day. That’s what’s sexy because it allows for a depth of fantasy that superficiality doesn’t provide- except to the inexperienced. Funny thing about that intersection in L.A. I also saw Rod Stewart in his Porsche (which was later carjacked from him and Alana on Sunset and made him swear off L.A. for good) I began to imagine it as a magic intersection- but those were the only “people” I ever saw there. As an artist I’m REALLY curious about the technique that was used to make this illustration. It looks like a digitized and shaded photograph. It’s very very good and indeed MAY be inspired by our dear teacher! How cool if she’s inspiring art and spinning her growing presence into other art forms! Someone ought to cut and paste Marina’s face on it, smiling at the viewer. THAT would be “Sexy”…but just in a silly sort of way…which is fun too!

    • wyo550 says:

      Typo: It’s the fantasy of ‘acknowledgment’ to each of her fans that we all see in Marina’s communication, day after day. That’s what makes her really fantasy sexy. Because on any day, we think she could be looking over at our “virtual car” (like the lucky ZAWMER below) and smiling with a comment of her own before disappearing until the next lesson. Very cool. I can imagine a future entertainment algorithm that allows real time entertainers to receive online comments that the stuido computer filters with keywords and phrase recognition… into a hierarchy of “top responses” so that the talent then seems to reply personally to one comment- but thousands of people all think it was “their” comment which the talent is elevating to broadcast. Wow…there’s a script component for my novel. Ah inspiration! Thanks Marina! That’s REALLY sexy!

  19. ilikesexytime says:

    ya kind of. get more naked tho

  20. swampwiz says:

    I’d like to see Marina dress up like this. I prefer looking at a woman’s inner thigh rather than her cleavage.

  21. stigmatasaurus says:

    FYI, in case you didn’t find it on her site, Diana is battling clinical depression.

  22. PageDoll says:

    Whats up with the kneepads built right into the boots?! :shock:

    I really dig your hair in your most recent twit pics. Its just sooo cute. :wink:
    You should do a few lessons with your hair in that style, if only for a change of pace, ya know? :cool:

  23. onlycasperman says:

    Are you really sexy teacher?

  24. freebird says:

    I read that article and I disagree with the writer. The use of the cleavage thing… in my mind is wonderful! :shock: :grin: Not dirty… just a little “no-cost-extra” for our added entertainment. :shock: :mrgreen: The teacher’s outfits for class are always tasteful… (mind you… some of the added pics are bit provocative).

    How could hotforwords work if you had some hairy under-armed girl with no tits and bad teeth??? :?: :grin: :shock: :mrgreen:

  25. greatestpotential says:

    Well, whoever rendered that pic is obviously a rubber fetishist, not that I’m knocking that or anything. :lol:

  26. Che Volay says:

    I can see Russia from my porch :mrgreen: also I can see your ‘hook ups’ :shock:

  27. leonard says:

    The bubbletweet was neat. Love you too…twittle-de-dum :wink: :razz: :mrgreen:

  28. leonard says:

    Bus rides…I guess, I’m… with out an education…


    the boots? :roll: Song 4 Marina…NANCY SINATRA – THESE BOOTS ARE MADE FOR WALKING :grin:

  29. bsomebody says:

    I really hope that nobody is trying to peek under the bottom of the monitor.

  30. neuroway says:

    She’s really gorgeous, there’s no doubt about it. But should she be allowed to teach to little children?

  31. originalistrick says:


    Where does the host of that site get off (again, pun intended) accusing me of “virtually masturbating” to your lessons? I’ve never noticed her here when I was online. And I honestly don’t know how to “virtually masturbate.”
    I think the “article” was basically positive, but really.
    Interesting, I suppose.

  32. BillyB says:

    Boots, with knee pads… won’t ask.
    Must have wheels that clamp on the bottom of those boots… yeah that’s it, roller skating at recess in the schoolyard.

  33. originalistrick says:

    Good God! It more than “sort of” looks like you!
    (Love the stockings and garters, wink-wink)

  34. zawmer says:

    The fact that she’s reading a book called “Histry Pope” takes all the sexiness out of it.

    • Marina says:

      Good eyes there zawmer! :oops:

      • leonard says:

        The bubbletweet is sweet…next Marina, you could make up— a sour pucker and bitter taste….a pair to share

        scope the pope, hope is dope and cope the slope…hang on to the rope, soap for your mouth ..oups~~no no no nope!!


      • fredjr says:

        The tweet with The V. P. Was it for real?

      • hs4mm says:



        It was only a little while ago that I saw the link to the website of the female who created that image. Here’s my impression of her:

        She {the creator of that image} hates males, thinks they rule the world unfairly, and seeks to use her sexuality to express her contempt of males. Her arguments are shallow bull-shit.



        • thegorn says:

          Hs4mm , your impression of her is off base . “did you read her bio” except – Learnt the word Acceptance when my mother remarried my one and only father when I was 9 years old. I’ve never regarded him as my step-father because he raised me up and is responsible for the women that I am today. I’ll share with you what he has nurtured me.
          Seem to me she was only expressing a genuine concern for younger viewers and might see the written comments that come through the channel in question.
          Also she was looking for feed back from her viewers may be marina gave her some I don’t know. But , some of her comments were favorable I guess you can’t always agree on everything.

        • greatestpotential says:

          I see an image of a teacher in protective gear sitting on a towel reading about the history of popes and the papal, so-called men of high morals yet a thorough reading of history tells us otherwise. It’s about education. The teacher’s sexual juices flow as she reads on, thus the towel is neccessary to soak up wetness and keep from getting the desk stained.

          • hs4mm says:

            Two points:

            1) You did not catch the spelling mistake even after zawmer pointed it out, and after Marina commended him.

            2) My comments were not made based on seeing the picture — my comments had to do with what I found at the website of the person who made the picture (or at least, sent the picture to Marina).

          • greatestpotential says:

            I didn’t see it as a spelling mistake. I saw it as an efficient use of word spacing. Since the “O” was left out of “History” specifically for those more intellectually “in the knw”

    • awwwwwwwww!! how cute shes a guardian angel… :mrgreen:

    • hs4mm says:

      Great zawmer! If you visited the web-site of the female who made that picture, you will find lot more reasons to dislike that picture — see Comment 2.3.1.

    • greatestpotential says:


      Read “Sex Lives of the Popes” by Nigel Cawthorne

      Book Description:

      ‘Nothing is so powerful in drawing the spirit of a man downwards as the caresses of a woman’ – St Augustine ‘Soliloquies’ In the last 2,000 years the Popes have set the sexual agenda for almost a quarter of the world’s population. But while preaching chastity from on high many have practised something altogether more dissolute. The Pope was the most powerful man on earth. He was a man with a direct line to God and there was no one who could tell him he could not sleep with whoever he wanted. There was a female Pope too, this only became apparent when she gave birth in the street. Added to that there have been pornographers, homosexuals, paedophiles, womanisers, perverts and good old-fashioned adulterers who have occupied the Holy See. A new, updated edition of this best-selling title, Sex Lives of the Popes is a humorous expose of papal promiscuity.

    FIRST! holy gorgeous sexy teacher, that does look like Marina.

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