Nerd Word of the Day: Twitterati

twitt-er-atiToday’s Nerd Word of the Day is: ¬†Twitterati

The Twitterati are the Twitter elite, who have tens of thousands of followers on Twitter.

My favorite member of the Twitterati is currently: shaq_avatar_biggerjpgTHE_REAL_SHAQ at 211,661 followers.

He is HILARIOUS, in that, oftentimes, he’ll be eating in a restaurant somewhere, and he’ll twitter, that the first twitterer (a real word, by the way) to come up to him will get 2 free tickets to the game!

gorby-and-me_biggerjpgThat, alone, is one of the most creative uses of Twitter! I commend him for that!

Yours truly has a LONG way to go before ever becoming a member of the Twitterati :-)

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54 Responses to Nerd Word of the Day: Twitterati

  1. niteowl says:

    Sometimes I wonder if you’re a twit because you twitter, or that I’m a twit because I don’t.

  2. leonard says:

    Maybe text musical [notes, doeC, rae(y)D, & mee, :eek: E,meme]DEVO – Girl U want / Gates of steel…a song, to get you-twitters-a-humming…have a good sleep :lol:

  3. thoughtforwords says:

    hmm Twitterpated was from Bambi i think. whatever.

  4. Captain Jack says:

    That, alone, is one of the most creative uses of Twitter! I commend him for that!

    This is not the first time someone has tried this. Jason of “The Jason Calacanis Weblog” has put up a prize almost a year ago (March 15,08).

  5. Captain Jack says:

    So I was twittering Stanley Burrell (aka MC Hammer) and he mentioned to me that he served in the Navy with Patron (Patrol Squadron) Forty Seven (VP-47). I was like wow cool! A shipmate! So I wikied him and discovered he was a Aviation Store Keeper. I was a Store Keeper as well for part of my short Navy career. I have plans to meet up with him for lunch the next time I visit San Francisco area. Funny thing about twitter. You never know who you might have the opportunity to run into. If it wasn’t for twitter I may have never known.
    You can follow MC Hammer here

  6. areyoukidding says:

    If you didn’t have big boobs no one would care

    • leonard says:

      You are lying…areyoukidding!!! …Hey, fella’…do not insult how us HOTferworders learning ways…a boob you are :mad: :shock: Marina and The REPUBLIC of LEXICON…RULES…and I is a not a goating !*!*!*!*!*!

      • pennsyltucky9 says:

        Don’t waste your time, Leonard. This is probably just a reincarnation of a person once called hdvideo, who used to come on here just to call Marina’s boobs “fake” and see who she could piss off.

        It’s probably a jealous wife or a pitifully sad, unattractive, or unloved person who needs attention in the worst way, and I mean the WORST way. Take a closer look at that comment. This commenter clearly isn’t a man. I’m guessing that she doesn’t have big boobs, so “no one cares.”

    • leonard says:

      “If you can count your money, you don’t have a billion dollars.” – J. Paul Getty 1892-1976…oil out…. “”areyoukidding says: 17 :roll: :roll: :roll: March 2, 2009 at 10:30 pm
      If you didn’t have big boobs no one would care”"…what school are you spying for???? I care, …soul you better [CARE}_:-)(-:{-:{:-)

  7. Che Volay says:

    Where are you getting these words?

  8. errin says:

    I’ve worked with the ‘Real Shaq’ a few years back as a recording engineer on one of his rap albums, and he is a very down to earth, friendly person, so it is no surprise he is tops on Twitter.

    I checked out Twitter and got in then out of it in the space of one day. While I did enjoy the way you could use twitter to comment on other people’s pics (as a Mystery Science Theater 3000 fan, I have enjoyed humorously captioning photos online for years), but didn’t find much use for it beyond that.

  9. I don’t twitter. I lost interest in all that kind of fluff and poofery with coComments… Whatever happened to that, by the way? Did the novelty finally wear off? :mrgreen:

    • leonard says:

      twitter is new life… :mrgreen: twitter should be a boom in and on, :lol: with that of, the inner city communications… :!: I think the “airheads” have found a new “”, :shock: or an inside; to a new behavior in an enviromental service arena serve, by an inside, void by self analysis and respected by mass ego sharing. :idea: Twitter texts, expects and inspects as an examination peers justice…follow me!*!…PEEP MY PEEPER :oops: :roll: :oops:[ ps ] twitter for lo0ve.

      Nerd Word of the Day: Twitterati

  10. tomping61 says:

    MARINA–twitter me not !! :roll: :???:

    Marina said:
    “Yours truly has a LONG way to go before ever becoming a member of the Twitterati ”

    Marina, you shouldn’t have said that, cause some jerk is just going to graph your rising success in Twitter. Ohhhhh, look, here is that number jerk now. That guy is way too obsessed with numbers. We need to have him look at more HotForWords videos.
    Marina’s Twitter Followers. :mrgreen:

    • Oh yeah, I forgot, in the graph above, the scale on the Left is the followers, and the scale on the Right is the updates.

    • originalistrick says:

      Rock n’ Roll, PK! I had to laugh while reading Marina’s words because I immediately thought “I bet pedanticKarl starts tracking this.”
      And Marina, don’t sell yourself short. A year or so, and it’ll be just like your site!

    • Captain Jack says:

      Your such a young grasshopper. I’ve been graphing Marina’s followers for months.
      This is my graph.
      Though I don’t have as many followers as Marina, I do have a large growth rate. Marina added +80 as of March 2nd and I added +63. I have to work directly in tweeting to get my followers were as Marina does it through her website and popularity.

      • originalistrick says:

        Hey, I’m trying. I only found Marina last fall (after a Factor episode, actually). I’m still catching up on all her previous lessons.
        Can you believe I had never owned a computer until last March? I can consistently power it up now!

        • Captain Jack says:

          I hope you take no offence for my reply was to PK. I had type my reply a day ago but had not push the submit button. I always have like 20 webpages open at one time.

          Congrats on getting a computer. You will find soon wonder how you communicated without one for so long.

          • originalistrick says:

            Yeah, you know, today I heard of this thing called email…reckon I’ll check it out…

            Seriously, I am having a ball – learning a lot from messing around with everyone here. And excuse me for busting in there.

        • Captain Jack says:

          No Problem. Happy your here. :mrgreen: You’re going to be so addicted to your computer and the internet, you will find it hard to walk away. Don’t worry about not knowing how things work. I started programing in grade school and my head is still spinning.

  12. Chemikal says:

    I like the Shaq too!
    And Kobe loves Shaq!
    Marina, I promised yesterday that I’ll type2u tomorrow, and I have 2 more minutes left from today, so I barely made it! :P
    10 hours of shcool, and another 2 of homework, are the bizzle for me right now. And to top that, Wednesday and Thursday I’ll have auto exams. (first written, then traffic)
    Hope I can keep up with all of this… (wondering how you’re coping…)
    Well, I’m gonna get some late, midnight dinner, and head to bed. I’ll be sure to check back tomorrow, for a new lesson! :-)

  13. fatbuffalo says:

    Is twitter that fun ? :shock: it still loads very slow , not until google buys it in the near future like James said

  14. Che Volay says:

    All we ever get from you are pictures of food.

  15. bsomebody says:

    I have yet to take the twitter plunge. I am skeered I will waste waaaaaaaaay too much time. I spend too much time at HFW as it is. :roll:

  16. James says:

    How long do y’all think it will be before Google “acquires” Twitter for an undisclosed sum of money?

  17. James says:

    oftentimes?? I can’t believe that’s a word! :shock:

  18. vic_rattlehead says:

    This is the first time I hear the word “Twitter”

    I think germany is not as far as The US^^

    • Captain Jack says:

      No, it’s because you live in a cave. Just kidding.. :-)
      I have gaming friends from Germany that clued me in about twitter. I rejected it for I thought it would never catch on but one gal said it would be useful to coordinate gaming times with the use of our cellphones.

      • vic_rattlehead says:

        the thing is , that i don’t really play computer games online (infact im going to sell my Xbox 360, i need the money for a new guitar :smile: ) so i never heard it in my life :O

        • Captain Jack says:

          I don’t think I played on an xbox 360. Well maybe once at a store. I’ve pretty much stopped playing any games. I’m just too busy with other interesting things that produce some kind of result to better someone or me.
          Here in the US the news covers the use of twitter quite a bit. I think they like it for its a great source of news. The first ever recored post of the airline crash in the hudson river was from a twitter. Many emergency responders are using twitter to coronate rescue operations and the like. It’s a strange new tool I might say. I’m still learning how to use it.

  19. niteowl says:

    Yeah, I would say just a few.

  20. bigbhd95 says:

    :lol: 0key doke

    • bigbhd95 says:

      :mrgreen: Marina our dear teacher :cool: is also part of the Glitteratti :twisted:
      and the :shock: Illuminatti :oops: We all LOVE her :evil:
      B.B. :cool:

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