Here is the origin of the word sexy as mentioned by Paris Hilton as her favorite word.  Plus, how sex became a verb.

This is my first foray into using the green screen, which was a LOT of fun!

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Here is the Paris Hilton interview.

Extra credit.. what does the symbol below stand for?



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  1. Anonymous says:

    non c’est pas lui. :-|

  2. Anonymous says:

    je peux aire ffffffffffffffffffff comme si je te connaissais. scoobyddoo happy ending? die!

  3. Erick Vekten says:

    Ahh… As someone said below, is the Uranus symbol, even for astronomy and for astrology. Is the representation for the greek god of heaven, dominated by the sun (the circle) and the power of mars (the spear). ;-)

  4. red_cresent_moon says:

    The guess symbol is related to the Circumpunct symbol but i have never seen that symbol before. Oh well no credit for me! :|

  5. Venomrock67 says:

    :| I actually thought that it was a military symbol for “machine gun” or “machine gun placement” :roll:

    StupiD SpoileD WhorE=Paris Hilton. :mrgreen:

    Sexy and Intelligent=Marina and HotForWords :razz: :cool:

  6. denechek says:


  7. the shaun says:

    For the extra credit, that stands for something sexy: Uranus! lol

    I had to make that joke. . The other one is Earth, but I just think of sniper scope cross hairs when I see that.

  8. zinnaku says:

    homework: the symbol stands for Earth

    Extra Credit: that symbol is derived from the combination of the mars and sun symbols. ( it might also be a Uranus symbol)

  9. wfpot says:

    Hello, Marina. I would like to know the origin of the word [disgruntled], meaning not happy with the situation. I often tell people I am gruntled, meaning happy, but they always ask what is wrong, not getting the little play on words. I cannot find a word [gruntled] in the dictionary, however.



  10. wolfcore1 says:

    High Noon LOL!!

  11. chiselstone says:

    I know most are concerned with what word Marina is going to do next.
    But I’m concerned that I saw a tattoo on Marina’s arm….. I hope it’s not real……. :sad: :sad: :sad: Please say it isn’t so :sad:

  12. thoughtforwords says:

    Paris? bah. Marina, yah.

  13. suprstock says:

    swiss army

  14. smajorusa says:


  15. thegorn says:

    I’ll go with primeval symbol for uranus…

  16. greekm8 says:

    Hey our trusty hotforwords.
    I’d like to ask the origin of the word [cocktail].

  17. kennyg440 says:

    Marina, it was brought to my attention that i was not proper in my previous word request, so i am re-posting.
    i would like to know the origins of the word [ Cunnilingus ]
    also, i couldn’t find the correct spelling for [ Phallacio ], the origins of which is more obvious to me than cunnilingus.

  18. John says:

    Marina Here is your symbol for extra credit

    42:30 · A sign for the planet Uranus. The sign for this planet is usually drawn 41a26. See 41a26 in Group 41:a for further information regarding this planet and its role in the most common of the symbol systems.
    As the previous entry sign 4221 has also been used as a time sign to signify morning, consisting of the sign for the sun, 2609, and its rising, 0419.
    The same structure, but with the arrow pointing downward, signifies evening.
    It is also used in modern military ideography as a sign for machine gun or machine-gun placement.

    From “”

  19. James says:

    I have just seen spricket24 mention that there is a YT glitch not calculating views properly… Makes sense now, marina makes a video called sexy, and so far its only got 310000 views

  20. psychomax13 says:

    can you please investigate the word [Turkey]? is there anything to do with the [turkey] the bird and the country [TURKEY]. By the way, Turkey is supposed to be normally “Turkiye”.

  21. lannymcs says:

    I would like to request

    [tchotchkes] or [chochky] , a small trinket

  22. hotfor_hotforwords says:

    Since you conclude with it often and it is now in my head all the time, Marina, how about the phrase [ There you go. . . ]

    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      I don’t think it is possible to research something that is so commonplace as a phrase like that. There has to be some “hook” that makes it stand out and be recognized as special in order for it to be documented adequately enough to provide the basis of research.

      There you go…

  23. mrrelease says:

    I would like to request the word [Jiggy]

  24. mythman says:

    Alas, I have not the time to joy in thy “sexy”; but faith! I WILL rise again!

    Just now I have a … word—I’m not sure if it’s a ‘word-request’ or a ‘word-gift,’ but …

    The word is ‘comment-bookmark.’ See, I was debating with a friend as to whether we still ought to call Xomblurbs ‘social bookmarks’ (as they are commonly much-much more than ‘the links you post to a site with text that’s more “title” than “comment”‘).

    My friend cited the ‘original definition’ of a Xomblurb (the definition written back when Xomba was [scarcely] more than ‘an idea for a way to invest in “Google AdSense/AdWords”-etc.’), but I strengthened my disagreement with the suggestion of a ‘new word’ (comment-bookmark) and a link to you who are the Matrix of all my words!

  25. that is the symbol of the neonazis :evil:

    • fatbuffalo says:

      From wiki :
      “Many Neo-Nazi groups use the sun wheel to represent the Aryan race because this symbol was used by the Indo-Europeans in ancient times as far back as the 2nd millennium BC.”

  26. James says:

    GRR My stupid video better upload this time!

    • neuroway says:

      Depends on the speed, Chacha, depends on the speed.

      Corners ain’t no easy stuff to negociate!

      • Right is right, what’s left is wrong :mrgreen:
        Today is a milestone. USA has lost all GNP
        earned since ’97. None of this is on Bush.
        All of this is on Obama and Congress.
        The “experts” predict it will drop to 5000,
        but they don’t say when. This means a drop
        to 3000 by July. Once it goes there, the
        world markets will have a cascade failure.
        This is the calm before the storm, enjoy it :grin:

        • I have already been living a starving life. They better cut me my check!!!(I am not talking about the stimulus check my lawsuit money. If they have enough money to give away they better cut me my millions and fast!! ) :shock: :razz: :mrgreen: Doug once the stock market crashes what do you see next???

          • Did you realize that the money earmarked for all of Obama’s spending amounts to $10,000.00 out of every man, woman and child’s pocket?
            Could you imagine the stimulus the economy would get if you gave that money to the people? A family of four – given $40,000 to spend?
            You could pay off your debts, feed your family and still have enough left to start a meaningful savings account – maybe educate your children, huh?
            When the stock market crashes, world markets will go down in less than a week, at best. The “experts” say within 24 hours.
            When the World markets crash, it’ll be conflagration.
            Banks will close. Money will have no value. Gold will have no value (can’t eat it.) Public schools will close. Stores will close. Washington DC will burn.
            People will spend their days trying to find food.
            The neighbor’s doggy will look mighty tasty!
            (Gorby’s safe – no meat on him… :mrgreen: )

        • fredjr says:

          Question: Where can one find a hole deep enough to weather this storm? Seems the same policies as in the late 70s and early 80s.

          • Can you be specific? I lived through those decades and NEVER saw anything from those years that come even close to the policies of Obama!
            Remember 55 MPH? If that was such a good idea then, why not now?
            I would like you to tell me of any 70′s-80′s policy you are talking about. Can you do it, or are you just shining me with some babble (like I think you are) ?

        • thegorn says:

          maybe we could start a soylent green factory…

  27. Hi!
    The circle quartered could be: basic element
    (earth,water,air and fire),or the basic pattern of the medicine wheel.
    Bye bye

  28. leonard says:

    (+) 266 days =[9, months]***march,1-2-3-4-5,July-6-7-8-9,November=March10 t about December10—(+)—Fire of Mars—earth—water—air—4 is more

    To the parents of HotForWords and conception ,Thanks for producing our TEAcher. 4 = (+)=12 months[menses]WATER is Fire.., for Marina{pisces and sagiTtarius}…spring of april 1st is a new year(jan1st)

    …extra credit would be to be careful ***** reading that Lawerence character..[charad]..[charming]…and not CHASTEN :razz:

  29. James says:

    And you drink tea Marina! Very good Lady M….. Although Ladylike, a tea strainer is not needed at this point as long as it’s Twinings that’s fine :)

  30. For those wanting to know how Marina handles the bad and the good comments on her videos, read the article in the Swiss magazine. (Google translation)

    Marina gives some good advice she learned from a 14 year old.
    Loved the article.

    • James says:

      That was the best article I have ever seen…. Marina, I know I am your child and [protegé] but I would go on a date with you anytime… I could do with a holiday soon too.! X

    • James says:

      If its swiss why does it say german? Is there not a language caled swiss

    • James says:

      Whoops. So much for me thinking the swiss had thier own language

      • Actually, James, there is a kind of Swiss language, sort of.

        Here is a quote:

        Did you learn that they speak German in Switzerland? That’s a common misconception! In Switzerland they speak Swiss German, and that’s something completely different. Swiss German has its own pronunciation, many different words, its own grammar, and most Germans have difficulty understanding this funny language.

        The German-speaking Swiss write standard German, that’s true – there is no Swiss German official language (but still some literature, e-mails etc. using the dialect). The Swiss can also speak standard German very well, but to them it’s a foreign language that they have to learn how to use when they start school.

        • Che Volay says:

          Canadian French is a little like that. Canadian French sounds retarded to French Nationals.

        • vic_rattlehead says:

          Oh yeah “we” call it “Schweizerdeutsch”^^
          Its nearly as horrible as Dutch, it just sounds like a Dtrunk AND stoned German :grin:

        • alex says:

          yeah, well … people are arguing about if swiss german is a variant / variety of german. i think the common approach is to say that there are three varieties of german: the german spoken in germany, the one spoken in austria, and the swiss one.
          the question arises what a dialect or language is. which demands have to be met to be able to say, this is a language? you could argue that the dialect spoken in, say, the saarland is actually a language (this is, of course, a simplification as there is no “saarlandish dialect”, but two main dialects: moselle franconian and rhenish franconian). however, there are major (syntactical, phonological, and morphological) differences b/w those dialects and standard german.
          dialectology is a very exciting and interesting subject.

            Hey aLex, great stuff. Thanks for the information and for someone like me who is not in the field of linguistics, languages, etc., it is of great interest to me and I find it very fascinating.

            By the way, you have been honored twice now on p5 in the YT Videos Forum. Look at the first video at the top of p5 and this one. To understand the context, read the comment above mine, and the video above that.

        • BillyB says:

          I worked for a couple of guys from switzerland,”Bob & Oscar”… spoke english fluently, but they had a lot of German customers who owned fine German automobiles. When they discussed with each other the problems with the owners car, in front of them, they reverted to conversing in their Swiss German dialect, thus prevented the customers from acctually knowing what was said about their car… then when the conversation was aimed back to the customer “Bob & Oscar” explained in standard German what they wanted to reveal about the problems. They also did it for fun sometimes.
          How does “HFW Bob” understand plain english at home in his bonnie nieghbourhood, I couldn’t understand this without reading it.
          Welsh & other accents are hard to understand sometimes too.
          Only Canadians don’t have accents.

  31. hutchiee says:

    Way to keep enhancing the site. Every week I find something new that you’ve done. So cool with having the gravatars show up on the recent comment bar on the right.

    Another interview with HotForWords in Switzerland in the “Blick Am Abend” (Glance at Night) magazine, in German.


  33. cufan71 says:

    :cool: Extra credit: The symbol stands for that politically incorrect planet! :mrgreen: Uranus :mrgreen:

  34. James says:

    Also marina, at the end of the video does gucci have 2 ice cream cones on his ears?

  35. James says:


  36. jibmaster says:

    Hi Marina! I have a question about a word. My online name is jibmaster. I once tried to get my license plates customized to read jibmstr. DMV denied my request saying it was racist.
    I know of several different meanings for the word jibmaster, but have not known it to be racist.
    Could you research the word [jibmaster] for me?


  37. quiggles says:

    Dear Marina!

    Great video and what a cool new tool! I love your use of symbols! There is an informative catalogue of symbols at

    Cheers, Q

    p.s. Do you allow us to use HTML code to insert symbols in this blog? If so, how?

    p.p.s What’s the meaning of my gravatar symbol? :smile:

    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      There are certain symbols, letters and other non-keyboard characters, called entities. They have been given codes which may be inserted into text by simply typing them in one of two ways — a named-entity code or a numbered-entity code, as shown here, for example. One is “&”, which shows as &, the ampersand. I have heard that some browsers will show the numbered better than the named, but I have no info on that. Note that some characters that one might expect to be on the list, such as the comma, semi-colon and period are not entities; you must type them with the keyboard.

      If a symbol is not an entity and not on the keyboard, e.g. musical notes, then the only way to show them is to insert a picture of them. Say you wanted a cat symbol. You would have to make a tiny picture or drawing of a cat, put it on some Website somewhere and call it each time you wanted to insert it. Hopefully you would store it on some Web page that will remain useable for a long time, so that if someone read your post two years from now, the symbol would still appear (vs. the dreaded box with a red X in it).

      One last case of symbols are the smilies peculiar to WebPress (this blog) along the top of the dialog box. They are inserted by clicking on them or typing the code that appears when you mouseover the symbol. If you type them, you must remember to insert a space before and after the code, or it will be ignored and not translated into the symbol. Here is an example of that mistake: someabsolutelyhilarioustext:grin:.

    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      Your gravatar has a bird-like look to it with overtones of Irish harp and minora. I have no idea what is means, though.

  38. Che Volay says:

    Last night on the National Geographic Channel a show on code breaking showed the Zodiac Killer used a similar symbol as a signature, the difference being the cross extended outside the circle.

  39. Bob says:

    The circle with the cross inside could be a Celtic cross or an even older symbol of the Earth Element from the Earth-centred religions.

    ELEMENTS: The four basic elements to many pagans are earth, water, air (wind or spirit) and fire. Many consider the first two passive and feminine – and the last two active and masculine. In Wiccan or Native American rituals, the “quartered circle” (also the Medicine Wheel) represents a “sacred space” or the sacred earth. The four lines may represent the spirits of the four primary directions or the spirits of the earth, water, wind and fire.

    The other element symbols are :-
    An empty circle = Fire
    A circle with a horizontal line inside = Water
    A circle with a dot inside = Air or Wind.

    The latter, in Hindu tradition, represents the merging of male and female forces.

    With that in mind, I suggest that the circle with a dot inside and an arrow above represents either someone passing wind or a top-down view of a Mexican after he has spotted Marina. :lol:

  40. John says:

    ….The symbol of the circle with the four quarters represents the (goddess) earth The symbol above would represent sun as male god? I just taking a guesstimate from some looking at various sources for symbols and have not seen this one sun symbol with a spear.

    If you know you will educate us on the extra credit symbol?

  41. gamyui_a says:

    I think this Website very good,I start that like English Words from beautiful teacher.

  42. humblerob says:

    The first symbol in our video

    The sacred circle filled with a cross, four equal lines pointing from the center to the spirits of the north, east, south, and west — or to the basic element: earth, water, air (or wind), and fire. In Native American traditions, it forms the basic pattern of the MEDICINE WHEEL and plays a vital part in major spiritual rituals. Many contemporary pagans consider it their main symbol for transmitting the energy of the goddess

    The other symbol I think has something to do with Air?? possibly

  43. fatbuffalo says:

    very cool lesson Marina
    Hmm , the symbols , kind of makes google impotent . Circle with dot in middle and arrow on the top ….
    The one in the video looks like a [crosshair] in sniper scopes

  44. CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

    The extra credit symbol means there is a Target up the street. :mrgreen:

  45. air-z says:

    MAN,ha…WOMAN,ha ha…EARTH,ha ha ha…DEATH,ha ha ha ha…INFINITY,ha ha ha ha ha…BEN CRAZY!!! fans of BIG CHUCK & little john should get a laugh out of that one… ha ha ha!

  46. greatestpotential says:

    cross symbol could also stand for crystalization of copper sulphate and 5th planetary sphere: Mars
    extra credit: Uranus

  47. thoughtonfire says:

    Dear Miss Marina Orlova,

    Wow! What an awesome lesson episode!!! :cool: I Love the Green Screen :mrgreen:



    “The wheel cross, sun cross, Odin’s cross or Woden’s cross. Nordic Odin and Teutonic Wuotan or Woden was the supreme god of the Nordic religion before Christianity. Odin was the god of art, culture, warfare, and the dead; depicted as an old, one-eyed man with two ravens as his intelligence agents and messengers.”

    And Later,

    “As has been its custom the Christian Church has included this ancient pagan sign among the crosses of its symbolism. It is known as the gamma cross, the Roman Catholic cross, the consecration cross and the inauguration cross. At the inauguration of a church, the bishop, using blessed water or oil, draws the wheel cross at 12 different places on the church walls. Its use as a halo or gloria, i.e. the spiritual power or energy that holy persons emanate, is associated with its original meaning as a sign of power.”

    The symbol has some thing to do with Astrology; and the crossing of the Sun and or the Earth within the Zodiac.

    I read also on that this symbol was as well used by the Alchemists to designate Copper, at one time.

    Because this symbol is the Sun/Earth, and the Sun is AKA Sol, I wouldn’t think it’s a stretch to say that it does represent Anima Mundi.

    Extra Credit: Platinum :mrgreen:

    Your Student,

  48. greatestpotential says:

    extra credit: I’m happy to see you eye :!: :lol:

  49. greatestpotential says:

    Oh, that symbol is the solar cross contained inside a circle, a celtic cross

  50. greatestpotential says:

    :grin: symbol: pizza for four

  51. Marina every body thinks you are high on XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX tasy????? Are you?????????????????????

  52. animalntaz says:

    Here’s some awesome music for the party girl. :cool:

  53. animalntaz says:

    EXTRA CREDIT: I think the symbol in the video is for Earth, and the symbol above might be for… sunrise? :???:

    (or better yet, maybe it is the symbol for “morning wood”) :lol:

  54. hottoddie says:

    Forgive me for being dense, but how is “sexy” or “sex” a verb, except in rap lingo? Sexy is clearly an adjective, and sex as in “the act of . . .” is just another sense of the noun, no?

  55. hs4mm says:

    Ellipses, in English Grammar and elsewhere, are 3 dots . So one would have:

    Extra credit … what does the symbol below stand for?

    In the above, the ellipses are being used to delay completion of the thought (the sentence) thereby building suspense.

    Also, I am not sure, but one might need a colon after the question mark (?:) — but maybe the colon is optional in such situations and best removed to avoid an excess of punctuation marks.

    • hs4mm says:

      While on the subject of grammar, the square bracket is a grammatical symbol. So the question is: Does the use of square brackets on HFW for word-requests mean that the use of square brackets for their grammatical role be avoided? I have been assuming this is the case. As far as I know, {curly brackets} are not part of English grammar; so use of curly brackets for word origin requests would leave the use of square brackets for their grammatical role.

      • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

        Too late! These things are not always thought out ahead of time. Perhaps M was influenced by the existing local use of the curly brackets by its denizens.

        {CK scratches his head, but can’t think of any better enclosing marks.}

        • hs4mm says:

          Are you often as [cynical] as you have been lately, or did something happen in your life recently that has triggered this bout of cynicism? [cynic]

          • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

            Well, my giant cat died; she could barely walk and rarely made it to the litter pan, but I have one very normal cat left. My 88-year old mom just broke her hip by leaning in on and falling in with her unlocked front door. But she had a half hip replacement yesterday (which makes two) and is doing well. So that can’t be it.

            Then I saw that tattoo thing on M’s left arm. Gave me the creeps. That must be it.

          • bsomebody says:

            CK, it’s good to see you have your priorities in order. :roll:

  56. kristie009 says:

    That’s the astronomical symbol for Uranus. Yay! I’m gonna get the extra credit. :smile:

  57. doomdragon says:

    I am requesting the word nipple. :smile:

  58. hs4mm says:

    Extra credit: that which you neglected forgot (see below).

  59. The green screen foray worked!
    Now, if we could only get you into a bikini on a surf board with the Pacific surf breaking in the background…
    OH! I know! Word request: [gidget] :mrgreen:

  60. neuroway says:

    Blimey! Oh, lovely jubbley!! Giddyup!

    Wot is dot? Catchy!

    Da SYMBOL!!! Oh! Da SYMBOL is there! Come on now! Word up! :eek: :!:

  61. danielpool says:

    HI Marina the symbol is for the earth. Why everyone has their own explanation for it ? I Like your green screen effects good job. I remember your last tattoo when you changed your name to & or ampersand you had a tattoo of & on your arm. Are you playing around :lol: :lol:

  62. leonard says:

    cartoon of chatterly’s lover :grin: *** :razz: The 4 Quadrants

    PS..small pot leaf covering the male :lol:

    very interesting, the revolution of not working, i think d.h. said it..+:-)

  63. jjrakman says:

    Word Request:


    • bsomebody says:

      Does a martini help you when you are hunting ghosts? Perhaps offering the ghost a martini could help the interview process. Is it more difficult to interact with a drunk ghost?
      Hmmm… would that be a spirited spirit? :roll: I should stop, now, before I get stupider and stupider and…

  64. Marina….
    When did you get your tattoo?
    Do you have any others? and If so.. Where?

    What is the Tat of?
    Do you have any piercings?

  65. You ARE sexy but I am [Aroused] are you going to feel it???

  66. pandion says:

    Why is Pairs Hilton famous?
    Other than the infamous video has she ever done anything?
    It seems she is famous just for being famous.

    I am curious about the tattoo on Marina’s arm.

  67. daboilermaker says:

    lol does it stand for the newest symbol created for the next most popular Pizza Parlour?

  68. spasat says:

    Marina, what the heck is that on you left arm – please tell us that it’s not permanent !!

  69. tomping61 says:

    MARINA-the cross inside the circle is the symbol for earth.each planet has a symbol.tom-staten island. :shock: :mrgreen:

  70. thegorn says:

    I think I Know What you mean… ” l __ O “

  71. cufan71 says:

    :cool: Marina your thumbnail reminds me of an Indian head coin ! :smile:

  72. kennyg440 says:

    i would like to request the origins for the words, Cunalingus & Phallacio

    • bsomebody says:

      If you open up a Word document, you can type a word on it press your [f7] key, and it will spell-check it for you. You may also want to read the directions for word requests (the red letters just above the comment box) and follow them if you want your request taken seriously. Then again, you just might want to stick your tongue in a blender, I dunno. :roll:

      • kennyg440 says:

        thanks for pointing out my incorrect spelling, not every one can be a genius like you. and as i am not a giraffe, sticking my tongue in a blender is quite impossible. perhaps you could show me how it’s done, bsomebody.

  73. excited4etymology says:

    Obviously that lattermost symbol is the BMW logo.

    hehe. j/k it looks kind of celtic…or cross hairs of a scope.

    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      Nope. The BMW symbol has two opposing of the four quarters darkened. I have heard that the latter represents a spinning propeller, but it looks to me like a target used on engineering drawings. They are used to specify exact physical spots, say on layers of a printed circuit board, to make sure all layers can be aligned by the board manufacturer. The darkened quarters are there to contrast with the white quarters and make it easier to exactly locate the center point by eye using a positioning scope.

      Notice how I deftly transitioned from a dull subject (cars) to an exciting one (printed circuit boards). :grin:

  74. antonio_davila78 says:

    The last simbol Dear Maestra is known as the “celtic circle”

    CIRCLE (quartered): The sacred circle filled with a cross, four equal lines pointing from the center to the spirits of the north, east, south, and west — or to the basic element: earth, water, air (or wind), and fire.

    In Native American traditions, it forms the basic pattern of the MEDICINE WHEEL and plays a vital part in major spiritual rituals. Many contemporary pagans consider it their main symbol for transmitting the energy of the goddess.

    Churches have used variations of the same popular shape, usually calling it the Celtic Cross.

    Kisses Teacher.

  75. labbatt78 says:

    Hmmm…Anybody like the song “I’m 2 sexy” by right said Fred?

  76. player says:

    :smile: Marina you are what sexy is all about. Smart,intelligent
    and very beautiful.

  77. lord_oth says:

    Hi this was an awesome lesson as I said over at youtube too. Can you please do the word [marshmallow] It is a very strange word. What does it have to do with a marsh and what is a mallow?

  78. swampwiz says:

    Marina, the tattoo makes you look like a low class sex worker.

  79. swampwiz says:

    Marina, @ 0:27, are you wearing the top part of the bikini? It appears to me that you are topless there. :grin:

  80. r1wolf says:

    Looks like the cross hairs from a sniper scope :twisted:

    How about the term “Beet Red”, aren’t beets more purple?

  81. webcorruptor says:

    Just off of the top of my head, I would have to say the symbol is the earth. I think I also read somewhere that it also means target. Which some use as evidence of ancient alien contact on earth. Because, why would someone use the symbol of a target for the earth unless they were coming from somewhere else. It’s good that Paris went with a small word so that it is one that she can remember. It probably is no coincidence that it is a four letter word. I would have thought she would have used the word “hot” though considering she uses it in her catch phrase so much. One pet peeve of mine is people using the word “sexy” to describe things like cars. I think it shows how warped some people’s values can be. :razz:

  82. bsomebody says:

    I am not sure about that symbol, but the consensus seems to be that it is a combination of physical and spiritual symbols. Problem with symbols is that the same symbol will have various meanings across different cultures from different histories. The circle is most often representative of perfection: heaven, spirituality, the universe, etc. The square is often symbolic of earth, materialistic, or imperfection. That was the idea behind Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man. (hi-res, so it may take a while) This design had been attempted for quite a while, but Da Vinci had the idea to offset the circle and the square, therefore representing man in the center of perfection and imperfection, heaven and earth, the universe and the here and now.
    The cross is one of the most common symbols (it is so easy to make.) It does. however, have some of the same characteristics that made the square symbolic for earth: equal components pointing to the four compass points. I guess the cross could also be symbolic for earth in this manner.

    • bsomebody says:

      Revision, after I actually looked this up. The source I used is An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Traditional Symbols, by J.C. Cooper. It does agree with the commonality of the cross symbol, “A universal symbol from the most remote times; it is the cosmic symbol par excellence.” Under the heading of cross in a circle:

      Solar mobility; the wheel of change; the wheel of fortune…

    • neuroway says:

      The earth symbol is like a graphical FTW. I thought at first that it was a Celtic cross. It can mean so many different things. And the ancients who associated mars and venus to the symbols for man and woman surely didn’t know about the number of volcanoes on each of them. Venus is an inferno with thousands of them. And Mars has the biggest volcano of the solar system, the Mont Olympus.

      Looks like it’s all quiet on the western front for now. No blargument over the symbolology yet. You are ready to pull the rope against the opposition? :smile:

    • Jeorney says:

      The Vitruvian man is also to do with the Golden Ratio and Fibonacci spirals. There’s lots of videos on GoogleVideo & Youtube about this. The vitruvian man is often superimposed over the pentagram, a shape that is an example of the ratio (Phi).

      People perceived as attractive have features conforming to this ratio. Also, the ratio is found everywhere in nature, sound and often music. Even from outer space such as galaxies, through to our very own human genetics.

  83. Chemikal says:

    That’s the simple for Earth, our planet Earth! <3

  84. Chemikal says:

    I fixed my browser problem, pamcikapampam… yea! :D

    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      Be careful with those Pukamine (pamcikapampam) pills. They can cause labored breathing, carpal tunnel syndrome, and bleary eyes.

      Oh, no, wait… That’s what you get trying to be the next No. 1. :grin:

  85. Jeorney says:

    Wow! Chroma key bluescreen techniques. Your getting quite flash Marina :grin:

    What’s that tattoo? Any chance of a close-up view or description :wink:

    Home work:
    The symbol represents our earth. The design probably reflects the four elements & seasons. Also the spring/vernal equinox & summer/winter solstice. Possible connection with the horoscope. The zodiac was originally a kind of calendar to govern yearly activities, especially agriculture & farming.

  86. Chemikal says:

    hehe… I requested this word, over one year ago! :-)
    Glad to see it up here!

  87. avalonknight says:

    The symbol for Earth.

    Also, real nice job with the green screen, must be some really high quality software you’re using.

  88. stigmatasaurus says:

    Yes, that is the symbol for Earth. Extra credit: if you turn the symbol for Venus upside down, you get the symbol for Christ as King of kings, supreme over all the earth.

  89. runawayscott says:

    BTW, good job on using the green screen. It did very well.

  90. runawayscott says:

    That symbol was a sun or solar cross. It’s one of the oldest symbols in human history. But in astronomy it is the symbol for the EARTH.

  91. Spinachman says:

    Please tell us that it’s a temporary tattoo. :shock: :shock:

  92. runawayscott says:

    Marina, did you get a tatoo? I thought I saw it on your arm. If you haven’t done it already I would like to request the word [TATOO]

  93. mjleyba says:

    can you find the origin of [shoot the shit]

  94. jura says:

    Ooh Marina, when did you get that tattoo? I swear I’ve never seen it before. Is it a temp?

  95. Spinachman says:

    If you take the symbol and roll it 45 degrees… it is something different… called the Part of Fortune.

    Worldly success and prosperity are associated with the Part of Fortune, which suggests innate abilities and talents–areas of life and qualities that are expressed naturally.

    Mine being… I am good at eating spinach and stating “I Yam what I Yam… oh yah, and chasing Olive around the kitchen with my “skidmark gonch” whirling around on my index finger! :lol: :shock: :lol: :shock:

  96. gstarene says:



  97. smokey36bear says:

    That is the symbol for Earth. I think it comes from the days when the Earth was thought to be the center of the universe.

  98. cufan71 says:

    Homework :cool:
    It’s the symbol for Earth. :grin: Check out what the weather is like right now in my neck of the woods :!: :smile:

  99. originalistrick says:

    Boogitty-Boogitty-Boogitty! Viva Las Vegas Mark Martin!!!

  100. hs4mm says:


    Congratulations, Marina, on the Eve of your Two Year Anniversary of the release of your very first video lesson!


    Not only have you come a long way since then, but with a healthy ambition you are continuing to grow … today, not only did you release a new feature, viz, Nerd Word of the Day you also released your first blue-screened video!




  101. CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

    The circle with the cross in it is the symbol for Earth, or as they say in New Jersey, Oith. The cross represents the lines of lattitue and longitude. The spot in the middle where the lines cross is private and should not be mentioned in polite company. :oops:

  102. hs4mm says:

    1) What is the remark at about 1:09: “something her symbol represents a mirror”? Please explain.

    2) I knew about the astrological symbols. But I had the same notion for the reason for the symbol for male as Gorby had. And this notion leads one to wonder why the symbol for female is as it is!

    3) How about multiple multiple (~1 min ?) lessons to cover all forms of the word sex?

    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      The symbol for female is the circle over the cross, meaning spirit over matter. The original symbol for male was the cross over a circle, meaning matter over spirit, but was later changed to the arrow over a circle, when the former was thought to be too wimpy.

  103. James says:

    Can someone help me…. Very apprropriately (can’t spell that)

    There is a competition to win a ps3 on and I have to go to ebay and find the sexiest peice of clothing possible…. Can anyone help me out

    (nb) I will need a link and it has to be on

  104. Che Volay says:

    Earth symbol, circle with cross inside.

  105. vault says:

    Wow. And I thought Paris was actually quite good looking (don’t ask). Untill I saw her next to you :shock: . Now, I wouldn’t like you to swap places with her, as everyone says she’s a bimbo, but…

    Do I need to say more?

    Thanks for the lesson, always nice to see you evolving and having fun.

  106. James says:

    Paris hilton probably said sexy because that os the only word in her vocabulary along with “porn”

  107. John says:

    cross hair cross hair – “he had the target in his cross hairs”

    Your first foray into using the green screen looks well done for a cherry

  108. CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

    I am left with the feeling that this lesson wasn’t very rigorous. “The word sexy…is 100% American-born.” So where is the explanation of the origin? OK, it was in America somewhere, sometime. That’s as close as it gets? Phooey! And what about the origin of the root word, sex? It’s completely missing.

    I thought that sex as a verb meant to determine the sex of, as in inspecting animals such as chicken hatchlings for gender, which has been done for a long time. And we didn’t even get an example of how it was used as a verb in the book. So which came first, the chicken or the book?

    Who cares what P.H. thinks? Oh, wait… $30,000,000… yeah, her thoughts must be very important. (I guess I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for writing checks. :roll: ) First meh, then FTW, and now the pronouncements of P.H. So far M has overidden the sensational — use sex appeal on YT — with an air of scholarly work, but if she keeps appealing to the fluff-minded twits with “HotforWords Light,” she will lose that and blend in to the noisy YT background. The media will sense this and then there will be no mercy, views or no views.

    Oh, and while I am being (constructively) critical, NO TATTOOS! I hope it is a temporary that will wash off. It is one thing to guild a lilly, but another to put graffiti on it,

  109. petaunot says:

    Hello Marina,

    I have a word request [ bangs ] as in the hair style.

    • Captain Jack says:

      I love [bangs]. I was talking to a young lady about them and she decided to let them grow out for she said it was no longer in fashion. I asked her what she like, she said that she only likes what’s fashionable right now.

      • petaunot says:

        Who dictates what is and what is not in fashion ?
        The media of course but exactly who are they ?
        Something to that extent..

        • Captain Jack says:

          It’s not an easy question to answer for there are many factors the contribute to what is in fashion. Many times it’s started by the stars of popularity. Hollywood actors, fashion models, etc. Media is a big player. Companies pay big bucks to get their products recognized. Many high profile people get their products for free or reduced prices as long as they get mentioned somewhere. Have you heard the comment (This dress is from so and so.)? On important thing I learn is to alway and always follow the money to find the heart of where products become popular. There is a lot of rocket science in marketing. Movies are a big one. In the industry it’s called branded entertainment. Many people by what they see in the movies. How many cars do you see in movies that are new? Some companies even will build a car from a movie prop. Remember the James Bond movie?
          Look at all the kids movies and the products that are sold after the movie. Money is not made in the movies anymore. It’s made in products that relate to the movie. Movies are the new commercials. What’s really interesting about these new commercials is that people are willing to pay $10.00 to watch this stuff. If you look deep into marketing strategies you will find this is very smart marketing.
          Now that said, some products just don’t get popular. Many times it the time a product is released. For example it was not fashionable to produce jelly bean looking cars in the 70′s for people wanted boxy look. Now days most cars look like jelly beans. Scion came out with a boxy van that almost changed the look of autos but later went back to the rounded look. So in closing, it’s part the companies and part us. All of it can be traced to the amount of money exchanged.

        • bsomebody says:

          I agree with Cap that marketing is a strong component of defining fashion. I actually believe that it is the single most defining facet of determining fashion trends. Clothing lines, cosmetic industries, etc. need to create a market for their products. These companies bombard us with what we are supposed to look like, what is cool. Look at how many commercials that show us that baldness is a bad thing, something of which we should be ashamed. Most guys that I know do not really have much of a problem with eventually losing their hair, but these companies try to convince of a need to buy their product.
          Some pop icons will also spark a fashion trend. Remember Madonna in the 80s? We also see this happening from young people mimicking other popular characters. Think of young girls and Disney characters. Hannah Montana, the Olsen twins, etc. How much of this is a consious effort by copyrighted industries to promote and sell their merchandise?
          Some fashion develops through sub- or counter-cultures trying to create or demonstrate an identity. Think of the high school kids today: Goths, punks, rockers, Christian, jocks, the “black, urban” crowd.
          Fashion is a very complex topic, but I am convinced that the vast majority of main-stream, pop fashion is market-driven by the commercialization of certain industries.

  110. bigbhd95 says:

    where can I find the link Marina was talking about :?: in the discription is the link
    to utube for the lesson. B.B. :oops:

  111. originalistrick says:

    Oh, I forgot – the screen effect is cool!

  112. sig says:

    hey, would like to know the origin of the phrase [riding shotgun], as in sitting in the frontseat of a car.

  113. niteowl says:

    Paris Hilton is anything but sexy. You, on the other hand, are exemplary in being sexy (if there is such a thing).

    The tattoo on your left arm is very noticeable. Does that mean the word [tattoo] is coming up anytime in the near future? Do you have any other tattoos….anywhere…that you might like to tell us about? :grin:

    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      Whether or not she is sexy is in the eye of the beholder (and there are 12 billion eyeballs of the human variety to judge that). What is important is that she wants to be perceived as sexy. Imagine, $30M at her disposal and all she wants is fame.

      Wealth is the power to command people who work for wages. What could you achieve if you could just control a few thousand? Edison built a laboratory and did this (with far fewer employees), taking ideas to them like, build this phonograph gadget, and look at all he achieved. The carbon microphone element in telephones was his invention so that people didn’t have to yell into the phone like they did with the original Bell design. And then there was that lightbulb thingy. I guess there is not a thing in her little head; just the desire to pose in front of some step-and-repeat background at every opportunity. What a waste. I suppose that if she ever reproduces, there is always the hope her heirs will not inherit the do-nothing gene and achieve something useful for society with the fortune.

  114. originalistrick says:

    Hot, Dear Teach, very hot!
    The symbol looks like the reticle inside a scope, though I’m sure that isn’t what you’re looking for.
    Lastly, the tatoo. I assume it’s the one in your Twitter pic. Permanent, or temporary?

  115. whitedevil91 says:

    hey marina, i would like to request the word [dude] because me and my friends say it in practically every other sentence and i always wondered what it meant and came from. I’ve been told that its a hairy pimple on an elephant’s a** but if that’s true how did it become a slang term to describe a friend or general person?

  116. stallion5150 says:

    the symbol with the cross inside a circle represents “Eearth”.

  117. bigbhd95 says:

    :shock: hey hey hey :cool: sexy all the way :evil: :oops:
    :mrgreen: :lol: B.B.

  118. bigpine says:

    Is that a new tatoo on your left arm?

  119. seesixcm6 says:

    A circle divided into four is said to represent the four seasons. It’s also the view from a telescopic sight on a rifle. (Some put telescopic sights on handguns.) Or, it could be a sign to cut a cake into four big pieces!

  120. leonard says:

    paris…as France…Marina is super brightest!*!*!*!*!*!

    • leonard says:

      No Dragging Allowed? Hot worders at the sexy race track…I love Coffee…black and wet… :razz:

      symple, pimple and down on Paris’s fart farm

      …free the humors :wink: :???:

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