Guess The Word Game XV

Here is the 15th installment of the Guess The Word Game.

I’m hoping this one will be tough!!!!

OH.. be sure to click through to YouTube, rate and make a comment or two!

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503 Responses to Guess The Word Game XV

  1. Anonymous says:

    vjust listen to your be good, for good. i lol just don’t understand. is it ok? d:)

  2. Guess The Word Game XV Answer

    Posted: 24 Feb 2009 03:10 PM PST

    I just got this today

  3. fatalbert says:

    your so tuff ,wow ,well done,you feel big and omighty… :lol: …i tend to forget the real you untill you remind me..

  4. mand0sa says:

    the word is [narcissism] what if i said i am a good looking guy, do you think i could have a one night stand with you? please state your answer in a complete sentence.

    • leonard says:

      :lol: funny , mandosa…Quote”Don’t be so humble – you are not that great.” – Golda Meir 1898-1978 – to a visiting diplomat “His ignorance is encyclopedic” – Abba Eban 1915-2002…blue tits…hope you have a great day…love your self and others will love with you :lol: [][][]VANITY[][][]…concEit :cool:

  5. fatalbert says:

    I think part of the answer is dullard but you say take off 3 letters and it refers to the picture, well she is not dullard for posing for a photo as you do his often, so I would have to take off the 3 letters you said too, and call it a dull photo. Along the bases of a variety of quality ,in photo wise and towards today’s dress fashion. :?: i had a turn.the rest of the words didnt fit if i took off 3 letters. :oops: fatal bert

  6. cufan71 says:

    :wink: I think it’s [dullard]! :mrgreen:

  7. beaugosse says:

    “Maudlin” ? Ok I vote for it !
    Anyway if not the answer you can have some fun here : 2 hours of fun and humor animated by French (or Francophones) writers All in French ! Maybe Marina you could be invited there ? No ?

  8. Chemikal says:

    I state with certainty that the answer is maudlin
    I’m so sure, I can’t even tell you how sure I am :-)

  9. jerome.rothen says:

    MaUdLiN :)

  10. Jerry says:

    I’d say Maudlin

  11. John says:




  12. leonard says:

    Fichier:Drunk papposilenus Louvre …more imbibers..LadysatyrEuphronios Just a look back. End of winter. :razz: snakes…sit down on the chair maudlin…

  13. skaterguy says:

    Maudlin (helped with some hints :) )

  14. evron says:

    I will go for “maudlin”.

  15. scqqbydoo says:

    Hi Marina!! The answer is………”Maudlin”! Hope I win!!!! :smile:

  16. mrcool1 says:

    Dullard? If I got it right, PLEASE pick me!!! :D

  17. hs4mm says:

    Although this game is hard, it has risen quickly in the most viewed category, and is now in the default horizontal “most viewed” scroller on YT. Currntly on top of page 5 of Popular category. I am curious to see what happens – would be fine with me if no new lesson is posted for a day or two, just to see what happens.

    • hs4mm says:

      Could be people are re-playing the lesson several times to properly understand the question.

      • thegorn says:

        there’s a lot of areas to this puzzle hard to digest all at once.

        you have a well written outline on your answer “maudlin”

        I still go with my answer “garbage” although I could be wrong
        but the meaning of imbibe is more than just drunk if you dig a little deeper its to absorb or to suck up which is where Simmon C. comes in something he hates and applies that controversial name to. As far as the photo taking off the last three letters you get “garb” look it up refering to garments, apparel and furnishings might refer to the chair
        any way this answer seems to plugin to all three areas of the puzzle…

  18. Marina, I like to request that you wear the blouse you had on for the fox tv interview. (valentines day) The yellow one you looked so hottttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. James says:

    Marina, I upload 122kb test file over half an hour ago… It’s still processing now… If you are uploading now good luck. Its going to be a long ride. I also think YT has messed up on its letterboxing….

    • Marina says:

      I uploaded about 45 minutes ago and have been waiting as well!! Arrggh!

      • James says:

        I am buying an hd camera on monday, so if I have to convert it to wmv so I can edit it in movie maker, then re render it in vegas, to get it back up to HD, will I lose some quality? I guess if I do I will have to edit in vegas! NOOOO!!

        Also, I can’t get any proper widescreen going. If you look at my latest video, which after 3 hours of uploading and about 2 hours processing you will see it letterboxed… I did what I always did on this video but it letterboxed. I just made a test title in moie maker as a 720p and it worked fine so maybe it’s time I reinstalled it..

        I don’t know what I do without you sometimes. I think my videos would just be about 1 pixel!

  20. CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

    I have been watching, and so far, every time someone posts one msg higher than a multiple of 40, it posts to a new page. So how come there are some blogs with more than 40 top-level comments on the last page? Or am I just imagining it?

  21. placebo says:

    hi Marina, I have a word suggestion: catharsis.

  22. PageDoll says:

    Hey everybody,
    What nine letter word in the English language is still a word when each of the nine letters is removed one by one? Take a few minutes to try and come up with a nine letter word that fits the bill, then watch the video.


  23. lessa says:

    I would like to request a word [pleroma]. Thanks!

  24. CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

    Q. With respect to Marina, what is the difference between me and a cannible?
    A. One syllable.

  25. toysjoe says:

    This is too hard…
    7 letters
    word created from the name of a person
    Marina is not this word
    Word is combined with those who drink too much
    Simon hates them….


  26. Does anybody know this [superb] thing abount Marina? Marina its a latin root superbus. You don’t need the help, but I thought I would give you some extra time for shopping.

  27. James says:

    I think I will have to give up number 1 spot… I have stuuf to do :-( I aint been 1 for ages oh well.. :lol:

  28. leonard says:

    Beware!*!…Marina says tomorrow is [Spring].. and then what is the next day?…[idiom]…Marina, you should do..[Ides of March]…pretty please with Cake :oops: :wink: :lol:

  29. suprstock says:

    [TA-TAS, leap out of pink dress and take over the world] :lol:

  30. James says:

    Marina, I know you love it… Should I do a video request for [soup]?

  31. bsomebody says:

    I will officially make my guess now: Maudlin, named after Mary Magdalene. The short word is maud (the skirt and the woman’s name.) :grin:

  32. James says:

    Youtube is working again now, I was uploading on the update so it didnt work FOR FUX SAKE ! I am getting :mad: now! 3rd time i have uplaoded this 200mb vid now!! GRR

  33. Evan Owen says:

    WR: [gravitate]

    Our [gravatars] [gravitate] toward Marina! :grin:

    • leonard says:

      Good one, Evan: Do you and when do you, have [eisteddfod]? My guess is mar.bled…marbled—also, who put the ‘R’, in Eos?…Man – Shit on the World – Cambridge Rock Festival –my favorite [welsh], music creators :razz: ***** :razz:…how did mar…bled?

      • Evan Owen says:

        Well, I understood about half of that. [Eisteddfod] literally means “session,” from eistedd, “to sit.” An eisteddfod is a Welsh cultural event featuring song and poetry, with adjudication (judging and evaluation), and awards given to the best performers. At the annual week-long National Eisteddfod, they ban the use of English. Attending it 3 times really improved the rudimentary Welsh of my youth. :cool:

        Gyda llaw (by the way), March 1 is Saint David’s Day — patron saint of Wales! :grin:

        • leonard says:

          Understanding is half of it, Evan. ” Shit on the World ” a song by the band Man, from Wales. What is poetry? With all the language skills and vocabulary…what makes Greek myths into words and did the welsh do that in their old days. Eos = “goddess” of the dawn and mother of the winds and the stars….Eros=Greek god of love. With your skills of going back into another speaking people, I ask; how would the Welsh make up the words eros and eos? As for Mar.bled..marbled….it was a guess for HotForWords…..marb&led or mar&bled…sea,see and no c’s :razz: Thanks and keep up the fine comments

  34. Che Volay says:

    Update on my virus/spyware problem: My CA Security software says it has deleted the Win32 Fake Alert but the warnings are still all over this site and others.
    My desktop lost the ocean theme background and is now solid black, still with my icons and a big neon banner telling me I’m in need of scanning.
    No worry I will not click on it.
    So I’m searching for free anti-spyware for a one shot fix.

    Great now every time I do a search I’m redirected to strange sites.

    Thanks for your support.

  35. James says:

    Youtube has disabled ratings and comments on all vids…. Thanks.. Damn “maintenance”

  36. Captain Jack says:

    Ok I’m off to bed. M should be getting up soon. Have a great Sunday you all!

  37. James says:

    Where is smokey36bear lately?

  38. Captain Jack says:

    Homework: Peanut butter and jelly! Peanut butter and jelly! Peanut butter and jelly! Peanut butter and jelly!

  39. Marina! I am shocked to see you made friends with someone on youtube 1 hour ago! You should be sleeping now! Go back to bed!!!

  40. Marina, I would like to request every single word ever! I hope you have time to investigate some of these words! :lol:

    • pennsyltucky9 says:

      Now here’s a request that won’t be ignored!

      Nice one, James. Except you must first enclose each one in [square brackets]. So, uh, see you in about 20 years. Wait. Make that 40 years.

  41. Captain Jack says:

    I need more Serotonin!!!!!!

  42. vernon olson says:

    the word [Banshee]

  43. Chemikal says:

    Marina left out a very important clue in the game.
    What kind of word is it? A noun maybe? Adjective?

    Not to mention that she didn’t fix any letters this time, normally I would choose “A” in any hangman. But maybe that’s just how I play.
    And am I supposed to watch all series of American Idol, so I can understand the last clue? :P

    • Captain Jack says:

      I feel for you. I don’t watch American stupidity… I mean Idol. I know I should watch more sheeple TV but it just drives me nuts.

        • Captain Jack says:

          (SHEE.pul) n. People who are meek, easily persuaded, and tend to follow the crowd (sheep + people).

          Sheeple is a term of disparagement, a portmanteau created by combining the words “sheep” and “people.”

          It is often used to denote persons who voluntarily acquiesce to a perceived authority, or suggestion without sufficient research to fully understand the scope of the ramifications involved in that decision, and thus undermine their own human individuality or in other cases give up certain rights. The implication of sheeple is that as a collective, people believe whatever they are told, especially if told so by a perceived authority figure believed to be trustworthy, without processing it or doing adequate research to be sure that it is an accurate representation of the real world around them.

          The label seems to have originated in the United States and refers to people who tend to accept and follow everything at face value, especially if it is cited in mainstream media. Shortwave radio host Milton William Cooper used it commonly during his Hour of the Time radio show during the late 80s and early 90s. There is documented print usage of this word as early as 1950, in the form, “We, the Sheeple”, in the Emory University Quarterly, v.6-7 1950-1951, page 64. “The Wall Street Journal first reported the label in print in 1984; the reporter heard the word used by the proprietor of an American Opinion bookstore affiliated with the John Birch Society. In this usage, taxpayers were derided for their blind conformity as opposed to those who thought independently.

          The term is also used more broadly to describe any person a speaker feels is exceedingly conformist.

          From – Sheeple are people that follow blindly and never question their leaders.

          Their simple Motto is: “Follow the Asshole in front of you”

  44. suprstock says:

    [tittys fall out of pink dress] :shock:

    I’m disqualifying myself from winning, but had a ton of fun trying to find the word. Took me all day. I love these games.
    My guess is maudlin and maud.

    I accidentally came across the word maudlin and not all dictionaries gave a lot of information, until I stumbled on a drunk to be emotionally silly and a reference to Mary Magdalene in reference to weeping and tearful. Then, maud, also was not defined by all the dictionaries until I came to gray plaid.

  46. shadowmanipulater says:

    I would like to request the word [acetylseryltyrosylserylisoleucylthreonyl serylprolylserylglutaminyl- phenylalanylvalylphenylalanylleucylseryl serylvalyltryptophylalanyl- aspartylprolylisoleucylglutamylleucylleu cylasparaginylvalylcysteinyl- threonylserylserylleucylglycylasparaginy lglutaminylphenylalanyl- glutaminylthreonylglutaminylglutaminylal anylarginylthreonylthreonyl- glutaminylvalylglutaminylglutaminylpheny lalanylserylglutaminylvalyl- tryptophyllysylprolylphenylalanylprolylg lutaminylserylthreonylvalyl- arginylphenylalanylprolylglycylaspartylv alyltyrosyllysylvalyltyrosyl- arginyltyrosylasparaginylalanylvalylleuc ylaspartylprolylleucylisoleucyl- threonylalanylleucylleucylglycylthreonyl phenylalanylaspartylthreonyl- arginylasparaginylarginylisoleucylisoleu cylglutamylvalylglutamyl- asparaginylglutaminylglutaminylserylprol ylthreonylthreonylalanylglutamyl- threonylleucylaspartylalanylthreonylargi nylarginylvalylaspartylaspartyl- alanylthreonylvalylalanylisoleucylarginy lserylalanylasparaginylisoleucyl- asparaginylleucylvalylasparaginylglutamy lleucylvalylarginylglycyl- threonylglycylleucyltyrosylasparaginylgl utaminylasparaginylthreonyl- phenylalanylglutamylserylmethionylserylg lycylleucylvalyltryptophyl- threonylserylalanylprolylalanylserine]

  47. iridghibhtdhe says:


  48. Evan Owen says:

    [decomposing] (continued)

    Bach: (1) what the chickens say; (2) Welsh diminutive
    Bartok: Pub chatter
    Beethoven: baked borsht
    Bizet: occupied
    Borodin: a tiresome racket
    Britten: home of English, Scots, and Welsh
    Chopin: buy the groceries
    Liszt: which groceries to buy
    Dvorak: alternative to the qwerty
    Haydn: one half of a popular children’s game
    Khatchaturian: Armenian variation of chicken cacciatore
    Mozart: What Grandma Moses was famous for
    Schubert: substitute for ice cream
    Schumann: cobbler
    Smetana: how many men feel upon watching Marina

      • Bob says:

        You asked for it! :grin:
        J Ockeghem = this Scotsman is priceless.
        Des Pres = a worthy gift.
        GP da Palestrina = Car bomb (Palestinian Jeep)
        Sweelinck = Ferry from Stockholm to Tallinn.
        Claudio Monteverdi = Cloudy Tyrolean residence of the Scottish Soldier.
        Frescobaldi = A bald vandal’s Graffitti.
        Pachelbel = A cracked but repaired resonating chime.
        Purcell = Ladies mobile phone.
        Salieri = Salty seaside air.
        Scarlatti = Milky cosmetic preparation for covering skin imperfections.
        Telemann = TV repairman.
        Rameau = Sheep’s piss.
        Pergolesi = Garden structure incorporating a recliner.
        Paganini = A diminutive pagan.
        Rossini = Sticky texture of the surface of stringed instruments.
        Berlioz = Almost 28 grams.
        Wagner = Driver of a horse-drawn freight vehicle.
        Offenbach = The neighbour’s dog.
        Tchaikovsky = The act of choking when Evan makes a pun whilst one is drinking one’s tea.
        Delius = A croupier.
        G Holst = 1. A holder for a cowboy’s Gun. 2. The cup of a male stripper’s undergarment.

    • pennsyltucky9 says:


  49. Evan Owen says:

    Word requests:

    [glace] (Fr.)
    [глаз] :smile:

  50. camelinadesert says:

    Hi Marina, I was just wondering if [Chili] has any links to the word [chill] since both the words seem to mean opposite things yet looks similar. Thanks!

  51. Evan Owen says:

    Homework: I’ll guess “maudlin,” for a different reason.

    Marina herself is the clue. She used to work in modelin’. :mrgreen:

  52. mttvmario says:

    I would like to request the word [husky].

  53. thegorn says:

    Marina O.

    My answer for word game xv: (garbage)

  54. Marina all these videos and I looked at the list this word is you [beautiful]…!!!!!!!!Has nobody requested this word when we all love this site becuase her beauty is heart,mind and looks.

  55. hoodster says:


    I said [dessert] a [plethora] of times. You should do the word [plethora].





    -Hoodster :mrgreen:


  56. hoodster says:

    Hey Marina!!!

    I have a word request! The word is [dessert], you know, the sweets after dinner. i heard that it comes from a French origin that means “after the table is cleared.” And why is the word [desert] closely related to it? I just thought you might be able to investigate the word. Thanks!!!

    -Hoodster :mrgreen:






  57. fatbuffalo says:

    hmm , the comment page thingy is a bit annoying . :mad:

  58. hs4mm says:



    You tweeted that the word hug came into being in the 16th century and joked that perhaps people did not hug before then. Regarding the issue of what people called hugging before they had the word, I suspect people had just one word to denote all sorts of, or all degrees of “loving human interactions”; then, with time, people started sub-classifying the interactions with newly coined words. This would be similar to most of the world having just a few words for “snow”; but the eskimos having several words that sub-classify various “types of snow”.

    Incidentally, I brought up the issue of “what something was called before one had the word for it” for another word peekaboo (in, perhaps, my very first comment on this site).

    What say you?



  59. ayebayhey13 says:


  60. vernon olson says:


  61. vernon olson says:


  62. vernon olson says:

    simon does not like t-shirts that are loose

  63. vernon olson says:

    could it be “oysters.” i have been gone for a few weeks, it is good to be back.

  64. hs4mm says:


    I have not seen anyone else’s comments for GTW Game XV.

    Answer: Maudlin. Adjective that currently, has two meanings: (a) drunk enough to be emotionally silly, and (b) weakly and effusively sentimental.

    How the clues match:

    1) 7 letters, not e, c, o: OK.

    2) Not Marina: Obvious.

    3.1) Eponym: From Mary Magdalene.

    3.2) Controversial person involved in eponym: Wikipedia says something about Mary Magdalene’s life being the subject of “on going debate”; I don’t really care about her life and so merely glanced at what’s there. Supposedly was a sinner who was saved by Jesus and who saw Christ rise from the dead; supposedly Jesus’ wife etc. etc. Who cares.

    4) “Combined with those who over imbibe” i.e., adjective to qualify a certain type of drunkenness: This is meaning (a) written above.

    5) Simon C. hates them: This is meaning (b) of the adjective maudlin applied to singers/songs.

    6) Word formed by first four letters: Maud has two meanings (a) A hag, beldam (dame), aged woman; and (b) grey, striped plaid worn by shepherds in South Scotland; rug or wrap resembling a maud.

    6.1) First of two things in the picture: Aged woman.

    6.2) Second of two things in the picture: The frock she is wearing.

    6.1,2) Combined two things in the picture: A maud wearing a maud!



  65. vernon olson says:

    or maybe “Sardine”?

  66. vernon olson says:

    Could it be “Baffoon”?

  67. vernon olson says:

    Is the word “Narwhale”, or Narwhal?

  68. Che Volay says:

    Fake Virus Warning is still at top of page but the colors have returned to normal.
    All letters in blue have gone back to blue not red anymore.

    Going to kick back for a while and let Virus protector do it thing.

  69. inco says:

    ‘captain’ ? .

    PS: play in blockbusters!!!! bye!

  70. misscupcake says:

    i really love naughty fied :mrgreen:

  71. Che Volay says:

    Did you change the color of the print?
    Mind has changed to red also there is a WARNING WRITTEN IN RED ABOVE ALL HFW PAGES:

    Warning! Your system is in danger. Your computer is in need of full scanning.

    Not sure if your server has been hacked or I picked up a virus.

  72. trev_is_my_name says:

    Can you do [essentially]? I use it all the time but sometimes comes off a bit arrogant because of it.


  73. WHA!!!

    I have had 6 subscribers in 1 hour…

    and 3 in the last 10 mins…

    Marina???? Have you been mentioning me on your channel latley or am I just lucky?!!

  74. I think Marina should put her sexy look on for hotforwords@youtube. I think and quote like you said this is a more “organic flow” then on her page she should where more professional clothing. I mean I am shure the producers can afford some real nice sexy suits and her little glasses. I think this site should be more professional as well starting with Marina in some expensive executive clothing.

  75. coyoteshark says:

    Hi Marina

    Would like the real history of the word, Avast!

    Thanks, Mike

  76. James says:


    Right please subscribe now…

    Still using jamesingtonthethird most though..

    I will be pissed if this doesn’t work out… This IS a niche!

    Incase you think I nicked misscupcakes idea… I sort of did slightly…. Here is a paste from an email I sent her..


    As you know, I have been doing the odd video about split personalities.. So I have now created the channel fiveandahalfguys (funny this 5 thing (fiveawesomegays fiveawesomeguys fiveandahalfgirls)


    I want you to know that I am NOT ripping you off, OK the name is similar, and that I did sort of steal.

    It’s important I lay out the differences here

    * fiveandahalfgirls is you in different characters
    * fiveandahalfguys is me in different mindsets, some reflect my own mindsets.
    * fiveandahalfguys is taken because I love your name and I hope our channels can be brother/sister lol!
    * also it seems like channels that end in s seem to be partners alot.. venetianprincess smpfilms nalts hotforwords etc.
    * I wanted to do something like this for a while , but truthfully yes, I did steal your idea of doing it on a seperate channel
    * The half, part is 1 quarter you, and 1 quarter Marina, the 2 most influential people to me…


    fiveandahalfguys is me just as me…. the voices will always stay the same….

    I really hope sometime we can do some sort of collab, but until then just know I am not trying to rip you off and although it may seem like I am copying you…. Deep down, i’m not really.

    I really hope you get the recognition and success you deserve to go with all the effort you put in your videos!



    • James – it certainly does appear that Miss Cupcake was first with this idea and that your new channel is a knockoff.
      While you had some parallel ideas, it looks like deep down you are actually infringing on her creation. Sorry to tell you like it is, but there it is. :mrgreen:

      • Thanks Doug. As I said, I did steal the name a bit. I have just noticed though, I have not explained the characters.

        1 ADHD me… I have ADHD, so it’s not hard for me to do this

        2 Depressive me.. Sometimes I am all down…

        3 Thoughtful me… the kind of person that measures how many atoms there are in a cup of coffee

        4 stupid me… Does things that puts me in difficult spots

        5 funny me.

        Whereas misscupcake has five different people with names. Mine are just me in five different moods.

        I can’t remember if I uploaded it or not… But did you ever see my video where I had a split personality? I don’t think I did upload it actually because I can’t remember much about it… But, that was before fiveandahalfgirls.

        I would probably have done something like what I just have anyway, but I didnt think about doing it on a seperate channel.

        I understand what you mean…. I know that you won’t be the only one saying this too.

        I don’t actually think MC minds… She accepted my friend invite so…. Anyway!

        :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

        Can’t think of anything else…



  77. vernon olson says:

    i cannot view the videos on this site, what flash player is needed to view them, urgent.

  78. jheifetz says:


    I would like to request the word [rocket].


    you have some great videos! :)

  79. James says:


    I got a fake partner suspended!!! WOO

    He made all his own views and paid someone $400 to give him 5000 fake subscriber accounts!!! HAHA!!

    Youtube have gone up a bit in my books now… I really thought they didn’t give a monkeys arse about anyhting.

  80. hbum says:

    THis is a fan letter.
    Alpha numeric atomic theoretically sound symbols A-z can be explained starting with The letter Y is a compromise of 5 vowels and 20 consonants. We have five senses and twenty digits of fingers and toes and thumbs and fumbs.
    Planetonometric alphanumbericality… Imagine centering the C of the alphebet at the center of the planet. Ground the O at the ground beneath your feet. Top of the sky the Y of the alphebet.
    The a, b, centered c, d,e,f, gh, the light and sound we can and cannot sense. goodness and greatness, hunger, I , joules, kilo joules, elementatoe, people, quests, ReaSonabiliTy, uv, x,y, and the zed zees so we can sleep at night meteoroid, meteorite.
    The ordination of aborigin and abolition does not come up here in waranteed lands but we are all balanced/valanced so. Orderly of right and loyal.
    I little valentine in this letter somewhere for you…have fun.

  81. tiger886 says:

    I would like to request a word Maria.

    The word is: [roentgen]

    Please do a lesson on this? Thank you.

    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      There would not be much of a challange to it. You can read about him here. He was born Raymond, but didn’t like the name and had it changed to Wilhelm. His contemporaries thought this was a little pretentious and nicknamed him Ex-Ray, which irked him no end.

      It’s true, I tell you.

  82. .NetRolller 3D says:

    I would like to request a word. A lot of people are using this word nowadays, even though it was unknown a week ago! That word is…
    drum roll please…


    (In case you have missed it, this is a name given to the Pirate Bay trial.)
    But… why is it “spec”?

  83. James says:

    Can you all rate my error video for a laugh. Give it 5 stars and comment saying how great it was just for lols

  84. 999devilred999 says:

    dullard. I think…by the way like paydro sativa, i would like to know about the word [cannabis] names of drugs have interested me, i want to know where all the different names for the drugs comes from. Also, i have sent you a friend request on youtube, i have the same name

  85. vernon olson says:

    i do not understand this “guess the word game XV” will someone explain it to me so i can participate, thank you.

  86. samurai_kinjo says:

    wow this is hard!!

  87. vonmalcolm says:

    Is there any relationship between the origins of the words: comrade and camaradarie? (I was having a hell of a time spelling the later when I finally realized it was spelled quite differently than the former.)

    Just curious; Is your spelling on par with your etymology? Do you have to hit the spell checker often?

    And perhaps you could do the Etomology of Etymology; oh wait: Do I have that backwards? Better go back to the Oxford. . .

  88. animalntaz says:


    I just bought my own computer at Wal-Mart for only $500. I got a DELL Inspiron 530 (last one off the shelf), and I will be hooked up to the internet Monday afternoon. :grin:

  89. ranger says:


  90. paydro sativa says:

    i would like to know about the word [cannabis] and how it came to be called so many other things thank you :)

  91. diamondgirl101 says:

    dullard i think

  92. paydro sativa says:


  93. loopstheloop says:

    I’m stuck, so I will guess:


  94. samurai_kinjo says:

    The word is Overuse

  95. samurai_kinjo says:

    i would like to requests a word [Rape] was it always a word referred to as sexual assault or did it have a def meaning at one point in time.

    • leonard says:

      Its like an illegiti.mate…illgotten and then the mind aborts. Aboriginally speaking of life, the genesis of such an act of [war-fair] :twisted: : it saves life from genocide :evil: . As goes it; the genitor, makes his heat into saving mankind. :roll: flowers are now passed, to the hostRapeseed flowers :lol: …free peace

  96. oecheazu says:

    i researched and i come to conclude that there is no answer to the riddle.

  97. sassyrequest says:

    hi marina!

    just wanted to ask you the answer to this riddle which i received as an sms from my friend. my friend doesn’t know the answer to it, neither the one who sent the text message to her. i hope you know the answer! it’s just like a “guess the word game” ^_^ here it goes…

    A riddle that will kill your brain:
    There are only 3 words in the English language that end in “gry”. 1 is angry, and the other is hungry. Everyone know what the 3rd one means and what it stands for. Everyone uses it everyday and if you listen to me carefully, I’ve given you the 3rd word already. What is it? _ _ _ _gry. Send me the answer.

    the original text goes like this, just in case the answer is in it:
    A Riddle dat will kill ur brain:
    Thre r only 3 words in d English language dat end in “gry” 1 is angry & d other is hungry. Evryone knws wat d 3rd one means & wat it stands 4. Evryone uses it evryday & if u listen 2 me carefully, ive given u d 3rd w0rd already. What is it? _ _ _ _ gry. Send me d answeR.

    please, tell me what you think about it. is there any answer to it really? cuz i think it doesn’t have because i can think of none. hoping for your quick response to this!

    thanks marina! and more power to you and your “show”! i really like your vids! ^_^

    and please if you could also do a video about these words:
    [sassy] or

    words from my favorite movie and anime respectively.

    my sassy girl
    a cheeky angel


    • I don’t know if this is the answer, but it’s funny :mrgreen:
      Words that end in GRY

    • James says:



      there are 2 for you… We (alx excluded :smile: ) are a clever bunch here you know!

    • Capman911 says:

      The answer is language :smile:

    • leonard says:

      Thanks to Capman911 and his comment…This is the (presumed) original version of the puzzle from 1975. The possible answers (if obsolete words, names, and hyphenated compounds of “angry” and “hungry” are allowed) are plentiful. Most of the 124 listed below were in the 1933 edition of the Oxford English Dictionary, and all have appeared in some major dictionary of English:

      affect-hungry fire-angry MacLoingry Seagry
      aggry Gagry mad-angry self-angry
      Agry girl-hungry mad-hungry selfe-angry
      ahungry gonagry magry sensation-hungry
      air-hungry gry malgry sex-angry
      anhungry haegry man-hungry sex-hungry
      Badagry half-angry managry Shchigry
      Ballingry hangry mannagry shiggry
      begry heart-angry Margry Shtchigry
      bewgry heart-hungry maugry sight-hungry
      boroughmongry higry pigry mawgry skugry
      bowgry hogry meagry Sygry
      braggry hogrymogry meat-hungry Tangry
      Bugry hongry menagry Tchangry
      Chockpugry hound-hungry messagry Tchigry
      Cogry houngry music-hungry tear-angry
      cony-gry huggrymuggry nangry th’angry
      conyngry hund-hungry overangry tike-hungry
      cottagry Hungry Bungry Pelegry Tingry
      Croftangry hwngry Pingry toggry
      diamond-hungry iggry Podagry ulgry
      dog-hungry Jagry Pongry unangry
      dogge-hungry job-hungry pottingry vergry
      Dshagry kaingry power-hungry Vigry
      Dzagry land-hungry profit-hungry vngry
      eard-hungry Langry puggry war-hungry
      Echanuggry leather-hungry pugry Wigry
      Egry ledderhungry red-angry wind-hungry
      euer-angry life-hungry rungry yeard-hungry
      ever-angry Lisnagry scavengry yird-hungry
      fenegry losengry Schtschigry Ymagry *****Bees R. Goode :razz:

    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      The requirement for four letters preceding -gry is not part of the Fun With Words page, so maybe someone has doctored it up a bit.

  98. cufan71 says:

    Word Request :cool:

  99. Marina you have advatageous, voluptuous, succulent well you know. Can you do these words for me please make reference to mountainboy32@youtube just shake your breast and talk with your sexy voice please. Any of the three words [advatageous, voluptuous, succulent]. I think if you do these words with your flirtly sexy little way your channel views will fly. Oh mention me mountainboy32@youtube. I have alot more big words. :lol: I am sorry if you get my recent e-mail. I thought you blocked me from your comment box on youtube. Sorry I am not always so dirty with my mouth. I love you babe!!!!!!!!!!

    • Capman911 says:

      Mr mountainboy32, If you would please refrain from
      comments toward the host of this site like you are
      making. :smile: We do have women and a younger crowd
      that are also members here. Thanks for understanding
      as we try to keep a cleaner site here than the
      comments made on the You Tube channel. Your presence
      here is greatly appreciated and we look forward to
      some great conversations with you and the other
      members who attend. :grin:

      TA Mike

      • Hay have you ever seen youtube hotforwords there is all kinds of profanity. I think everbody knows about the sexual nature of Marina and her sexy appeal. I will though just request words without my sexual direction and reference to the vocabulary.

        • Capman911 says:

          That’s why we try to keep this site better than what goes on at YT. This is her personal site and that’s why we are here to keep the comments to a level of decency. Sure there are curse words here or there, but when the comments are aimed at the host of “this” site then we try to control what is said and how it is said. This is why she started this site was to get away from comments like on You Tube and have a more pleasant atmosphere for everyone to learn and to comment among themselves. People have fun and make friends on this site. All we ask is to play nice and have a great learning experience from the lessons that Marina teaches and the great conversations you can have with the other members.

        • Captain Jack says:

          Thanks MB32. Yeah the YT page is a bit rude at times. That’s why we are here for it’s much cleaner commenting here. We don’t mind 4 letter words here once in awhile. We’re not that strict. Just think who might be reading your comments.

          With that I would like to Welcome you to hotforwords. I see you requested a few words. Let’s hope she pick them someday. :)

          Captain Jack

      • neuroway says:

        Ah come on Capman! The man didn’t ask her to get naked like a worm!

        He just said he’d like her to shake her breast while saying “mountainboy@youtube” with her flirty sexy voice! Could that be an interesting learning experience for everybody? :roll:

    • Funny, people I know from the mountains are far more respectful of women than you have shown here. This is not a prOn site, so git yer act together. Please, don’t ever do that again. :mrgreen:

      • If you know people from the mountains. I think the vocabulary words I requested are some words this site and people could learn or become more intellectual about. I will refrain from this kind of sexual reference in the future. I am a very intelligent and gentle guy not some kind of pimp. I guess I have passion through my strong vocabulary that can simulate my sexual feeling for a women. If somebody can’t appreciate that they should not be on the site reading. I will though not be making my self look like a non respectful person towards Marina or women again. I will just request words she does not need to be coached on how she deliberates the word in her sexy appeal. Thanks for the advice and if there are children reading they better stay of youtube there is visual pornography and explicit comments dialect and slang 4 letter words. See YA

        • Your words expressing the sincere apology offerred are appreciated, thanks :mrgreen:
          Many of us think those things, but we dasn’t say ‘em!
          As you will find, we aren’t trying to be in the gutter as YouTube tends to be. Marina works very hard to create an organic flow and structure you will enjoy.
          Check out the forums and you’ll see we have our fun :grin:

    • James says:

      “Shake your breast” You need an eye test mate…

  100. thepromking says:


  101. nighteye says:

    Marina, why does the moon [wax] and [wane] ?

    • Bob says:

      Contrary to popular belief, the moon is not made of cheese but of wax; when did you ever see a silver coloured cheese? Whereas, as we have seen in the recent Associated Press video, candles are made of wax and can be silvery-white like the moon.
      So, when you can see the moon it is waxing, and if you can’t see it, it’s probably waining (Cats and Dogs).
      It’s true, I tell you. :grin:

  102. Evan Owen says:

    Word requests:


    When Beethoven died, he was working on his Tenth Symphony, and left instructions in his will that it be buried with him if unfinished.

    “Even unfinished, it must be a masterpiece!” said some of his fans, and dug up his grave one dark night to retrieve the precious work. When they opened the lid, they found Beethoven busily destroying his work with an eraser.

    “Beethoven, what are you doing?!” exclaimed the grave robbers in horror.

    “What does it look like? I’m [decomposing]!” :mrgreen:

  103. seesixcm6 says:

    Dear Marina, You posted another video on Friday night, and because I go out on a date Friday night, I didn’t see your video until this morning! I hope you enjoyed a good time at the Lakers basketball game at Staples Center! The Laker won in overtime, 115-111 over the New Orleans Hornets. Kobe made many points during overtime. Great game! :grin: (You’re so tall, you probably played basketball, too! :cool: )
    So it’s a seven-letter eponym for a controversial person who also drinks too much. tippler? imbiber? drinker? reveler? swagman? vagrant? Then if you take away three letters, you get what’s in the photo of the stern woman standing next to an empty chair. She’s about to tell you how bad it is to over-imbibe, or in other words, deliver a “rant.” So my guess is “vagrant.” (Remember, you saw it here, first, and it could have been sooner if I didn’t have a date, last night!.) :razz:

  104. wodzionka69 says:

    The answer is MAUDLIN !!
    Please pick me ;-)
    I love U :-)

  105. logischabbaubar says:

    The answer can’t be dullard. Dullard isn’t an eponym. Its first part, dull, has, according to Merriam-Webster, old English and Irish roots. mentions dullard as an example for the use of the suffix -ard to form nouns that denote persons

    An eponym without the letters E, C and O? That dramatically reduces the number of words.

    So I’m voting for maudlin.

  106. bsomebody says:

    Here ya go. This MLK quote is especially fitting for this site.

    The hope of a secure and livable world lies with disciplined nonconformists who are dedicated to justice, peace and brotherhood.

    • neuroway says:

      Verschränkung bsomebody. Together, discipline, security AND nonconformism are a Schrödinger’s cat. If not purely theoretical, the entanglement of these three becomes highly controversial.

      • bsomebody says:

        But I think that is the point. It is a theory which can be put into practice. It is not a combination of all three, but a combination of the two (discipline and nonconformists) which produces the third (stability.) I felt it would apply, especially, to this site, because we have more than our share of nonconformist. What is special about these people, though, is their thought in choosing their battles, not simply rebelling against everything, all the time. If wae had the same mixture of discipline and nonconformity throughout this country, this would be a much more stable (not static) environment.

        • neuroway says:

          I think discipline and nonconformism produce something revolutionary. Which is something unstable by definition. Did you read Gulliver’s Travels and the absurd war over the way to eat an egg? The Schrödinger’s cat is just trapped inside a prison of absurdity (like a chicken inside an egg maybe?). I think he would just want to get outta there, look for an exit, and not wait 1 hour untill the end of the experiment.

          Nevertheless, what you say is interesting. I’ll think about it during my next siesta. :cool:

  107. Captain Jack says:

    Marina, I don’t understand this googleproof®? As far as I can tell there is no such thing as googleproof nor is it registered.

    • Bob says:

      The Wiktionary entry for ‘Google-proof’ indicates a meaning which seems to be the opposite of that which, I presume, Marina meant.
      Marina clearly meant that she hoped the answer would be INcapable of being found by reference to Google, despite Google’s best efforts. :???:

      • Captain Jack says:

        ‘®’ indicates the name is a registered trademark. Google is not registered as far as I cared to search on dot gov. As I understand it it should have shown ‘Googleâ„¢-proof’ would have been the correct way of showing credit to the companies trademark. If Googleproof® is correct then I would like to know so I can make corrections on other projects.

        • Bob says:

          Oh! I see what you’re getting at now; I didn’t notice the ‘®’ in the video.
          Nevertheless, my comment was only related to your remark and wasn’t meant to be a repudiation of it. Maybe I should have started a new first level comment.

  108. hbum says:

    [Warm] is the term I need to know about. You see warm hearted fraudulence I thought was good slang to describe a societal deficiency…not efficiency as the washing machine states. Zeroing global warming is good! So Heat and Cool are good. Is warm any good at all or just slang? Warms approximivity to war made me wonder if I was correct or false. What is the origin of warm?

  109. CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

    This is the 15th installment? Where are the other 14 installments to game XV?

  110. CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

    For those interested, the effects of paging on linking to comments may be read here. What happens exactly when posts exceed the 40-msg-per-page limit on the last page of a blog will take a while to discover.

  111. James says:

    Isn’t it funny how everyone at YT talks about wanting to have sex with marina and stuff but as soon as there is a prize involved they play along.n Double standard bastards…

  112. wojciech klim says:

    yes! yes! ok. :roll:
    thanx I’m from Poland :idea:

  113. leonard says:

    I am happy because…BACCHIC, might be an answer to the game. It does mean drunken and is named after Bacchus, the roman god of wine. Chic is style and cleverly attractive in dress. Good one Marina!*!*!*! I go bach(house alone)…Word request,[sand-baggers], peace out and cake on you :razz:

  114. fatbuffalo says:

    [all your base are belong to us]
    Because if you do that phrase , it will attract quite a lot of people , gamers mostly :mrgreen:
    And also its a popular Internet [meme]

  115. fatbuffalo says:

    Oh , the GTW game is here , and i can’t get an answer myself again ….. :cry:
    My guess (from reading the comments) is – MAUDLIN
    maud is a type of gray plaid , as in the pattern of the lady’s skirt
    Maudlin is derived from Mary Magdalene , which i am told from reading The Da Vinci Code , is the wife of Jesus .

    Lets hope i get picked this time :mrgreen:

  116. phorph says:

    What’s the origin of the phrase [So Long]?
    You’ve got a great thing going on Marina,
    I would encourage you to milk your
    celebrity for all it’s worth. You’ve
    got a really unique personality and
    I can’t wait to see how far you take it.

  117. Chemikal says:

    Here is the pic in the video… you may save it and zoom right in for clues… if you think it’s necessary.

  118. pinkroze says:

    Could you please explain the word [Gazoontite] it sounds funny!

    And dosent even sound like a real english word…

  119. necronet says:

    i also believe it can be DULLARD

  120. labbatt78 says:

    I believe it’s dullard.

  121. leonard says:

    Marina: Anya Marina performs Move You on Jimmy Kimmel Live, also, Jimmy flashed the word “louche” :wink: I think he reads the HotForWords comments…freedom :razz: gormand

  122. avila343 says:

    its dullard!!!!! plz pick me!! DULLARD DULLARD DULLARD DULLARD!!! :grin:

  123. Chemikal says:

    [hash tag] [#]
    Is it even legal to use HASH? :-)

  124. chessfreak2000 says:


  125. stigmatasaurus says:

    It is MAUDLIN. Take away “lin” and you have “Maud,” which must be the woman’s name, as well as the gray woolen plaid of her skirt.
    It could not be “dullard.” Which person would that eponym derive from?
    Good job on this, Marina!

  126. originalistrick says:

    Your quote of the day is great, Marina! I’d heard or read it a long time ago somewhere.

  127. Chemikal says:

    Wait, I just realized something… Why would I want a “Love you John” photo of Marina? :lol:

    • leonard says:

      David Bowie – John I’m Only Dancing [Alt Take-Sax Version]…B’s R Good and have a good day Chemikal
      :razz: ok, 2 more guesses, 1) prudity 2) foppery and 3.) [conceit](seat)

      • Chemikal says:

        Good day, Leonard!

        I loved that you didn’t say Hello, because obviously we’re not talking on the phone. (Hello was invented as a word to answer the phone, I learned that from Marina, ain’t she awesome?) :-)

        Did you just make two GTW “guesses” in a reply to me?
        I kill you!
        I’m still thinking about it… actually I think I have the word, but I just don’t know when to make my post, in order to have maximum chances to get picked.
        I think the 3rd page would be a safe bet… maybe? :-)

        • leonard says:

          Funny one, and good day, Chemikal…When Lenin spoke of two cultures, he proceeded precisely from the thesis that the existence of two cultures cannot lend to the negation of a single language and to the formation of two languages, that there must be a single language. When the Bundists [6] accused Lenin of denying the necessity of a national language and of regarding culture as “non-national,” Lenin, as we know, vigorously protested and declared that he was fighting against bourgeois culture, and not against national languages, the necessity of which he regarded as indisputable. It is strange that some of our comrades should be trailing in the footsteps of the Bundists.

          As to a single language, the necessity of which Lenin is alleged to deny, it would be well to pay heed to the following words of Lenin:

          “Language is the most important means of human intercourse. Unity of language and its unimpeded development form one of the most important conditions for genuinely free and extensive commercial intercourse appropriate to modern capitalism, for a free and broad grouping of the population in all its separate classes.” [7]

          [6] Bund, General Jewish workers’ Union of Lithuania, Poland and Russia, was a Jewish petty-bourgeois opportunist organization founded at a congress held in Vilna in October, 1897, which worked mainly among Jewish handicraftsmen. At the Russian Social-Democratic Labor Party’s First Congress in 1898, Bund joined the R.S.D.L.P. as “an independent autonomous organization concerned only with the special problems of the Jewish proletariat.” Once it joined the Party, however, it propagated nationalism and separatism in the Russian working-class movement. The Bundist bourgeois-nationalist standpoint was sternly repudiated by Iskra newspaper founded by Lenin. p. 18

          [7] V. I. Lenin, “The Right of Nations to Self-Determination ” Selected Works in Two Volumes, Eng. ed., M
          ***this was from the Jan. 4th lesson of this year in the comments…free peace of pie for cake

        • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

          If Webcorruptor is correct (and I think he is), then he has already won. So, in this game, after 15 minutes, there is no reason to post at all, is there?

          If M wants us all to play, then everyone else’s answers must not be visible to us.

  128. niteowl says:

    I’m going with DULLARD and hoping for the best.

    By the way, Marina, are you back from Vegas already or was that a recorded lesson? HotForBlondes must investigate.

  129. originalistrick says:

    I can’t come up with anything better than DULLARD either. Actually, that’s all I have come up with that remotely seems reasonable. Here’s hopin’.

  130. Chemikal says:

    Haha, finally the GTW Game!
    Yaaaaaaaay! :-)
    I just got home from clubbing, so it might be a tough one for me, regardless. :D
    Well, let’s see…

  131. shane76 says:

    Marina, I would like to request the word [pantheon]. I own the Pantheon Theatre in Vincennes Indianan. I think I know what it means but I’d like to make sure. I love your site! Your a great teacher! Thanks Travis

  132. vs0917 says:

    Where does it come from and how did it come to be related to math??
    Thanks! :mrgreen:

  133. leonard says:

    Hears one Lucinda Williams 10-3-07, “Honey Bee”…Guess the hallows…i mean a radiance surrounding the capital; an ideal glory investing a senti.ment—please don’t give me a threshing
    [Oh] wise legend of the pied piper…”eat, drink, and be married”…candy is dandy…[CASuIST] peace out or eat pie :roll:

    • leonard says:

      Maudlin…close to horehound candy food*!*
      Maud”lin, Maudeline Maude”line, {n. (Bot.) An aromatic composite herb, the costmary; also, the South European Achillea Ageratum, a kind of yarrow.} from websters dic… :cool: sleep tight

      • webcorruptor says:

        Found on .

        alteration of Mary Magdalene; from her depiction as a weeping penitent

        Maudlin drunk is the drunkenness which is sentimental and inclined to tears.

        Maud is a woman’s name and is also a type of Scottish grey plaid.

        As for Simon, who cares? He’s a stroke anyway.

        You can’t get more controversial than being named after Mary Magdalene. The Catholic church says she was a whore and there are others who believe that she was married to Jesus and had his children as is mentioned in the movie “Da Vinci Code” and the book “Holy Blood Holy Grail” . There is even a movie called “Bloodlines” that is a documentary about the search and possible find of her body in France.

        Candy is good though. Maybe, I would have some idea what it tastes like if I had ever had horehound candy before. I hope they don’t use dogs to make that. It doesn’t sound very appetizing. Unlike most people, I sleep during the day, but good night anyway.

  134. swampwiz says:

    Yes, it is DULLARD.

  135. uscgeechee says:

    :mrgreen: I think the word is Tosspot
    [Brit, vulgar] Insulting terms of address for people who are stupid or irritating or ridiculous or A chronic drinker

  136. foxx1022 says:

    Hello My Dear Teacher! I’m Sure It Would Be Thrilling To Be “Naughty-fied” By You That I Had Won The “Guess The Word Game XV”. Be That As It May, I must Say You’ve Come Up With A Tough One. I Give Up. What Is The Answer?

    ps. Did You Win The “Sexiest Geek” Contest?

  137. hotforteacher777 says:

    Dullard. I think. I hope I win!! -crosses fingers-

  138. aarongear says:

    the word is DULLARD :smile:

  139. Capman911 says:

    When did YT start selling peoples videos. They are selling them for 99 cent each.

    • Marina says:

      YT’s not selling them… I am. I am part of a beta test. I don’t think I’m going to sell any, but I thought it would be fun to try out.

      • leonard says:

        I think you will sell many. Is not, “FATHERS and SONS” by Ivan Turgenev, one fine and easy to read book. Amazing…pucelage :razz: Easy as to relate to, as of old problems the same as in the science and people dependent on the [Lords]…Bees R. Goede…games of language it all

      • Capman911 says:

        That’s cool I hope you do sell a lot of them. I have seen the selling on other sites also so I thought it was YT that was doing it. :smile: Still can’t wait for your blooper video and regular video when or if you decide to sell them.

      • Chemikal says:

        What a great interview you’ve done for AP. Congratulations!

      • James says:

        Well thats kinda pointless isn’t it when people can just use a YT downloader.

      • hs4mm says:



        Here’s a nascent idea … caveat: I have not spent any time examining this idea and do not know all the issues associated with this idea (or all the issues that would come up when one tries to implement it):

        Restrict access to lessons that are more than, say, 1 year (1 month? 6 months?) old to those who pay an annual subscription fee. Only those who pay the fee would be able to view the lessons — but it would be viewed as a non-downloadable stream. Offer each calender year’s lessons on DVD (and/or as a downloadable archive).

        I am all for making money selling lessons. However, organizations such as The Pirate Bay ( would disapprove of your desire to make money with copyrighted DVDs (or copyrighted downloadable archives), as Jo87122 would attest. I regard that organization as an evil organization.

        Warning: I went to the main pirate bay web-site (not the wikipedia link above), and some virus started getting installed on my Windows XP Pro machine — I immediately did alt-ctrl-del and shut-down the computer; and then rebooted into the last known good configuration.


  140. daboilermaker says:

    dullard, :wink:

  141. thoughtonfire says:

    Dear HotForWords,

    You are HotInPink :oops:

    Your Student,

  142. hot-dog-lincoln says:

    :shock: [Maudlin and the eponym is Mary Magdalen(e)] :shock:
    :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

    • leonard says:

      She was a very kind person, to weep over Jesus and if; the picture-language of medieval iconography signified “tearful repentence” as the word for Drunkeness, or even tawny port knows better. Was Madame Odintsov, just a faith hooker? :eek: ..”Honest water, which ne’er left man in the mire”—Shakespeare—[oeno.philist] :wink: as chaste as overnight snow

  143. I will say [dullard], take away three letters and you have a dull picture. faded, old.

  144. annuh_gee says:

    Dullard?! Is that the word?! Please pick me!!!

  145. Since being first doesn’t matter (random winner),
    let’s take some time and look at what WE (yes, you, too aLex!) have.
    1. 7 letters (not including E, O or C)
    2. Marina cannot be called this (not a real clue since Marina cannot be called a LOT of things)
    3. Eponym of a controversial President (not Obama – no O)
    4. …often combined with a word for those who overimbibe (drunks? lushes?)
    5. Simon Cowle hates them (not a real clue, since Simon only likes absolute perfection)
    6. Removing the last 3 letters leaves a 4 letter word describing 2 things in the old picture (intimating the possibility of a word ending in S)
    ok – do your research, kids
    @ James – a mallard is a DUCK, not a drunk
    @ others guesses – please include the four letter word formed as part of your answer, since Dull and Nuts are not things in the picture, Hm’kay? (and Deba is not a word)

  146. greatestpotential says:

    damnit, it’s maudlin
    :lol: ~lol~

    • leonard says:

      CHARade…soakage…snuggle :roll: SEATing..was Paula Drunk or what…nice picture and why is she standing next to that [char.ity] chair…CHARons and dead souls. :roll: I want mead fo Rus. med and its not mc Cartyism

  147. greatestpotential says:

    I know it! The word is HECKLER!

  148. israfel070 says:


    Good one Marina! That was fun to think about

  149. leonard says:


  150. manosmoo says:

    Why is your finger pink on 0:46 anyway :P

  151. Che Volay says:

    Pavlova – tiny dancer

  152. greatestpotential says:

    I was so hoping the word was “hedonist” that’s eight letters though. bummer.

  153. greatestpotential says:

    Dullard isn’t controversial. Think harrrrrrrdddddderrrrrrrrrrRRRRRR!!!

  154. James says:

    Can a few of you go to YT and get them all thinking its mallard for me?

  155. runawayscott says:

    Eehh screw it, DULLARD. That’s all I got.

  156. hunter2385 says:

    I believe the word is “Dullard”.

  157. James says:

    I have just recovered from crying laughing… My mum (who knows everything about old clothing) said…. crinoline… HAHA Well I know Marina isn’t a crinoline but what made me laugh was the thought of simon cowell having a vendetta against crinolines.

  158. hawtynathaniel says:


  159. greatestpotential says:


  160. dammitgraham says:


  161. Che Volay says:

    Putting my thinking cap on :cool:

  162. greatestpotential says:

    well, it’s not screamer

  163. dammitgraham says:

    no wait ignore tht

  164. hs4mm says:

    Good — complex in the sense of having lots of aspects! And I have no idea who that creepy looking guy, let alone what he likes and dislikes … so it is all up-hill for me! Thanks!

  165. dammitgraham says:


  166. greatestpotential says:

    I can already tell this is going to be tough.

  167. jindai says:

    Okay, wonder-twins power, activate!

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