Marina Pics Gallery 2

Here are some more pics, hope you like them :-)

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136 Responses to Marina Pics Gallery 2

  1. userboi101 says:


  2. Anonymous says:

     she is so sexy and Hot.I love and impression from this actress.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Smexxy Kitteh… o_o i just would wanna SNUGGLE SNUGGLE SNUGGLE! ^^

  4. John B. says:

    you’re so frickin hot :!: :!: :!: :!:

  5. johnnysquarepants says:


  6. darkraisin says:

    Your Sexy..

  7. pat haskett says:

    thank you for all you do…

  8. minione82 says:

    stunning….droool :mrgreen:

  9. gab560 says:

    I’ll tell ya i’ve seen so many comments on say your ugly and others thing you dont want to know …These Guys are just Stupid And Blind .
    You Are Just BEAUTIFUL

  10. skyline says:

    Me too “Speechless” – 2 words “Your Pretty” :smile:

  11. jzone247 says:

    you leave me speechless :eek:

  12. oncloud9 says:

    I guess men can have hot flashes!

  13. logiebod88 says:

    Sooooooooo sexy!!!!!!

  14. anuubis says:

    You said on the O’Reilly factor someone said you were ugly. That person is BLIND! You are absolutely gorgeous :wink:

  15. paulhenry says:

    Leaving aside the fact that I admire your intelligence and respect your work for a short while…
    Ok, back to work, now…off you go…

  16. ghazi says:

    hi marina just let them “bark” who criticize you but wish wishes to see your bold beauty. you are doing very well as you’ve adapted a great way to teach. just ignore them and also your real fans know how old you are. love you…..

  17. aqualee64 says:

    :smile: :wink: Hi Marina. Like your pics. Hopw to see more and have a hot toddy for your cold.

  18. mrdinbk says:

    This reminds of the song by Van Halen in the 80s “Hot for Teacher”; now I know who they were talking about…lol

  19. topgunufs007 says:

    :cool: Like them too much,lol

  20. matsrg says:

    Very nice pics of you Marina!
    Love from mats

  21. blackwolf says:

    After seeing you on Bill O’Reilly, most of us STILL love you!!! LOL Some of us more than others obviously! Keep up the great work and the chin up!!!
    Much Luv

  22. paolopanucci says:

    I really & I mean really would crawl for you infront of everyone & even beg you to put your extremely beautiful feet into my mouth & I would kiss your feet & lick them & be your servant

  23. blueskies13 says:

    :smile: you are the #1 thing i think of in what a beutifull woman should look like and the brains just makes you that much better than any other model you are truly the best your truly blueskies for your blue eyes thanks for the site i enjoy it very much

    • neuroway says:

      Take the last letter of the 12th word, morph it from the 12th into the 1st letter of the alphabet, and move it back 7 letters in the text. It will look almost perfect! :smile:

  24. runawayscott says:

    Nice pics. Would like it if they were a little bigger.

  25. Chemikal says:

    I’m the proud owner of a new Digg account!
    I made it in order to promote some of the things I like the most on this website. I hope more will do the same, and maybe in a short time, Digg will become a new source of visitors.

    All the best.

  26. squidman123 says:

    WOW! Astonishing pictures! Im in total awe! A perfect example of God’s oustanding work( and ofcourse your too)! Thanks for sharing them with us!

  27. vincei2006 says:

    :shock: Gorgeous is an understatement, you photograph beautifully, would love to have the chance to do a photo shoot with you someday! :grin:

  28. augie says:

    mmmmm total hottness mmmm how can i view these one by one so i can copy to make screensavers that would be sweet

  29. cowboyjdanos says:

    I’ll second that. what noeclexis said.But you are beautiful!

  30. dantheman3 says:

    You are the most beautiful woman in the world!

  31. dantheman3 says:

    You are so beautiful!!!

  32. noeclexis says:

    It’s kinda lame there is no way to skip forward. Make a gallery, instead of a slow boring slide show, please :twisted:

  33. adam_64 says:

    Sweet Marina :razz: :lol: very nice hot blondi !! :!: :!: :wink: im like you :razz:

  34. shrew966 says:

    :mrgreen: wow

  35. cterrian says:

    Every time I see Marina, I get this song in my head. “Hot For Teacher” by Van Halen. :wink:
    Nice pictures!
    My least favorites are the ones where the lipstick is applied beyond the lip line. Makes women look like a clown. :lol: :lol:

  36. fatbuffalo says:

    In my opinion , you look much better if you don’t part your hair . Happy Valentines Day !! :mrgreen:

  37. pjfishy says:


    Hi. How is your week? Has the economic situation affected your website and word requests? Are you watching the Westminster Kennel club dog show this year, I notice that you have a pedigree pooch.

    Thank you,


  38. v0lcom says:

    U r so pretty, i love u :razz:

  39. eric604 says:

    any naked pics :lol:

  40. sohail says:

    nice way to teach………………….awsome and brillient………go on… are helping people

  41. moh_abd says:

    what a beautifulllllllllll girl

  42. mythman says:

    Oh, there’s no [escaping] the [unrelenting] hotness! :cool:

  43. shane says:

    If all teachers were like you, I’d have 5 phd’s by now!

  44. kjmty2 says:

    This site keeps getting better and better. You need to sell a deck of playing cards with all your poses..Just an idea.A good one if you ask me.

  45. arthur meyers says:

    :smile: can I have a date with you?

  46. arthur meyers says:

    [brazier] is it of french origin they are really getting sexy

  47. gio74 says:

    I had no coronary by-pass, but I think I am going to get it done soon :lol:

  48. bongslad says:

    sizzling hot hot hot :grin:

  49. mevtcc says:

    I had triple coronary bypass Feb’06…are you trying to kill me with these pics?

    Of course, there ARE worse ways to go! :lol:

  50. titsko1 says:

    :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

  51. hottoddie says:

    Intelligence is sexy. Intelligence AND sexy is beyond words.

  52. fatbuffalo says:

    So how much did you get for each modeling pic ? :mrgreen:

  53. silentbob004 says:

    just hot :shock:

  54. popzzz says:

    Hmmmmmmmm …..

  55. sww92498 says:


  56. hot4_marina says:

    too much tits, not much in the back, still beuty though even though it be fake,
    dont get me wrong, id hit it :razz: :razz:

  57. runawayscott says:

    Marina, in all seriousness and sincerity; I love you. I would do anything, give anything, be anything, go anywhere, anytime, anyway I can just to be with you. You are amazing.

  58. r1wolf says:

    One word, gorgeous!

  59. eulajoe says:

    Marina, Marina-

    The picture where you’re wearing a long pink dress :shock:


    (I don’t think there are any bad pictures of you)

  60. imanstevebaby says:

    …so, james runs a porsche? not too shabby lady m…what class and what home track?

  61. fredjr says:

    Looking at these pictures makes me wonder: Where were women like this when I was young? Oh yes, now I remember, they were going out with other guys. Some things never change.
    As Bob Hope said: Thanks for the memories (or something like that).

  62. diegor says:

    I love you marina :)

  63. marc79 says:

    Another great gallery!! we are waiting for the 3rd.Some pictures are funny,some other are sexy,but you are always a wonderful woman.
    If Casanova would be still alive he couldn’t resist to catch a plane and come to America to searching for you.

    When can I take a picture with you? :?:

    Thanks for the 2nd Gallery!

  64. imanstevebaby says:

    …hello marina, now i have to try to remember what i wanted to say…oh yes…beauty, brains and a whole lotta class…keep going lady…my word request would be [theodolite]…an instrument i once used in my work…thank you, steve

  65. big ed says:

    Damn, Lady Marina, you’re too sexy for any one mortal man or woman! :evil:
    I’ve been sitting here hypnotized by your pics on Gallery 2 for almost an hour now. It’s numbingly cold and overcast outside here in Kansas City, Missouri (not Kansas!), but your images have heated me up like sunshine on a summer day. I’ll be seeing you in my dreams tonight!

  66. animalntaz says:

    Nice Porsche GT3…

    I also kinda like the German maiden outfit. :smile:

  67. niteowl says:

    One thing that can easily be said about you, Marina, is that you will never break a camera. Great photos.

  68. markitoparati says:

    wowwww, you are soooo beautiful :wink:
    when you com to Mexico???.

  69. bsomebody says:

    The picture of Lady M in the Bratz shirt is, by far, my favorite in this batch; those hippy shades are totally cool. :cool: The lady does look so much more intriguing in the candid pics, however she does look mighty fine in those Daisy Dukes. :grin:

  70. muggins says:

    Gallery1 & 2 do not work in Firefox. Works fine in IE. Works in Opera, too. Possibly I have the wrong settings in Firefox?

    • popzzz says:

      Works fine in my FIREFOX 3.0 …..

      • muggins says:

        I have Firefox, too. I looked in Tools/Options and the only thing that might possibly stop the gallery is…maybe that I had
        “Block Popup Windows” checked, so I unchecked it. That didn’t make a difference. I have Enable Java, Enable Java Script, and
        Load Images Automatically all checked, but obviously, I’m looking in the wrong place. Could it be that I need an add-on thingy.
        It’s not a big nuisance, anyhow, since I have other browsers that
        can make the gallery work. But, I’m curious.

    • I have FF 3.5 the latest and it works just fine for me, as for the tabs you can disable them in the tools, options, tabs and just click to open in a new window. Just play around with the tab section until you get the desired affect that you want. I love the tabs. I have my email program open in one tab and Marina’s site open in the other so when someone sends me a reply I can just click on the other tab and read the email. Then if I need to Google something then click a new tab and Google is there to look up a word. :smile:

      • popzzz says:

        man yeah ….. I wouldn’t know what to do without my tabs.

        I would much rather have 10 tabs open in ONE window than 10 windows open with one site in each window ….. YIKES!!!

  71. seesixcm6 says:

    That is a beautiful photo gallery, and you are a tall, slender, beautiful woman with much inner strength and great intelligence. What an honor it would be to have your affection. seesixcm6

  72. Che Volay says:

    Wish there was a place I could write captions under the photos.
    e.g. Hey! Daisy May you wanta wash my car.
    or “Welcome to October Fest”

  73. Che Volay says:

    By in the day when I would date a young lady I always wanted to see what the mom looked liked, this way I could see what kind of genetic attributes the daughter would inherit.

    So how about a picture of your mom? :oops: :mrgreen:

  74. ilikesexytime says:

    in that one pic where ur lying on the floor with a bra. its really sexy! i think i can see a little part of ur left tit. =) makes me very happpy :mrgreen:

  75. ilikesexytime says:

    u have really niiice legs!

  76. wetsuit5 says:

    Talk about gettin your motor runnin first thing in the morning.

  77. cufan71 says:

    :cool: These photos are TOO HOTforwords :!:
    By the way I didn’t know you liked escargot too! :mrgreen: Although I do prefer mine cooked! :lol:

    • Bob says:

      Putting live snails on your skin is apparently good for getting rid of wrinkles – How else would a 560 year-old vampire look so young?

    • Che Volay says:

      Cook that snail with a little garlic butter with S&P put it in the broiler for a few minutes.

      Those snails are not indigenous to California, they where brought here to be raised for food. So these little garden pest can be collected and eaten, you just need to purge them in corn meal first. The down side is they have the texture of snot.

  78. Che Volay says:

    The one in the pink prom gown is an excellent look. :shock:

  79. Bob says:

    Beautiful pics, Marina, you have so many different looks. I like the candids best as they look more natural – in some of the obviously posed shots, you are wearing a bit too much make-up and your lips have been made to look wider with lip-liner. I think that is bordering on clown make-up. You are so classically beautiful that you really don’t need that kind of enhancing – it’s gilding the lily. :smile:

    • popzzz says:

      I totally agree with Bob!

      With your classic beauty, anything over maybe just a ‘hint’ of makeup is way TOO much!

      Personally I think the ‘posed’ shots actually [detract] from your true beauty. Especially your lips …..

  80. wyo550 says:

    Marina Orlova, without question, is the hardest-working and most accomplished person her age I know of and she’s a girl from Russia, landed in Hollywood and that;s not easy in itself!

    In September, I ran into an Irish video crew on Long Island that was doing a TV show about Irish women who had made it in America. Someone should find a producer and do a show about successful Russian women in America. Most would be Jewish-decendants (like Barbara Walters) but Marina’s success is compelling to me because her story is such a UNIQUE statement of a post-Soviet young woman’s intellectual discipline, feminism, skill and looks and hard work…which have, in turn, attracted such loyalty in her audience and great staff/production support…in America by way of Germany!
    (I love those German TV show studio shots and your cute little outfits!)

    Hollywood producers and casting agents must see the VARIETY of looks (our star) can reveal- from little sister to smoldering grenade…and we all know there’s another “Bond” film coming!

    Marina, keep the still photo release under control. Don’t give away the milk (I can hear the internet howls over that one) before you sell the cow! You have future calendar and CD distribution potential with these images and I want to see you OWN that Porsche GT3 or one of the new Ferraris! In fact, Marina should be introduced to Ferrari North America (start with Ferrari Beverly Hills) and be put into a video for the new California model that will start being sold here in 2009. Right now, only 10% of the owners of Ferraris are women and noen of them drive like a girl!

    When I produced Marilyn Monroe telephone cards in the 1990′s it was immediately obvious that the “fans” already had all the photos they needed of her (online and off) to care about my company’s products (even the “Diamond Marilyn” card that was made from thew wing of the B-2 bomber and had diamonds on it…they sold well in UAE) because of so many Monroe images were already floating around.

    Some of these photos of Marina MUST be in her 2010 calendar!

    Thank you for coming to Wyoming (last summer?) when you were (only) cranking out a word-a-week!
    Here’s my Second Spirit of Yellowstone:
    And Teton Candy:

    Ah…the internet!

  81. samuel3d says:

    I just love these pictures they are really great, I saw the Pictures from the first one they were really great too. Thanks again. keep them coming.

    Sam the man :wink: :grin:

  82. greatestpotential says:

    Awesome, just what I need to cool down and relax to

  83. BillyB says:

    aside from a couple of pictures that scared me a little bit… great stuff. It’s a nice, albeit distracting addition to the website & you know what I like most about these pictures, don’t you…? Thanks for posting them this way, is very warm & inviting (already used the word charming)

  84. skaterguy says:

    yesterday i stumbled over a facebook-group “for people that get the comment: why are you looking so angry?” – with some pictures I think; you belong to that group too :roll: with a natural frown :mad: over a friendly mind :grin:

    tnxx for sharing – can you add subtitles to where all those country shots are done? you are travelling a lot!

  85. popzzz says:

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Marina …..

    I have already caught a pattern developing in your pics galleries you little minx you!

    Have you ever modeled before?
    You are just so [photogenic].

  86. Loudfighter says:

    nice nice nice! :razz:
    Tkanks for sharing!

  87. pandion says:

    The pictures are all amazing.
    Thank you for sharing.

  88. labbatt78 says:

    It did not take long for gallery 2. Several photos look very familiar to me.

  89. Very nice … uh huh
    more, please :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  90. ilikesexytime says:

    are ur breasts natural? :mrgreen:

  91. qaiser says:


    Marina u really a HOT BABE lemme say sorry to ma gf and come 2 u ;)

    don go anywhere I am coming…………….:D

  92. hs4mm says:


    This is my favorite photo of you so far:

    The Pose: Shows mainly your face and a little part of upper body (your right ear partly hidden by hair, left ear more visible than right; left breast more prominent than right; pink bra); few strands of hair falling to right and another few strands to left; — and

    The Look: you are looking out, clear eyed, confident, unsmiling.


  93. pagedoll says:

    Oh-No!! There seems to be a bit of a slip…a wardrobe malfunction of sorts :shock:

  94. leonard says:

    Lucky for all.

    • leonard says:

      (animalism)…You wear it well :razz: Cowgirls and rabbit ears. Marina has “animal magnetism” :lol: Oh, thanks for your looks:-) and all the knowledge too, that brings warmth to our minds :wink:

  95. jayjay_21 says:

    excellent pics Marina thank you so much for sharing :) I like the one from front with the orange top & black bikini (close-up) ;)

  96. originalistrick says:

    Dear Marina,



  97. hs4mm says:

    Wow! You are mature and dangerous here, Marina! Nice.

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