Are you a Casanova?


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  1. ravenlol says:

    dumb word .. like we can’t use some other ..

  2. cufan71 says:

    :cool: Speaking of Casanova! Check out Carrie Underwood’s latest song & video:
    Cowboy Casanova It’s AWESOME :!: :grin:

  3. errin says:

    Hmmm… I don’t know if I particularly care for terms like ‘Casanova’ or ‘womanizer’, so I wouldn’t necessarily want to adopt such as a title. But I do know my way around a mattress, and have skills when it comes to the art of seducing and satisfying a woman.

    For instance, I’m good at getting a woman’s full name if she’s only handing out her first name… lol

    And that’s just for starters… ; )

    I’m reminded of a song from the movie ‘Orgazmo’…

    ‘Now You’re A Man’


    What makes a man?
    Is it the power in his hands?
    Is it his quest for glory?
    Give it all you’ve got,
    to fight to the top
    So we can know your story

    Now you’re a man
    A man, man man
    Now you’re a man
    A manny manny man
    A man man man
    You are now a man
    You’re a man
    Now you’re a man

    Live it, Live it

    What makes a man?
    Is it the woman in his arms?
    Just cause she has big titties?
    Or is it the way he fights every day?
    ….No, it’s probably the titties

    Now you’re a man
    A man, man man
    Now you’re a man-man
    Man-man man-man man
    Now you’re a man
    M-A-N, man
    Man, man-man man
    Now you’re a man


  4. mythman says:

    “When the spirit of truth comes, he speaks not of himself.”

    Besides, if a man lets slip that he’s a “Casanova,” he’s bound to hugely disappoint you—sure, he ‘makes you feel like a woman’; but his celebration of your womanhood is in vain (like some Oklahoma City-ans’ praise to God), because there are so many other people who want to feel like women out there!

  5. gemini3 says:

    For you my love i go to the end of the world :cool:

  6. MCLIJazz says:

    Sadly, I’m far from a Casanova, though I do have a nice voice.

  7. hs4mm says:

    Yesterday, I saw Brittney’s Womanizer on YouTube for the first time. That is such a horrible video; I came back and heard you sing that to Gorby to clear up my head.

  8. okay4now says:

    Hwk: Yeah, I know some. They tend to be really needy people…

  9. fatbuffalo says:

    i don’t know any , and not one either . It’ll be fun to be one though :mrgreen:

  10. vonratt says:

    I would like to know the origins of the word [Easter.] Is it a coincidence that the German word for [Easter] is “Ostern,” which contains “Ost” meaning east? Do Slavic words for [Easter] also contain the word for “east?”

    I have also heard that the holiday may be related to the name of an Old Norse goddess, but I have never confirmed this.

  11. stebakle says:

    I’m afraid I might be something more like an ‘anti-casanova’. :cry: Translate that as ‘social retard’. Not much of a liar,either.

  12. leonard says:

    A song to answer HotForWords, Marina…Buster Poindexter – Hot Hot Hot

  13. leonard says:

    I’m no casanova. Love is tame. Notches in my belt :?: :roll: I think that some policy makers are always sweat with others. Men and their women.

  14. r1wolf says:

    That was one of the strangest video request yet :!:

    I am not a Casanova, would love to be, but I just don’t have it in me. Can’t say I no any either, some people good at flirting, but not Casanova’s.

  15. runawayscott says:

    Danny seems unbalanced.

  16. thoughtforwords says:

    Gradualreport is a Jim Carey Fan and imitator! It was a funny clip.

    I liked the research Marin! Oh could you do POINDEXTER for a word?


  17. hs4mm says:


    Since Casanova’s techniques are tame, some boy-scouts invented a new technique. Their technique, described in the video below, is ironic since their avowed intent is not their real intent.

    Personally, I can’t use that technique since I don’t like to mask my intent.

    With that disclaimer, here’s the video:


  18. hotrocky says:

    There’s a character in Terry Pratchett’s very funny novels who is a Dwarf and also a very successful lover and seducer of beautiful women. His name is “Casanunda.”

  19. hotrocky says:

    The daughter of one of my friends is a very smart young lady named, “Echo.” I would guess her to be about 7 years old. Marina, she is a mini-Marina! She looks like a younger version of you.

    We are trying to teach her to have a Russian accent. If we are successful, we’ll send you some video.

  20. tayljim says:

    Thank You Marina for the autographed picture

  21. big ed says:

    Yeah, I have a couple of associates who consider themselves to be Casanovas. I don’t think of myself that way (a little too socially awkward[?] for that title). More laid back and cool-headed with a geeky overtone!lol

  22. animalntaz says:

    I’m not a casanova… I’m not a big enough bullshitter to be today’s womanizer. :mrgreen:

    By the way, have you seen that Johnny Depp movie Don Juan DeMarco? It’s a fairly good movie.

  23. beaugosse says:

    Oh my dear Marina ! Casanova made 122 real sexual conquests… Don Juan If I remember counted “mil e tre” but Don Juan is a myth not Casanova ! This looks like a story about big numbers… And you Marina ? How much words did you yet defined ? One thousand and one like Scheherazade ??? Is your intention to avoid the mortal melancholia of king Shahryār… [Melancholia] what a nice word… Could you define the origin of this word just to let us avoid this curious feeling ?

  24. hinamoriayami says:

    [poindexter] :wink:

  25. miami69 says:

    [If the shoe fits]

  26. diamondgirl101 says:

    please do the word (outfit)

  27. eristicchris says:

    I would like to request the word [eristic]

  28. I would like to request the word, [economics]. As a soon to be economist, I would appreciate a deeper understanding of the word titling my field. Also, with the economy in the news, as it is, these days, others might find it timely, if not equally interesting, as I. :idea: Thank you.

  29. StringDancer says:

    Marina, I was watching an old Eastwood flick the other night where his standard reply to almost everything was “I reckon so”, as in, “I suppose so” or something similar. I see that you have yet to explore the origins of this humble word, [reckon], so I was hoping you might enlighten us as to its origins.

    BTW… love the new photo galleries. You clearly are having an extremely fun life. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  30. diamondgirl101 says:

    my word reguest is (diamond) thanx love your videos teach me allot :grin:

  31. Marina could you please figure out what parts of your videos are bringing out these Gay adds by Google. :lol: It makes us or me feel, well kinda unmanly, manless, or that my testosterone is being challenged by My Daily It’s :shock: ing.

  32. runbadscott says:

    I would like to request the word [outfit]

  33. garydonpowell says:

    Good job, thank you for enlightening me on Casanova.

  34. andromeda says:

    X = weighted combination of Don Quixote, Charlie Brown, Wile E. Coyote, Spock, and the “Fools…Ill Destroy You All!!”Mad Scientist.
    Let P = the probability that X is a “Casanova”.
    Postulate : P < probability of a ’57 Chevy quantum tunneling through a ten foot brick wall.

  35. cufan71 says:

    Homework :cool: No, I’m not a Casanova. I’m not a smooth talker. But I’m very polite to the ladies! It’s the Southern-Country man in me! :smile:

  36. niteowl says:

    Your attempt at singing Womanizer would have been more effective if you had been laying naked in a steam room just like Britney.

    Then again, I told you not to imitate anyone, didn’t I? (banging my head repeatedly)


  37. hot-dog-lincoln says:

    There were times when I could have been called a “Novacasa”. What I thought were all the correct words and steps towards a wonderful “roll in the hay” turned out to be me running from a pitchfork! :shock:

  38. CHESS MARCOS says:

    Hello MArina, I would like to know the origin of the word [smoke].

    I used to enjoy listening to you on Maxim radio :cry: , when are you coming back to the studio? :roll:

    All the best :lol:

  39. excited4etymology says:

    People call me “Don Juan” which I heard is like “casanova” but I have no idea who the former is. I just consider myself a genuine gentleman, and girls consider me to be a rather good kisser, but I by no means consider myself to be a “womanizer” or “player” or any of those things.

    • Evan Owen says:

      “Don Juan…” Wasn’t he the Yaqui sorcerer that Carlos Castaneda wrote all his books about? :mrgreen:

      • StringDancer says:

        Quite so, Evan… and one of the most interesting anthropological accounts I’ve ever read. Are the stories truth or fiction? I have a very well-connected friend who claims to have met Castaneda many years ago (prior to Castaneda apparently disappearing through “a crack in the world”), and swears the tales are true. I’d like to think they are, but who knows.

        Has Marina ever covered the word [sorcery] or [sorcerer]?

  40. Che Volay says:

    …..time for music with that second cup of coffee (tea GB) George Harrison – If not for you

  41. James says:

    Have you seen the request Marina?

  42. seesixcm6 says:

    Dear совершенная Марина Орлова, You posted a video after many of us have gone to sleep! I just saw your picture gallery number 2 and wished I could spend more time viewing them.
    Would I be a Casanova if I could? Although it seems like it would be wonderful, even I know it would be wrong to spread my feelings and attention to many. I would prefer to make one woman very happy than to have fun with many women. What an effort it would be to share my intellect with yours! :razz:

  43. Che Volay says:

    Doesn’t ‘nova’ have some connection to ‘star’ in some language?

  44. nighteye says:

    Right, but before that, one of his ancestors decided to name the family after a new house – casa nova. :mrgreen:

  45. zombi205 says:

    My Dearest Teacher HotForWords,
    (minha querida professora HotForWords)

    one of the oldest country in the world.
    can you explain how did they reach the name? [PORTUGAL]

    visit us, you will be amazed!

  46. Che Volay says:

    In retrospect I would give up all my past exploits for one good women today. { but I can’t }

  47. thoughtonfire says:

    My Dearest Teacher HotForWords,


    Your Student,

  48. Evan Owen says:

    ***LossForWords’ Fractured Philology Presents: POINDEXTER***
    What does “Poindexter” have to do with “Pain in the ass?” LossForWords must instigate.
    “Poindexter” has its origins in the Welsh coal mines. One miner, Dic Jones, was known to his co-workers as a “right poen in the arse” (poen being Welsh for “pain,”), due to his bad attitude and lazy work habits. As there were several Dic Joneses in the mine, Dic was given the nickname “Dic Right Poen” to distinguish him from the others. After years in the mine, Dic decided to leave — not only the mine, but his whole identity — almost. When he changed his name from Jones, he kept the “poen” from his nickname, and translated “right” to its Latin equivalent, “dexter.” Hence the name, “Poindexter.”
    There you go, another mystery compounded by your dubious LossForWords. :mrgreen:

    • Bob says:

      And what a sinister tale it was! :lol:

      • Evan Owen says:

        My friend James the Pun and I sat down with the campaign manager for one John Dexter, local politician, to brainstorm campaign slogans.

        Noting that dexter means “right,” we started with:
        “Vote for Dexter — the right choice!”
        “Too cliched,” she replied.
        “Don’t get left out — Vote for Dexter!”
        “Lame,” she sighed.
        “Vote for Dexter — he’s not sinister!”
        “Vote for Dexter — he’s adroit!”
        “Don’t be gauche — Vote for Dexter!”
        Whereupon she walked out in a huff. :mrgreen:

        • Bob says:

          Evan idea that you have more puns than a flat-bottomed boat – you certainly trumped me there – Ivana recount! Donalda losers say something like that? :lol:
          Word requests [dextrous] [sinister] [gauche] [adroit]

  49. Che Volay says:

    Upon reviewing the life of Casanova I must admit I shared similar experiences. Although I won’t go into detail here let me say many opportunities presented itself just because of the environment I was in.

    If I could remember all, I too may write my memoirs. A while back I found one of my ‘little black books’, the notations I had made did make me laugh. It deemed necessary to add code the names so I could remember who theses ladies were.

    e.g.“good dancer,” “nice legs,” “full moon on the beach,” “girl scout leader,”

    Maybe another time another place I can share some stories and of course you know with me these stories will be funny.

  50. Yea now that I remember there was this one guy I worked with that every time your wife or girl friend would come to the station he was always hanging around and from time to time sneak in a wink or two. The ladies would tell us what he did and we would get a big laugh out of his escapades. He thought he was Studly Hungwell. :lol:

  51. ninevoltheart says:

    Hey Marina, I’d like to request the word [pajamas]. Great video as always! :)

  52. Evan Owen says:

    Hello Marina,

    Great vid as always, but you didn’t actually tell us what “casa nova” means…Italian for “new house”? :???:

  53. hutchiee says:

    I wonder how many hits would be generated if Casanova lived today and blogged his journal entries.

  54. Evan Owen says:

    Hey, HFW fans!
    Guys, y’all do realize what Marina’s up to with these homework assignments, right? I mean, she’s asking about our “salary”, personal hygeine(e.g. “handkerchief”), and now our fidelity (again — see “promiscuous”). I’ll bet she’s feeding our responses into some personality profile program, and is going to choose her ideal man based on our responses. :wink:

    A more insidious possibility is that she’s going to BLACKMAIL us with what we’ve written here! I mean, look at that video request that “gradualreport” did — I’d never hire somebody willing to look that weird in front of a half-million viewers! :shock:

  55. studypartners says:

    Casanovas are not easy people with whom to stay friends. As the username suggests, we are a couple. I am the male partner and will continue this post from my point of view.

    When I was young, one of my only friends was a Casanova. Females were nothing more than conquests to him…..and he always got them. Always. I became quite an accomplished “taxi driver.” I hated him for it. He even went for it with one of the few girls who actually went out with me.

    Having vented that, I would like to give equal credit to all the girls who preferred getting used and dumped by Cas-hole after Cas-hole to being in a relationship. As a 40 year old man living in the United States, it has been my experience that most women in my age bracket say they want a “nice guy” but when they get one, they don’t know what to do with him! Then they sabotage the relationship and bring out the dark side of the once “nice guy” and follow up by complaining that he’s become a jerk!

    Thank God I met my wife when I did. I was about ready to climb to the peak of a mountain, have a seat and “grow a long, white beard like Ozark!”

    HEY! I’ve got one for you, Marina! Where did the expression , “Growing a long, white beard like Ozark” originate?

  56. Homework: Casanova…me? I don’t know a thing about him. So I couldn’t tell you. Most of the time I like a royal knight on his great steed. I have a personality of a great lion. When happy, I’m a purring kitty. Piss me off and …. well you’ve heard what they used lions for in the Roman Coliseum.


    I met John Poindexter briefly, but I had a longer conversation with John Lehman (Secretary of the Navy at the time). I enjoyed my chat with Lehman. He was a guy you could hang with. I’ll never for get that day…

  57. Che Volay says:

    Googleing Casanova at this moment to see if my life runs any parallel to his. BRB

  58. hitoshi says:

    i m into Lisanova, too….

  59. Marina, I found your Poindexter. From your Hot For Teacher video. :lol:

  60. Probably the biggest Casanova of them all would be Hugh Hefner. Now that man is a chick magnet. :twisted:

  61. bsomebody says:

    I am definately not a Casanova. I never really got into playing games as part of a relationship. … yeah, that’s the ticket… :roll:

  62. wetsuit5 says:

    Tremendous lesson Marina, (except for the overdone request)

    The effects were just great and really added to the video (the written ones needed to be held a second longer, it’s winter our brains are cold)

    No Womanizing Casanova here.
    But get my fire started and I’m a One Woman Bonfire.

  63. Would you pay $10,788 dollars for a gallons worth of ink cartridges for your printer? Welcome to one of the biggest printer ink scam in history. With prices of ink cartridges now days they should pay you to buy a printer. The cost to refill 6 of your ink cartridges should only cost you about .40 cents a set, not $101.70 dollars. I can buy a gallon of ink for $85 dollars.

    I’ve known about this scam for years. I learn of this when I got into the larger format printing business. I had a Colorspan Displaymaker Mach 12 that printed on paper 6 feet long. Ink box was like $500 bucks for each color. They told me that was cheap for consumer level printers ink cartridges were more costly. They told me that printer manufactures make their money not on the printer but on the inks.

    After about 12 years now. I thought people would have wised up about this and pushed for lower prices. Funny.. People think businesses are looking out for their customers….LOL. Only if you truly knew the scope of this deception.

    • Marina says:

      That’s why I only buy laser printers.. at least with laser the ink (or whatever it’s called) last really long. Ink jets are a joke!

      • It’s called Toner. USCG do not allow ink jet documents for it can fade over time. I just photo copy the docs to get over that problem. Toner does better in wet weather (boats + water = messy ink). I have a HP ink jet I use for it has a scanner on it. I refill my own cartridges by hand. Damn thing is brand new and it drags 2 or 3 sheets in. Messes up my print jobs. I hate the damn thing! :mad:

        I’m looking into picking up a new printer. Brother HL-5280DW w/Built-in wireless 802.11b/g and Ethernet network interfaces and most important of all features printing of two-sided documents. Office Depot selling it for $500. Darn thing is huge!

        • Chemikal says:

          A wireless printer… Do you really need too hook it up to a router for your everyday printing needs?
          Or do the Joneses have one as well? :D

          Save money where you can, so you can buy more booze when you need em! :)

          • Oh you landlubbers are all alike. :roll: I work from a boat you work from a building. They are very different yet very similar. Wireless printing solves many problems your not aware of. Holes and boats are not a good combination :wink: Equipment placement is not as easy as you think it is. All equipment has to be securely attached (loose canons sink ships). Location the the equipment is mounted where it’s most practical not where one thinks it’s the most visually appealing.

            I’m not in the Joneses race. Far from it. To be associated with Joneses is more an insult of my way of life. I know you were just kidding. No harm no foul. :wink:

        • Chemikal says:

          Oh, [foul], that’s a great idea for a word request…
          Also, I hope you didn’t get mad for me spamming your email with replies, you have to understand… All I wanted to do, is keep you awake! No harm in that, right? :D

          Also, do you store your equipment in the ship’s berth?

          I had a thought, you could help Marina make some waterloving videos. I mean help request and research some nautical terms, like:
          Many words that originated onboard of boats, were assumed by landlovers, and then changed their meaning.
          I’m sure you could come up with much better requests, again it’s just a thought. :wink:

      • Chemikal says:

        Toner Cartridge. :P

      • alex says:

        yeah, yeah. blabbers about the advantages of a laser printer, but doesn’t know what a toner is called. pff.

        chicks … *rolleyes*

    • Chemikal says:

      Thanks for the info, people really should wise up to this scam.
      But since everyone is dependent on printers, and they need them working, they are contempt with just complaining about it.
      I know my printer’s ink cartridges are empty, and to buy new ones would cost more then the printer itself! So just imagine the stupidity of it… :|
      A refill is impossible, because they are all dried up.
      So there’s the conundrum of the day for you. :P

      I’ll probably end up buying a cheap printer, and changing that every time the cartridges dry up. Lucky that I don’t have anything important to print, besides papers for school, and stuff like that… Maybe one of us should open up a ink refilling firm? Let’s change the world my lovelies! :D

      *gives out a mad doctor laugh, and suddenly leaves the room*

      • If your printing needs are just about 5 pages a week then ink jet might be a better choice. The start up cost for ink jet is rather expensive. Hell you sometimes can get a free printer included with your computer.
        Now in my example, I have to print 400 pages per student for their training materials. When you get about a dozen students, it become impracticable to print just one set. I have to rely on printing services. Still the costs are expensive. Currently we only have about 14 pages that must be in color. Print cost for color is about .50 a page. We are planning to ad more color documents in our training manuals once we can reduce the expense. This is a good example of a need for a high duty laser printer.

        • Chemikal says:

          That’s a lot of money that is cut out of profit!
          If I were you, I’d email the materials to each student, so they could print everything themselves.
          That’s how some of my teachers do in my faculty.
          I’m thinking that maybe you don’t want the stuff to leak on to the internet… But someone could just as well scan the lot of them, and then upload everything.
          That’s not very likely, since they just wouldn’t have anything to gain from it.
          I think that if you contract a printing house, and get a book out, it would certainly reduce the costs of producing new copies, while also greatly decreasing copyright liability.
          You could require them to buy it, and instead of having to loose money on printing thousands of pages yourself, you could escape all the hassle, and also make a cool profit.

          I don’t know if I helped or not, but it was my pleasure to nose in on your business, Capt! :)

          • The books are online but many student’s don’t have printers. Also to print out 400 pages on your pinter would kill the damn thing. Including the manuals is part of the service I offer. I even include 3 books in the class which help out he students in class and on the job. I don’t charge extra for this. For what I charge for my class this is not an issue.

            That’s true they won’t understand the information if they just downloaded it. My lectures fill in many gaps that just are not in the study guides.

            Competitors could use the books for their own gain if they decide to start their own school.

            Our study guides change often. We don’t even bind them. I just put them in a 3 ring binder.

            No problem. If I didn’t want anyone in my business I would not mention it or respond to your questions.

            What I do need help in is getting more students in my classes. I’ve gone from about a dozen students to like 1 or 2. Doesn’t even close to covering my expenses. :sad:

        • Chemikal says:

          I hope M. would serve some of her 175+k subscribers your way. That would sure cover all your expenses! :D

  64. miguel haneck says:

    Hello beautiful
    Casanova is my second name :wink:

  65. annuddermale says:

    i’ve never been a Casanova (hmmm…Lisa’s great-great-great-grand-Uncle?)…but i have known one or two in my time…

    the one i best remember was my office & occasional housemate in grad school…this was back in the eighties, and he had thin beard, the hair, and hazel eyes, & i swear he could charm the brass off a doorknob…

    but he was more of an “unintentional” Casanova – he loved women, for sure, and many of them, but he was sincere in his attractions…

    perhaps that was his real secret…

    he finally met his match in another grad student and they married; sad to say, she didn’t give up her Casanovatrix ways & had an affair with her boss…my friend was divorced just two years later…

    such is life…

    but i, of course, am more of a Hot, Hot, Hot Poindexter… :cool:

  66. hot-dog-lincoln says:

    In grades two, three and four, I was a Casanova. I’d slide over to where the “young women” were and start up charming conversations. Eventually, I’d tell the favorite one of the bunch… “I love you!” :shock: :grin: This was fun. Next, I would go home and tell my Mom what kind of presents I’d like to get for “so and so!” :lol: The Teacher became concerned about me… thought I was destined for… lots of alimony! :mrgreen:

  67. one_2_play says:

    I would like to request the word [excruciating]


  68. James says:

    Marina, Here is your request for poindexter……..

    That flower has reversed in size now…

  69. Just want to let everyone know that Marina’s votes are continuing to climb towards solid success. Even though she is in first place in Up votes, solid success comes with also winning the combined votes.

    Continue to vote by clicking on the Vote here link in the red dotted box above for a solid win.

    Thank you everyone!!!
    You HotForWords guys and gals are awesome!!!

  70. James says:


    Are oyu a Casanova?

  71. hornyguy000 says:

    I am not a Casanova nor do I know anyone who claims to be a Casanova.
    One thing I do know though, is that your a really hot babe Marina.

  72. Chemikal says:

    Marina you sang GREAT!
    I loved it…
    Womanizer, woman-womanizer, you’re a womanizer, Gorby! :D

    OK, so the female version of a Casanova, would be a [vixen] ?

  73. Bob says:

    Here’s a nice quote that I received today which seems appropriate to the two recent lessons on Wedding and Casanova.

    “Many persons have a wrong idea of what constitutes true happiness. It is not attained through self-gratification but through fidelity to a worthy purpose.”

    Helen Keller
    1880-1968, Blind/Deaf Author and Lecturer.

  74. wyo550 says:

    Last September, a Belgian LeMans racer called me a Casanova because I found a date (with a week’s notice) to take to Monaco for a three-car drive of Ferraris back to the factory in Maranello. In fact, “she” was a nice friend from Cheyenne…a widow who had just lost her husband and then their store burned down because of arson next door. Sue did the camera on this music video:

    The only real Casanova I’ve ever known was a guy so beautiful, women would thrown themselves in car windows to kiss him on Sunset Strip (I saw this happen!). Later, the famous photographer Helmut Newton photographed him and his (then) girlfriend and Timothy Leary thought they were just great party-candy too. Now, lover boy is on his second marriage and the girlfriend and I spent last New Years together. She’s now a 50-something ex-model and lying narcist. So, there’s really nothing to it…as this (old) photo of me and her shows!
    I like just being me….:-)

  75. Bob says:

    I used to collect things at one time, but collecting women to brag about how many conquests you’ve had is not a very nice thing to do, so I’m not a Casanova (and I don’t live in one either).
    I can think of one person I knew who was a Casanova, or thought he was, and he was quite an objectionable character.

    • smokey36bear says:

      I agree there. My friend, mentioned below, likes to brag about who and where. I keep telling him that I don’t want to hear about it, yet he keeps flapping his gums (literally, he has “some” missing teeth) about it.

  76. smokey36bear says:

    My best friend “thinks” he is a casanova, but he really isn’t.

  77. skiastrix says:

    I’ve never known a Casanova … though I have known a lot of men who thought they were. ;)

    Am I a Casanova? I don’t think that’s anatomically possible … Mata Hari maybe? Cleopatra? *laughs* Probably more Marian the Librarian. :lol:

  78. greatestpotential says:

    :smile: It is more fun to be a lover than a fighter and I say that here amongst the educated crowd where the talents of a Casanova are held in esteem rather than frowned upon

  79. whiskeyrichard says:

    I would be a successfull Casanova if I didn’t suffer from my disfunction! I go to the bar and drink to pick up girls, but can’t shag when I’m drunk. It’s a visious cycle which robs me of this grandiose tittle. [shag]

  80. skaterguy says:

    [i]“Are oyu a Casanova?”[/i] ehh well, my name [i]is[/i] Jan – wich also is like Juan etc…. :mrgreen:

  81. She said “There are a few drops of rain currently in LA. Hope my flight isn’t delayed. They aren’t used to this kind of weather here.” How could a few drops of rain stop pilots from flying? They fly in bad weather all the time. Does this sound like it’s coming from someone who we can respect their opinion about the best in technology?

    • John says:

      you have totally lost me here Jack . Who she?

    • Chemikal says:

      CJ, will you please correct this typo(in the video description):
      “Are oyu a Casanova?” Make it say “Aer oyu b Casanova?” :mrgreen:

    • Marina says:

      The San Francisco airports have the take-off and landing runways parallel to each other or something where any rain results in one of the runways having to be closed and it massively delays everything. San Fran is the WORST airport to fly in to or out of due to that.

      • John says:

        Thanks Marina.

      • She said L.A. Also she said “They aren’t used to this kind of weather here.” Meaning, she thinks the pilots only live and work in the L.A. area and never venture out.

        Your correct about SF closing other runway during a rain storm. The reason for this, is restricted visibility during a rain storm or fog. FAA has a strict separation scheme with (IFR rules) that pilots must follow on the prevailing conditions. The second runway is just too close to safely land two aircraft simultaneously for the conditions.

        I’ve flown in heavy rain and the only thing that bothers me the most is a little bit of hydroplaning on the runway and small aircraft that have no windshield wipers. :roll:

  82. labbatt78 says:

    One great example-Cedric the entertainer

  83. Loudfighter says:

    I know one Casanova.
    Its music band in my country! :-)
    Nice video Marina!

  84. samuel3d says:

    I don’t anyone who is a Casanova, but wasn’t there a Movie :?:

    sam the man.

  85. raven62 says:

    I am not a Casanova, but I was called a playboy once. A long time ago, in my squadron, one guy started to call me a playboy because I had 2 girlfriends, who were room mates. And the next day he saw me going to pick up a new girl to give her a ride home. Her sponcer asked me to, and that was how I got that name.

  86. pandion says:

    I am not a Casanova, but I have known a few guys who were very good with the ladies. It was always good to hang around them, because there were going to be ladies flocking around. :grin:

  87. germi says:

    I would like to know the origin of the word [bunnyhug]?

  88. ilikesexytime says:

    I LOVE YOUR BREASTS. they loook really SOFT!!!!!

  89. John says:

    Are oyu a Casanova?

  90. John says:

    Nope I can’t call my self a Casanova far from it as fact but in my dreams I’ve had a least a few fine looking ladies even if they didn’t realize :smile: :smile: it.

  91. griselmania says:

    Hiya Teacher Marina!
    I would love to know where [knock yourself out] comes from!

  92. thoughtonfire says:

    Dear Teacher,

    The has under Womanizer – a philanderer. Seeing that Philander and Philology are a word in common (Love), I wonder if Philanderer + Philologist also have Love in Common. :?:

    Your Student,

  93. levisan says:

    wow… so, a Casanova is like a “Don Juan” (in spanish slang) :o… always learning something new… thx Marina! :)

  94. kjohn50083 says:

    After reviewing you picture galleries, I only have one question. How on earth can I make you mine?


  95. kjohn50083 says:

    For You, I will be anything, including a Casanova


  96. nathan19 says:

    Hey Marina,

    Alas, alack, I am far from a Casanova. I wouldn’t say I know any Casanovas either. Although, it would be more accurate for me to say that I know people who fancy themselves as Casanovas, when truthfully they’re more idiots than anything else.

  97. Chemikal says:

    Hi alll! :-)

  98. CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

    Missed again.

  99. hs4mm says:

    Not a casanova, don’t know any. Not a video request, but[poindexter].

  100. ranhead says:

    I’m not ….. but YOU should check that typo :wink:

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