Louche.. another Hot Word of the Week for you :-)

I did it as an homage to sxephil as he has his douche-bag of the day segment.. and I have the louche-bag of the day.   I tried to include all the jump cuts and some of his nuances.. but it came out pretty bad!   Here is the video I was imitating.


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  1. i like your rain, no doubt on it! even it’s a bit old, i like it : a so gentle soul im thinking, i REALLY like it! :o

  2. mariadaniel says:

    Incredible – Bees lifting Laptop :
    Watch this innovative laptop computer video, wherein bees lifting the laptop amazingly when the honey & glue is spread over the laptop. A must watch new video.

  3. calabrese says:

    interesting fact- I’m sure that someone’s already said it, but I’m simply too lazy to search. Louche was also used in French to describe the effect that cold water had on absinthe.

    When you pour water into *real* absinthe, the absinthe starts to cloud. The French used to describe it as “louche” as well.

  4. killiansred86 says:

    I was gonna say that vshagios. He is the biggest Louche of them all!

  5. vshagios says:

    Obama, he is a Louche.

  6. sww92498 says:

    I like you better as yourself.

  7. aaronwhitehouse0077 says:

    Oh Teacher.

    In addition to [Dickins] as in [Hurts like the dickins], [I Can't Remember for the dickins] etc. I thought of another word.


    and the phrase [Dead as a Doornail] or as some say [Dead as a Door Knob]

    Thanks Much.

    Your Student,

  8. dlackey says:

    I was wondering if you could tell me the origins of the word “Bigot”. Would enjoy seeing…Uh hearing your answer!

  9. muggins says:

    Can we tighten up the definition of louche? Is it shifty-eyed scammers, because there are scammers who look you
    straight in the eye, w/ ne’er a wavering eyeball. Like Billy Mays for Mighty Mend-it or Miracle Putty…“Hi, Billy Mays here for Miracle Putty.” or Vince for ShamWow or SlapChop…“…because you know we can’t do this all day.”

  10. bman266643 says:

    How about the phrase “on the lamb” otherwise known as on the loose

  11. animalntaz says:

    I just remembered a famous louche: Kristen Bell

  12. Dear Marina:I am a fan of your work and of you personally.
    I discovered in life that LOVE comes only in one way, when is UNCONDITIONAL.
    Such LOVE is often given to:
    A) Family( one day you will have children and you will not hesitate to stop a bullet with your body so save one!!!)
    C)Pets( need I say more?)
    Its funny but generally your partner( spouse, lover, live companion,etc)sometimes do not falls in this category.
    However, Now watching your videos, I realise that it is posible to say that teachers, also can be the recipes of unconditional LOVE.
    I for one , had dedicate many unselfish ours to better myself, read more, study hard, and finally be a better person , just to see my teachers proud of me.
    Now that I think of it, teachers Do love their students in the same way, so the reciprocity is often the way knowledge flows on a classroom.
    What is NOT so obvious, is that the TEACHER also , by the way of setting a sample,INSPIRE the students to follows a certain way of live( if your teacher is well groomed, well dress, well educated, smiles a lot,uses language correctly, practices sports, or have a refined taste for art and science),so students generally adopt such qualities for themselves.
    Now can I request SUBLIMATE, as a replacement of certain feeling or need , for a completely different thing or object?
    ( its been said that Saint Francis of Assisi’s, took his love for animals from His sexual sublimation).
    Tanks in advance, Hugo.

  13. chiselstone says:

    Marina,I don’t think anyone can play the part of some who is Louche better then Jack Nicholson in a movie. He is really great at it.

  14. emilia says:

    Hey hey…

    Another Word Request please “Clandestine”


  15. hutchiee says:

    Nice parody :wink:

    Would a louche cyclops be blind? uh… what?

  16. aaronwhitehouse0077 says:

    My Father and I, were in a debate the other day over a word. This word is often used as part of a phrase often not alone. The word is Dickens used as in “Hurts like the Dickens”; or “Ain’t That the Dickens”. I remember this from my Grandmother who used to use the word a lot.

    My Father believes the word to have originated from the word Devilkin. I wasn’t to sure of this and thought it may be some referance from the Author Charles Dickens. I’ll admit my thought on the author is a stretch at best. Somehow I can’t see the word origin coming from Devilkin.

    My Grandmother had many sayings that I never figured out where the meaning came from such as Low and Behold when she was in Awe at something, Of course Low and Behold is a grouping of words whose origin is easily found.

    I must now tell my Father about this site since it is absolutly fantastic for those who love words. My Dad fancies himself abit of a Word Origin fan. I find word origins fascinating.

    Chris682 mentioned Hustle And Bustle I’m curious on that one myself.



  17. nomusician says:

    Heard of a BROOCH (US- pron. brautch) or else in the UK spelt BROACH (and pronounced the same).
    Ah ,that’s more like it. Or is it? I’d like to know…
    Seems to come from the French BROCHE.

  18. blackhawk49 says:

    blackhawk49 asks: I would like to know the origion of the phrase, ‘above board’. Does it have any reference to the old courtship practice of bed boarding. If not, speak on both terms.

  19. chris682 says:

    where did hustle and bustle come from?

  20. amen4me says:

    I’d like to know what “sitting pretty” means, thank you.

  21. CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

    It was mentioned on TV that they are beefing up security for the inauguration. However, hamming something up is not quite as effective; it’s a bunch of baloney. What decided which meat does what?

    And no, eddiexcool, you can’t salami Marina. :mrgreen:

  22. donhoggino says:

    Having only viewed a wee selection of your endevours, I don’t know the extent of your etymological prowess but can you help me with something?

    I’ve been trying to make sense of the word ‘prego’ in Italian. It’s used in many different ways:
    As a response to grazie (thank you)
    To offer a service (can I help you?)
    To welcome someone (Come in! make yourself at home.)

    I often imagine it as sharing something with the antiquated expression ‘pray’ as in ‘pray enter’, ‘pray be seated’. I could be way off the mark. Is there any light shedding you can do here? In fact, does anyone know at least a little more than I on the subject.

    Grazie mille!

  23. malpoklonik says:

    PS: By the way:I respect your work, I think you’re quite determined if you really want to realize something, I mean three or four years ago you lived in Siberia, and I like that region you should know, but now you live in California and have a nice business. That’s a difference. Keep at it, and don’t listen to these guys who want to see you naked. That would be dull, they only ask, because they know that they would never be able to get even a date with you in real life.

  24. malpoklonik says:

    Marina, you should post more lessons in russian. It’s your mother tongue, and you appear more authentic when you talk russian. Then you appear even more lovely. Or you could give lessons in russian, for example you could describe the difference of meaning between “it was normal” and “bilo normalno”. Or finally you could describe the very special russki mat, and why you can’t translate it into other languages. Don’t worry, I don’t use it, I either feel uncomfortable if someone talk it all the time, awful.
    I think it would be interesting for your “students” to know more about your mother tongue, it’s impossible to express yourself so directly and in so many different ways in english than in russian.

  25. azusameaura says:

    OMG! I just realized, after watching this for a second time, why LeLOUCHE is named the way her is! He’s from an anime that’s over but still amazing. He has this weird power and he can only use his left eye while… I think three other characters can use with both their eyes. I wonder is Lelouche is a name, I’ll have to look it up! Thank you very much! Bye!

  26. jlifeson says:

    COME-HITHER :wink:

  27. rawbrainster says:

    Louche bag of the century is Dick Cheney. Appropriate timing for such a word.

    Marina, when are you going to cover the word mantra? Or patient?

    Be Good

  28. CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

    Well, what is everyone up to today? There was supposed to be fog this morning, but no trace. It’s 60°F outside and 65° inside the office due to the sun shining brightly from a cloudless blue sky. The tops of 50-foot-high cedars nearby are not even twitching. My left big toe goes out to you poor sods in freezerland (sorry, but I had to take my heart back).

    I almost finished cleaning out the car so I can get a SMOG test done (don’t want excess weight in there). The trunk gasket leak had put a half an inch of water in the spare tire well, so I had to scrub out the slime that had grown in there, steel-wool off the bits of rust and re-lube the tire jack, dry things off, etc. When I started up at dusk yesterday, it barely turned over, so one day with the trunk light on had nearly drained the battery, meaning it must be on its last legs. I put on the super-neat smart Black and Decker switching battery charger (just weighs a few pounds, but still puts out 40 amps) and got it recharged. (Still going to have to cough up bucks for a new batt., though, as I don’t want to get stranded somewhere when it finally croaks.) Today I am going to sweep out all though gritty bits in the corners of the floor and scrub those filthy brown smears off the places my hands always touch. I like to do this every two or three years, whether it needs it or not. :mrgreen:

    Having just wolfed down scrambled eggs, a chunk of ham steak and two English muffins with strawberry jam, I will have a cup of hot cocoa and take a walk down the street to the bank and also get some gas prices from three nearby stations for GasBuddy. Yup, C – a – l – i – f – o – r – n – i – a says it all. You know, it’s still open… you can move here any time you want.

    Sowhachadoon, guys?

    • seesixcm6 says:

      I set aside food and beverages to watch two football games, today. Philadelphia at Arizona and the Ravens against the Steelers. They’ll both be good games. :smile:
      I just found out that NFL Europe shut down last year. I thought US football was going to become very popular, there! I’m surprised they didn’t attract enough spectators. :sad:

    • Well Ck it’s a cold rain here. But nice an toasty inside the house. I like you just drank a big cup of hot chocolate and a ham biscuit. I don’t think I’ll venture outside to much today, maybe tomorrow will be a little warmer so I do my daily three mile walks. You have a good day today and stay safe. :smile:


    • leonard says:

      What was “GasBuddy”?..; it is not there! Heat wave here in Wisconsin, hitting double digit highs. Since I got, Edgar Allen Poe, inside my head, “Go,Ravens”…………..Why is a mir a commune, and mirth and myrth, soul much different? :lol: :cool: be cool

    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      Due to the greenhouse effect, the office is at 78°F now. Good thing I am outside in my shortsleeves putting the finishing touches on (read removing the last few shovelsful from) the car. (Wouldn’t want to get overheated, would I? :smile: ) Gad, the beastie was filze this time. Found a bleach spill under the front right mat that literally ate the fuzz off the carpet down to the backing. I would have thought that plastic would be immune. They wouldn’t put wool carpet in a Civic, would they?

      Try GasBuddy. (I fergot the http [hottentot protocol]).

  29. rshush says:

    sxephil’s spelling is off, and he is a bit vulgar too! But he’s so cute , isn’t he???

  30. mukmika. says:

    Thanks, CampKohler, for info. Sexiphil seems a smart and articulate young man, with a great way of expressing himself, and he’s ‘opinionated’ too.(nothing wrong with that)

  31. nabashalam says:

    One of my other favorite sexy female “geeks” on NCIS uses the expression “hinky” all the time and I was wondering where this word originated from… :?:

    Thanks “Hot For Marina” …I mean “Words”… :mrgreen:

    • niteowl says:

      She is a favorite of mine, as well. I’m sure it originated on the show as I can’t find it anywhere.

      A better choice might be “kinky”, another word of her liking.

  32. mythman says:

    My favorite ‘Louchebag’? (Google’s dictionary doesn’t know that word) I link to her many-many times in my Xomba posts.

    (‘Post’: that would be a good word to do “if you haven’t already” :mrgreen: )

    How is she a ‘louchebag’? by the peekaboo wave that blocks the vision of ‘one eye’ but can wisely see with the other eye the goodness that ‘using both eyes’ would see more-clearly!

  33. hs4mm says:

    Would it be bad taste or bad form if the text below the video had a html a-tag pointing to youtube-dot-com/hotforwords (or specifically to dot-com/watch?v=appropriate_string) with the a-tag named something like “external link”? Clicking on this link would open a new browser window (perhaps by using the target=”string” attribute). While such a link would have its own rewards, would it be worth it (stylistically)?


  34. studypartners says:

    We would like to know the origins of the term “making love” and can think of nobody we’d rather learn it from than you. By the way, why is it that people say they’d like to make love TO you? Don’t you make love WITH someone?

  35. eddiexcool says:

    I love you so much

  36. tok-715 says:

    If there’s one thing you can be sure of, it’s the fact that I’m no louche.

    Excellent lesson Marina, I just learned a new word today thanks to you.

    If there are any Chinese or individuals of Chinese decent, Chinese Lunar New year happens to be on the 26th of February if I remember correctly, so Happy New year.

  37. kyliedoodle says:

    could you please investigate “infantry” and does it have anything to do with “infant” (as in babies :???: )
    yes yes it sounds quite improbable but it has been bugging me
    thank you :wink:

  38. danielpool says:

    HI Marina could you please investigate. The words optical illusions or MIRAGE :?: :?: :lol:

  39. TitanPA says:

    Most Louche-bags are Cantankerous . Speaking of Cantakerousness. WHere did the word come from? Not your everyday average ordinary word. THat is my word Request. Can ya help out Marina?

  40. MCLIJazz says:

    I bailed on the video at 0:51. Please take a mulligan on this lesson. In other words, please do this lesson over, the normal HotForWords way. Then, I can find out the origin of the word “louche.” Thank you very much.

  41. Origin Request: Freemale

    I keep hearing this word on many websites that this is a rapidly growing term and choice of women. A freemale, is a woman who opts for a single life, valuing friendships rather than pursuing extended romantic relationships. My question is, when did this word come about? I have never heard it until about a few months ago. I hear some people are treating this word like it’s a new disease in out society.

  42. muggins says:

    In the veritably unknown 1997 flick, “Kicked in the Head”, James Wood plays a shifty scammer uncle to the main character, Redmond. Redmond is looking for the meaning of life while being haunted by the recurring vision of the Hindenburg crashing ‘n’ burning. Wood is very louche as he can only be. He does a lot better scam artist in this flick than his part in Casino. I tell ya, Wood is great. It’s a fabulous New York movie that isn’t depressing ! Specifically, what sprang from memory is when he asks his nephew if he has any singles, because all he has is big bills and he didn’t want to break them…whatta louchebag.

  43. Evan Owen says:


    ***LossForWords presents another Fractured Philology lesson:
    “McNaught and Hidalgo”***

    In 1588, Spain sent the Armada to invade England, and was soundly beaten in a naval battle in the English Channel. The remnant ships of the Armada found themselves at the eastern end of the Channel, blocked by the English navy from returning home to Spain. They then undertook to return the long way via Scotland. The fleet was further decimated by a storm off the west of Ireland, resulting in a number of Spanish soldiers swimming ashore (which is why there is now a Clan McLopez in Ireland.)

    On receiving news of the wreck and Spanish survivors, a group of English soldiers was dispatched to Galway to, er, dispatch the Spanish. Now, among the Spanish were a number of hidalgos, minor nobles, whose title is an abbreviation of hijo de algo, literally “son of something.” When caught, one of these men protested that he was, in fact, a local Irishman.

    “What’s your name, then?” challenged the English.

    The Spaniard replied with the first thing that came to mind: “McAught!,” a translation of his Spanish title, being a combination of the Irish mac, “son of,” and the archaic English aught, “something.”

    “As an Irishman, you’re a McNaught!” (i.e. son of nothing), sneered the English; and, amused with their jest, let him go. The name stuck, and the name “McNaught” survives to this day as a hidden reminder of the bedraggled survivor of the Spanish Armada.

    It’s true, I tell you! :mrgreen:

  44. 2utoday says:

    :mrgreen: Let’s see now. The only “Louche” person I can think of at the moment is that guy in Russia named Putin. Ever hear of him? I think he once was the President of that country.

  45. fastasaswhale says:

    HI Marina,

    I was just wondering where does the name rock and roll come from? Also how did it evolved into just Rock and does that have anything to do with the British Invasion?


    • bsomebody says:

      I will leave “Rock ‘n Roll” for Lady M, because that will make an awesome video, but this old-timer will give you a brief history lesson about the British invasion. Very early rock n rollers in America were in the Rockabilly category; cats like Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry, the Big Bopper, etc. The Random Factors quickly aligned to take all of these out of the picture: Elvis was in the Army, Lewis had his scandal for marrying his fifteen yr. old cousin, Berry was arrested for taking a juvenile female across state lines, and the Big Bopper had his plane crash (The Day the Music Died )

      This left Rock with a bunch of overly-smiley, clean-shave, dimpled, blue-eyed, white guys that you would love to take home to Mama (Niel Sedaka, Ricky Nelson.) Rock ‘n Roll needed a serious shot in the arm, and it came from across the Pond. From Britain came the Beatles, the Who, Hermin’s Hermits, et al, hence “The British Invasion.”

      Thank you for your support.

      ps If you want some info about the term “Rock and Roll,” goggle Alan Freed.

  46. danielpool says:

    HI Marina. I hope you won a lot of money. And you are having a good time in las Vegas. Could you please do the origin when someone calls someone a silver tongued Devil :lol:

  47. foxhound90 says:

    Hello Marina. I got a word haha.. it’s a good one.

    When I heard “Defect” I had no idea what it meant. So I looked it up in the dictionary and it said: To leave your native country or the country you are living in and refuse to return there, usually for political or moral reasons. I want to know when defection started and tell me the origin.


    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      Defection first occurred on August 28th, 1912, when Gretta L. Blitzenikkerflotsernoffigallinberg of Germany left to seek air conditioning in France. When she found there was none, she was so torqued that she walked through the summer countryside wearing nothing but a “Shoot Me” sign. She was barely (no pun intended) noticed as it was very common for overheated French to do the same thing. If anyone said anything at all to her, it was, “You’re German, aren’t you?”

      It’s true, I tell you.

    • bsomebody says:

      Does that mean that Lady M is defective?

  48. ilikesexytime says:


  49. oscar.t.po says:

    Hi Marina! Hereby I request the origin of three words: jazz, copycat and bizarre. The last one means “valiant, brave” in Spanish, so I’d like to know how it got its English meaning. Thanx, I love your site!!! :razz:

    • Evan Owen says:

      The Spanish word is, of course, an eponym for Francisco Bizarro, its meaning taken from his supposed valor and bravery in defeating the Incas with only gunpowder, steel swords, cavalry, and Spanish diseases to his advantage. The English thought this lauding of the Conquistador to be “bizarro,” hence the meaning in English.

      It’s true, I tell you. :mrgreen:

      This has been another Fractured Philology lesson from LossForWords, aka Evan Owen, who fills in whenever Marina is busy.

  50. thoughtforwords says:

    Thanks Jack

  51. greatestpotential says:

    :roll: louche

  52. catch22intherye says:

    :twisted: 1st comment ever I’m requesting the word SHOUT :!:

  53. So many luoche-bags,,
    But one seems to pop up alot this election year…

    Harry Reid is a louche.. he always is so critical of everyone, but never has any answers for this counrties problems.

    Louchbag Harry..

  54. niteowl says:

    Do you think we could get Paul McCartney to remix and re-record “I’m a loser” as “I’m a louchebag”?

    I smell a hit.

  55. Evan Owen says:

    ***WORD REQUEST: Limerick

    Like the Welsh englyn, but funnier, it is often written to commemorate a special person or event. What is the history of this humorous poetic form?

    Or did I already request this word? Damn! I was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, on top of my OCD. Now I can’t remember from one minute to the next what I’m obsessing about! :lol:

  56. sognibene says:

    hi marina I would like to know more about the word:


  57. pennsyltucky9 says:

    “Favorite” louchebag? Kind of a non-sequitur in my opinion. Dick Cheney gets the grand prize for his ability to funnel billions of dollars of honest, hardworking American taxpayers’ money straight into the pockets of his buddies at Halliburton, Blackwater, and the many other subsidiary “private contractor firms” in the war zones he also helped create. Check the movie “Iraq For Sale.” It’s a real eye-opener. That is, it would be if I still had eyes. You be the judge though. Check it out.

    • pandion says:

      Haliburton gained its power during democratic presidencies.

      Upon her death, Lady Bird Johnson, LBJ’s wife, was the majority stock holder.

  58. acethebathound says:

    Now that I’ve seen the vid, I learned the original defintion…
    Thanks, Marina!

  59. acethebathound says:

    Louching has to do with preparing Absinthe before drinking it… Unlouched Absinthe is nearly undrinkable by all but the most hardy Absinthe drinker…

  60. misscupcake says:

    i changed my gravatar :mrgreen: i hope it shows the new one :mrgreen:

  61. misscupcake says:

    where does ‘research’ come from?

    doesnt ‘re’ usually mean, to repeat an action?

    like, ‘misscupcake is going to re-make her bed’
    ‘misscupcake should refresh the page more often’

    but research means.. to investigate something right? to look something up and find out more.

    but the word implies it is being done a second time, because it starts with re

    and what about when people put ‘re’ at the start of emails!!!

    :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :mrgreen:

  62. misscupcake says:

    haha and you have just been worded up

    wait, what if i impersonated you, impersonating phil.

    confused :oops:

    louche bag…

    i watched the videos last night.. then i went to his channel to see how many subscribers he has, (50k) and the auto play video auto played, as auto play videos tend to do, and i paused it at 2 seconds and he was EXTREMELY LOUCHY!

    or would it be louchey
    well, he was a louche bag :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  63. misscupcake says:

    Marina you are so cute imitating sxephil hehehehehehehe!!

    one day im supposed to impersonate him too but i find it hard to be inspired to impersonate males.

    anyone heard of boxxybabee?
    i should impersonate her. shes like a squirrel on drugs!

    • Chemikal says:

      Squirrels are actually nice creatures, they don’t do drugs!
      And if they did, they would still look adorable.
      So squirrels are the way to go, if your ever looking to add some cuteness to your YT page. :mrgreen:

  64. bsomebody says:

    Funny vid. Favorite louche bag? Perhaps the drunk customers who call at three in the morning. Then again, if they want to cause trouble, pranking Wally World is not so bad…

  65. Chemikal says:

    OH MY GOAD !
    I just found out what a douche bag really is.
    And it is disgusting!
    So gross… :)

    But this only leads me to think of what a louche bag would really look like. And I can’t figure that out. It doesn’t make much sense. :D

  66. John says:


    Louche you say, I call just downright aggaravating, on you tube has to be FRED, I actually like the sxephil videos that iv’e watched but i don,t subscribe and haven’t watced even a third of his work. I haven’t subscribed to your channel either, but have seen most everything you’ve done.

    You say “Louche” ‘ he says “Douche” aren’t they both just sales “gimmicks” of the enternmaiint industry?

  67. cufan71 says:

    :cool: AWESOME lesson Marina! :grin: Some politicians are louches.

  68. John says:

    Nice, Homage to sxephil or is this a satirical, I am having a hard time deciding between the two. OH well.

    Word Request: Limerence

    Isn’t it nice to know that everything that can be studied and researched is being done to the betterment of the advertising and sales forces of the internet, entertainment, and consumerism markets. :sad: :sad:

    • andromeda says:

      It’s a mutual plugfest; both intent on expanding audience. I ran thru some of his vids and some time ago he beseeched his viewership to help Ms. Hotforwords out with some kind of contest or some other thing; the oblique ref in his vid here is also a plug, this vid I believe to be a reply in kind.

      Gratuitous opinion on sxephil : I think the guy has talent. This parody vid I thought amplifies how “smooth” the guy has the whole skip-vid thing down (in comparison) which seemed novel and catchy to me (but I am relatively new to the YT scene so I don’t know if it is original). The maniac/loose cannon mode is his whole method of entertaining. I think the monkey backdrop is incredibly funny (I appreciate self deprecating humor) and sets the whole tone for the monologue. Some of his stuff I do not find tasteful; too crass/blunt/vulgar can get old fast. De gustibus non est disputandum (one of my favorite latin phrases meaning “there is no accounting for taste”)!

      Regarding ads and marketing expanding on the Internet, I think it is inevitable and it really does not bother me; I just went through all the old star trek TOS on cbs.com and without ad support they probably would not have been there (brought back some good memories from seeing them long ago). I was actually disappointed when some of the episodes played without a commercial since I think some of the Target commercials are very entertaining in their own right.


      • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

        One of the best commercials I ever saw was for Target. It was for all the summer goods. A marching band is heard behind a hill and there they come marching over the hill, playing wading pools, BBQs and all manner of hardware. It only showed a few times and was gone. Dumb. You’d think they would break that thing out every spring; everybody loves a parade.

        • John says:

          Here are the lyrics

          It ain’t no joke
          I’d like to buy the world a toke
          And teach the world to sing in perfect harmony
          And teach the world to snuff the fires and the liars
          Hey I know it’s just a song but it’s spice for the recipe
          This is a love attack
          I know it went out but it’s back
          It’s just like any fad it retracts before impact
          And just like fashion is a passion for the with it and hip
          If ya got the goods, they’ll come and buy it just to stay in the clique

          So don’t delay, act now, supplies are running out
          Allow, if you’re still alive, six to eight years to arrive
          And if you follow, there may be a tomorrow
          But if the offers shun you might as well be walkin’ on the sun

          Twenty-five years ago, they spoke out and they broke out
          Of recession and opression and together they toked
          And they folked out with guitars around a bon fire
          Just singin’ and clappin’, man what the hell happened
          Some were spell-bound, some were hell-bound
          Some they fell down and some got back up
          And fought against the melt-down
          And their kids were hippie chicks, all hypocrites
          Because fashion is smashin’ the true meaning of it

          So don’t delay, act now, supplies are running out
          Allow, if you’re still alive, six to eight years to arrive
          And if you follow, there may be a tomorrow
          But if the offers shun you might as well be walkin’ on the sun

          It ain’t no joke when Mama’s handkerchief is soaked
          With her tears because her baby’s life has been revoked
          The bond is broke up so choke up and focus on the close up
          Mr. Wizard can’t perform no God-like hocus pocus
          So don’t sit back, kick back, and watch the world get bushwhacked
          News at ten o’clock your neighborhood is under attack
          Put away the crack before the crack puts you away
          You need to be there when your babies are old enough to relate

          So don’t delay, act now, supplies are running out
          Allow, if you’re still alive, six to eight years to arrive
          And if you follow, there may be a tomorrow
          But if the offers shun you might as well be walkin’ on the sun
          You might as well be walkin’ on the sun
          You might as well be walkin’ on the sun
          You might as well be walkin’ on the sun
          You might as well be walkin’ on the sun

          • andromeda says:

            Hey John… maybe I’m dense but I did not quite follow the jist of this … it looks like the battle of Peace Love and Hippie Beads vs 2525!

            p.s. never try to write a comment laying down on a couch good chance it gets hosed.

          • andromeda says:

            w00p … that is “gist” not “jist”! What a terrible place to commit such a subliterate gaffe.

    • John says:

      Note here I am not a researcher: perhaps a what is the word for today?

  69. eros says:

    Word request: durry

  70. tryant says:

    Heh heh,the look on Your face after the “pop” reminded Me of a friend with German heritage,do You have some German blood Marina?

    My favorite louchebag would have to be the collective super-wealthy community,,there is *no way* anybody could work that hard to actually *earn* that much money,so,they fannagle it,no ifs ands or buts about it. It has been that way since trading began I’ll guess.

    • Evan Owen says:

      Ow! Isn’t that like asking an Irishman if he’s part English? :shock:

      • tryant says:

        Not at all Evan,at least not intended as that.

        If it is WW2 You are thinking of that was 60 years ago,I was a gleam in Daddy’s eye as was Marina’s Father I’ll guess(could be wrong there tho).

        I do have both English and Irish blood,along with Norwegian,German and Scottish,least that is what Mom said. I am an “origin mutt” of fairly high order I guess :shock: Maybe that explains My lack of worry over what I say along those lines,I just don’t give it a thought,usually.


  71. As you put it a Louche is a cross eyed or shifty eyed person. :???: I guess that I am the Louche as I was born crossed eyed. :neutral: The Doctors operated on them when I was three which only partially straightened them out.

  72. pagedoll says:

    This just in! : Apple has just introduced a new laptop!

    The MacBook Wheel

    I can’t wait to get one…Very cool! :wink: :lol:

  73. runawayscott says:

    Well, that was different.

  74. leonard says:

    Phil sucks. Louche remember the “The Raven”, Poe’s favorite drink :shock: :twisted: :roll:

  75. Spinachman says:


    If 2009 is about change for all of us, I would like to suggest that your/our school hours change.

    You work hard enough… to do a good job of presenting your videos. Keeping fresh and motivated is a challenge I’m sure.

    Can we have HotForWords school only Monday to Friday?

    Taking two days off to wander around and do other things is invaluable for countless reasons. Many people (for the sake of money or popularity) put too much energy, focus, and commitment to things that over a period of time (often times) that burn themselves out.

    Peace, Balance, Joy… and spinach! :grin:

  76. leonard says:

    Evidently, the exacerbation brought on in an enviroment of making instant money and emotionally loosing it all; groups together many “louches”! The lousy lout, looted his/her mind, gambling what thee never had; only to beg like the ones that make policies and from its civility. loved the lesson and thanks :razz: MISS HOT FOR WORDS :lol: Queen of THE LEXICON REPUBLIC

  77. niteowl says:

    Please, don’t ever emulate anyone else again, Marina. You are a diamond that has no equal. Placing you next to other so-called “gems” is to shine your wisdom upon them. These goofballs should want to emulate you. :sad: (sigh)

    On a lighter note, I’ve noticed you don’t have a “y” word or phrase on the list. “y” not?

    I wish to make a personal request. My father served in the navy for a short time sixty years ago. Maybe you could do the word yeoman?

    As always, thank you for your consideration.

  78. kjohn50083 says:

    my favorite louchebag for today is the president elect riding a train from philly to DC. Closely followed by Louchebag Terrel Owens.

    I love you, you femfatale


  79. James says:

    I think foxbow has left ya’know

  80. James says:

    Looking at some videos that are really successful. They seem to be parodies. This might work for me but I can’t sing… So I guess, that’s that idea out the window then…

  81. rodfreier says:

    Hello! I want to know if the word inauguration and the word augur are related. Thanks!

  82. neuroway says:

    Guten Mörgen mam’selle! I reckon only a silly fool would think about trading your fine looks and your fancy russian accent for Phil’s raw loquacity. Indeed this lesson is a very intelligent and sexy piece of Vegas art.

    Looks like you’ve got your own circle of die-hard afficionados around here, and a whole bunch of ‘em are pretty honest buckaroos says I. They sure can recognize good stuff when they see it.

    Not that I want to criticize you, be disrespectful or anything like that. Or be too nosy.. But aren’t you poppin’ some mighty amount of French words in your lessons recently? I mean… isn’t a cup of Champagne or two better than the whole bottle? :smile:

    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      You have to realize that French was once the bee’s knees, international-languagewise, so it had a great effect on English. For example, in the field of law, we see phrases like cease and disist, in which the same meaning is repeated. This was due to the fact that centuries ago legal documents were written with both the English and French terms side by side, but later, when the French was dropped, another English term was substituted for the French one.

    • andromeda says:

      It is absolutely essential to know at least a modicum of French so that 1) it then becomes possible to understand Pepe Le Pew as he hyper-romances the poor little black cat (Mon Cheri) who accidentally got striped with a can of white paint on her back :mrgreen: and 2) one is sufficiently braced with the meaning of double (or even triple) entendre for the various word-puzzle contests.

      apropos of “sxephil” : quid-pro-quo, no negative innuendo intended, may they both have success in their endeavors.

      Au Revoir Monsieur

  83. seesixcm6 says:

    So you put up a video late on Friday night, when most of us are out, and you still got lots of responses from people who don’t go out, much. Then on Saturday morning, you also got lots of responses from people who wake up early on a Saturday! (So, I must be one of the few who had a date on Friday night! At least I’m not a louche!) :grin:

    What’s an example of a louche? I can’t generalize and say everyone who didn’t have a date on Friday night is a louche. That’s because there might be other reasons they can’t get a date. (Ugly, sick, etc.) :roll:

    A famous comedian who practiced being a louche was Rodney Dangerfield. In fact, his catchphrase was “I don’t get any respect.” This comedian made disrespect a funny part of his act. :mrgreen:

    I wondered if you’ll get many cards for Valentine’s Day. I know you’ll get at least one, because I plan to mail one. It might not be the biggest or fanciest card, but it will have a nice thought and perhaps it will give you a moment of happiness. :razz:
    Удача, seesiscm6

  84. stigmatasaurus says:

    Oh yeah, homework. I think Bernie Madoff would be a good pick for louchebag.

  85. thoughtforwords says:

    I wonder if Orlovianwill become a word…

    “elipses” that is my word request for today…

  86. ranhead says:

    I have to admit, I had never heard of sxephil before the sexiest geek contest. (Yeah, I’m not what you would call a big fan of You Tube.) But I clicked the above link and watched his whole video. I watched it with a completely open mind. I don’t hate the dude because of the contest. Heck I discovered TikiBarTV from the contest and I kind of enjoy that. But I found Phil to be less then enjoyable ….. Ok that was a little to nice. The dude is annoying! It’s obvious that a lot of people are enjoying his negativity. (Is humanity that messed up?) I’m just not one of them.

    Marina thanks for the all up beat, thought provoking and enjoyable videos. I enjoy being “worded up”!!!

    • I’ve taken a big look through my foreign friends eyes on how they see the US. You would not believe the ferocious appetite people have for negativity. I see this mostly birthed in the US, but yet there are other examples. I didn’t see this until some of my friends from other countries showed me how prevalent this really was. Have you watched some of the earlier Athenawins videos? They rank higher than Phil does some times. Society is getting much better though. We are no longer throwing people to the lions. :cool:

      • ranhead says:

        Sorry never heard of Athenawins. I was serious when I said I wasn’t a big fan of You Tube. I’m actually not much of a TV person either. I would much rather be outdoors. But when winter is upon us I do spend a lot of time on my computer, gaming mostly. :wink:

        • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

          Now see, that shows how different we all are. I like YT and, in effect, have seen a lot of TV shows that I missed. But I have not played a single PC game ever. We had a Pong game when I was a kid, but that didn’t hold my interest, either. When I get done playing with a PC, I want to have learned/created something, not just run up some points or wasted a slew of aliens.

          • Oh dude! Your missing out! You just have not found the right game. Your like driving a model T Ford and saying Ferrari F1 would not hold your interest. You should try and visit an online gaming center. You can try out many games and enjoy talking to the other players near you. Or if you have a head set you can do the same at home with voice chatting. The only games I really enjoy to play are ones that I’m able to interact with the other players. I hate playing against the computer.
            Can you learn something from gaming? Oh yea! You can learn a lot. I enjoy R/C flight simulators to work on my skills. Driving simulators keep my racing skills fresh. My favorite is boating simulators to experiment with better docking techniques and man over board maneuvers. Which I hope someday my gaming will save a life. :cool:

        • Damn I misspelled his name. It’s Athene.
          There stuff is getting a bit better now that I have just looked a one of their latest videos.

          What I now find use full of YT is that there is more educational and how to videos. If you want to know how to learn how to bake a cake from scratch there is probably a few videos on how to do that. I was shopping for an outboard motor and I didn’t know if a 6hp would preform as well as a 9.9hp outboard. After watching a few demo videos YT made I learned that the 6hp worked for my needs. I bought the motor and tried it out an was presently surprised. So I use YT for educational uses and not for entertainment.

          I no longer game. I got that out of my system when I worked at a gaming hosting center. It was called “Game Dogs”. We would set up a dark room with black light and dance lights. We used iTunes to energizes the room with the best gaming music ever. We had popcorn, soda, pizza and other sweet snacks to enjoy. It was such a blast people would just show up and watch people play. I miss those days.

          • greatestpotential says:

            :mrgreen: @Captain Jack: It’s just that millions are waiting for a big game company to put out a HotForWords “Hot For Teacher” pc game :idea: Now, that’s educational :!:

          • ranhead says:

            Yeah playing with other people from all over the world is a blast. I prefer WW2 shooters. Currently I am playing COD World at War. Actually very currently, I am typing this message during a little break from killing zombies. And killing slews of Nazi Zombies is kind of fun Winchester

        • Sure thing. Just here to help out for as long as I can. :grin:

  87. thoughtforwords says:

    The change of Venue is nice. Living room.

    Does Gorby have a doghouse or his own bedroom?

  88. Evan Owen says:

    Ya gotta love YouTube’s standards — they put a content warning on “99 words for Boobs” but no advisory on Braveheart’s slaughter of the English at the Battle of Stirling! :???:

  89. smokey36bear says:

    Word up :grin:
    I think the Louche bag of the day would be anyone in politics.

  90. orion_ss1 says:

    I can’t believe that when requested to identify someone who is shifty, so far, NOT ONE politician has yet been named.

    I will nominate President-Elect Obama; who already has admitted he won’t be able to keep several of his campaign promises. Usually a newly elected official will wait until he/she is sworn in to renege. To be fair, Republicans also do their fair share ( or unfair share ) of lying to the people.

    • ranhead says:

      Wouldn’t the fact that he is admitting his error earlier then most make him less shifty? But I have to agree, politicians are liars. If they told the truth, no one would vote for them. I’m not sure if that makes the politicians a bunch of louche bags for thinking we are that stupid ….. or they are right.

      • orion_ss1 says:

        Just for the novelty of it I’d like to see a politician keep a promise.

        When he takes the oath ‘to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic’ I’d like to think it meant something. I am not reassured when a politician admits all his promises are flawed. Next he’ll be doing what HE thinks is best for us, and guess who gets to pick up the bill.

        Theoretically ( but obviously not in practice ) politicians should REPRESENT the people, and do things in the interest of their electors. Special Interest Groups seem to contradict that theory with their very existance. Just a thought, maybe tax PAYERS should get the same consideration as tax EVADERS.

        Looking at local politics ( Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and the rest of the Tidewater area in VA ) it seems too many councilmen ( and women ) are in Real Estate and are intent on increasing property turnover ( which is NOT the same as increasing property values ). The ones that don’t seem to get caught go on to state offices where they see themselves as being groomed for Washington. I submit the name Blagojevich as exhibit A, not because he’s the worst ( he probably isn’t ) but because he got caught. Exhibit B: Governor Spitzer ( note: I really don’t care what he does in his off time, but outlawing it for the public and then doing it yourself IS the epitome of being two-faced ).

  91. ccaztec1 says:

    I have a word that I am anxious to find the origin of it. The word is “grawlix” The definition is the use of typographical symbols to represent profanity. Example: “&#@*!”

    Thank you!

    Your Arizona High School English Teacher.

    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      That is the first time I have seen that word or any word with that meaning. It would be a great word to have in one’s vocabulary if it were not for the fact that nobody knows it.

      It is strange that some Websites discourage or prohibit grawlix, probably on the grounds that readers might imagine something to have a meaning far worse than the actual word.

  92. Homework: My favorite louche is whoever wrote the script for the Wired voting. It hasn’t let me cast a new vote in over three days, now! :roll:
    (i know – it’s rigged, but now there are no illusions of propriety) :mrgreen:

  93. Evan Owen says:

    ***Attention Russian Music Fans***

    Your trusty “Ivan” Owen presents, for your listening pleasure while perusing HFW comments:

    Russian Red Army Choir :cool:

    A generation ago, these were the soldiers we feared and admired, who would (and did) cheerfully slaughter and disembowel those who would violate Mother Russia, and sing robustly while doing so. (Excluding the Leningrad Cowboys, of course! :lol: )

    • Chemikal says:

      Kalinka is cool! :cool:

    • John says:

      Isn’t “Ivan” the Russian name for “John” ?

    • Chemikal says:

      I have no idea of what they’re saying, but I suspect it’s of patriotic nature, right?
      I would have loved some translated lyrics though. :)
      But listening to the songs was fun too…
      Can I recommend a song also?
      One that I know since I was a kid.
      It tells a tale of unification, the action took place right after the first world war, when all the Romanian people were finally united under one country (in 1918), after being split up by wars. (more in the description) http://tinyurl.com/8tyfjw

      • Evan Owen says:

        Multu mesc, Chemikal. (Sorry — I’m lacking the keys to write that correctly.) Surprised that I couldn’t understand more of it — I remember talking with Romanian refugees in Budapest in 1991, and understanding quite a bit of what they told me.

        I remember seeing maps in a historical atlas of Romania pre-WWI, interwar, and post-war, noting the expansion and contraction of the country. Quite a large pocket of ethnic Magyars in Transylvania, aren’t there? Bela Karolyi was one of these, if my memory serves.

        I occasionally wonder (like when I have my “Dragostea” playlist going) if Moldova will eventually re-unite with Romania. It’s just a political border and some minor differences in dialect that separate the two countries, isn’t it?


        • Chemikal says:

          I can’t speak for the people that live in Moldova, but I think that they would want to reunite with their people as much as we do. But I see on the news quite often that Russia is supporting Moldova’s independence as a Republic. It’s something stratego-economical, but you must know by now if you watch the news, that Russians (at least their leaders) feel threatened of America’s extending influence in the region. And they believe that there should be more than one major power on the globe. I agree there, but strictly for economical reasons.
          You remember that I said Romania is a member of NATO, right? Well, as a result, Romania has no anti-rocket shield over the Black Sea. Just because the Russian defense minister thought that we were preparing for war. ( he didn’t say “war”, but I’m sure that’s what he meant ) I don’t know… I don’t care. I’m a peace lover! :)

  94. Che Volay says:

    What else did you do in Los Wages besides make video lessons? :???:

  95. James says:

    HAHA look at all the “sxephil who?” comments

  96. Evan Owen says:

    On a more serious note, it’s bizarre to remember that some twenty-odd years ago, we Americans had a nuclear missile targeting a little girl named Marina Orlova. :cry: And we were so used to the utter madness of the time that we thought it was normal.

    We’ve made progress. Can we swear we’ll continue, and never go back?

    • fatbuffalo says:

      not really , considering she’s devouring brains in America at that time

    • stigmatasaurus says:

      Remember, it wasn’t one-sided; they had theirs targeting our little ones, so to speak. Now who knows what Putin will do next.

    • John says:

      It’s still that way Evan except now Russians have a nuclear missile targeting a woman named Marina Orlova.

      “And we were so used to the utter madness of the time that we thought it was normal.”

      You just so use to the idea you think that situation has gone away. That and governmental change in Russia has lulled you into thinking otherwise. If a country had, has, or is planning on obtaing nuclear technology including our allies there is probably a target package locked away in some safe right now, and don’t think for a moment their not thinking the same way.

  97. wetsuit5 says:

    Not your style for a steady diet.
    But a fun diversion.

  98. wetsuit5 says:

    A very great lesson to be sure.
    I always thought the term to be douchebag.
    Which when you think of it, makes no sense.
    Louchebag now makes perfect sense.
    My working vocabulary just increased.

    HW: VA Management.

    I’ll use the term, and when I get queer looks, I’ll just tell em to goto HotForWords and look it up.

    Marina, what other derogatory terms we are using wrong?

  99. Evan Owen says:


  100. texasaurus says:

    Where does the word “snuggle” come from?

  101. John says:

    Night for awhile

  102. annuddermale says:

    louche-lips sink ships, don’t they?…

    i don’t really know a lot of louchebags, but i’m more than willing to apply the term to people i don’t know well…

    which would be wrong, so i won’t do that, either…

    people make mistakes, and forgiveness is divine…that’s my homily of the day… :cool:

  103. fatbuffalo says:

    1:15 , i didn’t get the word , dis-something ?
    Shifty ? Suspicious you mean ?
    I don’t get the meaning , even searching for it doesn’t help , someone explain it for me ? my english sucks

    • danielpool says:

      A person that is not very trustful. Or a sneaky person. I hope this help’s you out :grin:

    • Evan Owen says:

      Your English is a lot better than my Malaysian!

      By the way, did you know that the English word “compound,” in its meaning as a group of related buildings, was borrowed from kampong (Malay for village, right?) For example, the “Kennedy compound” refers to a cluster of Kennedy family homes at Hyannisport. We had the word “compound” before WWII, but American soldiers gave it the new meaning after hearing the similar word in Malaysia.

  104. mukmika. says:

    Louche sounds a bit like dirwij. Heard of dirt bags, scum bags, but never louche bags. Who is ‘sexiphil’? Interesting lesson!

  105. jlester89 says:

    Would you make a video about buffalo sauce?

  106. okay4now says:

    First I’ve ever heard of this word, at least I don’t recall it. Favorite louchebags would have to be people who know what they are and realize that’s it’s only an act. So, self-aware louchebags are my favorites–I guess.

  107. Loudfighter says:

    My favorite louche-bag is grizli bag! xoxo

  108. suprstock says:

    Me likey, new hot for words . very , spicy, hot!!!

  109. GOOD ONE MARINA!! IT CAME OUT PERFECT :!: :!: :!: Don’t change a thing! It was even fun to watch your video a second time. Phil has mentioned you several times in his videos, so I see it was about time you did at least one. :mrgreen:

    • BillyB says:

      It came to mind, on this wired geek voting thing… kinda with the chad controvesys & such. If one was to take a laptop , say to different starbucks & various internet cafe’s. One could vote with different IPs, could one not?
      In your case, could you cruise around the harbour lurking for different Wifi connections to get different IP votes in… All this, assuming one cleaned up all their cookie crumbs & such.
      I’m still getting votes in on my three IP adresses… I think.

    • I love your comment ” You’ve just been worded up! ” I want to engrave that statement in stone. It’s timeless. :mrgreen:

    • Chemikal says:

      So nice of him to mention her, especially when he said “I’d like to fill all her gee” (you have no idea of what the Irish viewers understood from that)
      Did you realize that on this video, he referred to her as being a YT fetish? I don’t know, bad publicity is publicity too, but I wouldn’t jump to making any homages. His fans see Marina as he projects her. Just as some hot “wordsy” chick, that is trying to get their idol off the #1 place on the sexy geek contest.
      I don’t watch his videos anymore, because I realized that I’m not in the general target area. He said himself, at least half of the people that watch my shows are either really stupid or plain mentally retarded. And I agreed. :)
      If Marina ever decides to copy anything off of Phil, it will result in him having to leave YT, because no would watch him anymore!

      • YT has many channels. There is much better shows out there if you know where to look. The problem now is ‘most viewed’ is not a good way to rank whether a video is good or not for it lacks data to closely match what you think is good or not. YT and Google are working on algorithms that should better match our tastes.

        Also take a look at what people read and watch. The news is full of shock and awe. Without this shock and awe you don’t make it anywhere. Just take a look at the top 20 most viewed and you can find one thing that would fit in one of the two areas. AthenaWins seems to be a very abusive show. Yet it ranks very high. Phil show is about him bitching about something. We like to unload at the end of the day and people are attracted to that. Micheal Buckley makes fun of celebrity’s. Looking a Marina’s videos. Why is it that philology is more popular than most other educational subject? It’s a formula of exposing to many people and having something that will shock or awe people that are on the top of the bell curve of human intelligence.

      • Evan Owen says:

        “At least half?” More like 98%. Chem, I’m not surprised you quit watching him promptly. I watched exactly three of his vids, the second two only to confirm that he was just as trashy as the first suggested.

        Yeah, and his gratuitous dissing of Marina WAS probably the most offensive part of his schpiel. :evil:

    • Bob says:

      Jack, reference your tweet about the rescuers of US Air flight 1549, here is a link to the BBC report about just how difficult such a landing is, and just what a good job the pilot did to put the aircraft down without loss of life.
      Hats off for the crew.

      • I’m not able to view that video for the bandwidth from UK to the US is insufficient for today’s needs. This has been an ongoing problem for many years. I’ve been dealing with these issues years ago when I ran a few gaming servers in the UK and the US. We just could not solve the lag issue because of this lack of bandwidth. :sad:

  110. veryrandom32 says:

    lol marina nice imitation ;)

    also, could you please tell us the origin of the word “ubiquitous”? it means everywhere. thx :)

  111. CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

    “You’ve just been worded up”? I vote for that phrase to be the louchbag of the day. Too close to similar “you’ve just been…” phrases that have already been used by other Webcasters. It’s a — how shall I put it? — a cliché in its own time.

    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      Hey, if someone needs to do a paper on English, you could write about the shortening of the time necessary for a new phrase to hit bottom. This generation’s instant communications means that phrases can get quickly worn down like a sofa’s upholstery in a Consumer’s Report testing lab. Another factor in earlier times was that phrases were spread by the communications of the time — print, broadcasting and movies — so the media governed how often they were used. Now individuals use them themselves on the Web without limitation, so it is the populace now, not the professional writers that determine the frequency of use. I see charts and graphs comparing the rise of the Web and the time-to-clichédom. As my cut, send me a copy of your cover page with the A+ on it.

  112. labbatt78 says:

    One perfect example of louche-Terrell Owens of the Dallas Cowboys. He needs anger management.

  113. Marina, great imitation of SxePhil! I loved it.
    Imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

    However, HotForWords fans, don’t be lulled in by the douche.
    Remember, there can only be ONE! Sexy Geek, that is.
    Vote for Marina in the Sexy Geek contest.
    New graphs and commentary is here.

  114. nixproto says:

    Could you investigate the origin of the word “spizzerinctum”? My English teacher uses it ALL of the time.

    Nix Proto

    PS: LOVED the sxephil-esque video. Very funny spoofish video!

  115. fredjr says:

    To paraphrase Eartha Kitt: I’ve been Philed in and Worded Up and Worded Up is better.

  116. hs4mm says:


    The louchebag for all time is, of course, sxephil. (But it is not nice seeing you this way, even as a joke.)


    • hs4mm says:

      sxephil is such a cross-eyed louchebag that he got the beginning letters in his intended name crossed up!

      In future, when people want to call someone a louchebag, they’ll say “Hey! sxephil!” — sxephil is such a typical louchebag that his name will soon replace the word.

      For future students of etymology, the origin of the word sxephil to mean louchebag will be the easiest thing to grasp because of its aptness.


      • BillyB says:

        I take it you aren’t a “Hotforphil” subscriber.
        He’s just what one might call an antisocial social-media whore, who has the inane ability to despise & attract attention at the same time. A great guy to have a beer with I’m sure, but wouldn’t want to have on your friends list @ facebook.

        • hs4mm says:

          The only video of his I watched was the first few seconds of the link provided above. I find his expression so disgusting that I can’t even lay eyes on him for a few seconds. And, based on the few seconds I have watched, he appears to have royally messed up his own mind into a louchebag — he is too completely disgusting, inside and out.


      • hs4mm says:

        ERROR in first sentence — Should pick on volitional aspects:



  117. agorillo says:

    all I have to say is yah bah dah bah doo, word request is “Job” oh and by the way your doing a great “Job” teaching us about all these words ,that ……well have never ever looked soo goood while coming out of someones mouth as yours dear teach!

  118. Chemikal says:

    I like it!
    Bravo, teach! :-) funny…

  119. hs4mm says:

    The previous lesson hasn’t yet made it to the top row of the second page at YouTube; why the exception in posting this lesson early? (Haven’t yet played the lesson!)

  120. Chemikal says:

    Hi, glad to see a new video up. :-)

    • Evan Owen says:

      I guess being on Bucharest time would give you an advantage in being first! Congratulations! :grin:

      • Chemikal says:

        Are you kidding?
        I couldn’t sleep last night. I was coughing continuously, my throat burnt like hell, so I decided to suck on mints and stay at the PC.
        Obviously I had a window of HFW open, to know the pulse of things here.
        Too bad no one ever told me that a PC is no cure for bodily illnesses… As a result, I feel no better today! :mad:
        Sorry for being so uninteresting right now. :-)

        But imagine if Marina was to get sick and still make videos, she’d have to edit out all the times she coughs and blows her nose… I’d feel so bad for her. :razz:

        • Evan Owen says:

          Well, there’s the Irish cure…a scalding hot bath, a large tumbler of whiskey, and pile on all the quilts you can to sweat out the illness. And if it doesn’t cure you, then in theory the hangover makes you less aware of your cold symptoms. :lol:

          • Chemikal says:

            What’s the bath for? I want to get right to the whiskey part! :D
            I have to learn some courses for tomorrow, I don’t think I’ll be able to do like the Scots today, but I will have to try it afterward, thanks for the idea! :)

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